Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Physical Changes For Ascension

Many channelings have my name, and only a few of them have my consciousness. Masters are not telling anyone that candidates for ascension can eliminate their need to address their contractions. All channelings, that refer to physical changes being done to man by ETs, are not coming from Ascended Master consciousness. ETs are not a cohesive group of loving beings at all. Many of them are aligned with negative attitudes and condescending opinions about Gaia's citizens. All are concerned about man's nuclear machines. Mr. Nidle's channelings are not from Christ consciousness. Many of his contacts are androids, with negative attitudes, who desire death to humans. His messages appear loving, but disregard most of the loving things that humans need to know: like being clear about their own mental ability to discern the material being delivered to them.

No ETs are engineering change to human bodies for the purpose of ascension. Man must change himself! Characters of all kinds have made a game of delivering android consciousness to humans. SaLuSa is one of them. No DNA changes are taking place. No special gifts are being activated. No cancellation of man's need to do his own inner work for ascension is being delivered. Mr. Nidle has no idea who those androids are.  Christ consciousness is not delivering any of these messages. Those who channel MUST (as a matter of course) be clear about who is, and who is not, acceptable as an active deliverer of communicated material.

Pretend that you were an ET, looking at man on Gaia as a fool. Can you completely deny a desire to trespass on the code of conduct asked of you? Only those who are controlled by other collective attitudes are contacting man now. Their attitudes are not Christ consciousness. Many are being drug controlled by their advisors. Chase them away. Ignore any who cannot contact an anchor of light with the answer, I AM THAT I AM.

My next comments are going to anger and disappoint, as the entire NESARA nonsense must go away. I never communicated a message about this contradiction to all of the things NESARA was about. No lightworker groups have ever been designated on the list of candidates to get money from this program. Farmers who were displaced from their land were to be compensated. Controllers have led the delusion of this money contraction, using the names of many of my colleagues and myself. New Age conduits are being used for many deceitful, managed demonstrations of this nature, to destroy man's ability to overturn their control. Please, allow me to give accurate details about controllers and their games without getting disturbed. Nothing being done can destroy the ability of your own I AM Presence to deliver you to ascension.

Now, lets look at the attitudes needed to ascend:
  • More consciousness about the drama that has been corrupting human desire into human greed.
  • Give the love that you desire for yourself.
  • Give the heart energy that "making a difference" provides.
  • Give awareness.
  • Give childlike curiosity.
  • Give more of the help that can allow the group you are part of to thrive.
  • Face the conflicts in your life.
  • Let no dismay, over the decent of man's control over his world, disturb your mind.
  • Practice all the love and light asked of you.
  • Cancel your manifestation goals, and change your call to I AM THAT I AM.
  • Ask only that God's will be done.
Some of the dear ones are being called upon to demonstrate the food dilemma solution. When food cannot be delivered, all of those who can accept breatharianism can do this with mind control. All are not able, and many are going to need to leave the body instead. One of these days, many of those who can adapt to no appetite are going to be called upon to do this. Some can, and they will give others the demonstration of the complex contraction needed to do this. It is not needed by those who are not attached to a condition of choice, as the divine will lead in all things like this.

Awakening is an answer to all of these events. Not because it eliminates the desire for money or eating, but because the needs of the body no longer dominate man's consciousness. Mental attitudes disappear. Mind cannot comprehend the awakened condition. Man's development has been controlled by the news of the world. Awakening from all of today's mental delusions means giving up mind's creations about his mortality and his needs. Freedom from android information can open many doors of understanding.

Practicing meditation daily, deletion of arrogance, control of all contact with other realms, elimination of negativity, happiness, and creative contribution, are all awakening opportunities. Free the mind and actively give the heart more attention. False deceivers, with anti-Christ mentality, can be dismissed with less disturbance. My name is not my being. Neither is yours. Be the divine awareness that lives and breathes through the body. Cast aside all delusions.

Centuries of New Age entries about health and healing are more than your doctors can deliver. Give yourself this news, and delete the disturbing mentality of those negative deceivers. Play music, dance, let music clear the active mind of disturbance. Face the music in all the dismays of your life. Give them courage, and answers that heal. Free all contractions and allow the I AM Presence to lead in all things. Practice being natural, without control over your mental attitudes. Acknowledge negative thoughts, and consider them useless. Give then no energy. Acknowledge loving thoughts, and act out their loving dramas. Grace comes to all that can accept God's love.

Chances are, there will be drama coming soon, regarding money. My messages have addressed this numerous times. Get ready for this now. Take the time to read my comments on money, and follow along their links.

Compliments to all who are asking questions that are for the higher consciousness of all. Blessings.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you for this clarification. I have always felt a condescending and controlling attitude with Sheldan Nidle's messages. We stopped reading those messages long ago. However, we have been following the messages of SaLuSa, and I appreciate your guidance in regard to this source. We have recently begun to question the tone of the messages, in spite of the occasional and intriguing mention of a higher process beyond what he calls ascension, a sort of ascension beyond "ascension."

    Somewhere, I picked up the thought (perhaps from David Wilcock's blog) that there are two possible avenues for us in the near future: one in which some portion of humanity chooses to live a life like that depicted in the "Star Trek" programs and movies and others (probably fewer in number) choose true Mastery which goes beyond an advanced but still physical life. Will you please comment on the possible relevance of such an idea?

    More generally, what is the most constructive attitude toward the possibility of contact with non-terrestrial intelligence? I know that intelligence is out there, for I have memories of my own existence prior to Earth experience. How shall we relate to it? Is contact really "in the cards" for our near future?

    A footnote: Thank you for the discussion of Oneness. This is our passion! We rejoice at the words of Shankara, "All is Brahman, One without a second." Your discussion of Oneness is deepening our appreciation of how profoundly true that understanding is, and it is deepening our experience of it and insight into it. Please continue all such discussion as you see fit. It is like cool water to one who thirsts.

  2. Thank you Beloved Master St.Germain for making us aware of the fact that channeled messages from Nidle, SaLuSa and ET's are not the messages of Christ Conscious Energy.
    Also for making us aware of NESARA reality.

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib