Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oneness Is My Only Message

My dear ones. My answers to questions must be general. All must benefit. No individual's personal questions can be discussed. Not to deny access to my advice, rather, to make the teachings more desirable for all readers. Please ask about matters that continue the flow of a message category, that will provide the most learning for all. Thank you.

My ability to guide you does not depend on your questions, or your comments. I open my heart to all, including all who are not happy with my teachings. No one is going to be negative on this blog towards my channel, and no advice is to be delivered from one reader to another. My advice is the cause of this material; Aruna is not involved in any way, other than writing my words, typing them, and contributing my energy to all questions and comments, by reading them, and allowing me to decide the ones to delete. Only a few have been deleted: advice for others, and those with links to other websites. Mastery means: completely donating one's body for the divine creator to be in charge. My divine contact is possible on one condition only: being able to deliver through a vessel that can deny the ego and contain the frequency.

Pre-existing contracts are the cause of most content in the human experience. All contracts are decided by the contract maker, the one being readied to continue human life, and the guides being asked to assist the body to follow them, to see that the contract maker gets the lessons agreed upon. Most bodies have several guides at one time. As the lessons are co-created and completed, other guides come to lead that body through different lessons. Are there times when no guides are assisting? Yes, when a "dark night of the soul" is being experienced. There is no need for guides during these periods of "ego death". And, no guides are needed after awakening.  Masters, those who are awake, need no help in deciding anything. They are able to decide their next step based on obvious occurrences. No concern about contracts continues after an awakening, because the original contract has been completed.

Why are these Masters making no effort to create their own future?  Because nothing that happens matters to them. All that occurs is experienced without judgment or decisions being made by the mental body. Heart decides all things. More and more chelas are awakening, and their openness in human decisions comes from their own divine director, not guides. My work with an awakened, conscious being is not needed, only co-created by agreement. Masters are led by the divine director that is their own consciousness, because mind has been deleted as a mental controller.

My work, as an Ascended Master is to assist in Awakening from duality. The contract made with my chelas was to lead them to become Masters. My attitude towards this contract is: they accept my lead or they do not, our agreement ends with this choice on their end. My desire for them to awaken is their desire, or their decision not to complete their contract. Telling me to go away is their decision, and not a concern for me.

Mental choices are honored at the "co-creation awareness" level of consciousness. Creating one's own reality can be done at this level. After an awakening, the mind dissolves to a "no co-creating" level.  God now manages all decisions, and there is no co-creator. When the awareness of a body is "no mind", everything that happens through that body is "God's will be done".

An awakened being has no identification with 3D duality, no concerns about life as a man or woman, or negative thinking. They have only love to give to all. There is no duality thinking that causes them to cringe about world events or contract into discouragement in crisis mode. Having no concern is not the same as not caring. They care deeply, as they are fully aware of the misinformed decision making and attitudes that are contributing negativity to the mass consciousness. No drama effects them on a consciousness level, but their bodies are just like all human bodies. There is no delivery of super powers that accompanies an awakening. An act of divine grace may appear as a magical creation, but no mental cause is the source of this creation. Magic is not an awakened attribute. Neither is money attraction. Only when an awakened one is called by divine choice to be a contributor to books, or any other money making activity, is this done. Most awakened ones are content doing whatever the divine chooser elects, and that can be the least conspicuous appearance in this dimension, totally removed from material acquisition opportunities. Astral beings make magic to deliver their destructive advice, awakened ones are more conscious about making an impact like this.

In this context, Sai Baba usually appears in the mind of those who know about him. None of the magical things he does comes from awakened awareness. They are not mentally created. He is an Avatar, who is being used by the divine chooser to appear as an Avatar, to attract mental attention to his teaching. No astral beings are involved.

Tough questions come on this blog, and my congratulations go to the one who asked why I am teaching about duality when my consciousness does not include this. Perfect question! What appears to be duality is only Oneness. All aspects of Oneness are conceived of as duality by mental concepts about the activities and behaviors of what appears as a non-dual collective that makes up Oneness. As an ocean consists of many components, Oneness also consists of many components. All of these parts  have a minor role in the totality. No part totally acts alone, all are intimately connected. As in an ocean, where each component appears to be individual, from the Oneness perspective, there is only one ocean. This is how the duality concept has been created, not as an opposite of Oneness, but as a divine play of Oneness consciousness. "Two" does not exist, everything  that appears to exist individually, contains the same consciousness of only One creation.

Nothing is as it seems to the mind. Being clear that the mind is not the deliverer of Truth is the beginning of an awakening. Accepting mental thoughts as Truth defeats an awakening. Are you looking at me as separate from you? Than look again. Who I am is the same as who you are, no difference, no dual identity. One consciousness merely APPEARS as two identities that act individually, but they are all being directed by the same awareness. Converting the awareness of this drama, from duality to Oneness, is my goal - delivering Oneness to all who mistakenly believe there is two. Changing this belief makes more sense than changing the continents. Can we come together to delete this major alteration to Gaia from occurring? Not coming together as One is the cause of all the earth changes on every continent. Catastrophes awaken hearts, and they cause giving and caring. Is this really needed for Oneness consciousness to occur?

My dear ones. Consider how the continents can be in the loving environment that Oneness can create. No wars, no hate crimes, no terrorists, no exclusion because of dislikes, no causes of dis-ease. Create this with Oneness consciousness. God exists, not as a male caretaker or female deity, as consciousness. This divine consciousness is your life force. Can you accept that it is also the life force of all? Are you exempt from its delivery of anything? Not being in contraction is the next step in becoming One loving family. Can it happen? Consciousness can do anything the masses deliver. Are you a demonstration of Oneness? Are you wanting to be? What does it take for each aspect of divine consciousness to come together as One? Only giving up the mental attitudes of duality.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you so much St Germain and Aruna for helping to open and awaken my heart. I understand many of the recent questions I have read in the comments but I would ask all to post their comments with LOVE. Questions are wonderful and educating but not when the EGO enters. What are our motivations in posting? As a great teacher has said, "Love is the answer, now what is the question?" Please post comments with Love and help us as One to enjoy this beautiful space. With much love for us all I thank you.

  2. Hi.
    Without ego I would not ask questions, I think :)
    And I have two questions. One is about the awakening and intimate relationships and the other one is about breatharianism (I met or seen some people who don't eat and shine so much- can we all do it?).
    These messages are a great gift on my path. Thank you.

  3. Dear Aruna and beloved Saint Germain.

    I truly appreciate the clarity, simplicity and the straightforwardness of the messages posted here.
    (This last one especially hit the nail in place:0)



  4. I do understand why you would teach ABOUT duality, but it also seems as though some of your teachings support living within duality. When you tell chelas to ask for money and other things (on make a wish day) and you tell them to put away food and supplies for the impending disasters that the world is facing, aren't you treating this duality as though it were real?

    Sorry if I'm out of line here. I'm really just trying to unerstand. Thank you for any clarity you can provide St. Germain.