Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fine Tuning Your Discernment

Continuing to discuss all of the things being questioned is not in your best interest. Please, give away all of your concerns about motherships, comets, being rescued, defeating the dark cabals, etc. and totally dive into the depths of your own awareness. You can be an awakened being in this instant—no "doing" involved. Just give up all of those mental doubts about the ascension and its consequences. Give your current life 100% of your love and creativity until ascension occurs. It doesn't matter whether this next wave is the one you will be on. Those who are on this wave will be the true heros for those who are coming later. But ascension is to be a graduation gift, not a commentary on the earth  changes that will continue to occur.

Cheap, distorted confusion is being delivered to those channels unable to discern the dark from the light. Happy, delightful messages can also be dark. How? Because they defer any action towards  becoming awake. Most of the darkest messages are delivered in this way. Only being aware of the light means there is denial of what is not light, and what you are denying needs to be recognized and released for you to be free. Denial of your own darkness only keeps you "in the dark. "

What you think does not manifest as your reality if there's a contradictory attitude held in the unconscious. Bringing these negative deceptions to light is the way to enlightenment, not affirming their opposite while denying their existence.

Love is not about avoiding negatives, it is about transforming your reactions to them. Beloved and admired dark masters are abundant in your universe. How do you tell the dark from the light? By their actions. Are they the masters of light they claim to be? Can you tell? Here's what to look for:
Are they . . .
1. Acting as an authority.
2. Belittling others.
3. Claiming to be an enlightened being.
4. Maintaining control over anyone.
5. Managing an organization that is exclusive.
6. Afraid of anything.
7. Changing an answer to elude a question.
8. Framing a question instead of giving an answer.

A chalice for light acknowledges that God works through him/her and makes it clear that God is much more than any individual. When you claim I AM THAT I AM you are dispensing with a personal identity, not making a practice of claiming spiritual attributes.

Practices that demand strict adherence to "get" a material designation or acknowledgment from an edified human being are dark. When a practice is used to control it is not a true activation of light. For example: Many are being "initiated" into lineages of energy transmission. All call for the accurate delivery of their methods to be qualified. Most true "healers" are never made into healers in this way, they become healers in the most natural way. Adhering to any "special" method does not invite the most correct or the most effective transmission. It only limits. When a true Master transmits, he does nothing special!

Shall I talk about the groups making these demands? No need—those who are being directed by them will recognize what they need to know and distance themselves by their own decision. Negative attitudes towards any group is not the intention of these words.

Please accept the teachings these groups and their leaders give you about discernment. This is more about YOU than them. I don't care if they are dark—you need them to grow into the awareness of ONE. Please do not attack any group as being dark. Only determine whether you are being controlled or used to control in any way, and if so, walk away.

Controllers need agreement to their control. Agree to be controlled by nothing. Give your own guidance full authority.

Will I comment on other deliverers of information about ascension? Only to say there are many different opinions on this side also, so be true to your own inner director, and be in the group you are being led to. Channeling is not always the answer. Your own inner guidance MUST be the truth for you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Quest for Light Calls for Control

Why are you so concerned about the days to come? Are these deliveries making you angry? Are they activating feelings of former disappointments? My dear ones, all of you are being led to ascension. When it comes, the light that now shines only in the heart of hearts can be available to all through the changes that occur in you. Your mastery is not yet total, but it can be the dream's answer to the next advancement in awareness. Be light now by deleting your doubt. Give love to all, even those of us who have previously disturbed an attitude you have about accuracy. We do our best.

Not any of our conduits can give you the "absolute truth," or they would be doing nothing and saying nothing. No content of any channeling is "absolute truth." It is all a demonstration of the mental content needed to lead the dream onward. Stay in belief of any dictation, or news from any source, and dream on.

I am telling you nothing outside the dream. Whatever does or doesn't occur means nothing beyond the dream. Being of "no mind" takes the dream into account without any attachment to content. Awakened awareness does not care about any of the things detailed in the mind of man. Only divine awareness exists.

Now, chelas, when my call comes for ascension, the dream of your mind will end. As you move into light, the next days will get no concern. Once you are dissolved into light, your contact on this level of awareness will give instructions about the qualities of nature you will be contained in during the anchoring of light phase. No dross can be grown in this energy, only love of all. Your ascension will deliver more light to others than the entire spiritual hierarchy together can now convey.

Why are your calls for assistance in changing your circumstances not answered? Because we are not able to dictate our choices to those unable to hear. Only those who are clear channels or at masters level can be convinced of our desire to lead your world towards a more aware condition. We cannot come into your dream and convince anyone in the dark to do something that is not his own choice. We cannot interfere in the details of any controller developments because no controller will accept the guidance we deliver. Controlling anyone is not part of our dance of light.

Brothers and sisters, are you wanting one group of controllers to be replaced by another? You are answering my call to ascension with negative attitudes. Give them away. They don't get the answers the mind desires. Neither does moaning or complaining. I've mentioned before that all of the dream is your creation—we only assist in keeping the dream moving along as you designed it.

After ascension you will understand my words completely. Now, give me your dense attitudes to dissolve and make the light your only intention. Believe in the ascension. Give it no dense attitudes. Welcome help when it comes. Be still and release all that is not light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Choosing Ascension, Again

When the ascension dates arrive, a call to all who chose to ascend will be made. Those who answer that call will know whether they are able to ascend or not, because they will once again be choosing to be the angel they incarnated to be. Are they willing to disappear to the world they know to ascend? Those who cannot are the ones who are not ready. Fear, doubt or desire for more of Earth's challenges will decide which mandate they will follow. Clear uncluttered minds will be the first to leave. Choice will not be a challenge for these, but it will be for those who are not yet able to agree.

My predictions are the advance call. When the call actually comes, those who are able to determine its content and its meaning will have an advantage over those who are not aware of what I have said about the next days and ascension. Can this prediction discredit my messages? Of course, because no ascension can occur without man's full agreement. When the call comes we will need that agreement once again. Saying "yes" will give us permission to activate the dematerialization of bodies. No number is required. Those not hesitating are going to ascend.

What will happen to you is your choice. Can you decide now and then alter that decision? Yes, and any one who does this can get on the next wave. But, are you going to give up an opportunity to live the best life you can make for others as well as yourself? You are the ones that can alter the fate of those not ascending. Only this big drama can get an absolute change in direction for all who need more awareness. Are they the reason to ascend? Yes. One of you ascending can deepen the light for them. Many ascending can manifest a new drama in their lives. We do not ask you to leave those you love. We want them to make the ascension with you.

All of my messages are my words, not those of my channel. She has no desires or concerns about any of these messages or their content and cannot determine their accuracy. We of the Great White Brotherhood are grateful to her for giving an unattached delivery of our words.

Can we have others deliver messages when we don't have this blog? Yes. Please do, but do so from an unafraid and unbiased clarity. No messages of this kind are to be delivered to those who are not clear. Channeling is not difficult for those with an open mind.

Can the comet destroy this planet? Yes. Will it? No, it will only make things more challenging. Will an astroid deliver a final mass destruction? No, Earth will continue to exist with an opportunity to be energized again. When this energizing is complete there will be a New Earth.

Will you accept the offer to ascend when it comes? No details are missing from these messages. All countries have ascension candidates, even those with negative dictators. This choice is not the country's determination, it is yours alone.

Follow the lead of your heart. Making the choice to ascend is the heart's choice. An awakened one will not be led by an active ego. Count the days now. Enjoy all of your moments. Get ready. Put your affairs in order. Get a master plan to those who are going to assist with the next day's tasks. Place no one above the call of your heart, and depend on no one to answer for you. Be with the angels and claim the destiny you chose to have. Make this call the one you aspire to.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, September 23, 2011

Nibiru Contact is a Myth

My messages have all been about the next days and ascension. My dear ones, your curiosity about future events does nothing to advance these two awarenesses that are most needed today.

Nibiru is neither a galactic death constellation nor a contributor to the axis change. It does not exist in your universe. Have the conspiracy theorists been able to concoct a new planet to frighten you? Apparently they have, at least it appears so.

Can you turn your attention away from current events or controller fear dynamics, including the threat of death to the planet from this or any other contact mechanism? None of these creative dramas are accurate. My comet communication was to tell you there will be many changes, not total destruction. No comet or other method of destroying Earth is needed—man has already provided an activation of destruction that needs no assistance.

Are you ready to drop your fear so you can ascend? Fear cancels the ability to accept the amount of light needed to dematerialize a body. Cancel your dream that includes death and destruction. Believe in one thing only: I AM THAT I AM. Nothing else is accurate.

The Masters and angels are all clamoring for ascension. No other detail that can deter ascension needs attention. Are you able to accept ascension as a reality? Are you afraid of this? Make a commitment to ascend before there are no days left to do this. Practice meditation or another form of being quiet. Allow the God within to make all your choices, and let gratitude be your approach to life, not complaints.

Make no mistake, when the call comes you will be notified as a candidate to ascend IF you have done what my messages have asked. My words about this have been clear. Your choices are the difference between ascension or not.

Being calm, clear, awake and aware are the candidates most important details. Fake gossip about anything and everything calls for your attention. Be clear that only inner direction is to get your attention.

My fellow contributors to these messages and the Masters and Mankind blog do not want to control or disturb anyone, only prepare you to make the most informed choices. Now is the time to be very careful about accepting any man's conclusions about the future. Nothing is carved in concrete to be made an absolute. All can be altered at God's call.

Many of you are able to ascend. Count the days now, as only days are left. Weeks? Maybe.  Months? No more to be counted. During October on your calendar there will be an amazing door to ascension. Are you able to go through this door?

Be with the angels as you go. Be one of the angels and lead others. Be as you are, an angel in human clothing. Remember this concept and let others know: "All of humanity is matter that will go back to dust."
All the best.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Awaken and Ascend

Concentrate on the conspiracy theories and you will not awaken and ascend. Not that these are not accurate, most of them are contributing credible facts to man's cabal awareness. But this is not to be the focus of those wanting to ascend. Why? Because this helps negative attitudes grow. Anything "against" counts as negativity, no matter what topic is being attacked. When man chooses any opinion that is "against" another, his mind is caught in the dream.

Nowhere does it say this dream is Reality. Man does not have any understanding of Reality. Are you concerned about any conspiracy or controller dialog mentioned by this blog, or from other sources? Then you are not awake yet. All of these things are part of the dream, my messages as well as every other contact with Masters and angels.

An awakening is to master life with no belief in the dream. When you awaken, you become aware that the dream is a dream, and all of those still dreaming are not awake. "Am I going to ascend?" is a question the dreamer asks. "Are we going to awaken?" is a more aware question.

All the conspiracies are not theories. Most are accurate accounts of the dream that is being acted out as a dream. None of the "hands on" descriptions are being made up by those delivering them to man's mind—except the official ones. No official claim about man's condition comes from an accurate account, only from manufactured data to lead you away from what is accurate. But, neither of these two scenarios will take you to the awakened condition. Both are distractions! Mental conviction for either matrix of materialization contains no accuracy in the big picture, only in the keyhole you are observing it through.

My message today is not about whether there is a conspiracy or no conspiracy. It is about the dream or no dream.

Chances are you do not agree with anything being claimed by me today. Why? Because we are talking about waking up to a more accurate picture than the one that is meeting your eye when it is seen through the keyhole. Please don't allow your mind to cancel this message before it learns the next attributes of being awake:
1. Clarity about how the dream is mesmerizing the mass consciousness.
2. Awareness of the Truth that mind cannot grasp.
3. Change in the consciousness of an adept to awareness of the higher realms and beyond.
4. Cancellation of those attitudes that have defeated the ascension.
5. Answers to all questions about the dream.

Making a leap in consciousness can be a direct result of discontinuing your mental concerns about the drama being enacted by all dreamers. Placing all of these dramas in a category of "dream not Reality" is a good way to begin. Next, move your attention away from all the deliverers of control vs. victim material. All of this is part of the dream and you can detach from it. Convincing yourself (or anyone else) about the accuracy of any data is mental destruction of the light.

You  only deliver light from the essence of your being. Your guide to awakening is in the core of that light—in your deepest inner depths—not in the mind. Forget all the change data, all the mesmerizing conspiracy theories, all the data about human affairs, and go to this depth for your reality check. Not just for a casual glimpse, but for a deep, clear acceptance of what is found in the awareness of your own heart.

Allow the dream to be your entertainment, not part of your ongoing creation. The mind is your director of mis-understanding. Clear your mind of all outer news and open the heart for awakened awareness. We need more awakenings for the change of mass consciousness in the dream to be achieved.

We are near the ascension, and we are not content with less than all of those who chose ascension to be on this next wave. Are you awake? No? When the ascension occurs you will not be leaving.
You can awaken NOW—it needs nothing other than what I just told you in this message.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, September 19, 2011

Anger in Lightworkers

Control of man's anger must get the attention of his mind. No other galaxy can accept anger against an entire group of different thinking beings. Man's condemnation of differences is the reason for the defection of those commanding areas where man was originally destined for evacuation. When this plan  originated there were no wars being demanded for the sole purpose of obtaining oil, or greed demonstrated as grandly as it has been in the last fifty years.

Many of those now incarnate decided to become anchors of light to reverse this trend. But unfortunately, this has not done what we had hoped. Commander Ashtar wants the opportunity to gather his anchors of light in the next days. Will they go when called? We don't know. When they are called onto the craft they will be disappearing from their daily activities along with the ascension candidates. More than 50,000 are now on the matrix of materialization as lightworkers who are not on the ordinary life and death contract made by most humans. They came later than the body's birth. In many cases the new consciousness came in when the original left. You call this a "walk-in" being. Many are choosing ascension now because they only came to do a certain thing and are already awakened as an anchor of light.

Practicing love in all circumstances, they are not actors in their own movies, only actors in movies of those they chose to assist. Many of today's chelas are Ascended Masters who incarnated to bring consciousness raising leadership that could improve the mass consciousness by turning it away from anger. But many got caught in the density they came to change.

We have discussed negativity on numerous occasions, and this doesn't seem to deter the light bearers from acting out their negative attitudes. "I don't like this," or "not this," or "never them," or "cancel them from my life" are all negative attitudes. Saying that you are "not resonating" with an article about caring is not very caring. Being against anything is anger.

You can call it "discernment" or "non-resonance," but these are different than being against; only being against carries a charge. Non-resonance is noticing and not caring. Discernment is the clarity that comes out of divine awareness, not an ego's opinion. Discernment does not take on any data as "fact," and it does not disturb the being who is discerning or the one who is contributing an opportunity to discern. Discernment does not attack, nor does it stimulate comments. Playing the authority when it comes to discernment is the choice of an ego, an aware consciousness does not announce their assessment.

Chelas, anger is the cause of all negativity. Attack is anger in action. Attacking anyone for any reason is not delivering light. Please, do not call yourself a lightworker when you are still delivering anger. When deception is noticed, ignore it. Answer disturbing information with detached (contraction free) attitudes, and accept that the details being offered are merely a test of your clarity.

Only submit accepting, positive comments to articles and network sites. Contributing negativity to any magazine or carrier of data carries that negative energy to thousands of potential change agents. By doing so you are denying them the ability to make their own assessment. If anyone is diminished by the comments you deliver, you are being a controller.

Save havens are not available to those who have determined that they deserve a change of consciousness in this dimension—because of their deceit. Only claim your love and light when you are an example. Examples of these characteristics neither declare their conclusions as facts, nor present their attitudes as the most accurate. They are empty of opinions.

Anger is an opinion that is carried as energy. It contracts the carrier and all who are at the other end of the gift that anger brings. Say "No" to this darkness by loving your anger and then letting go of it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, September 16, 2011

Confronting the Will of the Controllers

When my messages are contradicted by other channeled messages, I am not surprised that comments about how to choose the one correct message appear. When you are able to practice this level of discernment these comments will fade away. Lets talk today about the way to discern:

First clue: Are there any concrete matters to ground the message? Are you failing to give any consideration to what is obvious? Are there any contradictions to an actual detail or two that might cause you to ask, "Is this feasible?"

Second clue: Are you getting caught in the attitude of hope? Are you accepting a fantasy scenario because it is what you hope will occur? Is it because you want it or because it is a next step to what is already unfolding?

For example, the world depends on many control directives to move in the direction of the controllers' next choice. Is a new day without any controller conditions the most conscious way to look at the flow of what is likely to occur? No, it is not. All the control mechanisms in operation are not going to disappear in one moment.

