Friday, September 24, 2010

Nothing Is The TRUTH

Clear the mind about my asking for assistance with the creation of books. When there's sufficient  interest to do this, my contribution can be felt on a more complete contact with the world. Now, my limitations are the worlds limitation. All contributions are greatly appreciated. Please, no more comments about how an awakened one attracts money. As nice as this would be, it is a totally inaccurate concept. All awakened ones, not those who only believe themselves to be awake, are not out in the world leading big workshops or authoring books that bring them speaking engagements. Only a few do this. Most give themselves the basic needs only, as they have no desire to continue their lives as money seekers. All cash comes to them by continuing their work in any chosen area, or doing the kind of things Aruna does: teach, coach and assist. None of these activities draws a lot of candidates without books being marketed, or teaching gatherings to attract money. No gatherings are being asked for on this blog, and no charges are made for these teachings. And the same applies to Aruna's coaching website, where she gives many teachings at no charge. No, my friends, criticize me, my teaching, or my ability to convince you that my direct guidance to you is more important than reading my channeled messages, but lets not continue discussions about the awakened condition, until an awakening occurs for you, and we can discuss this with equal experience.

My next topic is the Obama dilemma. As this man is more aware then many believe, what my dear ones ask of me cannot be answered directly, without informing his adversaries of his next commands. No doors are closed at this time, for new controls are always being laid out for him. The fact is, once again, there's a President that is not interested in being controlled, and a big coward can become more of a change agent than his mind believes. Change is about to occur in a new way. Control of this man continues, but the "last straw" is about to come. Confidence in the divine plan is needed. Meditate. Give him your courage. Give him his destiny card. Nowhere else can he get the courage to demand the change he called for. Choose to help and meditate. Can he be the leader needed now? Yes, not today, but a month or more of clearing the mass consciousness of negativity about him, can make the change happen.

Another topic: What is Truth? Nothing discussed in any channeled message, mine or others, or any concept told to you by a teacher, or any teaching in any book, can convey to you the absolute Truth. Only a direct experience of the divine awareness, that has created everything the mind accepts as concepts, can convince you that my choice of words is accurate, not Truth.

No words can tell you the Truth. No words can describe it. More than anything, my desire is to do this, but it cannot be done. You must discover this yourself. Then we can converse "about Truth". Isabela is not really asking for this conversation though. She is seeking understanding about the dream she can observe with her awareness, not the Truth as my awareness considers Truth to be. So, my dear ones, I will attempt to make a clear statement about the dream, and the controllers, and all the rest of duality: None of this is the consciousness of awakened awareness. All duality is the dream. In the dream, there is one source that creates many aspects of itself. In Truth, no concepts about a controller, aspects, or source, or even an aware consciousness called Saint Germain can be found. "No mind" means that no concepts are made and no one conceives of them. "Oneness" is the complete absence of man's observation, and labeling from of his mind's content, the things he observes. There is no, "that's pretty" or "not this", or "my money" or "can I or can't I". None of this mental dialog continues following an awakening. Only being fully present, without thoughts is Truth. Being a vessel for divine grace is the Truth. All other activities (and thoughts) no longer lead the body's life. This is what an awakening does, it takes the duality of "mind or an awakened heart" out of the game of human experience. This is "transcendence" or, also called "consciousness".

Please don't get concerned about these sentences, as they are the only way I can answer the question: "What is Truth?" Not all will understand them, and Oneness is this, not a concept of any other description. So why would I contribute this to you now? To contemplate, for all of you can have this direct experience, and know this Truth now! Not tomorrow, not 2012, not ascending, NOW! Contemplate these words, and allow the mind to become confused. Ask for clarity. Ask for more understanding. Give the question to your own heart and be with the question. Convincing yourself that the answer is clear, is not the same as directly experiencing that answer. Give yourself the opportunity for this, and give up all concepts about duality. Consider nothing to be Truth, but the condition that exists without the mind.

