Friday, October 25, 2013

Are You Aware of Your Distractions?

Change is coming. In all of my messages there has been content about undesirable drama but your news of the day never discusses these dramas. What comes to your attention distracts most of you away from what actually needs your attention. Access to information about what is really happening is often presented as “conspiracy theory” activity.

All of these negative threats to life itself I speak of are not theory, they are the cause of more than you are able to consider acceptable. Less theorizing and more of a call to action is appropriate.

Who is causing all of the destruction? One group calling itself the cause is not in active mode. Many are in active mode, just not calling themselves a group. The controllers are not a draconian organization, nor are they one group as the One World Government was once deemed to be. Only individuals, not groups, are draining your control of your life. Your world is about to collapse, and one of the dramas being used to control it is coming in the dream of money access. All of the money will disappear as currency. No money means there will be no charge for anything. No money also means there is nothing to charge for. What will you do? Can you chew on the controller’s might and get nourishment? Can you devour their meals and get energy? Can you drive m to a community action that accepts your needs as their own? Consider this to be a non-existent dream.

All of you, including those who are very wealthy, will not have anyone to look to for longer than just a few weeks. Once the money dries up, what will come to you to eat? Not much. Birds and other animals will be able to be devoured as food only until they are gone. Fish is not consumable in most areas. Are you in an area that has nature’s bounty? No? Cleared areas for buildings do not allow any areas to grow your edibles. Are you now able to conceive of the drama that is about to unfold? Are you able to see the immense nature of your dilemma? What can we of the non-physical world do? Teach you how to give up food. I’ve attempted to do this once before. I’ll try one more time.

Call on all the dear ones in the human world to do this as their own course of action NOW.  If you wait until the reality of no food sets in, no one will be able to control the malnutrition about to be appearing in all countries.

One day at a time, add a little manna to your diet At breakfast, add what you would call nutrition in your mental activity, not actually what you eat. Practice fasting on this choice—no food, only manna. Allow the body to adapt to this mental activity. Use the mind to detail all the activity it would take to consume this category of nutrition. Mentally add to this choice of food the memory if its taste and the added memory of its moisture content, the chewing needed and consumption of its quantity, no actual food is needed to do this. Morsels of food in the body will only distract from the mental attention that is needed. Give this a try for one full day. Only consume water. This will help you adapt to an initial need to take in less food. You can do this.

Can you become detached from all food this way? Not immediately, as the body is not able to let go of its desire instantly. You can, however, give up all consumption with a goal of doing so. Am I calling on you to do this? Yes, if you are able to.

Choose the way you are going to exist when money disappears. Are you able to consider this way of living? If not, do what you can to collect food or move to a place where you can grow food and collect what you grow. Give away what you can now, because your excess will not be wanted in the near future. Give away things that are not needed in an emergency.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, September 16, 2013

Managing the Manager

My long delay in delivering this message was due to overseeing the creation of Mr. Obama's control over one more country on the controllers list for destruction. My only opportunity to cancel this control meant there be no delay in any area of contact between Mr. Obama, the US Congress and Mr. Putin. By this means of bringing another option into the decision making process, another demand of the controllers has been challenged. They will not stop their demands, so the strength of Mr. Obama's desire to end their control over himself and the New World in the coming days, is what will determine their continued control or defeat. My words to him are few, but near his own way of thinking.

Can he decline their demands? At the end of the day (when he is with his near and dear ones) he makes a decision to be more demanding of them in the days ahead, but when they threaten, he cannot deny his own desire to control what happens to those he cares about most and concedes to their demands. Will he give in to their demands to attack Syria and donate the arms to his non-ally in yet another contract for New World Order control? No one can out guess his decision. We want to concentrate all of his means of deciding into one choice, but the choice of him being murdered, or his dear ones being denied their right to live on his account, makes his decisions very difficult; this is draining him of his management ability. Pray that his love of life does not give in to the controllers dream of destroying all of the continents of the first world, so they can have total control of what is now considered the third world. Africa is their goal—all of Africa, and the oil it contains.

When the current dance is over, no more closet conversations will be determining these decisions, but now the closet doors are still closed. Mr. Obama will do all he can to choose caring, but when it comes to the death of those he most cares about, he will give in when nothing he desires is accepted. He is not in control. He is not a man who does what he believes in all circumstances. Martyrdom is not one of his characteristics. Choice is not on his agenda, only the demands and caring about his children. When the demands win, it is due to the cord of control being drawn in. When the cord is tight he gives away his choice.

Mr. Putin is not a controller of the mafia kind. It is another kind of control he deals out. Not a caring control, but a "director of his own desire" control. He is not a member of the cartel we are talking about. I Am That I Am was very ambitious when delivering a note to Americans through this deceiver of Americans. It is not a common thing to do, but a wise way of giving Americans an out.  Changing the direction of America's aggressive attack came just in time. Now we can care about the long-term outcome rather than caring only about Mr. Obama's choice.

Drones do not create a major attack, but they can activate a much larger defense system than Mr. Obama is aware of. It would definitely activate more chemical weapons in countries other than Syria. America will be asked to destroy more countries in the next days and can be a most adversarial opponent in a matter of days. Another chemical attack will most likely occur in another country in order to push forward the controllers' interests in the Middle East. Control of all of the Middle East and Africa will not be forsaken by America's dictators.

Most of the American dream is now dissolving into nuclear disaster, through mistakes and the consequences of those mistakes. America is not the only land where the nuclear deterrent capability is collapsing. China can now demand the collapse of America's might and get it. China can make America go nuclear in minutes. Are the Americans able to meet China with the might needed to overcome this demand? No one can guess this answer. We only ask it to be considered.

We are the dream decoders, are we doing a disservice to China by revealing their plan to annihilate America as a change of direction, and as a means of taking over the growth of the world's material acquisitions.

My dear ones, I have often asked you to create groups of one kind or another to take care of each other, to select one area to collect together when needed, and to acquire food and supplies for a disaster. Are these doings I asked of you now becoming answered by today's events? Being safe and secure is not an agenda of any country, including America. You are always at a crossroads and at risk of something. Freedom from control means taking big risks. Can you do that?

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ascension Will Occur

When the directors of human affairs completely drain God's creation of its ability to nurture life, we will all be stepping into a new dream. It will not be a material dream, but a "next world" one.

Next world, you ask? Yes, a world where I Am That I Am brings forth new and different mastery challenges now that the "control vs. caring" dramas are drawing to a close.  The dreamers are no longer capable of continuing their lives with them. As this dream dissolves in its own dramatic way, will the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood do anything? Yes, we will ask all who can accept our call to go out of their domiciles and ascend.

I've not mentioned ascension as a goal on this blog, because we don't consider it to be one. It is the next level of Mastery, not a new dream or a continuation of this one. As long as you consider any dream to be reality you are not yet a Master, just a dreamer of one drama after another. Masters are not dreamers—as they know what is real and what is not.  

Slowly but surely the doorway to heaven has been opening. Those who complete their awakening and are no longer dreaming will leave this dream full of happiness. Divine grace will lead them to the 5th, or a higher dimension. There will not be another collective attempt at a mass ascension, but to the ones still identified with the drama, still unable to accept ascension, those ascending will seem to disappear.

My dear ones, your world will become more difficult. No one can add enough caring to today's dross to completely reverse its  condition.  One consciousness created this dross; it was not the controllers and. beings of light appearing to oppose one another. I AM THAT I AM composed the entire script for your ability to love, to gain strength of its own accord. When dross appeared there was a choice made to either clear it with love, or not. In many control driven actions the choice to go away from dross was available, but dross was chosen instead. Corporate greed has become the controller of all dramas, and caring about the choices of dreamers has come to an end.

Can another choice be made now? Not by the ones in control, they don't care—only by those who care and can accept God as the ONE choice that ever was theirs to make. Can this choice do anything to alter the ascension call? Yes, all called can answer with an action that declares their mastery.

Controllers may appear to have destroyed the world, but in truth, their role in the big picture has always been to lead more masters to ascension. Are you a master? If you are not sure, go to an awakened teacher to complete your ascension qualifications NOW. When the dross is too dense to clear, nothing but ascension can be next. Get ready. This has to happen as a consequence of God's choice and the choice of all who go as God.

I Am That I Am
Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What's Manifesting in Asia

My Dear Ones.  My words are not to generate any misunderstandings, nor are they meant to detail what may occur.  The purpose of my last message was to leave you with a method to observe the natural death of your material matrix as an opening to what lies beyond. What is now about to occur MUST occur to allow the New Earth to make the world more habitable. What dies comes to its end by God's design, and lessons for humanity are found in death.

Now is the time to accept that "new and different" needs death to precede it. Having hope is not the same as accepting "what is" and making death a doorway to more life. All things have a life cycle, including all the changes that are needed to build your "new and different" communities. To build communities with your most compatible friends requires that you must end what is now in place. Are you doing this? Are those you are closest to willing to come to you? Yes? Then they are ending what is now part of their current way of living. When anything alters it is to make way for what is next.

So when I say that most of the European materialization is about to alter, why get negative about this? Continents alter themselves all the time. What occurs in nature cannot be deemed negative. It may appear to be a difficult change, as in death and destruction, and not represent any clear change that you are able to appreciate at the mental level. But, the fact is, all death is the doorway to a new world. Wake-up and you will comprehend what I am saying. Don't try to deter change. Flow with it. Make it a new opportunity.

Asia will be devastated in many ways. Typhoons, other weather changes, and collapsed economies are about to commence. Nowhere is there more density and less ability for self-sufficiency. China is an abundant continent. Many can come together and live communally there with no lack of consumer goods in the near future. But when the collapse of the US occurs, the challenge China will face is that their ability to lead is not going to occur because they need greater momentum to catapult them into control. Instead China will lose the momentum it has, due to the  negative attitudes it has created towards itself. The world is against this happening. Policies that dominate there will not be accepted.

North Korea will not dominate any other country, but may attack South Korea to take over when American influences are not available to stop them. South Korea will not be destroyed, as other countries will come to its aid against North Korea.

Japan will not agree to the new constitution that is being called for in its new mandate, and will decrease its influence in the days to come. Without the US in charge of its military, attacks on this country may also occur. In the next delivery of new government officials, many caring ideas can be developed. Solar and other new energy technologies can be the next contribution this country makes as a demonstration of consciousness. Solving its money and control issues must come before military activity— peace is the order of the day.  And no more deity worship of the Emperor is going to be deemed acceptable; denial of this attitude comes from the hearts of the people.

New developments in the areas of India and Pakistan and Afghanistan are deeply entwined with US interests. War may go forward in these countries. Saving them is not going to occur, as many are angry about the national dramas in their populations. Seven sects dominate these areas and they don't agree on anything. Not so good news in this region.

Arab countries demand all the attention now. What happens in Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen and Egypt may create a big opportunity for world terrorism. Not to invade is the key— let them douse their own fires. What is happening in Syria is not as the news media portrays. President Assad is in control and his military might will attack and destroy parties of opposition. Welcoming the opposition is a mistake—allowing them to attack with the delivered weapons constitutes drama of other countries, not so the actual atrocities being dealt by Assad military on itself for more attention to their cause. Chasing families out of the country will deter many deaths and overturn the drama in the country they came from. For now they add to the war news for sympathy.

Police drama is now one that needs attention. Marshall law will be enforced in many countries and many of those now called on to deliver traffic tickets will be arresting more than those traffic offenders. Give no resistance. Allow yourself to move into whatever occurs with grace. Allow them to take away your answer too, but they will not take your dignity. Give no attack on anyone. Give only caring and dream the dream of more caring in all. circumstances. Don't deliver dialog that will get you dealt a death or a control drama.

Infinite assistance is always available in the world of man's own inner guidance. Get it touch with it! Solve your own dos and don'ts when they come calling. Allow and care! Separation from your family and friends may be the thing that awakens the I AM within you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain,

Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not So Good News

My message today is to not go into fear, no matter what happens. Many dramas are coming. Nothing can deter what has already been activated, and we are not making any crazy calls about what will come of its own accord. Be able to calm yourself and mention to those around you to calm themselves, because mental activity can create chaos.

Break free of your attachments if you can. Stay away from men and women who aim to destroy. Stay only with those who have opened their hearts. Community consciousness will need to be the calming dose of sanity while you are in the midst of difficult, non-aligned activities.

News of mass destruction must be drawn out of your consciousness. Your mind can destroy more than you want destroyed while it chatters about this or that death and destruction calamity. Face all, and do not let fear defeat your health or the health of others. Carry on the best you can without complaint. Press on with any details needing your attention.

I'm not calling in the darkness when I tell you it is now moving to your area. We want all to be happy by dismissing darkness as it appears. Collect the answers that you need, only from credible methods. Go within yourself and ask to be guided. Delete any attitude you have about the "negative controllers" and gather no more action based, dense, negative thoughts about the conditions created by these controllers. Contain what you say about what is happening, because there are no credible concepts that you can share. The only thing that matters now is the caring you will be called upon to do.

The controllers will cease their attacks when they claim their full control of those countries in which they have gained a close network of cronies. Only one of these countries is the US. It is not only the US, but most of Europe and Australia as well. Russia is not in their control, as it has a different network. Most of Europe will soon be deposed of its union as areas of destruction are coming fast. In the next months you will hear of many disturbances in Europe, particularly those countries in the southern region where money is already in a controlled, managed authority camp.

Pass along the news that caring must begin in the native way: all of Mother Earth's children are equal and are not to be dominated by the aristocrats or criminals. Shave the continent of Europe by 1/4 and then see how many controllers there are in the contained mainland that remains—none. What will be left will not include any of the controlling parties. NE Europe will be the next area to move to.

More and more countries in South America are going into "no-comment" mode about what is about to occur in the continents of Europe and North America, Canada included. A great movement of Mother Earth will occur that energetically effects all, not only those in those vicinities. My message to you is not to go away, but accept and be non-concerned about what can happen.

No deaths are about to occur that have not been deemed ok on a soul level. Practice this mantra: No matter what happens we are all in good hands. "Don't go into blame against any cosmic deity or nature spirit. All have their load to administer. Make believe is just more content. Share your actual news and ignore what master con men are about to tell the masses. Wake-up and be assured that none of the things you will hear about are the real deal. All will be fictionalized.

Yes, people will die, not all that is claimed, however, and those who die will not be affected like those who live. Being one of those who live will be the difficult way. Graduation from Earth School depends on how you are about to greet the most complex configuration of events ever to happen on your continents. No place can be a safe haven, only the heart of awareness can be that. I AM THAT I AM is the heart of awareness.

Be masters in the confrontation of your dream and you can continue your awareness in the consciousness of reality.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Aruna