Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recognizing Deception

Comments about my messages are good! None are considered offensive, and invite me to address concerns and inconsistencies in my teachings, and those of the deceivers. Make no mistake, all of your comments are now the next teachings that will be addressed, as discussing your concerns is more important than introducing new material. My answers are always coming from love. Put aside any fear about being taken in by another controlling act of manipulation. No control exists here. The absolute Freedom of awakened hearts is my primary interest.

Now, lets take a look at the last comments. My comments about deceivers, need to be applied to any book, channeling, or human teacher, as all decide on a topic as being "the Truth", and give this out as a  New Age approach to "feeding the masses". No new material about Truth has come on Gaia since an anointed one, named Jeshua ben Joseph, gave our new teachings to his followers. Now, there are many adaptations of these teachings, and no concurrence of the actual messages is being delivered. Being a New Age teacher brings a lot of attention, and gifts of money, but also much karma. In many cases, the mental attitudes of controllers are being delivered as "absolute Truth". Not a trace of Truth in any of it, but charisma and conviction of the deliverer, completely alters mass consciousness with the collective acceptance of this attitude. Take the Bible, for example: The original document, called Torah, was meant to guide an ancient group to higher consciousness. Descendants of this group have kept this holy mandate alive, to the extent that they look at other teachings as less aware. As each generation of this group learns these teachings, they accept them as Truth. When the next group of teachings about God became the New Testament, those accepting them became the most adamant about their delivery of "Truth", based on these new books. Are they all the ultimate truth?

Lets look at that question. First of all, man's conduit ability is good, and always has been. Getting awareness from the higher realms comes to all who are able to discern higher awareness from their ego, not in a channeling like this, but as a divinely inspired "knowing". But, the ego of man has also been a master of nudges, nudging man to accept its goals and its applications of God's communications, until the details of "his" answers become more from man's ego than from divine consciousness. This man contributed much to awareness, but accuracy was never absolute. Each generation interprets these gems of divine wisdom as they can conceive of their meaning. All of the great materials being discussed today are being interpreted through attitudes of  today's mass consciousness. Jeshua ben Joseph came out of the control of mass consciousness with new teachings, but they were heard and interpreted by an audience of men with conditioned attitudes. As these men were not able to completely understand the messages, they could only document them as their ego mind determined their meaning to be. False meanings became new, agreed upon, details.

Now, a Bible can be deceiving, because the whole Truth has been altered. To have the actual teachings, as they were for the men and women who were there, one must go to the source of the teachings, God. God can convey the same messages today, to all who are open to them, with no distortions. Again, man can get the true message, but an ego will do its best to make sure that message will be convoluted.

How to be a clear conduit is the message of this discourse. Begin with the acceptance that an ego, be that of a disciple of one's Master, or one's own, can completely alter the direct communication of a most loving teacher. And, those who are able to manifest an audience for their dictations, carry a great karmic responsibility to get their facts straight.

Pure channeling is very unusual. Most of the channeling done today has great distortions. Able channels do exist, please don't think my dialogs are considering all to be incompetent. Many are very good. But most of the most articulate, and most active in delivering their teachings, are not those who are so good. Before they begin attacking me, I must also say: they do not know that their source is a deceiver. Channels are all energized to deliver Truth. None can act as messengers of divine beings without the open-hearted belief that they are providing a divine service. But many are fooled by their own material, because they don't know that the dark always come disguised as the light! Prey for the astral are now considered gurus by thousands. Are you getting my drift? Those who are the MOST accepted, are the most obvious deceivers. Be my guest, observe them all, and notice that control is their game. Not by telling you about the changes that are coming, but telling you to move to a certain "exempt" location, or to get ready to be delivered to a different planet to continue life in the 5th dimension". All contrived from your illusion.

Practices for healing are also a way that some deceivers anchor themselves in a student's auric field. They use one or two healers to deliver connecting cords to their followers, so they can control them. Are you corded by an unethical, arrogant being? Clear yourself now, even though you may not know the answer. Do clearing with the best method I can contribute to this dialog: make a mixture of alcohol and epsom salt, and burn it. This will clear your aura and all external control will be nullified.

Bless the ones who deceive, as they are the ones giving you this great teaching.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. When students seek out a teacher we rely upon our own instincts to tell us who is for real and who is not. I'm liking a lot of what you are saying here, but you must realize that a process is involved in accepting a channel as a clear one. It's good that you are open to answering questions.

    Someone asked a question a ways back regarding your statement that you and your channel could not come up with enough funds to make books and CD's. He had asked why, considering you were both enlightened and masters. I too would like an answer to this. Most of us have a view of awakened masters that say they should be able to create physical abundance, especially when it's for higher good of all.

    Also, is there a way we can bypass the judgement or our mind to access our hearts response to a channeled message. I'm thinking that the feeling of love and heart opening is likely a good indicator of a message channeled from higher planes?

  2. Thank you Saint Germain for addressing my comments, I hope that all this has been useful for the other readers as well.

    Ashtar said once in a book, I don´t remember the exact words but the meaning was "Bible was corrupted but what remained is more than enough to guide someone to Ascension".
    I agree with this, and by the study of another sources I could discern the pure and the corrupted parts of Bible. I think that a sincere person can get the core teachings of Bible and benefit with them, even without understanding some parts or making comparative studies with another sources. The same is valid for any other sacred book.

    I disagree when you say that pure channeling is very unusual, I would say that it is very usual, however, the comunicating entity may be of Dark, or Light, or tricky Astral entities, therefore Discernment is always recommended.

    Even coming from Light and being pure, the contents not always is completely true, not because the channel is distorting the message, but because the intent of a chanelling from Light is to help, sometimes if the whole truth about a given subject were told, that would cause more damage than help. Thus sometimes just a partial truth is disclosed.

