Friday, April 29, 2011

Beyond all Concepts

When my channel ascends, no more messages wil be delivered. Are these messages important to you? Are they helping you get ready to ascend? Are my words only for your curiosity? Can you ascend NOW? Make this your only concern, and all that is needed will be revealed.

Welcome to those who are ready. Calling you to ascension will not be difficult. Only those who have not committed are going to have the challenge of making a last minute decision. No matter what that decision is, you are always given free will. It applies to all decisions, including this one.

Partners like contracts, we don't. We like options to remain open and all choices made moment to moment. Contact with the astral realm can mess around with the mental decision maker, so give this decision to the heart, not the mind.

Not one of you will be left out of the call. Are you able to hear it? Are my chelas advancing their channeling ability? Some are, but many don't think they are capable. All can do it, not all are clear. Getting clear means deleting the mental denials of your own inner awareness. Will you consider the possibility that all can channel their own inner awareness? Clear the mind and it is available.

Practice this daily: clear the mind and be completely aware of all things around the body. Project no thoughts on them, only have awareness of them. Be as you are: calm, clear and aware. This is your natural condition. Only your mind gives you trouble, not anything that is in your current awareness. Planning takes you out of current awareness. Lamenting does also. Only an absolute declaration is made in the moment - your contracts are getting the attention they need as life continues.

Actual facts about anything are not in the mind's domain. Only assumptions are available, as the mind collects data and makes assumptions based on what it has collected. All data comes from an incorrect origin, it is not "the Truth" as the mind concludes. Configuring any data assumes things to be different than they actually are. Beliefs are only inaccurate conclusions.

My dear ones. Facing the fact that nothing you believe is "the Truth" is the most important thing you can do. It opens the door for Truth to be revealed. All your attitudes, beliefs and conclusions about data of any kind keep that door closed.

Pretending to be an expert on anything is arrogance. When we deliver more awareness to one of you to do an experiment or create a masterpiece, you are God's instrument. Conduits are not the creators, God is. Conduits are not the experts, God is. Cancel arrogance and give God the opportunity to determine how the body can best contribute to all that is. Give an open door to God and accept the gifts delivered. Having no control is necessary for you to contain the gift.

Practicing the attitude "God's will not mine" is the key. Allow and accept all that God delivers as the absolutely accurate contribution needed. It is! And your mind may not agree.

False conduits, those who claim to have all the answers as a man, are not delivering God's contribution. False claims to this effect can mislead those not able to detect Truth from God directly. Masters are the ones who can do this. When a Master gets a message, or a nice big hug from God, he/she answers, "Thank you".

My messages have been a big hug from God. No one has claimed them as their own teaching. All of them are available to those who are able to act on their own inner impulse to get them. False conduits demean them. Their lesson - your opportunity to check inside for answers.

Ponder this: My dream is for all my chelas to ascend. Not all can. Are they less qualified than the others who are able? Absolutely not, only less open. Come out of cause and effect consciousness now and be one of those who ascend. Are the arrogant ones coming? Only if they get out of their concepts and can accept the awareness that lives underneath these conclusions.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Ascension Call

When my words can be accepted by all who are contracted to ascend, my contact will not be an issue. All of those needing to know what the messages are saying will have direct contact and no "other" will be needed to deliver messages. When the ascension occurs my current channel will be going with it. Please don't depend on anyone outside of yourself.

All of these messages have answered questions currently coming in. Making a repeat answer cannot be the highest use of my ability to communicate to you. Please ask, but if no answer appears, this means I have already addressed this topic. Go back and read the older messages. My continuous attention is on ascension.

No daily occurances are on the continents by accident. All of the current events are caused by old disturbances that need healing. Conscious, open dissoluton of many old dramas is occurring, waiting for the ascension to make a major impact on daily affairs. We cannot predict the outcomes, only the cause of major alterations to human affairs.

My dear ones. When the call to ascension comes we will await your action to go out of the attitude of "maybe" to a clear "I'm in!"

Mothers are asked to carry children who cannot be told to be quiet and await guidance. All mothers and fathers who are the caretakers of children are to be responsible for controlling the depth of action their children are to take. Your hesitation means they hesitate.

Factors beyond a choice in the moment are now in motion. Activating the call is within our control. Are these things making you aware of how complex this control is? Please don't get afraid of this, it is not irreversable. All choices are to be activated when the call comes.

Present time awareness is my request. Be conscious of your daily activities so you have a clear open door to the new energies coming in that will activate the ascension. Are the doors open to this in your world?

All who are doing clearing and activation of more love in any area of the ascension domain (where it is needed) are making a difference now, as all ascension candidates are completing their contracts now. Can we count on you to be one of them? Are we on the same page?

My channel is not able to deliver regular messages now due to the call of her attention in other areas. When these messages are delivered will be determined by how she can manage it. No, my content will not be delivered by another, as her clarity comes from awakened awareness, not an ordinary consciousness. Wake up to this awareness yourself! Get the messages direct! I've asked this from the beginning of my channel's decision to give an opening in her awareness and her life to receive my words.

Practice any form of quieting the mind techniques to get yourself ready for the call. Bring love to all of those who appear in your energy field. Take care of your body, and complete your dissolution of mental disturbance. Help is available on the deepening of an intitial awakening. Please take advantage of this.

Police will soon be asked to detect messages that are against the common agreed attitudes of most humans. Mine may be deleted from internet content. Because of this possibility, I suggest that you act on my demonstration of love and get ready to have direct contact with me for the future.

Continue as though all is as it needs to be - it is. No control of thought or action is now underway, but this can change. Value the time we have together in this message delivery conveyance, but don't demand more of another than you are able to give of yourself.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Politics, Ascension and its Aftermath

Chaos is everywhere. Old regimes are being destroyed and new faces are appearing on the political scene. All of the big regimes are still standing but they too will fall. All of the leaders who do their most devious attempts to maintain control will not succeed. Obama will not get enough good feelings to lead again. Consider carefully what appears to be a candidate to do a better job. No candidate currently in the limelight is able to govern in the current demise of the US government's control. Chapter 1 of the fall of the US is now being written. Chapter 2 will come out of the next election. When opposites manipulate for control, nobody wins. Politics are of interest to me, but maybe not to my readers. I'll talk about the questions you have been asking.

Nobody who has chosen to ascend will be left behind. Contents of the mind must be deleted to qualify, so be active to meditte daily and get guidance on the deletion process. Forgiveness can disolve the contractions made in childhood, but anger and negative attitudes are more self-sabotaging than old memories. Can an ascension be cancelled? Only when the call is not answered. Channeling one's own divine consciousness must be considered an absolute necessity for ascension. Get this going!

Are parents needing to do anything for their children? Yes, teach then to answer their own inner guidance. Nothing else really matters, as they incarnated with an active innate intellingence.

Many of the Masters are incarnate again to guide others. One million strong are their goal. Keep the faith, the non-believers will be amazed

How will all this occur? No one is to know this before it happens.

After the mass ascension there will be new questions asked. Are those who did not make the call be disappointed? It may not have been their contract to be on this wave. If they are upset, they are not able candidates and are still needing to be more aware. Changes to their contracts are not needed, only to their attitudes and beliefs.

Maximum control over those who are remaining will be attempted. New laws may be enacted to diffuse the appearance of a mass exodus. Are all of these bodies captives of terrorists? Of course not, but we anticipate this to be an answer to describe what occurred. Remember 9-11? No attack occurred that day. It was an inside mastermind that delivered that act of manipulation to declare war on Afghanistan and Iraq, it was not developed outside of the US. Almost all of the mastermind contributors are now dead, to cover up the details. Mr. Bush Sr. was one of the masterminds.

Can the lightbearers maintain their calm during the next controller attempts to calculate the new details that are being activated? Prayer will not dampen the cause and effect of what comes next. Mastery, the art of detachment, can make a difference. It will be their calm that determines their ability to lead. No chaos cancels the calm of an awakened being.

Now there are many beings that are drawn to consciousness teachings. A lot of them can awaken and ascend. No matter when they opened up to the growth and awareness call, they can do all that is necessary for ascension. Have any of the long time converts come to the light and awakened so quickly? Not as many as we would like. When a mental desire to be awake calls a master to a chela, the chela needs more of their awareness opened. The most recent crop of callers need no basic adapting done as they are already adapted to the master's contact. We have been doing a lot of contact during their dream condition as they are all contracted to ascend. Fortunately, they are now coming to their destiny contract before ascension.

More and more are aligned with their "dance of leela" now, and we can bring them to awakened awareness before the second group ascends. Two million candidates are in this condition.

Before I end, I am going to make an announcement: My messages will come less regularly now due to my channel's exhausting schedule. Making my messages less available is not my desire, but I cannot cause her to be doing what drains her more than her body can manage. The messages will be posted as the opportunity arises. Aruna is not able to do this along with all of her other demands as a counselor. Consequently, she will channel when an opportunity arises, not on a demanding schedule. Please be mindful and get your guidance directly also.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Concern Creates

My dear ones. When the disturbance in a man gets more of his attention than the God awareness in his heart, a negative energy has commanded his appearance. No class or written material can develop a new outlook without that man's contract being activated by another source of guidance. Angels and the other Masters that are around the grid of man's human characterization are the most caring and grace delivering beings, but the darkness of an emotional contraction can also attract less caring beings into the grid. Not being able to see them provides them the ability to make an engaging demonstration of healthy challenges that deliver contrasts to choose from.

All choices are made one of two ways:
1. Choosing the most apparent option, the one the ego/mind can count on as familiar territory.
2. Adding new alternatives to the human experience.
Not choosing the new option keeps God from moving you through the cause and effect changes that are central to growth in awareness.

Fukushima, and the added nuclear manifestations that are currently in man's choice considerations must now be discussed, as negative attitudes are contributing more darkness to the mass consciousness than anti-nuke dialog. They are also making more density in other areas of human affairs: money, the decline in gold movement because of the high denominations needed to get any of it, and the dropping value of the dollar are all making new inroads as concerns that have never before been considered.

The end of denial about the controllers methods of operating mean there is more concern about outcomes than ever before. What does this mean? It means the density of man's attitudes are causing man more darkness, giving rise to a new depressed condition rather than energy expansion. When this continues to erode the influence of our realm, the ability to make contact between dimensions can be destroyed, and that will add a new cause for concern.

What can alter this? More light. Where can it come from? All those who can maintain the light in themselves and light the way for others.

My message today must be considered carefully. Make note of these most important points:
1. What you are thinking and saying creates.
2. All of the negtive attitudes you generate cause darkness and can neutralize the next deposit of light contributed to mass consciousness. Attacking my chelas daily are channeled masters of darkness, deceiving those who are not able to discern them as demons.
3. Positive thoughts need more good energy to activate them.

Consider making a difference in the way you contribute to mass consciousness. When you can notice the content of your thoughts, get them leaning towards gratitude rather than making the next decision about how to avoid new experiences. Get out of negativity! Nuclear radiation is not going to destroy your health or your lives. Fukushima is not complete in its control of the material it contributes to the atmosphere, but its death making ability has been cancelled. No food will be contributing nuclear content to your bodies and no cancer causing agents are being anchored by human contact with nucler devices or their contents. Facing your active death concerns must be done next, as this has destroyed a lot of our work to create light in the consciousness drama.

Make peace with this dynamic. Give it no concern. Act as though there is nothing to be concerned about. There isn't! Your help is needed as a monumental development to cast more light on those who have lost all of their dream to the tsunami and its consequences. Can you change an active condition of danger into a neutral condition? Absolutely, by neutralizing your thoughts about it. When you are not answering circumstances with fear you are helping to delete a potential effect. Not thinking about negative options allows more light to be added to mass consciousness.

Put out the dense attitudes. Give them no attention. Face the fact that what you think makes a difference. All of the fear around major disasters weakens the forces of light needed to defy their materialized activity. The way you can make a difference now is by moving out of fear! Are you even a little concerned about the nuclear disaster in Fukushima? Having no concern means the healing of the disaster can occur quickly. Concern deletes the energy of healing. Are you giving  negative messages to anyone or anything? Cancel them. Pretend that nothing of any major importance is going on and know that all is as it needs to be. Mentally create this in your imagination. Give out this message to counter the concerns of those needing comfort.

Pontificating against anything creates what is being mentioned. Its chance of doing damage becomes greater, as the thoughts about it are what damage, not the thing itself. Example: Weapons of mass destruction have damaged nothing, but causes concerning them have created many deaths. Nothing good comes from concern. Be aware of what is actively being demonstrated, but don't let your concern about it destroy anything else.

Major natural disasters should not be a concern. How to deal with human destruction is. Man destroys, minds destroy, and natural disasters destroy, but man and his mind destroy much more than any natural disaster ever has.

Bring your heart to the light, and the destruction caused by man can be eradicated. Natural deaths are one way that souls can get more of the divine dance to deal with.

P.S. The moment of ascension, when density disappears, is the anointed condition. It can be chosen by all. There is nothing elitest or controlling about it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, April 21, 2011

All is Up To You

When we are aware that nothing that happens in the human drama really matters, the messages of disasters and ascension do not cause disturbance. My dear ones, cause and effect are how the entire universe is organized. None of the disasters are engineered by anyone deliberately, but what causes them comes from a cumulative manifestation of human causes that do not disappear on a moment's notice. Changes to the mass consciousness must come to the rescue, not delivering a decree or a mind creation to the contrary.

When we decide to tell you about a major circumstance this is because no change of consciousness has altered its manifestation. When we present a new development to you we have been giving advice to alter its difficult conditions long before this conclusion has come to the stage of "no change optional". When the desired healing comes to the cause, there can be new developments that occur instantly, but not getting that healing to the cause early enough means the delay caused no alteration to be possible. Change to the cosmic design is always available to man's creation abilities collectively, not individually.

Healing the causes at the cost of man's continuous learning will also not occur. Many changes to human consciousness come as a result of living through growth demanding conditions. After an event growth can always be observed and detailed. Moving away from natural disaster areas can distance man from good learning experiences. Moving out of chaos changes one's outlook on any situation. Being afraid to give the natural dance of life the ability to guide all content of one's experience contracts the Mastery ability. Being a Master means: no difference in one's circumstances changes one's demeanor.

How have we done in developing your Mastery? Can you abide in any difficult circumstance without fear? Are you able to change the life force moving through the body from reaction to calm? Can you contribute good feelings to others no matter who they are or what they have done in their life? Are any good feelings able to be delivered to those who have been your least desirable contacts? Are they able to be as comfortable with their own changes as you are with the changes surrounding them? Are you delivering confidence and caring to them?

Help and giving empowering decrees to assist others cuts through most destiny contracts instantly. Can you give empowerment to those who need it? Can you achieve confidence in all your decisions? Will destiny control all of you emotions or will the emotional body be able to flex and grow from new experiences?

Nuclear disasters are now the game changer in death delivering components in the Masters degree course. Are you afraid? No Master has fear of death. Are you considering moving away from the challenge being faced? No death will come to anyone who has the ability to clear themselves of micro organisms and advanced levels of mutation components. Can this be done? Of course. Nothing happens to you that has no natural way to alter its impact. Choosing an alternative method of delivering comfort to the cells is needed now. My words can do this.

Welcome the ingredients of the nuclear disaster as though they cannot be important. The more importance you deliver them, the less likely you will be to delete their effect. No thinking about ceasium and iodide cancels their ability to deposit these chemicals in the body. No thinking about their effect cancels their effect. Only think about the things desired, not the things you want to avoid. All thoughts are continually generating manifestations. Consider the dream to be what mind considers to be reality. Consider reality to be what exists when nothiing impedes the inner awareness.

I am challenging you today to give up all your concerns about the days of darkness, ascension and catastrophies. Misdirected thoughts make more drama. Congratulate yourself for being able to choose the life of your dream or the other option, Mastery. Master this concern issue and deny nothing.

All of you are able to be Masters now. Give up the fear and the cause of your concerns cannot touch you. Act as a Master. Create with gratitude, not concerns. Are these delicious moments being enjoyed? Can they be?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, April 18, 2011

All About the Ascension Call

When the ascension call comes, those hearing it will be asked to do certain things to leave third dimension. No one will need to guide others. Children who will ascend can do this by their own essence taking charge. Colleagues of those ascending will be collectively surprised. All who choose to ascend will be moving to the dimension of their current awareness. Some to 5th, and many to the higher realms. Awakening to 5th dimension consciousness will be done automatically. Other dimensions will energize those who are complete with all of their lessons.

All children of God will get the call. Only those who are able to accept and act on it are to ascend. My direct appeal for channeling ability was to make awareness of this call more apparent to those unable to get messages direct.

At the present moment the goal is more than an obvious count demonstrates. No cause to be concerned if you are open to the inner awareness that normally guides you. If not, meditate and ask to be guided. No density claims an ascension candidate. All deep negative attitudes are now eliminated. Complete acceptance of "all that is" comes naturally.

Moving out of 3rd dimension is not magic - nor is it science. Only calm, clear minds can accept this choice. No levitation is involved, only disappearance of the body.

More and more, the dear ones who are to ascend are being readied. Are you needing more sleep? Are you getting more sensitive? Clearing density out of the cells causes these new conditions that are needing attention. No one can mentally determine their own density quotient. Are these clues enough to still make the needed contact possible? Yes they are.

Making the ascension easy has nothing to do with conditions in the 3rd dimensional drama. Only those who can ascend determine whether they participate or not. One by one they choose. There will not be any devious, complex demands on them to do so.

Meditation now is good. It is not a requirement, but will calm the mind so clarity of contact can be delivered. Making a will can be useful, although a disappearance is not the same as a death, and no legal deliverance of these directions will be made. Bank accounts can be closed or designated to dependants now. Make all decisions for these things now. Make a goal to ascend and give away things not needed. Are my words clear? Are you able to deliver these things now? No? Alright, don't do it, and allow things to be done about them after you ascend.

My dear ones. Those who question my authenticity will be astonished to discover their next quote is, "I was wrong". Please give them no attention. Prepare on your own to ascend and get the provisions to attend to the days of darkness in case you don't hear the ascension call. Make a decision to leave, or not, before the call comes. It will require an instant decision later.

No decent into darkness will go along with the ascension. Many of your days will be in between. So go to the store after the ascension should my words not give you confidence in your own choices now. Are you able to ascend? Just ask me this question directly and get your own answer. If no answer is delivered, this means you have no ability to hear the call. Get to work now and open the ability to channel your own guidance.

My dears, my words may appear crazy to those who don't answer their own inner director with clear acceptance. But, all who do will be delighted to be One again in another realm. No chariots of fire this time, only contact and mental dissolution of all 3rd dimension constructs. Abilities to see or attain directions other than words are not as clear in their guidance as direct messages of the Angelic kind. One can count on the direct message in an answer of words only.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Choose an Attitude or Ascension

One consciousness will teach the masses once the ascension occurs. Change in all areas of conceived details is coming. No conditions being discussed now can be depended upon. When the ascension is complete, many will cling to concepts about a death and birth continuation, but nothing more advanced than an attitude of "me next" is needed to be on the next wave. Can all ascend? Technically yes, but not actually. Why? Anger, distrust, criticism, and attitudes against. In each case the disturbances to an Awakened consciousness need to be disolved. A lack of contact to higher intelligence beyond the mind cancels an ascension. One needs to master all aspects of the human experience to ascend.

Face the day's events with a happy grin and give light to all that appear in your auric field. Pass on discussions that are negative and continue answering as a divine creation does, without negative attitudes. In the days of darkness, glow with love at the adventure about to unfold. Give your light always.

Masters are ascending. Chosen by themselves, not any culling or attribute decision of God. Ask for God's choice and it will be ascension. Act on inner guidance and it will choose ascension. No doubts about qualifications please - all who choose ascension can qualify. You wouldn't be choosing it if the contract did not designate this. No matter what God you call, or what act of faith you demonstrate, all are given the equal opportunity.

Am I an advisor of those who demand credentials or material proof of my awareness? No, my credentials are not as available to you as those who may claim to "know more". It is my work to lead all who can believe in these messages to ascension. No more coddling with drivel that makes you feel good. No more cheery dream designed fantasies to consume. My words are direct and to the point, to wake up all who are actually ready to ascend.

My call is to all who are open to my channeled messages. Those who are not can get their advice elsewhere. Prayers about gratitude are the call to my octave of consciousness. Are you grateful to get my messages? Are you grateful to get the opportunity to ascend? Are you glad to be alive at this time when all changes into a different arrangement of human conditions? Gratitude for all that comes is an awareness that qualifies you for ascension. Negative attitudes against "anything" do not.

Abundant choices are available to make now. What do you choose? Awareness? In this choice you accept that who you are is divine and express that divine consciousness naturally. An example of this is the natural delivery of giving and caring.

If you choose a negative attitude against darkness, choose again. Your negativity creates darkness.

Will you choose moral activism? No defense of any belief is a condition for ascension. All attitudes "against" anything divinely created has negativity to be considered.

Are you able to get out of negativity? Yes, by choosing to drop all opinions. Neutral attitudes are conscious attitudes. All opinions are ego's decision. Masters are opinionless. No duality crosses their mental construct. Only light comes from their mouth or their pen. Healing comes with the loss of negative opinions. God's grace comes out of the container of human attributes instead.

I AM THAT I AM is your true identity, not the dream that has the God concept in it. Be I AM THAT I AM and deliver healing to those who are not yet able to know who they really are.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, April 15, 2011

Opening the Portal

Making the ascension message clear is my goal. All who made a contract with ascension as their answer to delivering more light to humanity are about to get this opportunity. No more drama to learn, or mental attitudes to clear. What you have already done makes a difference now. In the next months, all who are able to receive our contact can ascend. Are all fully Awake? Not completely. Ascension can complete their dramas instantly. A choice to ascend is choosing to fully Awaken.

No death or another birth will be needed. Only disappearing during daylight hours, when others are observing, will occur. No drama, only continuous Oneness with divine grace is occurring. Oneness consumes the non-aligned as they are dreaming, and continues that dream now. In the ascension they may discover they have been dreaming. In their discovery, they can act as though they are new to this dream of ascension and learn to accept their new awareness.

Confused? My words are as clear as I can make them. A detailed description of Awakening is not appropriate. I'll can only tell you what can be absorbed by an ego without disturbance.

Make a commitment to ascend, then delete all concerns about "how and when". Get the most out of each moment. Clear the mind of doubts and concerns. Cheer the moment that ascension comes. An actual disappearance of the human body will be the experience of those observing. Once this occurs, the observers will feel the energy of Oneness around them. This is to clarify the cause of the disappearance. After this happens, the news media will become delighted with all the reports of missing, observed bodies and will dismantle the mystery that has been created. Newly observed disappearances are not to occur until the next group is able to discern the call.

The days of darkness are not actually connected to the ascension, and only the controllers can alter economic conditions. Man will need to deal with the sun's lack of light and the complex destruction of money on all the continents. No delay of these occurrances is going to make the ascension more causal. Only consciousness will be affected.

Channeling my messages can be continued by those now learning (who become clear). All they need do is communicate to others their messages about the future as it unfolds. My current channel of these messages can continue her role as a teacher of channels by maintainting direct channeled contact with her current clients if this is their desire.

Are the Ascended Masters going to continue guiding thru channeling? Absolutely, none of our chelas will be neglected. All will be delivered to ascension that are committed to this dimensional change. My chelas are not being asked to do a one or two dimensional alteration. Graduation means going directly to the seventh or higher. My guidance has been to this level, not only a different continuation of the current mode of existance.

Opening the portal to other dimensions contains an opportunity to get challenged, as the door to the astral opens as well. Consider this a good test of an anchor of light. Move out of astral with a most clear declaration of "I AM THAT I AM".

Continue as usual until the call, then act on all the directions coming from the Angels to guide you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ascension Will Alter the Game

Many of you will be able to ascend and choose not to. Why? Attachments. Now you must look at the alternative. Clouds of illusion cause mental attitudes to be deep with inaccurate thoughts. In the big picture there is no difference between a Master's "now or never" attitude, but the delay causes more change in humanity's conversion to higher awareness than a continued body form does. Men, women and children ascending can make that change more conscious than many more Masters living quietly in human density.

After this wave of ascension many details about all the anointed ones will give cause to answer questions about Mastery, never so clearly demonstrated. Pause to reflect on the drama that will unfold. Good days of unveiling more of God's answers can open up those needing this door opened. Closed minds are our target. To deny our contact has made our guidance less available. Opening this door can get new creative answers into human consciousness.

Pure contact needs to be claimed, without the fluff or the mis-directives being delivered now. Change to the human consciousness is the only change needed to continue life on Mother Gaia. Without this change, no continuation can occor without another home for humans being temporarily benevolant to them. Choices more dramatic than an ascension will need to be made. Cataclysms abound now and more are coming. Are these the cleansing Mother Gaia needs? Yes, they are, and cancelling them is not going to be the answer. Cleansing Mother Gaia clears the cause of the chaos; cleansing consciousness in the meantime, clears the dross newly contributing to her demise.

Money dramas are coming, closing this method of buying goods and services. How to cope? Happy hearts that cannot be depressed by circumstances that appear. Only this can deliver a different atmosphere when the next controller game gives cause for non-awarness to create total chaos. Will you be able to care only about answers to health and new deliverance rather than demanding non-aware death to others? Are you able to care for another's child or cope with his nagging? Can you give without crumbling from anxiety? Clear the darkness out of your mental and emotional body and you can deliver heart centered clarity and actions to all who come to you for them.

Welcome to the Age of New Beginnings. Ascension as a group opens the door to what comes next. Who will lead? All who chose to in their contracts. Who will be lead? All who are able to recognize light to follow. Astral entities will not be an influence that needs addressing, as they will leave during the days of darkness that follow the ascension.

Contracts that call for the first ascension are now our concern. Next, the dreamers who will be on the next wave wil be called. We will lead without distance once the ascension occurs. We will come to your assistance as needed. Come on to the train of contact with all of your open hearts. Choose to ascend and get the chaos over with.

My blessings to you all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Are You Available?

Channeling this message is not an act of comfort to the channel. It comes to her as a gift from me, and can be distributed or not, at her discretion. My choice is to notify, not frighten. As you can determine your own ability to calm the mind, only move on to the next material as this applies. Give yourself this gift of awareness only when the mental demons are quiet.

Are you able to make a new life today without disturbance? Are you able to give away all of your most cherished possessions, as in the case of moving away in an instant of new courage? Are the cords cut to all who decide not to leave and go along with this move? Can you detach now? My questions are a test of your ability to ascend. Perhaps this anchor of new awareness can determine this for you.

Can you move away when a new day dawns? Are you ready to act on divine guidance to do so? I'm not talking about going to another corner of your world, or to a quiet Island for a month's retreat. I'm talking about moving away to another dimension of awareness that includes no contact with those who are not coming with you.

Followers of many channels will condemn these comments because they are not as delicious an image as the directives of most. I am delivering news today that an ascension call will come in the next few months, and all who are clearly available can go to the next condition of awareness along with this channel. Are these requirements, as they fit with my other list, able to be decreed as the decision you are prepared to make? Are these teachings about ascension able to move you to this conclusion, in light of all the things we have been giving as criteria? Are you able to leave the 3rd dimension now?

Portals will open in a few months time. Can you be one of those to go on to the next contract of mastery in a human body? Are these words causing you any disturbance? In the next weeks we will give no new material about ascension. In these next days you must get ready or not, depending on your choice. My messages from now on will be more about how to adapt to the new conditions that are to occur for those choosing not to ascend. And during these months, decide, because clear guidance, direct from within those who can determine these messages are not mind's deception, comes to ascend (as a group) those who are qualified.

At this gateway, only one million are completely at the level of ascension completion. But during the next months this can be increased. Clear the mind, open the heart, and greet all as loved ones without any negative attitudes. As these qualities are attributes that qualify, the only other thing needing to be done is to have enough courage to deny the controlling ego when the ascension call comes.

Presence is the open door. Ask not the date and time, only have Being awareness as the goal, and get out of the way of mind's decisions.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Attributes Needed for Ascension

All of my messages are for those who chose to ascend in this lifetime. All are welcome to read them and consider their content, but only those with ascension contracts are drawn to them. When my teachings are not accepted by mind's conceptual decision maker, an ascension candidate may be diverted to another, more difficult, anointing by divine consciousness.

An adept of the Masters or Angels must acquire three most important attributes:
1. Absolute love of all that is.
2. Mastery of human-divine consciousness and
3. All negative attitudes are dissolved.

Never before has this been told as an ascension qualification list. Nowhere is this made clear, even in my messages. I've always made reference to Awakening, the natural actualization of these three qualities, without mentioning details of this magnitude. Now my dear ones, I can accept that not all of those reading my messages conceive of an Awakening with these three characteristics. There's no difference in what I am saying now, you are just being given a more detailed description.

What do these three qualities actually mean? I'll describe them to you now.

Number one: all that can be observed or consciously known is dealt with as an act of divine grace. Yes, that includes abuse, corruption, death by murder and child abduction; all that is now taking place, and all that occurred before this moment. No distinction is made by the adept who is ready ascend. No distinction means no categorizing as "good and bad" or "right and wrong". Only having "no attitude at all" can claim an anointing for ascension.

Next, the mastery of human-divine consciousness. This means that the consciousness being expressed through a human container is divine, not man made. In this context, the mental director (ego) does not control any of the body's actions or choices. All man made concepts, attitudes, beliefs or answers to man's dilemmas are non-existent. Mastery contains divine attitudes only. Closing circuits to outside influences can be done by paying no attention to them. Only clear awareness from the divine consciousness within is at cause in decision making or actions taken. Spontaneous, free flowing action comes without mental consideration.

And number three, all negative attitudes are dissolved, can be an admission that nothing is of any consequence. To get disturbed by what anyone does or says disrupts the flow of light available. To degrade, or dismiss as dark, an alternative point of view cancels all the light flowing through you. To give a negative opinion to others contributes dark instead of light. All posturing about any condition, that doesn't consider the divine play of light and dark to be the dance needed for more awareness, cancels this awareness.

Opposites exist to light the world. Are there any cases of dreams about a better future arising out of only delightful circumstances? No, only when new creations appear to be needed do they arise. All dramas needing active remedies are considered dark, and yet, they inspire delightful co-creation and the light that can be the next Oneness opportunity.

Consider all dark activities to be a condition needed to create more light. See a good creative development possible in all circumstances. Negativity comes with no cause. It is only a mental opinion based on a limited point of view. No negativity means that number one (love of all that is) is contained in every observation of human dynamics.

Given that these three attainments are the conditions needed for ascension, come to them with the grace that lies within an ascension candidate. Choose them with deep caring and an open mind.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna