Friday, September 3, 2010

Giving With Awareness

Charity begins at home. Give yourself the attention and care that you would give to another. Many of you are able to give, and do this without concern for any future needs. What is needed now, is a means of adding necessities to your own cupboards, to be able to live without food acquisition for months. Stores will not have food to sell, because they will not be getting deliveries. Are you living day to day?  Buy and store whatever you can, on all of your shopping occasions. Give a little to others for the time being, and make certain that more than enough is available for future needs.

I am well aware of the financial challenges many are facing. My desire is for those who can get extra, to do so, and that those who are able to assist others, to do so. Many are unable to acquire extra goods. We are wanting another condition to make an impact now, one that gives money to our "Lightworkers", so they can distribute aid to many who do not have money for themselves. We cannot make them do this, it is always a free will activity, but money is coming for some, and there are numerous opportunities for God's children to demonstrate another way of giving. Buy things for yourself, and others, for difficult times.

When money is available, make a conscious decision to get a good food supply for maintaining many, not just one group's needs. Plant BIG gardens, not little ones. Buy large quantities, not a day's worth. Money will appear from alternative channels during the next days. Use it as an investment, to demonstrate good money management.

On another topic:
Q: Can another destiny be created other than difficult times?
A: All of you have different attitudes about this, and my words will disagree with those who don't want to accept them. All of creation can be changed: mudslides, volcano eruptions, and all other disasters can be converted into other materializations, but this would not provide any new awareness about the consciousness in man that needs to change. Man "outpictures" the inner condition that is his reality, and denying that condition, makes it necessary to grab his attention to it with major characterizations of his unconscious attitudes and beliefs. Making a different manifestation would mean clearing all the differences of opinion that create this anomaly.

One opinion consumes about half of our chelas, and another opinion consumes the other half. Which is the correct one? Both. What you believe creates. Now, you are not an individual, so the "you" that creates is mass consciousness. Manifesting a different demonstration of inner conditions begins inside of all the individuals who make up mass consciousness.

Cause and effect can deliver anything at any moment, and doing inner clearing can alter mass consciousness. Many are doing clearing, so can destiny change? Yes. What is the probability of completely altering man's current destiny? Not much, unless an ascension occurs. An ascension of millions could completely alter all that now appears as current destiny. Getting ready to ascend can also cause a different destiny, if a mass consciousness shift occurs. More awakenings is the key to this major operation. All can be done.

Awakening is NOT complete in most humans right now. More clearing of mental beliefs is needed. More healing is needed. Pure consciousness needs an absence of collisions in a conduit who contributes light. Allowing the body to give out pure, divine, anchored light is an answer to all of the details we have just mentioned. Bringing out the light of consciousness in you can alter all of the demonstrations of dross that are now being "outpictured".

What happens on the inner, is demonstrated in the outer. "Self abuse" is the answer to the question "how am I contributing to current demonstrations?" Maintaining inner abuse (ego against divine consciousness) attracts abuse to you and all who are being abused in the world your mind observes. Stop all abuse, and change all that appears abusive in the world. I rest my case.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. The Great White Brotherhood has been sending messages to mankind in modern times since Blavatsky (1875), then Agni Yoga (1922), Alice Bailey (1922), I Am Movement (1930), Bridge to Freedom (1952) and Summit Lighthouse (1958). These are the main movements, there are others.

    In this period we had WWI, the Great Depression, WWII. Food shortages even for those countries far from the war scenario.

    I wonder why never practical instructions to create rural communities, to encourage self-sufficiency ever came from the Great White Brotherhood, the Guardians of human evolution.

    Now this rush urging to store food, only through this almost unknown channel. With so many channels today why they aren´t being used to convey the same instructions ? Why these instructions did not come along the last century, allowing the message to be difused and giving ample time to people to be used with the idea and decide to make of this an habit, like the Mormons ? Why such inefficiency in a so simple subject ?

    Not being pessimist but realistic, none reading these messages will store anything. This just isn´t part of "New Age" culture, fed with fluffy messages and now being presented with these unusual for them messages, they will just refuse it.

    If I was a Master... I would have sent messages showing the importance of communion with Nature for the Spiritual Path, a simple way of life, self-sufficiency or perhaps better saying "God-sufficiency" or "Nature-sufficiency" instead of "Modern Civilization dependency". More or less like the Amish, the small farmers, or the yogis lifestyle.