Saturday, September 4, 2010

Channeling New Content

A very valid comment was received, regarding my new content through an unknown channel. This is the reason:

A most critical mass of the Masters' chelas has become less aware than their destiny contract calls for. Channels for all the Masters are not as clear as they could be, including those who did a lot of channeling, to begin our relationship with man, as Masters of another dimension. None of these channels were Awake. Being Awake is totally different than being a channel.

Channeling is usually: an ability to deliver content, as long as an ego is not making any objection. An Awake condition means there is "no ego" to object. An Awake condition allows all content to be delivered as the message is intended. Normal channeling has most of the content desired by our realm, although much of what we have to share must be deleted before delivery, due to the channel's ability to accept our words without contracting their ability to channel.

Fear of annihilation causes ego to contract. Information about a change of conditions, as dramatic as the next days can bring, cannot be channeled through a conduit who is not Awake. As long as a message contains nothing that triggers fear, a message can be accepted by an ego. When fear is activated, nothing being channeled can be assured to be our message. Channels who are not Awake are all near that condition, just not over their contractions, so they can be completely clear.

My new approach to messages is due to my new role as Maha Chohan. As Maha Chohan, my area of contact with man is about going through change. As this was never an area of contact before, my approach to this was my own creation. Only an Awake channel could accept the Master Messages without contraction. I knew one who had once channeled, and could be called upon, because of her Awakened awareness. Aruna channeled before Awakening, and did a very excellent book about the conduit's need to be contientious about the contact, and the conduits clarity. I asked, and she agreed, to receive my Master Messages. I was not able to get them to as many as needed to answer my call, but my channel did all she could to make them available.

By the time they are made more available, as companions to her new book, many will have already been demonstrating the controllers mentality: go to the bunkers. Controllers of channeling have been doing an excellent job of discrediting my call for contientious care in preparation for the coming conditions. Others are donating messages that divert man's attention away from actuality, and do not act as a contribution to life, only call for more "dancing with leela".

My goal is to use this channel, as my actual disseminator of clear messages, as long as the internet allows. Her Awake condition assures our readers there is no confusion between ego and my dictations. Any that consider my words to be new can be congratulated, they are. My new approach, and my clear channel, are not the same as any other.

My new content is a gift. Any who are able to accept that gift can reap the benefits. Those who refuse it, get the dream of their own design. Now, are we able to go forward with my message for today?

Waking up from the dream of man's making takes an adventurous mind, willing to admit that things are not as they appear. Appearances are all contradictory to the Truth. What appears to be real is not. All of the changes made by man's mass consciousness are not real, neither is the mandate for man to control his quality of life. All seems to be the reality, but aware individuals can make a distinction between what is real and what is not. Hearts tell you what is real. Minds tell you only non-factual comments, to help you look for what is real.

My channelings through this channel are as real as any conduit can deliver. Mental conversations about them are not the way to test their validity. Hearts have a beautiful capability of "knowing" the real. Open hearts can identify the false. Choose, and learn, as the story unfolds. Man is living a dream. Wake up dreamers, and change the world for all the other dreamers.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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