Friday, March 30, 2012

Changes You Can Have NOW

My message today cancels the dross the majority of dear ones are carrying. It means that they are ready to leave their desires behind. Many are clearing dross to be in alignment with heart led callings, and daring to do this has been courageous and dangerous in some situations. But today, we of the Great White Brotherhood are able to lead more clearing to you with only your agreement.

Before agreeing, this is what can be done: A great change in health by deleting cravings and diet needs being delivered by mental creation. Think about how this can clear your addictions for all of the deficient meals we cannot advise you to eat. When you ask to be delivered a meal, the body will receive all the food contained in a Master's diet in mega doses by channeling it and consuming it without moving any physical matter through the digestion system. Only the nutrients will be delivered, not the container of those nutrients. You will need to get used to this major alteration in your assimilation of nutrients, so begin this program without disturbing what you do now to consume the things you chew and swallow.  As the food we deliver is able to be accepted, less will be taken in by the current method. Chew your food very well to keep the movement of little mouthfuls going through the body. Your natural digestion will not be able to consume bulk once our alterations are made.

Next, we can create new frames for your clothes with this diet management method. All who desire to drop many pounds can do so without feeling deprived. Our new control of your diet can deliver you nutrients in abundance without any calories. Only those physically added by you will be of any consequence. 

As these changes in food choices are made, choose only organic and consider the consumption of grain fed animals to be a death creator. No chemicals are compatible with this new, dramatically different eating condition. What you decide to eat can densify the body or allow it to become free of food decay.

Present these new deliveries of nutrients to the cells as you would a "normal" meal. Act as though food is being consumed. Taste the contents as they are led to the mind's channel and chew them with slow and content delight. We will tell you what you are chewing and the flavor can be generated mentally. Then add what other foods you want to eat, but eat much less than previously consumed. What you add can give the body a good feeling by only moving the mouth a few times. Pretend our nutrients are the main course. 

You can begin this course of action when you tell us "I agree." Then go to the store and get the things you want to eat and make 1/3 of the current amount you are now consuming. First agree, then get the food. 

Next, your memory can be deleted. If there are old, negative feelings that cannot be removed by choosing to complete the dance with an attitude change, we can erase these memories. You must ask us to do this. Are you willing to let go of these disturbances? Can you be an Ascended Master as a consequence? No, but this can eliminate many of the dramas in your mind and clear the contractions caused by them.

And now, best of all: We can create a new answer to all of your negative concerns. Fears can be deleted, anger gone, and the managing control of your mental condition can also be deleted. Only open hearted attitudes can activate ascension, so letting go of negative chatter cannot be an option—it must go. Are you able to accept this offer?

When you are, tell us before going to another dream of the mind or another dream of the chooser of denial. Change is NOW. Are we on the controller's list by deleting anything you need? No, only giving you the ability to ascend. 

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, March 23, 2012

Update on Ascension

The most beautiful dream of being alive and well can only be created when the energy of man's thinking has negated control. The predominant dynamic in this moment is death of the aliveness needed to create the New Earth. When the ascension occurs, an awareness of the number of choices man actually has can correct this dilemma. We do not anticipate any dramatic alterations happening in the next days that will stop ascension from being the catalyst for aligning to divine will. 

We need a mass ascension to alter consciousness, not just in those already aware and advanced to this degree. Many of those ready to complete their incarnation cycle are answering the ascension call in death (instead of ascending in a group) due to the delay we have enacted anticipating more to join. Conduits are prepared and waiting to be available as guides when new directions are given. 

My dear ones, I have made no comments on ascension in recent messages as a delay was called awaiting new candidates to awaken and be able to ascend. Now it appears that more are awake, but few of them are agreeing to ascend. Are they going to create the New Earth now? Can they? No. Its not the time—another dramatic change is coming first: the continental contractions that will create a different continent configuration and the land mass that will become the New Earth. 

When is this to occur? After the ascension. We are not in charge. Mother Earth will determine these details. We can only offer our advice: Get ready to ascend so you do not have to live through these changes. Anyone who can accept the concept of ascension can be part of it. We want as many as possible. 

Are the Ashtar Command and other Galactic aliens able to aid those who are awake to leave? Yes, but they can only support those who will accept their aid. Ascension is not delivery to another location. It will deliver a gross body to a light body condition. Can you accept this now? Are you doing the deleting of fear I asked you to do? If not, do it now. Face the fear with no agenda, including escape. Be willing to accept all. When this fear comes out of your body the Ashtar command may act to assist you in the ascension.

Are we clear that no deliveries to other planets will occur? Good!

Back up arrangements are these: Communities are to move together and make group actions for living in chaos. Nothing in the news has been guiding anyone in this direction. Only those with mediumship ability seem to be moving to communities. One day they will be the only ones able to get assistance when it is needed. Others who have no close friends will become adrift in the chaos. My disaster warnings are just as I originally delivered them in the Master Messages. Nothing has altered these. What they have called a major collapse of your current mode of living has even become more obvious.

If you are wondering whether we can do an ascension and if so, when will you be notified, my answer is: when you are able to give away your worldly attachments and come out of your homes when called we will arrange the ascension. My guess about the timing is after the collapse of the dollar and the other currency drama occurs. Then more of those ascending will be able to give their energy to those being faced with the option to leave or remain. One day, maybe in the next two or three months, this collapse will be the signal that ascension can happen very soon. No dates can be given yet. Be detached and aware—as no decree can change these events.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Say Goodbye to Apathy

Politics is mandating your attention away from economic issues. More than twenty countries are actually bankrupt, including the United States. Most of these continue to meet their obligations by printing money. When this comes to more awareness, there will be one of the biggest downturns ever in human conditions. Air transport, except containers for world management and personal air carriers, will totally cease. No travel overseas will occur except by sea. Are you able to live without international travel? If you are considering a move to another country it must occur before this happens. There is a most demanding need for joining a community. Are the lights on in all countries? No.

Cosmic answers to an apathetic audience will not be connected to any leaders who do not live with integrity. Followers of these leaders are to be considered dead or gone. Wake up world, many of you are able to think for yourselves. If you don't give away this unaware commitment there will be no continuation of your life in a human body beyond the next ascension. Can you accept this call to life as your only mandate? Choose more with your conscious awareness than with your mind.

Consider this message a fact, not a decision that needs to be made. Either get out of apathy or be left behind when the ascension occurs. Apathy is not liking something and not doing anything to communicate to others about this disturbance. While not going out in the streets to be arrested is ok, your face in a community that can do more than you can alone, can contribute beyond what you can imagine. Face the fact that collapse will happen to all countries, not only those now in debt. False computations will be disclosed before the next drama comes to pass. France, Belgium, most of the Scandinavian nations, Poland, Czech Republic, New Zealand and Australia are all hoping to come out of this deficit before they become next in line to need bailouts. When they declare their documents, they too will lose their credit standing. Next will be the little countries being fed by the big ones that can no longer be their conduits for cash.

Police in the US are being trained to go against Occupy groups. Forcing them go against their own community members could contain them from doing this. Can a member of their family be against control and be controlled by their kin? We will see.

Masters must give to their heart's call. Whatever calls your attention, make a move towards it. Charge up your newly arranged molecules and do what feels like the correct thing to do. Make your new energy available to the cause that touches you the most. Being in service is now the "love in action" you came to fulfill. Give your attention, your mind and your contribution to this direction.

False content in the mainstream media acts like all continues as usual. Not so. Many dense conditions are becoming more challenging in every country. Bringing awareness is one thing, and taking action is another. Give up the concept that "Being" means apathy. Welcome the guidance of your True Self by acting on its nudges. Allow True Self to be the "doer."

Priests, rabbis, clerics of all religions: control of the believers is about to get more light based than ever before. Give them the opportunity to love their fellow man by contributing to actual daily life entry into the homes of those in need. Bring gifts of food, clothing, eye glasses and anything else you can bring for aid. Build this delivery as "God's will." Change the apathy so more can be brought to ascension. Close the door to fear.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, March 12, 2012

Choosing Your Attitude

Waking up to what happens behind the scenes just means that there are more concepts to dissolve. Now that the depth of control has been revealed, there is still another mystery to solve. This mystery is the life challenge that all ascension candidates are now facing: how to stay in the light in the cloud of current circumstances. It is very easy to make the call that dark forces are controlling man's future quality of life, but this is not the lesson that needs to be learned to ascend, it is merely more awareness.

Ascension requires an open heart and a mind with no concerns. Now this may not appear aligned with current circumstances where massive deaths and corrupt dramas continue to be revealed. However, the answer to all of this is NOT more deaths. Making a clear decision to NOT mentally engage does not mean that no action will be taken in the way of  caring contributions. There are now many new opportunities to act on heart led callings. Man can become great in love instead of going to battle with the controllers. Most of the controllers do not make direct contact with the masses, they only contact those who are country coordinators and the major directors of legal control mechanisms. What you are observing is their manipulated pawns, not them. So who would you oppose? Only the pawns. No game can be won against deceptive directors, but their next move can be changed by your decision to become less manipulatable. How you do this is the key to the future being created.

Peace and caring actions make their efforts to continue to generate fear less manageable. Caring about all of humanity, not only one's own close relationships, can deter them. They want resistance. They desire anger. What fuels them is control by disturbance. Making war is their goal, but war needs two opposing courses, and when "no concern" is the mass consciousness, there can be no war. Does this mean that no action is to be taken to oppose their management? Only action "against" can give them the ability to close their net. When you only do things that are caring, no "reason" to close the net has been delivered. For example: all the fear created by the 9-11 attacks enabled them to create the new agencies now overseeing most of your activities. Had there been a much smaller fear reaction, taking the lives of your most wanted terrorists would not have become their mission at your expense. Opposing the dictator in Iraq could have been done differently, and not as many lives would have been destroyed. Getting out of that mess has distracted you from the more urgent challenges that are so needed on the continents—improving the environment and human dis-ease conditions, both needing more attention than making a dictator give up his control. Choosing your approach is the answer.

Attacks against anyone are destructive. All can be changed when there is more caring about another's destiny. Delivering anyone out of their current conditions should never be done for personal gain or at such an extreme disregard for their welfare. There is now another control dynamic occurring in Syria. Are you able to contribute any caring here? Yes—meditate. Ask to be an anchor of light.

Making yourself empty of hate and other dis-ease creating attitudes can co-create a different answer to all of your world challenges. Choosing to be quiet, instead of doing something "against" the control that is being revealed, will give these controllers (who are now focused on your demise) a very different response. "Why destroy what can be easily taken?" would become their new approach. But will they take? Not when we are able to bring them to their knees with love. Allow them to be in control, totally devoid of anyone they can control. This would demean their current approach by dramatically diffusing their effectiveness. The 100 monkey syndrome WILL work. Make the most of your life and give them no cause to attack.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Earth Contact with the Ashtar Command

President Obama will not be the one deciding about another war. Who will decide? The US Congress. When all of the courageous men and women who left Iraq and Afghanistan can be entranced to accept yet another destructive death camp option, they will be directed to Iran. As the military might of an invading, occupier nation, they cannot expect Iranians to accept the loss of their country's sovereignty. Many of these brave ones are going to their death. Why? Because most of the controllers are still in the drugs and mass destruction mentality they conceived during the days when communism ended in the former Soviet Union.

What can these deaths do to man's great majority? Cancel courage. Without advocates against further attempts of the controllers to advance the realization of their once hidden agenda, all can be revealed. This is where the Ashtar command can deliver aid, but we cannot make direct contact until there is no craft defense system left. Are we afraid? No, but to be the ones who offer options, we must first give those who are still able to advance causes against this demise of man's choices the opportunity to act first. Without any choice there's no game left, and with no game there is no growth.

Channels who are delivering clear messages about what the Ashtar command plans to do are not getting the "after the destruction" message, only the more caring concepts they hope to see materialize. Plans are in place to make contact with caring aid, but not to deliver anyone to another dimension or make contact that provides the next advancement to the dream. It will only be an act of aid.

Please, give up any fantasy concepts about future contact with the Ashtar command. Most of you who are already ascended will not be continuing to live through this change. Only those who are not able to accept ascension will dance in this craft filled drama. The change that draws the craft will be totally devoid of any future hope that can enliven what the old dream was before the landing arrives. Change of this kind has no cause and effect details - it is no longer a life sustaining dance. We want to help the delivery of the ascension long before this occurs.

So please don't expect to be taken away by the Ashtar command ships or given new technologies by us. We (my colleagues and myself) are not doing this. We will aid by mental contact, giving advice to those open to receive it, and lighting the way to mass ascension. More of those who decided to ascend are still needing to awaken to this destiny. Beliefs about being advised by Ashtar and contracting for another place to live must be overturned.

What is the latest on ascension? More than 5 million are able to ascend. Now there are about one million of these who have completed their ascension in consciousness. Five million (out of 7 billion) can help to delete a lot of dross for those who are still able to be contacted before the mass ascension. Can they give the light to all? No, but those they do touch will be able to ascend if they agree to let go of their old attitudes.

Are you afraid to go into the next door of ascension? What are you afraid of? Get clear about your next step to draw to you the things you need to take it. No going back now. Being who you are is bringing clarity to the mass consciousness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dross, Drugs and Politics

Dross: Caring for the master (you) is urgently needed. Change nothing about the dross and develop new diseases. Clear the dross and be able to choose the next answer to New Earth energies that are coming to a climax this year. What is the way to clear dross? Meditate!

Before your meditation ask to have assistance during this time for healing and clearing dross. Meditate 20 minutes daily and ask for nothing but this, before, during or after. Talk to the guides you chose to have available. When able, do the coning of *MAP, the Medical Assistance Program of the Great White Brotherhood. Get the book and do what the contents direct. After your first calibration session we can assist you in many ways. Give yourself this great gift. My channel will give the ordering information at the close of this message.

Drugs: Answers to all the drugs being given must be established as optional, or death by vaccine will destroy great numbers of masters prior to ascension. Change your diet now. Begin to decree that no drugs are to make their way into your community. Notice that my word was community, not the one making the decree. In the days to come more will need community affiliation by necessity. Group discussion about drugs must be done. When drugs are a doctor's correction for nervous disorders they must be discontinued. All mood changing drugs are very harmful. Consider them an energy destroyer. Take good food instead. Peel away the layers of your disturbance with techniques that are effective. Many aids to using these tools are in your community. Answers to dross are abundant. Give them your attention.

Masks are now being removed, and drama is already confronting those who are being the antagonists in this confusing anthology of world events. When doctors and the medical controllers are not able to force their dance of death, we will be celebrating. Change here is absolutely needed. Giving medication to children without their guardian's agreement is negating their ability to choose. Cases are being brought against these actions. Be on the side of those asking to be made aware of these violations of their children's rights. Togetherness in these causes is the only way to approach the dictators of these actions. Sign petitions. Ask to be called by the administrator of the program in which your child is enrolled. Cancel attendance in programs requiring inoculations. Drop the doctor who recommends that drugs come before natural choices like diet adjustment, and other more careful answers than masking symptoms. A child's body is not to be drugged. Find ways to make it drug free.

Politics: Politics will gain more and more attention now that an arrogant man has unmercifully attacked those who have faced their misguided directors, and given them no choice but to die at the hands of murderers. What is happening in Syria is not happening only in that country. All who oppose criminal behavior are getting death options by controllers who have no concern for human dignity. Before another world war begins, do what you can to move to the awakened condition. Making this consciousness change will not defer the call to war, but can destroy the much controlled charge towards it. Meditate now and give the call to war no energy other than divine light. Purify your own mind and body to be a conduit that can change the direction now being led by the two countries that want war. Syria and Russia are only distractions from what is happening in Iran and the United States. Choices about this war were made in the years of the Bush administration and can dramatize the loss of man's enjoyment of nature in all countries. What this could do is accelerate the lost control of the US into its complete demise. Wanting the country of Iran to be overturned is not a cause worth destroying the US for. But the light is not yet able to deter this from beginning. More meditators are needed! Can the light be more available through you?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

* The book MAP, The Co-creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program by Machaelle Small Wright is available from or