Thursday, September 23, 2010

Make A Change NOW

My dear ones. More answers to your questions will be given in messages that are more about other things. Keep reading to find answers that are not addressed as such. Many questions takes this blog to a Q and A format, which is good, but does not allow different information to be offered. My choice is to include answers in other content.  I am not overlooking any concerns. It is best to look over the most early messages, as they already contain answers to many of the latest questions.

False information abounds, not only from channels. Many internet sites contain material developed by controllers. One of them combines news with another kind of dense material - conceit. This conceit is not thinking you are better than others, it is thinking that heart news is developed by idiots, and more control of the news delivered makes man gasp and disappear from attacking the deliverer. I am going to name this offender, because every devious controller needs to get caught. This one, called Fox News, is not a mass consciousness controller, like the others, this organization deletes man's ability to question, by the way it delivers news. Give up this station as a news resource, and find more character elsewhere. Making this change, in itself, can delete negative attitudes "against" the current regime, because of differing opinions.

President Obama has many controllers to deal with. Give him the attitude of compassion, for the controllers are involved in every major action. He doesn't have any freedom now, as a man, or as a leader. Presidents have always been controlled, and Mr. Cheney has been the most deceiving of all the draconian drivers of this group of active manipulators. In my previous blog about Mr. Chaney, I discussed his negative mastery.

In any country that is leading a new attitude, all of the manipulators show up, to be certain that their agenda is carried out. Now, this administration came to lead on the concept of altering most of these controllers' agendas. This was a big threat to the "death and control agenda" of man's current leaders on a global level. President Obama has more controllers in his office than any previous US president, because of his ability to make change, and his deep conviction about bettering life for man.

"No!" say the controllers, "More death and destruction must occur". "Build up Afghanistan, go to war with Iran, give North Korea cause to deliver their most destructive weapons." Fight and control are decisions that have been made at the top of the ladder of the Illuminati, and no one that wants to live  more than a few years under their control, can give them a different answer than the answer they demand. President Obama has many of these leaders at his desk daily. Not to help, but to defeat all of his own goals for humanity.

God demonstrates the cramped, demonic nuances of the controllers, by delivering a new element to their control game: Masters who can give them exposure. Now, what to do about this control of all governments? Be Quiet! Yes, do nothing to attack. Sit quiet, and activate more and more light, to deliver a different dynamic. More light creates a different mass consciousness, and this new consciousness can remove attitudes against those humans who have the ability to change things. Clouds of antagonism towards President Obama, for not succeeding in delivering those new changes, need to be cleared. In the next days, many of his controllers can be distracted by the news of their desire: a lot of major disturbance in man's country called Iran. Iran can cause the change that frees President Obama from this control. Can you assist? Be quiet. Be deliverers of love and light. Give President Obama an ally in consciousness. Help him break free, and do what the man came into office to do.

My dear ones, these days are full of deception. What you can conjure up in the most devious of imaginations is actually occurring. Change must have a mass consciousness that hears the call of the divine. Your light makes a difference! Be the deliverer of light to mankind now! Give President Obama the courage to get tough, and deliver the goods he came to deliver.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I hear the call of my soul for giving and serving. I hear the call of Saint Germain for help needed, a call for clear, clean, qualitative service. I haven't called in Master's energy yet, because I haven't dettached myself fully from relationships that bring a lot of trouble and concerns in my day to day life. Reaching for a higher consciousness is not as simple as it's said. Could some one who was here before give me some advise?
    Thank you.

  2. Saint Germain, channeled by ArunaSeptember 23, 2010 at 12:07 PM

    No comments of advice are to be added to this blog. My advice is all that belongs here.

  3. Beloved Master St.Germain and Blessed Aruna, thank you so much for another great message, that clears most of our concerns about how to act towards the subject coward. This we would call ultimate positivity, Christ/God Consciousness. I just give attendance to show my presence,but if my comment is of slightest possible negative or unproductive, or not upto standard please blessed Aruna I would be grateful if its not published. I just love Master St.Germain and Spiritual Hierarchy, GW.Brotherhood so much that I cant with hold myself from thanking openly.

