Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Response to my readers

My dear ones. Consider my messages clear. No one is asking you to fight Monsanto. No one is calling on you to demand anything. Give only light as masters do. Be quiet. As an Awakened being, not giving your attention to Monsanto does more than going against them. Your days are not for going against anything. Celebrate the love that flows through you. Make decrees about nature being abundant with nutritious, clear of GMO, foods. Give all of your attention to giving. Help create your decrees with heart directed action. Being against anything, as I've always said, calls that thing into action. Being for anything calls that into action.

As for the money. I didn't say the yuan would get accepted as the new reserve currency, only that what the Chinese decide could demolish all currencies. Buying gold or silver will not create dominance in a dead economy. It will not get you the things you need. Making friends with your neighbors, to come together to create more abundance for all, is needed more.

Abundance is your goal, not money. Abundance can include money when currencies are created anew, but not when they are disappearing. What is needed in a great depression is to heal the situation with the development of new attitudes. Then the controllers cannot control. An attitude of abundance with a great delivery of caring will give more aid to the current monetary demise than greeting your days with  depression or dark attitudes. Give light. Masters do not need to carry concerns. All is in perfect order.

Masters only need to act as they are guided to act by their inner knowing. My teaching is only a supplement. No guide of my realm gives you negative material to cause fear. My words are to give you more awareness, and contact with inner guidance is to lead you to the best choices.

Clear any dense attitudes about my words and find the answers to your confusion in my long term message: be awake, be aware, and delight the change agents in the world with your calm. Make your own contact with the loving and caring Masters. Give them your active LIGHT, which equals open hearts and an absence of mental divisiveness. Share your mental concerns but don't make them your mantra.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

China's Cards are About to be Played

Are you able to live with conflict in an area that does not cancel any daily activities and accepts no delays? Can you make energy out of nothing? Can you give when nothing comes in for you to use to create another way of living?

Facing the collapse of your currency gives you many consciousness developing opportunities. Are any of them giving you more awareness? My continued love of all that is causes me to make these comments now, before your currencies do collapse. This is my way of getting the attention of those who can give me their agreement to establish another mode of living and a higher level of awareness because they both are needed. Face the collapse as divine consciousness, without fear, and you will be adequately cared for. Please make yourself capable of doing this.

China is now contemplating the devaluation of the dollar as a means of changing the reserve currency  to yuan.  No condition has caused them more disturbance than the way the global game is coming to a climax now without them having dominance in the currency markets. They can control all money with a new currency approach. What they decide will effect the currency of all countries, and a complete collapse is a clear option due to the analysts ability to mask what is actually happening.

China wants world dominance in all areas. Making their currency less contained to their own circles means they will have more chances to control delivery to their business associates when deals are made in their country's money. Ways to control the global collapse are within their ability also. Are major allies of the US going to accept China's demands? Absolutely, allowing major currencies like the dollar and the euro to go down the drain quickly. Change money now before it happens is the first thought that you may have. But to what? All currencies other than the yuan are going to collapse. The yuan can make an absolute currency control bid at any moment, and if they do, no other currency can compete. How this unfolds can mean the loss of the dollar as the world reserve currency which will cause a most disturbing change for many countries. The collapse of their currency will be a consequence of this change.

What can alter this? More anger, about anything, will cause another major eruption of negativity within mass consciousness. Another coinciding energy drop will come when there is no ability to grow food during the cold months. Consider also the inability of corn and other GMO foods to provide good health conditions because the manufacturers of corn and wheat products are doing nothing to heed health concerns about these two most significant contributors to the world food supply. Gardens are not going to be able to receive adequate protection against airborn contact with GMO contaminants, and naming the culprits can only lead to growth of compliance with the Monsanto agenda. Consider them the biggest consumer destroyer on the globe. They destroy and dominate all food coming out of the human domain. Are you able to accept this with quiet minds? Will you do anything to answer this attack on your health and everyone else's health as well? No? Than get prepared to go to a camp where you will  be observed and managed, eating death creating nutrients at all times.

Are you able to fight Monsanto and win? Only with collective court cases and new hearings about the control of this food cooperative. Nutrition has been damaged, and core foods without major contamination are scarce and in many cases, too costly to buy. Will you freak out to get Monsanto to alter their agenda? Are you willing to be locked up? Can you conceive of different actions you can take as one man or woman? Making a difference with this cause of disease needs more decision makers with the ability to alter man's destiny by moving dross out of an entire social system.

History has given you no cause to believe in the change ability you now possess. Once Awakened,  applying your new awareness to the situation can make a difference. It can also give other God driven situations new latitude. Mental desire is not the way to accomplish what is in this message. You are at the consciousness level of a master. You can make all of this disappear. Just connect with divine consciousness, decree what you want to happen, and then allow the results to unfold.

Pure consciousness will give the drug companies and Monsanto new deterrents to their governing abilities. Action is how this has always been done. Making choices that support man's thriving and being conscious about the human domination gestures you observe can lead to a new collective attitude against Monsanto without demanding it.

Please accept what is being said here without any anger about it. Give it your light with a cooperative attitude. Ask your Higher Self to aid those who will need aid. Give more attention to living without anger and negative thinking. Be a "Peaceful Warrior," without attacks and without causing a  disturbance.  Believe me, you are already doing more than the mind can understand. Mind is not the "doer," only an observer. I Am That I Am is not without control. It only appears that that way to open the door to more awareness for all. Be God-like in your actions and you will be giving God aid for creating life giving conditions and a future without deception and greed. Feed the fire of non-violence to generate a different concept about how this approach can aid this moment. Make caring your only choice.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Meditators Needed

I am channeling this message for all masters. Many thoughts have come to us about how the new masters can contribute. Not by doing anything that attracts attention. Not by giving the world more density on any level. Not by contacting the deceived about how they are being controlled. All you need to do is meditate.

Maybe this appears too easy. Can any of you complain about this? Children of God can contribute their light best when there are no divisive attitudes, i.e. me against them. There are no divisive attitudes active when you are mentally quiet.

Fake dramas will continue because the controllers are in a dilemma about how to control all who live on Mother Earth. Instead of doing the things they anticipate, do none of these things. Quiet the dream that is held together by the data that comes from your media. Can you delete dross producing contacts and negative opinions from your mind? If not, can you refrain from absorbing the news and other media content for awhile? And can you meditate one hour daily?

Beliefs abound about the media's contribution to man's cancer delivering choices. All of your medical news is dross. All news about changes in government direction is dross, and all the news about current affairs is concocted by those masquerading as directors of the military, cautionary agencies, informed doctors and nameless authors who are duped into delivering more dross than news. Are these things happening? Yes, but not as they appear. Some of you are able to contain your anger about what is being given, but most cannot, and the dross in this anger creates more dross. Will you refrain from giving your attention to your news as well as any commentary about how the controllers are making their control known? By revealing this material they are activating upset so you will demand different actions. Those who make these demands will be the ones they target for delivery to the camps. Beware of making demands, as getting caught in objecting is another drama about to appear. Be one with all and not out campaigning against anything.

Does this mean the Occupy movement must be abandoned? Are you getting my drift? Control of those  opposed to existing conditions is about to get stronger. The goal is to make contact with anyone who is  capable of dissent. Careful cooperation in groups that are generally quiet can maintain the opposition in a less overt manner. What can we do to collaborate with those meditating? Anchor light for all in the area.

Attacking, menacing, corrupt change agents are able to deliver you to a camp of activist cohorts and you will not be able to come out of these camps. Not able means locked up. Will you take my word for this? Camps are already awaiting any disturbance generators who oppose mass media's delivery of news about change. This channeling is advance notice of the next criminal outrages that no amount of dissent will be able to contain.

My dear ones, mastery means "no disturbance." Give no heed to these actions and deceptions. Give no attention or action to defend your rights. What is coming needs more dross diminished by quiet, meditating healers. YOU! Can you give this gift to the rest? If so, in the weeks to come your level of peace and awareness will present the controllers with a challenge they will have no ability to control. When this occurs, the light can eliminate their control. Work with us to develop some new cause and effect abilities that can counter the changes intended in the controller's agenda. Walk in balance. Cancel all dissent. Arm yourself with an open heart and a mind clear of dross. Be a master and do nothing to attract attention.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, December 16, 2011

Answers to Some of Your Questions

When the masters observe how man contaminates the land, most of us are incredulous about the desire to continue to live and the number and magnitude of death creating devices that continue to be constructed. Good health is complicated by the controllers concept of one controlled world, so death's door is wide open. Why do most humans accept death's creations? Answers are many. Are you deciding daily which choices made will create good health or are you accepting concentrated aggravations to health because of convenience and the convincing of doctors and tech developers? Neither choice is only made once. Every day another choice opportunity appears. Every moment another good health decision can be made. Good health needs an attitude of caring about God's creation more than convenience.

Cancel the materials being used to destroy health and good health would be more available. Are airplanes an attack on your good health? No. Are the meals given on airplanes an attack on good health? Yes. Nothing food related is clear of chemicals on an airplane. Can the chemicals in the food do as much harm as the radiation the altitude and atmosphere combined contribute to man's cellular construct? Yes. What you eat takes more out of the human condition than airline atmosphere. Free radicals created by the food does more harm than any condition the airplane creates. Cancer cells are not only created from food, chemicals in the bottles of alcohol and other drinks are also negatively affecting health. Most humans do not consider how they accept anything they are given to be good nutrition and do not make any attempt to cancel diet additives or other non-healthy, cancer producing contents from their daily ingestion. So why care about airplane contributions to man's deterioration when an airplane trip has almost no contaminating effects when only accessed occasionally. Cancer is also caused mentally, so eliminating your negative thinking would erase a lot of cancer creation.

Will the sun and solar energies have any connection to man's ability to complete ascension? No, what happens in a man's life only determines the caring level maintained during a crisis, no ascension candidate gets cancer unless it is in their contract. Cells are not conditioned only by the body's absorption of chemicals or other change agents. Mental attitudes about man's circumstances grow into cancer also. You cannot continue to ignore all the other things that cause dis-ease. One is not the only misalignment contributor. Always denying the obvious is making an impact on disease—making it more difficult to cure.

As far as radiation is concerned, more of it will add to current disease creating deaths. Movement of already released cesium will act as the cause of many deaths not already charted. All of human, animal and plant life will be effected. Identifying with human attributes makes death difficult to accept. Acting as a divine conduit is the cure of all dis-ease. Awakening answers many contaminates with great antithesis to their effects. Change to dis-ease comes from within. Cause is only an energiser of human awareness opportunities. More nuclear cesium is coming to negate good health. This is why attention to health is needed.

The next wave of ascension can occur with all who are able. No change is considered an option. No change to our original plan will be made due because of the changes to land masses about to occur. Awaken and ascend is the next teaching to those now aware of this need and possibility. Act from fear and miss the opportunity. Give us your open desire and we will give you our assistance.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, December 12, 2011

Clearing for Expanded Awareness

Questions for me are once again welcome. Now that the consciousness of all has gone up a notch there are more of you able to accept the answers I give. Please do not ask about what has already been discussed many times. Instead of asking a question right away, take the time to look at all that has led up to the current message. An answer could be in the message given a few days before and an answer to that question could annoy those who are already aware of your question's answer. Make your questions about new directions or new material.

Comments about your own experiences are good. I can open new doors when one of you opens to the next octave in awareness. We do hope these messages are able to deepen the next group of ascension candidates into anointed consciousness.

Challenges of all kinds are unfolding for more dross to be cleared. When the dross is your negative memories we must activate deeply buried contractions to get you out of denial. When they appear, do nothing other than assist in their clearing as a chalice and courier. Accept our gift of grace to move the contraction and clear it. Many therapies do not delete contractions, they only suppress active feelings.

Welcome all the changes in the container you use. Are you able to glow as an anchor of divine light? Contractions are the energetics created by mind's attitudes and opinions about the memories trapped in your organs and glands. Are these attitudes and opinions needed now? No, and we are giving you the encouragement and contact that lets you move through the dross quickly. No need to cringe, this mode of clearing is not hard to do. Facing the fact that clearing is ongoing, there is no need to look for  negative causes or mental attitudes that attract. Just allow the movement that the dross takes to change to another form. Maybe it will delete itself as it goes—or it can dissolve after it is out of the body. Neither way is better than the other.

Finding a clear attitude is the next challenge to address. A clear attitude is "no opinion." Can you face all without opinions? Yes, being opinion free is a much more effective way to make a difference than holding onto an attitude "against." Masters are going towards the new day, never away from anything. And they do not delete any actions that are needed to get to their destination. Your destination is the complete clearing of dross. Aliveness and awareness expansion comes next.

We want more happiness in all of you. No more depression, no more "can't do" attitudes, and no more contractions. You are the divine awareness on this planet. All you need to do is to be free of dross. Surrender control. Manifestation with the mind is only a control mechanism. Control contains no divine awareness as there are no demands made by the divine. Ordinary lives are the way of the master. God created all to be doing what they do best - to compliment each other's contribution. One depends on all the others to be fully contributing as they intended. Wake up to the conscious awareness that all are one and no one is more divine than another. This is needed to deliver your contribution. What are you waiting for?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Advanced Comments

Beginning these next lessons for masters comes from a desire for all who ascended to live a greed free, manipulation free life. When desires appear in a newly ascended one they are a manipulation of the mind that does all it can to continue its attitude of control. As these mental desires come into conscious awareness, the ability to answer the mind's quiet seduction without giving any attention to it makes the divine more active. Getting seduced, as an attention getting device, will continue until no action of any kind is generated by it. When humans are not free of mind and desire (or anything not aligned to the heart's guidance), the deep aware light in the core of man, his True Nature, is not completely available. True Nature is now appearing but is not always full present. What can be done to complete an ascended deliverance? Claim the new awareness each time the mind attempts a coercion.

Should one attempt actually succeed in canceling awareness, another temptation will come. Many attempts to divert your attention from divine consciousness will be given until you achieve complete mastery. Only when these temptation cease claiming your attention will the bright light inside you be completely available at all times.

What will the mind do as other teachings now? Many things. It will continue talking about the dark incessantly, and make comments about anything and everything, regardless of the amount of hyper vigilance present at most of its diversion tactics. Can this delete an ascension? Absolutely not, but it will attempt to dominate ascended consciousness as long as the body/mind's attention can be diverted to its management.

Clear, empty conduits of divine grace can become negative towards their own mind. Careful! When this happens, complete ascent into the core of divine consciousness is not possible and hearts can still be broken until this is overcome with heart led decisions.

Practice being caring without giving away your own energy to the other. Alive drama will continue for all who are not clear about themselves as divine conduits. Keep this awareness active:
1. You are not the body.
2. All of the needs of the body will be cared for.
3. No discontinuation of mental thoughts will occur unless mind is dismissed on every occasion.
4. Welcome feelings. All feelings. It is good to get them out during the active drama before they become dormant and cause unconscious reactions.

Change only your attention to these details to be the example of an Ascended Master.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Moving Towards Awakened Actions

From today onward my dear channel will only deliver messages twice weekly. No particular days will be designated. When I want to contact her we will create the time.

The messages now are only describing the mastery that all of those who ascended must take to their hearts. Next we will discuss how they are contributing once the details can be named. All who did not yet ascend may go back and read the earlier Master Messages* books and this blog from the beginning. Pay particular attention to what has been said regarding awakening and ascension. For some, the  instructions on how to change things were not followed, so the desired results could not be delivered. All that is needed to ascend has been told. Calling me on deletions is not an appropriate attitude to take. Asking yourself what conditions still need changing in you can open your hearts and enable you to continue developing your mastery.

No more messages will address these contract completion topics. Serving others will be the next direction to learn from. Will you do this? Not by visualizing the mind's choices. Acting on the master within's choices and a direct love conveyance will do more than closing your eyes and imagining someone else providing the needed assistance. All countries have needy people who can use your help.

Farmers, get out of the Monsanto grip. Give the food chain more care. Add natural, chemical free fertilizers to the crops you grow instead of degenerating contaminates and constructed gmo carriers. Form co-ops to market food. Sell to conscious consumers directly when you can. Feed animals non-gmo grain. Your food makes the conditions of your dream continue. Your minds are controlled by the lack of nutrients contained in what you eat. Say NO to these things because your feelings and your mental choices are effected by them.

Most of you are not willing to live without your cell phones, so consider how they are effecting your nervous system. Getting good nutrition and adequate ambiance are needed for you to get healthy and maintain good health. Remove yourself from destructive, money oriented deviations from natural maintenance activities. Absorb no chemicals or electro magnetics that you can avoid. Turn off the TV and game consoles at least once a day to delete their effects. Unplug all appliances when not using them.

Your mind's activities are not as important as your ability to deliver caring, so don't make your day only mental. Give more attention to human contact. Cherish the ones who have an interest in your wellbeing. Give that level of caring to them.

Fighting in the collective consciousness about how and when to grab or let go of money making contraptions will cause more chaos in the future. Be grateful to those who are giving their attention to man's care instead of their own money driven ideas.

Can we create a caring, control free day at least once a week that allows the body to be rejuvenated? Fasting is good once the body is healthy enough to be without food on an occasional basis. Pure water must be consumed during these cleansing days.

Free yourself from contaminates as much as you can. Spiritual freedom does not stop when the mind gets quiet, it also needs a body that can care for those needing aid. Free attitudes do not criticize or manipulate the minds of their companions. Accept them with the love of the highest awareness—in your natural condition. Be alert to what drains that love.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

* The Master Messages vols. I, II and III date back from 2005-2007. They are still available on my website http://awakeningcoach.com. Aruna

Friday, December 2, 2011

After Ascension—Contentment

My dear ones. Asking for a complete detailed prediction of the future is not ascended consciousness. The new dream will continue to be created "in" all who are now ascended, along with those who are not. I use the word "in" rather than "by" because the next dream will reflect inner dynamics more than active management.

After ascension many of those newly ascended are not yet activating their most dramatic abilities because they are not desiring different conditions. Desire does not lead them any more. All they are thinking now is blessings.

When discontent is the attitude being demonstrated, that means more disturbance will come out of the conduit of that discontented message. Give the game time to evolve. Make a goal to be content with what is. More disturbance only continues a drama that will destroy this entire manifestation. Bask in the love of the ascended consciousness that has brought a new dawn. Grace is in your life now even if you cannot recognize it. Celebrate the beginning of a new era.

Are you able to see love in all that happens? No? Then you need to have more awareness. No desires and more awareness will cancel the controllers dream. Being content is the opposite of fear. Peace is the opposite of disturbance. When you are content and peaceful there is no disturbance generated in mass consciousness. Can you get that inner answers are what is needed to generate outer changes? Answers to the goals of the occupiers lie in their consciousness. Can they be direct in claiming their choices and also quiet in their demeanor? Can the world bring to light the controllers destruction without causing forceful revenge? Change is needed in a big way.

Parents of children who are dramatizing gifts they create from direct contact with the divine do not understand that they themselves have talents they are not expressing. When the expression of a gift is contributed to life there are those who consider another's contribution more able and more fantastic than their own. This is not so. What these people need to recognize is that the other is more divinely connected.

Healthy children all have an advantage over adults. They can access more grace and deliver their gifts early because they have not been discouraged by non-aware attitudes. Most adults are discouraged by self-defeating attitudes and negative thinking. Please allow the genius in you to come forth. Traces of genius are in everyone, not just a few. Are you willing to allow your newly ascended consciousness to come out? Only change in you will give the ok to change in the controllers inner attitudes— these attitudes are not going to be destroyed by daily media contributions to negativity. You can make this dream more conducive to free energy production, inner awareness of genius, and the delivery of  change for all humans who can accept divine grace.

Be the change. Alight from your desire to know the future so you can make the future into a dream you prefer. Channeling the I AM Presence will deliver the quality of guidance needed daily. Are you able to do this? Please learn how.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Collapse of the Controller's Agenda

What has happened to the dross that was let go during the ascension? It disolved into nothing, just as any dis-ease does when no life force keeps it materialized. Ascension did to negative energy what it is now doing to all the dross in the collective consciousness.

What has been dormant for many centuries is the aliveness in the hearts of the conduits that has been needed to lift all of humanity. This has been changed in one day of your time. Affirmative content in the attitudes of life's "can do" deliverers means more aliveness for all who are being touched by these attitudes. When we look at mass consciousness now, the dark is outweighed by love. So much so that we may soon find a big alteration in those human activities that are now looking dark. Awakening those who are making dark clashes in the atmosphere may not occur in an instant, but it can occur during the life of many who are now negative.

Answers to questions can now resume. One of the questions is about the next manifestation in the ascension delivery—what will it look like? No matter what is said about this, man will do nothing to control the next days. All who are awaiting a complete disappearance may die before it occurs. It doesn't matter now because an ascension of great magnitude has already occurred. After this there is no need for a major collapse of the world economy to bring more love to all facets of life. We may now see a new way to clear the dream of man's greed. Are you able to see this controller game going out of existence? It will, and there will be a most candid disclosure when it does. When this occurs we will laugh at the dream's complete loss of direction by its majority at the manipulation generated by the few. Await this new dream, it is about to come in a new emergence of material that offers more than just transparency.

Are any of the answers now available? No, only a minute amount of detail has been revealed. None of the major corporations involved are lacking money. They are the link to overturning economies that are collapsing, not governments. Corporations that have dominated governments are the answer to full change. Get them to lead the way to more caring and this will disturb those making the decisions that have caused all of the mess now driving the conspiracy. Not theories, actual conspiracy.

False information, new dreamers, and answers that have come out of life's games are at their most active moment in world history right now. Only a major cancellation of these active manipulations can make things different. When this occurs we will begin the ascension of all the humans who are able to disappear.

Cancellation of the conspiracy will be the next act of courage. Those causing the drama of money are about to let go of their control. When this occurs we will have a most interesting drama to watch. "Fun for the free" is all we can call it.

Generally, no dream is complete without a happy ending, and yours is not going to be any different. When we are able to greet one another in another contact mode the game of the controllers who are currently in charge will be over. Now it is about to collapse. Be aware, as new ways to live are about to begin.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, November 28, 2011

Masters Have Answered Our Call

My dear ones. Those changes made to the ascension scenario are not really changes at all. Consider the death of ego to be the disappearance of "you." All who ascended are now delivering the One consciousness. What happens to the body now makes no difference, as "you" are not the body. Please accept that what happened IS what was predicted. The number of masters we now have on Earth have dramatically increased and they do not carry the density they once had. A new day has dawned and another conclusion can come from these alterations. Cosmic consciousness is now anchoring in numerous areas of your planet. Call this more "light," but it is more than that. Catalysts for more ascension candidates are now contributing to the major consciousness changes that need to be made. Welcome all who are now the change agents as new cast members to your movie. None of them carry the angst they once had. All of them carry a high love quotient that will be delivered wherever they are. Truth is now available as the answer to those challenges in your daily awareness.

Maintaining this new auric frequency is now up to each of the newly ascended masters. Can they eradicate their anchoring ability? Yes, they can—by re-identifying with their previous beliefs.

Chosen ones are those who have chosen to give God their allegiance. What these masters have done is turn their human contributions to the movie over to divine grace. When they do leave their bodies there will be no lingering concepts that can cause another incarnation. Their work completed on 11-11-2011. Falling from grace was their only challenge during their very first embodiment. Maintaining grace is now their only challenge for the next year.

Super conscious beings can deliver great wisdom as well as provide contact with a master. Continue to dream what must be dreamed to turn around current conditions. Change the attitude of those who doubt by demonstrating your courage to deliver your new awareness to those who can accept it. Face negativity and doubt with caring.

Who are you? Continue to ask this question to anyone who has the ability to consider themselves divine, not just human. Worship no conduits for divine messages, or any other national or historical persona. None of these are the masters that can lead you to grace. You are the master now. Be a devotee of the God aspect in your own quantum field. When the dear ones who are now masters walk on the land they make a concentration of light for all of their companions in the movie.

Are these words as clear to you as they are to me? Are you being a catalyst to open others up to ascension—not with words, but only with grace?

Television cannot give anyone grace directly, only content that can deliver one to facing their greatest fears. This is actually a good thing. Meditate daily to keep the more challenging conditions around you at arms length. Cause and effect do not matter to ascended masters, but causing lots of caring is your assignment. Free as many as you can from heartache. Be the drum that can beat an answer to any challenge. Make this day a light filled one. May peace beam on all who can inspire more peace.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Can the Ascension Make a Difference?

After the ascension in consciousness many of you are wondering why the predictions of a full disappearance have not occurred. When this was predicted we had no idea of the number of souls who would accept a disappearance. Accepting it was a key to ascending in consciousness. Being attached to a material world matrix could destroy the man's co-operation for any kind of ascension. A "yes" to disappearing was needed to ascend 3D consciousness.

Pure consciousness in a man does not mean there are no opinions or anxiety about current events. It does mean there is no fear about anything. We needed to determine the availability of those who were not attached to human experience. Masters do not need to leave the human realm to be at an awareness level of pure light. We have determined that 1,500,000 are now at this awareness level. We are very happy with this. It means a massive alteration in mass consciousness has occurred. What's next? A full disappearance of bodies will come as the mental disappearance of personal identity continues. A major change can occur in an instant, but not all of the 1,500,000 can levitate from full transcendent frequencies yet. Next is the lessening of dense matter by conduit status. Being a full conduit, without any distortions, deletes material density. Serving as an anchor of white light begins with channeling, but  more physical changes occur when no "channel" is needed. By this I mean that the claim of being a channel disappears as a man ceases to identify with body, mind and spirit as being one's "self." This completes the detachment necessary for a full ascension.

We've completed one of the most difficult achievements: graduating one and one-half million ascended masters. Next we help to make them a dominant light influx on their own matrix. Another quantifying consciousness appearance is their character. When there is no attachment to the material world, giving becomes  a natural way of Being. No holding on to anything completes the annihilation of dense consciousness. Matter appears when mental attitudes densify the light. Allowing the light to flow without any contractions is the next step. Your contractions must disappear because this is what will provide more alignment to God's will than the mass consciousness has previously allowed.

When dross thoughts disappear, including thoughts that claim identification as a human, an awakening has fully annihilated the context of the "me and other" attitude. More light instantly becomes available. An awakened master will impact many by merely being present. Change in the awakened man's body depends on the delivery of light he is able to allow. One who can maintain an aura of light in all circumstances has become a divine chalice.

Acting normal as "God that is a man" is the last material contribution. When this is neither an interest or a concern, an active ascension has occurred. It was amazing to observe this from our way of witnessing.  Celebratory actions on our side were minute compared to the light frequency all of these masters generated in their homes and countries of physical residence.

Charm is not a criteria of ascension. Naming names is not wanted. Giving this awareness to all can cancel many dreaded consequences of destruction that have been catalyzed by negative attitudes against "others." Changing human demonstrations into light cannot be done in an instant, but can come about as a consequence of the love energy making its contribution to the mass consciousness. Are you one of those contributing love to all of these "against" demonstrations? If you are, be content with things as they are and allow the pure consciousness that brings change on a moment to moment basis to be fully available through you. This kind of help is about being empty rather than mentally calling for mind's concepts of how mind would like things to be. To live as an ascended master is to give God full reign. Being has more impact than doing - even mental doing.

Bless with the highest light by being present and mentally empty. Bless the entire universe with no doing.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What Will Change Mass Consciousness

Giving is the answer to all the conditions that are caused by negative memories in the collective. Are you getting the message? You are now able to release memories of lives that were not abundant by giving. As you give, these memories of not having enough will dissolve. Cause and effect will draw to you what a inner motivated giving action does for those you are giving to. Give money, give love, give messages that grace others. Never before has the grace of God been so active. All you need do is live like a divine creator and give without the fear of deleting your own assets.

I don't mean to drain your assets in order to give. Give from abundance. What does not get used can be given to others who need these things. Give the messages that are in your heart. Act like you have an open channel for God's words because you do!

Make this day a giving day, and tomorrow too. All the days of your life you can give more, and this will cancel unconscious greed and give more to the life flow. I am not asking you to give away all the things you need to live—only gifts you are inspired to give because you no longer have an attitude of "need" that clings to them.

When you "need" you are making the object of that thought more important than it is. When you "need" there is lack in your memory. Can you go to live in another area with only one or two suitcases? Than you don't "need" anything else. Making your collected assets more cherished than another's "need" can cause contractions in you when none of these objects has any value. Gold, diamonds and other material objects with a high cost mean nothing to those who need major things like homes, clean water and food. What they need will come to them with no gathering attitude on their part. Collecting is great to do when it contributes grace to the maker of those items. But diamonds and gold are not derived from the kindness and inner creativity of those delivering them. They are lacking the most important ingredient: a loving gatherer. These materials all need a more conscious collector to make a loving contribution. Blood diamonds are the perfect example of lack consciousness being applied to the destiny of those receiving them. Greed in the diamond mine owners continues through the chain of connection to all involved in their distribution, and the consumer carries this vibration in their energy field when wearing then. All that sparkles does not necessarily carry joy in its core.

Wake up the light in every diamond with the grace of God. You are the light. You can give diamonds another energy. Carry them only when they have been cleared and infused with divine grace. All gems (and crystals) carry their collector's dreams in them. Clear these. All of the wealth you perceive is just a mental attitude, as nothing has more actual value than any other thing. More value comes from actions delivering energy that will make a difference in another's life.

After the asset value of diamonds and gold is weakened, their collectors will also "need" basic survival items and messages like "You are a divine being," "All the answers you need are within," "All material things are as man values them, not as God values them," and "All that you need will be available—have a great day to attract it to you," etc. What you do and say are worth far more than diamonds and gold.

Make a list of what you can deliver to others that will make a difference. Consider more recycling. Offer to give away all that you don't use at least once a year. There is no sense in collecting things that are not useful to you. Make your gifts out of love and no matter what they are they will be loved by the one receiving them. Positive attitudes are grace in action.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate this holiday. Happy giving to those ready to celebrate giving and receiving each and every day. When your giving leads to loving attitudes in others you have angelically delivered more light to all around you (as well as the one on the receiving end). When love is contributed to the world more love can be made from it. Masks need to be removed. Open, honest lights are the answer to what the world needs now. Bless each other with light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Advance Awareness with Caring

Ascension has created many ascended masters in man's midst, yet all are not able to grasp the full clarity of their new condition yet. Many are unaware that they have fully ascended negativity. Are masters negative? Never. I Am That I Am considers everything unattractive to be an opportunity for expanding awareness. Are you able to make this an absolute truth in your awareness?

Non-awareness can still need an answer of this kind to become fully anchored in the newly ascended. Changes in your way of thinking may alternate between two different attitudes as this adjustment continues to completion. Change to the mental, as well as the body's chemistry, needs time to be adequately advanced into 5th dimension. This change is natural, no abilities are needed. Complete acceptance deletes any adjustment dynamics.

Facing what occurs without making any demands or holding any negative attitudes is the most conscious way to act as controller activities are being directed at you now. Staying with your own close group and doing non-divisive meditations and clearing work for all concerned will aid in dissolving the negativity in mass consciousness.

Facing the controllers can lead them out of darkness as the next great movement in consciousness occurs, but not now. First, they need an outpouring of energy that delights them into thinking they are delivering more of their goals. Next, the Galactic Federation will defuse all of their attempts to drive the cost of fuel up and the cost of a meal over what anyone can easily afford. Your answer to most of their attempts to destroy can be "I'm doing this my way!" Not calling them on their deceptions now is the difference between ascended consciousness and collective disturbance. Ascended consciousness awaits the attack without making any discernable effort to mount a defense. As the attack comes, an answer comes to thwart it. Our answer is not needed until there's an attack. Waiting without concern is how man can defeat the controllers. He can call these changes unacceptable and not go along with them. We are not advising any attack before the challenge appears. Not now or ever.

Tough love does not act against a minority cause unless it deems that an action being taken is not acceptable. Canceling your account at the bank is not the way to begin. When the tightening of credit comes, get out then. Always demonstrate a response that emphasizes how the control move is what caused that response. Once this type of counter to every move convinces the decision makers that they cannot succeed, no more attacks of this kind will be delivered.

Cash will not be made defunct as the controllers do not intend to delete theirs, but it will become more difficult to obtain. Create a group mind to discuss how to manage with less. Many of you are not close to anyone near where you are living. Can this be changed? Collective dialog can inspire creative solutions. Many of the newly ascended masters can give instant answers to local conditions. In their groups there will be love and decision making that can change all of the controllers attempts to destroy. None of them will be announcing their new awareness, so find them by going out to meet your neighbors. They might be next door. Nice neighbors can be ascended masters. When the day comes to come together, the neighbors may not contact you unless they are aware of your kind attitude towards them.

Faith in the power of the collective mind is more needed now than ever before. Give this day a new dose of happiness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, November 17, 2011

When Will You Disappear?

When the moment of disappearing arrives, the next level of contact with all that is completes. There will be no differences in the way things appear, no change in consciousness needed, and no discord in any attitude of the talk within. Only love will be in the cells, and no matter what occurs to the body, nothing can create disturbance. This is the fully awakened condition.

When the disappearance does occur, nothing that it creates will make a difference to the one disappearing. Only the anchoring of light the body energizes will make it apparent that anything has happened. Each ascended master is going to activate an area of at least one hundred meters in diameter. When this free gift arrives, will anyone change? Yes, as nothing of this nature can be dismissed. It will be like an atom bomb was disbursed, but this destruction will only annihilate negativity. This will be a love bomb, negating neediness and greed as a consequence.

Free the mind of all of its disturbances. Question your attitudes against any drama in your master's training and delete what ha caused you any contractions. Beliefs are not needed. Being NEUTRAL allows you to dance with all.

Nature does not do anything to cause negativity and yet much destruction comes to it. A man's goal to awaken asks to be disturbed so more awareness will continue to evoke the man's ability to wake-up. A new kind of character is happy and dancing to God's rhythm. After actively delivering this gift to mass consciousness, no words will be needed to make a difference. Walls will come down, new attitudes will replace negative ones, and the birth of a different paradigm will dissolve the old one.

Make no assumptions about the ability to ascend. Those who are able will disappear. Not one alone, but many at the same moment. Will those not disappearing know when this occurs? Maybe, maybe not. Being on the disappearing channel is the only obvious way to know.

Allowing God to decide when the disappearance will occur is the ONLY option. No one, including me, can make that call. Welcome to the world of being out of control. No decision can make things go against an ascension contract, only non-agreement. Cause and effect always delivers an effect, whatever the cause is.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the happiest of all? Ascension candidates, bless them all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, November 14, 2011

Moving Forward

What does it mean to disappear? Man is not an object. In the context of divine awareness man in an enigma, dreaming about another dimension than the one he claims to be on. In this dream he is not an answer to any of the mandates he declares—asking for them to be created by divinity. He is the divine creator he asks to do things for him. Silly isn't it, that his dream doesn't allow him to acknowledge the divinity that is his actual identity. Who is doing this? Collectively this is the doing of the mass consciousness. All these dream contributors designate the destiny of the dream. Change the dream and conditions in the dreamers awareness will change.

We of the Great White Brotherhood are also in the dream as allies and aids. There is no ability on our part to dismantle the concepts of the group of dreamers that dominate mass consciousness, but we can assist those who can accept our messages and alter their individual contribution.

Passive curiosity about how the universe works does nothing to change the dream. Collectively there is one dream and all of the mental concepts of an area or a group decide on the character of the drama they create. One dream is the collective awareness, but many dreams contribute to that collective. Anger and deep caring cancel each other out. Many angry answers to daily events continue to disturb all who are not angry. Caring also cancels anger. More and more caring occurs when a tragedy strikes and anger is disolved as a consequence. Can you now see why anger is needed to maintain duality and caring is needed to dismantle it?

Now we have many who are able to dismantle anger in their group and the larger dream consciousness. Answering the current controller conditions needs more caring to collapse the disturbance. More and more  caring deletes negative energy out of group consciousness, overturning anger as the dominant dream attitude. Caring can alter the entire dream.

Negative attitudes are the cause of all the dream's current activities. Greed, dominance and focusing only on achieving material goals negates an attitude of caring. Are you able to accept that this is the current mass consciousness dream? "Think and grow rich" has turned around the dream attitude of caring. It has overturned the neighbor concept and the close knit attitude of "all for one and one for all." Instead of the "all" it is now "all for one—me." Children of God aren't getting the message that an answer to their dilemma is in the caring about all and not only caring about one's own dream over the needs of those who are effected by it.

Personal goals are good, but no goals are better. Goals that make a difference in the lives of others can deliver the caring concept to all who are able to be influenced by another's need. No goals means that caring about others is like the automatic choice made in a disaster or a car accident. The inner call of the master in the body becomes the actor and does what is needed. Caring is natural. Choosing to be loving is not the answer. Not having goals that override the natural desire to give is.

Answers to all of today's dilemmas, including the money concerns, is in caring. Caring about one's own area of delivery is all one can do in a direct way, but divine caring includes all of God's creations and doing things for others not in your direct line of awareness is most important. One world is needed—not in assimilation or money control, only in caring. Solve all the challenges in the current dream as divine creators. Use your own awareness to deliver more God awareness to man's dream. Challenge the dominators to convince them they too can care.

Afraid of them? No need to be. Change comes out of caring. Greed can be dismantled when dreamers demand change. Are those who ascended able to go out of their comfort zone to demand caring about others? Are the homeless in your area cared about? Are the dead and dying in the world able to be cared about? I am not asking for an impossible drama to be altered by your caring. Collectively there can be more. Aren't there enough caring beings to overturn the greed goals of the few? One percent has all the wealth as a consequence of dreams not being chosen that include more caring.

Cancel the dream of dying and the dream of control of your domain and ask how you can contribute more caring. Ascension delivered many masters that are going to completely disappear as their bodies are able to be dissolved by more caring. Caring to deliver more awareness to others will elevate their consciousness to the Christ consciousness in all circumstances. Then they disappear. No "uplifting" is going to occur as methods of doing this are not currently available.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, November 13, 2011

11-11 Continues its Contribution

After the great dimensional activation on 11-11 many of you do not have any desire to remain in 3D. Freedom from chaos is not the change that was needed. Freedom from anger, fear and defensive reactions against neighbors, accusers, demanding dictators, etc. is the ascended master's answer to chaos. Caring for all involved is the contribution he/she brings. Welcome to our world.

As an ascended master you can deliver many gifts to humanity. First love, next is contact with all who are needing it, and third, is the deep naked truth from the inner master that gives awareness on an "as needed" basis. Facing chaos is no longer your concern. Delivering the light that pours forth to comfort all who are disturbed is.

Channeling the highest teachings from angels and other masters is now the task that comes to you. Are you able to accept it? It is not too late to learn. When the master is able to deliver the truth, his channel needs to be CLEAR. When you ascended the arrogance of man's negativity, you contributed another access point for God awareness. Whether or not this means acting as a word channel is not important. An open channel for Christ consciousness delivers grace in many ways: your welcoming aura, your gift of divine caring, your meditative energy, your name in their active mind's content and your gratitude for their presence. These things give them evidence that they too can provide these things for others.

Whether or not one delivers messages doesn't matter. Another object of divine caring is being opened to more of God's grace. When help is needed in life's movie, divine grace can be near in the form of an ascended master.

Celebrate this major event. You will give healing to all who come near you. Nothing to do. Only BE.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, November 11, 2011

Ascension's Next Step

What do you think of this new day? Are you new and light? Are you celebrating freedom? Can you be the dancing fool? Yes?  Welcome to my world. We can combine our auras in gratitude that our goal has come to pass. We can activate all the new dancers in their light bodies with our amazing grace. Are you an angel? Yes, and a member of the second wave of ascension. Are these words making sense to you? Can you give human gratitude to all who woke you up? Celebrate the new dawn with man's controllers as your new deliverers. Yes, we can now align with God's controllers as a means of delivering you to this moment. Will you completely disappear? Not yet. Enjoy awakened awareness. We want the group consciousness that is now available to be huge—contractions deleted—and new openings in all who are not ascended yet. All the candidates ready to ascend have done the needed changes to their opinions and their facts, as they formerly considered their beliefs to be. In one day all these old, deleted attitudes are null and void.

Are you negating this now? No reason to. We have done our next step today. When the next wave comes into their new awareness all will disappear in one giant step for man, as an astronaut once declared. This one step is more manageable than the one he took. No travel needed.

Change to your matrix has been accomplished. You are on a very different matrix than the day before this. Shall we take this time to detail the effects of this huge change? No need to for those now fully awakened. For those who are not feeling any different,  give me your attention. Please do not get contracted. This can be a wake-up call. Clear happiness can also be yours forever when you drop your control and negative approach to those you come in contact with. Face the fact that more work on your own consciousness needs doing. No ascension details are needed when only divine will lives through a man's character. When this occurs there is no "you" to continue life on Earth. "You" have ascended. Only the divine uses the body now.

Bodies cannot disappear as easily as the content of the mind. Happiness is the absolute deletion of man's identity combined with the the deletion of attitudes of a personal nature. What is happening today is this: No more "me" and no more control of mind in those bodies where ascension has occurred. Will the body disappear? Quite naturally, as any of those who have ascended can tell you. No big drama—no attention getter—only disappearing from what would be a man or woman's life. Now what about the media attention my messages were talking about? What do you think can energize that? A new day's expression in delight, a mass consciousness of love, a new change in the content of the next days creations. Please, don't get aroused and demented because my drama to get you able to ascend was not the exact content that is now occurring. It was what got you to the loving light that has now become the dominant energy in the entire mass consciousness today.  May we catapult this into dislodging the lack of awareness throughout human evolution into a new answer for man's development.

What can be done about the global money condition? Give, and give until no contractions occur when you do it. Allowing things to go through you easily activates the next direction of money. Now there are a lot of lack attitudes that include  gathering and hoarding. Negative attitudes all! Fear dominates this condition.  Can your new freedom from fear deliver more charity and more clearing out of the collections that drive money out of your control? Greed and hoarding are the very same consciousness. Hoarding is about "me." Giving is about "we." Today's new consciousness is about "we." "We" are not one by numbers, only consciousness. Others appear and disappear in our auric field to provide dramatizations of our mental attitudes. Once the attitudes of "me" and "others" dissolves there will be no condition of lack in your energy.

Will the banks come into these new conditions also? Not necessarily. All will continue to go down in chaos while those who are now ascended masters will not be disturbed. All of you will give and deliver other means of continuing the dance. But many of you will disappear also—some today and some on the days to follow. When the call comes, go outside and declare "I AM THAT I AM." Welcome this. Now that you are ascended in consciousness, this minor detail will matter not. After you finish your contract it could be at any moment. Cancel all anxiousness about the date and time, and delight all who live with the ascended awareness that came to you today. As the light competes its new ability to expand in degree within the body, anything can occur in any moment.

Believe in nothing, and clear the dense areas of the mind and body if any remain. Bless you, All is One.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making a Commitment to Health

Channeling health information can be an act of defiance. I avoid being too defiant to keep this blog available. Not that I'm going to create a major demonstration or anything like that, but the most suppressed material on the planet has to do with the health of man and governments totally committed to destroying it. The UK, US and Australia and all countries being controlled by them do all in their power to destroy man's ability to care for himself in a natural way. Chemicals, mechanical devices, dietary additives, cell phones, wireless technology, incorrect dietary advice, major campaigns to eat unhealthy food, and chem trails are only the tip of the iceberg.

Organic food is not considered OK because the choice of buying degraded nutrition was being overtaken by the availability of good diets. Because of that, the governments of these three countries are doing their best to destroy man's ability to grow his own healthy food. GMOs are altering human cells and destroying agriculture on all of the continents.

Good, natural food can no longer be assured in any one's garden. Are these controls because of the public's desires? No, only government's candidates and their moneyed constituents. God's grace is being over managed by the companies that only consider their profits. Wealth comes to them with the health demolition of the people they draw their profits from. Wealth comes to them for destroying human health. Why? To make their money in the medical arena they need doctors delivering drugs. To make money in the agriculture business they need drugs in the food supply. To make money in the area of natural materials is not good enough. No new diseases would need to be researched. No doctors would be needed to give diagnosis and drugs. No big machines would need to be created to learn what new drugs can be prescribed. Can you get the gist of this big business that has evolved by poisoning the people?

You come to me with a question about health. How can I diagnose the dis-ease accurately? Too many dis-ease influences have contributed to the condition for me to claim that one or maybe to or three are the cause. Many causes have come together to destroy man's ability to be in good health.

Begin with the diet. Seek the best, cleanest food you can afford. Ask the doctors what natural treatments can be done. Consider the doctor only an advisor, not a drug pusher. Only take their advice when natural treatments are mentioned before drugs. Only take chemical drugs after attempting to heal yourself. Most chemical drugs are not able to heal you, only defer the cause temporarily. Drug companies need more money so they create more beds filled in hospitals. They do this by lobbying against any regulation and control of their own companies and for lots of regulations and control of natural health delivering products like creams and dietary supplements. If you are not a clean diet eater the cancellation of these products will guarantee you sickness.

Not able to give up the great taste of chemicals? You will have no natural ability to heal yourself very quickly. All of those diet additives do nothing but delete your ability to be healthy. Major companies are controlling your body. No man on this Earth is free of these human delivered dosages of unnatural chemicals. Naturalists get it in the food they eat and the air they breathe also. No place is hidden from airborne chemicals. Great forests are being devastated by those who dump pills into their toilets. Anyone ho does this has contributed to man's death march. Water contains non-aligned chemicals. Man can purify it, but trees cannot. Acid rain does nothing for them that is good.

Changing the subject just a bit, here's how to develop a very good health regimen:
1. Be careful about what you eat. Clean and alive with energy can be your choices. Meat and other animals are not good to eat because of what they are forced to digest. Beans, legumes, etc. can be delivered to the body without chemicals. Its not that meat is not OK to eat, just do it with love and gratitude to those who died to supply your need.
2. Always delete chemicals from your choices. Choose organic for health. Chemicals you breathe and absorb in the skin are as destructive a what you include in the diet.
3. Meditate daily to align the cells of your body to a calm condition before eating. Calm aids digestion. Stress delays assimilation.
4. Cancel thoughts about the quality of the food you are about to consume. No matter what you are eating add a dose of love to it. This will help you digest.
5. Give yourself the most care that you can. Rest and diet are important. Not enough sleep deprives the body of its ability to be healthy. Sitting quietly during the day to align with the life force within you is also a good health consideration.
6. Water: always drink the best cleanest water you can get. Filters are necessary. Changing the water's qualities are needed. Drink what the body desires. Not drinking is life threatening. Nothing is a good replacement for clean water. About 5 or 6 glasses daily is all that is needed.
7. Never take drugs you don't need. Drugs, prescription or otherwise, are not good for your body.
8. Go outside when the sun is shining. You need the sun's rays. Not to sunbathe, only 10 minutes a day is adequate.
9. Walk. Give up your cars whenever you can and drive only when necessary. Walking is the best medicine. Working out in a gym can defeat the goals you make for good health. Adequate exercise does not cause muscle aches.

Now, we have given an overview here. I could write volumes more, but my channel needs a life of her own. Making time for me on a daily basis is more than anyone can be asked to do. We ask for whatever the channel can do and still be open to aliveness in their human interactions.

Bring the love of your own heart to the world. Giving is the other "best medicine." Give with the love of your master within. It won't keep you healthy in a physical sense, but it will keep you happy and happiness is healing.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Clear Channeling is not the Norm

When the answers to all of your questions are available within an instant, there will be no need of another channel. When my current channels are ascended masters, they will be on the other side of the channeling process. My work in this way completes them, and no more channels will have my communications. So be on the next ascension and deliver the messages, instead of being on the receiving end.

Anyone needing to learn about channeling can get my course now. My Course in Channeling cannot be matched in the way it gives assistance and content to this completely open and unsuccessful arena of non-aligned conduits. All are channeling, but who and what are being channeled? Not able to afford my course? Come together with others to buy one copy and do it as a group gathering.

I've been asked if the Channeling Course and the Master Message books are going to be available after ascension. Not very likely. Aruna's new book may get to the hearts of those who have distrusted her as my channel. It will be available on the day she ascends. We will keep her on the channeling as long as her book is being created. Now it is in the final details stage. She will grant translation rights just before we call her to ascend. Now we are creating the cover.

What's in the book? My energy runs through it and so does the energy of Masters Poonja and Ramana Maharshi. Are you wanting another boost in consciousness? Channeling a master to awakening is not something commonly done, as we don't generally act in this capacity as a guide. But in this agreement we were asked to take her to Self Realization.

Women who are not concerned about the world are rare. We look for men and women who are not driven by material world goals, Would we be if we were on Earth? No, we would want the best of what life has available: nature, alignment with the contract, new adventures and great friends. Are these your goals? Maybe they are more available than those creations that are destroying Mother Earth: games, achievements and the pursuit of gratification for mind that are not the answer to a divinely enriched life. Not that there is anything "wrong" here, these goals are just less fulfilling than the more natural way of living that I suggest for advancing consciousness.

Trying to be my channel without taking my channeling course is not good discernment for a true candidate. Are you a more advanced channeling contact than others? You can be. . .

When my channels are ascended they will be assisting their contacts in other ways besides channeling messages to them. They want all to ascend, and this will be their most important direction to give. Face the fact that most of the channels today have not been getting messages from the Christ consciousness. Need I say more?

When will you get that channeling is not the absolute highest condition man can achieve? Awakening is! Be in the awareness of an awakened one and channeling needs no course. Awakened awareness contains unlimited wisdom and dream karma is over unless it is in their contract to continue for the benefit of others. Aruna's contract includes delivering messages for the Great White Brotherhood, so she wasn't going to give it up completely when she awakened.

Tough love is my way to teach, not to give nice, convincing teachings that create mental fantasy. No NESARA messages ever came from me. No contact from me has been talking about averting disasters. My contact is about helping you to ascend. I Am That I Am asked for this. No warning was given to others who ascended. We want this time to have a more direct answer to those who are not ascending. Maybe they will next time.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, November 4, 2011

Waking Up to Oneness

Change to the human experience is now being demanded, and every drama that is being acted now cancels out the goals of the controllers. When the next big drama begins, it will demonstrate their lack of effectiveness in eliminating all of man's greatness. More negative energy will be dealt with— freeing up answers to all of their most dangerous attitudes. Eliminating their control of the money machine is the most important thing now. Sending the doctors more answers to good health (other than medicine) is another, and giving more attention to answers for Mother Earth must come next. All of these material world directions are needed for more a more complete ascension on the last wave.

Will these contributions make a difference in the eventual lifting of all from the planet? No, what needs to be dramatized in this dimension does not alter man's chosen destiny. However, making these adjustments now will give a movement in consciousness demonstration to those who are not yet able to ascend, and this can make it possible for them. All is in perfect order. God's way may not be clear to man's deluded mind, but it makes good sense to those who can clearly hold the whole drama in their awareness.

Practice the art of being unattached to outcomes and get the most benefit from each change that occurs. Once the ascension has defined our overthrow of the controller's agendas, the light will desintegrate the dross that remains in all of those dear ones who have assisted in the controller mandate.

Prepare to ascend, and channel the light through your body as it occurs. Are these messages in alignment with others now? I think you will be surprised at the advance notice that is now available to all who are aware.

One of the questions asked of me lately was about the destiny of the lost ones who are not on the ascension path. My answer is: all are on the ascension path. None are out of our consciousness. All are ONE and all can ascend. Are all going to ascend before the next "dance of leela" begins in another dimension? No, but they can. No one needs to be out of the last wave. Chances are they are completely unaware of our aid in their advancing awareness, but that doesn't matter. All, as ONE, will be demonstrating their new awareness next month—then we will gather the momentum towards the next ascension. You are being developed as One, not only as individuals. And yes, the controllers are also being developed so they can ascend at their course's delivery of a new consciousness.

Facts are being accumulated that can turn them around during the next months. Healing needs to happen, not only on your dimension. Many disturbed ones are in the astral who also need to ascend. Collectively they need more alignment with their own hearts. An answer to this is the ascension of those first to go. When this occurs they can also be energized and advanced in awareness. Starseeds and other children of the universe will all be allowed to ascend. No one will be discarded. They can only disqualify themselves—they will get on the train or not.

When the new drama unfolds we will all be anointed as ONE big God consciousness. ONE heart in many human bodies and the angelic light bodies. Fear is next to go. Fear will not be an obstacle to the next days' condition of caring. Pure, advanced love will abound—none of this conditional love will remain. Pure, unconditional acceptance and caring are next. All of us on this level of awareness are about to go to the next level also. This is one of the benefits of love.

Be ONE with all of our dream controllers NOW and get on with ascension and the gifts it will bring to all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled b Aruna

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now Ascension Can Begin

October is now over and the ascension gateway is open. None have ascended. My teachings have not connected many to this gateway—more are needed to have the desired impact. Some will ascend during the next two weeks, although those making a complete ascension are few. We are not asking for the love of others to complete the incarnation cycle, much more is needed. Completing the next growth in awareness occurs as the natural deletion of mental concepts. This is what will define the attitudes within the mass consciousness in the next days.

Are the 5,000,000 who asked to complete in one more lifetime able to? Only one million, and many of them are not reading this blog. Pretending an ascension can be done is not the case here. Making it available to all of those ready for it has been our intention. This has been done. Those who are truly AWAKENED to what human consciousness is as their natural condition are to get the call. What's next is their choice. November 11, 2011 is the anticipated date. Are those ascending able to detach and disappear? We will soon know.

Flames of green and gold are being confirmed from our side of the veil. This means that the activation of divine consciousness has begun. All areas on the Earth have many new containers of this vibration giving out their light. Change in their daily lives may not be apparent, but anyone who comes into their auric field will be effected as a consequence of this contact.

Man does not have the ability to gauge his own level of awareness. Only those observing his aura can tell. All concepts about this or any other determination must be deleted. Your  mental desire for ascension is not needed.

Are these words giving you more clarity or confusion? Confused? Than more depth of awareness is needed. Clarity? Ascension is the next step.

Fragments of one multi-dimensional being are unable to ascend without all the others. All must be aligned in consciousness. Are these fragments all in the same physical area as the others? No, most are not. Then how will one know if the others are able to ascend? They can ask their higher self to give them that information. Can they assist the non-aligned to come into alignment? As one man to another they cannot. As one mass consciousness they can. Uplift the others by awakening yourself. Once one of the fragments awakens, the others will get that same awareness on the inner planes. It can develop them and make them more aware. Call it awakening or call it magic—neither actually applies. An advance in consciousness comes whenever a change of attitude occurs in man's mental dialog. Without negative dialog, any change that occurs within the whole will effect all of the parts. When all of the fragments are empty of their concepts, the divine offers them all its mastery. One fragment may appear more complete, even though all are consuming the same dose of light that is being delivered. Awakening the masses is now happening through these contributions of those who are already awake.

One awakened one in an area contributes to the mass consciousness in all areas, but the delivery of light in the actual location of the body does more for that area than all the others. This is why we ask our conduits to go to different places. Moving around does more to advance the consciousness in every area they appear. We want them to activate the awareness of anyone who can accept it. Does it matter where or who? No. Are we manipulating anyone? No, because acceptance is always in man's free will choice. All we do is open the gateways.

Hope is not a very activating concept. It does not demonstrate any conviction, and, in fact, it is the absolute denial of it. Neither hope nor desire for difference is needed from you as a method of altering the mass consciousness. Loving the complete duality as it is creates the kind of change that is needed. Not being against anything is the awareness we can move mountains with. Gratitude, appreciation, complete acceptance, and celebration of differences will make an ascension the next act of divine grace for all of the dear ones ready to complete their contract. All are being asked to ascend. Please be among those who will.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Man and Nature

Wonderful news—man and nature are now coming to the most obvious conclusion: that all human life is a gift that nature brings. Without nature, humans cannot thrive. Nature can deliver for man's needs as a consequence of its very existence, but it doesn't work the other way around. Careful conduct can add to nature's abundant contributions, and disrespectful attitudes make a drain on nature so great that it contracts the aliveness of man's deliverer. After many years of contracting in its own defense, nature dreams of making its contractions an asset. By moving the disturbance to its creative best, it can make more aliveness possible. What will it take?

Notice what nature is doing now. It is closing the door on some of it's most valuable contents, and making changes that are needed to convert man's consciousness in the process.  When the most necessary changes have been completed, a life that no longer needs demonstrations of nature's dismay can materialize. Have the contractions that Mother Earth carries been deleted? No, none of them have. This will require the correct way of being with nature, with nature,  a master of consciousness, becoming the teacher. How can this come into man's awareness? Caring.

When hearts open, they are able to connect to the One deliverer of awareness they can completely understand: the light that comes from their own heart. Optimum health also needs acceptance of the heart's awareness. Activation of man's  caring nature is the answer to deleting all the deep dark collective anger contained in Mother Earth's contractions. In one month's time a new delivery of God's love is going to act as a "contraction opener," so anger and all of man's other disturbances can go totally out of the human condition.

Never before has the balance of nature and man's consciousness been so disturbed. Nature and man need more contact with the awareness they are both made of: conscious awareness. It exists in all of God's creations, and needs to become the most active decision making answer to man's part of co-creation. This will occur once man completes the next days' changes that will develop more conscious awareness in his heart. Are you becoming concerned about the way nature is destroying the lives of those being challenged with massive destruction. Good! Opening the heart must occur before conscious awareness can be fully available.

Contact the dross in the body's control by allowing caring, the natural cause of healing, to arise. Care about those who are losing their homes and all of their basic living needs, when their cousins, brothers and sisters are not able to assist because of the destruction happening in their own lives. Are they out of your awareness due to distance?  Or are you avoiding reading the news or watching anything on TV that disturbs you? Watching sad movies and the news will help you feel the caring that needs to be activated within you. When you avoid hearing or seeing news of the destruction in the world you collapse all the contractions back into their destructive way of being. Caring, crying and delivering love to those in need opens them back up. Freeing all of those disturbed, managed contractions you are carrying elevates your vibratory frequency and enables the body to accept more light. Opening the heart with compassion for others opens the door for all the light needed for  ascension.

When you act like you are beyond caring about others, you lose the opportunity to gather your dross  and delete it. Change begins in the human attitude, then others will be affected by the demonstrations of caring  that come from the body's mental director.  Only caring makes a difference. Activate the changes that are needed in man and nature will stop the destruction that is occurring for the purpose of creating more conscious awareness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, October 27, 2011

All One Family

Mass consciousness has no conscience. No dross delivered to mass consciousness is deleted due to a change in one person's consciousness. Once delivered, no change is made without other contributions offsetting current mass attitudes. To move the dross out from an era of decay and into new conditions of beauty, there needs to be great big events that make the decay obvious and no longer accepted by the masses.

Creating group demonstrations calls attention to dross. It also adds more of the same when death by conflict occurs. What needs to occur next: bright lights in the auras of the demonstrators can make big changes quickly and easily. How can this occur? Giving them light on an ongoing basis. Give them your loving attitudes, pour your love into their area. Praise them in media. Act like they are heros. Give them as much care and encouragement as you can. Praise goes a long way. More will be encouraged to beam light to them when no one gets attacked by their objects of control in action. Can you give more aid to this gathering in your area? Gather together. Greet one another in happy gratitude for each other's presence. Give the media happy pictures. Tell the media the cause of these gatherings is to bring more caring about people who need it. Caring doesn't come across as anger. Caring ways are the light these demonstrations need.

Panic when confronted with anger is what causes control to occur. Moving to the light to make another energy available can diffuse the directors of control. Contact between those "occupying" and those controlling can gain grace when the controllers understand that the most fundamental goals of the "occupiers" are to care about them too. Wall street in itself is not the only thing to oppose, so are uncaring and demanding politicians who take, and care for their own taking more than feeding those in their districts who are living with nothing in their diets but milk and cereal. When the diet approved by your politicians is the most conscious attitude you have working for you, these politicians must be replaced. Get rid of them - not by violence, but by outreach to those needing aid. Embarrass them. Dominate the news with objects of need that are being defeated by their policies.

Press for more social welfare and less demonstrations of military might. Overturn the defense department's goals with caring. Place care of all who live in your country over those who do not. Are the homeless in oil rich countries more important than out of work citizens of your own country? Give caring to all, but not by defense missions or gifts of aid only. Give the details: like health care, education, management of human cooperatives, help in cultivating more food, etc.

Use the collective idea in your own community also. Work together to meet people's needs. Are your neighbors needing anything? Can you collect things to give them? Changing attitudes in your own community adds more light to mass consciousness. Failing to care about others, and thinking only about your own achievements, cancels the changes that are needed now. Corrupt politicians are not the only dross contributors. All who continue to only think of themselves are just as creative in the dross department.

Making a difference in the world begins in the area where you are. Mass consciousness needs contributions from all who deem caring to be important. Care for your own group consciousness before being critical about the actions of others. Clear the needs of the community you live in and then expand to a more demanding activity that includes the areas around yours. Create a caring area and give the political representatives of that area a reason to support your grassroots efforts.

Bless all who come together to make a difference in the lives of children who are hungry. No child needs to be needy.  Cans of food can be donated to local caring facilities to feed them. Give to the area you live in to feed children going hungry.

Talent in aiding others is natural. No one lacks it. Only apathy is the enemy. Get the body into gear and donate time, energy and grace to your community. All can give a little, no matter how much you have to donate materially. Fingers can do things, minds can master new skills. Help wherever you can. Need a new career? Begin giving your gifts to others and one will appear.

Child abuse is ignoring their needs. All children can be fed. See what you can do to make this happen. When those who ascend are not available to lead, others will be called upon to take their place. Giving your contribution to your area will bring new light to that area. All will benefit.

Clarity about the next days is near. Gifting is the next step for those who will be on the next ascension wave. Practice now! Give what you can to the children who are needing your assistance. Feed them. Find agencies that can help you help them. Change the mass consciousness today by loving the collective as much as you care about your own.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ascending and Descending Clarification

When the ascension candidates ascend they will be able to change the content of light they contain at any moment. It is this light frequency that will make them disappear, due to their new level of light containment. Most of those who will not be ascending are already more dense, so when the light frequency of those ascending is elevated they will appear to be invisible to these observers.

When I dictated Master Messages, Vol. III there were three waves of ascension planned. When the gateway opened in 2009, many did ascend and then they descended to continue helping others prepare for  ascension. Never before have so many ascended masters been living in your neighborhoods because they did not disappear as they normally would have.

The next ascension wave is actually the second one, and not ascending is the only choice available other than disappearing. There will be no descending this time.

No "shoulds" apply when it comes to ascension. Those capable will choose it or not. Once the choice is final they will disappear or not. The choice to ascend or not is God's domain and can only be  delivered by God. Ego may appear to be choosing, but God's decree is the only decider. When choice is an option, no candidate who decides from their own channeling or hearing the call will be left behind. "No choice" only means that God's will must choose. Are ascension candidates going to be making this decision from their minds? No, only those who live with "divine will not mine" will be ready to ascend.

More and more candidates are able to ascend now. What has occurred lately is the opening of a magnetic field that is causing a major change in human consciousness. It is dramatizing all differences. No more dark and light games will be deciding the future. From now on, only the increase of light will decree how things will unfold. As the mass consciousness contains all points of view, the ascension candidates who do disappear are to need their contribution replaced. Many of those who leave will be able to become aids to those who can receive and decipher their messages because they are clear channels.

Those who will disappear are to remain intact for awhile, as their auras will give off a radiance until the body dissolves.

On this, the second wave, no descending will occur, only ascending. Not agreeing to ascend when called is not going to disqualify anyone from the 3rd and last wave. When that one comes, only those left behind may be "changing into a different dimensional existence," meaning they can only continue their co-creation in human lives IF accepted by another galactic community. There will be no group delivery to another galaxy, only single applicants can apply. When we composed these original messages there was the anticipation of a Galactic Federation rescue. Since none of the planets that originally agreed to an occupation are now willing to accept one, no other plan can be created until more consciousness appears on Gaia.

When the ascension call comes I am not going to deliver this blog anymore. My channel will be among the last group on the second wave. When she leaves we can no longer give her any dictations, which means that those who have not acted to learn how to be a clear channel will be out of touch with new information. Get this ability now, should you need to be guided by me or other high frequency messengers.

Give me a deep, clear channel of Christ consciousness in a human master and the messages can continue.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mastery and Ascension

After the first wave of ascension many of those not ascending will be curious to gather incite into the change of awareness of their own consciousness. Most who are moving on in the next wave consciousness are to be their teachers. When all of the ascension adepts are no longer available, their messages will be channeled to those who are able to receive them. Making yourself available to this method of realizing the next chapter of life's continuation can give you a new level of clarity about the challenges we have been grappling with.

Why don't the channels get clear messages? Why can't their clients get the meaning of our words? And why doesn't the client want to trust their own inner guidance? What does this mean about channeling? That it is needing more clear channels and more demanding clients. Solving this dilemma is going to be an active challenge.

Further discussion about all of the consequences of ascension are not appropriate, as discovering the new opportunities for becoming a master needs open minds without any expectations. Should your brains decide the next day's answers before any questions appear, the lessons of free will may not be available. Choosing the development of consciousness classes to attend will be each being's doing, moment to moment.

Self-care will be doubly needed during the days right after the ascension due to the processing that will have to be done regarding the changes this ascension activates. Save time to be quiet as a most important task. Free the contractions that may arise due to not being on the first disappearance wave. Practices that help claim your center will be useful. Bring the mind to your hurt feelings so you can come to accept all that is.

No accidents are going to happen, and anyone not included needs more clearing of contractions, more depth of caring, and more awareness. Masters ascend! Not ascended? Become a master. You already are one, but you must accelerate the delivery of that consciousness.

Making a difference for those needing assistance completes the love delivery for those being tested on mastery. No master ignores the needs of others. Parenting does not qualify in this character test. All parents need their children to be their character testers and all parents need to lead the children out of dis-ease the best they can. But this is a responsibility of all parents and does not mean that all parents will qualify as masters. Being a parent has more attributes being cultivated than just this one. One of them is to give your attention to another instead of only seeking attention for yourself. Another is to give without feeling depleted, and a third is connecting with another that needs you. All three of these convey basic love instead of a master's love. A master does not need another to need him/her, nor does a master feel depleted by caring for others. Clear attitudes about love, control and anointing are the way of mastery. Masters give as naturally as they do anything. Caring is their nature. Caring for themselves is not neglected.

No master drops the attention of  divine nature when it comes to caring for anyone, including him/ herself. Are you aware that many are not caring for themselves by living solely for others? These are not masters, they are neglecting one of God's creations to feel good, so they do not give from divine grace. Instead, their giving does them harm, so it is not a gift from God - it is their ego's compensation for feelings of negativity about themselves. Being a master means you have the ability to give and also care about the body of the giver.

More and more of my chelas are getting close to mastery and need this advice to become complete. Be a gift to the light by gifting more to your own needs.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, October 21, 2011

Making Awareness Apparent

Freedom from all of life's misery can only come with awakening. No drama comes to anyone that is not needing it. To entertain the conditions of change, notice how all of your lives are constantly changing. Nothing keeps on as it was before you notice. When noticing, ask yourself "Who is noticing change?" Are you the one that is observing or are you the change deliverer? Can this question generate another question? Are you the questioner or are you the one with the answer? Are you either? Both? Neither? Please ask these questions of the mind.

One answer is from mind consciousness, the creator of all mental answers. Another answer comes from the heart's awareness which is beyond the mind. Can you tell which is the deceiver? Which claims to be the one with the answer?

Am I deceiving you with my questions? No, only challenging and guiding answers to the one who has the ability to question. Freedom is when the last question being delivered is not needing an answer.

Are you confused? Nothing can be added to all of my questions except the next level of awareness. Are you going to give these questions your attention? All of these questions are for moving the controlling mind away from its mental choices.

Answer this: Am I the master or is another master more competent? Are you able to accept the master within as your only choice? Consider this the most aware thing that man can do. Break away from choosing answers, and instead, give the question all of your attention.  No answers are needed. Are you getting my drift? Can we agree that no answers are needed? That all of your answers are available in the heart of any man, woman and child? Practice asking for the answer of the heart and cancel all other contributions to awareness.

Face the fact that all of you can get the answers you apply for when you are quiet. The dream of this life is of your own choosing.

Prepare to ascend with the use of questions. Not just asking yourself these questions and accepting all the answers that come in response;  changing the questions will deliver more awareness. You close the door on mastery when you do not notice all that the master inside is giving you. Patience is needed. Question your concepts, all of them that appear when you are awake and divisive thoughts arise. Cancel them by asking "Who wants to know?" This will align you to your contract and bring more growth in awareness.

What I have said about comet Elenin does not include any delightful contributions, only challenges and control driven answers to its path of destruction. In the next days more control of the human condition will be attempted by the dark cabal as an astroid comes into view. Give it no concern. Fear is the only way this astroid can alter your matrix of materialization.

Politics is not the way to move things forward in a growth of awareness manner. Outcry is. Give those in the center of this current outcry applause, and anything else you can give. Are they the light in the darkness? Absolutely.

No more can be done to change the minds of those needing more awareness, but we want to activate action in those who are able to be their own answer to their  contract and divine expression. Make this day the most active example of what you can do. Free the masses with your divine light shining in awareness. Allow the divine being that you are to live as an example.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna