Monday, September 20, 2010

Response to one of today's comments

My dear ones. Anonymous quotes the dark side manipulators that my realm is currently attempting to delete. This misguided material, about Mother Earth ascending on her own accord, is not accurate. It is a myth, and needs to be considered as such. It is this myth that has caused many ascension candidates to negate their efforts to clear their contractions, and meditate, to bring about their own ascension. A great accomplishment of the dark.

No group death is being planned. My comment was to give another clarification to the mass ascension call, not predict an active creation. Only a group ascension can make the anointing for Mother Earth's ascension. Her ascension is contingent on one thing: the consciousness of her citizens. This is a fact! Can you control the demands of the Mother? Only with mass consciousness ascending current consciousness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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  1. Unfortunatelly quite a lot of LW believe in this kind of messages. I also was fascinated by all those ideas about Gaia, her ascension, our bright future on Earth without a real effort to go beyond duality and on. It seems to deepen the separation and isolate people who call themselves "chosen ones" from the "darker" or "denser" part of the population, also placing God on the "good" side according to our believes about what is good and what is bad (and what is God).

  2. "This misguided material, about Mother Earth ascending on her own accord, is not accurate. It is a myth, and needs to be considered as such. It is this myth that has caused many ascension candidates to negate their efforts to clear their contractions, and meditate, to bring about their own ascension."

    Some sources which depicts this scenario mentioned of Earth´s Ascension can indeed have this pernicious effect, to lead the Ascension candidate to believe that there is nothing to do, Earth is Ascending and all mankind with her. In fact, most of modern channelings depicts this rosy scenario. I am not sure if all them come from Dark, or if it is just "baby food" for those who would reject another kind of message.

    However, not all of these sources depicting the scenario of Earth´s Ascension as described cause this effect. Bible, for example, it is very clear, only those who perfect themselves living according to the principles contained there will be allowed to enter the New Jerusalem, and from there to the New Earth.

    Things are clear thus in this scenario, Earth will Ascend regardless its inhabitants, but only those who live according to the Law of Love, teached not only in Bible but in any sacred book, will be qualified to inhabit the New Earth.

  3. "Chosen ones" is an expression from Bible, misunderstood by all who claim to be one of them.
    It is a rustic and clear expression, just means a person who have done the work of perfecting herself according to God´s ways and therefore became a "chosen one" by God, rewarded with the deserved reward, life on the New Earth.
    The Judgement Day wil come, a separation of wheat from chaff will come, those who deny this old teaching are just being mislead by darkness.
    Good and Evil exists, Light and Darkness, and man can chose one of them at each moment.
    All messages who deny this come from Dark to confuse and mislead people.

  4. Hello everyone!

    Thank you Saint Germain for your grace of awareness and Aruna for your clarity. It is a given that with your help we are all benefiting with heightened awareness.

    What it seems that everyone is commenting on is a level of awareness. It is a form of perception, an interpretation, or an understanding. All of these are aspects of the ego, which are determined by what experiences each of the senses had during it's time on the physical realm.

    The matter of the fact is that unless we each master the ability to look within our hearts to find the answers, we will be guided by a level of inaccuracy of the closed minded ego. Anything that the ego does not know, it will reject, including the highest form of awareness, and at the same time look for what it does know and understand.

    What each sacred book has in common is that we must transcend to our higher selves and be One with eternal truth. These sacred books provide a "how to" up until the point we awaken. Once we awaken, we have the inner knowing on how to live without the "how to." We simply inner knowingly live the way these sacred books direct us to live.

  5. Each and every soul every cosmos is chosen one.

    Every word of Ascended Masters is Ultimate Truth.

    Thank you Beloved Master of Love, Wisdom and Ascension, Dear Saint Germain and Aruna.

    With Love Always.

  6. Beloved ones, we all and our mother earth are one. If our ascension does not occur,mother earth's ascension will not occur. It makes sense because otherwise why would Lord Sanat Kumara along with 144,000 choose to sacrifice there higher abodes and would come to save mother earth and mankind at its darkest hours. And why would countless Galactic beings, Great White Brotherhood, Spritual Hierarchy and many more from higher realms come to help mankind in this ascension process because with our ascension mother earth ascension would occur. We all are One including mother earth.More negativity among us would effect on ascension process of each one of us plus mother earth plus our universe plus all cosmos. It is through us mother earth went through all suffering and pain and dark ages and it will be through us mother earth will go through happiness and golden age. By us I mean ALL including mother earth, Galactic beings responsible for mother earth. I agree and admire Master St.Germain and Blessed Aruna for all they are doing.

    In the name of All is One.
    With Love