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib

  4. Who are we.
    I wish to know what exactly is going on on Earth now. The next year is going to bring an official ban for selling and perscribing herbs in the EU. The first advertisment of the chip RFID is already on the TV. Our food is poisoned with sugar and chemicals, also water, air and the soil. Day by day our human rights are reduced. Many of us lives in cities and if the system collapses or if there is a major catastrophy- we will not be able to survive, for we don't know how to find food, how to make fire, how to find water without opening a tap or going to a shop. Some say that the human's technology HARP is creating biggest cataclisms on Earth (e.g. Haiti), other say that this is the Earth herself transforming into the 5th dimension, and this causes tornadoes, floods and so on. However, I am here, seeing the system trying to kill the population of this country, I see the system all over the globe trying to kill the population of this planet. Even if I understand their aim (if this is true that they want to create a superior rase on Earth after the major catastrophy) I still want to know why and who we are here, what is our job in this, why are we so different? If everything is the Oneness than the Illuminati are also the part of this game. But then...why to have a different consciousness? Why do I see things differently? Why I can't say "this is fine, kill all of us if you want to. It's just an experience of God, all is fine, it's just a game". Is it? Are we just black and white pawns on this chess board?
    And if it's a matter of my mind's perception: giving the meaning to things, labeling them as good or bad how can you say then that the Illuminati and their allies have a dark plan, they give false messages. Fox News? They all are controlling and manipualting and I don't have to read any conspiracy theories to see what is happening in my country and what kind of manipulation is beeing served on daily bases. Yes, this is how I see it, as a human being, trapped in the duality. Or maybe this is not a trap? What would happen if you told us truth? If there is any..:) If there was truth then on the other side is... false, right? What is going on here?
    Forgive me, all of you, but I was a spiritual searcher for most of my life, following many different paths, reading a lot, listening and watching. And now, being litteraly alone with my development, watching news from time to time, reading channeligs (not much now), having my own insights and visions, reading books about the situation on Earth from different perspectives, reading comments here and on other sites I think nothing is true. So, maybe my main question should be: is there any truth?
    I hope we will find what we are searching for. With love. Izabela

  5. Hello my fellow brothers and sisters!

    First I will like to thank you Saint Germain for the love and grace you give, and Aruna for your clarity and love for humanity.

    I would like to share my experience with everyone. I have been working with Aruna for these past 3 years and even though it has not been personally, it definitely feels like it. I can feel her unconditional love without even meeting her. The help that she brings is priceless. All the resources that she has on her website, like the links, experiences, AHAM, are all very helpful that are all free of charge. I have purchased Master Messages 1 and 2 and preparing to purchase the third one. I have also purchased A Course in Channeling in these past few years. My life situation has changed immensely due to these resources. In my opinion, the amount I paid is almost nothing compared to everything that I have received.

    My financial condition is not well established, every little bit counts. What I learned from my life situation at the time was that I had to set my priorities. I had to detach myself from the desire of money and material things and decide what was more important. It was the step to detach myself from money that helped me grow in awareness. I feel in my heart that is one of the reasons for the price.

    Now for the channeling course. It is a very powerfull course. I feel that everyone on earth should have to complete it. It would change the consciousness to the New Earth. As an alumni of the course, I recommend everyone that is a part of this site to prioritize and purchase it. You would have a better understanding to Saint Germain's messages, at least it did for me.

    The messages that Saint Germain says to purcharse the Master Messages and channeling course are not for personal gain. Only the ones that have whole heartily gone through the course would know because of the mastery it brings.

    From one of your brothers of Christ Consciousness, I have truly discovered the reason why to complete the course and hope that everyone part of this blog does as well.

    With much love and blessings,

    Jose Campos

  6. OK, I'm still looking forward to an explanation for the term karma that has been used here. There are too many words that get used regularly that few really understand, or agree upon a meaning. Karma is one of them. Thanks!

    Greg Daugherty

  7. I strongly subscribe to Jose comments. Yes the money aid for the awakening course was nothing in terms of the awakening it can bring .I am a housewife from India, just waiting for the right kind of direction to move to the next step in my spiritual life. Getting in touch with Aruna, and attending her awakening coach sessions, gave me the sense of direction that was needed. Her sessions are miraculously healing, where there is enormous change in one's consciousness. I strongly believe Master Saint Germain acts through her, anybody serious about ascension should take up her sessions. Now i thank all my spiritual guides for taking me to her in the right time. I feel a huge burden removed out of me." Nithya R.

  8. We are mostly well aware of who the controllers are backing, and Fox News is a well known deceiver. What we would appreciate a comment on from St. Germain is the protocols that govern the responses that Obama can make, in order for him to be more forceful. Obama has extended the olive branch to controllers, and has given them every opportunity to make the required changes in attitude themselves. He has done this for the better part of his term, and now the situation is balanced on a knife edge. At what point are the forces of Light permitted to engage the dark and effect an ouster using coercion if necessary? There must without doubt be a turning point reached where the Light must make the unpleasant decision to act with authority.

  9. I agree with Jose and Nithya, as I have been in touch with Aruna and everything she has to offer for about 4 years now, and my interaction with her has been a blessing in my life; regarding awakening, expansion of conciousness, and of course Ascended Master Saint Germain. My life has changed dramatically and anyone who is really serious about channeling and ascencion, should get the Master Messages books and the Course in Channeling, which connects you with Ascended Master Saint Germain and the Angelic Realms.

    Love & Gratitude