Saturday, October 30, 2010

Answers About The Devas and Middle East

The Devas are overseers of the animal, mineral and plant kingdoms. They are the angelics of these beings, just like the Angels are for man. They have their own matrix of materialization, with an organizational hierarchy similar to our Great White Brotherhood. Both hierarchies work together. What the Devas want now, as a group, is to get more consideration for their domains, or they will cancel their oversight, and allow the three kingdoms they direct, to grow without any direction at all. This could destroy all their methods of creating new and different animals, minerals, and plants, that are next generation for the human experience.

Now, the question was asked about the Middle East. Most of you are not aware of the matrix of materialization, because your conduits of news do not mention its mechanisms during their call for your attention to the conflicts of man's chosen destiny. Here's how it works: one drama, that contains the never ending answer about Truth, is the one that has two great monetary deciders at the core of it.

One side is about man's choice to control, and the other side has chosen to go towards the controller as an enemy. Both of these attitudes divide!  No demand for control, and no attitude of anger towards the opposition, are the only answers that will stop this continuous grief demonstration. This conflict will continue as long as these two attitudes continue to call for attack on the other. The money controllers are the key, not the people who live in this area.

Saudi Arabi and Iran are the backers of the attackers on one side. United States and European Union are the backers of the other. Neither of these groups are able to let go of their position.

What this conflict needs, is questions for the donators of the money that supports  this conflict, not more fighters in the field. Honest men would lead another solution to the men on the ground about "control and concede". Dishonest men manage with money, to keep themselves at the helm of any decisions made.

Hezbollah and the country of Lebanon are tools of Iran. Money flows to them only for fighting. No fighting, no money! The United States and European Union are on the very same track with Israel. Money comes to support the fight. What if these two contributors went in another direction, and only sent their money  if the two sides became friends. No more wars in the Middle East!

Note: No more today, because my channel has been injured, and needs healing time (cut hands).

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ascension Of The Devas

Chelas, consider this message the most significant one to date:
No ascension can occur without your co-operation. Meditation must be done. Channeling answers of the heart must be done. Consciousness about healing, without drugs, must be accepted. When all of these conditions are being delivered, an ascension can occur, but not until then. Are you making an effort to ascend? Are you giving me your full dedication to this goal?

My dear ones, channeling answers from divine consciousness must be done to complete your awareness. No delay in this can be accepted, because now is the time to count our ascension candidates. Can I count on you? Are you able to hear my nudge? Are you able to act on my call to ascend?

Couch potatoes are not going to be included. Chelas, without any commitment to meditating, are not going to be able to handle the changes in their bodies during the actual ascension process. Care of the body has much to do with ascension. Bodies that are taking medications that dull the senses, cannot be fully energized.

Dreams about the ascension will begin now. Make note of any dreams you have about disappearing. None of them will be an accurate concept of ascension, only an answer to the call. Make notes of what you remember.

Another change that will be happening to an ascension candidate is his/her mental attitude towards beings of nature. Once the message of ascension was introduced in the human consciousness, the members of another realm asked to be included. Members of the Devic kingdom are also going to ascend. This means the disappearance of humans and the angels of the plant kingdom at the same time. Many of the Devas are the healers of nature, so a large number of them leaving, other than those now leaving naturally, can degrade the mental accuity of those who are not ascending, and destroy the healing capability of nature.

A mention of this must be done, to draw attention to the fact that no mass healing of the natural world can occur quickly, without these Devic beings. Present conditions are not convincing them to remain. Four or five million ascension candidates could convince them to remain, because even half the desired amount can make a large enough impact, to alter the consciousness of those remaining, towards the need for healthy habitats.

For two decades of human time, changes have been going on that delete the ability of much of the natural world to regenerate. Man's technology, and the destruction of forests, cancels a new day of basic needs being created by the Angels of the human drama. New pests and dis-eases can come into being very quickly. Why? Because man cannot deliver the love that is needed to others - to other species and to other humans.

Action is being called for today. Help the Devic kingdom decide to stay. Can you do the things that are needed to ascend? Can we get 5,000,000 ready? No? Then the Devic angels will go along with those who can ascend, and the Earth will deteriorate faster than it has been. Any chance of a New Earth developing quickly, can be forgotten if this occurs. Masters on all the continents need the Devic angels to answer their food and health needs. Make an agreement to ascend and they won't leave.

Apathy is my greatest concern. Considering yourself less capable than others, as an ascension candidate, can delete the ascension of enough humans, and then all the Devas will leave.

My dear ones. We need the Devas for healing the gardens of man. Are these gardens going to disintegrate because of apathy? Can you do your part to continue the divine plan that you helped to create? When are you going to wake up? When will you do what you agreed to do? What do the Masters and Angels need to do to lead you home? For billions of years, this planet has been a home to many species. All are to be destroyed if man and the Devas don't continue their advancement of consciousness on this planet. False messengers are telling you to do nothing. Why are you willing to believe them? Are you so mesmerized by their dismissal of necessary actions that you are not able to ascend? What will it take to get you moving?

Please, meditate. Begin to learn channeling. Cancel the dis-ease of mental deception and accept the heart's message instead. Who you are is a divine being. Realize that divinity, by answering the messages that come to your mind from the heart. Choose ascension. No one, or the controllers in tandem, can bring about the changes that only ascension can. Miracles can happen. Not by meditating on the mind's desires, only by having meditation BE your desire.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course In Channeling can be purchased here.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Answers To Yesterday's Questions

The first inhabitants on Earth I was referring to were not the Holy Kumaras, they were from another galaxy. The ETs called themselves the Sons of Gods, but the daughters of God were also ETs. Most ETs come into bodies at birth. Others are walk-ins. Walk-ins always exchange bodies by agreement.

Not all new technologies are good for the health of 3D bodies. Not all ETs are of man's conditioning to evaluate the effects. Many of the new technologies will aid in Earth's recovery,. but not completely dismiss the damage that needs natural regeneration.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Earth Considerations

Yes, David Wilcox is accurate. Men are not all as they seem. ETs are also clothed as humans. This is not a movie characterization, rather an incarnated ET in human form. My chelas are not all from one planet or universe. Many are from other galaxies also. ETs are the Master race of this planet. Bodies came, after they found the Earth by hovering around it. Many countries have this, now discounted history, mentioned in their native tongues. Oral dictations from one man to another, in cultures of many kinds, are accurate. Space vehicles first inhabited Earth. The bodies they chose to materialize in, were the first phase of humans existence. Ape-man in appearance, this was a prototype for future bodies. No evolution occurred. Bodies of different abilities were manifest, as needed.

Many were first manifested in Europe, to claim that area. Others were manifested in Africa, to claim that area. Others manifested bodies of Asian appearance, and others are the manifestation of Mayan appearance. All of these ancient civilizations began as new manifestations of human appearance. All are not from the same star system. Many of the first appearances, millions of human years ago, were not able to create manifestations that could reproduce. No bodies could be delivered that had any desire to co-create children. Next, they needed another change - a human that could give his organs to another. One change led to another, creating many appearances, cultures and languages. Faces were never the heart of the change, rather, a consequence of it. People then became the cause of the next changes. They chose other demonstrations of abilities, and these were part of the next continuation of the new race. Changing appearance continues, by the management of breeding.

Many new ET incarnations are on Mother Earth now. Consider them the same as you, with different beliefs and attitudes. Many are not caring. Others are not dreaming the dream, as you are. Many are very neutral about all of man's concerns. Hearing, in some, is acute. Others do not hear well, but are clairvoyant and clairaudient. Others do not see, as most men and women of other origins do. They are more observant of the leaders of the other realms, than those of the continents.

Thirty-five million years of development in being human have dramatized on Mother Earth. Other star systems want to get in the game. New disturbances, from more advanced societies, are calling for admission to the human collective consciousness. They have no desire to control, only participate, as yet another contributor to new games. These new dramas are currently being controlled by the Ashtar command and the Galactic Federation. Astroids that could destroy many home galaxies are the cause of this desire to incarnate in the human game.

Maybe they are not totally human, but neither are you! No man was created as a body, now or millions of years ago, with the awareness of Mastery I am calling for. Many can complete their game of human life, and ET commitments, as an ascension of the next consciousness becomes manifest on those  continents that can accept these new developments.

Clear the mind now. My words are nothing to be concerned about. Heart development, as a human, is the most desired game of the manifestors. Can a new game begin after ascension? Another few hundred years are needed before this can occur. New diseases must be cured, new awareness of hidden information must become accepted, and new death and consciousness control must give way to aware beings who are acknowledging their True Nature. Not with religions, or beliefs of any kind, only giving and delivering caring to all. Mass ascension, and the drama that can occur before the next act, can deliver all of the lessons necessary.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Making An Impact

Continuing on with the theme of clouds, may I call attention to the way they are constantly changing? Clouds are like humans in this way. One moment a cloud can be absolutely magnificent, and the next moment it is crying. Since man is this changeable, by his very nature, why does he hold "new and different" as inconceivable? Because he cannot conceive of a total outcome in advance. "No control" means: no containment of change. Not controlling anything is freedom.

Man attempts to control because of fear. An open heart has no control objectives, because there is no fear. Once fear is faced openly, the control of "new and different" can be canceled, and deleted by the mind. Control continues to give man courage, as he can count on a new direction achieving a former conclusion. No control allows for new conclusions.

My dream of the New Earth does not include control. Clouds are able to give out any new direction to the hearts that observe them. Man can be like clouds, in this respect, and continue the flow of man's co-creation as naturally as clouds. Man can get to be like this by Awakening. Canceling mental control cancels all obstacles to freedom. Awakening continues man's life like a cloud's, moving and changing with natural causes, in "new and different" human moments.

Are the clouds contributing their drama to the mass consciousness? Not as minds do. A mental attitude is fixed. It does not move and flow. Nature has an "attitude free" movement. Man can also live this way. Consider this metaphor in your goal for happiness. Cloud-like mental attitudes could create the dream of a "new and different" Earth in a natural, but beautiful, way. No clouds of control would be found anywhere. Man manages and directs, and clouds are very capable of doing this, casting shadows on all the answers to cause and effect directions. But they change, and cause no contractions by doing this, as it is their natural way of being. Pretty one day, and dark and ominous the next, is natural for clouds. Being angry one day and happy the next is natural for man.

Nothing draws more control from man's mind than anger. "No anger can be a good thing," is only man's idea of "good". Anger can create things that are not desired, because nothing causes more effects than anger not dealt with. Acting as though there is no anger calling for expression, when many nudges are being given to express this anger, acts like a magnet to all those creations being rejected. Reject anything that creative, and it comes to you as multiple conflicts and major dramas. No negative creations do this as easily as angry, non-aware, attacks on others.

Attack and defend are not being confronted enough. Attack means you are dumping your own control attitudes on others. Defending is claiming that no control issues exist. Both are negating the divine consciousness of love. "I am not negative" defends an active mind that does not acknowledge its negative aspect. Contraction is negative. "I'm not" means a contraction is controlling the answer. Mad means there is a contraction. Angry means there is a contraction. Challenged conditioning can be defended against and maintain its control. Candidates for ascension, consider defending any attitude, a contracted condition!

When there is no contraction, about anything, nothing is being controlled. Consider this as your answer to control: no answer. Welcome all control attitudes with a smile, without contraction, with no defense, and no comment. Give no response to control, and and you will anchor light in that moment.

Collective control continues to run mankind. What if the control that contributes to this collective was to disintegrate. Control is a dis-ease. It causes no good attitudes in anyone. Contraction is an effect of control, which makes control the densest attitude on Mother Earth. Beam more light on control, and density can be annihilated. One day without contraction, can activate "new and different" opportunities as an answer to the controllers. Be quite amicable to all control deliverers. Give them the welcome they deserve. Grace them with cheer. Allow them to deliver their control messages. Be open and delighted with their message. Say "thank you", and no contraction will delete your light. Allow them to be as negative as they can, and don't accept any of this into your body or mind. Free the dross of this encounter with caring about the man who cancels his own ascension by delivering this to you. Be quite accepting of man's causal condition. One side ascends, the other does not.

Are you going to be the gift that delivers light to mankind? Are you able to be loving to the controllers? Clear your anger by celebrating a new and different attitude towards darkness. Pause today, and get acquainted with the contractions in you that can be cleared by nothing being done.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Awaken And Ascend

Chelas of all the Ascended Masters are being told the same things. No differences in accuracy is their contribution. All of their channels are equal as channels, only their content is different. What they are channeling has the same elements, no confusion is being created. All the confusion comes when other energies use our names. Please consider any of the following to be a clue about deception:
1. Mentioning things about man being controlled by galactic intervention.
2. Mentioning a Master who will appear with a grand reception and then control the masses as a negative character.
3. Mentioning guns as a method of taking the next step of getting ready for change.
4. Mentioning the need to go underground.
5. Mentioning going into a coma and waking up in a new condition.
6. Mentioning an entry into another dimension with the Earth.
7. Mentioning doctors as the answer to anything, and the most important of all,
8. Mentioning humans containing all the awareness of cosmic consciousness without Awakening.

An Awakening is not an activity that adds to man's awareness of details. It does not deliver gifts such as  mental abilities or physical abilities. An Awakening deletes man's characteristics that are not in alignment with his True Nature.  After Awakening, what True Nature does with the body is determined moment by moment. Call it Awakening, call it Cosmic Consciousness, call it Enlightenment, all do the same thing: They eliminate illusion.

No man can be a completely dark or a completely light being. All men have a Master within, it is their True Nature. No criminal can get rid of the light inside that teaches him he has made mistakes. No divine condition can exist without the awareness that dark attitudes can arise in the body due to an act of divine grace. Acting angry, or mean, or affecting a drama, as needed for others, can occur spontaneously. A Master contributes anything that is needed to the "dance of leela", not only one behavior or one emotion. Peace and love are internal, all the time, but other attitudes may appear to be the contrary to an observer. Observers are given the demonstration they need, not the condition of the Awakened being. This is the reason that only an Awakened man can tell if another is Awake.

Maintaining that an unawakened observer can tell the Awakened from the unawakened is a lie. No negativity that appears to the Awakened observer means they deny their own. Negativity that appears to the Awakened observer means there is negativity calling for their attention. An Awakened one mirrors yin and yang, whichever the unawakened observer needs to see, so the concept of mirroring does not apply to one who is Awake. A Christ conscious being can appear in any movie, in any character, and in any dream sequence differently. It depends on what the conditions in the dream are that need their  attention.

Put an Awakened one in any condition, and they can act the part. Are they any less awake in one role than another? No! Awake is awake. Conclusions drawn about an Awakened one are never accurate - they are always the mental projections of the one forming those conclusion.

Most channels are not Awake. It is a rare Awakened being that accepts channeling as their contribution to awareness. Most channels need to Awaken! Only then can they be guaranteed that they are not delivering any deception. Otherwise, ego can manipulate their channeled teachings, or yet another deceiver can overshadow them. My goal today, is to ask for more understanding about the Awakened condition, and concern about the deception in most channeling. Free yourself from all deception NOW by Awakening. Claim the consciousness that ALL of you have, just waiting to be allowed to contribute to the New Earth's consciousness.

Criminals have a True Nature too, so the death penalty has no criminal to destroy, only the disturbed mind of a being that has no awareness of their Master within. Cancel death penalties, and guide them to this Master. Change their awareness. Answers about these things do not come from deceivers, as they want to disturb man's creative contribution, not contribute to drawing it forward.

My dears, I want all of you to be Awake. Cancel all the ideas that appear in your head when you read this. All of you are able to Awaken. Most of you are already on the doorstep of this happening. All you need is to open the door. Can this channeling be the key to that door?

Can you turn the message of today's blog into a quest to Awaken? Can the Awakening messages on my channel's website be the next thing you begin to read? Many articles on Awakening are there, at no cost. Please accept this gift.

From now on, my channel will only post a message from me every other day. We will continue the daily messages on the other blog. Channeling can be a most consuming daily exercise, and I need her attention for another project now. We will not cancel this blog, only cut the amount of messages. Should you be disappointed, go to the Awakening Coach website,, and read something there on the in-between days. Or go back, and re-read one of the earlier messages on this blog. There are now 147 messages to contribute to mass consciousness. Absorb their content. Cancel your active seeking by Awakening. Aruna is able to assist you with that.

Ascension needs Awakened awareness. To ascend you MUST Awaken. What are you waiting for? Crying over the death of the ascension opportunity can be the next days' clearing activity, if you aren't ready to be on the ascension committee. Best to do what is needed, before getting left behind.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mind Games

My dear ones. I am not the deceiver claiming that NESARA can still happen. My sentiments about deceivers are now very clear. My opinion about the entire NESARA hoax has also been conveyed. NESARA was a very legitimate claim for American farmers who lost land due to deceptive banking practices. NESARA always was this, and never a banking deal for others. No funds are available to pay the original designates, or the designees being called for in the hoax. My consciousness has never been asked to deliver such news to my chelas, on any occasion. Anyone using my name to address this issue is not me, and should be challenged. Those who claim my name are not going to be very happy when challenged with the question, "Are you Christ consciousness?" Can you ask them this question?

My work, as a teacher of Ascended awareness, does not include convincing humans that money is their answer to future conditions. No money concerns are part of my active teachings. I address consciousness, moving through the end of days on Mother Earth, and Awakened awareness. One deceiver can do a lot of damage by confusing my chelas, and getting them to look away from the ascension call. This is their goal - to distract from ascension preparation. DON'T ACCEPT THIS! Get ready to ascend! No money is needed as an Ascended Master.

Channeling is not a door to wealth, or a mandate of truth. Only those who are completely free of mind's tricks can clearly channel. All channeling is not clear. Most channeling is about 50% of what the being that is channeled is able to get delivered accurately. More details come out of an anchor of light, because they are neutral about the material delivered. Others, who do not delete their own opinions, are not able to be free of their own ego's contribution to the message. Please give all channeling a great dose of discernment by asking, "are you Christ consciousness?" "Yes, I Am" comes back from those who are. Anything other than this answer is not coming from a qualified guide to lead you out of the attitudes of mass consciousness.

Positive thinking does not deny opposites. Both, dark and light, are included in 3D consciousness. Observing both is awareness. Considering one good and the other not, is not a conscious knowing, it is an opinion. No opinion gives man a nod of this realm. All opinions are not accurate. Can you tell the difference between light and dark? Most cannot, because the dark always comes disguised as the light, and light is a non-defined attitude that begins with neutrality. Neutral attitudes are more light producing than thinking that anything in particular is good. Only neutrality allows light to be available. Choosing "positive" attitudes over negative attitudes considers opposite polarities to be applicable. Neither are. Only neutrality can contain light. New Age concepts about dark and light do not deliver any quality light to mass consciousness. Only neutrality does, because every decision about dark and light negates the light.

Please consider the news of this message neutral. No condemnation of the deceivers is contained in it. Only advice that can aid you in learning. Christ consciousness is only love. Is deception love? Are lies a way to create love? Are negative attitudes delivering love? Only love can change polarity thinking into loving actions. Love is not deciding about dark or light, good or bad. It is a neutral attitude that cancels duality.

Mirroring is a most misunderstood concept. What you are disturbed about in another is projection, to learn about an aspect of your own attitudes. Mirroring does not mean "what you observe is your own concern". Observing is awareness, not a description of yourself. Awareness denies nothing - all things observed are accepted, as an observation, nothing else. What is observed is neither positive or negative. Calling observations a mirror of the observer's consciousness is absurd. Consciousness considers all of duality to be a most deluded mental concept, not truth. Mirroring is about feelings and attitudes that arise as a result of what is observed, not the circumstance that is the cause of those feelings. Non-duality means neutral - all is One. Dark and light are both contained in Oneness. Observing them, as they appear, is not calling them good or bad - it is only an observation of what appears.

Playing the mind game of 'what you see is in you" makes denial of the yin/yang of mass consciousness far more destructive than the awareness of it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mistakes And Consciousness

Putting heart messages before any of mind's considerations deletes mistakes. Mistakes are made when the mind chooses something that is not meant to occur. Mistakes are the cause of more contract fulfilling decisions needing to be made for the soul to ascend. This means that many difficult situations can occur simultaneously, to be certain that all the contracted goals are accomplished.

Mistakes are not destiny cards that permanently alter your destiny. They are just not the choice that is needed for completing your contract. A mistake is made when something very contradictory to a man's contract is chosen over another choice that would fulfill his contract's goals. Mistakes are made whenever the mind overrules a man's heart. Man must learn to choose heart messages over their mind's choice. Suffering comes as a result of mistakes. But, no matter how many choices are made that lead away from the goal of the contract, another opportunity to fulfill that goal will appear.

Twelve years old is the beginning of this consciousness building approach to health and personal development. Age twelve is my approximation, it can be a bit earlier, when making a break appears to be an opportunity to leave a bad condition and create another. Children may decide on another direction for their life's career over their mind's call to choose their parents' desire. Or, they may choose a new course of study, over one their mind dictates. Peer groups often call children towards new decisions. Some may be a move towards a gang or a mentor that dictates a most onerous choice. Accepting their opinion, over messages from the heart, can create much chaos in a child, if the decision made is not the most desirable contract choice.

Picking gang activities over caring actions can mean another life, as conditions appear that come from denying the heart, and there is no contract completion. Choosing drugs for happiness does the same thing. Choosing heart led callings will continue to deliver new growth in consciousness opportunities.

Some choices can be reversed. Once made, the disturbance caused by that choice convinces the mind to choose another direction. Then, more opportunities must appear that lead to the next contract learning opportunity. Facts about a choice do not matter. Choosing heart guidance, over many actual facts that lead away from that choice, is a most critical lesson. Facts mean nothing when choosing the heart's way that has been given as an option.

Only giving the heart the needed "yes", can demonstrate how this works. Life becomes more enjoyable. Rejecting the mind's opinion does not destroy its attempts to discourage this approach. Mind often leads away from the heart's calling. Not always, but enough for you to be aware of this tactic. Opening the heart to the divine consciousness of Mastery develops as this choice making continues. Masters always follow their heart.

Control of one's children must now end. Telling them to ask their heart to decide must become their method of growth. No child can develop confidence as an adult, if they are always told what choice to make. Parents do not have the answers the child needs to follow their contract. Parents must make decisions about their own destiny and contract completion. Children do not need their choices made for them. They need encouragement to make their own decisions. Age twelve is a most important time in a child's life. It is the first opportunity for children to accept responsibility for the choices that they make. Happiness for an entire life can be canceled as a consequence of non-contract directions getting chosen by one's adult controllers.

Patience is our only option. All we can do is nudge. Our contract contains the advancement in consciousness direction that the child determined was needed. By leading a life based on heart choices, we do not need to nudge, it is only when other choices are made, that we begin to nudge towards the contract's direction.

Health, mastery, and canceling choices that lead away from the direction of man's contract, require more awareness. Be aware of the choices made by your mind that cause mistakes. You'll know its a mistake if the heart begins to feel dense emotions about the contract having been denied. Face the fact that healing is needed. Get that healing, as a way to ascend.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gifts Come As Awareness

Challenges in one's life are for gaining awareness. All challenges deliver awareness, not only the most difficult ones. Every day, a gift of awareness appears, exactly the next one that is needed. No day goes by without one or more opportunities appearing. For the most challenged, there are gifts galore.

People who deny their darkness, miss many opportunities to expand their awareness. Ghosts from the past appear, to deliver memories of the conditions that were not completed. When mental memories arise, they are for disturbance to any condition that denies unresolved concerns. Completing the change in awareness, that can be delivered by that challenge, is the next most important task to be addressed. Every challenge in your life needs final closure. If you are now incomplete about any old memory, complete it, as a step to awakened awareness. Why? Because this is what disturbs your natural condition of complete happiness.

Completing the distant or recent past can be as easy as accepting the situation and giving up guilt. It can also be done by talking to those beings who were involved, and telling them, "I'm sorry". Or, giving them a chance to tell you the things they were upset about. Listening to someone's complaints, allows them to be heard. It is the most important part of conflict resolution. Listening also tells you how to deal with the circumstances that went negative.

How can you be more aware? Listen! Act as though the decisions you made were less thoughtful than they might have been, and give the "other" the opportunity to tell you how they are feeling about this. Preaching to them delivers no confidence about getting a message across to you. Can you be quiet and only listen? No defense is the best approach. No defense tells them you care about their point of view, even if your mind doesn't concur with it. Freedom of choice goes both ways. Allow them their decisions, and be grateful for their contribution to your new awareness.

Conflicts are never ended when one cannot accept the other's contribution, or their concern about a different point of view. Happiness for both parties is the key to making a leap in consciousness.  Peace on Earth begins with inner peace. Create a disturbance, and you disturb that peace.

Another way to give more confidence to the one being dismissed by your opinion, is to thank them for their point of view. This gives them acceptance, and gives you the release of their negative feelings about the circumstances that began the disagreement. Be humble. Be gracious, be natural. Give healing to all concerned by not taking the position of an opinionated observer. Give the "other" an opportunity to discuss their grievance. Heal the conflict with more love for them than the mind would otherwise give.

Chatter that delivers these kinds of messages, comes from your mental collective of chatter, only because more awareness can come from completion of the disagreement. Challenges of this kind are not only the "other" persons's problem. As long as there is no mental closure in you, there's no completion. Complete disturbances from conflicting points of view by allowing yourself to accept the "other's" opinion. Change your attitude of non-acceptance to an attitude of acceptance.

No two think exactly the same about any circumstance. Both have many dances to dance. Circumvent dis-ease, by getting closure on the things the mind chatters to you about. Thinking negative thoughts, about anything, disturbs your natural way of being.

When there is no "other" to discuss the challenge with, change can come about by talking to a surrogate. Pick an object to talk to. A chair, a pet, a stuffed toy, or a friend. Anyone or any thing can be the disturbed "other" that attends the meeting. Talk to this "object" about your feelings. Give them the full story, and appeal to them for complete understanding. Give them the apology that you want for yourself. Call them by name, and tell them how much their forgiveness means to you.

Break-ups in conversation between good friends needs to disappear. It can, when you take full responsibility for healing the difficulty. No one can be blamed. No one can be mad. One of you must deliver the decisive comment that you are not disturbed, before the conflict can disappear in the "other's" mind.

Patience is needed, as most of you are needing to disperse many of these conflicts. New Age attitudes that deny anything that is negative defeats awakened awareness. Nothing is negative that can be seen as a gift of awareness. Awakened awareness comes to those who are not in denial of their own negativity. What you see in a situation is never the actuality of it. Caring for the "other" one's opinion, opens doors that are needing to be opened. You are the "other". It is you, caring for you, that heals.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, October 18, 2010

How To Make Choices

Control, of anything, is not man's responsibility. Man needs to align himself with the divine plan to be happy. Anything you do, that does not fulfill the divine contract, is not going to bring happiness. Heart led lives have more grace, and more fun.

Man has no idea what his contract with God is, only his heart knows. Lack of control over his life does not lead to chaos, it is control that does this. Let me clarify:

A lack of control allows the divine plan to be correctly opened to your awareness, by nudges of your guides, and new opportunities appearing. Choices are then made as each new door of awareness opens. New awareness, in turn, makes more choices available. No control (over anything) means there is the freedom to make aware choices whenever an opportunity appears.

Control creates chaos and dis-ease. Mental attitudes like, "It MUST be this way", do not accept new awareness, or the ability to follow a new direction. Making choices, moment to moment, will bring new cause and effect conditions that lead you to the next choice. Growth in awareness becomes a continuous movement. Not allowing this momentum, to open up new choices, makes a man crave new opportunities, but he is unable to deviate from previous decisions. Maturity in consciousness depends on movement in the continuum of what life brings. Being convinced that one and only one thing must be the only decision, deletes movement towards becoming the conscious man the contract develops. Control of the daily answers in one's life cannot develop the consciousness your contract was designed to evolve. Pure consciousness is the goal. Any form of control allow ego to defeat the divine contract.

Please do not get nervous about this message, as new choices open up new opportunities, and new conditions offer more consciousness, daily. No major change need occur now, just concentrate on choosing a heart message over a mental goal. Control will not cause another life if it isn't continued. Please be willing to let go of all your mental goals, so you can co-create the divine plan of your contract. Choosing the heart's way can do this now!

Practices to quiet the mind do two things: one, is to get your body/mind quiet for a period of time. The other, and more important, it delivers the ability to become more aware of the divine contract. Guides are around, and can nudge you during meditation. Opening the heart to consciousness is the gift these practices bring. Not for fulfilling mental desires, not for goal setting, not for making contact with the guides. What meditation does is make man more aware of his contract, so he can be more conscious in all of his daily choices.

Canceling mental decisions about personal goals makes the difference between chaos and dis-ease, and your dreams coming true. Your dreams are your contract! Your heart's desire is the divine deal you made with God. Are you going to continue to accept less? Why?

Practice control and negate these dreams. Closing the door to new opportunities cancels them. Being able to accept them causes new doors to open, one door at a time, and at each doorway opening, man makes a new choice: God's way or my old way"? Think "new and different" and be on the divine continuum. Think "no" to the new and different, and cancel another opportunity. Select carefully at all times, and give the heart the lead. Passion can be a guide to making choices. Passion for anything claims the direction needed. Happiness comes when a match is made between the other choice and an answer that garners excitement.

Control, on the other hand, opens no new doors for maturation in consciousness. "New and different" makes contract completing a direct opportunity. Face the fear that appears, and don't let this keep you from choosing a new direction. Are you not getting a good feeling about current conditions? Are you feeling disturbed by anything? Are you making an effort to do daily chores? Are you not getting the happy moments your heart desires? Make different decisions. Choose new content to delve into. Choose new activities, choose new friends, etc. Change opens doors. Make change your new demonstration of consciousness. What new things are you willing to experience? Are "new and different" part of your agenda? If not, now is the time to add them.

Face the fact that creating your new reality is NOT deciding what the mind wants and visualizing it, or demanding it. Creating happiness can be a very new experience for many of you. Create happiness by making different choices. Not "do this and I will be happy" choices, simply answering "yes" to what makes you feel a big gust of movement towards that choice. Positive thinking is to agree to what makes you happy. Put aside what does not. No contract is as contributory to your development as the one you made on the way into this life.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mystery Schools Unveiled

Contradictions to the truth are so many, that my ability to dispel all of them is not going to be possible. Some are as direct to the drama as the names given by parents. No name a parent chooses is aligned to the truth. This is because the truth has no name that fits the True Nature of "beingness" than the body can contain. All the bodies combined do not contain the full essence of one man.

Consciousness exists beyond an individual container. It does not end at the aura, as claimed by the deceivers. It extends to the multi-dimensional core of the entire consciousness of One. People are very surprised when answers to their questions come to their mental awareness. No guru can explain this. It appears as an inspiration from the One. All are guided, as this continuous flow of awareness contributes all answers to all of the members of the One. Can you get an answer by asking a question? Yes, and as the answer comes to all at the same time, change of a massive kind can occur in an instant. But not all are able to answer an instruction from their "Higher Self" with the decision they are being guided to make. Asking for help is not the same as accepting help, if it doesn't agree with the mind's old programming. Following the messages of the One can create a completely different consciousness on Mother Earth. How many are doing this? Only a minor number.

Positive thinking is not a contribution to mass consciousness, unless agreement with the heart's guidance is included. I Am That I Am gives the true direction to the mind. I Am That I Am has the Master Plan to all things possible. Changing the Master Plan, as mind directs, changes the direction of mass consciousness, from what the director would like it to be, to the non-aligned chaos of man's creation. Can we have a new mass consciousness instantly? Yes, if man cancels the chaos, and acts the way his own heart tells him to.

Change of this magnitude does not need any outside invaders of another dimension. It needs only a different way of delivering this message to mass consciousness: "divine will be done". You are divine, but your mental contribution to mass consciousness is configured as a mandate to develop more awareness, as a continuous flow of dross appears as challenges to that awareness. Choosing the answer of the heart dissolves dross. All men are created equal, but their dross comes as their own creative attitudes design this game of development.

How does man develop? By giving the actions and choices of his heart to humanity, not his negative mental concepts. The choice of the confident man is always the heart, as an awareness of this level gives confidence.

Today's message is to dispel the myth: that control, by demand of the mental body, has the ability to deliver the ascension. It does not! Man must give up mental control to ascend. Mastery is: letting go of mental decrees and canceling negative attitudes against current circumstances. Mastery delivers all of man's gains without any control over them. Help is always available, to deliver any of the dense attitudes to manifestation, as well as the Higher Self contributions. This is a way of delivering a matrix of materialization for man's observation. Observing chaos can catalyze a goal to know the opposite.

All persona's are only a call to the "dance of leela", a game of awareness that man gives to a life. He designs his own game. As that man gets more aware, choices are made that can end the game. Ascension is graduation.

Ponder this: Causing an ascension, for the new dreams of the masses to be fulfilled, can occur. Making a decision to go along with the mind's goals, cancels this opportunity. Can you choose the most divine choice, the one that all of the Universes are cheering for? Mass consciousness is your creation. Never before have there been as many who can ascend. Can this great contribution to all of God's creation be the choice you make as a divine creator?

Happiness comes in many ways. Choosing the heart's guidance is the best way. Masters are all deliverers of divine grace as a result of this way of being. False claims to the contrary are the controllers game, to destroy God's creation. Controllers are all divine also, contributing their control to the big game. Their control is the Divine's way of telling you to be aware, and choose to cancel the control of your mental controller, that is being reflected back to you in mass consciousness now.

Please give this message a lot of your attention. It has the most clear description of the game that most of you have ever been given.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Preparation Time Is Closing

Change is always an opportunity to learn. New experiences greet the body daily, to lead the conscious awareness to one's heart. New mental details are introduced, and cataloged, and contribute to generalizations made by the ego. Now, as awakening conditions increase, these generalizations are to be contradictory to the more aware answers that can be delivered. My goal, is to advance this group to awakening, as quickly as I can. Can you understand that my teachings are guiding you beyond what you already know? I don't control anyone's acceptance, only provide the guidance. If you can accept my guidance, awakening can occur.

No one reading this blog can be denying their own divinity much longer. Who you are must be accepted. This acceptance contributes to the changes that are developing in you. Many challenges await you. These are the dense qualities of your mental diagram, materializing on the screen of awareness. Make a conscious decision to choose the heart's conclusion, instead of the mind, and all will go quickly. Be wise, be aware, be awakened!

Tragedies abound. All countries are given their share, to deliver opportunities for your growth. They appear different in each country, but all have one commonality: all are an opportunity for heart led choices. Making choices for the mass deliverance of consciousness comes with major change. All can participate. More of these mass tragedies are to occur. Cancel the attitude of governments taking care of everything. They cannot. Only humans, making their own contributions, can deliver a minor amount of what is needed. Governments cannot collect enough from their debt consumed citizens, to contribute all that will be needed for what is being dismissed as "nature's wrath."

Nature cannot accept cash donations for the cause of health or wealth. Nature must not contract and contain this dross anymore. New dis-eases are going to be delivered via companies' conniving to become the cause of them. Avian flu and H1N1 are both company caused dis-eases. More are to be delivered. Can you demand more control over the deaths being caused? Can you demand new doctor awareness? No, all you can do is be an anchor of light for all who cannot go on to ascension as a group, because they will die before their contract is completed. They can call for Angels at the moment of death to ascend, as I AM THAT I AM cancels their need for another contract.

Telling you about things that can develop causes fear. Change that emotion into decision making commitments. Here's some advice for this:
1. Only do what the heart agrees to.
2. Get rid of all drugs with un-natural content. Consider them against good health.
3. Accept no inoculations.
4. Continue good health habits.
5. Pray over the food you consume. Bless it with your divine grace.
6. Meditate daily.
7. Contractions can be deleted by making a difference in the lives of others.
8. Give up your dense attitudes against these conditions. Accept and deliver more awareness to the cause of them.
9. Effect the conditions at hand with an absence of upset about the dis-ease being experienced.
10. Face all the changes as simply new experiences.

Passing on these message can assist all who are considering taking the inoculations that are being prepared. Take no flu remedies! Take good nutrition instead!

All the organic produce you can get now, has the disease resistant nutrition needed for countering new diseases. Herbs of different kinds, and essential oils, can help you remain healthy. Save the millions who can ascend, and the devious activities of these companies can be annihilated by their ascension.

Faster and faster goes the time for getting ready. Are you channeling yet? Why not? Are you demanding new decisions be made about the future? No, why not? Are you delivering caring now? No, why not?

One of the most important contributions you can make is to be happy, no matter what happens. Happiness causes more light. Close the book on magic, thinking the door to happiness is a space ship. It is not. Happiness is your nature. It is the core of your divine nature. Let it free! Join the march of "happy citizens for the mass consciousness". Give happiness, and negate fear, in mass consciousness about future events. All is perfect!  Mother Earth has many who can lead the next dance on her continents. No dross can deter this from happening.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Ascension Characteristics

After the dream disappears, and the reality has been conceived of by the mind, new attitudes about the human condition arise. These are the new attitudes you can anticipate:

1. Every man, woman and child completes your day. All are the delights you once considered to be different, but  are now aware they are part of you.
2. Prayers are no longer considered to be conscious actions.
3. Feelings are accepted, without any attempt to deny them or clear them.
4. Positive thinking comes naturally.
5. Healing begins with the absence of mental disturbance.
6. Challenges are not a concern.
7. Caring comes to all, without any hesitation.
8. Answers to questions are always available.
9. Claims of being important do not feel correct.
10. Anger does not control, it comes for the drama of living, as needed. No anger is the choice of the body that contains its energy, but the role being played demands this tool for communication.
11. Heartfelt compassion for all.
12. Misery has ended.
13. Chapter 2 in a new dawn has begun.
14. Anxiety disappears.
15. Confidence, and acceptance of all things human, are the only qualities that are constant.

Twenty-million can be like this. Where are they? If twenty-million will bring themselves to this way of being, wars will disappear, children will all be cared for, adults will all be glad to be alive. Three million will be the first group to be like this. They can choose to disappear at the time they ascend in consciousness, or they can continue to live during the major earth changes, to assist others. Many controllers will die in the changes, so the need for ascended ones continuing, will be less critical to the future of Mother Earth, than it is now.

Follow the call to ascension that now comes to all who asked to be candidates. Practice meditation, to be neutral enough to accept the call. Choose all the goals that lead to ascension over the desire for money. Meditate daily for at least ten minutes. Once the body relaxes into being relatively calm, begin to extend the time. One hour is best, to delight the body's nervous system, with consciousness awakening details.

Shivers during meditation denote access to new levels of density release. Shivering and shaking are common for those who are dropping the causes of disturbance from their consciousness, preparing the body to ascend. Having trouble meditating? Take a moment to be quiet, and let the breath clear the body, by moving the mind's attention through each area of tension, and breathe into that place until the contraction releases.

Change the mandate for money to a mandate to be the very best that you can be. For the mind to become quiet, ask for nothing. Give up desires. Act on the impulses the belly confirms to be your best direction. Alterations in your attitudes make the difference between controller disturbed men and women or ascended beings. One chooses peace, the other drama. Ascension is the way to conscious awareness. Calling for ascension is a call for conscious living for all of mankind.

All of my chelas, who do the few things asked, are going to contact my realm now by learning how to meditate, channel their Higher Self, and allow the next steps to lead them HOME. For twenty-million, there is this opening to ascend. Having the invitation is not adequate. Acting like you accept, is also  necessary. Free yourself from the bondage of controllers, including the controller that does its work through you. Cancel the mind's direction to misery, and choose the heart's guidance for happiness. Pursue the heart's goals. Change the way you live to be an example of heart led, awakened awareness. One or two others may also become quiet as a result of your presence.

Children need active mental guidance to be their best selves. Having no guidance deletes their inner answers of doing the best for all concerned. They become less aware. Point them away from greed and demands for control. Help them find the heart of their own being, to assure that their mind's control becomes less active. Children are developed by their experiences. Allow them to have many. Keeping them home, instead of being out in the world, does not encourage them to explore the entire spectrum of possibility that they came to experience.

Fasten your collective seatbelt, because your control of the next days is about to dissolve. Continue to meditate during the changes, and you will be grateful for all that this brings.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meditate For Change

An opening to the light of the heart cancels darkness for the masses. Meditation can do this for mankind. Being in service to the divine begins with meditation. Causing mass consciousness to lighten, has more impact, than giving your attention to the things that are not bringing you happiness. Are you complaining about the lack that is being driven by controller greed? Or the cause of new laws that limit freedom? Or any of the things that are being done to destroy the chain of command that gives you food and clothing? None of these conditions can be altered now, unless there is a change in mass consciousness. Policies are made with mass consciousness bringing a lack of momentum for opposing points of view. Meditation delivers a different method for creating change. More light casts a shadow on the dark. Only when the shadow can be seen, can another way prevail. More light needs to shine on  current Illuminati creations.

Meditation can do this. How? By deleting all of the deception that delivers dross to humans. One example, is the dross being made in China by mandating incarceration for activists opposing the regime's consciousness. Open minded humans do not understand this consciousness, but they cannot alter the condition as an individual or as a government. Meditation, by millions of angels in human clothing, can deliver a new awareness to the Chinese government that cannot be ignored. Zero point consciousness has that much concentrated delivery.

How can this be? Let me explain: Giving the creative abilities of mass consciousness less direction towards personal motivations, allows for more contributions toward the mass delivery of awareness. Awareness is brought to hearts, by opening a way for them to hear the music that is being played in the heart of Oneness. Messages come to man as musical tones, not demands. Music can deliver what words cannot. Music tones from meditation, reverberate in the hearts of even the most disturbed human minds, freeing the cords of man's one denial that causes his most destructive attitudes: the desire to control. This music can be created when the masses are doing meditation. The sound of silence has more cause capability, to carry a message of peace and love, than all the noise of your combined mental activity. Purify mass consciousness now, with less noise.

Change the vibratory frequency of Mother Earth with more meditation, and no attitudes directed towards or against anything. Control of anything contributes dissent in mass consciousness. A lack of control attitudes contributes awareness.

Abuse of man's ability to control, has made all the current challenges man must deal with, today. Altering this must begin on a major cause an effect level, not just by a few decreeing their demand for change. Mass consciousness needs more tones of caring. Make a difference in any condition with meditation. Add more light to the cause and effect demonstration being delivered now. Quiet and detached minds give Christ consciousness more ability to flourish. Make a difference to the mass consciousness, if you want to deliver more caring and light.

Making this creative contribution to mankind costs you nothing. No dismissal of the cause is valid. No denial, of the dramatic change that can occur, is an acceptable excuse. Being quiet for at least ten minutes in your day, can change the cause of disturbance in the energy of your planet that needs it so badly.

Beliefs abound about co-creating with God. Nothing co-creates with God better than groups meditating together. Form groups. Sit quietly. Not dreaming of desired changes, just being quiet together. Mass consciousness gets better music from quiet than it does from conversation.

Pause for the planet! Pause to hand over all control issues to the heart sounds of silence. Allow the consciousness of giving this music to divine awareness, to become part of your awareness. Change the consciousness of doing, to the consciousness of Being.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Call For Awakening

Freedom from all mental disturbance, conjured up in the mind, is the awakened condition. Doubt and fear disappears. There is no more distress about future or past events. Making a difference becomes your way of being. Are you near this life changing alteration to man's condition? If you think you are already Awake, consider these most obvious attributes, and see if you agree with all of them:

1. Mental chatter has disappeared.
2. Courage comes as easily as giving away material items.
3. Cheerful in every circumstance.
4. All masks of personality have been removed.
5. Channeling your Higher Self comes without doing anything to activate it. "Knowing" comes as needed.
6. Answers to all callings of the heart are "yes".
7. Mastery of being aware that all that is, is you.

Can you say "yes" to all of these things? No work is needed for those who can. Those who cannot, have more to do to get themselves ready to ascend.

Ascension cannot continue a disappointing life. All of the disappointments must become appreciated as  the building blocks needed to ascend. All mental constructs that make man's life a difficult game must be dissolved. Higher Self ends this game, mind cannot do it. Mind just needs the understanding of its new role. Only an Awakened one can teach about this. Neither a book nor an ET can make it occur. Higher Self is the ONLY source of an Awakening. The mind helps, by delivering conditions that make the Awakening possible.

An Awakened mind is clear of disturbance, no matter what happens to the body. Peace consumes it. Play becomes more enjoyable. Can this be the future for all? Maybe, but they must agree to look within to find it. Nothing, but the mind itself, can facilitate this change of attitude.  Is your mind willing to look inside to find peace? Is it willing to give your heart the lead? Can it be quiet enough to allow the True Nature, your divine essence, to be experienced? Are you able to say, wholeheartedly, that you want this alteration to your mind's decision making process? A "maybe" is not good enough. A full committed "Yes" must decide!

My cause and effect directions can give you more awareness about Awakening than most of the dictations channeled today, only because my channel comprehends Awakening, and doesn't cringe when my words discuss this topic.

Memories of other lives mean nothing to those who are awake. All karmic disturbances, in lives other than this one, do not need any disclosure, because the goals for this life include the dissolution of those disturbances. For example, the people chosen to be your cousins could have been the ones you had difficulties with in another lifetime. The circumstances of that condition can be created again, to be a another disturbance, or end in a new result. A new result dissolves that karmic debt. Always consider love the answer, and disturbances from all karmic conditions will be gone - with no karma left to clear. Love cancels karma. Awakening cancels all disturbances, so the most effective way to dissolve the past is to Awaken in the present. No debts, for any co-creation on Earth, are the cause of new experiences in other realms.

Prayer is one way to release karma. Pray for the highest good of all, and this decree gets a bigger charge in the co-creation process than an attempt to control the situation, or mind's dismissal of the condition. Force must never be considered. Force is the cause of another lifetime to be the Awakening one. Any control exerted over another draws a dark, negative condition for the next life. Power games do not make anyone a Master. Humility, heart directed action, and love, are the qualities found in a Master. Peace means there are no disturbances to control or mention to others. No disturbance cancels all karma. Are new and different experiences guaranteed? No, but the experiences you have are going to be considered differently than they would have been prior to Awakening.

Canceling karma eliminates the need for another life to "work things out". Consciousness has consumed all the control and denial configured into the mind for learning. Truth, as man can realize it, becomes apparent. Oneness is the only game in awareness. I Am That I Am is free to express through the body of an Awakened One.

Choosing how, is not mind's decision. Can this be the next level of spiritual awareness for all who need it? My call need only be answered in your mind. A "Yes", from a thoughtful clarity, is all that is required for my guidance to assist. Peace is possible NOW!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Answers And Discerning Questions

Answers to your questions have not been completed. Today I want to answer more.

First:  My attempts to lead you away from deceivers has been the most important task, as many of my chelas have been mesmerized by them. Not doing the work needed for ascension makes these callings to ascend a mockery of my chela's destiny card. No man can ascend to a higher level of consciousness without the deletion of negativity. Negativity against others is still the dominant energy of mass consciousness, and a group ascension requires a reduction in negativity, so we can gather together those who can ascend. Negative attitudes against anything make you dense. Being a light means: not being dense. Shelve those negative attitudes, so you can ascend. The nay sayers of my messages are the controllers, calling themselves "Lightworkers". Light means active acceptance of all opinions, and not attacking anyone. My deceiver disclosures are not attacks, merely a lesson in discernment. No negativity about the deceiver or their channel has been delivered.

Facts are facts, and controllers distort facts to manipulate minds. I challenge them to clearly present the  message they are actually contributing. Is it for the highest good of all? No teacher can claim a lack of accuracy is for the highest good. Controllers are giving you an opportunity to learn how the ego demands your attention, and mentally dominates, by delivering inaccurate messages. Calling the ego on its game deletes this control. Passing the hat to another ego is the same thing. An ego is a mental disturbance, claiming to be the deliverer. Close this controlling disturbance off, with active observation of the thoughts and words of the message. Ask, "Is this from God's newsfeed?" "Are you God's messenger?" Can anyone but God teach you more than you already are aware? Can the mental computer, that compiles life memories, have more correct material to offer than God? No, God, the divine consciousness that gives life to all, cancels out all mental contributions, when it comes to leadership.

God can communicate. God directs the movie of all of the characters he/she created. God directs them by making them FEEL. Feelings are messages from God. Pay attention to them. Give them more active awareness. Question the mind's comments and check the body's energy, when it does not agree with them. Then make a more accurate decision, if there is a negative feeling in the memory center of your own consciousness. Not the mind, the belly. Check the belly to see the truth of an answer that comes to the mind. Belly negativity tells you to negate the mind's conclusions, and go a different way. Test this: give the belly your attention when a question arises about anything. Ask the belly, "Is this correct?", and if there is a contraction or no energy, this is God's way of saying "NO". A gentle charge of energy in the belly is a "Yes". Checking for flexibility is not the kind of question to ask. Sometimes a question is not the right question. Ask it a different way. Make this method of discerning more dominant, by doing it often.

Next answer: President Obama is now under the control of his adversaries. Make a difference for mankind by healing his heart with love. Attacks about his choices have caused him great suffering. He needs courage. He needs an ally among those who care about their government. Can anyone change President Obama's choices? Not directly. Changing anyone comes from an arrogant ego. Changing an attitude towards someone can do more for that person than directing new ideas onto them. Clearing negative attitudes towards President Obama will make him more confident to act on his own challenges. No man can be a hero if the world sends him negative attitudes. Act like a "light", and beam a different energy to President Obama. Give him the feeling of being supported.

Other questions about channels are not to be answered, as they are not the ones who need to learn to choose. You are! Choose the teachers that tell you to take responsibility for the choices you make. Give your Master within the most credibility, over all outside influences. Be courageous, and depend on your own inner guidance, especially when it differs from the opinions of others. Care for others and allow them to think their own dream. No one, alone, can make a difference in the entire world; more must agree with their message. A Hitler could not dominate if no one paid attention to him.

All the deceivers can be caught in the act by the guidelines I have given. Call them on their deception, go away from them, and let others make the same decision on their own. My attitude about them is: they are a gift to those needing to learn how to be discerning. Use them as your teachers. Be still, and recognize the ones who make your belly contract. Touch their books. How does your belly feel? Give them no attention, and the lesson has been learned. Make choices about their messages, but don't attack the messenger. Fun and games for them is tricking a beloved one into their web of deception.

Negativity, in any form, is dark. No light shines from negative attitudes. Be the light for all. Love the ones your mind tells you to dislike. "No mind" has a more charming delivery of energy. How to get to "no mind"? Awaken the divine being that you are. One day, my channel will address this group about awakening. She has the words to do this. She can make you more comfortable with this consciousness shift than I can. I will ask her to do this when the time is right. First, we need to deepen the commitment to awakening.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Creative Ideas And Change

Children are the most creative on planet Earth, because they are open to new ideas. As adults, most creativity has been contained by ego. "No, this is not accurate" claims the mind, about all that doesn't collaborate with what has previously been accepted as truth. When different ideas arise, the ego contributes only disdain. What can change, when all creativity has been discarded? Are we going to wait for the annihilation of God's creation, before acting on the new attitudes being presented to man as solutions? New days are coming. Can you accept new ideas from your own heart and take appropriate action?

Answers, to every crisis, arise in the minds of man to assist. Man can accept these answers, or not. Making a decision to communicate ideas of this kind can be difficult, because others may not accept them. Many are afraid to contribute their ideas to others for fear of rejection. But all creative contributions must be delivered, or nothing can be altered.

Friends and family are usually the first to consider a new idea. If they are not open, how can the idea become an accepted task? Only when the one who receives it, can actively believe in it. When can an idea become an actuality? When the heart leads over all opinions to the contrary. Can you say that you are open to the inspirations that arise in your mind? Can you accept them before testing them out with others? Opinions can delete a great idea. Are you able to give a new idea the opportunity to exist? Can you act on a new idea before asking others their opinion? If not, many opportunities to deliver happiness to others, may never be acted upon.

Put this attitude to the test: "I am a creative being". What this means, is that you accept creative ideas. Creativity comes at odd moments, giving help or new concepts, as a natural way of living. Acceptance of new ideas means creative developments can occur. When acting on the contributions that arise in your mental dream of how life can be, any decisions you make can be considered the divine creator in action. Squelching new ideas, defeats the Divine's ability to deliver creative change to all of mankind. You are a demonstration of everything you accept. Giving credence to new ideas can be the gift you are meant to deliver to others. Denying your thoughts about a change of direction, cancels the opportunity for that idea's next level of development.

Peace on Earth is one idea that many concur on. Canceling your inspiration about how this can be achieved, delivers no change to consciousness. Peace on Earth requires peace in the hearts of man, and cannot be dismissed as "only an idea", for "the next days" need that concept to develop future change. Are you able to help bring more confidence to this change of thinking? Begin with your own mental controller, the ego.

When an idea comes to you, act on it. Ask no one for their opinion. Take responsibility for the creative action needed, to contribute that idea to humanity. Create new dreams, by acting on your creative abilities. If man never does what his creative thoughts contribute, no change can occur. Believe in them. Contribute them to the mass consciousness, give them life. Peace is still only a dream. Make it a reality, by getting to be peaceful, and turning the dreams of your mind into courageous actions. No man is able to change his own core beliefs without doing what is being  suggested. Take an idea to its next stage. Contribute this to all of the One. People must accept that their own denials are the death of change.

Cause and effect begins in the mind. As an idea is denied, it ceases to cause anything. An idea that can be developed, causes miracles. Capable, dense beings are not contributing light to mankind because they deny themselves this opportunity. Give the gifts that are given to you, to the next cause and effect phase. Allow the flow to capture them. Give this a chance, whenever new and different thoughts arise. Positive thinking means: being positive about what you think!

Pretending that the thoughts you receive are "not accurate" or "not good enough", dismisses greatness. Change can only happen when a change agent can accept their own contribution to the whole. Free yourself from distrust. Give credit to the creator that gives you creative mental thoughts. Say "yes" to creative ideas. Give them the action they deserve.

Nothing can happen to change current conditions, if our gifts to you are not accepted. Give them the attention they need to flourish. Be the giver, and this will deliver the abundance of healing, awareness, and change, and support God's ability to create the things needed for Gaia.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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