Monday, September 16, 2013

Managing the Manager

My long delay in delivering this message was due to overseeing the creation of Mr. Obama's control over one more country on the controllers list for destruction. My only opportunity to cancel this control meant there be no delay in any area of contact between Mr. Obama, the US Congress and Mr. Putin. By this means of bringing another option into the decision making process, another demand of the controllers has been challenged. They will not stop their demands, so the strength of Mr. Obama's desire to end their control over himself and the New World in the coming days, is what will determine their continued control or defeat. My words to him are few, but near his own way of thinking.

Can he decline their demands? At the end of the day (when he is with his near and dear ones) he makes a decision to be more demanding of them in the days ahead, but when they threaten, he cannot deny his own desire to control what happens to those he cares about most and concedes to their demands. Will he give in to their demands to attack Syria and donate the arms to his non-ally in yet another contract for New World Order control? No one can out guess his decision. We want to concentrate all of his means of deciding into one choice, but the choice of him being murdered, or his dear ones being denied their right to live on his account, makes his decisions very difficult; this is draining him of his management ability. Pray that his love of life does not give in to the controllers dream of destroying all of the continents of the first world, so they can have total control of what is now considered the third world. Africa is their goal—all of Africa, and the oil it contains.

When the current dance is over, no more closet conversations will be determining these decisions, but now the closet doors are still closed. Mr. Obama will do all he can to choose caring, but when it comes to the death of those he most cares about, he will give in when nothing he desires is accepted. He is not in control. He is not a man who does what he believes in all circumstances. Martyrdom is not one of his characteristics. Choice is not on his agenda, only the demands and caring about his children. When the demands win, it is due to the cord of control being drawn in. When the cord is tight he gives away his choice.

Mr. Putin is not a controller of the mafia kind. It is another kind of control he deals out. Not a caring control, but a "director of his own desire" control. He is not a member of the cartel we are talking about. I Am That I Am was very ambitious when delivering a note to Americans through this deceiver of Americans. It is not a common thing to do, but a wise way of giving Americans an out.  Changing the direction of America's aggressive attack came just in time. Now we can care about the long-term outcome rather than caring only about Mr. Obama's choice.

Drones do not create a major attack, but they can activate a much larger defense system than Mr. Obama is aware of. It would definitely activate more chemical weapons in countries other than Syria. America will be asked to destroy more countries in the next days and can be a most adversarial opponent in a matter of days. Another chemical attack will most likely occur in another country in order to push forward the controllers' interests in the Middle East. Control of all of the Middle East and Africa will not be forsaken by America's dictators.

Most of the American dream is now dissolving into nuclear disaster, through mistakes and the consequences of those mistakes. America is not the only land where the nuclear deterrent capability is collapsing. China can now demand the collapse of America's might and get it. China can make America go nuclear in minutes. Are the Americans able to meet China with the might needed to overcome this demand? No one can guess this answer. We only ask it to be considered.

We are the dream decoders, are we doing a disservice to China by revealing their plan to annihilate America as a change of direction, and as a means of taking over the growth of the world's material acquisitions.

My dear ones, I have often asked you to create groups of one kind or another to take care of each other, to select one area to collect together when needed, and to acquire food and supplies for a disaster. Are these doings I asked of you now becoming answered by today's events? Being safe and secure is not an agenda of any country, including America. You are always at a crossroads and at risk of something. Freedom from control means taking big risks. Can you do that?

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Aruna