Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Manifesting For Masters

Answers to questions:
My channel did not move to an "exempt" location. No "exempt" locations exist. All of Gaia will be affected by the continent movement. Aruna moved to Uruguay to anchor light, no other reason. An anchor was needed in this location, and developing a community for Awakening was a call of her heart. Nothing like this exists in Uruguay.

Making a difference on a global scale doesn't always appear to be a major "doing". In this case, being quiet and "not doing' are Aruna's current contribution to ascension. My blog posts are her choice for additional contribution, above and beyond her reason for being in this area.

Now, lets talk about money. Manifesting money concerns most of humanity right now, and believing that an awakened Master can deliver money, is a most deceptive concept. No Master, ascended or otherwise, delivers money to man! WHAT? You are cautious now, because my claim of being the one who did alchemy demonstrates that there are manifestation abilities of a great magical condition to deploy.

Beliefs about manifesting all the desires of the mind have been generated by very clever deceivers. Alchemy is not mental. Nor is it magic. It is the chemical alteration of matter. I did this as entertainment when I was incarnated during that life. But as an Ascended Master, my role is not to demonstrate alchemy or any other phenomenon, only to lead humans to ascension. Ascension doesn't need money. No attachment, to anything, is the way to ascension. Ascension has no fees attached. My days of communicating through this channel have described how an awakened one deals with all material concerns. There is NO dealing with these matters, because there is no interest. Manifesting control of anything doesn't agree with "God's will vs. mine". God is not concerned with delivering money or creating money for desire fulfillment.

All money comes through those who have these desires. For example, Aruna acts as a giver to humanity by delivering my channelings. She gives with no fees. In a different environment, those who receive such a gift would be happy to give their assistance to the creation and distribution of these messages. Not as an obligation, but as a call of the heart. Manifesting can deliver, but this is the way this particular condition needs to occur. Besides accepting the gift our realm has also given, is an opportunity to demonstrate good deeds and giving to others. Both are ascension qualifications.

Making demands, for anything, is not the way of awakened awareness. Giving is. So I give, Aruna gives, and we both accept whatever comes to us as grateful beings, not different from you, when you are the recipient of gifts. Humans who are awake are not asking for anything. They are being very quiet and very humble. Personal power is not of any concern. Neither is making money. Giving is their only interest. Aruna gives daily to a huge audience. Whether they give to her is their complete choice.

I gave the information about not having funds for creating books and DVDs to see if any of those reading my messages would be moved to give funds to do this. Only one has made this offer. Should many give a small donation, the funds would be available. If no more offer, no books will be printed.

My desire is that Aruna be compensated for all she does. My messages are not the only thing she does, but now, it takes a lot of her time. Is it my concern about her that controls the donations? No. Channeling has become so much of a controllers game that these messages are worth their weight in more than one donator. When more are concerned about delivering these messages to the entire group that can ascend, my concern will be over. Right now, my ability to deliver daily messages depends on a woman who gives from the heart. Can her unconditional giving be an inspiration to those who are learning these things from me?

Choosing to make a donation to a clear channel can give you the ability to be a clear channel. Giving to those who lead can alter the one who gives. My advice is: Instead of demanding that the controllers cease delivering one more deceptive channeling, give money to this channel who can counter their delivery with the Truth. Be generous, as the human conquest is their ultimate goal, and they are way ahead of those who are able to deliver their demise.

My other comments about bunkers and carriers to other areas are not as one reader is considering them. "No bunkers" directly addresses one of the most active deceivers, who is asking his "followers" to literally go underground. Collecting provisions is not an act of fear, only good sense. Should an outage of food occur, wouldn't you want something available? Maybe not. Consider everything I say a "suggestion", not an order.

As for chelas being taken on ships, my original writings about this were based on a most different scenario than the one now being planned. If we had had a mass ascension of millions, the world would be a very different energy by now, and the appearance of the Galactic Federation would be accepted by man. Not having a mass ascension at this level deleted this contract, because the Federation cannot make itself available now. There's too much concealment about our existence, and media does not allow news of the kind we need, to get general acceptance of our craft as neutral friends. Activating a rescue operation has been cancelled.

Awaiting death is not my recommendation either. Awaiting ascension is. Being awake, not caring whether the body leaves in an ascension or death, is an adept condition.  An adept turns everything over to the divine Master (God), who will decide the way to delete Gaia of an energetic drain, and continue to evolve a new activation for her that will provide a more comfortable dream for man. Ongoing  demands of angry men have controlled the total dream. We want to eliminate their mesmerization of humanity, and activate an energy that will allow the Federation to attend the exit ceremonies and bring man to new destinations before the Earth changes completely.

Many of those who can ascend can co-create (together) the cancelled delivery. All depends on man's commitment to: 1. his own awakening and 2. his brother's awakening.

Mother Earth  needs help now, because the negativity being broadcast daily, on a non-stop basis, makes the continuity of her evolution more catastrophic than we had hoped it would be. More awakenings, more continuity. More awakenings, more open answers to the next days.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you Beloved Master St.Germain and Blessed Aruna..

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib

  2. Small donation sent as requested, out of love, and also for practical purposes, since I know that Aruna needs this to support her physical needs thus allowing her to continue her work on our and all mankind behalf.
    Two donating now thus.

    It is not a much different situation than if we were in India, and a mendicant monk knocks our door asking for some food, and as compensation he brings more Light to the world, thus benefiting all.

    Some commercial tips, which if applied will allow these messages reach a larger audience and at the same time will provide some income to attend Aruna needs:

    As I have shown in a former post, there is no need of large funds anymore in present to edit books or DVDs. With the printing machinery advance, now there are many graphics which offer " print on demand " services. The author can print even one book, and when it will be sold, order the printing of another exemplar easily, since the files will be in the graphics. All this can be done through Internet.

    Another tip: to keep the prices at commercial level, just the regular profit margin, not overpricing, thus allowing more sales, which at the end will result in a more substantial income, and will fulfill the purpose, spreading the teachings.

    Thank you Saint Germain for addressing our questions. Not good news for sure, but truth in these matters is much appreciated, I think that most of channelings´ readers are tired of messages which don´t say the truth.

    However please allow me disagree with this your statement below:

    "My days of communicating through this channel have described how an awakened one deals with all material concerns. There is NO dealing with these matters, because there is no interest."

    This is an erroneous teaching, in my opinion, and may bring misery for one adopting it, and misery is not God´s design, we can see in Nature, there is an abundance of everything for everyone, man, animal and plants.
    It is man who creates misery, with his departure from Nature, not God.
    God gives all to everyone, however it is necessary a bit of work to get it, this is by God´s design also, for when working, be it a bird searching for insects, or an indian looking for fish and hunting, these are the necessary activities that will develop their latent Divinity, which is the ultimate purpose of Evolution, and the reason for the creation of planets as schoolhouses for new created beings.

    Therefore the way to get one´s needs according to God´s design is working.

    (to be continued in the next post)

  3. (continuation)

    "Manifesting control of anything doesn't agree with "God's will vs. mine"."

    This is a teaching that if not understood can cause much damage, and turn the person into a passive zoombie instead of an Adept.

    Tibetan through Alice Bailey in the book "Initiation, Solar and Human" describes the requeriments for the several Initiations, in summary:

    1th Initiation - Control of the Physical Body

    2nd Initiation - Control of the Emotional(Astral)Body

    3rd Initiation - Control of the Concrete Mental Body

    Only after these Initiations have been achieved the 4th Initiation can take place, the Ascension.

    By the way this is a huge mistake in most messages about Ascension, they rarely deals with the Initiations prior to the Ascension.

    In mundane life also, control is absolutely necessary, when driving a car, preparing a meal, working.

    What is wrong when speaking about control is the control of another person´s Will by one´s Will. This is wrong for it is an infringement of the Law of Liberty.

    For the readers´ comments on my posts, when I refered to the background of the audience, I was refering to the accepted beliefs, for example, when speaking to an audience of Catholics, the background is different to the Evangelicals, etc,

    About this blog being a Sanctuary, in some sense it indeed is, but it is a schoolroom as well. If we take a look at how many questions have been clarified and updated recently, we can see that this was helpful for the understanding of Saint Germain´s teachings.
    The news weren´t good, but I think that it is preferable to hear the truth and have a chance to prepare to deal with the new scenario than know nothing about that and be caught unprepared.

    I´m sorry if my posts seemed agressive or disrespectful, this was not my intention, just my sense of humour wasn´t much good after so many years studying and spreading teachings about these subjects that now are outdated.

  4. Blessed Anonymous I liked your message very much which forced me to write my feelings.

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib

  5. First off, this blog may be a sanctuary or temple for some, but it is still public domain on the internet accessible to and by such, all should be free to offer opinion...especially considering that a comment section does exist.

    St. Germain, you say regarding the issue of ability to manifest money: "ascension doesn't need money."

    And yet, in a past post didn't you say that if books and CD's could be made, more people could be reached, thus a greater chance for awakening and ascention of the masses?

    you also say: "God is not concerned with delivering money or creating money for desire fulfillment."

    I don't think the person who asked the question regarding money was referring to money for this purpose, but rather it was a question regarding the manifestation of money for spreading the word to your students. (surely God doesn't see this as merely as desire is for the future of man!)

    Let's be honest here. If you click above on "My channeler is" button, you are taken to Aruna's website. Clearly we can see that she does charge fees (quite pricey ones!) for her services of channeling st. germain, her books on St. germain's messages, her guidance towards awakening AND her channeling course. To say she gives with 'no fees' is not accurate. It could be said that this blog serves as advertising of sorts for her other (very well) paid services.

    This said, I do not believe that this necessarily takes away from your overall message. There is nothing wrong with teachers of any kind making money from their services, but they should be honest and up front about it.

    On the other hand,I'm really impressed with the fact that you are so open to such forthright questions. I've spent a bit of time reading around on this blog and along with some very interesting material, your overall openess to questions and willingness to give answers is admirable.

  6. This is me again Anonimous,

    Look, there is nothing wrong if your point of view is different from Saint Germain's point of view. It's understandable since you and we haven't mastered ourselves yet to see what a Master can see... This is alright.

    Your "stuborness" somehow is helpful. Let say, after your yesterday's posts, I digged in many places and found out that all warnings to be prepared for difficult days have a good reason. We are about to enter the photon belt and things are going to happen, no matter if we are scared or brave souls... It's going to happen not one or two, but many things at the same time (I don't have to explain you I just learned, when you have years of studies dedicated in this area)

    There is nothing wrong if you read carefully every message that Saint Germain ever gave. What bothers me is the anger and the negative energy I feel in your words. This negativity is so strong, it comes out of the computer and get me in my place... (Sorry, I have to tell you how I feel. Probably you don't recognize it yourself, and nobody around you asks you honestly: "What's wrong with you")

    I will stay away of your posts as long as they will be of the same.

    Thank you for understanding.

  7. By the way, your appology is accepted. The background of this blog has not one colour. At least myself comes from a Muslim background, probably Mohammad as well. Thank you.

  8. Wow, so much emotion over questioning the master's messages! Without questioning, we follow blindly.

    I do have some questions. What do you mean by karma? Are we all one? Is God external or are we God? Is Ascension supposed to be the movement to a new location, or is it a development of our consciousness? Wouldn't it be advantageous to describe more disciplines that awaken us to the God within?

    I must say I'm enjoying the comments and responses. They make this a much more interesting forum that one way channelings provide. Thank you all for your sharing!

    Greg Daugherty

  9. Beloved Greg, well said, do we follow the Master blindly, even though at some point our resonance is broken. Its like not being honest and sincere to our Master to our Higher Self, I AM Presence.
    Beloved 10Aox20, I guess the moment we ll be able to be not effected at all by what we consider and feel negative vibs, the moment we even sat at the core of negativity would not have slightest effect on our consciousness, our feelings would remain the same calm like water, bright like sun light, I guess we would have reached to our I AM Presence, the I AM THAT I AM, The God Consciousness, God Frequency, Christ Consciousness, Christ Frequency....

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib

  10. Besides accepting the gift our realm has also given, is an opportunity to demonstrate good deeds and giving to others. Both are ascension qualifications. Manifesting Money