Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Channeling

Channeling can be done by those near awakening, but few channels are awake. Why? Because their concept of duality keeps them in duality. One means only One, and when a concept of "me and other"  is the attitude, Oneness is not actualized. A mind may think "we are all one" and acknowledge this, but "One" does not mean anything other than One, not two. Being a channel is a vivid demonstration of a belief in duality, "Masters and me" equal duality. Belief in duality, whether this is between chela and Master or man and wife, is not the awakened condition.

Channeling calls for one body to deliver communications from more than one personality. Each of these has a name and concepts that differ. But, none of these appearances are anything but a movie of duality that is being delivered by our realm to yours. One means ONLY one, and anything appearing as more than one, is an apparition of your mind's concept of duality.

One is God, Higher Awareness, and, frankly speaking, me and you, also. No difference, other than mind's apparition. So, my call to ascension is for One that appears dualistic, as many. Change my name to anything else, and my call is still as it appears, One calling many. But, by not controlling any concepts,  I must approach the reader in the way he can understand. So I identify myself with my name, to give readers my credentials, and deliver  messages that some don't accept as mine. Why not? Because my older messages were more active in their manner of delivery, and were the most accurate demonstrations of communicating to humans at that time.

My dear ones, another time has arrived, and different ways of communicating have become available. My vocal chords are not being used, neither is my mind. I communicate with my developed ability, through a channel with no attitude of duality. I become the consciousness of that body with my consciousness, not a dualistic ability to "talk to or through a body". Big difference. When there is no "mind chatter" going on at all, there is nothing to "channel" through. At no time does an answer come from this body (Aruna) to my dictation. Never is there a contraction in the body in this communication circumstance. This is NOT as most consider channeling to be. There is no mental demonstration of any kind, making my dictation other than as I write it, using the body's hand. I am the body's operator, not a visiting mental communicator. This is why my words are as I want them to be, in all of these dictations. No ego or other nuance makes a contribution.

My ability to deliver messages is controlled completely by my choice of words, and my ability to operate the arm. My appearance could be considered an incarnation, if another intention was applied to it. My essence, as an aspect of Oneness, could maintain its control during the days and nights this body calls "living". But no aspect of Oneness has the right to do this, unless a contract to this effect has been made. I only deliver messages, as this is my contract. Other energies of this realm are also going to use this body, now that a book is almost complete. As soon as it is complete, another message blog will be created. Mine will continue.

As I am describing how this body is being used, my decision to ask for her agreement to do this is being explained. There are no other bodies, I have made contact with, that can be used in this way. No display of favoritism is going on. No dismissal of all the others who are channels of mine. Only a clear manifestation of my ability to deliver one analogous dictation at a time, without any alteration of my message.

Now, content is my next topic, for some are dismissing these dictations as not containing consistent content with other teachings that my channels are delivering. Falseness is not the case. Other channels are delivering one aspect of my teachings, and many are delivering similar things. My dictations through their mental faculties does not allow me to deliver "these messages" that are being posted on this blog. My congratulations to all who are very capable, and do not allow their ego to distort, and at the same time, I know how to work with their mental construct, and do not want any alteration in how my channeling is accepted by that construct.

Face the fact that these essays are from the Maha Chohan, not a deceiver, and make them applicable to your development now. My messages are not to control anyone, only to help complete a contract.

Buy my channeling course to learn the best way to assess a channeling. Opinions and comparisons are not very accurate ways to do this. My channeling course describes many new things for all who are interested in contact with me.

Confidence in your own ability to discern about channeling is a most important change that is needed. Making a comment "against" one that contains advice the ego doesn't want to hear, is not good enough. Believe me, this channel does not care about the things my messages contain, because her mind is not active in comparing or controlling, as all channels are needing to be.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course In Channeling is available here.

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  1. Saint Germain,

    Thank you for your teachings. I am grateful to be a part of these messages for it has been a catalyst of advanced change within me. I will continue my agreement to ascension for it has been a feeling I have felt as far back my mind is able to remember. I will remain aware of my commitment until I hear the call.

    Thank you Aruna for the work you have done. It has helped all of us receive the highest form of awareness. Through your work I have grown the most in life in the small amount of time I've been with you.

    Thank you,