    Just some quick comments on some parts of this message:

    "Be my guest, observe them all, and notice that control is their game. Not by telling you about the changes that are coming, but telling you to move to a certain "exempt" location,

    But this is what Aruna have done, she moved to another country following your instructions.
    In Master Messages, Vol. I, n# 38 "Acceptance and Earth Changes" you say:

    "I am now going to detail areas to go to:

    In Asia: China and above sea level countries, etc "

    Regions of the whole world are listed there.

    " or to get ready to be delivered to a different planet to continue life in the 5th dimension". All contrived from your illusion."

    I perceive here that you are not willing to touch this subject, and I will respect that, you must have your reasons, probably what I have mentioned, the whole truth would cause more damage than help. I know that every Light being consider the background of the audience to calibrate his messages.

    (To be continued in the next post)

  3. (continuation)

    Thank you again, and my suggestion is a return to the main subject of this blog, as you stated:

    "Brothers and sisters, my goal here is not to scare you, or make you agree with me. It is to deliver new directions about man's ability to ascend, based on current conditions."
    (Are You REALLY Choosing Ascension?)

    I think that this is exactly what most here expect from your messages. A timely guidance on Ascension, based on current conditions.

    From this same message, this statement below is so crucial that my sugestion is that it be the core and focus of the new messages:

    "Our new plan is to gather one million, our next gateway is coming before the end of 2011."

    Could you develop this theme in your future messages ? A recapitulation about what is recommend to do to prepare for this planned event, practical instructions.

    "If you are building bunkers, you are being led by an alien deceiver."

    However, you instruct to store food and all needed itens for one year. Only very good bunkers have this stored.

    "If you are anticipating being delivered to another planet, again, an alien deceiver has caught you."

    However soon below in this same message you say:

    "Get ready to leave Gaia, or make no commitment to ascension."

    So we must be ready to leave Gaia but not expect to be delivered to another planet, since this is alien deception. Where we should expect to go then, some abstract "Heaven" ? This isn´t much more frightening to the audience of these messages than to say the truth, "you will be taken aboard the Galactic Federation ships while Earth undergoes its Ascension into 5th Dimension and when it will be ready the ships will land and you will begin your new life on the New Earth, a paradisiacal world ?"
    (This is the scenario described in Project World Evacuation, a book you participated. The Crystal Stair, another book you participated gives similar scenario)

  4. Thank you Beloved Master St.Germain and Blessed Aruna. One thing we notice in your messages through Aruna is that its clearly seen that you dont say what people like to listen for example everything is going fine as planned we and the planet is ascending etc etc but your words your information your teachings are more like a proper Master who tries his best that his students get the highest grades so he makes them practice more, tells them all the dangers ahead, all mistakes they could make ahead etc. Not just keeping in illusion that all is ok and than when the time comes, students either fail or struggle to just get passing marks.

    With Love
    One of your Chelas.

  5. This is for you anonymous.
    I ask you nicely to respect this site which is our temple. Nicely i ask you don't ever again dare to try to put us down: "the background of the audience". The background that you are talking about are your brothers and sisters that have their skills not in talking but in good deeds and bright thoughts they manifest in day to day life.

    If you are a man as you say you are, show your name in your comments.

  6. Hi, it's me, the one who you've been with for quite a while, showing me the way through synchronicities of the highest order. I have shown faith in knowing that you have been guiding me, I even met the one whose same blood was with you when you supposedly died.

    I know you wanted me to write the book, I know that you gave me all the details. And you know that I never got passed the first few pages.

    I don't know how to start, but I do know that you and my divine Mother watch over me.

    I'm struggling, things are getting so hard and although I have always been protected and looked after, I do feel the fear of losing all security and consider ending things the easy or indeed the hard way.

    I will persist and thank you for you help.


  7. Wow! The fear, always the same. No matter if this is a fear of death, life, others, different ideas, changes, challenges, unknown...
    What do we have to do to be free from our fears? Can words of any being change anything in me? Isn't me who has to do it, to change? But how can I experience something if, in fact, I can't experience it becaue something is beyond my recognized potential? Do you know what I mean? I huge knowledge on one hand (intelectual knowledge)and on the other hand the same programms running life.

  8. Who is not feeling like you? We have same hardships, and probably some more reasons to feel the fear of the unknown. Fortunately, you've been aware that always been protected and looked after. Some like me, have been felt at all times alone, thrown in life with no any attention or respect, a number, a shadow, forgotten from all and God as well.

    What do you mean "ending things the easy way"? Are we going to give up now? Stand up and don't be a complainer. You are not alone, what you feel is exactly what every body else is going through.

  9. Beloved Master St.Germain and Blessed Aruna, if possible can this be done that that comments option be removed from this blog because this blog is of an Ascended Master of Spiritual Hierarchy who speaks here not to be criticised and judged by unascended students of the Ascended Master. If any of us has any comments we could email Blessed Aruna and send her our comments. In this way rest of us will be in peace, Love, Harmony and connected to our Master without doubts and questions and confusions been created by some of comments of judgemental nature.
    Just my understading and suggestion. And yes very well said, this is our temple and we demand respect for our Master, His messages and this blog. Yes we all have questions of all kinds but good ones can be posted here, rest in private email to Blessed Aruna if she allows.

    with Love

  10. O-oh... censorship... To be honest I like those channelings and I like those comments, especially those which seem to disagree. I never was and I'm not going to be a sheep that follows a path, a message without looking into my own heart to find out what resonates with me in this very moment of my development. And some controversial comments also shift my awarness. This is an information place here not a temple of a guru or something. Do you really want to manipulate this blogg and to allow here only what is nice for you?

  11. Agreed....blessed Izabela....apology if I disappointed any one....

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib