Sunday, October 30, 2011

Man and Nature

Wonderful news—man and nature are now coming to the most obvious conclusion: that all human life is a gift that nature brings. Without nature, humans cannot thrive. Nature can deliver for man's needs as a consequence of its very existence, but it doesn't work the other way around. Careful conduct can add to nature's abundant contributions, and disrespectful attitudes make a drain on nature so great that it contracts the aliveness of man's deliverer. After many years of contracting in its own defense, nature dreams of making its contractions an asset. By moving the disturbance to its creative best, it can make more aliveness possible. What will it take?

Notice what nature is doing now. It is closing the door on some of it's most valuable contents, and making changes that are needed to convert man's consciousness in the process.  When the most necessary changes have been completed, a life that no longer needs demonstrations of nature's dismay can materialize. Have the contractions that Mother Earth carries been deleted? No, none of them have. This will require the correct way of being with nature, with nature,  a master of consciousness, becoming the teacher. How can this come into man's awareness? Caring.

When hearts open, they are able to connect to the One deliverer of awareness they can completely understand: the light that comes from their own heart. Optimum health also needs acceptance of the heart's awareness. Activation of man's  caring nature is the answer to deleting all the deep dark collective anger contained in Mother Earth's contractions. In one month's time a new delivery of God's love is going to act as a "contraction opener," so anger and all of man's other disturbances can go totally out of the human condition.

Never before has the balance of nature and man's consciousness been so disturbed. Nature and man need more contact with the awareness they are both made of: conscious awareness. It exists in all of God's creations, and needs to become the most active decision making answer to man's part of co-creation. This will occur once man completes the next days' changes that will develop more conscious awareness in his heart. Are you becoming concerned about the way nature is destroying the lives of those being challenged with massive destruction. Good! Opening the heart must occur before conscious awareness can be fully available.

Contact the dross in the body's control by allowing caring, the natural cause of healing, to arise. Care about those who are losing their homes and all of their basic living needs, when their cousins, brothers and sisters are not able to assist because of the destruction happening in their own lives. Are they out of your awareness due to distance?  Or are you avoiding reading the news or watching anything on TV that disturbs you? Watching sad movies and the news will help you feel the caring that needs to be activated within you. When you avoid hearing or seeing news of the destruction in the world you collapse all the contractions back into their destructive way of being. Caring, crying and delivering love to those in need opens them back up. Freeing all of those disturbed, managed contractions you are carrying elevates your vibratory frequency and enables the body to accept more light. Opening the heart with compassion for others opens the door for all the light needed for  ascension.

When you act like you are beyond caring about others, you lose the opportunity to gather your dross  and delete it. Change begins in the human attitude, then others will be affected by the demonstrations of caring  that come from the body's mental director.  Only caring makes a difference. Activate the changes that are needed in man and nature will stop the destruction that is occurring for the purpose of creating more conscious awareness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, October 27, 2011

All One Family

Mass consciousness has no conscience. No dross delivered to mass consciousness is deleted due to a change in one person's consciousness. Once delivered, no change is made without other contributions offsetting current mass attitudes. To move the dross out from an era of decay and into new conditions of beauty, there needs to be great big events that make the decay obvious and no longer accepted by the masses.

Creating group demonstrations calls attention to dross. It also adds more of the same when death by conflict occurs. What needs to occur next: bright lights in the auras of the demonstrators can make big changes quickly and easily. How can this occur? Giving them light on an ongoing basis. Give them your loving attitudes, pour your love into their area. Praise them in media. Act like they are heros. Give them as much care and encouragement as you can. Praise goes a long way. More will be encouraged to beam light to them when no one gets attacked by their objects of control in action. Can you give more aid to this gathering in your area? Gather together. Greet one another in happy gratitude for each other's presence. Give the media happy pictures. Tell the media the cause of these gatherings is to bring more caring about people who need it. Caring doesn't come across as anger. Caring ways are the light these demonstrations need.

Panic when confronted with anger is what causes control to occur. Moving to the light to make another energy available can diffuse the directors of control. Contact between those "occupying" and those controlling can gain grace when the controllers understand that the most fundamental goals of the "occupiers" are to care about them too. Wall street in itself is not the only thing to oppose, so are uncaring and demanding politicians who take, and care for their own taking more than feeding those in their districts who are living with nothing in their diets but milk and cereal. When the diet approved by your politicians is the most conscious attitude you have working for you, these politicians must be replaced. Get rid of them - not by violence, but by outreach to those needing aid. Embarrass them. Dominate the news with objects of need that are being defeated by their policies.

Press for more social welfare and less demonstrations of military might. Overturn the defense department's goals with caring. Place care of all who live in your country over those who do not. Are the homeless in oil rich countries more important than out of work citizens of your own country? Give caring to all, but not by defense missions or gifts of aid only. Give the details: like health care, education, management of human cooperatives, help in cultivating more food, etc.

Use the collective idea in your own community also. Work together to meet people's needs. Are your neighbors needing anything? Can you collect things to give them? Changing attitudes in your own community adds more light to mass consciousness. Failing to care about others, and thinking only about your own achievements, cancels the changes that are needed now. Corrupt politicians are not the only dross contributors. All who continue to only think of themselves are just as creative in the dross department.

Making a difference in the world begins in the area where you are. Mass consciousness needs contributions from all who deem caring to be important. Care for your own group consciousness before being critical about the actions of others. Clear the needs of the community you live in and then expand to a more demanding activity that includes the areas around yours. Create a caring area and give the political representatives of that area a reason to support your grassroots efforts.

Bless all who come together to make a difference in the lives of children who are hungry. No child needs to be needy.  Cans of food can be donated to local caring facilities to feed them. Give to the area you live in to feed children going hungry.

Talent in aiding others is natural. No one lacks it. Only apathy is the enemy. Get the body into gear and donate time, energy and grace to your community. All can give a little, no matter how much you have to donate materially. Fingers can do things, minds can master new skills. Help wherever you can. Need a new career? Begin giving your gifts to others and one will appear.

Child abuse is ignoring their needs. All children can be fed. See what you can do to make this happen. When those who ascend are not available to lead, others will be called upon to take their place. Giving your contribution to your area will bring new light to that area. All will benefit.

Clarity about the next days is near. Gifting is the next step for those who will be on the next ascension wave. Practice now! Give what you can to the children who are needing your assistance. Feed them. Find agencies that can help you help them. Change the mass consciousness today by loving the collective as much as you care about your own.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ascending and Descending Clarification

When the ascension candidates ascend they will be able to change the content of light they contain at any moment. It is this light frequency that will make them disappear, due to their new level of light containment. Most of those who will not be ascending are already more dense, so when the light frequency of those ascending is elevated they will appear to be invisible to these observers.

When I dictated Master Messages, Vol. III there were three waves of ascension planned. When the gateway opened in 2009, many did ascend and then they descended to continue helping others prepare for  ascension. Never before have so many ascended masters been living in your neighborhoods because they did not disappear as they normally would have.

The next ascension wave is actually the second one, and not ascending is the only choice available other than disappearing. There will be no descending this time.

No "shoulds" apply when it comes to ascension. Those capable will choose it or not. Once the choice is final they will disappear or not. The choice to ascend or not is God's domain and can only be  delivered by God. Ego may appear to be choosing, but God's decree is the only decider. When choice is an option, no candidate who decides from their own channeling or hearing the call will be left behind. "No choice" only means that God's will must choose. Are ascension candidates going to be making this decision from their minds? No, only those who live with "divine will not mine" will be ready to ascend.

More and more candidates are able to ascend now. What has occurred lately is the opening of a magnetic field that is causing a major change in human consciousness. It is dramatizing all differences. No more dark and light games will be deciding the future. From now on, only the increase of light will decree how things will unfold. As the mass consciousness contains all points of view, the ascension candidates who do disappear are to need their contribution replaced. Many of those who leave will be able to become aids to those who can receive and decipher their messages because they are clear channels.

Those who will disappear are to remain intact for awhile, as their auras will give off a radiance until the body dissolves.

On this, the second wave, no descending will occur, only ascending. Not agreeing to ascend when called is not going to disqualify anyone from the 3rd and last wave. When that one comes, only those left behind may be "changing into a different dimensional existence," meaning they can only continue their co-creation in human lives IF accepted by another galactic community. There will be no group delivery to another galaxy, only single applicants can apply. When we composed these original messages there was the anticipation of a Galactic Federation rescue. Since none of the planets that originally agreed to an occupation are now willing to accept one, no other plan can be created until more consciousness appears on Gaia.

When the ascension call comes I am not going to deliver this blog anymore. My channel will be among the last group on the second wave. When she leaves we can no longer give her any dictations, which means that those who have not acted to learn how to be a clear channel will be out of touch with new information. Get this ability now, should you need to be guided by me or other high frequency messengers.

Give me a deep, clear channel of Christ consciousness in a human master and the messages can continue.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mastery and Ascension

After the first wave of ascension many of those not ascending will be curious to gather incite into the change of awareness of their own consciousness. Most who are moving on in the next wave consciousness are to be their teachers. When all of the ascension adepts are no longer available, their messages will be channeled to those who are able to receive them. Making yourself available to this method of realizing the next chapter of life's continuation can give you a new level of clarity about the challenges we have been grappling with.

Why don't the channels get clear messages? Why can't their clients get the meaning of our words? And why doesn't the client want to trust their own inner guidance? What does this mean about channeling? That it is needing more clear channels and more demanding clients. Solving this dilemma is going to be an active challenge.

Further discussion about all of the consequences of ascension are not appropriate, as discovering the new opportunities for becoming a master needs open minds without any expectations. Should your brains decide the next day's answers before any questions appear, the lessons of free will may not be available. Choosing the development of consciousness classes to attend will be each being's doing, moment to moment.

Self-care will be doubly needed during the days right after the ascension due to the processing that will have to be done regarding the changes this ascension activates. Save time to be quiet as a most important task. Free the contractions that may arise due to not being on the first disappearance wave. Practices that help claim your center will be useful. Bring the mind to your hurt feelings so you can come to accept all that is.

No accidents are going to happen, and anyone not included needs more clearing of contractions, more depth of caring, and more awareness. Masters ascend! Not ascended? Become a master. You already are one, but you must accelerate the delivery of that consciousness.

Making a difference for those needing assistance completes the love delivery for those being tested on mastery. No master ignores the needs of others. Parenting does not qualify in this character test. All parents need their children to be their character testers and all parents need to lead the children out of dis-ease the best they can. But this is a responsibility of all parents and does not mean that all parents will qualify as masters. Being a parent has more attributes being cultivated than just this one. One of them is to give your attention to another instead of only seeking attention for yourself. Another is to give without feeling depleted, and a third is connecting with another that needs you. All three of these convey basic love instead of a master's love. A master does not need another to need him/her, nor does a master feel depleted by caring for others. Clear attitudes about love, control and anointing are the way of mastery. Masters give as naturally as they do anything. Caring is their nature. Caring for themselves is not neglected.

No master drops the attention of  divine nature when it comes to caring for anyone, including him/ herself. Are you aware that many are not caring for themselves by living solely for others? These are not masters, they are neglecting one of God's creations to feel good, so they do not give from divine grace. Instead, their giving does them harm, so it is not a gift from God - it is their ego's compensation for feelings of negativity about themselves. Being a master means you have the ability to give and also care about the body of the giver.

More and more of my chelas are getting close to mastery and need this advice to become complete. Be a gift to the light by gifting more to your own needs.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, October 21, 2011

Making Awareness Apparent

Freedom from all of life's misery can only come with awakening. No drama comes to anyone that is not needing it. To entertain the conditions of change, notice how all of your lives are constantly changing. Nothing keeps on as it was before you notice. When noticing, ask yourself "Who is noticing change?" Are you the one that is observing or are you the change deliverer? Can this question generate another question? Are you the questioner or are you the one with the answer? Are you either? Both? Neither? Please ask these questions of the mind.

One answer is from mind consciousness, the creator of all mental answers. Another answer comes from the heart's awareness which is beyond the mind. Can you tell which is the deceiver? Which claims to be the one with the answer?

Am I deceiving you with my questions? No, only challenging and guiding answers to the one who has the ability to question. Freedom is when the last question being delivered is not needing an answer.

Are you confused? Nothing can be added to all of my questions except the next level of awareness. Are you going to give these questions your attention? All of these questions are for moving the controlling mind away from its mental choices.

Answer this: Am I the master or is another master more competent? Are you able to accept the master within as your only choice? Consider this the most aware thing that man can do. Break away from choosing answers, and instead, give the question all of your attention.  No answers are needed. Are you getting my drift? Can we agree that no answers are needed? That all of your answers are available in the heart of any man, woman and child? Practice asking for the answer of the heart and cancel all other contributions to awareness.

Face the fact that all of you can get the answers you apply for when you are quiet. The dream of this life is of your own choosing.

Prepare to ascend with the use of questions. Not just asking yourself these questions and accepting all the answers that come in response;  changing the questions will deliver more awareness. You close the door on mastery when you do not notice all that the master inside is giving you. Patience is needed. Question your concepts, all of them that appear when you are awake and divisive thoughts arise. Cancel them by asking "Who wants to know?" This will align you to your contract and bring more growth in awareness.

What I have said about comet Elenin does not include any delightful contributions, only challenges and control driven answers to its path of destruction. In the next days more control of the human condition will be attempted by the dark cabal as an astroid comes into view. Give it no concern. Fear is the only way this astroid can alter your matrix of materialization.

Politics is not the way to move things forward in a growth of awareness manner. Outcry is. Give those in the center of this current outcry applause, and anything else you can give. Are they the light in the darkness? Absolutely.

No more can be done to change the minds of those needing more awareness, but we want to activate action in those who are able to be their own answer to their  contract and divine expression. Make this day the most active example of what you can do. Free the masses with your divine light shining in awareness. Allow the divine being that you are to live as an example.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

About the Details

Please consider my teachings about ascension and "God's will not mine" to be awareness assistance. Nothing being said about either of these mental details is about the more important concept of awakening the divine nature inside of everyone. Are these teachings for those who are already awake? Yes, because they can lead to more cleansing of any dross that is still maintained in the human energy field. Practices like meditation, awareness of the moment, and giving full attention to each co-creator is the most critical detail of these messages. Not the details themselves, but rather, what they can do for you.

