Sunday, September 12, 2010

Changing DNA

Clearing reactivity held in the body makes more sense, than learning about anything found in books. Making the energy available for new DNA changes has been much discussed by New Age guides. Another method of control over man's consciousness has to do with his DNA.

Many are deluded about man's contact with the Great White Brotherhood. We do not alter anything that is in man's control. Man has complete determination over all of our most daring meddling, in any context. We do not alter anyone's DNA. Only an astral being or a being with another mental attitude, such as the Orion consciousness, would attempt such a disturbance in human genetics.

Practicing healing modalities that expand human consciousness can alter man's DNA. How? By releasing old attitudes that came with the mental construct of man's contact with ancestral beings. Cancer, for example, can be in man's DNA due to distress of the mother during pregnancy. Or, muscular dystrophy and other auto-immune diseases, can come from man's contact with darkness in another ancestor's genetics. All changes in DNA must be done by a change in consciousness, not delivered by an astral entity or malicious controller from another universe.  Making a major change to DNA  (such as those being proclaimed) needs time,  a complete lifetime of meditation, and conditions beyond any man's current ability to totally free himself from a double helix configuration. Changing the DNA from a double helix to a new design cannot be done. Not that this would matter, if it could. No construct of the human anatomy makes any difference to a man's destiny. Man has one, and only one, reason to be incarnated. That reason is: to become Christ consciousness!

Another configuration of man's DNA would not serve any purpose, as the chosen genetic dynamic is the best one available to man for discovering the truth of his dual nature, so he can move in consciousness to Oneness. No change in DNA can alter the need for man to do this for himself.

Given the deception being perpetuated on many, many dear ones, my gift today is: accept that the configuration of anatomical conditions you currently have, is absolutely the best that you can have for conscious awareness. Be glad that the deficiencies are there, as they are your means of discovering the Christ consciousness that exists in the body. Being able to accept what is there now, eliminates another desire from the conscious mind. All of man's desires are blocks to Christ consciousness. Wanting new and different ANYTHING, amounts to an opposition to divine will. All man's desires must give way to the divine's desires for man, if Christ consciousness is to become available.

Choosing between new DNA and Christ consciousness is not the most difficult choice man needs to make. Choosing Christ consciousness over mandates for drama in any form, is his decision now. Pure Christ consciousness begins with NO MIND, no thinking about "ME and MY desires". Moving the mind out of the director's chair, can allow the divine being that  lives in the body to be fully present. Having no personal desires is the way to Be a truly divine being.

Clearing mind's desires is needed at this time. Here are God's desires for mankind, that you can align yourself with:
  • Be FOR man's change into light, by changing yourself into light.
  • Be FOR man's ascension, by ascending the duality in your mind.
  • Be FOR human consciousness to change, so a New Earth, that has Oneness at its core, can begin.
  • Be FOR the freedom of all to Be Christ consciousness on all continents.
  • Be FOR man's change in DNA, not by man's design, but by man's change in consciousness.

No contract is completed with a new DNA design, only an Awakening in man's consciousness can complete his incarnation cycle. Brothers and sisters, be aware of the deceivers that mandate DESIRES in your consciousness. You are absolutely magnificent! No alterations are needed in a conduit of light. Oneness is the key to all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Deep, heartfelt gratitude for this message, Saint Germain and Aruna! Your gift in the 5th paragraph is extremely timely and greatly appreciated! I can feel the "no-nonsense" truth in your messages, and it is very helpful and validating.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi. I had a lot of doubts about the ability to change our DNA in this life time. I was thinking that if I was not using any skills they say we have in our DNA for centuries (if I ever did at all, I mean on Earth), so how could I get it just like that only because I would like to... And that was about telepathy, teleportation, not eating and on. And my body says "NO!". There is another thing that is not cleare at all to me: it's about duality, oneness and human's mind. I have the same doubts about it: if my mind was programmed for thousands of years here on Earth to feel separated from the Source and the rest then am I able to get a new one just like that? Or maybe this separation is just another God's experience and there is no need to try to return to the state on oneness while the journey on Earth, just acceptance..? So many books and channelings about changing DNA and a return to oneness... But are we really able to feel the oneness with all on the molecular/ physical, emotional, spiritual, intelectual level while being in the body?

  3. Dear Master St. Germain and Aruna, thank you for such an important information enlightenment and wisdom.
    Dear Izabela, you have asked very good question. I feel its the level of consciousness we are at that determines how much Oneness Consciousness i.e God consciousness we can experience.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, The Dearest Master! I have been feeling that the real change in DNA would take MANY incarnations and now it's not the time to continue deceiving ourselves with desires but it is very important to be attentive to WHAT IS.
    In my experience, raising consciousness and being aware what is going on right now is promoting changes in DNA, very gradual changes. It is time to become FULLY responsible for every AWAKENED moment.


  5. Hi there,

    I would like to ask Ascended Master St. Germain comments and opinions about the various messages given by Sheldan Nidle and SaLuSa (both reportedly from the Galactic Federation) about First Disclosure, and the upgrading of our DNA instantaneously and upgrading our human body through some sort of transformation light chambers, giving us many wonderful abilities (e.g. telepathy, telekinesis, etc.), in short, claiming that they can help us ascend through their technology.

    In addition to that, can Ascended Master St. Germain please comment on the Prosperity Fund (aka NESARA, if not mistaken)which some groups claimed to be setup by him for the benefit of all humanity in this world? Is it true? If so, what's the current status of this big fund for humanity now?

    Thanks & Best Regards,