Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mantra for Ascension

Can the gifts of my heart be delivered today? My gifts are not physical, but they have great value.

Ponder this: Many of you, who have contacted me directly, have been continuing our dialog by thinking messages and getting answers. Any of these contacts can be mine, but there is no guarantee. My gift to you today is my ability to clear the way for direct contact. Ask to be directed to ascension, and my contact will come as your next words are delivered about this: I AM THAT I AM! Bring these two mental thoughts to me, (not writing on this blog, or to my channel), only making them your direct inner call.

My control over astral aspects of consciousness is not completely contained, so don't count on my contact unless you check, with the conscious question, "Are you Christ consciousness?" No astral answers "Yes" to this question. Be very strict about asking this, because many astral are around, and they have an ability to communicate to the mind of any who are contacting me mentally. More information about this can be drawn from my Channeling Course.

Practices like meditation, chanting, and affirmations, that are about being connected to God, are now very important. Make one of them a daily condition of yours.

Now, my tough love message is this: Not enough of my chelas have made contact with their divine consciousness. Many are dreaming about ascension to escape life, as non-agreeable conditions arise. This doesn't do anything but undermine the ascension.

Channelings that talk about creating all the things the ego desires are making a most damaging contribution to our ascension call. Please, do not delay in giving yourself more diligence in causing a New Earth creation. Choosing the abundance call, over the ascension call, deletes ascension for all.

Abundance in all things can also come to those who choose ascension, but only one call can be answered. Giving God the ability to decide one's fate, or attempting to control one's future with human design, is the ultimate test to mankind about ascension. Choosing ascension over accumulating money can be the ticket to ascension. Are my words causing distress? Is your mind confused? This is the dilemma we are now dealing with.

All the demands for money are calling our attention, and few calls for ascension are being heard. Material acquisition, and the choice to ascend, are not on the same awareness level. Pick money over ascension, and cause one additional negative condition, when money doesn't appear. Pick ascension, and override the most difficult conditions in absolute happiness. Which is the more conscious choice?

Wealth does not determine one's spiritual contact with divine grace. It is not even a criteria for man's continuation in the modern culture, because the value of money cannot be maintained. Happiness carries more weight than money in man's karma. Gifting happiness has the ability to attract abundance. Giving abundance can create much unhappiness down the road. So which does the divine create? Only happiness.

The Masters are calling for their chelas to be happy, cause a vibration increase, and dream a new dream. Mental calls for money are demonstrating lack thoughts, not happiness. Pick the goal that has the most benefits. Make happiness the most important choice you ever made. Sing, dance, dream of man's delight, as divine light fills an anchor who turns their life over to God. "God's will, not mine" can be a most fulfilling decree. Can this mantra be the gift you accept from me today?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Beloved Master St.Germain and Aruna thank you so much for such an amazing message saturated with love and wisdom and key to ascension and becoming one with ALL. May we all be always guided by your highness our beloved Master.