Sunday, January 30, 2011

Capturing the Moment

Any movement to oust corruption cancels common desires and makes way for more conscious ones. It is a good thing. Many of your countries have corrupt decision makers who drain their treasuries and give those who earn the money nothing for their contribution. Many leaders need to be removed. When man gets content with criminals at the head of government, there is no contact with heart in either those controlling or those being controlled. Faster and faster the divine mandates are becoming actualized. Many of them have big gatherings involved. Once the gathering claims dominance, the antagonists can make the calls.

"New and different". This is the next most important thing to get comfortable with. Turning everything upside down may not be the case, but much of what now is the norm is going to be destroyed. Are we of the unseen world doing it? Absolutely not. Your divine consciousness is getting more developed, and as the mass consciousness alters, anything can appear to demonstrate that alteration. Egypt and Tunisia have both neglected their citizens. New and different consciousness has come. One advancement in the consciousness of Oneness means that more are also able to advance.

Having an audience in other countries lends an obvious nuance to the means of containment a country's dominant cast of characters can use to destroy dissent. One country that did this has made an act of corruption a negative thing in the opinion of others. Now they are quite alone in their management methods, as other countries don't like the image of them, and don't want that image for themselves.

Help against an uprising is not going to occur. No other country can be counted on to rescue a corrupt dictator. Once the people are able to congregate together, that dictator will not continue. If another grab for control occurs, the other countries that have not aided will act against this attempt.

Not all corrupt leaders are going to be overturned, only those whose citizens are being opened up to higher levels of consciousness. Mass consciousness contains all concepts, so more duality is going to appear. Freedom will come, but it still has many obstacles to overcome.

Change the mass consciousness, and you change the manifestations being made. Is this latest event an activation of the collective consciousness of the ancient Egyptians? Yes, many in this drama are old change agents of another time. One of the other roles President Mubarak has had was King of the Nile when Moses was born. Now he must be the one who leaves.

More of this kind of movement, to deliver concern from the men and women who are being oppressed, means no more corrupt managers can feel safe. And when they don't feel safe they are dangerous. Once the next country goes on TV as an example of new courage, many old moves with dictatorial methods can also appear. Nothing is guaranteed in change of this nature. More and more of my chelas are opening their awareness as these moments come to their attention. Are they going to feel content with their own leaders? Are they going to get answers for themselves about whether or not their government has been corrupt when it comes to decision making? We will soon see.

A few of these corrupt leaders have been dreaming of money control and are now getting the realization that this has already been manipulated to not occur. Some of the money distribution avenues have already closed. Others are still open, but not continuing to lean on the corrupt derivative market that has destroyed all of the world's cash dreams. More debt has denied these corrupt leaders the opportunity to leave their countries with great wealth. Now the heart of money lies in the debt sector, not cash in money depositories. Gold and other metals have gotten too costly for them to be the answer. Gold has nowhere to go but down.

Can military might take the control of money out of the hands of the corporate giants? Not now, but maybe in the near future. Wait and see what the collapse of the US dollar does. It won't be money as usual anywhere.

Now is the time to be aware of this different money condition that is still on the controllers agenda. It can occur at any moment. Be wary of all new discussions about the next generation of money. This is a clue about destroying the dollar as a continued base for other currencies. It will happen. Now is the time to get to the country of your income source. Once this change occurs, US dollars abroad will not have any cash value. Most of the ex-pats on continents outside of their own must not count on dollars for their meals and other necessities.

My channel is moving to a country where dollars are not the only source of her income. I am asking those who are in a similar situation to also go to the US or get your money cashed into the currency of your current residence.

Are you going to listen? I hope that you are. Ask your own inner voice to be certain of the next act of grace for you. I want you to be the light and clear adepts for ascension, not disturbed by money matters.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, January 28, 2011

When Freedom Rings

My dear ones. Questions about the ascension are the ones I will answer now, as most of the things being asked about geological changes and economic conditions have already been answered in great detail. My desire to lead many to ascension will not end until every one who contracted to ascend is able to. What this means is that a global movement to ascend can go forward. We still need millions who are not yet ready. What do we do? Keep pushing.

Freedom of consciousness is the goal, not ascension. Awareness that affords freedom of the inner Master does not demand as many of the continued denial mechanisms as ascension does, so let's talk about what this means.

When a child is born, it has a Master's consciousness: pure awareness, empty of the nonsense that comes with a life of maturing as a man or woman. As this maturing occurs, many concepts about "who" and "what" are delegated out of this Master's domain and given to the ego to use for control. God's divine awareness gets moved to an underground cave outside of the man or woman's attention. Pure consciousness is always present, but is not acknowledged by the mind's attention. As the body grows, concepts continue to be added, until mind believes it is aware and wise. Not an accurate conclusion, but what many are now giving complete confidence in.

Habits become concrete after they are constantly repeated, so most of the human population is living this lie. It makes no difference whether they consider themselves "spiritual" or not, control by the mind is not Mastery.

Closing this gap is needed for Mastering the human condition. Choosing the guidance that comes as man's inner voice, over any input of human conveyance, is needed. No truth of anyone's mind is the TRUTH. Only decoding an open minded controlling device can do the things needed to create more awareness. Meditation gives the mind an opening. Change comes when the decoding occurs.

How can one decode? By applying a few basic concepts that can help do so.
First concept: None of the things I think, see, observe or mentally accept are TRUTH.
Second concept: What mind desires is not a very important creation to be manifested.
Third concept: Allowing the mind to make my decisions creates more difficulties  than changes of the most important kind.

When these three concepts are completely accepted, another opportunity to let go of denial has appeared. Choosing the concepts that mind decides, about anything, can diminish awareness. Awareness is all consuming. Nothing comes close to this act of knowing as a method for decision making, because God's will has no access to man's conscious mind through any other means. What needs deciphering can give clues, but knowing needs no content determined by the mind figuring out clues.

Creating with the mind has many caveats that are not being considered necessary to apply in the current game of making mind's desires manifest. No dear ones, this game must end! What you don't accept about the creation game is that creating mind's desires can cause many disruptions to the flow of God's design, and these disruptions cause disasterous effects.

For example, choosing a new car over giving aid to charity can delete an important opportunity to become a Master in life's movie. Giving to a good cause can advance the degree of Mastery ten fold over choosing a new car to drive. Not that this applies to all car acquisitions, a new car can be chosen as an option to a crash destroyed one, or an aging one that needs more attention than it deserves. My designation here applies to the cash needed to be extravagant instead of caring. Big, fancy vehicles are not the Master's choice, giving assistance to those in need is.