When this discussion continues, let it begin with: "When can I have this experience? There's no cost involved in asking yourself this question. Non-aligned teachings cancel one's ability to go to the Awakened condition. Those telling you to consider yourself already enlightened, are missing the most important message of all: The "me" that considers the body to be any more than an illusion is not being a deliverer of Truth". All of the mental concepts that come to you are not Truth. My words about dark and light are not the Truth.

Yet, dark and light are what exists in the movie that makes one choose awakened awareness. Being able to do this depends on nothing material. Convicts in prison, with no material possessions, have a better chance of awakening than most of those who have managed to do a few things to live gracefully today. Being quiet provides more opportunities to awaken than acquiring material goods, power, or mental content. Being quiet allows the mind to go on vacation. Giving mind a vacation can deliver an awakening.

Izabela, don't think about dark and light, or disasters, or drama of any kind. Give yourself a vacation from thinking about the drama, and meditate during such disturbances. Call for I AM THAT I AM. Give the TRUTH to yourself.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank You beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain for your guidence and comments about Awareness and Truth.

    Love & Gratitude

  2. Thank you St. Germain for answering our query about the President’s dilemma in a manner that does not place his mission in jeopardy. Is it possible to mention the spirit liaisons to which he has access, are they overt or subliminal? May we also inquire as to the state of awareness of this individual, and if it is feasible to impart our encouragements that transcend the concerns of the political arena? Knowing these conditions may help us to formulate understandings to impart to the external world.

  3. Why would a fully awakened, ascended master continue to perpetuate the perception of duality. This is exactly what your channeled messages are doing. By telling us to prepare for imminent world changes, you are in effect serving to reinforce the dramas of this dream world in all its duality consciousness.

    It appears as though you say one thing but are taking action (by providing these channelings) that is contrary to your said level of consciousness. As an awakened being, (in the way that you describe one) Aruna is also acting in a contrary manner to her consciousness. If one no longer experiences duality AT ALL, there would really be no need or reason to 'help awaken' it would be realized that these 'others' are just perceived parts of the dream of separation. What then is the purpose for engaging in any activity that serves to reinforce the illusion?

    A fully awakened consciousness perceives no duality therefore why the desire to try and change anything of the dream?

  4. Thank you so much Beloved Master St.Germain for helping me guiding me. I am getting lots of help from your messages,from your wisdom. I am so grateful and thankful to you and Blessed Aruna.

    Love you always.
    Muhammad Habib

  5. Good evening everybody,

    Today I discovered that light and dark have been of same importance in my journey.
    I never gave any credit to the dark, since it was the blame of my failings,fallings, bruises, and pains. I have been wrong in my judgement! They were those bruises, and failings, and fallings, and sorrows that kept me going, seeking, daring more, trying more, lying down foundations and building upon them until the next struggle, next battle, next level achieved in maturity.

    (Anonimous, could you please make up a name? It will be easier to communicate)

    I am proud of you. You have started to ask questions for things that you truly don't know. What is clear deep in your heart is the privilege of having the right and the most qualified teacher to lead you, an Ascended Master that answers your emails and even accepts your jokes about what he has dearly in his heart. Saint Germain knows that we are here to learn and he loves each of us for our efforts to gain knowledge.

  6. hello all!..this my first comment on any page containing channeled messages,i would like ask a few question?..if St Germaine could accommodate i would be grateful.this last year has been a cusping of a long transitional phase which started 5 years ago,these times contained dramatic changes for me i have always been a spiritul person who has been searching for something that i haven't been able to define in words,i feel something deep in my core that tells me i'am different..this year has seen me come into contact with some form of star race or brotherhood,i ask for confirmation and they showed me in no uncertain terms that ''yes we are here''& it is these contacts that lead me to these channelings,the white brotherhood,the galactic federation & finally to you St here are my questions:what is my purpose here?,who are these beings i've contacted? & are they the same one's that i see in my bedroom at night that are barely ''cloaked''?,i have ask for Archangel Micheal's protection & presence is he around me?..there's plenty more but i'll leave that for a later date..IAM THAT IAM i hope in the future to talk with you..thank you Aruna for sharing & taking the time to do so..i love you both & all..with humble & kind regards.David.