Sunday, September 5, 2010

Creating A Mass Ascension

Channeling is not the highest consciousness. Being a channel is not the most developed Mastery that man can attain, in an active destiny lifetime. Only anointed, Awakened awareness can give man his final step in a density of dis-ease, and controlled mentality. Being Awake contributes more to mankind than all activities of a charitable nature combined. Being Awake feeds the hearts of many who may also Awaken. Pre-awakened chelas are led to Awakened ones, to be healed, and guided to an Awakening.

Past lives are the admission ticket to an Awakening, making a chela ready, and contributing to the conscious decision to actively seek more awareness. Past lives have contributed all of the dense notions that must be diminished, with an active challenge to their ability to control. Practical details (of the mental drama) are fed to the mind, to activate memories that are needed, so new decisions can be made about unaware choices of those lifetimes. Happiness comes with the deletion of decisions that lead to conflict, caring about others instead.

My chelas are advanced chelas, who are now able to Awaken from the dream they decided to claim as their reality. No chela of mine is unable to ascend. All of them have done an excellent job of growing more aware with each life contract, and have chosen this life to be the completion of a drama they designed for themselves. Karma has brought this lifetime to a most dramatic, dense condition, and chelas can use a simple method of making a difference in this drama, by merely remembering the design they manifested for themselves, just prior to this incarnation. 

Change to the continents, as well as a change in consciousness, were included in that design. Creating that change in consciousness, for all of mankind, is what originated the plan to have a group ascension  on every continent.  How are we to do this? Are we to demand the group mind's attention? Of course not. All we can do is nudge, coddle, and dramatize the dream, in such a way, that "ah-ha's" appear.

Practices of a non-denominational nature are the best way to be able to "get" the needed awareness for ascension. Having the ability to receive nudges, and the courage to act on them, is the next thing to be done for a group ascension to be possible. And, awakening to the awareness of the dream, is your next contribution. We can deliver (to the mind) all the mental notions that fit with Awakened awareness. They are:
1. People are not the dream's controllers, God is.
2. People do not have the ability to control you.
3. Freedom comes with new decisions being made by the dreamer.
4. Man's nature is neither demanding nor controlling.
5. Man's decisions reveal his mind's consciousness.
6. Mental direction towards God is more important than making money.
7. Help is available always, if one asks.
8. Truth comes to those who are not claiming knowledge of Truth.
9. Contact with God is a choice, not a demand.
10. Answers to all questions are available within.

When these ten concepts are fully accepted, no man can deny his True Self any longer. Man is divine, and can create anything that needs creating, including a mass ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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