Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alchemy in Consciousness

What I am calling for now is some new additions to my class of alchemy—changing non-aligned consciousness into caring, compassionate actions. What is being demonstrated in your media carries no caring, and those who do care are not making news. News can add more caring, so lets alter this situation. News can draw more interest in the non-caring, calling on them to act. Can we do something about this together?

Consider caring in action to be the next wave of dream aliveness. Self-care, as in diet and maintenance of health for all, can be the drama we use to increase the level of caring, rather than acting against existing collective attitudes. Care with action. Give the leadership that is needed for many to begin doing caring acts of kindness. Create groups who care, Stamp yourself as one who does not hesitate to give. Straight talk and actions get attention. It pushes the dreamers of answers to take their light to the leaders of their own countries. In all countries, act as though all life matters. Have "caring campaigns" instead of "against campaigns."

How can this be done? Collect goods and money for those in need. Attend all group activities with an open heart. Make yourself heard. Stamp yourself a carer, and act as one. The message of caring can be given to the world with networking methods. Clever memes about dancing in the light can become a means of saying things that need to be acted upon.

Instead of encouraging lack thoughts, challenge those who are complaining with your happiness and personal contact. Instead of wondering how to act with those who are unhappy, act with aliveness. Give your attention to activities that make a difference. Work with groups that care.

Self-awareness about anger and greed in your own make-up must be drawn to the mind and openly diminished. Attacks on anyone must cease. Cancel all the dross that remains in you. Continue to let go of negative attitudes about others. Settle the war in your mind vs. heart drama that controls inertia. Straighten up your own way of being and make a more direct commitment to love than only contacting those you are comfortable with. Go out of your comfort zone to those needing more caring. Open hearts don't choose with their mind about who needs assistance, they don't need to ask.

Self-awareness about giving and caring, and dramas that lead to not doing anything that is caring can be altered in an instant. Giving money does not demonstrate an open heart, it does assist, but humans  need contact and conversation more than money. Learn to listen. Center your own life around giving attention and not only choosing monetary ways to care. Spend time with those needing a caring attitude while they are in misery.

Open up to your own caring ways and participate in group activities to act them out. Selfless service is one of the qualifications for chelas to ascend. Caring is one area that is still needing attention. Ask how you can serve and act on the answers that come to you.

Change the world with caring. Call on those who need caring and make them your colleagues in doing great things. Their acts of giving to themselves and others can turn their lives around. Caring, rather than grieving for what does not exist, is how they can alter the condition of their lives.

Sacrifice is not the answer. Give because the love of Oneness is the motivator. Masks are being worn by those needing caring. Care for them as much as those who are shackled and unable to make a good living. Self love is nurturance in a different context.

Ponder this: Choice of circumstance came with the soul contract. No one has to do only what their contract includes, it is only a code that moves you in one direction or another. Freedom is making a difference way beyond what a contract includes. This is not necessary, but is what walks you into  divine awareness. Completing your soul contract is only the minimal bottom line. Choose to do more if you want to ascend. I Am That I Am needs all of you in the role of a caring colleague. The "one heart condition" dissolves dross and accelerates your ability to make caring decisions. Welcome to our new way to Oneness in the collective consciousness. Now is the time to act!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, March 22, 2013

What's Coming

Among my chelas is one not yet open to my teachings. His mother has no idea of what he already remembers, but when more of his memories are opened, all will benefit. None of these memories are from a human experience, as no man of his candidacy for providing an antidote to darkness on the multi-dimensional and the New Earth level, has previously been embodied. When he is able to comprehend his own caliber of contribution, his contracted destiny is to become a great teacher and challenge to the control that now exists. Will he do what he came to do? We will all discover this answer together.

He is now nineteen, his land is China, near the Tibetan border. What he already knows is that his next of kin have no ability to care for his openness or his new ways. This dialog is not allowed in his home. He needs an outside entrepreneur to invite him to develop what his mind can observe on the drawing board of his dream cortex. When he is able to develop these concepts, all his answers to dross will be able to cancel the changes that have been made to God's design. Water can be cleared, air can be drained of CO2, and CO2 reduction can be used to reverse climate deterioration.

Mr. Tesla was not incorrect, just not able to develop his correct answers to natural development with the use of technology. Change is not coming in a day, week or year, but the one that I speak of contains an answer for your dimension, and needs that chance to dream and develop. Another Mr. Tesla? No, another child of God, with less data to be derailed by from New Age thinking. When he decides to act, his new thinking will not be considered dreaming, it will be an answer the world wants. When can we delight in his creations? After the light gets dim enough that the world can accept what he dreams.

Will he be considered a messiah? No, only a genius with great ideas. Will the controllers break him or accept him? They won't have any choice. He will counter their New World Order claims with science and change so daring, they cannot oppose him.

Are we able to let go of concern about what is currently happening? Yes, because the coming days are also opening up new ways of living, without the controllers in charge. Close the door to their drama in your own mind, and they can destroy only themselves. Selfishness has its debts to pay. Argentina, and the death of many by GMO poisoning, will give the call. When this becomes newsworthy this boy will be able to claim his due in the collision with chaos. Next is his opening to my inner guidance.

Are you able to welcome a Chinese genius to defeat the controllers?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Caring and Oneness Still Needed

Controlling the large number of challenges now facing man cannot be the answer. All of them are nearing the energized stage of drama that is needed to draw forth their one true reason for being—the awakening of consciousness. Truth is coming to bear on what man has done to deliver such dross to the continents, and what can change man's destiny must come out of his own doing, starting with a change in demeanor.

We want to see more clarity of intention directed towards happiness and compassion. We need more caring to close the gap between haves and have-nots. When man stops ignoring this contrast, we will be able to act on your desire for more caring from us, and help create more ways for you to express it.

When you choose to be against all that has been created, you are adding darkness to what already exists. Talk against anyone or anything is dark. Giving money to charities is not being generous, it is being caring. Thinking of yourself as generous is not caring; neither is treating those in need as less. No one is less. All contrasts come from one comment or another about coming out on top—competing against another draws on an attitude of control over others. Not controlling is the light. Not making dark comments is also light. Not thinking about others as less is not only caring, it is the Truth. This is one way to alter the conditions your mind is against. Cast good medicine on all things that are needing more attention: pray, decree, or make no comment. These are ways to make darkness disappear.

Self-love is the love of what already exists. It is not conditional, i.e. "I'll give my self acceptance with new clothes, or hairstyle or a nose change." No change to a body is needed. All are gorgeous as they are. See this beauty, and you will make a difference as the contrasts are delivered to you. See God in all the deviations you came into a body to enjoy. All are God.

None of you take on a body with total humility. You come as a mental dreamer who decides who is great and who is not. Consider this dreamer to be the one who is mirrored in the controllers of your  contract. All appear in your life to help you dissolve this dreamer (ego) by canceling its unloving way of thinking. Press on with this humbling experience to give yourself what you agreed to accomplish with your contract. Awaken to the open hearted, loving you that continues to be dragged into the dross whenever your mental controller decides to attack anything that comes into its awareness.

Welcome news of all open hearted actions, but don't dismantle your own heart's answers as a consequence. Always challenge negative comments about anyone. Ignore what cannot be altered. Don't attack the deliverer, only contrast the dark with your own light. An example of this is: welcoming the dark as a friend, opening your heart to an obstacle, not giving it a negative attitude.

No war means: no war against war. Want caring? Care. Care about all who are not being caring. Give them more caring and no disturbing, controlling thoughts. Welcome what appears dark with caring, and dramatize to the helpers of the world what true caring is.

We of the spiritual dimensions come into the darkest dimension of all with total acceptance and caring, no matter how dense the contact is. No appearance or negative attitude alters our caring ways. Now we need all of our chelas to do the same. Welcome the dark. Accept it as an opportunity for all to awaken. Care about what is happening, but douse your negative conversations.

Self-love also includes the enjoyment of inner silence and contact with your Higher Self. Once this Higher Self connection is made, always go with your heart's decisions, not your mind's distrust of these choices. Love the Higher Self and its divine guidance, always act on its advice.

Many of you are now disappointed that no ascension has occurred. Being against our messages as a result of this has damaged our ability to answer your conditions with new guidance. We would appreciate your acceptance of our news that came after the Dec. 21 date. We cancelled the ascension moment to allow more to awaken and complete their ascension. We do not control what God does. This was God's last minute decision. We were as surprised as you were. Now we are looking for others to assist who made contracts for ascension, but were unprepared for our December 2012 date. They still need to open up to what ascension means and what they can do to be part of it.

As for the three days of darkness that was predicted, it was also dismissed as an unneeded challenge for the human density at that time. All we did was contract our energy and wait for the next opportunity to come out of that contraction.

One more thing today. Make your own list of what needs to be changed in the world and then open your heart to this drama whenever you pray before dining or meditating. Give thanks for God's way of delivering more awareness to the masses. Welcome all, and as an ascension candidate collective, you will change the mass consciousness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mastery Urgently Needed

When the 'love of others' has no meaning in the changes that are being made to the human conditions, man is dooming the entire learning experience on your planet. Not caring about those who are not able to care for themselves negates a New Earth collective consciousness. What can draw this to the attention of those decreeing a disaster? Nothing; as they are blind to other's concerns. Never in the history of Earth, has the negative been as strong as it is now. Only in Atlantis was there a civilization that came close.

We want to overturn these non-caring attitudes so we can complete a love circuit amongst those who can accept this challenge. Are you open to distancing your mind from the non-caring control that is causing Earth's destruction? What it will take is more caring in you. How this looks is: not being 'against" the decrees of others; no anger; no disturbance in your own make-up; and no delight in competing. We want to always be able to track you as an open heart, which cannot be done while you are maintaining the cause and effect dream. When the heart opens you don't think of anything against, only what can be done in the way of caring.

Solving the current dilemma in your local, national and international affairs takes more than an opinion. It will take action and doing what the heart calls on the body to do. Fear cancels all the caring actions that are done in the fear condition, so make it an act of courage to open up to love.

Masters are not apathetic. They give on many levels by the love they manifest in their hearts. Being still is not ok for many, but for some it is. There is no one way that is the only way. Caring is not an emotion, or merely an act. It is a genuine quality that comes through an open heart. What it can look like from one source to another is as different as what comes as inspiration through an open channel. Those in the love vibration get told to do something and this call needs to be acted upon as one's individual love challenge—in concert with the non-loving actions around them. Calling on one to act and another to be alone in meditation depends on the dross level they carry. Those called to act are in the most "doing" mode, but those meditating only are the most dramatic, in a cause and effect way. They absorb the dross of others while aligning their own collective group mind. Self has no individual contribution, only the collective can change what now needs changing.

I AM THAT I AM will light up with caring when more giving is needed, and this is now the case. Give in your own way. Care and dream love into your world. It desperately needs new, conscious caring developments. There will be many more disasters if this need is not met. Believe in the light within you, don't give us a call and ask to have it done for you. You are the light of the world, we only draw it forth.

A Master guides, not directs. When we ask you to do something your choice always comes into play. Open hearts will act out the call that they are led by. The Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation are not the ones in charge of your destiny, you are. Choose their guidance because it comes with love, not because you see it as an order. You need to learn to discern what is coming from a true inner call and what comes from non-loving sources of drama. Both come to awaken you from the dream so you will choose the way of the heart.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna