Sunday, February 26, 2012

What is Next?

My dear ones. My teachings are now more about awakening than continent alterations, but this does not mean that there are no changes coming. What has already been said was needed to set the context for what my newer teachings are about. What happens next cannot be the constant focus of my chelas. Nothing that details controller activities or mass consciousness content answers today's greatest need: total awakening in those masters who have already ascended to 5th dimension consciousness.

When these fully awaken to what they are on Earth to be, a new consciousness for all can be developed. Needed now are the loving and caring ones who are not attached to anything they currently are experiencing. Waking up in a new dimension is about to occur to many who are not capable of giving and caring. All they are able to accept is their own way of doing things. When this alters, and no gratification is given to their desires, they will go out of their way to be negative. Negative attitudes are about to flourish.

Needed now are naturally giving and aware chelas who are aware of this dilemma and will gather as many together as they can and guide them into a new way of thinking. Containing this group's  frustration will not be included, as gaining total awareness is done by feeling these emotions, and freeing them. Ascending is to occur as a consequence of love, not negative thinking. Be their leader, not their controller. Allow them their time to freely grieve and complain. But as an example of another kind of being, you can teach them about love and deliver light to their minds.

Chelas not yet fully awake cannot accept the negativity in any dense environment—they will leave. Fully awakened ones are able to go into the density with no harm awaiting them, because nothing is too dense for them to deal with. Creating an unlimited amount of light to advance the world is the task of all awakened ones. Changing another's mind is not.

Peace and happiness in all circumstances follows the change in consciousness from 3rrd dimension to 5th. Complaints still are going on in the 4th. Changing the mass consciousness to 5th dimension was our original plan. Unfortunately, what has occurred on this level has not affected mass consciousness to this degree. New density eliminators are now becoming loving champions who can free the masses of negativity as they simply participate in their daily activities. More of these are needed, and my readers of these messages are free to accept my guidance as the next task of their human lives.

 Please do the following four things, as the light needs more chelas giving 5d momentum to its needs in human affairs.

The first step is to be the change. Give the Ascended Masters and Angels the ability to channel light through you to others. No words are needed, but negativity is deleting many of the lightworkers' impact. Give away all complaints and act as though love is the only thing you can deliver.

Second, give away more than what you can draw out of your bank account. Give light - give hope - give community attitudes - give generously of what is needed now.

The third is play. This cannot be overdone. I don't mean the use of electronics, only contact with humans for fun. Go out of the house without your computer and do things with other people. No excuses please. Your world is too disconnected, controlled and managed by technical, mechanical devices. This is not good for New Earth occupiers, as no contact with humans in change conditions will cause you difficulties you have not yet conceived of. No network online can replace friends meeting in person. Please change this dominant pattern at once.

Fourth, is to advance your own ability to cease doing more than is allowing you time for fun. Be quiet during the day and cheerful when the contact with friends is made.

Practice these four things and I will give you more details later.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, February 20, 2012

Drink Lots of Pure Water

My dear ones. What my channel is asking me today will give you a teaching about great change. Not Gaia change, but change of the human condition. I've given other teachings about ascension preparation making a different DNA configuration, but this question has another direction to consider: Anchoring light, channeling and awareness change, what are the physical changes associated with these?

Many of you are now feeling the heightened frequencies, and they are causing other effects besides a good feeling. These effects are from the fluid needed to energize the new vibrations that are caught in the duodenum, the feet and legs, and most important of all, the nervous system. These waters are grounding the vibration that needs to be anchored into Mother Earth. When the energy comes into the crown chakra it needs to be carried by water throughout the body. There must be a noticeable fluid gain to increase the conduit's ability to anchor light, far more than the tiny amount an average news flash would require. Much more light must be moved through a body for a difference to made to the mass consciousness. Channeling massive amounts of light can be maintained for the short time that is needed to receive a channeled message, but light anchors are now being used constantly, and this frequency delivery can dry up a normal body like a dehydrator. So, a lot of water must be added to the body or the body will respond with  fluid retention that expands the body's dimensions in its key draught areas.

Water, not any other answer, is the only corrective remedy. Major amounts of pure, clear water must be taken in to move the lymph on and out. Parking the body in one position during your day adds to the cause of dryness and dramatic corrective attempts must be made by the body to preserve its health condition.  New channels need to be told to drink and control their diet. Adding more grains to the food they normally eat will add weight, as the weight gained contains matter that also delivers aid to the dry, parched areas inside the body.

All bodies need support now due to the new contact that is being made between man, the earth and the cosmos. Fifth dimension bodies are not the same as 3 dimension bodies. Fifth dimension bodies contain more mass and more ability to ride the waves that are flowing through them. Will the increased fluid go away? No, not as long as the body is anchoring light.

Smoking, chewing tobacco and taking in other content that contains chemicals will deteriorate one's ability to anchor light—these draw the light to the body's dross areas instead of the areas needing continuous power for delivering a new direction for Gaia. Torches are among you, opening doors for your ascension. Give them gratitude.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chakra, Dross and Cord Clearing

Clearing the chakras is now your most important task, whether this is the cause of distress or not. When the chakras are not rotating properly the angels cannot bring you direct aid in clearing dross. When dross infiltrates the body, the energy it drains makes all of life appear negative.

This is not always a controller  created issue, it may also be happening to cause a shift in your attention from outer causes of negativity into divine contact. It can also be what is needed to get you to disburse  the energy of fear or anxiety so you can live a more desirable life.  Clearing dross needs to be done for you to be FREE.  When a lot of dross has accumulated in a lifetime full of anger or negative attitudes, it needs to have more of your attention than what can be done with affirmations, money attraction devices, new attitude development, or new toys.  Most of you have already been clearing dross with the assistance of healers that don't direct you to chemicals, but we want you to know that dross clearing can also make the suggestions of an alternative doctor more effective.

What is dross? It is dense, heavy energy created from existing contractions and anger inducing comments that flow through your chakra system. It is not light hearted—rather, the opposite. My use of this word refers to dense energy caught in the body as a result of  trauma, or when caused by other matters, being absorbed as negative energy.

Dross masks one's ability to care for others by naming another's character dark. It is not a tool for developing a better world. Never before has negative thinking been so prevalent What is needed now is more detachment from outside circumstances.

White light has no other claim to make other than bringing the mind one step closer to happiness. Practice clearing your chakras with the breath. Clear one at a time as though you were doctoring them for an afflicted condition. Once a day visualize each them, starting at the heart. All the others are effected when you move energy in the heart. This is why I have been directing nothing but love and caring  in these messages. Opening the heart clears all the chakras. Please, do whatever you can to clear dross out of your chakras. When this is done, you will be an open vessel and can contribute more light to mass consciousness.

Are you able to open your heart completely? Only when the dross of cording and channeling of the deceivers has also been eliminated. Cording is an arrow of direct connection between one of the chakras in you and an energetic exchange with an object of your attention. Not an object that can be dismissed, only one that continues to demand your attention. Freedom from cording also needs attention. Mental activity directed to one or more objects can create a cord between them. Each cord adds contact to the object and it builds to a big fat tube of energy that keeps the contact on the top of your attention list. Meditating helps to lessen the charge of natural contact with that object, but not enough to drop the cord out of existence. A cord can do many things. Here are a few:
1. It fuels the fire.
2. It moves your heart about the object corded to you.
3. Cords are controlling and are not love in the same sense as unconditional love.

Awakening dries up all cords. No cording can contain one who is free. When cords are cut by an action in the mind, this also offers full freedom. But, when this is done, be certain that you are not being corded again. When you believe you are no longer corded, ask to be given an illustration of the energetic connection between you and the one you have been having thoughts about. Should many active thoughts appear in your mind about one individual, this is a sign that cording is going on.

Face the fact that attachment is desired by most humans, but is not the light of love to be attached. Having all the chakras cleared can be the door to unconditional love for all.

Free yourself from all cords and all dross before more of the changes unfold. Believe that you can and this will be so.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Preparing for What's Next

When Metatron delivered a comment about the need for more conscious gathering together, he did not intend to give the impression that immediate earth alterations are about to begin. No, it meant that what is about to begin needs your attention now. There is no cause to panic at the mention of getting ready.

Many of you are not doing anything that will make a difference when there are many challenges to face. Even creating mental detachment about what arises is doing something. But those doing nothing while awaiting an airlift to another galaxy will not be able to deal with the next correction to the earth's crust.

More than ever, the need for coming together in community is considered to be the best way to get prepared for the next dramas on the continents. Full life expectancies will become a rare thing, and being with friends can be the answer to having a good life. Choosing the community to be in can now be done. After the collapse of money this will be much more difficult. Be a comrade to the ones you are most connected. They will be the ones you can count on. Stillness within can greatly enhance these relationships. Meditate together. Change the way you disagree as a big first step. Agree to disagree on big issues, but when minor arguments begin, give them up immediately to the divine to decide. Always ask for inner guidance and follow that. No differences will appear. Surrender an attitude that does not create peace and good feelings. Nothing is more important.

Holding onto goals that are not able to be realized can also be a negative drain. Ask always to be led from inner guidance and be willing to change direction when so guided. People who are not able to follow their divine awareness will get on the negative side of human life experience very quickly when the mass disturbances begin. False pride will degrade the harmony.

Freedom from the dream can be yours. Not in another life, now, in this one! Only deep grief can bring on the dream's end for many of you. This is why these last few years have been so difficult. Grieving opens the heart to more caring for what the heart has to offer. Breath and drama go together when the dream cancels. Give the light to the drama with inhales and good clearing exhales. Face your fear with deep, clear awareness of their added challenge to your lifting of the veil. Breathe through the mental distress as well as the matrix of control that will be developing. Free your own brilliance by breathing into all the negative feelings that appear. Don't give them any mental energy. Only deep drama completes the level of detachment needed. Give it the freedom it deserves. Don't engage in the drama in an emotional way.

Place your own desire for control in God's hands. Fly with the angels when they appear. When this occurs, dream the dream of almighty God opening the door to heaven. If you don't have this mental dream in this life, than give the most delicious healing to the heart with a big happy breath as you detach from all the mental attitudes in the cause and effect dynamic. Be free as the wind in the heart and the mind with your own happy decision. I AM THAT is your new identity after you let go of the mind's dream.

Channeling will be an advantage for those that can. When you can add this to your deep awareness it gives you the most handy choice of what to believe under any circumstances. If you cannot,get the breath to elevate your energy from dense to light, the channel can add this ability to the mix. Can this be done by anyone? Yes! No one is unable to have this ability, but getting it needs your attention. Make this another method of getting prepared.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, February 6, 2012

Clearing Contractions to Anchor More Light

Children of God need to become their own teachers. Never before have as many conscious beings lived as mentors and guides. Never before have the Masters and Angels been as available. But neither of these conditions is what we want. We want each of those asking to be guided, to lighten up their need, and discover that ample awareness is available within themselves.

Need is a negative attitude. Nothing contained in a needy attitude draws new and different content. Only drama comes in as a response to mental demands for new and different. Once grace has an opportunity to create the next gifts or dreams for a more de-lightful life, the "need" is no longer an obstacle. Being the admirer of a "needed" or "wanted" item will be adequate for attracting this or a more appropriate substitute. Now the mention of goals will be enough to advance towards achieving them. Having "no desires" does not mean complete distain of what makes life fun. It means the detachment of mental neutrality, seeing a request as merely another thought should a choice not materialize. What makes a choice materialize is caring for others, not longing for a particular thing or person to appear. Neutral comments do not make the longing disappear, only neutral attitudes.

Peace is NOW, not when all desires are delivered. Only NOW do you have the ability to decree anything. A decree is a clear declaration of manifestation, a goal or conclusion needing your attention. An example: I decree my goal of becoming an angel in this lifetime. Another: I decree that my caring for others can change their lives and mine. Or: I decree that my negative thoughts are not my actual attitudes. Never decree a desire to dominate God's will. All decrees are naming what your intention is and not for controlling any change that makes this occur.

Contractions are more complex. When a child is not able to deal with an activity that occurs in opposition to its natural way of being, it closes down the chakras and negates the ability of an etheric energy to pass through them with ease. Chakras then do not move as they could until another day's clearing manages to delete the closure. Clearing the disturbance opens the chakra and allows more awareness to align the body with its master within. Clearing deep, negative memories can cause new levels of health also. Can you clear all of your contractions? No, not unless an awakening completes the anchoring of light and deletes the remaining contractions.

Many do clearing to lead to awakening. Some do more after awakening. The less contracted one is, the easier it is to awaken. After awakening, a deepening of light into the body cancels all contractions as it aligns the mind and awareness as One.

First comes a dense thought that becomes an obstacle to more awareness. Then comes the dense, negative attitude that drains the light on all levels of existence. Third is the cause of many corresponding details in non-awareness appearing in daily life to mirror the contraction. Forth comes clearing or dis-ease. Clearing is not only to become awakened, it is aso for misalignments being contained before they manifest undesirable consequences ( i.e. holding a grudge can manifest a direct action against a grudge holder).

Are you deleting contractions now? If so, good! Can you do it all in one clearing? Never—ongoing clearing is needed for those who have ever been mad, grieving or depressed. Only those who are fully awakened are clear; deepening or an initial awakening is usually needed to conclude all recurring, non-aligned dense attitudes. However, cause and effect are over as a consequence of that initial awakening.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

P.S. When channeling is not clear it is usually because dross in the chakras is not allowing enough light into the container.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Clarity in Channeling

My dear ones. My message today will be a continuation of my Course in Channeling. All of my teachings about channeling are clear in this course, much more than just the correct way to access the most accurate guidance. More than half of my chelas haven't done any such course, and are still unable to get guidance from their own Master within. Others are not clear. So please realize my answer to a question about the clarity in channeling is not to be dismissed as being negative against those who are not clear. Give all who contribute their time and distribute their dictations the gratitude of your appreciation. However, there are many who do not channel the beings who can make a great difference with accuracy, because of the deception of their own mind. Most of the channels connected to seventh dimension Angels and Ascended Masters are not ego dominated during their channeling, but a few are, and it is not that they are not being deceived by other dimensional liars, only an attitude in their own mind.

When this misrepresentation is discovered, the most honest thing to do is to tell the truth to their listeners or readers:" my own opinions do not allow me to channel this material." Otherwise, they are not being the model of integrity they must be to complete the ascension. Charlatan channels do lie and do make their dictations appear to be authentic when they are not. This is controlling in its dismal attempt to deceive, and cancels many karmic conditions of giving a gift and making a caring movement towards ascension.

By all means, discredited channels are not going to be able to continue to make our realm their calling card. Once they deceive, most of their once devoted career creators will move out of their field indefinitely. So being credible on one day does not guarantee credibility forever.

Who will declare them not accurate? Only the Masters and Angels on our matrix. No one on your matrix will announce their disqualification. But, if they are very savvy, they will decide to do other dense work than attempting to continue to channel. Are they going to ascend? Maybe, if they can get back to the love vibration.

Can you tell they are not delivering clear messages? We hope so. When the light of their connection goes out we want you to give love and no disturbance, but also no credibility to the next phase of their calling. Once discredited, no more energy of clear channeling from our realm will come through them. Allowing lower astral beings to channel is always an option. Beware, because their messages will be at a different consciousness than their previous messages. Only go to their deliveries without caring about what is said. Otherwise, find another deliverer or a way to get your own messages from the higher realms.

Channeling carries a very big demand on direct contact beings. They need to deliver their most love and available light with a message, otherwise nothing good comes with the transmission. Only light of heart mastery clears a channel.

Brave is the one who admits their mismanagement of the gift of light. Others who are not very courageous are able to convince no one of their calibre of mastery without clear devotion to I Am That I Am. Working as a channel totally requires this attitude. I Am That I Am is the blessed One in all of you. Contact can be an answer to every moment. Give me the decision to be a clear channel with any details not able to be clearly delivered deducted from the total content. I Am is the beloved that decides on the next lesson that is needed. Truth in all matters is a must to clearly deliver the vibration that contains heart light. Make this a goal in all of your determinations for this cause and effect dream.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna