Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Instructions for When the Call Comes

When the day of ascension arrives, the entire group needing contact will receive it at the same moment. Some will be in deep sleep. Others will be doing their daily activities. Channeling this message will be inactive – it will be amplified to awaken the God within and the mental body at the same moment. Awareness of it will not be a new challenge to go through, it will be apparent. Next is to accept the call.

Acceptance means agreeing to ascend. Nodding without clear agreement is not adequate. A "YES" must be announced by any means applicable. "I Am That I Am" can be the words used, or anything that declares agreement with divine will.

Chapter II of ascension will be in the next attitude after agreement. Being in bed means getting dressed quickly to leave the building you are in. No need to travel, just go out of man made containers: cars, houses, trains, etc. Go to an area of choice where a man can be dissolved without notice. In the doorway of a building is not good enough. Feet on the ground is an option but any uncovered area that is not near a doorway is better. You will make that choice to the day and time the call comes. Wait to be consumed by a dose of energy that courses through the body.

Children are to be taken to the area with their mother and allowed to be apart from her during the actual ascension. Other parents can be at the area if they are also ascending. Calling all candidates is exactly that. Those not prepared are not being called. They are not to be dragged along by the ascension candidates.

Free the mind of any concerns about hearing the call, going out of an enclosed area or getting dissolved. Make no announcement. Just go to the area you are drawn to when the call is heard. Announcing the ascension date and time is not going to occur.

Are these instructions clear? Get out of the area that is covering the body and await the energy surge. Anchoring an answer to God's call with your agreement, and delivery of the body is all that is needed. Breathe, give no attention to the mind, and align with the coursing energy.

Busy now? Of course you are - it is the ego's way of declaring its desire to prevent your ascension. Ignoring the ego's comments must be done. I am giving instructions now because ascension will occur in the next months and I want everyone to have them. If you are not giving these messages to others, please distribute this one.

My channel just asked what to do if the body is on an airplane when the call comes. Await an opportunity to do what is needed. Should it be a very long flight, go to the lavatory to be ascending. Nothing will occur to the airplane as a consequence, only the notice of one or more missing passengers.

No call from God demands acceptance. No discipline measure will be correcting those who choose to not be on this wave. The next wave will come about one year later. This is a most difficult decision to make, as a large number ascending will help make the coming year less painful for those who will be on the next wave. Choosing not to ascend on the first wave will actually decrease quality of life for all that remain. Please consider the importance of ascension to all cosmic creatures, not only those who will be left on Earth. Each and every ascension brings new life to humanity and the collective consciousness now, when it can truly make a difference.

Growth and development time has been answered by an ascension call. Next is to change the negative dynamic of the collective consciousness so the New Earth can be created.  Chosen to ascend are all who chose it. No distinction will be made as to the country or continent, as all will get the call together. New light on the land can make the difference that all of you have been asking for.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, June 26, 2011

More About Ascension Qualifications

All humans are not chelas of the Ascended Ones. Many are not ascension candidates. Those who are not our chelas will not be leaving man's domain as Ascended Masters. Not that they are any less divine or able, their ability to ascend is not adequate. What makes one able to ascend? A contract to do so is only the beginning. The ability to ascend also requires:

1. Caring about all that is.
2. No disturbance in any situation.
3. Peace in the body no matter what physical condition appears.
4. No drain on others.
5. Allowing heart to lead.
6. Making a difference.
7. Change in consciousness from control to adapt.
8. Raising consciousness with love.
9. Agreeing to ascend consciously.
10. Preparing by living all of the above.

Now that this list has been delivered, give these most important gifts to humanity a loving delivery. Are you able to ascend? Answer this now, and adapt to the areas needing more attention. Freedom of the continuous cycle of birth and death comes now, not in future lifetimes. No future lifetimes will be necessary when these most caring and conscious qualities are delivered.

Many of you doubt your ability to ascend. None of those who are able to ascend will doubt their qualifications. So if doubt is in your mind, "no doubt" is another qualification. Heart over head is the most active "doing" needed. Choose to ascend and the body/mind can activate the needed lessons to dream the ascension into action. Meditate daily and tell the creator that God awareness is your only desire. Breaking through the mind's control requires this.

Fraternizing with other collective conscious beings does nothing to assist in ascension. Partying with alcohol and drugs makes the man dense and co-habitable – meaning that another dense entity can attach to an aura of this condition. Please don't gather with non-advanced beings who drug themselves to accept life. Change this one thing and make a major difference in your ascensions ability. Drugs are not an avenue to more awareness. They control the mind during the experience and anchor another answer to man's ability to be divine in his caring and accepting. More drugs become needed to open the veil and no difference in attitude or behavior is sustained without drugs, only a different view of man's dream. Not reality to be sure, only a different dream.

No drug user is going to ascend. My clarity about this is now delivered. No drug users are able to qualify. So, if this is an addition to your awareness, give it up now. What about drugs used in alchemical ways like peyote and ayahuasca? Neither of these are addicting so neither are in this category of drugs that my message is directing its meaning to. My dear ones, I am including hashish, cocaine, heroin, mushrooms, ecstasy and methanphedamines. Marijuana is not a drug of this characterization. More drugs than named are also considered control drugs, so don't say "this one was not on the list" and deny my meaning here. Control drugs include anything that cannot be dispensed with instantly. I am not talking about medical assistance drugs, only those used as mind altering deliverers.

Choose to be in the body, totally present and completely content in all aspects of being human. False opinions about drugs abound. No chela will be able to ascend who controls his mind with drugs. Give this decision to the heart and these drugs will no longer be used.

New conditions are coming that will demand clear thinking and drugs will create mental escape, not clear minds. Battle this demon now if this is needed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anchoring Light and Life after Ascension

Are my chelas able to give me their total delight about ascension? No, many are controlled by their ego and cannot access the total happiness of their Master within. All Masters are completely happy – regardless of how their body exists in the physical world. No demons are considered major obstacles to life as a loving being. No needs are an obstacle to their acceptance of love and giving love to all they meet. No major disaster keeps them negative about anything they experience as a consequence. And no entity that dismays them, defeats their complete commitment to being a loving being in all circumstances.

My dear ones, Mental attitudes are energy activators. How they are configured develops the dream and alternate realities in the way they are focused. When I mention the word "dream", I am referring to how the mind conceives its analytical overview of what it actively notices. In mind's mental concepts no alternative options are included, making any one observation a mistaken opinion. In alternate realities that one opinion may not even appear, making it a "dream" of a single mind, not the bigger awareness that is available to Masters.

Anchoring light offers the chela an opportunity to delete these opinions. Canceling mental attitudes  energizes action from the heart. Naive attitudes are not good light attractors; deep, open auras attract the most light.

Auras can provide significant contact between an open divine Master and others. If the auric field is large, light can make contact with many. An Awakened one's aura can cover a large area of mass conscious density in just one light anchoring meditation. Please consider negating your unconscious attitudes so you can anchor as much light as possible, NOW.

And my next comments are for those interested in whether man will continue copulation in the ascended condition.  No new children will be conceived once man's existence in flesh is discontinued, so no  attraction for copulation will occur in a light body.  Light bodies are not androgynous, men appear as men and women appear as women.  However, men and women are not going to be acting in normal human ways, because they are no longer dense forms that deliver more dense forms; there will be no more dense forms containing Masters who are unable to deliver their full potential.

Children of the New Earth will be awake on delivery, coming out of matter that is not dense at the time of conception. Conception will not include drama or copulation, only mental agreement to conceive. Couples will be near in caring and detached in character attachment. Souls will not get married. Nothing of this dream will be continued.

Finding this not appealing? Remember that human desires are not going to remain. Nor are ordinary mental attitudes going to drive human actions. Collective consciousness currently determines man's actions, but this will not be the case after ascension. Bodies will no longer be the most contact oriented demonstrations of aliveness – Open auras will.

Since density cannot move on to ascension, bodies will dissolve, not deteriorate.  Are these additional comments freeing you, or are they instead activating an ego's attitude about the future? Be aware of how the body/mind acts regarding this disclosure. It may be angry about the ending of its dream. It may decide ascension is not desirable. It may distrust the Master delivering the message. Any of thee attitudes are EGO. Completing ascension demands an end to EGO dominance. Clear these mental attitudes, and ask the Master in the heart of awareness that comes with Awakening, to lead you to this opportunity to complete your contract with density.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Commitment is a Mandate

Hope has no place in the activation of ascension because hope is not an energy that creates. Complacency is an attitude of "there is nothing to get hopeful about". Complacency does not move the drama in any direction either. Both of these attitudes are lacking mandates for delivery of the desired condition. Making a clear commitment to what is desired can make mountains move.

Ascension is not going to occur for those unable to bring their total commitment to it. It must have a full nod. If acceptance is not complete when the call comes, doubt can override the required actions. A belief in ascension is not needed, only an agreement to ascend.

Most of your prayers to deliver change and alternate conditions do not put ascension into its correct context. In our context an ascension is the answer to all of those prayers. No alternate conditions are going to alter Earth's deficient clean air and water. Nothing will delete the catastrophes that are coming. Ascension does not rescue anyone, it continues the human experience in an advanced consciousness, and the drama on Earth will be made more interesting because of it. Any contributor to ascension contributes to all of humanity and all the other unseen contributors as well.

Announcements about ascension are not the same as notice of it by direct contact. No one who has committed will be left out, but contact will not be given to those who are uncertain about whether they are going to accept the call when it comes. New Age dogma contains much mis-information about ascension. Those who are expecting to ascend with Mother Earth are going to be greatly disappointed when the call comes and they find out that they must make some changes in their thinking to be candidates for the next wave.

When Mother Earth completes her ascension, no humans will be living on her surface. Those who ascend will continue their adventure on Mother Earth after her ascension is complete, as they are the ones who will create the New Earth.

Myths abound. Masters don't accept myths of this kind. Masters live in the moment– now there is one montage,  and in the next moment another appears. One is not going to appear that cannot get agreement on an outcome. All candidates for ascension conceived it and put it in their contract. Yet none of these candidates will be able to complete that contract without a conscious commitment whenever new details come in that need to be considered.

Please take this very seriously. Plan to drop everything to ascend. Continuity in the ongoing dream contains an amazing alteration in consciousness that will occur as a consequence. Those who are not ascending in this wave can still give up their misunderstandings and accept that they must get the call directly. The second ascension wave will cancel all remaining unfulfilled ascension contracts. Those who miss this last wave will go through the death scenario, as continuing life on Mother Earth decrees.

An alternative planet is going to be available to those souls who need more awareness to ascend. It will allow them to continue growth in consciousness in new circumstances. Many will give up their attachment to Mother Earth as a consequence.

Many aware beings are not committed to ascending on a conscious level. Are they able to ascend on the next wave? No. Freedom of ego control is a definite consideration now. Are you controlled; is the dream's ability to convince you of its accuracy altering your choices towards another direction? Are dreams of a New Earth calling? If so, get committed to ascension so you can attend when a call appears.

My messages are all about being complete with common daily affairs to create a more conscious drama in higher dimensions. Please assess your readiness.

My continued messages after the first ascension will be delivered direct to those who can make contact with me, as my channel for this message blog will be on the first wave.

Are my words clear? Then make your commitment, and give up hope.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, June 20, 2011

Predictions and How You Can Change Them

All my predictions are from what I can gather on my timeless detector. In this detector there are no days, weeks or months to classify one or two of the ongoing catastrophies. And many of them can be altered before they are actualized. What I have not observed is an alteration to the disaster I am still observing in the United States. Nowhere is there an alternative reality in the details of this creation. In a not too distant moment, my last month's dictation with a disaster announcement can become credible. If you cannot accept that timing has a major impact on this less than accurate announcement, than my teachings are not the best that they can be. My channel only gives you what comes from me.

My teachings are not meant to be a roadmap to the game of disasters being orchestrated by dark cabals, or a guide for acting on this information to take you  out of the catastrophe area. They are about becoming able to accept the consequences of the dismantling of man's divine angelic nature into a mass consciousness of negative dross, and what needs to happen to cause that to change.

No wealth of details about how to reconstruct human civilization matters now. It is not very likely to occur. But a major change in the number of awakened beings can occur, and that will once again lift the hand of God in a new creative way. Being an angelic being can do this. Caring about others and making time in your day to commune with God can do a lot to move the dark cabal out of control. Right now the attitude of greed is so dominant that more caring needs to be detected, then aid to all in the human dimension can be activated. Are these words confusing? Allow me to be more clear.

Delay does nothing to cause movement. Delay of living your life with love means that no gain is occurring in the creative development of what can change man's future. More love must be delivered from man now. Only this will indicate to God man's contribution to his destiny of choice. God does what man decides. If man acts with love, God delivers more of that. If man acts against man's divine nature, God delivers more of that. God does not alter what man controls. God delivers more of whatever man determines to be the goal of his actions. Want more control: Controllers appear. Want more money: Hyperinflation occurs. Want more mental direction: Give up freedom. Want more change: Give up apathy.

All of the things man wants forces the hand of God to deliver those attitudes back to him in a way that leads to more awareness.

Giving and caring are the most effective ways of getting aid to all levels of existence. More giving grows more receiving. Giving healing and abundance to those who need it is not the same as giving to the Divine in all of its forms. Are you getting my meaning?

Attacking anything does not lead to getting love. Making a difference comes from giving and caring, not disrespect or anger. Attacking others because of differences makes God unavailable. Attacking anything means a decent into darkness. Opening the door to another's way of being is the door to light. Are there any doors in front of you that can be opened now? Are there closed doors on the horizon? Absolutely, and all doors are capable of being opened with a major change in the mass consciousness.

Now lets talk about the big guns that are being brought against those who are peacefully demonstrating against existing conditions. No guns can make God interfere. Death by artillery is not what motivates God to get involved. Once artillery makes an appearance there needs to be a more caring option offered by those who want to dream a different dream. Caring, and an active decision to be God's assistant, can cause another direction to be taken. For example: many meditators can alter the dynamics for all current users of artillery. Men can choose an act of kindness that will deliver a different option to their cause. Mr. Ghadafi can make a new choice. The Taliban can cease their disturbances. All the movers of darkness can make different decisions. Iranian leaders can bring a new answer to human causes in that country and others. It can all change if there is a message sent (to all that cannot hear it directly) about the divine calling that comes from within. The divine calling is from YOU! You are the divine conduit that can turn around darkness. It is not by design that all these negative attitudes are being demonstrated by unaware beings – it is the result of what is being acted out from negative human thoughts against the "all that is". 

Are my words clear enough? Give me a new attitude abundant in human love and no matter what has been considered an unresolvable matter can be turned in a new direction. Want more love in your own life? Give more love to all of the divine that appears in your awareness.

Children of God are not disconnected from any of the activities they dislike. They are the catalyst to God's every answer. Are man's attitudes changable? Absolutely – one by one, until the mass consciousness moves out of greed and into caring.

Man's gold depletion can make a most difficult mass energy next. Are you willing to give assistance in making another option available? If your answer is God's answer, it just means being loving to all that is – NOW. Only you can make a new direction for any of the things you are disturbed by. Gaze upon all you observe as a Master of God's making, and God will be available to contribute new creations to the daily news.

More than one million are able to ascend now. New attitudes can increase this number.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chemicals and the Human Condition

My dear ones. Today's message makes an announcement about health that most of you are not aware of: Man cannot continue to breathe the air on Gaia unless a new way to cleanse it of poisons that come out of the dross made by man is developed. Pure air no longer can be found anywhere. What this means is death of the body with dismantling of health as the cause. All of the children of God are being affected, but those needing the most attention are children (who are open and vulnerable) more than adults. Can you give me the needed attention to do something about this?

Begin with a decision to stop doing things that add toxins to the air. This includes using "less than clean" coal for fuel. You can also change heating methods to one that does not use coal to heat with. Coal usage begins to mandate air degradation as a consequence of its man made processing, not its natural components. Move to clean carbon, and dramatically eliminate a lot of chemicals that are now depleting the condition of the air. This is not the only example I can give, but it is the most caustic. Nuclear accidents don't do nearly as much damage as handling and burning coal does on an ongoing basis. An analysis of the air will give you more carbon than any other ingredient. This is not good for anyone.

Next, be careful about what you put in the garbage machines that pollute the air with trash burning, and the dumps that contain toxins that leak out of the ground into the underground water table. All of these are negating human health. No continent has clean air or water now. Practicing recycling can delete minor amounts of these contributions to death, but not soon enough to save mankind from dying before death is realized as an asset to the development of consciousness. Bad air will destroy all organisms that need air to be alive.

Why discuss this now? Awareness. More awareness needs to be brought to the actual causes of dis-ease before other things, like automobiles and atomizers, are accused of more deaths than they deserve. No deaths are the direct result of these contributions alone. A positive direction like recycling is always good for creating less degradation, but we must now add the biggest, most causitive drains on health to the list.

These are not any that have been mentioned already – they are now just becoming recognized. More than all the other contributors to death, the most aggressive are in your own material goods that contain chemicals for goals like keeping them from degrading quickly. These chemicals are causing humans to die. They are in the clothes and food in all human homes, and they are the contaminants that are destroying the health of man at a rate never admitted to before.

A list of things to enjoy in life always includes these. Every object that contains an additive that is not natural is a would be killer. Clean items are becoming more and more difficult to locate.

Taste is one non-definable additive direction that no man actually gives a thought to. Eliminating something from a meal that can disturb the body's chemistry can add years to one's life. Non-toxic chemicals are not necessarily good for health just because they don't add toxins to the chemical balance. Non-toxic only means there are less toxins, not that they are less damaging to humans. Many chemicals that are non-toxic do disturb the body's balance. In this context, consider that anything canned or chemically treated to remain actively usable for long periods of time - like bread and most dairy products - contain non-toxic chemical preservatives that do major damage to bodies.

Are you disturbed by this? No cause acts alone. Combined they do damage – and the damage has already begun. Can this be altered? Only with new awareness and new decisions.

Appreciate the rare opportunity to eat naturally clean things and clear the toxins out of your home as quickly as you can. Bring in a loving attitude to all the causes of death and demonstrate your dismissal of them in your life. Buy organic and fresh more than food with additives if you can. Move to a healthier environment if you can. Opt in on conscious talk about being healthy. Give no attention to medicine that has no light in it. Alive medicine has light. Chemical compounds lack light in most of their content.

Amazing grace can do more than clean the air, but it needs to begin in the awareness of those who can consider it more attractive to do so than grabbing a meal on the way to work. When more awareness comes to how daily choices can change a man's growth and life expectancy, a new dawn can appear. Be careful what you are giving to your body, your children, and the environment, as you make choices on what to add to your life.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mind and Awakening

My dears, my basic teaching today is about divine consciousness vs. mental concepts. My call to ascension does more naturally than the management that mind can conjure up for dismantling attachments, or for making a major decision. Clouds of misunderstanding abound due to the deceivers ability to create the next mental myth to believe. My teaching is to demystify these concepts.

Part of the problem is a desire to move to higher consciousness without understanding exactly what that means. No details can completely clarify this, because all experience these messages (as they come through their mental filters) differently. No concept that the mind grabs onto is the actual reality. Hearing about the discovery of another is not going to afford the same rise in consciousness made available directly to the adept who received that insight. All attempts to detail a new consciousnes fall short compared to conveyance by direct access.

Can another cause the awakened condition? No, only an awakened adept can cause it in his own daily actions. An awakening happens when an opening occurs and divine consciousness energizes itself by its own desire to be awake.

Are gurus and other deliverers of messages about awakening able to deliver an awakening? No, they are only available to observe and complete the next step - the abandonment of mental leadership because it is no longer needed. Awakening first, dismantling of ego second. Many are awakened to a heart opening, but are not able to act on this awakened attitude because their mental decisions still override this creative and caring open heart.

No one talks about the opening of the heart as an awakening. My teaching today can make this clearer. Having an active mind continues after an awakening of divine consciousness in the heart. The heart's angelic desires often become an awakened counter culture that mind does not accept as it's most accurate teacher. It continues to seek out others for guidance and just doesn't realize that the most causitive detail in an awakening is allowing divine consciousness to overrule it.

Open and caring hearts are awakening everywhere. Acting fully awake is another matter. Not being completely awake means only a taste of awakened awareness is available. "New and different" goals will appear in awareness, to be agreed to and acted upon. With "no mind" in effect, there is no countering of these goals, affording a totally caring process of dismantling the old ways. "New and different" means there must be no control by mental attitudes, and no continuation of old activities that don't align with the newly open heart.  Sabotaging the new goals may occur as mind's attempt to delete them. The good news is that no new dis-eases are being created during this tug-of-war because ego's goals are no longer considered an option. Mind eventually lessens its tenacity and shifts to another way of making itself useful.

Making the decision to follow divine consciousness cancels mind's annoyance at this new way of being. Failing to destroy the calm clarity of an open heart, the mind comes to accept the new approach to life that is being offered. Once the mind dissolves its influence and adadopts a new "can-do" attitude, happiness will be everpresent and life becomes a lot more conscious on all levels.

Are these words making an impression? "No mind" means no controlling by mind. Are the healers gaining a new understanding of why their clients don't always get healed? Not accepting change makes improvement and growth imposible. Growing into adulthood means cancelling the deep longing to be a child. Growing into adulthood spiritually, includes making a new game plan. This new life dynamic needs loving acceptance from the mind and a direct experience of your own True Nature.

One day at a time, one moment of change, and divine consciousness can become the body's only consciousness. The alternative is more lifetimes!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, June 13, 2011

On With Ascension

What is the most important answer to today's circumstances? Quiet. Nothing else can do as much for healing or development of experience in life as quiet moments in one's day. Not necessarily meditation, simply not doing anything that uses mental activity is enough.

Healing cannot occur in chaos. No day should be completely without breaks to recharge. Quiet time leads to new attitudes and new contact from the higher realms. Healing requires down time to free the body of stress. Making a commitment to allowing a little part of your day to be with the divine consciousness that dwells within is also necessary to ascension.

How can ascension depend on being quiet? As a necessary opening to the next level of awarness. Are there more levels than awakening? Yes, many more. Awakening to the awareness of ascension and health in body/mind/spirit is only the first in a grand array of new experiences. A lot of fun is on this graduated light grid.

Purification occurs naturally during quiet time. Change the dialog of chatter to communion in consciousness and free the body of handling growth through drama. No drama is needed as a natural law of the universe. Drama comes to all who don't get their answers from inside of their own creative ability. Closing the door to negativity clears the mind of heavy control from one's unconscious. No drama exists in Presence, only memory drives it into the human experience.

Choosing quiet over negative activity or mental answers to life's circumstances makes aliveness more available. Chapter 1 of the ascension guide I dictated upon the  graduation of one channel in my Course in Channeling talks about a Master who never meditated on the guidance of his teacher because what he believed to be accurate disagreed with his inner guidance. When this became a conflict in  guidance's abiity to lead him, the inner teacher became quiet and allowed him to leap into the "can do" mode as often as he cared to. And as he became more and more disenchanged with his own ideas, the obvious answer was to meditate to let go of the drama he was causing. In only a few weeks he was on a completely different track and was able to give teachings as a Master of his own awareness. Teaching his beliefs didn't do anything like his new awareness delivered. In the next days, after accepting his own inner guidance, he was back to his own divine awareness and could drop the chaos in his work and in all his dealings with  friends and associates. I'm observing this amazing change in him and am very glad he decided to complete the course that gave him this new direction.

Being quiet is the very first thing I tell anyone who contacts me. It means I can make contact with them directly, and frequently can offer contact when needed. Praise for all who are anchoring light in an egoless way. It is doing much to aid all of the Masters in their contact with chelas.

One more thing that needs attention is fearlessness. Being afraid is the most difficult contraction to heal. It requires conscious courage to face the fear and make the courage bigger than the fear. Facing fear is the only way to delete it. Courage is a key to the disappearance of drama. Many days of courage can manifest details never dreamed possible.

My dear ones. My contact is always available to those who are quiet. Please do this as much as you can. Be a light with no active control over that creative source. Only light can deliver an ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, June 10, 2011

Awareness, Contractions and Manifestation

Medical advice cannot make an active dis-ease disappear, only give it the appearance of disappearing. Complete cures need mental adjustments to negative attitudes. Affirmations are not adequate, as a complete change in the mental approach to an unconscious negative attitude needs to occur. Pleasing the doctor is not an answer to assisting in the healing - getting to inner harmony is what can make a chronic dis-ease quicky disappear.

Mental attitudes are the cause of most dis-eases. When a life is controlled by mind's attitudes they do many things to the body. The body then contracts its ability to allow the empty nonsense that mind articulates to disburse into nothing. Mind's thoughts then become accepted as material to create from. When mind thinks, creative narrative comes out of nowhere to be considered. And it only goes into manifesting when there are contractions grabbing on to the messages coming through. What can be done to eliminate this? Nothing. What makes it end requires no "doing".

Materialization comes as a consequence of mind's cravings for the things that mind desires. Only deleting desire can destroy the materialization of content with material attraction. And next comes a new experience in living: an opportunity to get all that is needed without doing anything.

No motive will make something materialize when a non-aligned thought has its content downloaded in cellular memory. When another thought of opposite content comes in, the dismissal of the first one is not guaranteed. It can make no appearance for many years, and then one day it will appear with a major ownership of the physical body. Cancer comes out of this dynamic. So does many other dis-eases. God can delete what needs deleting when awareness calls for a new way of "being". When there are no contractions making a barrier against a healthy flow of negativity, an open vessel for divine light has been created.

Negativity is much maligned. Having negative attitudes can destroy one's flow of awareness, but it does not demand that new materializations be made of them. Only the contracted ones become manifestations, as these are continuously being created in the unconscious. Forming a new attitude is done when awareness comes to the mind about love over drama. Eliminating drama cancels manifesting from the contracted energy. Negative thoughts can then flow freely through the mind without any added conditions manifesting as a consequence.

Most negative thinking is ego's management technique. Not contracting from it dismisses a thought without any cause and effect involved. Only contracted energy on a thought makes contact with the developing creative process. "No negative thinking" has become a concept of many chelas. Avoidance of anything contracted maintains a lack of development, because grace cannot act to delete a contraction without the awareness needed to change the situation. Once acknowledged, a contracted attitude can be adjusted and neutralized. Not acknowleging contractions only causes more manifestations to be created by them for the purpose of bringing forth this awareness.

Chelas who are not acknowledging their contractions, as a method of claiming themselves more caring of their creative abilities, are remaining unaware and are actually more creative in this regard than those facing their fears and deleting their contractions. Posing as a light bearer is different than acting as one. Posing can deny the contractions and bring on their dense energies in the materialization field. Not denying them deletes them with just the first awareness and conscious answers to the denied emotion. Waking up contractions must be done for light to get through the mirroring construct. Once a contraction has been nullified there is no cause for mirroring it.

Deep introspection must be allowed. The appreciation of all the things that attract negative thoughts to appear in awareness can graduate a man from contraction to light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Details Needed

Most of these deliveries of information do nothing to give you the most important thing you need as a human and ascension candidate. And that is because of the mental need to get details about all that has been predicted and denied by the mind. But the details don't matter to those ascending, due to their ability to observe and not get caught in details.

No detail I give is for those ascending, only for those who are going to need them. Are you ascending? Not if the details are more concerning than happiness and caring in the moment. Details aren't needed to give ego an attitude. All ego needs is a minute concept to add to its current data collection to cause man to be all about the details. Ask me about details and get them, but not about density creating matters or new choices to be made. No new choices are needed. Choosing is over. All who chose ascension can ascend when the call comes. No longer can ascension candidates who didn't make that choice get in on the most exciting advancement of the light ever designed or activated.

Channeled materials are good to get assistance as a new choice is being made, but after the details are given they can be deleted on the data board so you are not continuously looking for more. Once the moment comes, you can directly experience the learning for yourself - and not do the "attachment to details" conveyance of openness - that's not good enough. Being open means: open to any detail, not only those previously discussed. Information only closes the door on "awareness as needed".

My words are not to be considered the ultimate Truth. I want you to go directly to the inner access to Truth inside the grid of light near your physical heart. No words are there, only God's divine essence that has always been there. No creation exists that does not contain this grid. It is the name and form that gets details to manage out of this great well of mastery. Its pretty simple actually, no conveyance of messages can give you any more details of needed awareness, all you need is to turn to this grid and ask to be guided to Truth. No answer is the best.

Channeling comes naturally when the grid is consulted. Nothing that has any value can give you as much as this one thing that costs nothing. To be able to have its abundance, all that is needed is an open heart and longing to be a clear vessel for light. No content contained in the body's cellular memory can obliterate this grid, but it can cover it up and control your ability to access light from it.

Clear cellular memory with deep breathing. Breathe in new air with the message "my breath cleanses all lifetimes of memories that distract me now." Cleanse and clear with this mental demand and get lighter on the details you demand from the mental body. No details are needed. Stay in the moment and all that you need to be aware of will appear. Align your more difficult memories with God's will as a growth tool, and get rid of anger about all those details that are negatively charged.

Happiness and awareness are the same thing. Awareness, without attached emotions, completes happiness. No change is needed, as a clear, detached memory bank is God's way of being. Are you able to detach from details? Can you accept that all details are not going to be available? That life is meant to be a perveyor of circumstances that aren't already known.

Choices made in new circumstances are what tests the awareness. No drama is about being in control. When the need for details disappears a Master remains, awaiting instructions from the breath of life and the divine grid it activates.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Matter of Choice

Choice of my topics comes out of questions and comments only when my comments have not already been made on those subjects. As the list of messages is now quite lengthy, you can open up any one of them for an additional consultation with me on many points. Choice is not one of these topics, and my comments on this are many.

Choice is a law of the entire universe. All galaxies are obliged to free will. Not only 3-D and 4-D civilizations, also on all other dimensions. This was the creator's decision, that all of creation must allow for differences.

Opinions are never all the same because deep in the creator's concept lies a non-duplication attitude. No two are alike at the opinion level. All creations differ as they are created - as no consciousness comes out of a mold. Consequently, all manifested beings are different in consciousness, even if their bodies appear identical.

As this is a clear non-alignment in attitude, non-duality cannot be considered, as this attitude difference is obviously more than one opinion. Choosing an opinion is not coming from an act of creation. It comes as an ability of each creation alone to determine its most causal approach to anything and everything. Making choices comes from the management of man's mental capability, not the creator's. Man is designed to choose based on the development of the incarnated soul's consciousness level.

As a soul there are many levels, depending on the number of incarnations that are needed to learn how to be a divine being in a human form. One may be adequate in an Angel's case, and many don't care if they need more than a couple of thousand. In the caring is an ability to learn. Not caring means that no learning occurs in most of their incarnations. Caring for more learning is the same as caring to be more conscious. Not all make that choice.

Angels do incarnate occasionally to act and grow in awareness. In their case the growth is not about awareness, its about "humanness". An Angel grows in human understanding as new situations appear to be difficult for them to adapt to. For example: men and women are now changing gender or acting as though they are not the gender they were born. In this arrangement the Angels don't have any collective experience. An Angel needs to get more awareness of changes like these to contribute another dream construct to the Angelic collective. Are Angels coming into bodies that are transgendered? Yes, as guinea pigs for their mass consciousness.

Many Angels are incarnate now, but not all are transgendered. One or two of them are here to learn how disturbed minds can be cured of their disturbance. And many are learning how to be a more conscious human now that more humans are Awakening. Closing the door to negativity in man's domain is great for Angels to contribute to on the land as well as in the ethers.

Angels choose their mental and physical characteristics and their major opportunities to grow, just like all other incarnate beings. No choice would limit them.

Non-duality has nothing to do with mental choices. It negates mental attitudes completely. It is all about awareness; not mental awareness, only conscious awareness, the awareness of I Am That I Am. There is only one I Am That I Am, no difference in any container. All containers, human or otherwise, have this consciousness in them. It is the highest awareness available to any body/mind, and doesn't deviate in its delight at the human experiment. In all containers there is this awareness, quiet and dormant until a mind chooses to be an active Master of the human experience. And to do this, mind must get the message that this choice eliminates its most dominant activity: choosing. "No mind" means no choice. Once the Master inside, I Am That I Am, is activated, no mental choices are needed. I Am That I Am cancels this dynamic by completely acting out the conduit's actions and words, making this man/woman a fully human expression of I Am That I Am. Only a consciousness that is already in the body can do this. "No mind" sets it free. And this is the meaning of "being beyond choice".

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, June 3, 2011

Preparing for Ascension with Awareness

Please give my channeling more discussion when the opportunity appears. Some entities do not want this contact with me to be available, and are choosing to make their messages more ego stroking to manipulate the attention of my readers. No control over me is available, so you are the targets. Pass by any carefully worded documents that tell you that you are great. My dictations do not negate the readers, but neither do they make them feel more adored than others.

Changes inside the land masses of Mother Earth are definitely connected to ALL of nature's activities, not any one in particular. More important than the comet coming, is the next earthquake. As this one is not where mental logic would make a cause and effect conclusion, it will be a big confidence adjuster. When it happens, this will create more chaos than all the other big ones that have occurred in the last few years. New answers for man's continuation are going to be sought as a consequence.

When an earthquake comes where it never was even considered possible, new living conditions must be activated for those who believed themselves completely earthquake free. Now the most concern must be about ascension and getting all who can ascend able to do so. Not speaking about this keeps this news  completely hidden from those needing to hear it. Even mentioning it as a possibility helps.

Next, the dam of the Mississippi River is not able to hold back the big flood coming towards New Orleans. If this dam comes close to holding, there's a chance to move out the people who are not able to save their homes. My favorite scenario is to have all of New Orleans ascend at the same moment. Can this occur? No, because too many of the residents are unable to recognize their divine awareness.

Praise is large for the control that is managing this flooding, but from my ability to observe, the worst has not as yet come. Face the fact that Mother Nature is not going to be controlled, and leave the area before being forced to leave.

Are we "ascension able"? Not yet. Many are not able to hear the call and one in ten can claim complete detachment. An eager group on one hand can delight in the concept and they can get the others more able. Only discussing this as a choice will be like mentioning a dream that could occur. If the comet coincides with the flood, and causes more new ammunition to demolish the country's coast on the Eastern side of the Mississippi, a continent disaster bigger than any previous can occur. Are we able to contain this? No. Are we welcoming this? No. Are we able to accept that this may occur? There's not a disaster than happens to any place on Mother Earth that we do not accept as Mother Earth's demand for more care - and this one is no different. Are the children of God who are now in the area able to accept that an earthquake as great as those in Haiti, Chili and Japan is not possible in the US? Now is the time to recognize this or no conscious contribution can be made at the moment one occurs.

My words are not to frighten, only to deliver a most critical content to those who need to evolve in their awareness. Fear is not contained in Awakened awareness. When a disturbance occurs, awakened ones do not do anything that even appears afraid. Many of my chelas are being called to demonstrate how they can be a light in the dark.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna