Sunday, February 10, 2013

Negativity in Oneness

Many of you are able to discern an angelic energy and a negative one, and do a good job of being an angel when an ogre appears as an ogre. What most of you don't acknowledge is, the "not so caring" ogre who masquerades as an angel. My words about deceivers are for the purpose of leading you to this ability. Instead of casting stones at me or my messenger, give the message your attention.

Do you think that the Masters are less capable of choosing what to say in their messages than you are? Why are you deciding this? Are those who create drama with the anger they display, being more loving than those who show them the limitations in their awareness? Anyone who demands another accept their point of view, has not drawn a correct conclusion about what love is and what it is not. When any disturbance is created in you, think about the lack of love you are displaying, not about the cause of that disturbance. It is always your mind that is disturbed, never your heart.

My words do not disturb those who have no opinions. Being open to all that comes into your mental awareness is good, as no learning can occur without openness. When an opinion arises that does not accept any new additions to what is currently believed, no energy changes are able to occur. When one accepts that another option as calling your attention to a belief that is not accurate, you can learn what needs to be learned and advance in awareness.

My dear ones, not being open to love when it comes in a form you don't agree with is now what needs to be learned. What the Masters do or do not mention is not anything you can determine. It is merely a guess of your mind, and an influenced guess at that. We are not omnipresent for nothing. Our words may seem to be energy appearing negative when, in fact, we do what our love calls us to do, demand more awareness from you!

Mind is calculating. It chooses any and all that coincides with its desire to control. It dislikes content that does not continue its deception. Your call about what a Master does and does not do is only your  mind's opinion. When your love expands, and you can accept all mental content as an illusion, you will cancel these made up ideas. None of your mind's opinions are accurate. Awareness that comes from cosmic consciousness is neutral. Saying that what is happening in your realm is not as it appears is not in any way negative. It is the way it is. Your mind is not accepting this, and is calling it negative, because it wants to eliminate this opportunity to increase your awareness.

Consider any condition an opportunity to be neutral. All man needs to do is observe—not decide if it is good, bad, clear, unclear, etc. What is the difference in this approach to answering an opportunity? One answer is open hearted, the other is closed hearted. Open hearts are the way of caring and Oneness. Mind's decisions about anything being good or bad closes the door to love. Just be with what appears in your awareness, without accepting mind's negative accusing and negating. Love is worth giving up your mind's opinions.

Welcome differences. Enjoy new information. When it disagrees with what your mind has previously  thought was true, allow it to be affirmed or discredited by your heart with an acceptance of differences. Nothing good is gained by dismissing a different way of thinking as dark. We of the Great White Brotherhood are not the deliverers of your destiny—YOU ARE. And what you are doing by negative talking and negative thinking is not what we were asking you to consider. We want you to know that all that appears in your awareness from our side of the veil is not always as it seems. Dark and light are in your realm as growth opportunities, not division creators.We don't see any difference, as all is One in our realm. No opinion is the way to love. There is no caring created when you decide one is good and one is not good. Give up this attitude and you will become more aware. Learn what is caring and what is not.

I Am the love in all of you, not an actor in the cosmic dream you hold in your mind's calculation of what is true and what is not. I Am That I Am is you, me and what we all call caring. I Am That I Am is God. I Am That I Am controls nothing, and does not destroy one in favor of another. We all contain this same level of mastery. When you can accept this, love will dominate the co-creation of whatever  comes next. With the caring that comes with no division, I call on you to look at what divisiveness vs. oneness really is. Oneness includes dark and light. Oneness is on both sides of the veil, just as dark and light is.

Your world is a mirror of what is in man's causal nature. No totally honest being can deny their own darkness, as it is one's own doing that created the world that you observe in answer to it. Give it all love and do not destroy any of its components. What will then come into your awareness is the answer to where YOU are in consciousness. An awakened being does not care about differences, and nothing disturbs them. They notice and discern without opinions. Only when this is your condition will we be free of the negativity in Oneness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna