Thursday, August 30, 2012

No guns? Not a Good Idea.

Many of you are questioning my comments about having guns. What is the cause of this change in my consciousness? Am I negative? No, neither negative nor cancelling out my desire to have more caring in my chelas. I am only being clear about what may begin to occur in your communities.

Are you fully able to accept whatever comes to you without any concern? Good, you are able to ascend. Those who cannot ascend, or completely accept whatever occurs without any negative attitudes against a perpetrator, can do what is needed to defend their community. No one is asking you to deliver darkness to anyone in your circle. Guns are not dark, only your negative thinking about them is dark. All things are neutral—man gives them dark or light designations. Choose the attitude you wish to carry and the gun will not be used against anyone. However, it could make an intruder leave, and in this drama you could consider it worth having.

Are you afraid of a gun? Are you afraid of the desire of your ego to act against another if one appeared in your abode? In all circumstances the ego is the actor against another, guns are only tools. You can deliver deadly attacks without a gun. Another weapon of choice could do damage as deadly as any metallic object you can design. Cars kill, are you afraid of getting one? Mother nature is not all loving either, she also kills, as an act of destruction carries many lessons about caring and compassion.

Care about the friends and family in your community and get the things you may need to deliver them to a condition that answers their needs, whatever that may appear to be. Choose the caring over the label you cast on what that caring needs to include. Seldom does caring include a delivery of death, but it can at an appropriate moment. Can you get what this means? Not having the ability to deliver death will not make you a hero when your loved ones are being attacked. Cancel these delusions. Having a metal object that can thwart an attacker can make you a hero instead of a victim.

Now, when you get upset about an idea, go inside and ask yourself: what is my disturbance about? Conditions may not get to the level I'm describing, but if they do, what is causing you to have negative thoughts about how to defend yourself? Only a question, but an important one to answer before you depend on divine assistance that does not appear. Cast your negative attitudes into the well of love and come out of your own fears. Then you can defend your dear ones with whatever they need defending assistance from. Cause and effect includes: delivery of an act of courage when needed, not defending with merely a desire that another come to deliver it for you. We cannot be there to do it for you, we can only provide you with a call to arms.

Are you unable to consider the dense conditions my words detail? Are you not aware that debt is more overwhelming than cash in all countries? Are you not aware that debt cannot be sustained indefinitely? Only a non-aware individual cannot see how deeply in debt the US is. Can it maintain this forever? No, and when it collapses there will be chaos. Be more aware and more able to care for your non-aware loved ones by getting things to defend yourselves with. Pity after the fact does nothing. Seldom does man regret owning things that attract an attacker to him, such as a new car, quality machinery or expensive accessories, but these are things that can draw an attacker into your area. A car is not an instant attraction now, but when no gas is available to buy it could be. A deterrent to being attacked because you possess these desirable things could be a gun.

I Am That I Am is not able to keep you from attracting attackers, only you can avoid doing that. Only you can avoid using a gun when it is not needed. Only you can decide to deliver a gun's charge against another. But when the "other" determines that mean deeds are to be done, when the attacker denies your dear ones the right to life, can you accept this with any other tactic? Give the attacker his due—an appropriate response to his motive. I Am That I Am has this in the caring category. I Am That I Am wants you to defend to the death your family that comes together to live. I Am That I Am wants the love of those beings to give you courage.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, August 24, 2012

Confidence is The Way

The manifestation of caring for all of God's creations is the answer to all of life's difficulties, so why can't man include this into his mental decisions? Nothing matters more than this.

Once greed is annihilated there will only be caring left, so man has arranged to collapse the entire corporate dynasty that demands all and gives nothing away unless there is a tax deduction. Eliminate greed now, you will be able to live without these corporate dictators. Meditate to lighten the matrix of materialization, because this will deliver the alternatives.

No man can manage disharmony by himself. Coming together is not only a wise  choice, it will be absolutely essential to get through hard times. Fighting will continue for many, but those who do care about man's world will do loving things without getting out guns and destroying themselves or those around them. However, guns do deter and having them may keep others away who don't care about your desire to live in a caring way. They can drain you of all that you need to live.

Passivity will not keep them from attacking, but a most challenging demeanor can. Walk and talk with confidence without being cocky. Interest in you as a target will be less. Solve your own confidence issues now. You will need charm as well as grace to deliver the message "don't mess with me."

Courage and confidence are not the same. Courage means there is a deep rooted fear inside that cannot be overcome without taking a step towards what is feared. Confidence is greater than courage because no fear exists to be overcome. Those who are afraid must add courage to their capabilities. Becoming courageous is the first step to confidence.

Contemplate this: when the days of darkness begin, those who have confidence can get out of their living dilemmas because new conditions will become available to them. Only confidence will call these to them. Clearing the way to confidence will advance those who do. Others will crumble and need assistance. The confident ones can assist.

Settling into an acceptance mode is necessary. Stillness inside is the most causative method of garnering confidence. Sorting out the leaders will be action based. Can you act when afraid? Are you afraid of failing? If so, does it keep you from acting? What are you afraid of? Your own abilities? Abilities are discovered when you make an attempt, without an attempt they dissolve. Claim your abilities with an active decision made in the moment. Rise to the occasion. It will deliver you more than you can imagine.

Be more than one who calls to others for aid. Get into action, for the love of God is not always meek and mild. Get your dense bodies lighter so you can love with conviction and draw forth that love from inside of yourself. Give an active dramatization of love by choosing direct action instead of closing down. What does a hero do? Be a hero when the need arises.

Suffering is only in your mind. You can be a giver of love in any condition. Align with God's design and cancel all of your disturbing thoughts against what God has administered. You are the divine cause of these active dreams, so be the loving dancers in the dream, not like caged animals when dilemmas arise. Solve the dramas in your life NOW. Settle your cause oriented disturbances. Solve your non-aligned contradictions. Get out of man's consciousness and into divine consciousness. Be who you actually are, and face life with confidence in yourself and the divine light that dwells inside of you.

Practice dancing as a light dances. Continue dancing when the darkness appears. When this happens, light up the planet with your love. You can be the calm in all non-aligned activities; stay dense and you cannot be. In the days coming we will be looking to you as an anchor of light. Can you do this? We are counting on you. Peace and love are your very nature, claim them and do nothing less than act on that love.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fasten Your Seat Belts

Now that I have given you the most critical details of the days after the ascension, my colleagues and I want to describe what can occur once the beacons of light that ascend are no longer available to anchor that light on your planet. Instead, those not ascending must awaken in consciousness quickly or chaos will follow. Awakening contributes to balancing that crazy kind of negativity that often appears when no clear answers are available. Suddenly, many anchors of light will no longer give them any direct awareness or new cautions to live by. Only an aware being can stay content in the midst of chaos, and they aid the others.

So when many of today's anchors are no longer around, men and women will act differently than when they were able to make their way to the light in the aura of others. Many got close to ready for ascension and then the control mentality gave them a distraction. Self-awareness was not yet complete, and desire for material world objects distracted them. Want to ascend? Give up all desire for worldly niceties. Instead, look inside yourself for gratification. Can you work and do things that are normally done? Of course, just don't make goals that you can't live without. Instead, go for your dreams without caring whether you complete them or not.

Self love and desire are opposite concepts. Love of oneself means caring and giving all that one needs for happiness. Desire means your happiness depends on acquiring, not on being. One's physical needs are few: food, water and shelter. Making yourself agreeable to local conditions is the difference between a need and a want. You can want more and get it by being open, without caring whether you get it or not. Not needing it makes you grateful for what comes, and you do not become disturbed when what you would like to have does not appear.

When disasters hit most of your material things can disappear. To be attached to them more than the fact that you were not harmed cancels your ability to thrive again. Get out of desire and change the "needy" quality of your attitude, then grace will take care of those things you truly need.

Portals are about to open and I don't want your goals or your current life attachments to keep you from walking through them. First and foremost, give yourself permission to leave. Ample time has passed to help you get complete with your life.

Many of my chelas will not ascend. They have not been able to accept the concept or my direct contact to inspire them. Self control is not their best quality, so they do not meditate. In this condition ascension will not occur for them. So what my messages contain about the future is for these chelas. Can they do enough now to still ascend with this next wave? No, they don't have time, so making the next ascension wave is not possible. Instead, my hope for them is that they awaken as a result of their awareness of ascension and they are able to get on with their lives in a more awake condition. Their next ascension gateway will be the moment of death.

Pure awareness is needed. Pure clarity that their inner voice can provide. We are only able to communicate to clear channels. Are you one of them? If not, you can still become one. Practice this daily to prepare yourself to live without my contact through others.

Fasten your seat belts, because things are going to get crazy very quickly. The "next days" are not far away. Instead of asking me about them, ask yourself, can I be ready for chaos? Only when you are centered and clear inside. Otherwise you are going to be at affect of what is about to occur. Center yourself daily with meditation. Conscious breathing will center you momentarily if you put your attention on the air going in and out of the body. Ceremonial breathing is not what I'm talking about. You can count the breaths, just don't try to control them.

When you are getting near the ascension call you will be tired and not able to sleep. It means you are consciously in more than one dimension. Are you having this experience? If so, ascension is near.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Community Consciousness

Practice in community development can be gratifying, and develop more inner awareness in you as the mechanics are being considered. For example, can you be part of a group that divides everything? Can you divide all of what you bring without contracting? Are you able to accept queries about your decisions? Can you be gentle with others who have differing opinions? Can you generously give to those not agreeing with you?

What are your negative attitudes that defeat your mastery? Could they be discussed by the group without you getting disturbed? Gentle, caring attitudes during the first days may bring much gratification to all, but it is disharmony that will introduce more God awareness into the community. Giving up your own point of view with divine assistance will lead to more than a discussion, it will give you divine consciousness.

When I asked you to get together to create communities this was my concern: you would build great diads and triads in the beginning, and newcomers would consider themselves unable to contribute their advice as equal decision making partners. All who are not ascending need to be the insiders and the outsiders so you can let go of these divisive behaviors. All of you make a team, not just those who came into the community at the beginning. When communities are new, the quality of decision making tends to be more developed, as no differences have yet to appear that negate anyone's mental attitudes. But as togetherness begins to include daily arguments and negative thinking arises, more and more communities divide their members into those in the circle and those outside of it. My content today is meant to give you more guidance about  control vs. allowing of differences in working communities.

But before doing this, I want to mention one more thing aout defense vs. attack when it comes to getting ready for the days to come. I am concerned about those who are being deluded into thinking they will be delivered to another galaxy and have made no other options available. When man's control of what he considers to be his own area of concern collapses, he may become a lot less able to provide for his own maintenance. When this becomes a great concern, he could do things never considered before, like attacking others to get what he needs to live. If this happens, what could you do? Are you able to demand your ownership over his need? Are you going to invite him into your matrix to care for his needs? Can you accept and care for him with his mental attitude? Are his family able to come along too? Will you give him what you have because he demands it? Can you not give it to him? What is his clout to demand? Are you going to demand his death over yours?

What I am asking you to consider can become a daily dilemma for many of you, particularly those in an area where there is more control and not giving freely is the norm. Chasing him away is one choice, another is including him in your growing community, another is to die instead. Clearing the density in his mind will not be an option. Finding an answer to these questions is your mastery lesson.

Now, back to community co-creation. Begin with conversations, and decide what the collective consciousness needs to come to love over dis-ease in all contexts. Are you able to give up an attitude of being right when your position is not the same as the other members? When this occurs, how will the group make decisions? Who leads is critical, as control and leadership are quite different. Self-caring and caring for all is the goal when decisions are made in groups, and good leaders will make that ongoing commitment.

Giving an oportunity to those who are not assertive must also come to fruition. Are you this kind of a leader? Are you able to lead at all? When the difficult days arrive, can you give your opinion without concern about what the others will think? Should this not be the case, work on it now. Contributing your voice to the group is important for balance in the game of dancing with the divine. Selling out your own contribution makes it more difficult for you to enjoy life and makes life less abundant for others. Find a way to let go of your fear and concerns about what you have to share, and grow into being the light of love.

Friends who come together in community generally are aware of how the others are receiving them. When others join, this opens up new growth opportunities. Stay in your heart and allow your Higher Self to lead. It will, and getting a decision made can be less difficult when all involved ask for the advice of their Higher Self, as your questions will be answered from the same source.

Poise and charm are generally the qualities that invite the most confidence in one's leadership ability. Are you comfortable as the person you are? No? Then this is your most important task.

Control of anger is easy when you accept that God is designing all and God is not going to deny anyone their due alottment of grace. Give God the opportunity to make it available in your world by meditating on any conflict that arises, and deliver God's decision when it appears. Choices are only between ego's opinions and God's design—choose with your mind and ego dominates. Choose with your collective awareness and this allows God to direct. Begin to accept God's will now to waste no time in learning the difference between mind's way and God's way.

Forgive all who angered you in the past. When anger is inside of you others can activate it with very innocent contributions to your awareness. Contributions of this kind are life giving opportunities. Gratitude is the most appropriate answer when this triggering occurs. Those who deny this message of conscious awareness can be fooled by the mind into believing they know what God wants instead of asking within for guidance. Please allow them their opinion, but not control over your inner or outer activities. Always ask for inner guidance, no matter what others do or ask of you.

Preachers are not the best guides for your conscious awareness because they ask God for you. You need to learn to go direct. No intermediaries are needed.

After collapse of the dollar more oneness opportunities will be given than most of you have ever had. Give what you can and only what comes to you as inspiration to do. Give to yourself too.

Cinders are what will make the next cause and effect scenario call you into community. When they appear, go direct to your most trusted friends and ask them to live with you. With them you can bring more continuity to your lives instead of giving them up to live with others you have no track record with. Only do this when good friends are not available.

Praise for those who are already in communities, for this will be critical in the days to come.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Make Yourself Clear and Capable

Meditation will assist ascension. The density of conditions around you can be deleted by your contribution. Serapis Bey has been working to clear the dross  being created by the negative messages media is conveying. What you are mesmerized by in the news media's material is not like a movie that can be forgotten. Mind games are being played to make you more accepting of new laws that can deplete all of your natural choices. No guns is an example. When the controllers can demand all guns be given to them, there will be no way to defend yourself from their control. You need more than mental awareness to be able to defy their non-respectful challenges to freedom. No guns? No choice.

I'm not a gun advocate, but defense is now an important concept to entertain. Choosing ascension is the better choice, but those who don't ascend will need an ongoing defense system to be able to give the controllers any resistance. Are you willing to defy them? Are you willing to go to a camp on the accusation of being a terrorist? No? Then maybe you can accept their continuous destruction of the character of man's habitat. But those not willing to accept these things may need to defend their lives with more than one more action than death by drugs or death by a machine created just for this. Why do I mention this? To find out if you are frightened of this concept or able to face this possibility fearlessly. Those who are fearless are able to ascend. Not facing this with courage means more work is needed in your case.

Am I advocating guns? Yes, for those not choosing to ascend. Not assalt weapons, but small defense guns with more than one round of ammunition. Not to go out with, but to defend your family if needed. Guns are not my choice of defense, but against another gun they work the most effectively. Shooting ranges are good dross release operations. Can you give one a try? Learn to defend yourself as an advanced gun user, not a novice. Practice is necessary.

Putting out this message is not what my colleagues and I would prefer to do since we are Masters of energy medicine, but no longer can you count on mental creating or non-violent abilities to create a safe haven for yourself and your family. Since these cause and effect mandates cannot be defense resources in chaotic times, you will need an alternative. The need for self defense will enter your lives before long; you will need to be able to defend yourselves.

Martial law is not yet in full force, but it will be. Let go of your dreams of more money and love without any effort, and make a clear assessment of the call for arms now being made since one incident was created to deny guns to you. More details are available in the news about the movie theater incident than are actually the case. None of these things were done by the one accused. Never before had this person been doing any calculated harm to others. Why him? His complete sense of being controlled by drugs given him as a calculated method to destroy his father.

My dear ones, your guns are your only defense when you are attacked with guns. Give yourself the ability to buy and learn to use one. I'm not decreeing you do this, I prefer to ask you to ascend. But one or more ascension in millions means a lot of you will need an ability to defend yourselves against invaders of your homes and dictatorial marshalls who decide to engage you in drama. Self love is your main defense, not going down in a drama of the new corruption games.

Some will think I'm a fake dark lord giving this info, but I AM THAT I AM, loving you with my advice for crazy times. Consider these words and decide what you must do next. Beloved ones, you are the one who knows your own destiny in the dense drama to come, what will you do?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna