Friday, November 23, 2012

Messages from Saint Germain and Aruna

Saint Germain: For more than one month we have been unable to use this channel to deliver messages. Channeling my energy is not the only thing this body contributes to mass consciousness, she also supports awakening and clearing of all that is around her, including many conduits of negativity near her country of residence. China, Korea and all the many Islands in-between are areas considered areas that need light, and we use her at night to generate more anointing in these areas, as well as in all of Japan. Using her body in these co-creative activities has been the cause of my decrease in messages. She is used to the work that is done during the night, but it does take a major amount of her energy to do this and her body is not able to come to terms with all that is being asked of it. Hence, a lightening of the load has now occurred to give her a chance to heal and get back her ability to channel for you.

We, the masters of the Great White Brotherhood, are grateful and also cherish the loving contact through our channels. We don't want to cause them any difficulties. No dark forces are disturbing Aruna, nor is she negating her commitment as a contact channel for me. Please give her another two weeks to complete the work we have been doing through her in an important area of the Asian continent. My words may be delivered through other channels, but there is no substitute for the use of her body in the Asian area. Many channels are now available in areas where there is darkness to deal with, but no one can do what Aruna does in the calmness of her body.

Fun and games are not a distraction from channeling. Channels need nurturing, and because Aruna is now being used a great deal, she needs more grounding, not channeling. Please give her your caring.

Saint Germain

Aruna:; Thank you to those who have been concerned about me and my ability to receive the messages. I am very busy—day and night, and do appreciate the rest that Saint Germain has provided.