Another method of decodiing the mind's arrogance is to say, "I don't know". Whenever this is the approach, another possibility can be revealed. Answers to all questions can be "I don't know", because the mind doesn't actually have any concept to offer that comes from accurate "knowing". Appearing to "know" what divine will is, comes only from an arrogant mind, unless God's will has been determined on the question needing an answer.

Freedom needs more answers of the Master within. Only this guidance matters. Mental determinations are only a guess at the best choice. Changing this way of decision making is how a Master comes out of hiding. A content life has this Master in the role of decision maker.

Masters are the ones who will be choosing ascension. They choose as a Master chooses, "Thy will be done", not "I want to ascend because . . ." No "because" reason can make a chela a Master. Are there many Masters ready to ascend? All who can give a "Yes" answer as absolute knowing are "Masters in waiting", no decision needed.

Any day of the week a Master can appear as an Avatar or a loving Presence. Will you accept this Master's concepts to be True over the Master within yourself? I hope not. You are a "Master in waiting", awaiting to be FREE.

Consider today's message the next step to Ascension for the many who haven't done what is necessary to access the wisdom of the Master within.

**Answer to Ansalmo's question re the last blog: My comments about future generations are accurate, because most of this continuium will leave Earth and come to the New Earth as more conscious beings in a future generation. Those who ascend can wait until the Earth has cleansed before they create the New Earth. Time cannot be determined for that moment, as all will occur outside of your time consciousness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When the Earth Changes

My dear ones. Fasten your seatbelts bcause "new and different" is NOW! Welcome to the close of the most non-aligned consciousness that man could deliver. It will be a great day when it actually disolves. More of this dismantling will go on for many of your generations, and then the New Earth will be born.

The New Earth comes after there are no more convoluting mental disruptions to clear. It will contain the most caring consciousness, with absolutely no disturbances in human dynamics, as One family of man. Mankind wil be living as light Masters.

When the continents are in their new locations, and the natural answers to life return, we of the Great White Brotherhood will be complete with our names and personalities, and can move on to the One designation that has no differences. There will be no more directors on other dimensions to guide you, as there will be no need for guidance. Your own awareness will guide you in all circumstances.

Fancy designations of galaxies and contracts wil not contain any meaning. All will be treated as man's destiny, no matter what God designs. After the destruction, the design of man's environment will give comfort to all, and no messages that reveal denied attitudes will be needed. Chief no-name and girl no-name are all of equal status. Police are not needed. Former criminals won't commit any crimes. Absolute delight in the helping of others will allow all to feel valued.

Broken hearts will not be a concern, as attachment is not the law of marriage - only mutual attitudes will bring divine beings together, not sexual desire or need for contact.

When we disappear, there will be no intermediary body to deal with. All of those living on Terra will have our consciousness. Multiple levels of consciousness will collapse, and only One will exist.

No contracts with other universes will need overseeing, as their mis-aligned awareness will also be gone. As the "dance of leela" was designed, no control of a man's body was designated to a living counterpart in another dimension. As man could not depend on his own decision making process to teach him his awareness lessons, other demonstrations of consciousness were developed on other dimensions that demanded his attention. As that control got more deceptive, man had an opportunity to fear it, make out it didn't occur, or give it the attention needed to learn of his own drama's needs. Next dimensional beings caused disturbances to learn about. Next dimensional actors in the movie that was made for man's graduation classes, did more on these realms than ever before, to lead man to different levels of awarness. All of these teachers have the opportunity to ascend now, along with their students. There will be no more dark and light on man's continents to be caught in.

Happiness is the only new delivery to be directed, and this will come from inside all of those who ascend, and are asked to live once again in human form. It will be a new experiment that the Creator has designed. Can you apply for this adventure? Only if you ascend.

Give ascension your attention. New and different adventures await.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, January 24, 2011

Qualifying for Ascension

Channeling this blog has been very contientiously done. I am very pleased that my consciousness has been available for those who can accept it. Now we must find a way to convince all that cannot accept my call for ascension, that they can get on the next wave if they do what they need to do to become able. What that is, depends on the contract made before incarnating. If the three main decisions of the heart have been contributed to the heart's directives, then the lessons to be learned have been completed.

Here are the decisions that complete one's cycle of incarnations:
1. My name and form are the contract, my consciousness is not.
2. My life was all good, because all my disturbances gave me more awareness.
3. When the contract is complete, my consciousness will ascend.

All of these comments are the perception of a Master. All other comments give another life.

When my heart was contained in a body, these decisions also had to be made. My mind didn't want to leave the life my current body enjoyed. It became more and more disappointed with the human dynamic once the density of the collapse of man's change in life focus went out of heart light and into mind. My wants were met, and my dreams were full of love to all. Now, my life could have been  continued, as it was not a dis-ease that ended it, or my desire to be with all the others who did not get their Master's approval to be with me when I ascended. I chose to ascend. It was not a typical ascension. Before ascending, my physical body died. After it was buried in a vault, it ascended. Why? To be certain that no controllers could move it. At that time there were many grave robbers.

Why am I telling this to my chelas? Because my ascension was not a mass ascension. If we are not able to deliver a mass ascension with adequate numbers to make an impact, we can only give instructions to those who can get our directions through their own channel. Changes of any arrangements made can also be an option, so channeling the inner guidance must be possible. Are you able to channel? Are the days of your growth over? Are new and different demands on you deepening your awakened awareness?

Fast comes the end of days. No more time to waste. Are many going to learn to channel before it comes? Maybe. What do these messages mean to you? Are they acceptable to deliver to others? Will many get the desire to ascend? No telling.

Chelas, close the door to death and being born another time. Allow your heart to fly. Get the decisions this message brings handled. Now may be the last chance.  Face the truth about this life. You are not the body or the mask you wear. You are not the fraternizing personality that has the name you answer to. You may give away material acquisitions, because you won't need them when you ascend.

Now is the time to leave all the details to us and develop more interest in channeling guidance directly. Are these messages getting read by millions? Absolutely not, only hundreds. Thousands have missed this opportunity because their mind dismisses what is conveyed. My dear opposition has determined these are not from me. My channel has made certain no interference comes. My love is together with the Christ consciousness. Are these mistaken brothers and sisters able to ascend? When the call comes, the beings who can ascend must hear the call. Ascension will occur. The date is not yet known.

Self awareness begins with looking inside to determine the needs of this ascension candidate. Are they about giving or taking? All who don't give are not going to ascend. Takers are not aware of their divine nature. Clear the mind of dense attitudes and collect the Master's gifts that have been awaiting the correct choices of these three questions.

Pass this on please.

My dear Isabela. Not all ETs are caring. No ETs are going to correct what's not as it needs to be. All the ETS can do is mess with what God has created, and disturb more of the continents grasp of gravity. Controllers are the ones working with ETs, not the heart centered light consciousness. Are the Galactic Federation going to assist in an evacuation? Yes, not an alteration of mechanisms already condemned by God.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ascension for the Masses

Many of the questions about next events are due to curiosity about the care one needs to take on an economic level, or whether the area of a country of residence is going to change. My dear ones, give me a moment to lead the way to ascension and let these concerns go. Most of you are not going to be dealing with these alterations to your areas of residence. My content for this blog is more about ascension, because I want my chelas to be the ones who ascend. I will not detail all of the changes that are anticipated, activating fear and concern about when to anticipate them. It will do no good, because nothing can be done to avoid the catastrophies that are going to happen. At the least, expect to be around to get caught in the money crisis, and be aware that no country will be considered "safe" from the next level of this dismantling.

Basically, all of the world will be in crisis mode. Collapse of currency markets will destroy all of them. Now, what will get you through this with the least amount of difficulty? AWAKENING! Awakening creates a cause and effect scenario that allows the awakened one to be able to attract to him/her what must occur to be ok. Are there others who can get this same Mastery? Yes, and many are not aware of their Mastery potential yet, due to their lack of awareness. My chelas are not only all Masters as a group, other Masters have groups of chelas that are also Masters. Awakening helps complete the cycle of cause and effect living. It demonstrates that divine cause is love, and love can be accepted or not.

Masters are not going to disturb others unless they need that disturbance. Giving a disturbing message to one who needs the lesson is also love. When a Master tells you that the mental attitude you have is not aceptable, that is a call for more awareness. When a Master tells you to get out of a difficult way of creating your life, that is love. When a Master gives you the medicine you need, this medicine may give you a cough or a cold, because it is the loosening up of old concepts that need coughing out of the system. Are these examples showing you the correct way of dismantling the ego? Yes, and that is all that most chelas are needing.

Many days have come and gone since I began giving advice on these matters. Now there are almost 200 messages on all aspects of this ascension creation. And, my three volumes of Master Messages contain even more details. Now, what do these messages convey? Ascension calls after ascension calls, with lots of methods that can provide the lessons of love that are needed to ascend.

Chelas are not giving my teachings adequate acceptance. If their mind doesn't like what is being mentioned, they leave, and give no more attention to my calls. And many do not like these messages at all, due to the content. No "why?" questions have been asked. No, "am I going to be ready?" channelings have been requestd. No "are we able to leave before the continents change?" questions have appeared.

No love of the messages can make an Awakening occur, only letting go of the attitudes that must change can do that. I am giving you a clear example of how an ego controls one's mental ability to look at cause and effect with a more conscious approach.

First, the disturbance occurring is caused by YOU! Collectively, on mass consciousness issues, and by the one being disturbed when it comes to personal issues. If the circumstances of your life are disturbing, act like you caused them, and explore the cause as a way of dismantling the ego, rather than focusing on the effect. No wants and demands for awakening are answered with coddling. They are answered with disturbing conditions to let you know the cause of your mis-aligned consciousness. All the disturbances are gifts. If you can act like they are gifts, instead of getting disturbed, they can lead you to ascension. Acting angry about circumstances, instead of accepting their gifts, can destroy an opportunity for ascension.

When the ascension comes, where will you be? Not the place, the awareness. Are you being grateful for these gifts? Are you giving them the attention they need? Can they disturb the essence of the controllers game? No, but they can give them a lesson in having their egos dismantled.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
The three volumes of Master Messages can be purchased here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Masking Human Disturbance

Human being means: being the human you came into a body to be. No conditions are an excuse for being less than the Ascended Master you really are, when the character your body is pretending to be falls away. Centering, and becoming aware of what this change of orientation can mean, cuts through many disturbances in a man's original contract. Awakening deletes disturbances, but not the conditions that can trigger a disturbance in you. Can you understand that all the conditions being discussed on this blog do not really matter? They do not disappear from the body's senses when an Awakening precedes them. No, they continue, and are observed as any other man would observe them. What doesn't change are the conditions. What does change is the heart of the man's consciousness, so what he observes no longer matters to him.He is neither mentally nor emotionally disturbed by anything he observes.

Many New Age channelings are making the comment that the life experiences that  mind desires are the only ones it will create. Not accurate. Group mind determines actual occurrances, not individual mind. Individual mind determines the way man acts as he observes his environment, how he thinks about what he observes, and how much he thinks about it.

Personal conclusions draw to man those things he dismisses or negatively attacks as a reaction. Negativity draws to man all that he dislikes. Creative visualization creates more awareness of those things man dislikes, as he asks for things that he does not include on his "non-acceptable" menu. Are his desires fulfilled? Maybe, if his negativity against what is not on his manifestation list does not override his desires. Picture a man standing in a hole. If he is thinking "I don't want it to rain", it could quite likely attract some rain. If he thinks, "give me more sunshine", the amount of energy he is exuding against rain could override his desire for more sun. Whatever you dismiss will come to you, if the avoidance carries a stronger charge than the desire.

As man desires new and different conditions for himself, he dismisses what currently exists and deletes messages his brain tells him about his desires. What now exists gives him his nurturing, and carries him into his future, so dismissing it negates his need to have the current condition carry him into his next one. Adding two more layers to what he already ignores is not going to create anything better than what he has. Being happy with what already is available, can create more of what is desired than deleting what already exists from one's mental drama. Cause and effect considers dismissal of something to be the same as negative thinking. Can this be the reason you get what you don't want? Yes, you always get the things being dismissed as undesirable.

Mother Earth needs the love and caring that all of her children want for themselves. Communicating what is desired for Mother Earth tells her you don't want her as she is. Can't you love the one who has been wounded? Can you appreciate the contract you made with God to give her love and caring? Are the things being deleted from your needs list less important than the material acquisitions being asked for? Are my words making sense? Are you getting my meaning? Mother Earth needs open hearts and caring demonstrations now! We need her to ascend as the mass ascension occurs. We need all who are able, to give an added dose of healing consciousness to Mother Earth now, and daily, until the ascension. Is there a group available to do this? Can this loving energy be disbursed at the light of day on an ongoing basis? Those who are awake can do the same thing by being totally present, not thinking. Content in the mind requires focusing that content towards light and delivering the attention of the masses to the light.

Huge crystals are now activated to dismantle the continents. They were contacted by a group of non-aware controllers who have programmed them on their terms. These crystals are loaded with tasks to generate from them immense contact with the deliverers of change. When Hezbollah mounts the crest of their anchoring of darkness, and Hamas controls Gaza, many decisions will need to be made by the US and Israel. These decisions are critical to move the mass consciousness towards another, higher awareness, or they will delete the cry to move ahead by dismissing the content of these couriers of darkness. Choosing to dismiss them will cause them to attack. Are you able to understand me now? Welcome them to communicate. Act like they matter. Give them your attention. Work with them. Giving them no attention will attract exactly what is not wanted.

Begin your day by welcoming Mother Earth and ALL of her children to live, love and laugh together.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chelas Who Want to Ascend Can

**Note from Aruna: There was no message from Saint Germain yesterday. I posted the Masters and Mankind message on this board in error, and the only thing I could do to remedy the situation was delete the text. That is why those who subscribe to this blog received a blank e-mail. Here is today's message from Saint Germain. I (and you) receive them every other day:

Giving these messages the attention they need will determine the condition of each ascension candidate. None of the changes have been dramatic enough for the majority to believe that my words must be correct, but this is coming. Change to all of the continents continues to wreck the economies and general health of humanity. Questions about the details of these changes cannot be answered. Not because we are keeping them a secret, but because we don't have answers. As one change can effect one area one way, and different areas another way, these continuous lapses of "normal" can cause many different results, depending on how one effects the others. The cause of these alterations to your world has already been described, now we must discuss the effects:

Police being in charge will become common. Not having enough to eat will become normal. Add to this a currency collapse and no housing market to deliver homes to new families who need them, creating overcrowding in the homes of their parents. New commodities will not be advertised to consumers, due to the lack of currency available to buy anything. No drugs will be trafficked in the streets by their hungry consumers, due to the lack of money available to buy them. But can we assume they will disappear? No, they will be totally available as barter. Who will give their homes away to drug dealers? Anyone needing their drugs. Can we assume drugs will be a commodity of value? Absolutely!

Can we assume that US dollars are going to be deleted as the most diminished currency? Not yet, because all other currencies depend on this one. But once the dollar has been devalued down to only a miniscule amount, it will collapse, and other currencies will compete to replace it.

Once this begins, all other currencies will also devalue, so none of them will have the distinction of rising to the occasion. No, the Chinese yuan will not bcome the most dominant one, because their way of competing cannot be dependent on consumer goods. World markets will destroy their economy. When all this comes to pass, my words about getting prepared, getting a community together, and growing food will be a blessing to those who listened and acted.

But, where does ascension fit in, you ask? Not with the consciousness that has to do these things and doesn't. It will be the gift that can deliver hope to all who are struggling with these dense conditions. It will not be the answer, it will be the call.

Children of God are all equal. No decision has been made about this for them. All who chose to ascend can do so. Some decided not to choose to ascend and now want to. They can. No director is going to delete any applicants for these roles in this play. Only the candidates themselves can do this.

Happiness is the key to the ascension door. Being accepting of everything that can happen, and still being happy, makes your ascension goals a reality. We need your happiness to light the path to ascension. Contentment is not enough. We need complete detachment from all the conditions that will occur, and complete happiness about leaving also. We need cool heads and clear decisions. We need a good army of healthy, happy, centered humans to disappear, in numbers so big, it is noticed that they are gone.

No demands are being made on anyone to choose this. Nor, are we even leading new beings towards it. Only those who are drawn to this choice can be included. My choice is for all to leave this Earth as ascended beings, but not all are able to do so. They are continuing to be at effect of their living conditions, instead of in charge of them. They destroy, instead of energize. They demand instead of give. Clearly, they still have more to learn about the human continuium.

Have any of these things been discussed in your home? No? Now is the opportunity to look at what might be needed. Clouds over this dimension could completely disturb those who have no God awareness. Clouds over the millions of contracted chelas who do not claim their chosen destiny may defeat this entire plan. Consider how you can delete these clouds.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Preparing Children for Ascension

Many chelas are denying their ability to ascend. In the next days, we will need their conscious choice, to be able to determine how to proceed. Children who are meant to ascend will do so. Should a child need the consciousness development that abandonment would give them, they will get that lesson. All children were able to write their own chosen destiny contract prior to this incarnation. No accidents are to occur. Children only needing to make one more gift to mankind can ascend, as this will fulfill their contract.

Parents must let go of their ownership attitude. Give children love and guidance, not overbearing protection. Allow them to make their own choices and call their own lessons to them. Pause before demanding they not take risks. Children need to control their own movement in consciousness. As a parent, give them the courage to do the things they must do to advance. Will they ascend with you? Most are already aware of this choice and are looking forward to its occurrence. Choose only for yourself.

Attachment is not as loving as detaching. Attachment means to others: dependency. It communicates that you have no ability to be happy without their connection - an unhealthy message.  Children are not chattel. Giving life to a child does not come with the obligation to control its choices. Life is a gift to them, and an opportunity for you to grow from the lessons they will offer you.

What does this have to do with ascension? Nothing, it is in the contracts made between a child and its two conceivers. Ascension, on the other hand, is a contract between one of these with Almighty God, the one who created each of them in the concept they chose.

Following the heart's call means looking only at your own contract to decide. If you still need to decide about this, you may be looking for someone else to decide for you. What could be any more important than the contract you made for ascension? Only an ego would even consider anything else. And that is because an ego is still in charge and an ego is not aware of what the true picture is. A full Awakening has not yet occurred for those still considering anything other than  ascension.

Make your decision, and don't be concerned about the choices of other members of your family. They all have a contract with God, and what is contained in that contract is what they need to choose. Whether or not their choice coincides with yours, matters not. They need to determine their own destiny. You are not responsible for choosing their destiny, only giving them the lessons they need to get in your care. Next, you must be detached enough to allow them choices you to be attached to you.

What would God want for them? Ask this of yourself when developing their childhood. God would want them to be confident, charged with life force, and able to care for themselves with an awareness of what is good for them and others. Can this be what you give them as a parent? Not just a name and choiceless management. Parenting calls for detachment.

When you truly love, attachment is not an element of love. Attachment means clinging. Love is giving, without any demands on them to be a certain way. Changing from attachment to genuine love must be done, as a lesson in caring and control. Control is not the same as caring!

Child therapists are attempting to empower the child to care about his choices. Negative reactions to a child's choices from its caregivers negates the therapist's direction. In most instances, parents need the therapy more than the children.
Courage is a quality to foster in a child. When a child doesn't want to take risks, it is more than likely afraid of upsetting its caregivers.

When ascension is an option, taking a risk must be done. It will be the risk of letting go all of this world's comforts and appearances, to discover a totally different new world. Are you and your children willing to go to that world? Are they courageous enough? Are they competent to go through the higher dimensions on their own? Encourage them to face their fears and be wiling to let go of their attachments, so they can succeed in their own chosen destiny. Free them, don't control them. Love them, don't attach yourself to them.

After ascension, those who remain on Mother Earth can ascend on the one final ascension wave. When this will happen depends on the conditions that occur after the first disappearances. Maybe those whom you adore, who did not ascend with you, can ascend on that wave. It may depend on the courage you can empower them with now.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Pack a Bag

Pretend you are going on a tour of another country. Make an itinerary to do this, and get out the suitcases to negotiate the amount of clothing to take. Pack one of the bags with your computer and other contents that may be needed en route, and the contents to be contemplated to go in the other, larger bag would be clothes, shoes, etc. Now, make believe that the big bag got destroyed en route, and all you had to live with was in the carry-on with the computer. Are these contents going to be all that you will ever have? Of course not, other things will be available when you arrive. Give this scenario a good look, because many of you will be doing just this. Why? Are we going to move to this other country? No, only in your dreams. However, this may be the only bag you'll have time to pack now that we are in the last days of man's current adventure. The next days are going to be very changeable, and having a new consciousness will mean needing a new bag of material goods to go with it.

No, you can't take bags with computers when you ascend, but between now and then, you might need to have a computer bag on standby, to take with you should you be asked, or called, or moved by circumstances to another area. My next call may come quickly, and no time to pack can cause you much anxiety. Can you get one or two bags packed to go on to another area? Can you completely detach from all that is left? It may be necessary to do this. Some are already having to detach and have had no bags ready to take with them. Can you see the times moving in this direction? Are you going to get ready or not?

Can you imagine an evacuation in your area? No? Well, don't be so arrogant; no one can call these next alterations to the Earth's continents, not even this level of awareness can say for certain.

Make this packed bag your safety net. Consider an airline carry-on the best size. Have the essentials, and the means to get more will be the next concern once you get to the next destination. Are you willing to do this? Where will you go? No one knows this yet, but those who do need to go in a hurry, will be happy to have at least one bag already packed.

Forces that control the continents axis movement have become more changeable by the day. Both Australia and Brazil have been devastated as a result. Any other area can be next, even those not counted on in any predictor's map. Are the movements going to quit? No, only get more consistent in their appearance. Tough times are already news. More will be reported daily.

Caring about the things left behind is wasted energy for all who are going for ascension, as detachment must be achieved, and the ability to release these attachments is important to all who are now being considered ascension candidates.

Followers of the deceivers are going to be totally dismayed and disappointed in the next days, as their call for great days has been ignored. Great days, as they have imagined them, are to be AFTER the diaspora, not instead of it. Hard times are to be the norm now, not the exception. Mind can get disturbed over this message, but hearts all know the Phoenix rises out of the ashes, not before.

Put together a bag of those things you would take on a camping trip, not your best clothing and decorative items. Take a little of the nice things like a good cotton dress or outfit, and/or a more comfortable clothing item to wear when you land. Not too many personal items, because you will need your computers and clothing for more than one weather condition. Weather changes will be dramatic, and all degrees of temperature can occur in one day.

Face the facts that change has begun. Both Australia and Brazil have. Can the area where you live be next? Yes, it can. Safety is not guaranteed in any location. Ascension can occur in all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Physical Changes

My dear ones. Changes happen to the human body when they happen outside the body. All of the universes are going through immense alterations. People have the awareness of these differences even when they are not conscious of what has occurred. In the past few months there has been twelve new corrections made to the axis to keep it on a matrix of calm change, as opposed to a more dramatic one. And all of the chemicals and microwaves being transmitted into the atmosphere does things not even considered by the majority to have an effect.

What has become the complete destruction of at least millions of communities of animals has just made an impression on man's mind. Are you missing out on the destruction? Absolutely not! Your nervous, immune and respiratory systems are all in advanced stages of deterioration. All your other systems are being attacked too, but not in advanced stages yet. Poisons abound. It is in the air, the water, and all the food you eat. All grown meals are as compromised as the ones being chemically altered, because the Earth's natural structure has contracted as a result of defense, and the controllers decisions to move nuclear waste through the heart of the growing areas. All of your areas of manufacturing are destroying farms. Are you getting the picture?

"I only eat organic" you say. All of your organic guidelines are formed by the same folks who detonate your chemicals. Be aware, only a few can truly say, "I only eat organic". Are you taking any chemical medicines? Add them also to your damage awareness. Are you doing contact to others with any digital or cellular methods? Consider these also. Are you convinced yet?

My comments are to make you more aware of the cause of the body's need for more advanced methods of adapting to all of our destroyed contributions to its maintenance. More sleep continues to be needed to cope. Not getting adequate rest has the effect of allowing the destruction to become more contained. Human bodies need readjusting to what they are coming in contact with all day. Will they completely adapt? Maybe. Will they adapt by the time the continents actually move? Consider this:

Many changes are occurring simultaneously. More are near. When the diaspora occurs, there will be no more adjustments being made, and great changes will happen all at once. Can a body adapt?

Many will dismiss what I am saying as dark, not the truth, etc. But, dear ones, this is why the ascension plan was created. Please do not get depressed. I am not doom and gloom. Are you going to look at a cup half-empty as getting empty or now able to be filled? I am telling you that this cup cannot get down to empty with the ascension coming up. Ascension changes all of this. Why? Because this dimension will no longer be the dimension you will be on, and on the higher dimensions this destruction can be deleted instantly.

Colleges and other advanced learning communities have no contact with other dimensions. They do not have any contribution to make to the alteration of human and animal consciousness. But a clear channel can advise you how to deal with your current dilemma. Channeling must be the door to change, not academics!

Are you learning to channel? Are you getting guidance directly from your own consciousness? Are you giving yourself the best way to deal with body changes? Consider all differences in physical composition to be the result of chemicals and the other changes that have consumed your planet. Be less active, get more rest, dream of the New Earth. Give the body meditation when you cannot sleep. Reject  the next portion of technology that brings you "advanced" chemicals or EMFs.

Give the heart the opportunity to love. Love is the answer to healing. Love the toxins. Love the destruction. Love the complete transformation of the planet. It was you who designed this drama. Can you be more accepting of the progression it is taking? I AM loves all that is. Welcome what this "new and different" concept will bring.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
Saint Germain's A Course In Channeling can be purchased here.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Birds and Fish

My dear ones. My thanks for the one comment I got regarding these messages. My teachings and comments about the future will both continue.

Today's question is about the death of birds and fish. My condolences for this great loss to all who have the compassion to care. Change the mind of man, and you can stop these continuous messages about the water and air, and the self-sacrifice of many of God's feathered and finned creatures can end.

Nothing new happened to contaminate the air and water in these areas. It was a mass deletion of these animals by their own choice. Change of direction to the axis has already begun, and more of this kind of destruction will occur - unless new mental attitudes allow an increased rate of vibratory frequency for ALL of the Earth's inhabitants. Self destruct is the contract of many of God' creatures. Now is the time. Other species are doing it also. Bees, for example, and many bird species. Dolphins and whales are coming to the beaches as messengers to man about the dirty mess man has created in their environment.

All of these creatures are giving man messages about destruction. Man's destruction of his Universe has gone beyond repair. What remains to be changed is consciousness.

Are many concerned about the results of man's destructive attitudes? Some, but not enough to contain an already disrupted eco-system. Not enough to contribute a different arrangement for migration of many thousands of birds. Not enough to appropriate clean up crews to oceans and their tributories, or the coves where dolphins are cruely destroyed. Not enough to move an active carrier of disease out of an area where many animals are being contaminated. It is not the consciousness of these animals that needs altering, it is the consciousness of man and his money cartels.

Twenty-million can make a difference. An amazing amount of grace can be delivered through those who are ready to ascend. Mass consciousness can be dramatically altered. Change can be disseminated, and there is nothing that cannot be arranged differently. Welcoming divine awareness into mankind's domain means man can act as God and create as God, without any of the management that man's group mind can now disburse. When minds are quiet, God and an advanced crew of aware beings can clean up the mess that now exists. "New and different" techniques can be employed, and destruction will no longer be accepted.

Facing the facts must come before any of this. Acknowledging that man has destroyed, and cannot continue to destroy, is next. Only then can any clean up begin. Are the mass murderers of these giving, caring birds, and other animals going to disappear from the land?

Only those who are awake and aware can maintain the light through the mass increase of energy that is being delivered to aid Mother Earth. All those who destroyed her cannot advance to the next level of consciousness. It is their destiny to leave the planet through death. As the purveyors of death, many will die as an act of God's will. Many will be denied adequate care of their needs. And those who were actively controlling all that commenced by their will, can anticipate a most controlled condition for their death. Choice of their manner of death was made as they came into the body for their role in the human drama.

Political deceivers are to be exposed and corrupt ones are to be destroyed, as their choice has also been made. No duality will be left. All of the negative and aggressive nature of man will be deleted.

Forerunners to these events are the messengers, who are contacting man's minds with group deaths. Can you act on their behalf? No, they are giving up their lives for you! Can you accept their sacrifice, as a nod from them, to do what needs to be done to change man's consciousness? Freedom has its price. Your freedom is what they are making their sacrifice for.

Birds, fish, bees, and other migrating animals must be the "density communicators". They need to contact those who are dense. Are they doing this effectively? Yes. Aren't your dense acquaintances being made aware of these mass deaths? Are they concerned? I'm not going to claim anything about that.

Open your hearts and welcome the higher vibrations. Thank all who are leaving, so others can gain more awareness. Practice meditation and channeling, as these are your tickets home.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Country's Currency

Shall my words be more teachings or more cautions about future events? I am not going to detail the exact conditions that are to come, because anything can change. As far as the teachings are concerned, many of my chelas are learning their lessons by the most challenges they have ever had, and are not losing their heart centered mode of being. Consider this the goal!

Foreign nationals from countries outside the United States have made agreements about the American continent and its currency, that will control all the money that is based on the US dollar. Besides losing money in the currency exchange markets, other currencies can deny the continuation of exchanging that currency to theirs. What this means is, the currency market will flounder and the US dollar will be dropped as a major currency. People who have only dollars will be able to use them in the countries that accept them, but not in others.

Are any currencies more adaptable? No, as the other currencies are going to get less useful also when the dollar discounts are taken. Only gold and silver, and certain other natural minerals will maintain value, and they won't be much good at the grocery store.

Every country will honor its own currency, so if you are in the US you can use your dollars there. Europe can accept euros, China can accept yuan, etc., but no country will accept another country's money. What to do when you live in one country and are paid in the currency of another? Nothing, you either must return to the country where your money comes from, or you will not have any money to use. So much for going to another country to retire. When this occurs, will you be where you can use the money you are dependant on? Can you get money exchanged at the bank where you are? Consider this to be a most important thing to consider.

Can I predict that this will actually occur? Yes. Can I tell you when? Not exactly. My ability to give dates is not good. Can I give a guess? No, because men have free will and decisions that are made daily can change the conditions that determine these things. But, my intention in telling you this can aid those who want to live in other countries with income now coming to them as dollars or euros, or with other conditions that can be affected by this change. Plan accordingly. Give this choice of lifestyle much consideration.

People who earn income in the country they live can manage. Those who don't, cannot. Prices of goods that come from other countries are also to be dramatically affected, and most exports out of the countries whose currency has been devalued can completely disappear. So, if you need things that are being imported, get them now. Make arrangements about money. Give the choice about currency to the country you are living.

When money is being controlled by draconian cabals, no one can know all the details of their current decisions. All I can give you now is this task: find out how the currency market can affect you, and make an arrangement that best supports you.

Money has the greatest impact on Mastery. Can a Master give money away without cringing? When money is taken away from a Master, can the body be relaxed and happy anyway? Use this test to consider whether the Mastery of money is a lesson you've already learned. No? Then begin by giving away money and see how it feels. When you can give and get, with no reaction, you've Mastered money.

Can't do that? Give, and breathe. Allow the heart to open. Give and breathe. Change the current attitude from loss to abundance, and keep the breath flowing. Change the heart chakra spinning direction to the left to feel tight and to the right to feel comfortable. Change the direction again when the comfort gets out of control. Don't give away all that you own! Open hearts are neither tight or too giving. They are conscious of the conditions and contain the wisdom of a Master. Close the door to fear. I don't want you to be afraid. All conditions are as they need to be. My objective is to keep the awareness up and the fear down.

Heal the heart by being giving, and change the choice you have made about country of residence if you don't get your money in that country's currency. Be aware and unafraid.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Comments on Yesterday's blog from a Geologist

Greetings, Aruna.  I follow you and yours with interest.  I would like to comment on Earth Changes from the vantage of my geology training for anyone interested.  In my younger years, before the modern Arctic and Antarctic research, we understood that there had been four great Ice Ages. Now, with the Antarctic and Greenland ice core studies conducted here in Denver, Colorado, we see that the Earth has very regularly moved into and out of Ice Ages for over a million years for which we have continuous data.  We are approaching another Ice Age, according to the data, in the very near "geologic" future.  The temperature fluctuations coincide with astronomical alignment of such things as planetary wobble, axis tilt, etc.  Over the last million years temperature has controlled the greenhouse gas (CO2, methane, etc.) levels. That changed in the late 1800's when CO2 levels began to rise in earnest due to human combustion, primarily of coal.  Isotope studies of the carbon in the atmosphere indicates it to be geologically old carbon, so we know it is from coal that was mined by humans.  This is to say, without a doubt. the present rise in CO2 is from human processes.  Significantly, these CO2 measurements were made at 14,000+ feet on Hawaii so the readings aren't contaminated by nearby industry, urban areas, or forested areas.

The scientific interpretation of this information is that humans were not the cause of CO2 rise prior to the Industrial Revolution, but they are now.  In the past natural temperature fluctuation controlled CO2 levels, not the other way around.  This is to say that we have natural Ice Age conditions returning at some point, but we are altering that scenerio for the time being with human induced warming. 

Another point to be made here is to say that "climate change" is the norm on this planet.  Life on this planet has adjusted many times throughout Geologic Time.  Life has changed a lot, but it has been very survivable throughout the Earth's history.  Now, however, for the first time we have billions of humans along with the biota.  Human migrations are largely the result of the economic hardship of living where the climate is not agriculturally productive.  Reasons for migrating cascade with political turmoil.  Across Geologic (Deep) Time cyclic sea level rise periodically forces relocation inland.  Animal, plant, and microbial disease populations are also forced into relocation from time to time.  We use the term, "invasive species" today to describe this natural relocation for survival. All of this our pubic has heard about.

What many humans are unaware of is that we are well into a "mass extinction event" that may rival what happened to the dinosaurs in the late Cretaceous.  It began approximately 50,000 years ago.  That is the time when humans began to leave Africa and spread across the planet.  That is the time when the mega-fauna largely vanished in the America's, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia.  Did humans hunt and eat them all?  No, that would have been impossible.  In the America's, Australia, and elsewhere we have recently learned that many plant/tree-types began to change beginning approximately 50,000 years ago. What part did we humans play in these biotic changes observed?  Well, we began to "manage" the land.  Our land-use practices began to change the face of the planet.  It began with Native populations using fire to control the large animals.  That practice led to clearing land for agriculture as we shifted from hunters to gatherers.  Modern humans are very, very, good at altering the surface of this planet for our many perceived needs.  Lightening naturally started fires, but humans are very, very, good at burning grasslands and forests, plowing and cutting, spreading insecticides, etc.  Most "natural" vegetation we see today is not actually natural.  What has this meant to the biota of Earth? Extinctions and in great numbers, Mass Extinction.

Now we begin to see our predicament.  We humans have been altering the face of our planet by our actions for over 50,000 years.  It has crept up on us.  I like the analogy, 'It is as if we have been slapped with an animal fur, but now with our un-natural ramping-up of carbon dioxide levels, we are about to be hit with a fur that has wrapped inside it, an anvil.'

Can we do anything at this point? Well, yes we can, but will we?  We humans caused ozone depletion in our upper atmosphere allowing UV-light to strike the Earth's surface causing all sorts of problems for us surface dwellers, like skin cancer.  We changed our ways and the ozone problem is receeding.  We have found slight changes in tropical forest land use that have returned nearly lost land. There are many examples of small changes, by very small numbers of people, that have brought animals back from the verge of extinction. The American bison is one example.  The major highway to be built across Africa's Serengeti, cutting of animal migration routes, can be done with innovations that can permit the migrations to continue.  Win-Win. We humans can live with this planet and all its inhabitants...if we choose to.  If not, our own presence on this physical planet may end abruptly when the anvil hits us on the head.
Climate change is the norm.  We are only just beginning to experience this one.  If humanity can learn from this opportunity how to pull together for the benefit of all beings sharing this planet, we might have a chance of survival, when an even more catastrophic disaster heads our way requiring quick action.  We have a polar reversal underway; we have an asteroid making multiple close-orbits in the late-2020's; we have Yellowstone, a super-volcano, over-due for eruption (keep in mind that when Toba, another supervolcano, erupted the human population, world-wide, dropped to about 10,000 survivors); ...not to mention the human and biotic suffering brought on by "regular disasters" such as  tsunami's , earthquake's, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and the like.

This modern dilemma that we humans have created can be a learning opportunity.  Will we learn, help one another, and change our ways?  We can if we choose.

Wayne Pound
Colorado, USA
'We may quarrel with men sometimes about things on earth, but we should never quarrel about the Great Spirit. Chief Joseph, 1881

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can We Talk?

Follow most channels, and be convinced that things are getting to ascension right on track. Most are saying that hearts are now open, and love has become the more dominant commodity. To be connected to one's neighbors has no consideration in these comments.

My dear ones, these deceivers are getting more and more outrageous in their claims. Now is the time to be gathering together in groups for consultations about how to manage during hard times. "Cancel these dismal calls for destruction", say the deceivers, "WE are going to take care of all your needs, and alter the consciousness that created these disasters". "Cancel these negative concepts, and live as though all things are normal, and great things are coming", say the deceivers. Yes, great things are coming, after the difficult, great destruction that is being controlled by a cabal of not very caring beings. All of the claims of the deceivers, who are using channels that are not aware of their deception, are false. What does the channel have to do with this? They are non-aware co-conspirators, who are duping the public into giving no thought to changes that are now needed.

Can you claim to be able to take care of your needs during major change? Needs, like a place to gather to live if one cannot keep their home? Adequate meals to eat? Companions for those who are alone? Care of homeless? Care of children who lose contact with their family? Are you able to keep up an adequate health condition during natural disasters? Are there enough beds to let others lie down and get some sleep? Are there dreamers who cannot accept their new conditions and are not capable of caring for themselves? When the dam breaks, will there be ample caring beings around to assist those who need aid? Africa is no longer the continent needing the most aid. The North American continent is, only its citizens don't accept it yet.

Control of the news media has gotten so dense, that the media doesn't give any truth about the actual conditions most Americans are about to face. Can they leave for other countries? No, because their government has made this nearly impossible due to its control of their money. When Homeland Security became the law enforcement counsel of the US, all personal freedoms were taken away. No citizen of the US has sovreignty.

Change of this craving for power came into being when Mr. Bush, Sr. was in office. It was all designed and demanded of his son when he became news worthy as a potential candidate. The son's greed cancelled his inner guidance, and he took over the deception. Now, an already designed collapse of the American economy is underway, and there's nothing anyone can do to cancel this. We (The Great White Brotherhood) have been attempting to give enough notice to alter the awareness of those who will be effected the most. And we conceived of a mass ascension that could delete the difficult days on the continents as money disappears.

Can we have your attention now? Are you willing to create this mass ascension for the many who chose this? Are you ready to give this a try? Can you accept the challenge of awakening as your entre to ascension? Should deceivers have you convinced that nothing need be done to ascend, you will live through difficulties you never imagined. After the days of darkness, another wave of ascension can occur for those who are no longer denying their birthright.

When the call comes, are you going to hear it? Can you go to the place that you will be asked to go? Are you able to let go of all of your attachments? Can we count on you to leave, and not distrust the consciousness that lies within you?

My words must be heard by as many as can accept them. Ascension can occur for the masses on an average day, when no attempt to get ready has been made. A call will come from within. Should you follow that call, the dawn of the New Earth will be your next adventure. Not able to hear? God needs to be heard. How many times do I need to tell you to get quiet and meditate? Only quietness can allow the voice of God to be capable of reaching you.

Twenty million can ascend. Are these messages getting them ready? We will find out when the moment comes. I cannot tell you an exact date, but my comments come today as an urgent call. Wake-up, and have contact with the divine. Nothing gets our attention, to do this asking, as much as the deceivers' controlling the death of our ascension candidates.

Face the fact that help comes to those who help themselves. Ignoring our warnings gets you nothing but negative consequences. Giving hope to all does not include deception. Giving accurate details creates opportunities for a different outcome.

Please give me the opportunity to gather an ascension that can make a big difference. Bring the heart home. My goal is to lead 20,000,000 out of darkness in one leap. Come along and you won't regret it. Negate my message, and get on with the life you did not want to live.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

World Healing Opportunity

When my message compliments your life experience, this means we are being led by the same source. Are the things I have said creating the cause and effect difference that I intended? What more do my words need to convey? I've given many discourses on ascension, awakening, brotherhood, community, controllers, deceivers, enlightenment, future events, God, gratitude, happiness, Mastery, Earth changes, waking-up, health, dreams vs. reality, consciousness, manipulation, awareness, giving, caring, death, denial and fear. What else do you think you need to understand?

My next messages are to be less wordy and more defined. I will deliver a message that goes directly to the heart. What my words convey is less important than the mandate they call for. Bring them into your heart to FEEL what my message is about.

Today's new message is about caring: Move your attention out of this written material, and direct it towards someone who has been disturbed recently. Make them a new caring container with your imagination. Cover them with a green aura. Mentally conceive of them getting completely contained in this green glow. Wait ten seconds, then dip a mental image of a needle into liquid gold. Then proceed to close up the aura around this being with a needle and thread action, using the needle you imagined, and the liquid gold thread you also thought into creation. Allow this cocoon to set for awhile, as the mental cause of its existence tells the being inside the following words:

"You are the most cared about human that ever existed. Your mother loves you more than anything. Your father does also, and all the brothers and sisters in your family are here to give you the love you need now. Allow them to hold you. Turn over all your concerns to them. Give them the distress you have been holding. Let them take care of it."

Now, give this last comment with no dates or times added:

"I Am God, the one who cares for you as your mother, father, sisters and brothers. I am the one who wants your disturbance. Give me the pain. Give me the memories of the event. My God-like creation, you are the one that has the light that others need. Heal the mind and come out of the cocoon when you are ready to let go of the past. I am waiting."

In this ceremony you have given another a love and caring creation that can provide them with a great healing. Assist anyone that needs this. It can be done without their agreement, as no demand is made of them.

Can you imagine the complete love this conveys? Use it and don't ask for any comments about it. Be an anonymous giver . . .

Can you do this for those who are not getting their basic needs met? Can you do this for mental patients? Can you do this for anyone that needs assistance? Give God's love to those who cannot remember how much God loves them. You can be of great assistance to world healing.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Message

Welcome to the year 2011, the year of the changes you've been made aware of since 1970. Are you ready? Are you Awake? Can we count on you to hold light when things get difficult?

Many were called, and many offered to come, to live through the next consciousness shift that man must go through to create a New Earth. Some have forgotten their chosen destiny, but many have gotten through a very dense awareness to find their own truth. Practices to take you into the inner world have been good, and now, that world is going to become your outer world.

Major change is about to begin, and no change is bad. Welcome it, and be grateful for all that is available to take away the dis-ease that has been contracting Mother Earth. Failure to care for her needs must be cancelled, and a new delivery, of honor and respect, conveyed by all. As the changes occur, be willing to give her that respect.

Make this the year of Awakening. Put aside all the dreaming, and get to the truth about all that has been taught by non-enlightened beings. None of it has any truth to it at all. Only an Awakened being has clarity about what is truth and what has mental deception included.

Much consideration has gone into how these changes could be made, and we can now tell you this: your world will be completely altered by the day that follows the next New Years celebration. One more year of change is ahead.

Twenty-million can ascend if they are ready. Only about five-million are ready at this moment. How can all the others get to their chosen destiny? Meditation, cancelling their negativity, and asking for help to transcend their ego. Once this help has been asked for, we can deliver the dream movements needed for more awareness.

Meditation is not light sleep, and dreams are only more of the mind's drama. Awakening the Master within requires breath awareness during meditation, so the mind can get quiet, or be observed as an object. All that the mind delivers to awareness is not the truth. Only mindlessness can provide access to truth, but awareness must also be present. Awareness is the consciousness of I AM that remains when the mind gets quiet. This awareness is the truth of who you are!

Meditate and delete all of the contractions caused by mental and emotional disturbances. These are the tools mind can use to lead you to an Awakening. All the rest is in the control of the inner Master.

Should you be afraid of the future, get quiet about that with deep breathing, whenever the feeling of fear arises. Fear is not an answer to change that has any positive value. Healing the cause of that fear is congruent with the goal of Awakening. Pause, gather your awareness to the cause, and ask the Master within to help you let go of the fear. Mastery is fearlessness. Your inner Mster has all the answers you need. Get that relationship going!

Welcome change. Welcome "new and different". Greet each day as the most wonderful experience. Pay attention to your thoughts as an observer of them, not as their creator. You are not your thoughts! Nor are they more aware than the Master within!

Change is inevitable. How it will appear can be difficult to experience, but it is all for the good of mankind and Mother Earth. Many days of darkness can result. Have candles to do necessary activities. Computers may be down. Get used to not being able to use them. Use of cell phones can be disconnected. Get in touch with those who live nearby. Give assistance as you can. Need assistance? Ask to be a contributor to another's need. As you give, you shall receive.

When you dream: you are reviewing other lives that are occurring as you observe them. No lives are actually linear. All occur NOW. One soul does all of their "lives" at the same time, it just appears to be in linear time to allow man to accept it. Nothing actually exists in time, this is mind's conclusion.

What does the Master within do when an active mind always leads the body? Nothing. It waits. Waits for the mind to begin looking for Truth. When this occurs, there is great excitement on other dimensions, as the divine call has come for all.

When the call came to you, did you immediately agree to go within to get more aware? Are these calls always answered in this way? No, but we will keep calling as long as there is one more left to Awaken.

Open to the light within your own heart, and allow it to become fully radiating so it touches others. This can take a bit of your time, so the sooner you begin, the better. Our realm is awaiting the lights to all be glowing, because they will light the dimensions in between.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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