Clue three: Are the control mechanisms currently in place able to be destroyed as the next answer to the Earth changes? Won't the control mechanisms get more active? Won't the management of these disasters be directed by the current decision makers? Can an alien group command the masses and deliver new technologies to those making today's decisions? When an invasion of aliens appears, can anyone completely accept their aid for anything without distrust? Can you? Give this some of your mental calculations and then conclude whether Ashtar and the Galactic Federation can enter your atmosphere in the next year or so. Not very likely, is it?

Clue four: Channels are not messengers for the highest awareness unless they are aware enough to detach from the messages they receive. Are the messages of any controller driven channel going to be as accurate as the content an awakened channel can deliver?

My dear ones, why do you listen to controller driven material? Because you are led to it so you can learn how to discern these things. Go to your truth meter, the heart that can discern, and ask "Is this coming from Christ consciousness?" No other details are needed.

Men who disseminate fiction are either controllers or controlled. No controller wants you to get the guidance of your heart. No controller cancels their control. You are the only one who can do this. You are the chooser, they need to be chosen. When you choose, aways choose the master within to make the choice.

I Am That I Am is in all of you. No difference in answers will come from the awakened consciousness of the heart. You must get to the point where only heart led discernment continues to guide you. Without your inner controller (your mental decision maker) you can be able to live without any discernment needed—all will be obvious.

Now, ascension can also appear to be a fantasy. Not like the one that brings the Galactic Federation to move the "special ones" to other conditions, or makes a change so all are completely awakened, or the New Earth being completely free of control. No, ascension is graduation for those ordinary ones who no longer need to be rescued. They have rescued themselves and are leading light by their very existence.

Can you deliver an aura of love in all conditions? No? Then drop the discussion about going to other galaxies, or having the new world be controlled by aliens, and move into that level of consciousness. Change the drama in yourself to delete the controller in you that demands anything that even appears to be manipulative. Go into love of the controllers and the controlled. Transcend these differences and you won't care about new technologies or contact with beings from another dimension. You will be what you now seek!

Give up all hope about future events and love what is now appearing in your dream. All is as it needs to be. Awaken to the truth of the entire galaxy and all the other universes will completely delight in this achievement. Conscious living NOW is much more important than the controllers agenda. Allow that to take its natural course of evolution with love confronting everything. This is the only way to change it completely.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Role of the Galactic Federation

Contact with members of the Galactic Federation must remain from afar. Most of their work to aid mankind can be done without them being on the ground. They do not have a guardian attitude, it is more like aid for cause and effect, keeping man from destroying the manifest beings from other galaxies. Man is the creator of density on many planets, not the innocent child that is being taken care of. Watching and calibrating dense configurations of matter being changed into darker or lighter anomalies, and adding the mutation of darkness to what gets transmitted out to the other configurations, makes their role indispensable to all of creation. When you ask for their help they can only assist in this way: they can discover the cause of a mess and contain the charge it generates. They cannot manage any of the activities the dark cabal has managed to create.

There will not be a control mission to decide who can move on during the next level of change. In the next months many earth changes are coming. Many will die, many will ascend, and many will need to maintain a more conscious attitude during all the changes that do not occur in their area. When weather is controlled this contracts the flow of nature. When death is avoided this also contracts the flow of nature.

I am not going to give you the controllers nice little answer, that all of you will be taken to the waiting ships. No way will this occur. Ashtar is not available to lead shuttle craft to other destinations. Claim this and demand a new contrat, as it isn't in the one you now have. Ashtar himself has given a more detailed message about this. He will not lead the way for controllers to add other "entry methods" to their comments. Ashtar's management abilities are the most critical to the entire multigalactic community. In his daily drama he must make certain that the dark negative energies being created on the lower levels of man's collective consciousness do not attack any other collective arenas that are influenced by man.

When human demonstrations against others dominate the collective, this draws controllers to anyone they can influence. Controllers are not all from the dark cabal that is now being considered an antagonistic matrix from other galaxies. In the cosmic arena they come from numerous classes of non-aligned, manipulative thinking beings, including some from the loved area of Arcturus. Not all of the divine creations on any galaxy is aligned to the highest light. All are One with the duality complex that connects them with the Earth's inhabitants. They are not all enlightened beings. Some are light bearers in disguise, bringing the needed challenges to man's control dynamic in order to move the energy towards more consciousness in the total picture. Pure awareness is not just the light and love you make it out to be. It includes development and choosing to be light when dark makes its daily appearance.

Controllers are on all of man's dances of duality. Some are the most loved ones in the collective. Others are the most disliked. All control with the methods contained in their contract. Are you able to accept that  controllers are also the drivers of more awareness, not the masters of draconian, devil made offerings? Make this lesson one that clears your negative attitudes against the controllers. When this occurs you are closer to an awakened consciousness.

Now, I am being asked to give answers in languages that cannot be channeled by one who doesn't have this content in her mental capacity. I am not able to do that. Instead, let's use English to give other concepts that may be conveyed in different languages. I AM THAT I AM is the name the source of all that is calls ItSelf. Any configuration of any name with this meaning will adequately suffice. For example: I Am, the source of all that is; I Am, creator of all that is, I AM consciousness, I Am the heart of all that is, or any concept that means I Am the divine consciousness. Saying I AM THAT I AM is recognizing your own divinity.

All concepts can be translated, just not word for word. When you do translation you must clearly understand the context, next comes the change in words. The concept of I AM THAT I AM is: One consciousness that I know myself to be part of. All can get to this understanding, not just claim it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, September 12, 2011

Catastrophes Can be a Carrier to Ascension

Choosing the light during a catastrophe may make it appear that God cares more about those who make this choice than others. This is not so. Only those having the experience can actually know what goes on during any cause and effect drama. When a catastrophe occurs, many do not have the ability to choose the light because their fear overcomes conscious choice. My dear ones, I want this group of readers to have that choice. All of you will get a chance to ascend, and an answer to that choice can be a catastrophic event that makes our original plan impossible to create. Be aware of this dynamic. You may not get to be one who disappears and is not to be seen again. You are not guaranteed any option of an  alternative to this. Should you be in an area affected by activity in Earth's tectonic plates, an earthquake can occur prior to the mass ascension. So be it.

You are not a body! You don't need a body to go on with existence. No body can know the ultimate freedom. May all who leave without a great call to ascension not be disappointed. Ascension is a candidate's option at all catastrophic mandates for death.

Call the angels in with a clear "I Am That I Am." Nothing else need be done. Conscious dying can create an ascension. Own the claim of I Am That I Am and be it! I Am That I Am does not fear anything. Choose I Am That I Am over fear.

Parts of the continents will continue to be destroyed. Many deaths will continue to occur, and some who will die will be ascension candidates. Can they ascend during a catastrophe? YES.

When there's awareness that a death is occurring, ask only for I Am That I Am. Nothing else. As soon as the mind creates other mental content, this content can become the next attitudes that need to be cleared. No attitude can obliterate an ascension, because when the door to the light opens, you will be asked: Who is at the door? When this occurs, any answer can appear. An answer other than I Am That I Am gathers the next dream contents together. Any choice other than declaring I Am That I Am will be energizing another incarnation. No answer is an attitude at death that can create a different  choice to the continuation of man's dream. When the answer to the question "Who are you?" comes with more depth of love than fear, ascension can occur.

Moving on to another life will not be as easy as it was on the Earth continents. No more will this choice be available, as only other planets will be able to give the next ascension opportunity. No dream of divine escape is going to bring this an open door acceptance from other planets. All choices on their part will include a determination about the heart and mind, caring vs. thinking outlook of an angel in disguise as a human.

None of the planets in the Andromeda galaxy are accepting any embodied humans on Earth's continents now, although they may accept those at higher levels of consciousness through a different doorway for another ascension attempt.

Hope is not the light. Hope is mind's desire in charge, and no desire can override the comet's effects. Should you be in the comet's destruction causeway, be open to claiming I Am That I Am as the body is being effected.

Welcome what is coming. Nothing happens to the beings that are moving on to other dimensions. They are not dependent on a body to live. What needs to occur to them is that they have the ability to move beyond differences in human and non-human destiny. Neither has any meaning, other than life memories of an angelic nature—they will make a difference in the ascension destination dimension.

Fifth dimension is not the highest. Are these dimensions different levels of consciousness? No. They are the difference between concepts of the mind vs. the Truth in the heart. Mind can get a 5th dimension ascension. "No-mind" goes to 7th. Are you able to make a "no-mind" commitment? You can go to 5th and next to 7th. I Am That I Am is the 7th, and an understanding of this only takes you to 5th.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, September 9, 2011

Are You Able to Talk About Ascension?

Can my comet discussion be a way to open a dialog with those not aware of the current ascension opening? Wouldn't it be wonderful if more could ascend than are already committed? What to say? "Are you aware there's the potential of more major disasters coming because of the comet moving towards this area? Contact with the comet is not going to create them, but an atmospheric condition that it causes can. What can we do to get ready for this possibility? Get camping gear at your door, get a good amount of dried food to camp with, and get a water cleaner to change the water quality to drinkable. Pack a bag! Be able to walk away from your home with only these things. Any area of the Earth can be altered. Any area can be made chaotic. No amount of assets can neutralize this comet's active change demands. Cause and effect cannot be altered now—only getting together those things you might need. Can we make any predictions about this? No, only that anything can happen."

Now, this does not mention ascension, but you can go there if you then ask, "Are you aware that many people think they can ascend? Can this be a real possibility?" In this opening you can talk about what is being said, not what you are thinking about the subject. Ascension can mean anything to them, and nothing also. What I want is to open minds to the curiosity of what ascension is and let them check out the data available to them via the internet. Many sites are available to help them understand the mental attitude ascension needs.

Maybe they won't be able to accept ascension now. Can they be candidates for the next wave? Absolutely, because if they are able to determine a cause of the mass disappearance to be ascension, this may point them to healing, caring and awakening.

Change agents can also be good guys who open mental doors for more conscious awareness to come through. Give the gift of awareness and go to ascension with divine gratitude as you answer your call.

Ample warning has been given to humans regarding the changes that are coming. Not being aware is no excuse when a major change activates. Confidence in the divine plan will get the body to ascension, although it won't carry you to safety if a tornado detonates your home or an astroid appears to destroy land in your country. All mental demands on God for care and safety cannot be heard. Are bodies able to avoid death? No. Why would you want to when ascension can be attained at death's door? Go in the door. Ascend as I Am That I Am and activate love in the body so it can contact all who have trapped fear in their container.

What can be done to let this fear out? Chase it away with great happiness, then deepen that happiness into awareness that comes out of the Master within. In a fear dynamic, the more happiness you can bring to the world the easier it will be for you to ascend. What can be done to complete the contract? Ascend. No contract continues beyond ascension. Only a love awareness remains.

Have you been avoiding conversations about ascension? Are you caring what others think of you? Yes? Than you are not ready to ascend. When you are able to live without being afraid, even if it is the fear of being declared mentally deficient, you can go beyond the whole 3-D experience. Caring about your ability to be accepted by those not as aware as you is your own dense attitude, that needs to go. Are you going to be an Ascended Master or not?

A clear definition of ascension is helpful: "The end of an illusionary decent into darkness." When there is fear, darkness commands! Choose to let darkness go. Give the light in you a chance to be free. Ascend and dream the dream no longer. Are you able to drop the attitudes that are dense? Choose this now!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Be Godlike and Give God More Attention

Comet Elenin will continue to disintegrate as it moves around Mother Earth. No direct contact will occur, given that it is many miles away in its orbit. Consciousness and negativity will be effected though, and other catastrophic events are going to become illuminated as this comet continues. I am asking for more awareness about the things you do and what you think. You cannot pray these away. Nor can you bring your gifts of healing to the men and women who will be directly impacted after the fact. Now is the time for this healing to happen.

Adding negativity to the changes that are already manifesting, will deplete the total caring energy of the existing mass consciousness. We do not want anyone to get caught in this. Terrorists are now a minority, and we don't want them to gather more colleagues to their allegiance. Fighting causes death and destruction that can be avoided.

Change these destructive attitudes to caring and negate the most difficult thing we have been concerned about—man turning against himself in large quantities. No more attacks on other humans can be committed in the name of God. It is not God's attitude or goal to decrease any group because of mental or cultural differences. We want all to be changing their attitude towards "others."

Popular attitudes in most groups are that one is more loved by God than another. Not so. No group is more loved. No individual has more of God's attention either. What God wants of all groups and individuals is that they "love thy neighbor as thyself." This is the most God-like characteristic a human can contribute to mass consciousness. No other change is needed. Wars would end, God would be decreeing the cancellation of all consciousness developing events, and everyone could ascend. No more attitudes of duality and divisiveness would exist. Peace on all dimensions would conquer angst. The ability to give and receive love would alchemically change all.  Maybe some catastrophies can be avoided. Can an attempt to cancel them be the goal of my chelas?

Talking on the phone or sending emails has basically cancelled man's one-on-one contact in human togetherness. Your best friend can now be someone on the other end of a call or e-mail you have never met face to face. Mail in a computer carries none of man's character, no touch, no mouth on a glass of water you drink in another's company, and no direct eye contact. This can delete the caring. Are you avoiding what calls you away from a computer or cell phone? Why not choose a different contact mode. Go to someone's home and give them actual attention instead of virtual. Be a true friend and delight them with a caring gesture. Anything can do.

Pray to God all you want, but a gathering that does this together can do more in one second than you can do in a day on the computer. Being a caring being is not an attitude, its a way of interacting with other beings.

Character is in the human genome, and giving is one aspect of character. Calling on a telephone or sending a message on the computer is not an actual contact. Only a mention of the name can be as good. Are you getting my point? Will you go out of the cocoon you have developed with your mind and dig into another area of your consciousness? Then you will begin to sense the natural delivery of caring when you actually meet with one another.

You cannot have too much contact with God. Not being in the company of others means there is not enough contact with God, as all you consider "other" is just a projection of your mind. God is in every one and everything your mind perceives. Bring this to awareness and be a God-like being.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Comet Elenin and our World

The children of God are all being called upon to find the love that has been activated within them, not only ascension candidates. All of humanity has been powerfully contacted in their etheric awareness about how their mental decisions are needing to be more caring. This can mean less damage will occur when comet Elenin moves between the sun and the earth. Both pieces of the orbiting comet are now coming towards an antigravity cavity, and when they enter the vicinity of this cavity their presence will begin to lower the density of man's continents as the comet pieces continue to make their way around the galaxy.

Careful change now can delete the cranial disturbances that the effects of this event may cause. It is not possible to eliminate the comet's contact, as mandates of this kind do not change the course of a comet, they can only lessen the effects by influencing the proximity of the path in some degree.

What do humans need to change? Words and attitudes that are not caring, and actions against any of God's creations. Why? To adjust the frequency of mass consciousness to match what will occur when Elenin goes into the influence of the antigravity cavity. When this occurs the elimination of dense contact will change in the way all of God's children are connected in kind. As this comet continues its orbit, any contained dense charge within the atmosphere of cohesion of mass consciousness will be deleted by the increased comet dross. What you can anticipate is death and destruction. But please realize the odds against a man being able to transform his negative contribution to mass consciousness on a moment's notice. What can be done NOW cannot be done after the comet enters the antigravity area.

Caring about the effects of the comet is not the reason for this mention of it. My comet revelations will add incentive to creating a higher consciousness for those who choose to act upon this message. The gift of the comet is to bring the entire planet to more awareness. Why? Changing mass consciousness can delete many disasters. Comets are dangerous and can destroy many. Can you do the one thing that can cancel these effects? Meditate, get quiet. Be aware, not afraid. Close any concepts about dismissing the comet with your mental ability. Pretending there are no effects can cause more unwanted challenges than canceling your negative thinking. Please don't give my words any disturbed attitudes, realize only more choices that come from the heart. Continuation of the current negative attitudes calls to man's world  major alterations to the planet's configuration, with other effects to follow.

Change is on the way. Never before has a comet connection been so tenuous. An astroid comes behind it. Are you able to defer to its way around your universe? You can. First deal with the Elenin disturbances in a conscious manner. Welcome all of these disturbances and let go of any mental upset you have about any topic. Feel awkward, dismayed or confused, but not afraid. Fear is not going to favor the candidate's delivery to ascension. Being positive and caring are my messages for today.

Are you able to differentiate between caring and admitting fear, and allowing fear to dominate the face of your body?

Tell us your fears, and give them an avenue to be released. Act like they are okay, but not needed. Face the fear and give it to our mastery.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna