Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Credible Channeling and What's Next

Channeling the Ascended Masters is an honor. Those who do this, do so as a gift to those able to receive what is said without dismissing it if it does not agree with what they currently believe. Most of you can do this, but many cannot. I was not able to convince a great number of my chelas that this blog is actually mine, as too many were already conned and deluded into believing other dictations that falsly use my name. What is the most credible thing I can do to convince you that masquerading is being done, other than the appearance of an actual materialization? When I asked to lead as Maha Chohan, I decided there would be no more materializations, and no more dictations for only the masses, but I would go into details about the ascension. What has been delivered on this blog, and through the other clear channels who do get messages directly from me, is necessary, as the dream being uncovered before ascension is non-negotiable.

As a conduit's commitment to non-collusion with deceivers, every source must be challenged, or they will not be able to advance in awareness. What most deceivers do is find a non-aware one who cannot tell the difference between an act of deception, and an actual Ascended Master coming for a moment to gift all with a message. All who channel must decree their non-acceptance of deceivers at every contact for channeling. When this is done, a clearer continuity in all that comes through as channeling can assist those needing guidance. What we have now is mass confusion.

Let me again identify what has been deceptively announced by others in my name:

1. Changes in attitude for those now in darkness.
2. Change in the attitudes of those controlling.
3. Galactic assistance in delivering chelas to another galaxy.
4. Money coming to lightworkers due to NESARA claims.
5. Changes in pending natural disasters.
6. Money lost will be restored.
7. Chelas going to ascend with less than awakened consciousness.

What has been channeled in other material that does not concur with this blog must be challenged. Instead of challenging this blog only, do yourself the favor of canceling your attitudes against anything, and then ask to be led to the most loving and caring vibration. Then use your dowsing ability to choose. When heart discernment is not done, the mind does not know how to distance my actual channeling from deceiver channeling.

Twenty active channels are not channeling me when they are getting messages with my name. Most of these are caring, loving beings, and do not do this to make a mess with their contributions. But by not asking each time they channel, "are you Christ consciousness?", they are being deceived at that moment. Only this question can guarantee access to the Master level of consciousness. It doesn't matter who channels what, but here's a clue about Ascended Master quality: its accessibility is determined by the level of consciousness of the channel.

My next words are for all who are now wondering what's next. Caring is the most important. Love all as they are, and give up any negative attitudes about those who do things not congruent with man's highest good. Accept their deeds and do the only thing that you can do to negate the effects: make your light stronger. Go within and notice that quality you are disturbed by and delete it. Work on yourselves. What causes you to dislike something is in you. Welcome this new detail when it is revealed, because once you have this awareness, no more dramas of this nature will need to be created in your energy domain.

Basking only in delight does not necessarily delete what is in the mental body. More awareness about what has been denied must be acquired. Freedom can be yours when you are done with the negative ego and can align all your answers to your own Christ consciousness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, January 17, 2013

About Walk-Ins

What is a walk-in? A new birth that happens when one body, already in an animated state with a death wish, can become the mature body for another animator to continue its life. In almost all of these dramas the new change agent has an agreement to do this before it is done. In all cases it was agreed upon when the first inhabitant became incarnate, and not finalized until one's choice to be done with living actually occurs. As this is not a "take-over," one must decree the death wish before the new incarnation can dive in.

When this occurs, both souls are in the body for awhile until the original one has the control of its ability to leave. As this can take many years, both need to be on the same page when choices are made. When they don't agree, the original occupant takes the lead. Only when the first occupant does actually leave does the new one take over.

Can this happen without the mind of the body in question being aware of it? Yes. It is unusual for the mind to notica a change of consciousness in the body in any of these actions, because the mind does not appear aware of its own development. What does become evident is changes in the body's choices, and answers to the original occupant's disturbances are quickly found. When the new life begins, another decision is made about what needs to be completed on behalf of the original occupant. Many are distanced from the dramas once taken very seriously, and choose to eject themselves from choices made previously that won't continue from then on. Are all aware of these choices? No, only the new consciousness is aware enough to choose a different mode of living. Most continue to live according to the first occupant's established lifestyle. Some do not.

Preparing for an exchange is not done. Settling in needs time. Once complete, the changes in the body's way of doing things may alter completely, as a new aspect of the One is now in place. Many walk-ins are ascended masters coming in to aid the creation of a new world.

Will you be different as a walk-in? Yes. Can you tell if this has happened? Only if you can access contact to higher awareness. Many never even accept this total change as a new soul incarnation. Others are aware of it, but not secure in talking about it. Some announce it to all.

Can it occur and you not be aware that it did? Yes, most love to enact new choices and don't care who or what chose them. Few admit they had a walk-in occurrence.

Self-awareness is the key to more understanding about all things human. When this completes, you are able to have awareness beyond the mind. Walk-in occurrences are often accepted when this level of awareness is available.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dark Plus Light = Oneness

When the destiny card is played we will know who was the dark and who was light, but until then our drama of the environment must get more attention. None of my chelas are living without consciousness about anchoring light, but now the drama must be clarified in a new way.

My chelas do not understand how the 50/50 light/dark balance cannot be changed. When more of one comes into play, the other becomes more overt. Once the light gets "Oneness Now" as a concept about all that is, the all that is becomes One, and Christ consciousness then determines the density of the character one must continue to manifest in this new condition. Oneness consciousness is not One, as in only one human—it means One same consciousness that is contained in all. The measure of dark and light co-exist in 50/50 in all the qualities that manage the game the One consciousness continues to play. All of God's creations carry all that can be conceived of, not only one or the other of these opposites. So, for making up a drama in 3D we need to decide on more factors than who will deliver one or the other in every decision that pits them against one another. 

Bodies do not decide these details, only the natural Oneness does. One God, one man's choice, and one condition to make a new world—only that condition makes the new world; consciousness becomes your only choice maker. And as this occurs, Oneness can be chosen by those wanting more clarity in their mental container.

Peace in One means negativity in another. Your opposite always continues to change as you change. Add more dark and the opposite appears in another.  What this means is that duality will continue to thrive, not diminish, and, dramas will always be a matter to be dealt with. Can anyone be the light only—say, an enlightened one? Only when there are no choices being made; Oneness doesn't take sides.

When the heart can accept that there are no differences between those who contribute more and more dark and those who contribute more and more light, we can open the door to another future. When white and black are not considered opposites they have become the love of all that is—another dimension construct. Which do you aspire to: being light or One with all that is? Better consider this as also being one with darkness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is There Going to be a Mass Ascension?

Welcome to a different collective consciousness. When the newly transformed children of divine grace are fully able to  deal with news of disasters, they will be able to make a major difference when they occur. Many disasters are expected in your next days, as we will not be able to divert most of them. They appear eminent in a drama that was created in the minds of man, and they can become destiny or not, depending on the healing that is done within the mass consciousness. Allow the changes in you to grow. Welcome all the pending dramas with open hearts. Responses to your collective energies will come when you are not anticipating them.

Souls are now clamoring to be in bodies. In this coming year more and more will choose their next body, and it will most likely be one that is already in costume. Walk-ins will be the answer to many of those souls needing an opportunity for ascension. Twenty million chose to be embodied in these days leading up to the greatest disasters of the human experience as part of their quest for mastery. Only two million are currently able to delete their mind's control so they can answer the ascension call. All the others need more ascension consciousness.

When we decided to delay the mass ascension, it was to give these dreamers another chance. Change the dream and commit to ascend. When this has been done, the only other thing needed for planetary ascension is the deletion of negativity about all of God's creations. Are you able to consider these negative attitudes nonsense? Why not?

Caring for some and not all does not negate negativity, it does, however, make the carer more loving and more able to delete their unconscious contractions in present time. The Angels are allowing for more changes to occur before ascension. We must  make this possibility obvious to those who are not yet able to consider ascension a growth in awareness, the step that comes after a quest for divine guidance. Many of my chelas ask me to guide them to God's help, none ask me to take them to ascension. Why? To understand mass ascension one needs more light on this topic in the great books about higher consciousness. Most don't even mention it.

Celebrating a New Year is one's choice, celebrating ascension is not an option for those only entertaining it because of its mystique. There is courage needed to agree to it. More are afraid than can be counted on. Celebrating the mass ascension will be a big first. We will do it, only the date and time are still in question.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

*Note from Aruna: This site was receiving mal-ware messages that needed to be eliminated before this message could be published. This has now been taken care of, and we do not anticipate any future delays in posting. Thanks to those who brought this to my attention, and to Steve who eliminated the problem.