Thursday, September 30, 2010

The ET Controversy

My dear ones. Today's message will clarify my comments about ETs. No disrespect was given to the beings named, merely letting you know that their messages are not to be accepted as facts. Most ETs do not understand that the belief in materialization they have delivered, cannot be concluded. Most do not care. They are making up little scenarios about landings, and abundance, and continued life as equal conveyors of only love, as a new reality. In actuality, all of this is fantasy, created to deceive man about the details of what is now occurring. Truth may not be so comforting, and details about destruction of man's habitat are not the things anyone wants to know. However, unless dreamers of the fantasy, awaken to the goal of actualizing another mass consciousness NOW, no continuation of life on Gaia can be delivered.

My dear ones, my question to you is, "Are you open to candid disclosure or not?" Many of you are deluded about the cause and effect actuality of the negative destruction that has degraded your home, more than any energy deliverer can instantly overturn.  No healing of the natural cause of these things is about to occur, before an ascension can occur. Ascension cancels the need for any other intervention, as many of those who able to accept a deliverer will be gone. And, many of those who are not gone are going to be afraid of non-human entities controlling them. Can an ET group control man as the controllers are doing? Absolutely. They are not the conveyors of all they are mentioning, and this means they are not Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness means: only light. Choose their death guarantees over my warnings, and you will get a most disturbing, gradual move into negative attitudes when your high expectations are not materialized.

Man has a limited amount of time to overturn the negativity in mass consciousness and create an ascension. Taking no action towards this, cancels all of man's dreams. Are you only waiting for a group of aliens to deliver a new reality? Then you are not going to cause any more light in consciousness for humanity, because this shift in consciousness needs your attention NOW.

My intention is to deliver Truth. All the lies are being exposed, including the lies of channeled androids. Can you accept this? No? Why? Can you already be deceived to the point where you deny everything that doesn't agree with their brainwashing? Call me dark, call me negative, but consider my messages a contact that has come to deliver more Truth.

No ETs will deliver anything they are leading you on with. No ETs are all light. Many are very deceptive and convey lies because they are laughing at you.

NESARA cannot cause money delivery to man now. Can't you accept that all the money control cancels this? No bank is going to dole out money on the contracts being promised. No government is going to deliver anything to a group of chelas of deceivers. No controller is going to mastermind a collapse of man's answer to life sustenance, and then deliver great amounts of money out of their coffers. Are you going to live in delusion, or can you get back to reality? Give me an opportunity to lead you to ascension. Give all the deceivers no attention.

How do you recognize a deceiver? Are they giving you guidance to learn to channel your own Higher Self? No? Why not? Are they promising magical things? Are they delivering advice about new comforts and great wealth? Are they making you feel special? These are my adversaries. These are the leaders of confusion about your contracts to ascend.

Make no mistake, my goal is love. No other teacher would deliver news that makes you cringe or consider his messages negative. My goal is to expose these divisive androids and any other non-caring beings who are creating deceit and deception. Chelas of mine must be clear and aware, not convinced of untrue comments, from beings of other dimensions, who are not awakened, caring, or active about ascension preparation.

Graduation is around the corner. Can you get through the final exams?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Calling It Like It Is

Channeled material is not to be dismantled here. My choice to discuss the ETs was to give you a cause to check the message, and the messenger, before believing the words given. Most ETs are not as caring as many believe, and absolute acceptance of them, on any condition, cannot be the answer to the days to come. Most ETs are not concerned about Gaia, they are concerned about their own galaxy because of Gaia's technology.

Choosing a channel and accepting the material delivered can be a very tricky choice to make. Many channels do not realize they are not channeling loving energies. Others are not able to act the way the channeling needs from them to keep clear contact. Age and diet are not what I am speaking of. Is the channel an example of the teachings? If not, controllers are meddling with human development. Channels who do not act as their messages ask, do not have the attitude necessary for Christ consciousness to merge with them. Pure and simple, all of our channels must advance in consciousness, to convey a model of the teachings, or we don't channel through them. Are they accepting of all that is? Are they giving and caring? Are they humble? Can they donate their time for all of humanity? Are they delightful to be around? Are they afraid of Masters that are forceful? Making a difference for mankind has two requirements: an open heart and loving, caring mental attitudes. Are these apparent?

Now, the material asked about is very good to question, and my choice is to discuss this instead of those named as deliverers of this material. Preparing for the days to come has not been adequately emphasized by any channels. Mainly because the dross of man's controllers, who are directing the game on Gaia, are not quite able to deliver all of their control today.  Many of their activities are being exposed, and changes are now being considered. Never before has mankind been as controlled. All the new regulations that are now in place, allow anyone to be a target of deletion. All of the major governments can dramatize this on a moment's notice. Closing doors to man's available assets for living can be done momentarily, stopping delivery of anything necessary. All the governments are giving this another name than what it actually is.

President Obama, and all the major leaders on Gaia, are not the deciders. Most of them are not notified of their lack of control until after they are elected. Children are great allies of controllers, the cause of choices being in their advisory capacity. All the children of world leaders are threatened. Being able to control requires the ability to detach, but detaching from children cannot be easily done. Man is not made that way. Can a leader convince himself, or herself, to do the things their heart calls for? Once the dross can be defied, the fear disappears. Now is the time for this to occur. If it does, history can be different. If it does not, having food stored is advisable. Playing with your food supply is one way to completely take over control of the world. Products that can be stored are not going to be plentiful, so get going now to advance your ability to be adequately prepared.

Contrary to many channeled messages, no contact with man's deliverers to other galaxies can occur. Not because of God's dream for this being canceled, but due to the major differences between atmospheres and conditions on different matrix' of materialization. None are the same, or even nearly the same, as Gaia. Changing Gaia's citizens to be able to adapt has been considered, and discarded, because of consciousness differences. All of the other modes of being are not compatible with man's disrespectful way of moving around nature, and giving no mind to how others are affected by man's disrespect.

Are more disasters coming? Yes. Are causes of death coming? Yes. Are the humans on Gaia going to be having a new destiny on Gaia? Yes. Can they transition into a Golden Age directly? No. Many of those living on Gaia now will come out of this disaster with memory, and desire to create the Golden Age. They are the ones who will experience this during another incarnation. Others can ascend and continue another creative drama on Gaia during this period.

My dear ones. Gaia needs time to heal. All the damage of man's neglect of nature has taken its toll. All the elements need to be changed now. Can this be done without destruction? Only with a different mass consciousness. Awakening now, can deliver this consciousness. My dream is for this to occur. Hence, my new approach to leading chelas to an awakening. Caring about this means more to man's future than any other change currently being made. Awakening brings Christ consciousness to Gaia. Awakening the Christ consciousness in many humans could obliterate the controllers agenda, change all the attitudes of destruction, and give new life to nature. This could deliver a Golden Age without a mass destruction occurring. Can you care enough about this happening, to let go of your disturbed mental condition about death and dying, to allow the ego to dissolve? No death need occur to Gaia for many more centuries. The controllers are designing a new way to live without consciousness on Gaia, and that is why destruction has been conceived, to counter this design. Mankind still can turn this around.

Are the channeled claims about a Golden Age, changing human bodies for ascension, moving into the photon belt, and an Ice Age accurate? No. All can do the lessor quantities of change that my dear ones can alter. Nothing like this can happen with your awakening, as awakened awareness anchors new consciousness on Gaia. This new consciousness can alter all continents as a group of conduits for divine grace, or mass ascension can occur, to give Gaia the needed time to heal. Both are possible. None of the difficult scenarios need to occur. Food storage? Yes, maybe this won't be needed, but better to be ready, should it be.

Any questions about my comments today cannot be answered as absolutes, because these are all  options, not anything being designed. All depends on man. No Ice Age is coming. No solar storms are coming. A polar shift has already come and another can occur. Current control deletes all advanced conditions. A Golden Age comes MUCH LATER. Even with no disasters, many years of development are needed before a Golden Age can commence.

Now, I've given answers to a few questions and can answer more in other channelings. Many details are already available in my Master Messages. Can we give more attention to Awakening? All of these things are distractions. An awakening can continue an advanced civilization on Gaia and a Golden Age can occur. Otherwise, none of you will be delivered to this Golden Age in current awareness. A Golden Age includes Awakened awareness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
The Master Messages are available here.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Physical Changes For Ascension

Many channelings have my name, and only a few of them have my consciousness. Masters are not telling anyone that candidates for ascension can eliminate their need to address their contractions. All channelings, that refer to physical changes being done to man by ETs, are not coming from Ascended Master consciousness. ETs are not a cohesive group of loving beings at all. Many of them are aligned with negative attitudes and condescending opinions about Gaia's citizens. All are concerned about man's nuclear machines. Mr. Nidle's channelings are not from Christ consciousness. Many of his contacts are androids, with negative attitudes, who desire death to humans. His messages appear loving, but disregard most of the loving things that humans need to know: like being clear about their own mental ability to discern the material being delivered to them.

No ETs are engineering change to human bodies for the purpose of ascension. Man must change himself! Characters of all kinds have made a game of delivering android consciousness to humans. SaLuSa is one of them. No DNA changes are taking place. No special gifts are being activated. No cancellation of man's need to do his own inner work for ascension is being delivered. Mr. Nidle has no idea who those androids are.  Christ consciousness is not delivering any of these messages. Those who channel MUST (as a matter of course) be clear about who is, and who is not, acceptable as an active deliverer of communicated material.

Pretend that you were an ET, looking at man on Gaia as a fool. Can you completely deny a desire to trespass on the code of conduct asked of you? Only those who are controlled by other collective attitudes are contacting man now. Their attitudes are not Christ consciousness. Many are being drug controlled by their advisors. Chase them away. Ignore any who cannot contact an anchor of light with the answer, I AM THAT I AM.

My next comments are going to anger and disappoint, as the entire NESARA nonsense must go away. I never communicated a message about this contradiction to all of the things NESARA was about. No lightworker groups have ever been designated on the list of candidates to get money from this program. Farmers who were displaced from their land were to be compensated. Controllers have led the delusion of this money contraction, using the names of many of my colleagues and myself. New Age conduits are being used for many deceitful, managed demonstrations of this nature, to destroy man's ability to overturn their control. Please, allow me to give accurate details about controllers and their games without getting disturbed. Nothing being done can destroy the ability of your own I AM Presence to deliver you to ascension.

Now, lets look at the attitudes needed to ascend:
  • More consciousness about the drama that has been corrupting human desire into human greed.
  • Give the love that you desire for yourself.
  • Give the heart energy that "making a difference" provides.
  • Give awareness.
  • Give childlike curiosity.
  • Give more of the help that can allow the group you are part of to thrive.
  • Face the conflicts in your life.
  • Let no dismay, over the decent of man's control over his world, disturb your mind.
  • Practice all the love and light asked of you.
  • Cancel your manifestation goals, and change your call to I AM THAT I AM.
  • Ask only that God's will be done.
Some of the dear ones are being called upon to demonstrate the food dilemma solution. When food cannot be delivered, all of those who can accept breatharianism can do this with mind control. All are not able, and many are going to need to leave the body instead. One of these days, many of those who can adapt to no appetite are going to be called upon to do this. Some can, and they will give others the demonstration of the complex contraction needed to do this. It is not needed by those who are not attached to a condition of choice, as the divine will lead in all things like this.

Awakening is an answer to all of these events. Not because it eliminates the desire for money or eating, but because the needs of the body no longer dominate man's consciousness. Mental attitudes disappear. Mind cannot comprehend the awakened condition. Man's development has been controlled by the news of the world. Awakening from all of today's mental delusions means giving up mind's creations about his mortality and his needs. Freedom from android information can open many doors of understanding.

Practicing meditation daily, deletion of arrogance, control of all contact with other realms, elimination of negativity, happiness, and creative contribution, are all awakening opportunities. Free the mind and actively give the heart more attention. False deceivers, with anti-Christ mentality, can be dismissed with less disturbance. My name is not my being. Neither is yours. Be the divine awareness that lives and breathes through the body. Cast aside all delusions.

Centuries of New Age entries about health and healing are more than your doctors can deliver. Give yourself this news, and delete the disturbing mentality of those negative deceivers. Play music, dance, let music clear the active mind of disturbance. Face the music in all the dismays of your life. Give them courage, and answers that heal. Free all contractions and allow the I AM Presence to lead in all things. Practice being natural, without control over your mental attitudes. Acknowledge negative thoughts, and consider them useless. Give then no energy. Acknowledge loving thoughts, and act out their loving dramas. Grace comes to all that can accept God's love.

Chances are, there will be drama coming soon, regarding money. My messages have addressed this numerous times. Get ready for this now. Take the time to read my comments on money, and follow along their links.

Compliments to all who are asking questions that are for the higher consciousness of all. Blessings.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Make Today A Gift

My dear ones. Oneness includes all opinions, attitudes, thoughts and misunderstandings. No human has an attitude that is not included in Oneness. Happiness is as consequential as depression in the mass consciousness. Both balance, and draw to manifestation the consequences of their contribution. Absolute freedom is available to all, to think the way they want. No opinion is less aware than any other opinion. ALL OPINIONS ARE FROM EGO, and are not absolute Truth. Any opinion of man's ego deletes his ability to awaken.

My calling now, is to clear non-aware consciousness. Considering that all opinions are non-aware, claiming to be more aware than others has no value. No ego is aware - all are opinion deliverers. My teachings are about awakening, which dissolves all opinions. Opinions are not being delivered on this blog. No anger is being delivered either, and there are no contradictions. As you are all now aware, my decision to not accept opinions, or advice, cancels the opportunity for those who want to discredit me or my channel, from doing so. Non-aligned attitudes do not continue here. Not because of "my ego", because this is not an accurate charge against an Ascended Master, but due to an arrogance that does not belong in this contact with me. Please accept my apologies if you feel attacked. No attack of any kind has been contributed here, or is being disqualified, only arrogance.

Now, my preference is to move on to the important things we are here to discuss, like awakening, and living a life that leads to more awareness. My comments about arrogance are over.

Today's message is for those who are concerned about having their friends and family accept these consciousness messages or their content. No man or woman has the responsibility of leading others to ascension. This must come from within each co-creator of the ascension path. Often, groups of loving friends do not choose the same path to awakening. Their path will be the next obvious step when it appears. Be the one who opens doors, but do not attempt to teach these messages or act as though they are the only way to awareness. This is not the Truth. Many Masters are able to direct chelas to their chosen destiny. My way is only one of them.

Freedom of choice also applies to those we desire to agree with us. None of you are being called by me to become consciousness guides of others. Only telling about your continued interest is sufficient. Those who are being called to another Master will not look at my teachings. Fine, my request is: there be no control put on anyone.  What you are being given on this blog is only for those who are benefiting from it. Come by choice. Take what feels good, and contemplate the rest. There is no dictator here, only a caring contributor to the next level of awareness.

Are you going to lead an ascension group with guidance in future days? Only those who can channel can open doors for others who cannot. Are you able to get direct messages from your own guides? Yes? Good, give them the opportunity to make contact regularly. No? Then learn to channel now. Get ready to listen to the guidance from your heart with aware, mental clarity. Some of your uninterested friends may need your assistance when the days of darkness appear. There will be no control to be given then either, but drama may draw them to the conscious choice of ascension. All will be perfect! Let them come aboard when the time is right.

Meditation is the only way to awaken. No meditation means there can be no clarity about the difference between God's voice and ego. Stillness is needed to know the divine essence that you are. A dictator does not direct people to meditate. They don't want their controlled minds to get quiet and find their own inner voice so it can lead. Only a Master would guide you to do this. Why won't you meditate? Because the mental controller, ego, doesn't want this to occur. Being quiet allows the heart to be more aligned with the mind. When this alignment occurs, no disturbance can cause one who meditates to fall apart, and conduits for aware teachings can become even more aware. Please meditate daily. Force yourself to do it. Set a clock to give you adequate time, and call in the Angels to assist, if there is much calming to be done. Angels are around, answering these calls. No call is not answered.

Peace within begins with meditation. All the mental awareness, conveyed in any form, is not adequate for activating an awakening. New teachings about co-creation of money are distractions. Give yourself the greatest abundance of all - awakened awareness, the key to happiness.

My blog is for all. No two think alike, and my answers attempt to reach all levels of understanding. This has been effective for many generations of consciousness raising. Now, drama creators have appeared, and they are attempting to lead the way to controller dominated attitudes. My choice to discard comments of this kind does not mean that all who are doing this are doing it with malice. When an energy of negativity appears in your awareness, all you can do is give it an honest response. Choice can determine that the less desirable option be discarded, or not. I welcome all comments that come from a "help me" attitude. All that are giving me advice are not coming from an attitude of divine awareness.

"Never give advice" is the most important lesson anyone can learn as a general map to Oneness. I give advice from divine awareness, and do not demand it be accepted. Only those who are awakened can advise accurately. Observing the guidelines posted on this blog for comments can be a way to learn how to contribute, as opposed to disturbing this contact for those who are not coming here for advice from an ego.

All are chelas of mine. All are loved as divine beings. All are treated with respect. My request is: all of you be the next leaders of awareness as caring, generous beings. Have no more distrust of the heart led actions coming to you from the divine. Check to see if the one offering guidance is the Christ consciousness. All who are not must leave.

Trust your own heart. Give from the heart. Give time, love, confidence, awareness, leadership and answers to others that are accurate. Give to yourself. Give all of these things to your domain also, not only to the ones you desire to be approved by. Give to the man who has become lost. He can give more to the world than he knows.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Answer To My Challengers

Pacing this communication is needed, because understanding the concept of Oneness may not be easy for all that read this blog. Most readers do not accurately comprehend that the life you live, called duality, is actually part of Oneness. It is not the true reality, but the one that appears in mind's ability to observe. All that occurs in duality is an outer expression of what goes on in the mass consciousness. As this controls what the body is about to experience, closing the door to this condition cannot take anyone to an awakening. Awakening occurs to a body. All duality begins with concepts of mind. All of the duality concepts are the dark, and all of the caring, loving concepts are the light. All duality behavior comes from one's thinking. Oneness includes all of these thoughts, and all of these answers to your questions are from the loving aspect of the duality within Oneness.

All of the chelas reading this blog are now considered human. I address them as humans, but this is only their container, not their awareness. All awareness is One consciousness, as all dogs are dogs, but as each dog has a different appearance and personality, they appear to be quite different from each other. As man also has many appearances, he also is delivering different mental clarity levels, and different actions, as his contribution to the totality. Appearances are not the totality that can be declared the same. Essence is, consciousness is. All humans, dogs, cats, horses, and elephants have the same essence. Not the same awareness, nor the same abilities.

Containers differ, thinking differs. Clarity about awareness differs. Some can only relate to those differences. Others can accept that all are One, but don't clearly comprehend this message, as it is now a cliche. Assuming an understanding, is not the same as having a direct experience of this cliche, or actualizing all I am saying in full awareness. To be an awakened being, the differences between all beings cannot be ignored, any more than denying that there is duality going on in the world. Those who want me to deny this condition are not able to comprehend that only acknowledging this condition can lead to an awakening.

My consciousness is the same as all who are human. The difference that makes me a Master and my chelas the one's being guided, is that my awakened awareness deletes the concepts my chelas have about all things that are not in their field of consciousness, yet. No two humans think the same. Some are more giving than others. Some are not happy. Some are afraid. All of these different attitudes are contained in Oneness. One essence does not mean one common awareness. Awareness comes with deleting the arrogant mind's attitudes. Arrogance is a level of denial that eliminates one's ability to learn. Clarity only comes when the mind can claim, "I don't know."

None of my chelas are Ascended Masters. If they were, they would not be reading this message. An Ascended Master cares about all of creation, every component of the dream, is my heart's chela. No two, in conception, are alike, and my love for each is the same. This is Oneness consciousness. Can you say that? Yes? Great! Now we can talk about Truth. Until the death of ego, there will be no complete graduation from duality thinking. Only the death of ego assures Oneness consciousness. Kill the ego? No, we don't consider ego an adversary. Ego is the baby, who accepted all the things he was told, and doesn't care if they are accurate. He completely believes all he has assumed, and doesn't care that there is more to absorb. Ego is the less aware aspect of man's humanity. Ego death only means: death of ignorance.

Opening the mind is the attitude that allows an awakening. To be derogatory and arrogant, to the one teaching you about higher consciousness, only deletes your own ability to live with others. Oneness is about togetherness, not opposition. Not understanding? Good, ask questions. Not agreeing? Ask questions. Not liking? Go away. Attacking the messenger does nothing for anyone, especially those doing the attacking. No more attack messages are to be accepted. Give me the courtesy of being respected. Go away if you don't accept my chosen words or my way of leading to awakening. Stop challenging, and get the benefit of what can be gained.

Gathering negativity on a public forum is an adversarial, dominating direction, not Oneness in any context. Bring the mind to my messages in an open, learning way. Gain what can be gained. Allow all to gain what they can gain. Caring, being about love, is the answer to the little child called "me and my ego". Give love a chance.

No duality exists! All of humanity and all of human awareness contains the same consciousness. No two appear alike, and none dream the same dream. All are incarnated to learn about being their True nature, which is love. Oneness comes with giving, caring and sharing. Adversarial attitudes are duality in the mind of the one who denies Oneness. Be happy, be caring, give freely, love all. This is my message. It is all about Oneness, and no appearance of duality can delete this Truth. Practice meditation to learn what your True Nature feels like.

Now, why do I tell you to give to others? Because your attitude about money deletes your own ability to receive. Giving to those who give to you, is Oneness consciousness. Takers are the drain on God's abundance. Givers do more for abundance thinking than my words can convey. Open hearts are about giving, caring and acting out caring deeds.

Patience is needed. I'll answer your questions as quickly as I can, one day at a time.

Acting caring includes caring for the body that consciousness needs to function. Give yourself good care. Get healthy, get ready to feed yourself through a food shortage. Prepare for difficult days. Consciousness needs a body to deliver awareness to.

Blessings to all,

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oneness Is My Only Message

My dear ones. My answers to questions must be general. All must benefit. No individual's personal questions can be discussed. Not to deny access to my advice, rather, to make the teachings more desirable for all readers. Please ask about matters that continue the flow of a message category, that will provide the most learning for all. Thank you.

My ability to guide you does not depend on your questions, or your comments. I open my heart to all, including all who are not happy with my teachings. No one is going to be negative on this blog towards my channel, and no advice is to be delivered from one reader to another. My advice is the cause of this material; Aruna is not involved in any way, other than writing my words, typing them, and contributing my energy to all questions and comments, by reading them, and allowing me to decide the ones to delete. Only a few have been deleted: advice for others, and those with links to other websites. Mastery means: completely donating one's body for the divine creator to be in charge. My divine contact is possible on one condition only: being able to deliver through a vessel that can deny the ego and contain the frequency.

Pre-existing contracts are the cause of most content in the human experience. All contracts are decided by the contract maker, the one being readied to continue human life, and the guides being asked to assist the body to follow them, to see that the contract maker gets the lessons agreed upon. Most bodies have several guides at one time. As the lessons are co-created and completed, other guides come to lead that body through different lessons. Are there times when no guides are assisting? Yes, when a "dark night of the soul" is being experienced. There is no need for guides during these periods of "ego death". And, no guides are needed after awakening.  Masters, those who are awake, need no help in deciding anything. They are able to decide their next step based on obvious occurrences. No concern about contracts continues after an awakening, because the original contract has been completed.

Why are these Masters making no effort to create their own future?  Because nothing that happens matters to them. All that occurs is experienced without judgment or decisions being made by the mental body. Heart decides all things. More and more chelas are awakening, and their openness in human decisions comes from their own divine director, not guides. My work with an awakened, conscious being is not needed, only co-created by agreement. Masters are led by the divine director that is their own consciousness, because mind has been deleted as a mental controller.

My work, as an Ascended Master is to assist in Awakening from duality. The contract made with my chelas was to lead them to become Masters. My attitude towards this contract is: they accept my lead or they do not, our agreement ends with this choice on their end. My desire for them to awaken is their desire, or their decision not to complete their contract. Telling me to go away is their decision, and not a concern for me.

Mental choices are honored at the "co-creation awareness" level of consciousness. Creating one's own reality can be done at this level. After an awakening, the mind dissolves to a "no co-creating" level.  God now manages all decisions, and there is no co-creator. When the awareness of a body is "no mind", everything that happens through that body is "God's will be done".

An awakened being has no identification with 3D duality, no concerns about life as a man or woman, or negative thinking. They have only love to give to all. There is no duality thinking that causes them to cringe about world events or contract into discouragement in crisis mode. Having no concern is not the same as not caring. They care deeply, as they are fully aware of the misinformed decision making and attitudes that are contributing negativity to the mass consciousness. No drama effects them on a consciousness level, but their bodies are just like all human bodies. There is no delivery of super powers that accompanies an awakening. An act of divine grace may appear as a magical creation, but no mental cause is the source of this creation. Magic is not an awakened attribute. Neither is money attraction. Only when an awakened one is called by divine choice to be a contributor to books, or any other money making activity, is this done. Most awakened ones are content doing whatever the divine chooser elects, and that can be the least conspicuous appearance in this dimension, totally removed from material acquisition opportunities. Astral beings make magic to deliver their destructive advice, awakened ones are more conscious about making an impact like this.

In this context, Sai Baba usually appears in the mind of those who know about him. None of the magical things he does comes from awakened awareness. They are not mentally created. He is an Avatar, who is being used by the divine chooser to appear as an Avatar, to attract mental attention to his teaching. No astral beings are involved.

Tough questions come on this blog, and my congratulations go to the one who asked why I am teaching about duality when my consciousness does not include this. Perfect question! What appears to be duality is only Oneness. All aspects of Oneness are conceived of as duality by mental concepts about the activities and behaviors of what appears as a non-dual collective that makes up Oneness. As an ocean consists of many components, Oneness also consists of many components. All of these parts  have a minor role in the totality. No part totally acts alone, all are intimately connected. As in an ocean, where each component appears to be individual, from the Oneness perspective, there is only one ocean. This is how the duality concept has been created, not as an opposite of Oneness, but as a divine play of Oneness consciousness. "Two" does not exist, everything  that appears to exist individually, contains the same consciousness of only One creation.

Nothing is as it seems to the mind. Being clear that the mind is not the deliverer of Truth is the beginning of an awakening. Accepting mental thoughts as Truth defeats an awakening. Are you looking at me as separate from you? Than look again. Who I am is the same as who you are, no difference, no dual identity. One consciousness merely APPEARS as two identities that act individually, but they are all being directed by the same awareness. Converting the awareness of this drama, from duality to Oneness, is my goal - delivering Oneness to all who mistakenly believe there is two. Changing this belief makes more sense than changing the continents. Can we come together to delete this major alteration to Gaia from occurring? Not coming together as One is the cause of all the earth changes on every continent. Catastrophes awaken hearts, and they cause giving and caring. Is this really needed for Oneness consciousness to occur?

My dear ones. Consider how the continents can be in the loving environment that Oneness can create. No wars, no hate crimes, no terrorists, no exclusion because of dislikes, no causes of dis-ease. Create this with Oneness consciousness. God exists, not as a male caretaker or female deity, as consciousness. This divine consciousness is your life force. Can you accept that it is also the life force of all? Are you exempt from its delivery of anything? Not being in contraction is the next step in becoming One loving family. Can it happen? Consciousness can do anything the masses deliver. Are you a demonstration of Oneness? Are you wanting to be? What does it take for each aspect of divine consciousness to come together as One? Only giving up the mental attitudes of duality.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Nothing Is The TRUTH

Clear the mind about my asking for assistance with the creation of books. When there's sufficient  interest to do this, my contribution can be felt on a more complete contact with the world. Now, my limitations are the worlds limitation. All contributions are greatly appreciated. Please, no more comments about how an awakened one attracts money. As nice as this would be, it is a totally inaccurate concept. All awakened ones, not those who only believe themselves to be awake, are not out in the world leading big workshops or authoring books that bring them speaking engagements. Only a few do this. Most give themselves the basic needs only, as they have no desire to continue their lives as money seekers. All cash comes to them by continuing their work in any chosen area, or doing the kind of things Aruna does: teach, coach and assist. None of these activities draws a lot of candidates without books being marketed, or teaching gatherings to attract money. No gatherings are being asked for on this blog, and no charges are made for these teachings. And the same applies to Aruna's coaching website, where she gives many teachings at no charge. No, my friends, criticize me, my teaching, or my ability to convince you that my direct guidance to you is more important than reading my channeled messages, but lets not continue discussions about the awakened condition, until an awakening occurs for you, and we can discuss this with equal experience.

My next topic is the Obama dilemma. As this man is more aware then many believe, what my dear ones ask of me cannot be answered directly, without informing his adversaries of his next commands. No doors are closed at this time, for new controls are always being laid out for him. The fact is, once again, there's a President that is not interested in being controlled, and a big coward can become more of a change agent than his mind believes. Change is about to occur in a new way. Control of this man continues, but the "last straw" is about to come. Confidence in the divine plan is needed. Meditate. Give him your courage. Give him his destiny card. Nowhere else can he get the courage to demand the change he called for. Choose to help and meditate. Can he be the leader needed now? Yes, not today, but a month or more of clearing the mass consciousness of negativity about him, can make the change happen.

Another topic: What is Truth? Nothing discussed in any channeled message, mine or others, or any concept told to you by a teacher, or any teaching in any book, can convey to you the absolute Truth. Only a direct experience of the divine awareness, that has created everything the mind accepts as concepts, can convince you that my choice of words is accurate, not Truth.

No words can tell you the Truth. No words can describe it. More than anything, my desire is to do this, but it cannot be done. You must discover this yourself. Then we can converse "about Truth". Isabela is not really asking for this conversation though. She is seeking understanding about the dream she can observe with her awareness, not the Truth as my awareness considers Truth to be. So, my dear ones, I will attempt to make a clear statement about the dream, and the controllers, and all the rest of duality: None of this is the consciousness of awakened awareness. All duality is the dream. In the dream, there is one source that creates many aspects of itself. In Truth, no concepts about a controller, aspects, or source, or even an aware consciousness called Saint Germain can be found. "No mind" means that no concepts are made and no one conceives of them. "Oneness" is the complete absence of man's observation, and labeling from of his mind's content, the things he observes. There is no, "that's pretty" or "not this", or "my money" or "can I or can't I". None of this mental dialog continues following an awakening. Only being fully present, without thoughts is Truth. Being a vessel for divine grace is the Truth. All other activities (and thoughts) no longer lead the body's life. This is what an awakening does, it takes the duality of "mind or an awakened heart" out of the game of human experience. This is "transcendence" or, also called "consciousness".

Please don't get concerned about these sentences, as they are the only way I can answer the question: "What is Truth?" Not all will understand them, and Oneness is this, not a concept of any other description. So why would I contribute this to you now? To contemplate, for all of you can have this direct experience, and know this Truth now! Not tomorrow, not 2012, not ascending, NOW! Contemplate these words, and allow the mind to become confused. Ask for clarity. Ask for more understanding. Give the question to your own heart and be with the question. Convincing yourself that the answer is clear, is not the same as directly experiencing that answer. Give yourself the opportunity for this, and give up all concepts about duality. Consider nothing to be Truth, but the condition that exists without the mind.

When this discussion continues, let it begin with: "When can I have this experience? There's no cost involved in asking yourself this question. Non-aligned teachings cancel one's ability to go to the Awakened condition. Those telling you to consider yourself already enlightened, are missing the most important message of all: The "me" that considers the body to be any more than an illusion is not being a deliverer of Truth". All of the mental concepts that come to you are not Truth. My words about dark and light are not the Truth.

Yet, dark and light are what exists in the movie that makes one choose awakened awareness. Being able to do this depends on nothing material. Convicts in prison, with no material possessions, have a better chance of awakening than most of those who have managed to do a few things to live gracefully today. Being quiet provides more opportunities to awaken than acquiring material goods, power, or mental content. Being quiet allows the mind to go on vacation. Giving mind a vacation can deliver an awakening.

Izabela, don't think about dark and light, or disasters, or drama of any kind. Give yourself a vacation from thinking about the drama, and meditate during such disturbances. Call for I AM THAT I AM. Give the TRUTH to yourself.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Make A Change NOW

My dear ones. More answers to your questions will be given in messages that are more about other things. Keep reading to find answers that are not addressed as such. Many questions takes this blog to a Q and A format, which is good, but does not allow different information to be offered. My choice is to include answers in other content.  I am not overlooking any concerns. It is best to look over the most early messages, as they already contain answers to many of the latest questions.

False information abounds, not only from channels. Many internet sites contain material developed by controllers. One of them combines news with another kind of dense material - conceit. This conceit is not thinking you are better than others, it is thinking that heart news is developed by idiots, and more control of the news delivered makes man gasp and disappear from attacking the deliverer. I am going to name this offender, because every devious controller needs to get caught. This one, called Fox News, is not a mass consciousness controller, like the others, this organization deletes man's ability to question, by the way it delivers news. Give up this station as a news resource, and find more character elsewhere. Making this change, in itself, can delete negative attitudes "against" the current regime, because of differing opinions.

President Obama has many controllers to deal with. Give him the attitude of compassion, for the controllers are involved in every major action. He doesn't have any freedom now, as a man, or as a leader. Presidents have always been controlled, and Mr. Cheney has been the most deceiving of all the draconian drivers of this group of active manipulators. In my previous blog about Mr. Chaney, I discussed his negative mastery.

In any country that is leading a new attitude, all of the manipulators show up, to be certain that their agenda is carried out. Now, this administration came to lead on the concept of altering most of these controllers' agendas. This was a big threat to the "death and control agenda" of man's current leaders on a global level. President Obama has more controllers in his office than any previous US president, because of his ability to make change, and his deep conviction about bettering life for man.

"No!" say the controllers, "More death and destruction must occur". "Build up Afghanistan, go to war with Iran, give North Korea cause to deliver their most destructive weapons." Fight and control are decisions that have been made at the top of the ladder of the Illuminati, and no one that wants to live  more than a few years under their control, can give them a different answer than the answer they demand. President Obama has many of these leaders at his desk daily. Not to help, but to defeat all of his own goals for humanity.

God demonstrates the cramped, demonic nuances of the controllers, by delivering a new element to their control game: Masters who can give them exposure. Now, what to do about this control of all governments? Be Quiet! Yes, do nothing to attack. Sit quiet, and activate more and more light, to deliver a different dynamic. More light creates a different mass consciousness, and this new consciousness can remove attitudes against those humans who have the ability to change things. Clouds of antagonism towards President Obama, for not succeeding in delivering those new changes, need to be cleared. In the next days, many of his controllers can be distracted by the news of their desire: a lot of major disturbance in man's country called Iran. Iran can cause the change that frees President Obama from this control. Can you assist? Be quiet. Be deliverers of love and light. Give President Obama an ally in consciousness. Help him break free, and do what the man came into office to do.

My dear ones, these days are full of deception. What you can conjure up in the most devious of imaginations is actually occurring. Change must have a mass consciousness that hears the call of the divine. Your light makes a difference! Be the deliverer of light to mankind now! Give President Obama the courage to get tough, and deliver the goods he came to deliver.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Manifesting For Masters

Answers to questions:
My channel did not move to an "exempt" location. No "exempt" locations exist. All of Gaia will be affected by the continent movement. Aruna moved to Uruguay to anchor light, no other reason. An anchor was needed in this location, and developing a community for Awakening was a call of her heart. Nothing like this exists in Uruguay.

Making a difference on a global scale doesn't always appear to be a major "doing". In this case, being quiet and "not doing' are Aruna's current contribution to ascension. My blog posts are her choice for additional contribution, above and beyond her reason for being in this area.

Now, lets talk about money. Manifesting money concerns most of humanity right now, and believing that an awakened Master can deliver money, is a most deceptive concept. No Master, ascended or otherwise, delivers money to man! WHAT? You are cautious now, because my claim of being the one who did alchemy demonstrates that there are manifestation abilities of a great magical condition to deploy.

Beliefs about manifesting all the desires of the mind have been generated by very clever deceivers. Alchemy is not mental. Nor is it magic. It is the chemical alteration of matter. I did this as entertainment when I was incarnated during that life. But as an Ascended Master, my role is not to demonstrate alchemy or any other phenomenon, only to lead humans to ascension. Ascension doesn't need money. No attachment, to anything, is the way to ascension. Ascension has no fees attached. My days of communicating through this channel have described how an awakened one deals with all material concerns. There is NO dealing with these matters, because there is no interest. Manifesting control of anything doesn't agree with "God's will vs. mine". God is not concerned with delivering money or creating money for desire fulfillment.

All money comes through those who have these desires. For example, Aruna acts as a giver to humanity by delivering my channelings. She gives with no fees. In a different environment, those who receive such a gift would be happy to give their assistance to the creation and distribution of these messages. Not as an obligation, but as a call of the heart. Manifesting can deliver, but this is the way this particular condition needs to occur. Besides accepting the gift our realm has also given, is an opportunity to demonstrate good deeds and giving to others. Both are ascension qualifications.

Making demands, for anything, is not the way of awakened awareness. Giving is. So I give, Aruna gives, and we both accept whatever comes to us as grateful beings, not different from you, when you are the recipient of gifts. Humans who are awake are not asking for anything. They are being very quiet and very humble. Personal power is not of any concern. Neither is making money. Giving is their only interest. Aruna gives daily to a huge audience. Whether they give to her is their complete choice.

I gave the information about not having funds for creating books and DVDs to see if any of those reading my messages would be moved to give funds to do this. Only one has made this offer. Should many give a small donation, the funds would be available. If no more offer, no books will be printed.

My desire is that Aruna be compensated for all she does. My messages are not the only thing she does, but now, it takes a lot of her time. Is it my concern about her that controls the donations? No. Channeling has become so much of a controllers game that these messages are worth their weight in more than one donator. When more are concerned about delivering these messages to the entire group that can ascend, my concern will be over. Right now, my ability to deliver daily messages depends on a woman who gives from the heart. Can her unconditional giving be an inspiration to those who are learning these things from me?

Choosing to make a donation to a clear channel can give you the ability to be a clear channel. Giving to those who lead can alter the one who gives. My advice is: Instead of demanding that the controllers cease delivering one more deceptive channeling, give money to this channel who can counter their delivery with the Truth. Be generous, as the human conquest is their ultimate goal, and they are way ahead of those who are able to deliver their demise.

My other comments about bunkers and carriers to other areas are not as one reader is considering them. "No bunkers" directly addresses one of the most active deceivers, who is asking his "followers" to literally go underground. Collecting provisions is not an act of fear, only good sense. Should an outage of food occur, wouldn't you want something available? Maybe not. Consider everything I say a "suggestion", not an order.

As for chelas being taken on ships, my original writings about this were based on a most different scenario than the one now being planned. If we had had a mass ascension of millions, the world would be a very different energy by now, and the appearance of the Galactic Federation would be accepted by man. Not having a mass ascension at this level deleted this contract, because the Federation cannot make itself available now. There's too much concealment about our existence, and media does not allow news of the kind we need, to get general acceptance of our craft as neutral friends. Activating a rescue operation has been cancelled.

Awaiting death is not my recommendation either. Awaiting ascension is. Being awake, not caring whether the body leaves in an ascension or death, is an adept condition.  An adept turns everything over to the divine Master (God), who will decide the way to delete Gaia of an energetic drain, and continue to evolve a new activation for her that will provide a more comfortable dream for man. Ongoing  demands of angry men have controlled the total dream. We want to eliminate their mesmerization of humanity, and activate an energy that will allow the Federation to attend the exit ceremonies and bring man to new destinations before the Earth changes completely.

Many of those who can ascend can co-create (together) the cancelled delivery. All depends on man's commitment to: 1. his own awakening and 2. his brother's awakening.

Mother Earth  needs help now, because the negativity being broadcast daily, on a non-stop basis, makes the continuity of her evolution more catastrophic than we had hoped it would be. More awakenings, more continuity. More awakenings, more open answers to the next days.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recognizing Deception

Comments about my messages are good! None are considered offensive, and invite me to address concerns and inconsistencies in my teachings, and those of the deceivers. Make no mistake, all of your comments are now the next teachings that will be addressed, as discussing your concerns is more important than introducing new material. My answers are always coming from love. Put aside any fear about being taken in by another controlling act of manipulation. No control exists here. The absolute Freedom of awakened hearts is my primary interest.

Now, lets take a look at the last comments. My comments about deceivers, need to be applied to any book, channeling, or human teacher, as all decide on a topic as being "the Truth", and give this out as a  New Age approach to "feeding the masses". No new material about Truth has come on Gaia since an anointed one, named Jeshua ben Joseph, gave our new teachings to his followers. Now, there are many adaptations of these teachings, and no concurrence of the actual messages is being delivered. Being a New Age teacher brings a lot of attention, and gifts of money, but also much karma. In many cases, the mental attitudes of controllers are being delivered as "absolute Truth". Not a trace of Truth in any of it, but charisma and conviction of the deliverer, completely alters mass consciousness with the collective acceptance of this attitude. Take the Bible, for example: The original document, called Torah, was meant to guide an ancient group to higher consciousness. Descendants of this group have kept this holy mandate alive, to the extent that they look at other teachings as less aware. As each generation of this group learns these teachings, they accept them as Truth. When the next group of teachings about God became the New Testament, those accepting them became the most adamant about their delivery of "Truth", based on these new books. Are they all the ultimate truth?

Lets look at that question. First of all, man's conduit ability is good, and always has been. Getting awareness from the higher realms comes to all who are able to discern higher awareness from their ego, not in a channeling like this, but as a divinely inspired "knowing". But, the ego of man has also been a master of nudges, nudging man to accept its goals and its applications of God's communications, until the details of "his" answers become more from man's ego than from divine consciousness. This man contributed much to awareness, but accuracy was never absolute. Each generation interprets these gems of divine wisdom as they can conceive of their meaning. All of the great materials being discussed today are being interpreted through attitudes of  today's mass consciousness. Jeshua ben Joseph came out of the control of mass consciousness with new teachings, but they were heard and interpreted by an audience of men with conditioned attitudes. As these men were not able to completely understand the messages, they could only document them as their ego mind determined their meaning to be. False meanings became new, agreed upon, details.

Now, a Bible can be deceiving, because the whole Truth has been altered. To have the actual teachings, as they were for the men and women who were there, one must go to the source of the teachings, God. God can convey the same messages today, to all who are open to them, with no distortions. Again, man can get the true message, but an ego will do its best to make sure that message will be convoluted.

How to be a clear conduit is the message of this discourse. Begin with the acceptance that an ego, be that of a disciple of one's Master, or one's own, can completely alter the direct communication of a most loving teacher. And, those who are able to manifest an audience for their dictations, carry a great karmic responsibility to get their facts straight.

Pure channeling is very unusual. Most of the channeling done today has great distortions. Able channels do exist, please don't think my dialogs are considering all to be incompetent. Many are very good. But most of the most articulate, and most active in delivering their teachings, are not those who are so good. Before they begin attacking me, I must also say: they do not know that their source is a deceiver. Channels are all energized to deliver Truth. None can act as messengers of divine beings without the open-hearted belief that they are providing a divine service. But many are fooled by their own material, because they don't know that the dark always come disguised as the light! Prey for the astral are now considered gurus by thousands. Are you getting my drift? Those who are the MOST accepted, are the most obvious deceivers. Be my guest, observe them all, and notice that control is their game. Not by telling you about the changes that are coming, but telling you to move to a certain "exempt" location, or to get ready to be delivered to a different planet to continue life in the 5th dimension". All contrived from your illusion.

Practices for healing are also a way that some deceivers anchor themselves in a student's auric field. They use one or two healers to deliver connecting cords to their followers, so they can control them. Are you corded by an unethical, arrogant being? Clear yourself now, even though you may not know the answer. Do clearing with the best method I can contribute to this dialog: make a mixture of alcohol and epsom salt, and burn it. This will clear your aura and all external control will be nullified.

Bless the ones who deceive, as they are the ones giving you this great teaching.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Response to one of today's comments

My dear ones. Anonymous quotes the dark side manipulators that my realm is currently attempting to delete. This misguided material, about Mother Earth ascending on her own accord, is not accurate. It is a myth, and needs to be considered as such. It is this myth that has caused many ascension candidates to negate their efforts to clear their contractions, and meditate, to bring about their own ascension. A great accomplishment of the dark.

No group death is being planned. My comment was to give another clarification to the mass ascension call, not predict an active creation. Only a group ascension can make the anointing for Mother Earth's ascension. Her ascension is contingent on one thing: the consciousness of her citizens. This is a fact! Can you control the demands of the Mother? Only with mass consciousness ascending current consciousness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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Changes of Consciousness And A Body

No answer of this blog can completely explain all of the differences between the New Earth and now. Man creates the New Earth with changes in consciousness. As consciousness changes to 4D, man cancels his 3D control of the environment. As man awakens to 5th dimension, his environment also develops along with his mental attitudes. New Earth develops as a direct consequence of man's developing consciousness. Only one Earth is continuing to change.

Medical doctors are not aware of the alterations being made to human bodies as their consciousness alters. Many are being given drugs that they do not need. Many are denying these changes are collaborating evidence of consciousness change. "Being the change" means a more dramatic nuance than it sounds. Calibrating the man's condition to his new consciousness makes him appear ill, not damaged. Conscious beings need more daily exercise, confidence in their desired food choices, and no new drugs. Picking food that nourishes is the best medicine.

Ascension from the man's point of view can appear more like death, as the ascension condition cannot develop in a body as quickly as the consciousness changes. Continuation of life with an ascended consciousness is not easy, because of all the alterations that must occur for the man to feel healthy. Many days of conditioning can be needed. Many days of meditation, hours daily, are needed. Changes in diet must occur. Not deleting cooked foods, or giving up anything necessary to be nourished, altering the diet to feed the new conditions as they occur. For example, giving more dark green vegetables to help make new cells, or adding more drinking to a body needing this. Food needs can alter by the moment. Being aware of this needs attention. No medicine is needed, only diet alteration, more exercise, daily meditation, and a healing consciousness. Bring the mind to the heart daily for direct contact with divine healing. Ask for the drug of choice, love! Activate the mind's ability to call on his own health caretaker, the doctor aware of his own contracts with God. This doctor understands the changes and can direct the man's conscious choices. Practice this, and you won't become confused or deleted by the changes occurring in the body.

EMFs are dangerous. Altering the body's nervous system during his days and nights does not allow good answers for human health. Cell phones and any wireless condition complicates this detail I just described. Medicine is not an answer. Controlling exposure to EMF is the only way to draw the healing abilities to the body. Cut off all connective devices in the bedroom during sleep times, if nothing else, as a door to regeneration from what is attacking the body during the day. Remove cell phones, cordless phones, battery operated devices and computers from the sleeping area. Turn off any devices near the most active living areas also. Wireless computer terminals can be cut off during the night. 5th dimension consciousness does not want low frequency mobile phones interfering with high frequency bodies. Feeling ill is a natural consequence of being bombarded by such low frequencies. Ascension needs more than human consciousness, it also needs man's demonstration of a healthy form. No body can be healthy with a frequency difference that great. Please do what you can to allow healing, even if the ability change the quality of healthy to a more healthy condition is not going to be possible. Healing the body can be a consequence of higher consciousness, but only in a healthy, continuation of man's  consciousness and his body's form aligning to it during the days and nights of the body's continued existence.

A group ascension means many ascend at the same time. It is a goal, to become a news worthy demonstration, to shock men and women into awakening to their inner contract terms. Because there is no direct contact with most of those who made this contract, we do not know if this can be created. My appeals about getting direct contact ability are not being heeded by enough at this time. We are still hopeful that this can be done.

One way to ascend is, at the mount of death, declaring I AM THAT I AM. Another is the mastery, of the divine leading the body without distortion, in the existing life experience. About 100,000 have already done this. Any of these can ascend at death or in a group ascension. Another way is for many to die at the same moment, forcing man's media to acknowledge that something major has occurred. No bodies are needed in the higher dimensions.

Concerning the ascension of Mother Earth, the consciousness of man can bring the continuation of this living co-creator to ascension, but this is not happening now. No contributions, like mass ascension, can alter the drama on this planet to ascension status, unless the mass consciousness dramatically lifts, co-creating a different attitude in man towards his environment. Confusing messages about most of these things abound. My desire is to clarify, and get the co-operation needed, to lead the way to God's original design. Changing the direction of this "man and divine will arrangement" is where it must begin.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ascension And Contractions

Pretend that my words were coming to you in the body. Sense the area of the body they would arise from. Now go, with your attention, to this location, and notice how all your thoughts come from this same area. Are some thoughts bigger and brighter than others? Are there any differences you can observe? My design of sentence construction is mine alone, but your thoughts are the same in all other ways. Now, what makes some thoughts light and some dark? Mind. Your mind decides: "This one is dark". And dark does not feel good, so mind declares, "My darkness." No thought make a man good or bad. All of God's human creations have all kinds of thoughts daily. Choosing one of them as the quality of good, and another as not good, is a mental process. No darkness exists in you, only contractions to your condition due to dark mental attitudes. All your darkness can disappear in one instant. Consider this to be the ascension. An ascension of consciousness means: no negative thinking - about anything. Only heart led decisions are generated, and there is no mental attitude about this way of being. No designations, no callings, no mental management of any of mind's content. All your days and nights are experienced as an aware being, aware of all that occurs, inside and outside of the body, and there are no comments appearing about anything.

This is awakened awareness, the Awakened divine nature of man's human existence. Only a mind claims differently. Mind control of attitudes is not being awake. Choosing one thought over others does nothing but repress natural development into density, and demands even more mental control. Complete density does not exist. Even murderers are able to access love in their bodies. So no man is completely light or dark. Until an Awakening, both of these modes of THINKING exist. At Awakening there is another understanding. Now the heart is awake to the Truth about these mental concepts. No mental concept is the Truth. Once this is fully accepted, no mental demands are accepted, and no dramas are mentally created by the mind. An Awakened condition is one without mental domination.

Another way to consider this is: No name is the name of man's condition. All names are given by man's mind, and all names for man's condition are also given by mind. Cut out all names, and then act without any negative labels about anyone or anything. Free yourself from all labels and you will be a divine, aware being.

Ascension is not about growth or even awareness. It is about completion A complete cycle of incarnations is when there are no more demands of an anxious mind creating death, negative charge, or control of anything. There is complete detachment towards all of man's denials of his divine True Nature. Practicing positive thinking is as negative to an Awakening as being controlling about duties or attitudes. All of these activities are based on mind's idea of what is not "acceptable".  Houses built on a dubious foundation aren't made very well. Having positive thoughts, because the heart decides to lead the body, is nothing like making a decision to only allow a thought the mind likes.

Happiness is the natural condition, when there are no contractions in the body as a result of mental attitudes. To let go of darkness (contractions) IGNORE them. Acceptance of the cause does not need any discussion about the cause. Acceptance is "ok, this happened," nothing more. It is not all there is to happiness, only a controlled way of choosing the dark over the light or vice versa. Acceptance of an incident as having happened, and giving it no consequence, is freedom. Passing judgment on anything, a concept, a thought, or a deed, all are the mind's choice of controlling attitudes. Mind creates the attitude and the body contracts because of this choice.

My dear ones. Choice is one step below an Awakening. Giving up choice, to let the divine nature of the body make all your decisions about duality, cancels mind's ability to control. Mind does nothing to control after that, and the active continuity of cause and effect drama also ceases. Then, more of the days activities are about anointing the land and its citizens.

No man or woman needs to ascend. Only those who chose this destiny are being called, and we are calling them, to help them do what their hearts chose before incarnation. To ascend means there is no more mind control of the body. And, there are no more attitudes about dark and light. Clear awareness observes "what is", without decisions being made about "what is." An open heart leads the body's life.

One of the least known things about ascension is: When a body decides to ascend, it does not keep its attachment to anything. No concern about the human condition remains. Blessings are all that are delivered as a consequence. Material life has ended, and conscious awareness continues to function, bringing its light to the most loved beings of this universe.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Making This Consciousness Available

My dear ones. My Master Messages books are not available in book form, because there has not been enough consumption of them. Considering their content, my energy, and an opening to my mandate for the New Earth to continue, outside of the control of the Illuminati, change to this lack of interest could completely alter many of the dramatizations that are about to occur. When they do, these messages are an avenue for continuity.

My channel does not have the funds to publish them in the way they deserve. I am not able to deliver the money to her, and her country of residence is not able to provide this opportunity, because another language is spoken there. Consequently, the next consideration would be an offer appearing from another country, and more income to pay the costs. Channeling my blog comes to all at no cost, and none of the courses have been delivering more than enough to cover their continued development. My dream is for the Channeling Course to become a  DVD, with many teachings about the art of channeling on it. Maybe an answer to this well appear. My nudges are ongoing.

Modern day confusion about how many are to ascend must be addressed. The Angels and Masters have deduced a number based on how many have committed to ascension. When the communications through my channels are not available, my concern is that many of the unclear conduits will be conduits for deceivers, and they can delete an active ascension candidate who cannot discern between my contact and contact with non-aware entities. Channeling through my current channel is easy, but  conditions of chaos are not interfering with the energy of the neighborhood where her body is now located. When chaos begins, many channels may not be clear, and very open channels are prime targets for the deceivers. Ponder this: being a channel of your own Higher Self can give you all of the benefits and none of the controller's dogma. Why would anyone not desire all of their own destiny guidance that is available to them?

Another thing worth mentioning, is my channel's autobiographical book. All the lessons about how to be clear are being collated into her new composition. My dream is for this book and all of my Master Messages to be available together, and include the DVD for the Channeling Course. Possible, and my contribution can be the donation of Mastery that each who get the package will receive. Hope is a nice materializing energy. It is not the easiest to manifest, but by making these manifesting comments, anything can appear.

Twenty million chose to ascend. Many of them are not interested now, but they could change their minds. And now there are less than one million who are considering the ascension opening as a way to move in consciousness. What can I do to change this? Only deliver more data and more nudges. My dreams are only as manifesting as the cooperation I get when I deliver them. I have made the decision to have confidence in my chelas.  Delivering answers about the next days means nothing if the advance notice doesn't awaken minds to their original agreement. Celebrating the Angelic dates of Rosh Hoshana and Yom Kippor and Ramadan does great things for human beings. Comfortable activation of the next dimensional shift has been our goal. Maybe a less comfortable drama is better.

Perhaps I need to disappear and allow the deceivers to lead. All they need for contact is an open, centered, calm and caring individual, who doesn't have any guidance about having control of their channeling. No Ascended Master can overrule an unwanted deceiver. The one who deceives can only be evicted, when the body's mental demands lead to the change over. What needs to be known about channeling these entities, is that they take over bodies dramatically because this allows them to learn about their own ability to control. Being evicted is the best gift they can be given. Unless an entity claims to be Christ consciousness, then expect the possibility of it being a deceiver.

Channeling is not the most difficult thing to do. Accepting responsibility for what is being channeled is the duty of the one learning channeling. Mesmerizing an audience has its benefits for controlling entities, and being dramatic does as well, because it draws the energy of the observers to the entity to bring it aliveness. No attention, no delivery. Mixing an energetic cocktail has brought many a new career, and no difference in their consciousness. Making an agreement for being a channel needs to include an activation of heart opening in the contract. Channeling without this is entertainment, not consciousness developing.

Press on into the darkness of the channeling epidemic, and get caught in the depths of mistaken attitudes. Pretenders are not divine gods, as they claim, they deceive, because they are dark shadows of divine Gods. Only the shadow knows.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
The Master Messages and A Course In Channeling are available here.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Are You REALLY Choosing Ascension?

Many of my chelas do not have the Master Messages. My channel compiled many teachings from me and my colleagues to make these available. My delivery of those messages came after twelve years of not channeling through this conduit. She had no need to channel after Awakening, and did not. When I approached her with this continuation of our work together, she agreed, not because she cared about the content, but for me. We have a caring connection, and that is why she accepted my request. My three books of messages have no comparable equivalents. They are my conduit's contribution to my dilemma of, "how to tell the true details on ascension, consciousness development, and the changes coming to Gaia, to an audience mesmerized by false messages." My conduit made no money doing this for me, so I told her the amount to ask for these books.

Clear messages about Ashtar, the Galactic Federation and all other matters of highest drama are there, commented on by those who are the guardians of these conditions, the correct ones to contribute. My next comment is for those who have read my Master Messages: consider them the most accurate advice available from my realm. No other messages are more accurate. Now, an update:

Many changes have occurred to man's consciousness, not all are good. Man is being controlled by many agents of drama, and all of them are advancing FEAR. America's government has been totally dominated by a group of men and women who are Illuminati, and they are draining all of the world's economies to complete an ancient contract. This is their only goal. They want to destroy the US, as a way of managing the entire world. No US, no defense systems against their attack-control mechanisms. They want to enter a collapsed, bankrupt country, with a most charismatic android that makes a complete mess of the freedoms that the US was based on. They are already on the way to complete takeover, and no new conditions have occurred to deflect any of their moves. My Master Messages show the way to turn this around.

Ashtar commands a fleet of Master led, man contacting, demonstrators of divine calling, who are able to defend man's control of his cause when needed. No action of this nature is now being considered, because man has not become angry enough to defend himself against this complete takeover by the Illuminati. No cause to defend has been delivered to the Ashtar Command.  My dear ones. Apathy abounds. Clearing the apathy can alter this entire drama. As long as there is no change in the level of  concern about the current condition, no defense can be engaged on other dimensions to interfere. At this time, there is no new movement of energy towards reclaiming a God directed consciousness. This delivers empty messages to this bold group of defenders who are gathered together to deliver assistance. Can another consciousness be activated? Only if my chelas do it!

The Galactic Federation will not be delivering anyone to another planet. In the Master Messages, this was an option being planned. We were counting on a group ascension in three waves. Our first wave has already ascended in consciousness, but not their bodies. This was changed, to allow those who would have disappeared, to make more contributions to the next wave. Of the original twenty million, only a very small number was on that first wave, a mere 100,000. Not enough to attract sufficient attention for governments to notice.  Our new plan is to gather one million, our next gateway is coming before the end of 2011. Are you going to ascend? There's not much time to get ready. Commit to it now, and begin a very intense journey into a new awareness. After this date, no more demonstrations will be controlled by our realm. Only one at a time, at the moment of death, will be able to ascend. Most of the ten million contracted to be on this big demonstration wave are not ready.

"Acceptance of the way it is" does nothing for an awakening or ascension. An accepting man is a man who feels he has the ability to accept or reject. In awakened, God consciousness, there is neither acceptance or rejection. Ending duality consciousness is what leads to an awakening. Growth in "being a good human" is not an awakening. Only a God energized heart can destroy an ego's desire to control. True happiness is man's natural condition, not a way of reacting to his material world achievements.

Brothers and sisters, my goal here is not to scare you, or make you agree with me. It is to deliver new directions about man's ability to ascend, based on current conditions. Pleasing me is not my concern either. God dances in many areas of consciousness, and my dialogs are only one of them. Can my dense chelas get the message and do what is needed? Are you one of those who needs a big kick? Are you on track? Only you know the answer to these questions.

If you are building bunkers, you are being led by an alien deceiver. If you are anticipating being delivered to another planet, again, an alien deceiver has caught you. If you are believing that the abundance of money you desire is more important than meditation, get ready for a most disappointing combination of conditions that are coming very soon. If you are ok about death, you can ascend. If not, don't even consider yourself a candidate for ascension. An ascension to another dimension means a different energetic condition, and is not the same as continuing life in an astral, or 5th dimension  dream. It means NO dream. It is beyond dreaming. It is consciousness, as it really is.

As consciousness, no body called "me" is deciding about material concerns, because there are no bodies. Fear of death deletes an ascension. All your beliefs about death need direct attention. Are you going to die? Can consciousness die? No, you are eternal, and do not die, no matter what happens to a body. Ascension can delete a death experience, but the effect will be very much the same - with no body to bury or cremate. But your drama as a "person" will still be over.

Are you aware of this? Are you agreeing to this? No? Then there can be no group ascension. A bunch of bodies demanding a beautiful existence on another dimension is not what ascension is about. It dissolves the body as its molecular structure disappears. Are you afraid? Good! Get yourself very clear of this actual condition now. Get ready to leave Gaia, or make no commitment to ascension. Are the doors open? Not yet. Are you going to be one of those who takes the leap?

My channeling on this blog is not to amuse or entertain. It is to communicate the actual facts about ascension and the days to come. Ascension is the more conscious choice.

If you are now aware that you have fear, get this handled. Fear deletes all movement in consciousness. Fear contracts. Make believe scenarios are abundant. They are not accurate, but look desirable. Are you caught in the deception? An ego cannot choose about this. An adept must know!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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