Monday, April 30, 2012

Things to Be Aware Of

My dear ones. Today will be the last message that mentions diet. Many of you are enjoying the gift of mana now. Are you managing well with it? Yes? Of course. I would not advise anything that could not keep you healthy. Those who have not begun the fresh food diet are missing an amazing experience.

Beware of the negative messages that come to you from friends, neighbors, family, etc. All are the gift of testing your commitment for following your own truth. Freedom from outside influences will be important in the next days, as many calls to ascend will be negated by those not abe to commit to ascension on their own.

Feel the density between the two ways of being—the anchor and the one being given the light. Very different energy. Close the door on negativity, nothing is bad. Everything has some value; all disturbing conditions are great learning opportunities. See how you deal with them and drop your negative attitudes in the process.

Share the happiness you are feeling. Anchoring light is a great gift to all, including the one who is the anchor. Please dump all of the distrust your mind has towards future events. Nothing has altered other than the management that distributes dense actions that call negativity into those choosing to be negative. Everyone can become an energy drain or an energy generator—one choice is all it takes.

Service to the light requires the release of all dark negative attitudes. These attitudes dim the light of all in their auric area. Children delight others with their cheerfulness. Be child like. Give this non-attached attitude to the controllers and they cannot defeat you in a chance meeting.

Contracts to deliver drugs to many countries are being dismantled. No more control driven addictions are going to attack those who are bringers of the light. We have been able to destroy these contracts by deleting them on the main contract holder's memory circuits. None of his detailed plans for world domination are going to be activated. Plan to ascend before these destroyed memories are reconstructed.  After the ascension we will activate them again. No details about how we do this are to be given. No questions on this subject please.

Fight with the dark and all will grow denser. Pay no attention to the dark and no darkness will touch you. Brothers and sisters, change the level of light in any direction and everyone goes along with that altered contraction or gift of light. Be a giver of drama and drama will lead you to your death. Be a giver of awareness, grace and new ideas and you will light up the whole materialized world.

Peace is now the most challenging detail facing all of the Masters who are going to ascend. Being an example of peace in all circumstances will lead more to ascension than drama can. No drama is appropriate in those who are unattached to results. Give all of your drama to the divine to handle. May we all celebrate ascension before the days of darkness.

Are you doing the controllers' agenda now? Are you negative against the current things being led to your attention? If so, no graduation can occur for you. Give up denial and all of your non-angelic goals and desires. Angels aren't seeking to get their own desires fulfilled, they go where they are needed.

Go to the light in your heart, as this is where ascension will begin. Bring with you all of the happy dreams you can conceive of, as we can make them your new condition of being. Ascension is just around the corner.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Answers to Questions re FF Diet

When my teachings are given there are no conditions attached, what the teachings say is my message. When you ask questions, I can see that the message I originally gave you was not clear. I am appreciative of your active asking. Comments about the message also give me a better understanding of  your current attitude concerning the topic. So when you do not ask, I am assuming you understand my total delivery as I intended it. Now we are discussing my latest content to the degree that I am able to clarify what needs more details. Ask and you shall get an answer, as long as your comments do not contradict what I am saying.

On to your questions: Are you to continue consuming protein drinks and capsules of nutrients? Absolutely! Are you concluding that cutting down quantity means eliminating quality? I want you to eat whatever gives the body the most nourishment. Mana will not give you all of the dietary content that a body requires until the body no longer has a need to eat. When this occurs, no food will be desired because you are being adequately fed with mana. This will not be the case until all of the changes being made to the current body's chemistry have been completed.

We ask you to begin the controlled diet as an opening for these changes. In the goal of no eating, one major change is necessary, and this one is mental. Once the mind adjusts to the idea of deleting food,  the next goals can be managed, one at a time. Be careful about what you eat. Digest it well, and give the body adequate nutrients, not destroyed molecules and non-consumable chemicals.

Freezer food will not be available when today's trucks cannot deliver them. Give these up now, and act like you have decided to make the healthiest menu possible. Cut out empty calories, sweets, drugs and commercially prepared foods. (I am not saying to instantly stop your prescription medication. Only do that with medical guidance and assistance.) There are a lot of drugs in your food, body care products and cosmetics that negatively effect your health. These are the drugs I am referring to here. Give up drinks with more than 0 percent sugar and don't drink a lot of alcohol. One glass of wine or one beer can do all that additional quantities can do when it comes to altering your mental state. Marijuana is a drug. It will not keep you from ascending, but it will keep you from sticking to a reduced food diet. I recommend you let it go unless you are using it for pain relief.

Eating food containing adequate nutrients eliminates the need for additional supplementation. Instead of these pills, take in food with natural ingredients and a chemical free delivery. When you are taking in chemicals, the body needs more antibodies. Get this in fermented foods. Ask that your mana include food content that is already giving you good health. What mana you choose will contribute to the health condition you desire.

I do understand your concern about weight loss when you begin consuming less quantity. For those needing another direction for good health, ask for mana that adds the dietary choices you are now eating that could cause you to gain weight. You will get what you ask for. For example, you can add avocados, root vegetables, higher calorie fruits like bananas and dates, dairy content with cream, nuts and seeds. You will all drop a little weight at first, but you can gain it back if you make the right food choices. Mix up some great sauces with chemical free (not fat free) cheese. Please do the best you can. You will get to a healthy weight that is correct for your frame.

When you want to lose weight, ask for mana with less calories, and don't eat "diet" foods at all. Change your concepts about diet and make no effort to consume anything more "diet" oriented than drinking clear, clean water.

No organic food in your area? Give it your best shot. Try to do this, and when specific content is mentioned, look for the freshest and cleanest food that is available.

What you do for yourself need not be the choice of any one else. What others decide for themselves is ok with us. One thing you must realize: What you do regarding a message's content does not mean changing others. Sharing them is merely to check out their answer. If it is not aligned, give up immediately. What "others" do is not your responsibility.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, April 13, 2012

Improving Health is the First Step

First, let me congratulate those who are agreeing to eat less food. We in the 7th dimension want to give you a gain in awareness, as well as more comfort during ascension and the new dangers that are about to come into the human experience. Many controversies are about to collide. Change in all that is manifest will occur, so purifying your consciousness is more needed now than it was one month ago. Trust in God's will must become ingrained in your mind before these critical mass changes begin. Believe me, they are about to occur. When you are able to defeat fear and do not need to control your diet, you will be less contracted and more valuable to others.

Your questions are good. Here are my answers:
Body changes when fasting are negligible. Only the desire to eat must be dealt with. When a commitment to eat less follows one day of fasting, there will be a positive alteration to the body's health, as less consumption decreases the work that digestion requires. When a lessor amount of food is consumed, more health can deflect non-aligned energies. Good health has many benefits—mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Spiritually, diet is causative, i.e. eating animals can act as an energy containment of that animal's mental condition when death approached. It gives the animal's energy to its consumer. Sad, dejected, abused animals make their consumer embody these feelings. When not eating meat, a human is able to feel only their own emotions.

Wheat is not the same as it once was. Today's consumers get almost none of this grain's beneficial attributes, but rather, all of it's corrupted derivatives. The complete grain is gone, and only a distorted composite of the nutrients found in original wheat is left. What pesticides have done to grains is a complete destruction of the germ so it now is just a false representation of the original. Even organic wheat has been depleted of its goodness. Many of you have done great harm to your bodies by making bread and noodles too common as your food. Bring more fresh and alive foods to the body to avoid getting sick. What is a wheat noodle made of? Nothing that adds vitality to your energy needs.

Please do not be concerned about the body's ability to adjust to less food. What you feed it makes more of a difference than how much. What you eat fresh will more than compensate for the death creating items you are giving up.

Mana is an energetic concentration of nutrients with no material form. It can nourish man with vitamins, minerals and other positive elements from nature. Just asking for this can bring it forth.

What I have asked you to do is first decrease your intake, not give up food entirely - yet. What the body needs NOW is good, health benefiting nutrition. Ending meat and grain foods will keep the body extremely well fed, better fed than the diets many of you now eat. Free yourself from food addictions. Give up whatever you crave, and consume more fresh, raw foods. This will delete your desire for coffee, sugar and wine. Fresh food will nurture you and make quality changes in the body. Then, and only then, can you delete more food. Most of you are not healthy enough to go fully into no eating. Don't do that.

Fast one day, and then eat less, but more nutritious food. When the time comes to go to the next step your own body will give up food without any health concerns arising. Mana will aid in the beginning and get you accustomed to being content with its dramatic conversion of free energy into health supporting deliveries of nourishment.

Please do not do anything like cutting your child's growth momentum with less eating. You can cut out meat, dried food and all things containing toxic chemicals, and introduce the child to mana for general use only. No children were being addressed in these messages. When children are affected by current events they will need to be well fed before they take the next step. Give them only nutritious food now and they will be able to adjust more easily. Stop giving them food not made with consciousness. Eliminate candy, cookies and colas. Give them more quality food, not chips, candied cereals and microwaved popcorn. Get them to care about their food choices by understanding how food effects their bodies.

Material objects must be considered attachments when you are not able to give them away, but unless you are moving out of your present home, you need not divest yourself of anything. Use and detach emotionally when you notice there is an attachment. Giving away can be done when you feel disturbed or distracted by an object or have not shown any interest in it for awhile. Sacrificing is not necessary.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Fresh Food Diet

Fancy concepts abound about your daily choice of foods, and many are contradictory. Changing the diet need not be confusing. Allowing the natural mechanism of mind choosing what the body's needs, and not going against those needs, must take precedence over naming the "correct way" of eating according to one food guru or another. Most of these food advisers don't understand the most important information available on diet: the body "knows" what it needs and what it doesn't get good digestion from. Why keep making yourself ill over and over again when all you must do to avoid these diet aggravated symptoms is drop these foods from the menu. But what do you do? Give up other things instead because of food fads that are touted as good diets when they are not.

Low calorie diets are a disaster, as good nutrients are usually replaced with less nutrients along with less choices. One diet guru teaches no fat, another disaster, as all fats are not alike and good fats are needed for healthy bodies. Making up a fancy diet is not my goal. Good eating and mana combined will add to your functionality, not deliver you poor quality nutrition.

Fasting can aid the beginning of the fresh food diet. It cleans the body of non-aligned diet content before adding new choices. Patience is key, as addictive foods have an active pull on the body's instincts. Noticing these pulls and choosing another delicious option cancels the addiction. Please give notice whenever you "must have" anything. No "must haves" provide the correct balance needed to feel good.

What is felt is the key to good health. Are your days full of thoughts about certain foods? Give these thoughts away, along with the foods these thoughts are about. Want, covet and desire are all addictive, controlling choices, not fresh food diet choices. When the body is receiving good, nutritious ingredients, these cravings are not active.

First, pick the most "natural" whole foods that are not cooked. Add good compliments for color, not taste. Your taste choices are not necessarily what your body needs. Consider wheat "death content." Eat NO wheat. Other grains can be cautiously used. Oats, in particular, offers good fiber and good nutrition. Spelt, amaranth, quinoa and rice are good additions for those unable to eat only fruits and vegetables.

Change your diet gradually, noticing cravings and deleting these diet destroyers. You are not dieting for weight control, rather, health control. Fresh, not cooked is more active in delivering good nutrients, although some cooking adds more taste and acceptability to many good foods.

Please don't go totally raw. This is not necessary. Good soups are great additions to your body's choices. Add beans and the above mentioned grains to them and they will be loved by all. Seeds and nuts are also needed. Use the unsalted varieties. When buying nuts, choose raw when you can.

Marijuana is not a negative for ascension, and neither is cigarettes, but both are addictive and damage your body as a consequence of using them. Give up this addiction, as your goal to ascend means you must become "not attached" to anything material.

Can you do the fresh food diet without any organic content? Yes, bless what you are about to eat with your mind, and deliver divine light through your hands, before consuming the food. Grow food when it is possible, but don't be disturbed when this is not an option.

Are you becoming more accepting of my request? No time limit has been decreed. Choose when you are able. I am not demanding this—only offering an important alternative to the controllers' agenda. Answers to your questions on this topic would be considered good additions here.

Be a teacher and caring friend by telling others about this diet in your conversations. Cheer up a neighbor with some good food choices and diet guidance. Imagine transported and warehoused food being discontinued in your area, could this diet information help? When you are an example, many will be grateful for your aid.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Giving Up Eating

Are my messages getting too startling to accept? Was my call to eliminate dependency on man's digestive abilities too far from your mind's construct to agree? When my dear ones are able to give up eating they are ready to ascend. Now we are faced with controlled diets of the Monsanto kind. Are these foods more attractive than mana from heaven? Are Monsanto's growth channels going to mean the depletion of the human species? Most of the current diets in your dis-ease filled reality will include their content by the end of this year. Now, when soybeans and corn are eaten in most countries the death of good health begins.

Avoidance can no longer be maintained, because they have achieved world dominance. Only the loss of takers for what they produce can alter this situation. So, what you do regarding my alternative to their control is major. Rejecting a diet of altered components must be your intent if their dream is to be affected. Mouth-to-mouth guidance for deleting food all together is your means of countering death caused by this change to the genetic content of food.

Please consider how much you can enjoy life without eating. Many of you only live to eat. Will you be canceling all that life is about? No, but you will not be able to enjoy life the way you do now when the food you eat cannot give you any healthy ingredients. Now is the time to move on to other attitudes that are life enhancing. Are you willing to be a master of the human experience? When you can agree to deleting eating, you can be.

Cheating on this new diet will defeat your chance of becoming fully independent. When the decision has been made and agreed to, the clock begins to run. It will take three or four months to feel that no food is desirable. Once you break the addiction to chewing and consuming great quantities we can do even more to assist in the letting go process.

Face the day with only drinking water and give the body a full day with no food. Then, only consume  food that can add to your ability to choose health over dis-ease: fresh fruit and vegetables, green leafy vegetables are best. No meat, and no dairy except that which has been collected and delivered in an organic method. Kefir and yogurt that have been made naturally are ok. Other than these two exceptions, dairy, even non-homogenized, should be avoided. Nuts, seeds and other fresh foods are ok, but not roasted or treated in any other way. ONLY eat what is fresh and/or lightly cooked, nothing deep fried or sauteed in grease. A pure, unadulterated in any way, diet can do what no elimination diet can do. No foods with chemicals can be digested as easily as these, because the life force, enzymes, minerals and vitamins are still included in this food.

When you are clear of toxins, the next level of digestion can begin. This change will take at least two months for an average, clean eating person. Those consuming toxic foods will need more time on the fresh diet.

Once the fresh diet is "normal," the time to delete more will begin. I'm not going to tell you now how to proceed. Once you are able, the instructions will be given.

Eat the clean food diet along with three daily requests for MANA before you eat. We will provide.

Consume no drinks other than herbal tea or water. Five glasses a day of clean water is all that is needed after the first cleansing day.

Can this be the next step for all who are ascending? We would like to think so. Are you willing to do this? We are only telling you how because you want to be completely able to detach when ascension comes. This will prepare you. Please try.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna