Friday, September 10, 2010

More Info on Mass Ascension

Chelas who want to ascend must be very clear about this. No matter what age or country, be aware that the means of leaving our continuum on Earth, is now being moved to include death as an exit, because less than half of our ascension contracts are being reactivated. Making death an avenue of ascension cancels mass ascension. No mass ascension, as originally planned, is going to occur. Man can deliver himself to ascension one at a time. Bring me the desire, and the means will be provided.

Quitting an ascension contract means there will be no opportunity to ascend in this lifetime. In another condition, on another matrix of materialization, we will again see if this can be possible. Now, it is not! Being the light is now the most important asset available to deliver the planet to the fifth dimension. Mother Earth needs more anchors of light to deliver itself. Masters are already anchors of light. "No mind" contains only light. Making a delivery of light from the cosmos to Mother Earth requires quiet: quiet mind and quiet body. Meditation, one hour a day, aids this to be done. Calling in healing for your mind's disturbances also helps. Making a goal to ascend, does this too.

Believing that Mother Earth can do this alone, disturbs mass consciousness, by conducting the light towards material acquisition. Conditions are now grim, as most of those ascending are not going to be doing this before the mass consciousness creates more famine and war. We need to decide now, how to divert these contractions, as a means of elevating the most consciousness mankind has ever had available. When man decides to live the heart path, more destruction can be avoided.

Now, many are naming the Muslims as demons, but the demons are all the negative thoughts about  Muslims, and any other group you decide is demonic. No Muslim is demonic. Many are angry about the outcast label they are now wearing, because of a most controlled drama, led by men who are not Muslim. These men, controllers, organized 9-11, and contracted with men who would die for their beliefs. Muslims are very devout, and could be led to  this negativity inducing practice, as an ability to get closer to God. Not the truth, but this has them acting as martyrs to leave this dimension, making their beliefs the reason and cause for this.

No man's beliefs are truth. One belief is as false as all others. Masters are not believers. Masters let go of their beliefs to become Masters. Great teachers are not the ones who preach dogma, but rather, they are those who are able to allow their heart no obstacles to its full expression. Practices that offer less obstacles, to the freedom of the body's own great wisdom, can make more growth in awareness possible, than millions of documented books created by man's mind.

Chelas, do the best you can to live from your heart. Give more acts of kindness to the Muslims. Care about all who need assistance, no matter what they believe. They are all aspects of One. All, including those who act demonic, are guided by the same divine source that you are.

Shall we get on with ascension? Not mass ascension, but ascension of those committed to this? To the leaders who can move light to Mother Earth: keep doing this! Many more can deliver light to Mother Earth. Many can deliver themselves to ascension. Happiness is the key!

Being happy, completely happy, is how to ascend to another consciousness. Freeing the heart from all the mind's dramas can bring ascension into daily life. Ascend the mind! Ascend the travesty mind has made of what the hands of God delivers to man. Ascend the mandate to destroy Mother Earth with poisons and controlled killing of man's habitat. Ascend the darkness of destructive thinking. Christ consciousness is the consciousness of love. Be the love that is your only truth! Face the fact that man has no mother that loves him more than his own divine acts of kindness can advance. Practice love and devotion to the divine, and ascend duality. Be the love you want to receive. Bring the light to the heart of Mother Earth.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

PS No postings will be published that contain links to other websites. Saint Germain

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  1. Beloved Master St.Germain and Aruna, Namaste!. Thank you so much for your great great words of wisdom that you impart us with, that you feed us with that you make us aware of. The divine guidace that flows from you only and only for us for our help our guidance our protection from negaivity from darkness from being stuck in our own hand made prisons, is the divine light that enlightens each and every atom, each and every cell of our body,our soul, our mind, our concsciousness. We are deeply moved with this divine light as soon as it reaches our soul, our mind, our heart our consciousness. We are being continously fed with the divine light divine wisdom from your very heart and soul dear Master St.Germain and dear Aruna. This is the great mass lifting of our consciousness and mass awakening that we feel is occuring due to the divine beam from your essence to mother earth and each atom of mother earth and cosmos. Each and every atom is being stimulated is being pulled to higher vibs, higher consciousness with your vibs. your consciousness, your presence dear to our heart our Master Saint Germain and dear Aruna. We salute you, we honour you and we bow to your I AM PRESENCE, THE GOD CONSCIOUSNESS.