Saturday, September 11, 2010

Make Peace On The Day Of 9-11

All of the days to come will be controlled by the way man considers his neighbors. Can this day give a most considerate lesson to all who desire money instead of the love of divine will. Man needs to find more comfort in the awareness of his own divine nature. God's will is actually the call for all men and women on Gaia to be happy. Being One with "all that is" will absolutely give a new direction, and a new beginning. Bringing the energy of happiness to Mother Earth can create all the monetary abundance needed. But this begins to happen once the movement AGAINST others quits. AGAINST means division, not Oneness. Killing for ownership, or drugs, or power, and not giving to all their active desire for happiness, diminishes the conduit's ability to co-create a different mass consciousness. Face the cause of this dilemma and delete the effect.

Free will allows man to do all of the mind's choices. No man can give the earth a new consciousness by himself. As nice as it would be, no Angel or Ascended Master can control the mind of man. What we do, is make a great attempt to lead man on a quest, so he can discover his own divine nature. Happiness comes with this deliverence.

Practices like meditation and chanting, that calm mental activity daily, can deliver an awakening of man's heart, and give him happiness. But first, man must understand that his mind is an activator of drama, not the divine. Mind gives all of the conscious desires more credence than divine callings. Can the chelas that my blog reaches, get an active dream of mine to manifest? If this dream acts to guide you to the dreamer, than so be it. My work has been concluded.

Here is my dream: Chelas of all races and religions are more interested in learning about their neighbors, than attacking them. Reading about the beliefs of the ones they are afraid of, visiting the homes of the ones they fear, delivering new understandings to their own community. Preparing for more acceptance, counters moving towards war. Acceptance of your neighbors is essential to affecting mass consciousness for a New Earth. Contact begins with curiosity. May this new attitude bring more dreamers to my call for ascension.

Now that my dream has been shared, please consider the implications of this dream. Just waiting for a New Earth to bring God's grace into a Golden Age, can only cause new disturbances in the meantime. Man must change to create a New Earth. Why? Because change in vibratory frequency activates unresolved attitudes, and they appear as negativity. To actively discard negativity, before the continents move to a higher vibration, can cancel the drama that would now occur. Peace begins in you! Bringing peace to earth begins with all who want peace!

Chelas, you are the Christ of these times. Many of you are already living this consciousness. Perhaps the drama comes on a day next week. Will you be able to give from peace and love? Will you give to those you now fear? Can you be the Christ now? Positive thinking is good, and positive action is better. Making a difference to mass consciousness begins with one at a time.

Acts of divine grace are all about Oneness. Calling on a neighbor today makes the Oneness concept more of a fact, than a concept. Be fearless. Neighborhoods all over the planet don't necessarily live as a community. Can this be the beginning of community consciousness? Meet the neighbors and do yourself a big favor. If you cannot do this, how are we going to become One?

Chelas are the least antagonistic of all of man's creations, but they may contain an inherited attitude they do not realize. Changing an unconscious attitude means accepting the attitude with no judgment, and clearing it with an act of courage. Be courageous and make a new friend. Meet one of those who has not been approachable. Find a way to give this individual more acceptance. Choose love over man's unconscious memories. Deliver new awareness to the conscious mind.

Care of man's dream of Oneness begins now. Make this the day's goal. Give it attention. Face your fear, and deliver God's grace to mankind.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Beloved Master St.Germain and Aruna. Blessed are we so that your light your wisdom reaches our heart, mind, soul, our consciousness even without us asking as we are under illusion of ignorance. We believe our selves to have known the truth, but in real its our illusion which is most dangerous for our acension in life soul journey. In this state of chaos in our selves in our heart mind soul and consciosnss, dear Master St.Germain and Aruna, your help, your concern, your every effort, every word every thought for us is greatest blessing and help from the Infinite Oneness.

  2. The best explanation of compassion that I have ever heard is that compassion consists of a combination of wisdom and unconditional love. Wisdom is made possible by clarity of consciousness, and clarity of consciousness comes about when ego is once again made the servant, not the master, for only then can Christ consciousness shine through the psyche and illuminate the awareness. Unconditional love embraces all things and motivates to appropriate action in service to all life.

    When I read these messages from St. Germain, I see an expression of pure compassion: clear and consistent wisdom shared in unconditional love in service to us all. I am grateful for the straightforward manner of expression, the no-nonsense approach to guidance, and the courage to speak the truth clearly and plainly, as so few are willing or able to do in the world.

    When Truth and Love are embodied in an individual and when that individual chooses to teach, guide, and support others - as true Masters invariably do - a blessing is given to the world. Thank you, St. Germain, for this blessing, and thank you, Aruna, for giving him a voice that we can hear.