Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can Ascension Occur in 2012?

Ponder this: My chelas are making me wonder if they are truly committed to ascension.

One of the qualifications for ascension is to be detached, detached from what happens in the world. Being detached means being able to look at a situation, clearly see the duality it represents, and not get upset about the actuality of the event. Sending in the Angels is going to be very difficult, if many of those who are to ascend are attached to having their lives be comfortable. Ascension is not about getting a boost of light, or getting an Angel's wings, or becoming the divine cause of peace and joy for mankind. The ascended condition includes no continuity with man's world. The impact made to change man's world comes from the ascension itself, not control of things in the world by those ascending. Never have my colleagues, or my Angelic friends, told the world about the need for detachment. All who are making lists of worldly desires are not ready to ascend. My worksheet has too many requests for financial abundance to get a clear calibration about those who prefer ascension to worldly existence.

Chapter One of this blog was to force another attack on my messenger to see how she did with her level of detachment. She passed. Can all of you concede the desire to be accepted? Can you demonstrate no care or concern about what happens to move the continents to another location? Are you being divine in your cause and effect attitudes towards all of the players in humanity's movie? My dear ones, what is your contribution to leave behind with those who are not ascending? Clear out all the mis-information about ascension being a trip to heaven. Ascension is not about going to an imaginary fantasy land for a new "dance of leela". Confront your mind's attitudes about actuality and fantasy. Graduation from earth school is nothing we can describe. New classes will not be formed. No changes to the ambiance of man's daily life will occur in new earth-like dramas, because there will be no dramas. The actors will be gone, areas of the continents will be gone, actions of the contributors will be negligible, because only a few will be dense enough to enter the new atmosphere.

College has been attended, and as graduation looms, the final exam includes the ability of all the students to detach from their mental demons and move out of density.

Chapter Two of my blog is about healing. Healing is not the lack of dis-ease. Healing is the consciousness shift from "me" to "we". Healing is the most important detail needed today. "Me vs. "we" consciousness has dominated mankind since Atlantis. Consider this chapter a most destructive one that has to go. Oneness is not only a concept, it is reality.

Chapter Three begins with new days of density and ends with man's conversion from duality to non-duality. Masters with the ability to ascend are to leave when this has been completed. When will this occur? Not in the energy of duality that currently dominates earth. A different energy must be activated. A doomsday attitude must be discarded and replaced with "Hallelujah, man has achieved God consciousness!"

Celebrations of this event can demonstrate the readiness for ascension. Can we get all this done by Dec. 21, 2012? Only if those who are ascension candidates are able to become Angels NOW. What can I do to help make this happen? Can my channel deliver an answer to a question you may have? Can we become twenty million ascending in 2012? Make this a target date, the activation of it on that date depends on all who are committed to Dec. 21, 2012 as their day to completely detach from man's life as it is to be. Not as an escape, but as a next step in consciousness.

Are there twenty million that know these communications exist? No. Can you assist me to get this to them? My dream is to have at least half of this number ready for ascension on the December 21, 2012 date. Confusion about my previous channeling is going to come up now. My desire is for ascension on this date to occur, but at this moment, this is not very likely. Based on current conditions, another few years are needed to get even one-fourth of these candidates ready.

My challenge and request, to all reading this message, is: Post this in as many places as you can, and help to lead the way for a mass consciousness adjustment by 2012. Face the fact that help is here and act like an adept, not a storyteller. Caring about the future is not the same as being concerned about it. What will be will be. No regrets about anything.

Beloved ones, ascension is NOW. Changing divisiveness must happen NOW. Acting like an Angel must begin NOW. We are one big family who forgot our connection. Remember who you are, and this can lead you home. Bliss is just around the corner for those who are willing to make a contribution to ascension. Can I meet you at the gate?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Opening The Heart

Heart opening is a most important act for humans, because contact with heart energy is the human's door to happiness. Many of you are not happy, and need to learn how to open the heart. My message today is for this.

Meditate on the heart chakra. Put attention to the left side of the chest area as you go into meditation. Close all other areas of attention. Breathe normally. When the mind is calm, breathe a little faster, and clear the chakra with the massaging energy of the breath. I AM THAT I AM can also be chanted, if the meditation has not absorbed all of the mental activity. Chanting I AM THAT I AM does more than draw our attention, it calls out for a conscious connection to your own trapped master of consciousness, the divine ONE. Masters of awareness come when called.

When an unhappy man or woman engages in a more draining activity than being quiet, they give away the energy they need to get well. Going out to a mall, or other chaotic area, delivers to them many depleting conditions that does nothing other than allow them to avoid paying attention to the cause of their misery. Putting aside one's contracted mental comments can make a dark mental attitude become a draw to dark, clandestine actions on another day. Making a game of acting out all the contents of the mind can delete negative feelings as they arise.

Making a game of acting out the comments does not call in another human or any of the contacts being commented upon. One can do all the parts on their own. Talk to a chair, and tell the chair all of the things the mind is thinking. As soon as the contraction has released, do this again with another conversation, on another contracted attitude that is coming into awareness. Keep talking to the chair until all of your mental thoughts are called into the demonstration. By acting as the conversation deliverer, the mind does not demonize the contraction out of the context of its conversation by making comments at a later time. Turning thoughts into conversation deletes the mind's ability to hold onto negative attitudes.

Contractions from mental attitudes close down the door to happiness Talking to a chair opens that door, and conditions of the activity are controlled, so they are not confusing the mind with any details that need to be addressed at another time. Chair conversations are a most active way to move energy out of a contracted condition into an open-hearted condition. Give yourself a chance to release the upset, and you won't get another mind attack about the matter. All is now over.

Another way to contact the heart is to make a clear affirmation once or twice a day: "My heart is open and accepting of all my darkness." This affirmation can completely delete all the darkness coming out of the mental body. Nothing can make dark move quicker than acceptance. "I love you" cancels all negative attitudes. Can you condemn again one that acts with acceptance? Can you dramatize a matter that has been accepted? Continue to accept, and no drains will occur. All that comes to you is for your consideration, to choose the heart direction over the mind's negativity. Choosing to converse about a condition deletes the mind's control of contraction. Dialog diffuses emotion.

Next is a message to the mind that you can offer whenever the heart is aching. Give this more than one attempt before giving up on it as an answer: Take a few moments during the day to dance. Move the body around and kick your feet to music. Give the dance more energy, and keep moving until you are not able to continue. Moving the body along with music opens meridians that lead to the heart. Acting like you are out of a depressed condition can also eliminate that condition. False messages to others  about happiness don't do anything to make you happy. Dancing gets the mind's attention and doesn't let it compel you to be different. I am so glad that today's message can give you more happiness. Please give me that demonstration.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clearing Darkness

Many of my chelas are learning how to draw to them more light. What they need to learn now, is how to BE that light. Clear channels are light when they channel. Clearing the channel is how to be pure light.

Clearing must be done before a being can channel. What does clearing look like? Observing how mental thoughts cause reactions, and letting go of those active mesmerizations of mind. Men and women have a built-in cloud of darkness in their consciousness. Memories collect to become the cause of heartache, or a drain on one's ability to happily advance in consciousness. As the drain becomes large, no day is without memories from past events being thought through a new creative lens of mind's attitudes and beliefs. Fantasy forms out of continuous repetition of that which has no basis in fact. Clouds of negativity are next. Answers to choices that are needed become controlled by this cloud, and many dreams form to keep away light. Clouds of thoughts are an actual mental deterrent, when control of mental actions is being considered, or an activity that claims a new direction is being declined. Man has only to free himself from this thought cloud to be happy all the time. Call this cloud man's adversary. Clouds of mental activity keep out the light.

Accepting light begins by choosing this energy over the darkness that is caused by thoughts. Clouds can be drained of their control as new choices are made. Control over man's choices has no manager from our side, only man's own mental deceiver. Options are everywhere, and closing the door to controlling mental dialog is how men become Angels. Can my chelas understand that their only obstacle to ascension is their dark cloud of thoughts? Meditation can cause man to abstain from identifying with his dark thoughts. Observing thoughts at a distance can delete the acceptance of them as divine contact or controlling advice.

Emptying memories of a "not so desirable" content can also be a way to come out of that cloud. Answers to your demons are not in these clouds, they are in the deletion of clouds. Memories become non-controlling when you accept and declare that they have nothing to do with the current day's agenda. Not accepting them as daily thoughts deletes all claim they have on your life. Not thinking about the past will eliminate the past from your daily creative thoughts. Meditators have the ability to detach from their thoughts.

Other activities can also show these thoughts to be dialog without any built in control, when they draw no attention to them. Making an activity time where you are completely present to the activity does this. Singing, chanting, or being totally open to the moment as a practice, can also delete mind's cloud.

I AM THAT I AM is a mantra that deletes mental control. Claiming Oneness with all that is, also deletes clouds. Oneness means that all the dramas in your life were created by YOU! Can you accept that this has always been the case? Why do mean things to yourself? To learn compassion and caring for those who are not given the clear mind to see this as truth. All dramas in a man's cloud are his own design. No condition was done out of this design. Abuse of all kinds was drawn into the mix, because  drama continues after an Awakening. And deepening of Awakening occurs as that drama no longer affects  man's divine attitudes towards the deliverer of anything.

Man needs to experience dark, to learn about it, and choose another way to be. Choosing the light does not eliminate dark clouds. Clearing the cloud makes you confront all the hidden demons that drain light out of your conscious attitudes in the NOW. Hanging on to the cloud cannot make you more conscious. Clearing it does.

When channeling begins, the cloud is not totally eliminated. Channeling attracts memories to the mind of the channel for clearing. Giving attention to clearing your active thoughts when not channeling deletes them from channeled material. Channeling is not negative. Nothing contained in man's conversations about light can be demonic. Only the thinking of those learning about light and dark is negative. Pointing to a cause and effect condition contains nothing negative. Accusing the content that declares this to be negative, is negative. Cloud covers are the negativity deliverers. Can the cloud in man's mind be deleted? Absolutely, as long as he declares that to be his desire. All he needs to clear it will appear for clearing. Believe me, we can do this for you. We are not the creators of negativity, only  confronters of it when there is a call for more light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Make Ascension Your Choice

Closure on my channeled blog will come with any disturbance that takes the internet down. Be aware of this, and become capable of channeling messages yourself. Channeling is not some weird thing that only a few, who have more ability than others, can do. It is natural, and not difficult for those who are open to their own higher consciousness. People of any culture, and any belief system, who meditate can do this. Clearing emotional conditions is also necessary. There's no difference between a good mandate to channel, and a call for clarity about a move, or a concept that needs an explanation All the answers are within, and accessing them will help all areas of your life.

My dictations are for many very practical purposes. Calling in an Ascended Master does not lead to neglecting worldly matters. It is about worldly matters.

Many of the deceivers channel about contact with non-human beings, because this appeals to man's desire to confuse his continuity as a man, with unconscious conditions he dreams about as he sleeps. No man's dreams are conscious actions that can be demonstrated in a call to action. No dream is allowed to be made manifest, because no clear intent is mandating their cause. What is dreamed has been fantasized by mental activity to deliver answers to man's daily life only. Acting as though dreams are the next life experience is foolish nonsense. Most dreams comment on man's current interests. Some are prophetic, but none are an exact depiction of next day events.

Channeling brings the most accurate information about future events, even though many are channeling deceivers who are making up stories to fascinate the ego. Control of ego's attention eliminates distrust, and no deceiver wants an ego to distrust the message.  Beware! What these deceivers do is grab your attention with big dramatic stories, and then cause another dramatic story to be accepted by the mind to the degree that discernment is no longer possible. Facts and fantasy are put together to distance mind from reality. None of the deceivers want you to realize that their messages are not accurate. All of them collaborate to give the same content through many so they can appear accurate. False messages are all over the internet, causing distrust of authentic channeling that needs your attention. Chapter one of channeling an authentic Master begins with the ability to choose. Choose an energy of light by questioning all messengers that identify themselves with a name. There is no name that guarantees authenticity.

Why have I continually maintained that channeling means continuation of man? Because man needs more awareness! Contact with man has always been an activity we have done to continue his energy delivery to other dimensions. No dimension operates alone, all are interdependent with the others. All that occurs on Gaia affects every dimension of the Universe. To keep our dimensions active, we need to lead man towards more consciousness. Now that the contact can be discussed, there are more reasons than ever before to learn how to be clear in your ability to discern. Would you want to be advised by one who has no morality? No consideration of you? Astral energies do not care about the things they tell you, as they can only create more drama if what they say is not accurate, and they feed off of drama.

Pure attitudes of caring come only from sixth and seventh dimension energies, Christ consciousness. Prize this energy and eject less from your field. Chapter one in man's book of Genesis talks about creation beginning with the Word. Close that Word off, and no creation can become different than previous ones.

My teaching is to guide the way to an ascension from less than Oneness consciousness. Many chose to take part in this ascension, and only about 25% of them are ready. How can we raise that number? What do we need to do to create that ascension and make an impact on those who do not ascend?

Following a deceiver will eliminate this opportunity. Many of you have heard me say, over and over again, that channeling can give you the guidance needed to ascend. Those who are waiting to ascend to fifth dimension along with the earth have been lied to. No ascension of Mother Earth can occur without an ascension within the mass consciousness. This ascension is the cause of earth's ascension, not the other way around.

Ascension will deliver more consciousness to those who are not able to be on the second wave. A third wave is the next opportunity for them. All must choose again, because the deceivers have done their job very well. They have dissolved the motivation of many sincere seekers to abandon their quest. We have lost many dear ones from the ascension call in this way. Forget that more work needs to be done, and you are caught in the cycle of suffering, until that work is completed. You must do it! No one is going to relieve you of this.

What you need to do to ascend is: clear the emotional body and open the heart. What cancels ascension is negative thinking about anything. All comes from divine creation. All is good. Dark and light are both included in Oneness. No one needs to change. Man cannot demand what he is not willing to give. Act as an Angel and you can ascend to Angelic conditions.

No wonder we are gaining only a few with these messages, the deceivers have told you to do nothing, and the ego delights in this continuation of its "dance of leela". When you are wanting to ascend, make no mistake, there is more to be done than continue to do what has kept you in density. Be careful, or you will completely miss the ascension opportunity. Wake up and ascend! Continue to dream along with the deceivers, and you will only flee the density with another lifetime of experiences.

Blessings my dear ones, please wake up to this call.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Give Gaia Your Assistance

Can the days to come provide the men and women on Gaia with all of their human needs? As of this moment, nothing is impossible. But, to do the kind of changes that are needed, there must be more concern about this topic. Fuel cannot be counted on from oil, or any byproduct of oil. Clean water can be made out of current water, though making this will need man's attention before new diseases are developed that cannot be contained by current purification methods, and water cannot be drained of these additional contents. Air pollution must also be addressed, as man's air causes more contamination than man admits to any of his neighbors.

Gases emitted daily from common carbon dioxide and methane sources are destroying the air.  And new gases are being delivered from chemicals in dumps and houses that contain air filters and mechanical energy devices that cause the movement of toxic fumes. Purifiers do not clear the air any better than ordinary door closing. Pure air is not available anywhere, outside of a natural environment that contains many trees. All other areas, including deserts, man made countries, and Arctic areas are contaminated, and that contamination destroys all of God's creations. Can this be altered? This contamination can be deleted now, for a great trade off. Stop using things that contribute to contamination. Automobiles are not the cause. Machinery that delivers gas for cattle activities and cattle themselves contribute more toxins to the air than all automobiles do together.

Cows contribute methane, and cannot be grazed without food that causes methane. Cows are the greatest contributors to air contamination and global warming. What can be done? Eat less beef! Cutting the cow population by 10% would clear most of the overly toxic conditions that are causing global warming.

Freezers and air conditioners also contribute to global warming. Both contain freon, and more than any other device, they pollute the air. Only using one freezer, in a refrigerator, could eliminate a lot of toxic gas donations to the air. Machines that deliver coal into energy are the next most active contributors. Control of coal melting could deplete air pollution by millions of gallons of contaminates per minute.

Are these contaminates being controlled? Absolutely not. So, we can do what it takes to eliminate all hazardous effects to man's environment, and we are not doing any of these things. Why do humans believe they can continue doing destructive things, and live without any consequences? Man has a brain that can calculate this error and analyze the results, and yet, no changes are implemented. Pure apathy!

My dear ones, what does my realm need to do to get more action? Can my message go to those who can do the needed cutbacks? Can the meat industry give more attention to the cows leaky gut condition? Or the delivery of meat to consumers? Beef that has been grazed in one country needs to be consumed nearby, or air pollution, that comes from air transport, causes more damage to the air than a big caravan of oil companies fuel tanks. Shop for food that is produced near where you live, and you will help clear the air you need to breathe.

Air contaminates are also affecting the food you consume that grows nearby. All of it is getting doses of active medicines in the water that is delivered from area collection and distribution centers. Medicine in water cannot be completely cleared with filtration. Medicines that are not consumed need to be recycled, not put in toilets or garbage dumps. Humans already are being controlled by medicines that doctors are taught to deliver. No additional medication can give any assistance to the human organism. Fluoride is a most corrosive toxin. Adding this to water delivers more toxins to man than air pollution. Save the earth by deleting this dangerous destroyer of man's health from your food and water.

Can the planet get the help it needs? Our realm observes all of these things and cannot understand the need for connecting the dots that has not been addressed. Positive thinking is all good, but doing something that leads to a solution makes a much greater contribution. Care of the planet is in your hands. All we can do, is ask you to do what is needed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

North Korea Needs Attention

My dear ones. Kim Jong Il has become the greatest threat to mankind since Hitler. Now he is conversing with the Chinese about his future. His greatest fear is that the United States can make a challenge to his methods of control. Drawing this conclusion from the acts in Afghanistan and Iraq, he wants to decimate the US military capability. Mr. Il can do this. His arsenal can destroy the entire country of any American military contingent, as well as their hosts. His anger commands attention, not guns. Please meditate on his image, and do healing on his heart, by imagining the light going from one heart to another. His dark energy can be altered by this minor contribution from a large number of you.

Mr. Il wants to bomb Okinawa. China's chairman, Mr. Hu Jintao, cannot concur with this man's desires, because his country needs the US to maintain China's economic development. Consequently, making a decision on the desecration of humanity depends on the clarity of the Chinese President and his ability to counter Mr. Il's neglectful thinking. Polarities exist  between these two men. One is not mentally competent, the other is a man of great genius. Can they forge a new attitude? Their coming together is now a most conditional duress for Mr. Il. He wants approval, not demands for containing his anger. We must now wait to learn of their conclusion of this dialog. More than ever, we need many people giving POSITIVE mental thinking to Mr. Il. Fear of his madness need not keep you from doing this. His heart needs to be opened. His heart is the Oneness that cares about others. Opening his heart can dismiss his attack concerns, and keep more of our dear ones from man's greatest destruction. Capable healers can douse the anger in his heart, and any contribution to the cause can help.

Saving Mother Earth from nuclear radiation is a great service for man to do. Giving this only ten minutes a day, can cause a different destiny for many.

While this is underway, my messages will not dwell on this any longer. However, this lack of my conversation does not mean to stop giving the healing to Mr. Il. We need this to be ongoing.

When we have a clear mandate to move on to another condition in this matter, my contact can direct your attention away from North Korea. I welcome all who are going to join me in this endeavor. Frankly speaking, my goal for this drama, is to give you an actual demonstration of what we do whenever we are called upon to act on your behalf. Acting towards the goal we prefer can do more than a big demonstration "against" something you don't want. Major change begins in the hearts of the change agents. Being the change to peace and love means doing loving things in peaceful ways. Prayer, chanting, and meditation will answer more of your calls for change than any demand made by your controlling mind.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Awareness From Darkness

Growth in awareness begins with going inside, to the most difficult memories, to have a look at your mind's food for disturbing the present. You will not discover any new additions to the memory, and you will have a more objective ability to move away from the discomfort, if you accept that it happened for growth in your awareness. All of mind's memories can be examined with this approach, and can get dismissed by acceptance with this new attitude. An active ego uses memories that haven't been  accepted, to lead man into war - war with the dark side of his own nature. War of the dark and light, in man's own consciousness, is the mass consciousness drama that creates a war in the nuclear age. Man can diffuse all defiance in human consciousness by coming to terms with his own darkness.

Most humans can only blame others for their disappointments. Most of you are denying any darkness in your own mind. It is this denial that damages the mind's conscious demonstration of unconditional love. No conditions placed on love are light. Any condition placed on love is dark, and I want those of you who are making the mistake, of believing you are acting with love when you condemn the contributions of others, because you don't agree with them. Maybe the thing you disagree with has merit. Maybe your concept is not correct. Maybe the other came to your awareness to help get you to another level of consciousness.

Apply this concept to any of the memories you hold as not being good ones. Any dark thought about a person or situation is dark, no matter how the mind couches it as a defense for approval of those dark thoughts. Every thing that has happened, in the amazing drama called "life", has occurred as a growth opportunity for all. No bad guys exist. All who have played that part in the drama are good guys being an actor of bad deeds. Good only looks different than bad. Both are equally beneficial. Can you comprehend the significance of my words?

All actors in the life drama are God. All of them act out their role in the drama as God designed it to be acted. Anger about another actor's behavior is for your awareness, not the other actor. Anger comes when man's desires and expectations are not fulfilled. Anger comes to those who are not accepting of an other's actions and do not want them to act that way again. Anger is never about the other actor, it is always a provider of new information about a dark memory of yours.

Man cannot see his negative attitudes unless he observes his own reactivity. All reactivity means there is an unresolved mental concept about good and bad.

But, you clamor in dismay at my words, "As an anchor of light I must avoid darkness and only look at the light!" No! Only looking at darkness can give you the ability to clear it from your psyche. Can you accept an action against you as a child? No? Then ask yourself what has evolved from that action. Can you accept that Hitler annihilated millions because of his demented attitudes towards differences? No? Than ask yourself, "Do I have negative attitudes about differences?" Can you accept that America attacked another country? No? Ask yourself, ask yourself, "Am I a terrorist towards any one or anything?"

Man gives attention to the things he dislikes because he denies his dark opinions.  Man cannot become unconditionally loving unless he drops these dark attitudes. Not allowing yourself to even observe darkness can cause denial of the inner darkness for an entire lifetime. Ascension demands all different opinions be OK. A lack of differences would delete God's ability to give more awareness to all.

Choosing to do the most difficult things, can give you the most consciousness. Praying for control of a situation doesn't give nearly as much assistance, as doing an inner action that will advance awareness about the condition that created the situation.

Making allowances for an attitude of condescension does not mean that you allow yourself to be regarded in a less than accepting manner. Give that mad man the kick he needs to recognize the inappropriateness of his manner. But, at the same time, accept him as a divine being who still has lessons to learn.

Following an angry leader means that you are angry, even though you don't acknowledge that anger. Be aware of the things that attract you, as well as those that you don't feel comfortable with. Both of these "reactions" are needing more attention. Being aware means full awareness of what is being presented in the Universe, not only the things the ego prefers.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Make The Change

Who can make a difference in anything man desires? Man. Man can move the clouds, and make the heavens bring forth moisture. Man also can make wind move, crops grow, and fields flower. Man can act on his consciousness that he can make a natural channel for healing in his own body. Man can create the New Earth with the mastery of his natural way of being. Before negative attitudes of mind convinced man to not be the co-creator of beauty, man did all he could to find natural ways to bring gifts to the world.

With the advent of high technology, beginning during WWI, man abdicated his basic control of creativity to machines. Military might was more important than heart led creations. So a new kind of control came with corporate development. Corporations made the necessities, and controlled their consumer, by making control their doctrine. Control of the man's dinner, and his medication, controlled man's continuity and creativity. Most doses of medicine, today, are more about mental depletion than they are for improving health.

Ample food is available to feed 100% of the countries that need it. Nothing is considered more welcome than this commodity. Can the big countries bring food to the little ones? No, they cannot. Why? Because companies control the distribution of their products, and do not allow free gifts of food to governments that are not allies to the country they have allegiance to. Politics controls food.

Never before has the world needed more distribution of food. Pakistan and China, and any country that has made a dent in their communities' needs, also need more donations to feed their citizens during a crisis.

Capitalism is not being caring. Children die because food doesn't come. Money doesn't get donated when contact between hearts has been diminished by media, doing its best to control attitudes. Politics of man's mind game demands allegiance to goals that are divisive, not caring goals. Politics can be changed. Caring can come out of the ashes, and delete all of man's control games.

Freedom of man's controllers begins in the heart. Caring about others can make a new statement. Politicians who are not caring can be eliminated, and more caring ones elected. All political parties are controlled by big business. Corporations donate money to politicians to control their decisions. Money from corporations dictates how food is distributed and controls politicians. Can you see the mockery this makes of man's control of life? A complete joke!

Another method of control comes from defeat of the current one. New constitutions need to be developed with caring for the needy as a priority. Contracts to build apartments for the needy need to be made, to take the place of corrupt domiciles that allow cheating one's neighbor to go on. Actual living, as a commitment to humanity, needs more attention. Children must get an answer to poverty. No company will do this. Making man address man's needs comes from more than my comments. It comes from a group of open hearts. My comments are only suggestions for those hearts to consider.

Caring hearts do more than think about how they can help. Caring hearts take action. Find ways to help others and give the gift of caring out to the world. Giving accelerates the door opening of the heart of mass consciousness. Change will depend on giving. No dependent of a corporation will give the way an open heart can. No politician cares as much for the needy as he does for a company's money. No doors are opening in mass consciousness by actions of these contributors. We need more contributions of caring from Oneness consciousness. My chelas can demonstrate their consciousness by contributing whatever they can to those in need. Help can be contributed by making a trip to the corner to talk to an out of luck man who hangs out there. Or, take a child out for a new day of fun, or be a friend to a contained one with dis-ease. Many opportunities exist for this kind of caring. Bring your hearts to those who need more love. All can do this. No man should need a friend. Begin now!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Manifesting Change

None of the messages about the Masters ability to control man's environment are accurate. Masters are only able to guide, not control. Masters are only conduits of the Creator's thought, not creators on their own. Bringing nudges to man can give energy to action that might not have occurred without them, and this can give an appearance of control. When we nudge, we do nothing other than energize a thought and give man more consciousness about his own mandates.

Man cannot energize an action in this way. Neither can he control others who do not agree with his mandates. Man can make many clear calls for change, and the Masters accept the need also, but none of man's calls can come into manifestation without a change in man's attitude about his own God awareness. Man can create and move consciousness by gathering together more who agree with him. Mass consciousness manages the drama of change, not any one change agent. Mass consciousness can change all of our cause and effect manifestations and make a new creation. What this would take is more acceptance of the divine consciousness in the hearts of man. Having one cause can create a miracle. Being united on one major change can overturn man's draconian mind concepts contained in mass consciousness. Making change, like overturning an attack on another, needs many dreaming the very same dream.

Manifesting can occur in the moment.  New consciousness can be an answer to current conditions. Making a difference can "will" another drama for humanity. Making a difference can be growing a new change out of an old concept, or engineering the mass consciousness towards one agreed upon decree. Both create by demand with mental anchoring.

Now, consciousness can also create a new answer another way. Many of the readers of my messages are more awake than most, and can understand what I'm about to say. Those who cannot understand are going to learn my concept, and can give more conscious awareness to this, then they are to creating money. What I am asking for is more calm, and more control of man's mind, as a means of activating a change to mass consciousness. Clear your mind instead of creating with it. Give this concept an active attitude and you can change dark into light. Bringing NO thoughts to mass consciousness allows more light to appear. Calm and clear contact can give more to humanity than active and concerned minds.

Ponder this: When mass consciousness is not a collection of opposites, one change can occur.

Peace on earth begins with peaceful men and women. A quiet mind is a peaceful mind. Make a difference now, with more inner peace.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Help Save Okinawa

Contact with higher realms can answer the more difficult and more meaningful questions. Apathy about the need for direct contact has made our non-interfering mode of operation less conscious making than needed. Therefore, more attempts to get your attention are happening, and they will be continued until action from you, to be in contact with us, has been taken.

My contact is not the only one you need. Many of you can learn a great deal directly from I AM THAT I AM, the consciousness called Creator, God, Higher Self, or any other name. What the Creator needs from you is your attention to the consciousness of your heart messages, not the controlling mind.

Channels are ordinary men and women needing no attention from others. Most do channeling in service to divine consciousness, not to collect money or attract attention. A conduit of the Masters and Angels cannot be arrogant. Arrogance cancels their ability to anchor new energies of the Master's choosing. Ponder this: My new channels will be following the teachings of my heart led channels now giving my messages to others. They are the ones who have been asked to open doors to the heart of the more conscious ones on the continuum now. To contact the new channels is my next dream to mandate. New channels for awakening man's consciousness are needed NOW!

Absolute commitment to my word of honoring the divine Christ conscious Masters in my last human incarnation is why my current position, made available by the former Maha Chohan, is so much more meaningful to me than my former position as overseer of only one Ray. Now my work can reach all who can be made aware of my words. Now I can call all of the Master's chelas "my chelas". No more am I limited to one Ray of chelas, so the awareness of my chosen teachings can be flowing out all the time, and many channels can accept my messages as my chelas. Other Masters can also deliver messages through the ones I make contact with. No competition.

Apres vous? Are you able to accept my love and assistance in the next days and months of New Earth creation? Will you be my contact for the health of the next dimensions as well as your own? Place no conditions on this conduit contact, and you can get more out of this than money or any other compensation. Ascension is my gift to all who can act on my guidance.

Past lives are not an answer to the ending of this cycle of incarnations. Only this life matters. Best to get a more conscious attitude about the Masters and Angels of today's life. As the controllers became more active to destroy the magnificent Gaia, all of the Masters and Angels decided that no more nuclear arms would be tolerated. Many were told this, and our hope was that all the countries with nuclear capabilities would not act on one man's call. Men and women of the future cannot adapt to drains on the money, or the closing of air and water capabilities for supporting life, to nuclear madness. But now there is a man who can do all that we have condemned. He may do this momentarily. This is my reason for more than one message today.

More than one can give the man more conscious attention than an ongoing completion of my dialog about him. Today may be the day of his decision, and my words about him can draw attention to him, to dismay him, and cause him to negate his wants for a common cause. May the light of Christ bring more consciousness to his mental condition. May his heart find a way to be healed. May the dreams of man be made into reality, and the days of darkness become dark no more.

Absolute collective consciousness for a new light to become the New Earth can diffuse this man's close of the coast of Okinawa now. Bombs are not acceptable to our realm. Okinawa must not be sacrificed by this man's dagger. I close my message today with my personal prayer, that dismay can alter this man's mind, contain his anger, and he can make a new decision. Please ask for this along with me.

No dream can be created without mass consciousness caring for the new dream more than the old. Anchors of light, can you deliver light to North Korea and Okinawa tonight? Masters and Angels are with you. Beacons of light must be delivered by my chelas NOW!!! Please help. Don't allow negative attitudes towards my message contribute any doubt about its content.

Bless all of my dear ones who may not be able to act out the next continuum because of Mr. Il.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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World Change - A New Way

Conscious death is the most important aspect of an adept's continuous incarnation cycle. Once the adept can accept that death of a body has no more meaning, a condition of ego's control dissolves. Fear, all fear, gives the ego, attached to a man's consciousness, total control. Man can accept or reject anything the ego dreams up to cause more control. Most conduits of channeled messages have a consciousness of heart that has an attached ego. The open heart has the ability to be caring and giving, but the attached ego will look at any situation for a way to give the mind's control more anchoring to the body. A most healthy mental condition is an open heart, with an active chela doing the things the heart wants next, ignoring the cry of ego for a different action. Chelas are always able to choose. Choosing the guidance of man's heart can do more for man's contribution to a New Earth than any condition or action lead by an active ego.

Answers to man's dilemmas are given on an "as needed" basis. All dilemmas have an answer and an action that can cause a new result. The mind's answer to all things comes from an accumulation of mental concepts with a "once upon a time" mentality. "Once I did this and  . . ." can lead away from an answer to a major dilemma where new circumstances are being considered by the heart. "Once upon a time. . " mentality eliminates common answers and new ideas to any condition needing alteration. Facing a future, in the same way the past was managed, delivers another version of the same answer.

Parents must teach their children a way to make decisions on their own, a method of listening to their own heart before acting. Calm, clear advice comes out of the heart and allows the ego to do the next consideration of an idea. Making conscious choices does not dissolve an ego, only acting on those different choices does that.

Prayer for delivery of aid to a condition of difficulty always gets answered by an Angelic being that gives advice through the heart. Contact is very easy, as man has asked, and this grants permission to the Angel to answer. Answers of the most conscious kind come when one asks for advice, and gives that advice more acceptance than ego's delivery of another version of the same old contribution that caused the dilemma in the first place.

The United States has been the most active example of this. The US does not get positive attention for any controlling action. And yet, another opportunity gets answered with the exact same tactics. Clearing out the new energy by the old dynamic, comes again and again. No attention to the result of that action generates yet another choice by the exact same managers the next time around. Only new advice, coming from another, more objective observer, will change things.

Anchors of light are Angelics in human bodies. They deliver an energy of love to humanity that allows more awareness for the minds of man. Are the minds that are receiving these new energies acting differently? Not many. They are not accepting new advice that comes from our realm directly to them. Money, definitely one of our most controller dominated concerns, has been demonizing an entire frame of reference when it comes to an acceptable new direction.

No Amero is going to save any currency needing more capital. Only debt reduction can do that. No debt reduction seems to be considered during the translation of the deceivers messages to the minds being called upon to make new choices. Practice does not make perfect. Making the same errors again and again asks for no new conditions to be made manifest.

False messages are always being given on an unprecedented scale. Mental decisions MUST come from the heart before man has no ability to change anything. Beliefs about creating one's reality are not making the needed difference. More conscious choosing by government decision makers needs to begin. NO NUKES must be the first mass conscious decision. NO NUKES must be a new direction. NO NUKES means NO Nukes in any country! Absolute agreement on this one thing can change the world the way it needs to be changed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Making An Ascension Happen

My dear ones. Many of my chelas are living in Asia. One of my chelas can give the others a new destiny very soon. If this occurs, the continent of Asia, and all of its immediate neighbors, will be confused and dazed by an attack that comes as an act of God. All things that occur are acts of God, so the man acting, conceives of his action with God's direction. My dear ones, God loves all of his children. No cast offs are acceptable. All are the answer to God's designs. What can be a major change in man's control of his world, can occur any day.

My desire is for all of those near a computer to be called to these next messages, to enable me to lead man to his next act of courage. When a crisis comes, control of the mental becomes a "next consciousness" opportunity. Positive thinking cancels the danger of an astral death for a consciousness  change to light. The astral mandates the attention of a mere mortal for many of the first days after death. But no need of this experience comes after the death of a very aware being. Awareness can catapult the unconscious to conscious. Awareness can lead many to ascension at the moment of death. Astral beings can attempt to deceive man's draconian mind into anger and fear, and be completely ineffective. Anger will cause an astral mandate. Fear will cause an astral mandate. Acting like this is an act of God, and not man's decision, can defeat any astral mandate.

These astral mandates are necessary for those needing to experience one's own death as a dark moment, but for those needing to graduate from the "college of dark and light", a death can provide the best opportunity to ascend.

Welcome the moment that death calls. Be aware of the angel of death. Conscious death makes an ordinary death into an ascension. A Master, at the moment of death, will accept this as an adventure, an action of holy conditions, a gift of a loving God. Absolute control of mind's opinions can lead to ascension.

I AM THAT I AM is the most causal decree to be made. I AM THAT I AM, called out to the angel of death, can lead to an ascension. Angels that are anointing the body that has been dropped will leave at that moment. Angels do not anoint the body of an ascending consciousness, because no anointing is needed for later characterizations. Practice no chants for dying but I AM THAT I AM. It is the most direct way to the light.

Appeasing the astral drama may appear to be necessary, but it is not. Answer all contributions to this drama with an act of defiance, making the decree, I AM THAT I AM. Closing the door to astral beings may not be an easy thing to do, but it can be done. Take no clues from movies. Astral beings are the ones who come as the members of family and other characters the mind considers to be new angels of love. None of these are actually the members of the family at all. They are the conscious memories of the one who has been called, and are only man's projections. They will lead you to the controllers' dream of ascension: directly to the astral.

The astral realm will provide an accurate condition of a man's consciousness at the moment of death. Masters, awake and aware, don't need any conditions demonstrated. Awake and aware, they will be happy to leave the body and move on to other dimensions. This Master's goal is to have as many as possible do this, the moment death arrives.

My message today will come in three dialogs. My channel will add more as my next messages are given.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Call to Ascension

My words today about ascension are not as most other messages have been. My teaching now reflects a new approach to the Merkabah energy and next dimensional activity. This is due to the most disappointing condition of preparedness my chelas are at. Not enough conduits are as clear as they must be to fully ascend. Ascension, for those who are, will not dismantle the controller's conspiracy because there is not a large enough number to ascend together and cause more awareness to the masses. So, we need to do things a different way.

First, we must act as though all is not well. As many of my chelas are not even willing to acknowledge a "not so desirable" act against others in their choice of mental attention. They dance around a most important quality for ascension: detachment. Being aware, and emotionally clear, about an actual condition that is active, makes that condition seem less of a concern. This will demonstrate Mastery.

Not thinking about a challenge does not make a difference, as the challenge must be acknowledged to be addressed. Addressing anything can make an alteration in the dynamic of it. Not addressing the man's fears maintains them. Beliefs about an avoidance of chaos, by not considering the possibility, are not correct. Man must be able to comprehend all of duality before he can transcend duality. Avoiding a dense condition does nothing but continue that condition.

Ascension has been our goal for mankind. We have done our best to affirm the closeness of the ascension gates, and draw attention to the most accurate calls of our realm. But there is a congested collective of mass hypnosis going on in the deceivers' messages. Many deceivers are making our messages appear non-conforming. And they are, due to the accuracy they bring.

Ascension can and will occur only for those who are able to make this transition. What this ascension is going to do is alarm those not as able, convincing them that their dream may not be answered. If they get negative about anything, we cannot continue an ascension of mass numbers. Mass numbers are needed to defuse the conspiracy. What has begun is an ascension in consciousness. One wave has already ascended. Two other waves are in the energy of anointing from our realm, to become able to ascend. We need more action on the ground. We need Masters, not conduits of deceivers, to lead the way.

Masters are not causing more drama amongst their brothers. Masters are not going to give any attention to making money appear. Masters are not going to go to another dimension as an escape from third dimension.

Masters can detach completely from the dark controllers' management, by acting on their own inner voice. Masters can give advice as an instrument of the divine consciousness within. Masters are not opinionated about their mantra of abundance, and are open to going anywhere they are called. Concern about anything, not deliverable in an available way, is nil. Be a Master, then ascend.

Ascending our way means to become a Master of the heart, and ascend to man's most conscious mode as a human. Then, when many are able, at the same moment, an ascension of dissolving into only light can occur. Can this occur one at a time? No, because there would be no impact to the controllers agenda. No need. A physical death can also be an ascension, as no contact to another realm is needed to do this. Only channeling an arranged ascension makes any difference. Otherwise, those who will ascend to 5th, 6th or 7th dimension can drop the body on their own and make a conscious graduation to another dimension. A big drama is only an affect, to change the conditions on Gaia, not a condition of ascension on a major contract with God.

We have been needing this mass ascension as a way to make the necessary changes to man's daily experience. Not doing a mass ascension makes the negative message of the controllers more viable. But, we will continue to deliver a call for more channels, and Masters who can dream this dream, and make it more of a possibility.  Children of God can have a more quality life if we can create a mass ascension. Children of man are not going to get another chance, because the mass ascension candidates will be diluted before the completion of the drama if many of those able to graduate do so. May my message be an aid in your choice to ascend now, or allow the controllers to complete their destruction.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Man And God Are ONE

My dear ones. Be assured that my advice comes from the most caring heart of I AM THAT I AM. No deceivers are at work to cause mass destruction, monetary collapse or chaos in your lives. My love for all is totally unconditional, and what I want for you is good and Angelic in nature. But my ability to provide only desired creations is not absolute, and I would prefer that the manner in which you receive my words is not disturbed or negative in a way that contributes dross to mass consciousness. Contact to my channel is clear, and my words are not distorted by anything. Continue to pray for a most delightful day, and for the mental wellbeing of the man I mentioned in my message of yesterday. More and more of you are beginning to understand how you can contribute to making a better way, and have the ability to take appropriate action. God's children are the most able on the planet.

Manifesting by decree is a most important tool for the human to have. Add this method to any of the other methods used to create, for mastering the human condition. But, also accept, that there's another level of mastery that can be more advanced than making things appear by decree. That level of mastery looks like: no cause and effect created by the mental action of ego.

When the chela is able, an awakening will occur. This awakening cancels the old way of conditioning the ego has been engaged in, and a new awareness of the man's consciousness game takes its place. Man continues to exist as a human, doing all the same human activities, but instead of ego making decisions, or managing the body, God is. And God does all that the body needs, as man does not consider himself, anymore, to be more advanced in awareness than God.

Happiness is when man and God are on the same wavelength. Man is divine in his consciousness before another controlling force called "mind" becomes the controller of man's awareness. Awakening dissolves that control. No control of man's body by his mind allows God to become the ascended consciousness of human awareness. Ascension means: divine consciousness leads all!

Many of my chelas have already ascended. Their consciousness is God consciousness. No more do they dramatize the mind's answers to man's decisions, answers to all decisions are from God.

Ascension wave #1 is complete. Ascension wave #2 can occur at any moment. Being awake is the beginning of ascending. No man can ascend with an attitude that makes "no choice" a less than desirable condition than "my will be done". Man must let go of man's will, to allow God's will to lead.

What has been called consciousness by mind has been an active fantasy. No details about man's abilities are needed to qualify for ascension. God is only awake in those who do not strive for human gratification. Accomplishments of any kind are not God's concern. Oneness and caring and giving are the only details of any importance. Choice means: choosing God over man's own desires.

Affluence has become the new spiritual nuance for material concerns. Affluence, and making the man's life a goal oriented concern, is a dark mentality that the controllers have managed to contribute to man's confusion about ascension. Man's decisions are not the way to ascension. God's are.

Making decisions for God is arrogance of the man's ego. No decisions about manifestation are needed. God has always done the right thing. Yes, even the catastrophes are of God's design, and man must come to accept this.

Children of God, make no mistake you are completely loved and cherished but, at the same time, you agreed to be a man or woman to learn and grow. This requires disturbing creations as well as good feeling creations. Both are part of the learning. Neither, alone, could develop Oneness consciousness.

Peace is the result of letting go of ego's call for more of anything. God gives to all the ability to control until the awakening occurs. Once awake, control ability dissolves. Man is, at last, becoming One with God.

No concern about the destiny of one's control is needed. All is in God's able design. Ponder this: My name is always I AM THAT I AM, no matter what I may appear as in any life manifestation.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crisis in Asia

My dear ones. My message today will not be one you consider a "feel good" message. It comes before a crisis that could have been avoided. Many of the men and women who are to be delivered to their end of comfort on their continent are not able to ascend, and cannot end their cycle of incarnations as originally planned. Acts of nature do not occur as a result of negative thinking. Acts of attack do. Mankind is not the cause of this act of choice by one man. The cause is the dense consciousness of the man's own dark controllers.

People will be maimed at a distance from the area being targeted, because no one realizes their area will be attacked. Mass chaos can occur. Make a conscious choice now: If my area is attacked, I will call for an Angel, and consciously declare I AM THAT I AM. This command can deliver a new condition to the aura of the departing one, and a very dense condition of death can become a contribution of great importance to the mass consciousness.

My beloveds, give love to the contributor of this drama. Maybe he can alter his decision, but it doesn't appear, at this moment, to be changeable. Those of you who have been reading these messages are aware of the man who I am not naming. I want the dark capabilities of this crisis to be countered by my words. Many can claim their divinity and be taken beyond astral at once. Any who call for an Angel can get aid to move to a different mental attitude and create a different condition for themselves. Practical advice to anyone who calls for an Angel is to leave the body quickly.

Why am I telling this to those who are reading these messages? To assist any who can get my advice BEFORE they are dealing with a catastrophe. Opting out of the human experience at the moment of a crisis can be a gift of that crisis, not a drama that leads to another call for man's "dance of leela" to continue. May my words give an out of body experience that is happy and at acceptance of all that man has created during an active life.

Hope about man's ability to contain a crisis can do a lot. It can act as a call on the Angels to get ready to assist. It can abate the crisis. It can answer the man's controllers' demands. It can create a different choice on the decision to attack. All of these options are able to be part of the drama of the next days. I am an adviser, and my advice is, to ask for aid to alter the man's decision. And, if this doesn't change his attitude, get more demanding, and decree a more desirable outcome.

The Masters and Angels are all making an attempt to dismantle the devices he has not admitted to having. One of them can destroy the entire Universe.

Can this be contained? Maybe. Can one bomb destroy an area without affecting other areas? Yes, but this depends on the one chosen to be used.

Make no mistake, this crisis is now more than just talk. It is not more than a few days before the man gives an advance on his neighbor. I AM THAT I AM consciousness can diminish the affect. Close the door to more doings of this man with your most active prayers. Be the diffuser of his candle. Be active in the next days to make your light shine. Be the cause of a great anointing of those who are not aware of their own divinity and eternal existence. Close the door to death consciousness. Who you are does not die. Bring this awareness to the moment when a crisis occurs.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Money Considerations

My dear ones. Change has already begun.

Counting all the corrupt bank managers would not be possible. All of the personal debt combined, could not make a dent in their combined pay and bonus guarantees. Managers of the largest banks are the most devious. Many of them are now living very high on the creative money drain of market derivatives, while many of my chelas are not able to count on having enough money for their daily needs. Control of man's quality of life can go directly back to the managers of this cancer in the money domain.

My advice to my chelas is to get out of debt. No more credit, or more debt for anything that is needed. Get less, but get the comfort of being away from the controllers outreach. Once the dollar crashes, many are going to attempt to demand money owed to credit cards in more condescending ways. Owing money, due to a drop of income, is not a big deal karmicly, but demanding repayment by intimidation can give those who are careful about their contracts, a quick overturn of their mental and emotional control, causing chaos, and maybe even death by suicide. When an organ of the body gets drained too much from mental stress, creation of another death action can also begin. Bank managers are most concerned about their own checks, not the health of their bank's customers. Be aware, being in debt can outrage the collectors to the degree they will do outrageous things to get paid.

What can be done to avoid their harassment? Ask for assistance to decrease the debt you have, and give more consideration to what you purchase on credit. Solving this is not easy. Many are so heavily in debt that an answer to my suggestion may not be possible at once. But continuing to live beyond one's means does nothing but postpose the day of reckoning. Not with God, but with the collectors that the bank managers are training to destroy your health and other daily considerations.

As money becomes less valuable, close the door to overspending. Give me an answer to this: Are you being careful about all the purchases you make? If not, control your needs to the point that they are less. Ask yourself, "Can I live without this? If the answer is "No", then get it, but if the answer is "Yes", don't. Credit has made an easy crime of draining one's bank account and maintaining an affluent course of action. Need has become greed.

Can you conceive of life without TV, or mobile phones, or driving a new car? Can you be more concerned about your future than buying the most attractive things that your mind likes? Can you answer the door to your house without having any concerns about a man casing it for what can be stolen? Can you ask yourself now, "Am I less attractive without my collected material items?" Are you clear about the distinction between needs and desires? Needs are conditioned by mental decisions, and many consider their desires to be their needs. Food, clothing, and a house are needs. Cars, TVs, mobile phones, and most other technical machines are desires.

What can be done about living beyond the needs criteria? Ask the children for assistance in cutting back their demands. Consider giving more to charities. Allow for the days to come by holding on to the cash that can be added to a nest of food supplies. Can this be done? Parents need to educate their children about needs vs. desires. Giving children all of their desires makes them desire more, until they cannot understand that absolute control of the human experience needs their conscious discretion about money.

Families with children may not yet understand that they need to teach decision making control, because they have not had to do with less. But the days to come are going to make a change in this actuality, and being a careful and masterful manager of money, can create more for a child's learning, than buying with an uncontrolled attitude.

Assets for the next days can be more food for draught conditions, seeds, mass control of an area to grow an abundant crop, new ways to alter man's houses for letting in more contributors to group care, new ways to free the mind, methods to give to others, and other needs of communities. Purchase things with CASH and dramas about debt can go away.

Many of those who are reading these words are already needing assistance to buy these needs for the future. If those who can, are willing to share, the need for casing the homes of others will not be another consideration.

Forces beyond the daily media headlines have been getting prepared for chaos for many days. Now they are ready to drown those who are not self-sufficient. Can you become less dependent on banks for daily sustenance? Can you deliver the draught one more caring heart to learn what will need to be done?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Using The Violet Flame

Changes to mankind's nervous system have been going on for many of your years, making the veil between us more transparent. Because of this, inter-dimensional communication with our realm has the ability to give messages to many at the same time, and entities in other realms have this ability also. Sixth and seventh dimensions are the higher realms. Anything beyond this has no individuated mechanisms to deliver contact. On the other side of the spectrum, the dimensions below six, including the astral realm, are the contacts many New Age channels are in touch with.

The astral consists of divine beings who have not come to an awareness of their loving nature. In the astral, they learn about their affect on the mass consciousness in 3d by getting a big dose of its effects. As they come to greater awareness, they incarnate in another human body to give themselves an opportunity to be conscious in an actual 3D dream.

Not all of man's guides are Master or apprentice Master consciousness. Many are acting as assistants to these as learning opportunities. Any of the less conscious of these assistants can choose to get their own channel and deviously tell them they are one of the Angelic or Ascended Masters. This is very common, because all have the ability to act independently and we cannot control this.

Now that the veil is very thin, these divine beings are being given lessons on control by the beings they overshadow. Control is not acceptable. It negates the free will of one's conduit, and may deliver negative ideas and action advice to the conduit. Conduits are the ones who must be aware of this control and end it.

Humans have the ability to decree their own autonomy. No guide can maintain control without the human's agreement. Choice is man's prerogative! Once he accepts the rogue guide as his own channeling companion, he needs to decide whether that guide is Christ consciousness or not. Our realm, 7th dimension, are all Christ consciousness. Sixth dimension has some who are not yet 100%. Astral beings are NOT.

Astral beings are also those who have not crossed over. Once they leave the human form they remain around their community and are able to attach themselves to man's energy body to give advice by nudging and contact by mental direction. Ghosts are that kind of astral being, choosing man's trappings over a move to more expanded awareness.

Man must learn to recognize these developments in his human consciousness. Man must demand his autonomy. In many death scenarios, these devious beings are the cause.

Man does not act like he has the ability to recognize these deceivers, but all can notice negative thinking and controlling mental thoughts. Clearing the body with the assistance of natural compounds, and calling in the three fold flame, can delete any controller of this type. My advice, is for all of humanity to call in the violet flame (of my consciousness) to manage their causal body now. All you must do is mentally decree: "I call on the violet flame of Saint Germain to clear all of the dense energies in my aura". As this is being decreed, mentally visualize a fire of deep violet color arising from the bottom of your feet, enveloping all of the body, and clearing all of the attachments and devious energies that are around. Allow the flame to consume all of the auric energies that are not absolute in their divine Christ consciousness content. As the transmutation does its job, the violet flame will dissipate, and the Christ color of white and gold will be the chela's aura for that moment.

Thoughts create the colors we see, so a clear mind acts as a Christ consciousness aura all the time. As negative thoughts arise, activity of the mind alters an aura. Changing auras is now your area of control. Aura clearing is not permanent. Anything you think can bring an attachment, or an act of drama from anger can attract an astral or earth bound entity back. Clear yourself frequently, and give love to those beings to help them move on to higher realms. Panic may cause them to act dramatically if they are not led to the light by man's guidance.

Astral beings are also divine, not evil demons. Choice has led them away from their highest good. Consider them another awareness that needs some caring. Give them the help they need to continue their spiritual dance. When you do this, you have given more light to the mass consciousness. Make light the goal for all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Creating As Christ Consciousness

Christ consciousness has two qualities that come to man as he Awakens. The first is love. Not the mental attachment many believe love to be, but heart directed action as the cause of all his manifestations. Caring creates a most direct message to the mass consciousness to give more.

Caring deletes greed. Caring has no demands attached. Most people think of caring as giving away anything they no longer want. Caring comes as an energy, not a contract to give. Making a donation to one who gives, is a natural way of demonstrating the consciousness called Christ consciousness. Giving attention, and being available to assist another, calls man to an Awakening. Caring for one of the children of God, gives God the message that the heart has opened.

Twenty million incarnated to bring this Christ consciousness to man. Only about five million have contacted the mass consciousness with caring actions that demonstrate open hearts. My colleagues and I are amazed at how closed the hearts are in many who call themselves lightworkers. Hearts that are open are loving to their fellow man, not demanding attention to themselves, or culling others by casting doubt on their contributions to humanity.

Many contributions are made to mass consciousness by those who are not caring, and this is causing negative conditions. Picturing world peace cannot create world peace, unless the creators are peaceful. Many of the cause driven men and women are not able to act in a way that can answer the needs of others, because they, themselves, are driven by anger. Being AGAINST someone's actions negates any cause and effect benefits. Being FOR a new way of doing things can create miracles. Groups like Greenpeace are not creating any manifestations that make the managers of their opposition groups move in a different way. Other ways of causing a more constructive result need to be created.

The other Christ consciousness quality is an active awareness of all the mandates being given to create anything at all. For example, every time one asks God to do something, this mandates an energy that attaches itself to one of the causes of the manifestations coming into form. As this mandate has little ability to cause an effect on its own, other mandates of like mind come together, and draw to the one who has called for this mandate a more creative control of the designated materialization. One  demonstration of this is the manner in which your crowds collect together to demand one change, or how many are collected to comment on a petition. These mandates draw more answers to the cause than anyone can draw to the condition by himself. Making a difference requires a group effort.

Now, take the condition of man's new earth. Mandates FOR this can create new things. A mass consciousness that thinks against the current conditions will continue to create them. Making new creations denies nothing about current conditions. In fact, assessing current conditions is necessary, as  awareness of the actual cause inspires an answer that brings clarity about the next action.

Meditation creates a group energy and gives the mandate to cause more open hearts. Continue this daily to help the new earth be a more loving place. Talking about others negatively gives mandates to the mass consciousness that delete the goals of meditation. Openhearted beings do not denounce or degrade anyone!

Pause when you notice an opportunity to contribute disharmony to mass consciousness. Ask yourself, "Am I bringing light to this situation?" "Can I bring light here?" Your answer tells you how one person can make a major change to future manifestations.

Honoring all for their contribution to mankind must contain an honest mental intention. Diversity  contributes opportunities to give love to those who fear differences. All are created in God's image. Not agreeing with anothers attitude does not make the other wrong. Agreement is not always the most conscious choice. Making an observation, and asking within for an answer about that message or conflict, can give an objective guide an opportunity to teach. Most of you depend on mind's contribution to your attitudes and beliefs, and do not get your guides' opinion about anything. Your guides are more aware than your mind. Guides are the teachers you most need. Ask their advice before deciding about "resonance". If new information does not agree with what mind believes, ask and get your guide's input prior to deciding anything. Asking a guide demonstrates an opening for growth.

Being a teacher carries a lot of responsibility. Teaching new things means an opportunity to trigger the dislike and negative attitudes of those who are not open to anything different. Making a difference means new and different choices must be made. Beliefs are the existing cause of what needs to change.

My dear ones. Be open. Be caring. Give to others. Allow them to be themselves without negative comments. Answers for the next generation may be in their hands.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Masters and Chelas

Chelas are students of an Ascended Master. Not all are aware of the Master's teachings, and most are unaware of their Master. Chelas must learn about the Masters to get the most benefit from their guidance. Those who are able to have dialog with the Master, are being called to Mastery as an anchoring of God's love. No Master needs the chela's allegiance, only their attention, as Masters offer gifts of awareness to chelas. Passive denial of my lessons controls my ability to teach. Active denial makes another condition - annoyance.

Chelas are given many opportunities to learn and accept my channeled call to mastery. Most do not act on their mastery until they are actually guided to do so. But one or two are not able to understand that mastery means a quiet mind, not mind's opinions. My dear one, who has attempted to dominate my channeling attention to demonstrate her own consciousness, is not yet a Master. Chelas do not dominate, and do not insist that they are wiser than the Master. This is an arrogance of mind's conditioning, not awareness from the human heart.

My chelas who read this blog do so for my teachings, not to be told that the opposite of my teaching is more accurate. This arrogance is most disrespectful, and will no longer be entertained. My chelas are not the Master and my consciousness is not theirs, as nowhere is it written that chelas are to guide their teacher. Positive attitudes towards the teacher must prevail!

But this is not a dismissal of the chela. Her mastery can be developed in an accelerated way if she accepts what my message today advises: give the Master more credit than the New Age dogma that has been accepted by the mind!

Positive attitudes are not necessarily coated with denial. Only accepting "the goodness", is not acting on the truth of a situation that could provide the most awareness. Mental control of what is accepted cancels all the gifts the dross brings. More consciousness comes to awareness from darkness than the anchors of light are able to deliver. This is a cosmic creation of duality to demonstrate the dream of man's mind. All is not as it seems!

Awareness of what is beyond the veil is more available to those who are aware of the veil. Seeing only one aspect of the duality demands that the mind be active to deny the opposite. Neither is the true reality! Both are an illusionary mental attitude. Cosmic consciousness is totally different than dark and light. Both are of no concern. Truth is only Oneness, and dark and light are included in Oneness.

Chelas, do not accept any teaching that tells you to ignore duality. Consider duality the gift of a new dawn that transcends divisiveness. No comments that designate dark and light are from God awareness. My words today are a Master's consciousness. My gift to the chela I am addressing is an awareness of her non-awareness. Can this gift be used to move her to an Awakening? I do hope an opening for this occurs.

Channeling on this blog will not address any defiance again. Those who do not accept me as their teacher can go elsewhere.

Please ask questions. Please make comments. Any comment that is not accepted by me will not be published. My consideration of this control factor makes an unacceptable condition more comfortable for others who need my attention. No more attitudes of condescension will be tolerated.

My dear ones are all advised to look at themselves for the very thing they are accusing others. Are the earth changes avoidable? Yes, but only when all the inner dramas in the minds of man are no longer creating outer dramas.

May this message be the beginning of my more conscious teachings for this to be accomplished.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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