Ponder this: Who is the light bearer in the body? No matter how this question is answered, there is only one accurate answer: "me," the God of the inner dimensions of consciousness. This "me" doesn't need any coaxing to be light - you are this light, always, not the dross you act out instead. Giving the dross the death of its creativity is the making of awakened awareness.

When I mention 3D consciousness details, I do this to give those needing these details their cause to awaken. In dense conditions the awakening of light is most needed. Are you willing to release your concern about 3D details? Are you open to hearing the most important things my messages are conveying? Why are my messages giving no absolutes about the conditions that are already developing in the 3D realm? Because, which one of these will be the best experience: the new development or details about the future that are overlayed on this experience?

False prophets abound. Am I one of them? Many are considering this. Naming a specific date and over managing the details is not in my ability. Should these predictions fail, or not come out as we are intending, another dilemma will be declared. But only in the dream. In the deep, dark contract that you made, the details are already declared. Today? Monday? Saturday? None of it matters. Your details will be fulfilled when the timing is right.

Ascension will occur. Can it happen the way we are forecasting? Only if many accept at the moment the call comes. Not all who are able are going to accept. Choosing one detail like this can alter your destiny's timing, but it doesn't alter the contract.

Friends, Gods of the human dimension, you are in charge. Make me right or make me incorrect in my future destiny guesses. Who is in charge? You are.

My channel cannot continue to deliver these messages when they are not dependable, so why would we be claiming the details we are? For the gift of ascension to be yours for the answer "I Am That I Am."

Changes are occuring. Maybe you haven't noticed the darkness lifing in the conditions of human affairs, but we are happy to observe less demands on others being called for and more action in attention on the call for more consciousness. Follow the media for news of the changes already in motion. Elenin acctivates more dross and debris in the cycle of man's home environment. Check out what has already occured in Asia. China and all of Asia will continue to be devestated by the doorway of destruction caused by Elenin. More typhoons are coming. Big catastrophes mean the end of man's climate control days. More deaths will come from this creation of man and the comet's destructive influence.

Sharp minds find cracks in all details. Move this mental concern on to the dross collector where it belongs. Concentrate your attention on the heart only. Free yourself from mind's dominance. Awaken and have a great day in each moment.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Change Consciousness

Change is beginning for all. Most of humanity will be aware of the deceivers by the day(s) of ascension. As exposure does not equal dismantling any of the corrupt details, those nations not yet acting against their governments will. Total chaos can result. If the directors of the masses are detained or murdered, more directors are to appear. Mass consciousness AGAINST what is occurring denies the growth in awareness that is needed. Calling FOR change does not. Care to disceern between being FOR vs. AGAINST will matter. Joy can override negativity. Ask and challenge with loving attitudes. Give Truth most of your attention. Change comes next.

Arab countries are not the only ones corrupt in their attitudes. All countries are controlled by the dark awareness of greed and dense consciousness. Free your own mind of corruption, then deny nothing about the ways corruption is being mirrored in every country. Mind denys, and a denying mind is a corrupt mind. Change denial to more awareness to clear the negative attributes that now exist in your world.

Face the fact that all is a reflection of the negative attitudes in each of our dear brothers and sisters. Own your own negativity and give it no match in the world. In the near future, no negativity needs to come to the demonstrators who are aware of the negativity they oppose.

Change does not have to be created with attack attitudes. Change can also come out of caring. Ask the crowd for more caring among all who gather. Will they be opposed? Yes, and they can be caring to their opposers. Are these demonstrations going to be activating in making change happen? Not as we would like things to change. Many of the controllers are not going to accept that their duties are corrupt and will grasp for more of the same. When they are called to leave their jobs they will not go of  their own choice. Stay in the heart, as they are not conscious of their own denials. Change can dismiss many who are not aware of their own part in this play.

Another dream is in the making. It is not any more real than the current one, but needs the contribution that will come from ascension. It needs more love and caring in the demonstrators and in those being called on to disburse their control. Attitudes will determine the way change will come.

Free men and women are not caught in any negativity that comes with confrontation. Make sure that you maintain open, caring attitudes when controllers confront you and your loved ones. Act as Ghandi did, never get violent against anyone.

Please do not ask me to discuss other channels through this one. I have delivered numerous details on how to discern for yourself. My channel does not care about the contents of these messages or the content of messages delivered by others. You must choose the messages that are for you on your own. Choose carefully! Some will deny the darkness in their messages and claim their own creations to be negative free. An awakened one does not deny anything. Be awake and care about none of this dream. Welcome whatever comes.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aruna Answers a Question

Comment: Aruna, would you please care to explain the second paragraph, starts with "Give up the dream. others" As dreaming is the first stage of manifestation, we are now told to not manifest Ascension?! Also when he talks about the delay. Does he mean the delay in the past, or are we facing another delay in our future timeline (ie. end October)? 

Dear friends. I will be traveling for the next week and may not be able to channel the blog during that time. I am answering this question in lieu of tomorrow's channeling, because I do not have time to channel SG tonight.

This question addresses two different levels of consciousness. When we identify ourselves as a person with a past, present and future, we are living the dream (also known as "the illusion"). In this level of consciousness we learn how to use the mind to manifest what the ego wants. 

The next level of consciousness is beyond ego and its desires, attachments, judgments, etc.. Ego takes a back seat to the Higher Self (True Nature, Master within). This shift frees (liberates) the Higher Self so it can manifest what is in the soul's contract without any ego interference (fear, judgment, desires, etc.) This is the "awakened" condition. When the ego is willing to give up its control (attempts to manifest what it wants), the body's vibratory frequency is raised, and the energy it transmits effects others on subtle levels. But "being awake" also means that the wisdom of the Higher Self is available to help free others from ego's bondage.

As individual personalities we cannot manifest Ascension. Ego thinks it needs to control everything, but this is a mistaken belief. Being "in the flow" with divine consciousness, and living a joyful, liberated life, free of suffering can only happen when ego surrenders and steps aside. Give up your ego and you will Ascend. If you are seeking ascension with the ego you may not.

It is my understanding that SG was referring to delays in the past.

Blessings to all,

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Being Ascension Ready

My dear ones. Contained in these messages is all the directions I can give for ascension. I cannot tell you the date. Nor can I tell you the wave you are to go on, or the way to organize your car sale or your banking. These things are in your determination based on the way we have described the ascension plan. No one who dies is told when, and we are asking that you assess your daily lives now to delete any cause of delay. Can you decide not to ascend until the next ascension date? Yes, but doing so will not make the date of that ascension wave any easier to determine.

Give up the dream. Acting like the dream is the reality is what makes you want to keep dreaming. Going into another level of consciousness is the way to bring the others in your dream into reality also.  Cease dreaming to ascend. Choose to remain dreaming and lead others in the same way. Cancel your ascension and negate the impact that could conclude dreaming entirely. Wake up an army of conscious beings to the complete change of consciousness needed to ascend. Free yourself to free others.

Part of the delay in this first disappearing wave is the contracted attitudes of those needing to be on the first wave. Too many are not able to detach from their mental conclusions about delay being evidence of controllers conspiracy games. We do not control nor do we manipulate. Our cause is the fulfillment of your chosen destiny. Delay was because of your attachment to the mental conclusion that as the earth ascends so does its human population, no matter what their consciousness contains. This was the controller's delay tactic. Combine this with the bible characterizations of ascension, and dogma overrides the concept of being able to meet your own goals.

Cosmic consciousness is not always noticed in an aura of an enlightened being. Many of our ascension candidates are already able to ascend. Are you one of them? More than a million can act on their own acceptance today. Many more are on the fence—choosing ascension over the dream is challenging them. Waiting another year seems appealing, thus reducing the cause and effect creation we are attempting to create. Saying that, we are also needing great advancement in the collective consciousness during that year. Whether you choose another dream or this one, a dream is still the "not so accurate" way of living in a body.

Precious moments are being lost to those choosing negative attitudes about ascension. Choose death over ascension and mandate a death experience during the days after the second wave. When the healing of Mother Earth truly begins, all residents must be redirected to other galaxies or die. Since no other galaxies will accept our contract conditions for their most caring culture, this prevents the first option to materialize. So all who choose the dream over the next gateway's ascension will die. Can they come back to Earth to complete their cycle of death and rebirth? No. Choosing death over ascension completely ends this contract opportunity. The only option that will be made available to them after the second wave will be acceptance on an individual basis into another galaxy's community. Waiting for that could be an indefinite wait.

Solving this way of ending the human drama can freeze in time the dream and its negative conditions,  effecting Mother Earth's ability to be healed and canceling her mandate to be completely healed.

Most of Earth's population of animals and other materialized beings are accepted and will be continuing their life and death cycles on other planets. More than half of the current human population does not qualify for ascension. They are not fully designated as man. Many have come from other places and times and will return. Only one tenth of this group are lightworkers. Most are drama creators of the most committed kind, those who have brought you your lessons. Consider them "other" by no means, they are your most beloved ones. When things are difficult you can grow the most. Acceptance of these difficulties without blame cancels your contractions. Holding them accountable is not blame, it is another lesson for you.

Absolute contraction free, dis-ease free bodies are not the ascension criteria. Open hearts and absolutely clear awareness of the light that lives in the body can delete these contractions instantly. Be more loving, including loving those needing it the most, and give yourself less negative attitudes about the human drama. This will allow you to ascend.

Presence is the key! Being totally present to every moment, without any denial or charge in the body, is being ready.

NOTE: Aruna will be traveling for a week and may or may not be able to channel during that time. Channeling depends on the nature of the environment, and where she is going has much dis-ease in the community.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ascension and US Leadership

My dear ones. Friends from many galaxies are all awaiting the ascension. Can you entertain the idea of ascending before the end of this month? In the next weeks an open gateway will make this feasible. Not all will disappear at the exact same moment. Some will disappear during the month of November. We want all of those who ascend to be noticeably missing, and not only on one day.  Some will be around into December. When the next ascension timing dates are finalized among those recording them, one or two months will elapse. Given this detail, don't assume that you are not on this ascension wave after learning of the first group that leaves. We will gauge the dates according to the human attitude that appears to gather during the growing number of disappearances. Make a detailed list of who should be contacted should you disappear.

Choice always contains mental desires. When mental decisions are made there is an ego making them. Egos do not cling to love objects because they help them master the continuation of human connection, but rather, because this clinging means another delay of ego's demise. When the Truth be known, death does not delete close associations, it only appears that way to your mind.

No death experience will be considered a disappearance. We will not have a managed death method going on, only complete disappearance of bodies and their closest dear ones under age eleven or twelve. Most over age twelve will choose for themselves. Many of these children have come in to help prepare those in the next wave.

Practicing daily movements or activities to qualify for ascension are not needed. Only the elimination of contractions, (made by closing the door to love), mean anything to those  experiencing a deepening of awareness. Changes of this kind can still meet the ascension deadline.

Politics are not the actual decisions of those elected by the masses. Mr. Obama was a clear, determined being who cared greatly about the future of the world. Bring in the death threats to his dear ones and he gives away the dream. In the next days Mr. Obama will be a most determined and caring man. What has been his behavior until now (to be directed by decision makers of the most dramatic kind), will be overturned by an organized demand coming from those now demonstrating about the lack of help being given to all who are unable to afford their homes, and most important, to those unable to feed themselves and their children.

When Mr. Obama accepts that he can make a difference, he will. Now he's being disgraced by those wanting this needed turnaround. His most important task has yet to be done: not accepting the demands of his controllers. We are not delivering him to ascension—he's had no chance to delete his contractions. He will need to lead, if the people allow him to maintain his position. But he may not accept their demands due to his own inability to be able to cancel that control. Mr. Obama is not a deceiver, nor is he a controller. In the game of light and dark, he has been drawn into the antithesis of his own nature.

We want you to be his aids in delivering him to his next conquest of his own fear. Still able to be driven, he must overcome his matrix of materialization if he is to lead as he was elected to do. Fight the apathy in you in order to be one of those who aids him to let go of nonaligned decisions and be the man the country of the United States needs. We are aiding him from this consciousness as much as we can. Free will makes this most difficult. Are you able to be his assistants in defeating his negative ego? Please commit to ascend and contribute to the  mass consciousness influence on him so he can become a determined and fearless leader. Contribute your ascension to the messages he receives. Are you willing to make him the man that can turn things around? He is not the dark disguised as the light. He is light overcome by the dark.

Send him caring and compassion. Give him the light he needs. Pray that he can free himself from this dark control game. Believe in the light in the depths of all beings. Once allowed to brighten, it can do miracles in a human container.

False messages against Mr. Obama are not from our dimension. Ascended Masters are his colleagues in essence.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Needs to be Deleted

What my words are telling you is that you can ascend. Make ascension your commitment and complete your deletion of negativity by not complaining or criticizing that which does not fit with your ego's desires. More and more details are being revealed daily about the lies you have been told by governments, corporate marketing specialists and drug companies. Are these details giving you any good feelings? Are you being grateful for these lies? No, you are getting negative. My messages are giving you the love of God in words that are meant to uplift you from this negativity.

How can anyone ascend their own negativity? By looking at all they observe as God's gift to their growth in awareness. Awareness can be expanded without negative attitudes put on what is being revealed. All is needed to grow in consciousness. There are no accidents at all. When you are given more awareness, the most developed thing you can do is be grateful for it. Attacking new awareness material deletes your consciousness quotient. What can you do to be a light in the midst of darkness? Be grateful. Shine that light on all negativity.

My dears, what is not considered acceptable on this blog is arrogance. When a comment contains a negative attack on anyone or any thing, or a comment degrades the messenger, it is not posted. Your ability to get comments posted can use this as a guideline. Another guideline is: do not include a link to a different site that does not add anything of value to this message delivery. Unrelated links that are for the purpose of marketing one's own beliefs ar not accepted. These links cannot be removed by the blog moderator, so the entire comment must be deleted. The other criteria I use to moderate comments is whether the content can be understood. Some comments are not in English or or they are not written so they can be understood by English speaking readers. These too do not get published. Enough said.

Please ask questions. Please feel free to comment. But be aware that negative, arrogant attitudes don't go on this blog site. What do I call arrogance? Being against another's point of view and being dictatorial in attitude about your opinion. Making another appear disrespected is also arrogant. Not agreeing is fine, but disrespecting the one you disagree with is negative. Choosing words that are kind can allow for many points of view to be presented. Acting as a master does not include degrading another.

Every time you present yourself as a more knowledgable commenter than either myself or  other commenters, your attitude is degrading. Act like a divine being—loving and respectful of what others say—and you will be more credible.

False statements made as fact are not the way of a master either. Be careful to deliver an opinion as an opinion, not as a fact. Arrogance is making your opinions appear to be facts. There is no authority in this universe that claims total accuracy in its messages due to the nature of all things being a collective conclusion at that moment.  No detail is conclusive, as nothing conceived by your mind is accurate. All is mentally conditioned to fit your attitudes and beliefs in this dream you are concluding is reality. Presenting anything as a concept means it is not claimed to be truth. This is much more accurate.

My words about ascension are to lead you in this direction. Are they accurate? We will soon see. When dates and times are mentioned they may not appear accurate, as time in our realm is non-existent.

My dear ones. Please get out of your mental attitudes and beliefs and read my messages with less attachment to details. Consider them your guide to possibility.  Be a clear channel of your own Highest Awareness and develop humility. I Am That I Am is your true identity. All of you are Masters in God's creation. Your mind is what thinks otherwise.

As one wise man once said to another: My mind asks the questions and my heart answers them. Please keep asking and listening.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Are You a Master? Say Yes!

Waking up to the truth of your existence is only one detail to be aware of. All the clearing of contractions in the body has helped to make you a light vessel in human form. When the ascension call comes, all light vessels will be called. No attitude about your worthiness to be called applies. Those who have really become lightworkers are now going to deliver the light.

Following a teacher that tells you otherwise will bring disappointing moments when the day of this next wave comes.  No one can ascend who has not completed his/her homework. Are those completing it now still eligible? Absolutely! Always continue to let go of negativity as it appears. Once empty, the heart will be wide open. Teaching about doing nothing to ascend has been controller guidance. Stay on that track and your dream of ascension will be totally negated. Free yourself of negative thinking about all details of the human experience to be a true leader of light. Positive attitudes neutralize dark comments when they are made by others.

Children of God are all on the same clock as far as ascension is concerned. None are "chosen," all choose their own future. No great division exists between teacher and chela. All are equal in God's eyes. No group of humans is considered a more important group than others. When the bible was composed in the mode of historical data being created as law, the destiny of the group called Israelites was not certain. They chose an authority of divine control to acquiesce to and claimed him as their God. Was he the chooser or the chosen? Neither, he was their only contact and they accepted the demands he made for their own co-creation. Are they chosen or did they choose? All are chosen and they chose.

My dear ones, we are all God's children—even the divine Masters of God's creation are not more dear to God than any of you. No favorites! Can you become more favored? No, but you are able to deliver more of the dance of light to the co-creative nature of manifestation than those who are less conscious.

Twelve tribes were given the tablets on Mount Sinai and only one claims them. All the others chose not to, but they are not going to be deleted from God's memory. When they are called to ascend they are equal to all the others being called. No delineation will be made on this side of the veil.

Practices to get to ascension are not the delivery mode their initiators intended them to be. Welcoming all on an angelic level will be the Ascended Masters and Archangels who are the aspects of divine light asked by God to assist. Answer their call by going out to meet them.

Apathy is not the same as being content "no matter what happens." Can you get delighted that life for all can be improved as a consequence of your completion? How great can a consequence be?
We are not delivering you to anything you haven't experienced before—only the dross of mental negativity does that. We are out of that context and come as great friends to our own counterparts. Take our hands and go through the door to angelic bliss.

Today's message answers comments that are not being published because they are mis-directed in their details.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, October 3, 2011

On With Ascension

Change is imminent. Can you feel the mystery of all God's creations becoming more awesome in their magnitude? How could all of these complexities be imagined? We are only aware of the cause and effect attributes, but much more is not in our awareness. So that you become more aware, pay  attention to nature. See how all of the elements are co-creating at the same moment. Each contributes the last bit of its caring to those who continue the cause. When one dies, the others go on, and they do not destroy themselves because of their loss. When new births come forth, all celebrate the arrival of the next generation's contributors.

Are we different from them? Only in the way the "All That Is" conceived us to be. I include Ascended Masters in this dialog as a way of leading you to more clarity about the dramas you are part of, as we are in most of them also. To let you think of yourself as separate from us would not be delivering an accurate account of this creation. We Ascended Masters are also creations of God's dream—not different from you, other than our level of awareness.

Many of you have been Masters before. Some will be Masters again when you wake-up. No one decides what is their own level of Mastery. My messages have given you many details about what it takes to become a Master. Not being an active meditator or channel does not disqualify you from ascension. Many of these messages list all the conditions that are needed for ascension. This is not new information. "No negativity" tops the list.

Even though my chelas are all Masters within, many of them are not ready to ascend due to negative beliefs and attitudes that are still needing to be deleted. Solve this now or later—your choice. Give your total life to God and become a master instantly.

I Am That I Am is your True Nature. Giving away the mental concepts of ego does away with all deceptive thinking. An awakening is this simple. A completed contract includes this new awareness, and no contract is complete without it.

Ascension is graduation from Earth school. It is not the mind's decision whether the exams have been passed or not. Graduation requires good grades and good test results. You designed your own curriculum, made up your own courses, and acted out the tests you needed to be graded on. The grade you got was by your own standard. Passing meant another test was needed to make certain the grade was accurate. Next lesson . . .

All of this is in the contract, and your True Nature cannot be fully available to live your life as a Master until you are able to go out of the classroom with a passing grade in all of your subjects.

Many demons are in your classes. They create obstacles for you to become challenged by. Gratitude to them is another test of Mastery.

Polish your great dream with a negative attitude and this deletes you from ascension. God and our beloved contributor to human mastery, Jeshua ben Joseph, are not the decision makers about ascension—only your own consciousness decides.

Can this message give you the incentive to be a master that can ascend? Why not? Are you too dense to accept this most critical challenge? No, you are not. Believing in ascension and deciding that you want it are the first qualifications. Next comes the completion of your contract. Work to negate negativity is not needed, only moving your decisions into choosing God over all of your dream's desires. Next is heart opening. Are you there? No "doing" is needed for this either, only living as though you are doing God's work in every moment. Angels do God's work.

Am I clear enough? Ascension is not an entitlement—it is graduation for those who are more aligned to their own True Nature than others. Pause and reflect on this.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, October 1, 2011

For Those Not on the First Wave

Many of the questions that are being asked now have already been answered in these messages. I am not going to repeat the details that have already been given. My dear ones, answers to those questions will come to those asking them in other ways. Make your questions to me relevant to all readers and ask about what is being discussed in these messages, not esoteric questions that have no relationship to my topics. My ability to answer all of your questions is very limited, due to the amount of time required to do so. This blog is not my channel's entire life work. Please do not expect more than she voluntarily gives.

Believing in the content of my words does nothing to determine your level of mastery. Masters do not need my advice. I deliver these messages for those not yet able to get their guidance directly—to provide more awareness for future outcomes. My request is that you believe nothing about the messages that come to you in ANY form, and dig into that knowledge base inside yourself. When you decide that this source is your only guide, able to give you ALL the answers you need, you will be the Master that you have incarnated to become.

Ascension is for Masters. It is not an automatic result of a decision made by those desiring it. Mastery is completing all your negative attitudes and living as an angel in material form. Work on all areas of dis-harmony is required! Giving love to all, without hesitation, is the angelic way.

Can you ascend? Only those ready will be asked to ascend in this next wave. All the rest CAN next time around, IF they become Masters before the call. Channeling a Master does not make you a Master. Walking the Master's walk is a requirement to ascend. Don't think that being anything less than an angel qualifies you for ascension.

Now, my next answer to a question is about the concept I recently introduced regarding ascension being able to deliver more light than the entire spiritual hierarchy combined can do now. When the advanced ascend, the light of their auras will infuse the entire planet energetically, unlike any other time in human history. Those candidates ascending at the moment it happens will give a major "dream come true" feeling to all around them. It will bring their energy up to the level they once dreamed of—activating their own inner light. More shakti will be delivered by those ascending than anyone has previously experienced. This will be felt by all near them, who will be activated. It will be a "chain of events" condition, where one light activates another. You won't ascend as a direct consequence, but you will become more aware and more caring. And, the demand for caring will also be increased. Searching for missing loved ones can demand caring and clear advice from these new leaders of light. After this ascension wave, new dreamers will come to the care of those who can assist them in their next steps.  Will this be my chela's new work? See for yourself the need and your ability to fill it.

Pretending that an ascension will make all of Earth into a New world is not an accurate assessment. No, chaos will come anyway, and so will all the other things my Master Messages have described. Be ready to live these teachings during the next year, and get ready to be on the next wave. There will not be another ascension wave following that one. Believing or hoping you are able to ascend is not the way to do it. Being very clear about the level of love in your heart is how you will know the answer. Please do what is necessary to qualify NOW.

People, don't give up your current life because you believe you are ascending. Keep doing your very best to live the best life you can. Many of you are not able to ascend now and cannot demand more than you are ready to receive. When the day of ascension arrives, those ascending will be taken into the light, but all those who have not qualified will not. Sending them off with great excitement is more important than being disappointed in your own demonstration of readiness. Cheer them on and rise to the occasion. Chelas will be qualifying (or not) by their actions in all circumstances. Be a guide to those you will be able to assist. Be the light that you came to be. This is not a choice of the mind, but a demonstration led by the heart.

Solving your own dilemmas is not the issue. Being light no matter what the circumstances are is the challenge you must qualify from. Life is not only for growth, it is also for giving others the attitudes reflected in that growth.

Believe in ascension. Believe in the Great White Brotherhood. And most of all, give these beliefs to God when you are called to ascend. All beliefs are dreams.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna