Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ascension And Contractions

Pretend that my words were coming to you in the body. Sense the area of the body they would arise from. Now go, with your attention, to this location, and notice how all your thoughts come from this same area. Are some thoughts bigger and brighter than others? Are there any differences you can observe? My design of sentence construction is mine alone, but your thoughts are the same in all other ways. Now, what makes some thoughts light and some dark? Mind. Your mind decides: "This one is dark". And dark does not feel good, so mind declares, "My darkness." No thought make a man good or bad. All of God's human creations have all kinds of thoughts daily. Choosing one of them as the quality of good, and another as not good, is a mental process. No darkness exists in you, only contractions to your condition due to dark mental attitudes. All your darkness can disappear in one instant. Consider this to be the ascension. An ascension of consciousness means: no negative thinking - about anything. Only heart led decisions are generated, and there is no mental attitude about this way of being. No designations, no callings, no mental management of any of mind's content. All your days and nights are experienced as an aware being, aware of all that occurs, inside and outside of the body, and there are no comments appearing about anything.

This is awakened awareness, the Awakened divine nature of man's human existence. Only a mind claims differently. Mind control of attitudes is not being awake. Choosing one thought over others does nothing but repress natural development into density, and demands even more mental control. Complete density does not exist. Even murderers are able to access love in their bodies. So no man is completely light or dark. Until an Awakening, both of these modes of THINKING exist. At Awakening there is another understanding. Now the heart is awake to the Truth about these mental concepts. No mental concept is the Truth. Once this is fully accepted, no mental demands are accepted, and no dramas are mentally created by the mind. An Awakened condition is one without mental domination.

Another way to consider this is: No name is the name of man's condition. All names are given by man's mind, and all names for man's condition are also given by mind. Cut out all names, and then act without any negative labels about anyone or anything. Free yourself from all labels and you will be a divine, aware being.

Ascension is not about growth or even awareness. It is about completion A complete cycle of incarnations is when there are no more demands of an anxious mind creating death, negative charge, or control of anything. There is complete detachment towards all of man's denials of his divine True Nature. Practicing positive thinking is as negative to an Awakening as being controlling about duties or attitudes. All of these activities are based on mind's idea of what is not "acceptable".  Houses built on a dubious foundation aren't made very well. Having positive thoughts, because the heart decides to lead the body, is nothing like making a decision to only allow a thought the mind likes.

Happiness is the natural condition, when there are no contractions in the body as a result of mental attitudes. To let go of darkness (contractions) IGNORE them. Acceptance of the cause does not need any discussion about the cause. Acceptance is "ok, this happened," nothing more. It is not all there is to happiness, only a controlled way of choosing the dark over the light or vice versa. Acceptance of an incident as having happened, and giving it no consequence, is freedom. Passing judgment on anything, a concept, a thought, or a deed, all are the mind's choice of controlling attitudes. Mind creates the attitude and the body contracts because of this choice.

My dear ones. Choice is one step below an Awakening. Giving up choice, to let the divine nature of the body make all your decisions about duality, cancels mind's ability to control. Mind does nothing to control after that, and the active continuity of cause and effect drama also ceases. Then, more of the days activities are about anointing the land and its citizens.

No man or woman needs to ascend. Only those who chose this destiny are being called, and we are calling them, to help them do what their hearts chose before incarnation. To ascend means there is no more mind control of the body. And, there are no more attitudes about dark and light. Clear awareness observes "what is", without decisions being made about "what is." An open heart leads the body's life.

One of the least known things about ascension is: When a body decides to ascend, it does not keep its attachment to anything. No concern about the human condition remains. Blessings are all that are delivered as a consequence. Material life has ended, and conscious awareness continues to function, bringing its light to the most loved beings of this universe.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you beloved Saint Germain for this essay on ascencion, and thanks for the questions and coments that prompted it; and last but not least, Thank You Aruna for your service to humanity. There is so much synchronicity regarding this wisdom.

    Love & Gratitude

  2. Beloved Master Saint Germain and Blessed Aruna,Thank you so much for each and every word, it all touched our heart our spirit deeply and made clear of what is ascension. We pray that your wisdom and light reaches to each and every soul and get understood and awaken all in due time.

  3. Beloved Saint Germain,Thank You for your tireless efforts of finding ways and words to explain ascension so that we truly "Get It". This message has touched me to the very core of my being. My heart if full of peace and Stillness!9

    Thank You Aruna for being the clear channel that you are!