Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Look at the Controllers

Can you continue to allow the light to flow into the human density matrix with a learning attitude? All of us will be observing the changes that take place in the ongoing drama, as none of us have gone through anything like this before. When the money collapse occurs we will be waiting for those who are ascending to come out of their homes to contribute their vast mantle of grace to the masses. Some who do this will be those who are not quite able to let go of their loved ones, as they will be drawn out of their confined spaces to watch the glow.

 Some who are ready to ascend may say no at the moment of ascension. They can do this. If they make this choice it is because they do not understand how much their ascension can aid those who will be needing assistance during the transition into what the ascension will create. We need more to ascend than we are now assured to give the material world a concrete demonstration that cannot be ignored, but we can act like we are all ascending and maybe more will leave their entertainment in form for a new kind of entertainment when the moment comes. All are welcome. Are you going to join?

Can you give up your mental concern about those needing another lesson? They will continue to receive the acts of grace that you are presuming the ascended ones will be taking with them. Many who are nearly ready for ascension will take the place of the newly ascended ones. This will not necessarily happen in your own home, but in the consciousness matrix that determines how things will go. But first there needs to be closure on what has demanded such a major change in the world's make-up.

The consequences of the ascension are to be great, and those who will attain the awareness that this was done to create will lead the way to a mass conversion of ney-sayers and negative thinkers. Some who discount our messages will look upon them in an entirely different way. "Praise the lord" will become a clear mantra among many who are now unaware. The change that is coming could only occur in this way because the darkness was so dominating it was impossible to eliminate greed and do-nothing attitudes when others were hurting. In this clear demonstration of God's love (ascension) we can once again create more appreciation for what God created and how this creation must be developed in the name of God—not with a claim by someone in charge, but by the love of all that God delivers to cause new attitudes.

Peace and caring are new to many in your realm. We want this for all men, women, children, animals and the entire natural world—all need more attention. Can we count on this happening? When the ascension occurs this will be the next mode of human consciousness.

Seldom do I mention the cause of this ascension being the change that is needed in the matrix of materialization. This is because we didn't think we could manage a full blown alteration of the controllers attitudes without one. We need these attitudes altered if we are to make a world that is more loving. When the ascension occurs we anticipate that this alteration will be possible because we will be delivering a very different cause for the controllers to be in charge of: with a totally different congregation to manage, one world government won't be anything like what they have designed. It won't even be conceivable because their banks won't open and no money will be changing hands. What can they control with? Nothing but their feet, hands and collective conclusions. Will their families be better off than other families? Only in the short term. Can they damage anything major? Yes, but why? When they realize they cannot have control over what God wants they will have to accept their chosen destiny: collapse of their dream.

What is next for them? They will be the ones needing to meet the demands of their creditors—not the credit masters they once were. Karma is their administrator of debt and conciliation. When the currency collapse occurs their banks and debt collection organizations will also collapse. No debts will be collected. Continue your debt payments until this occurs, but know that all will be changed in the next configuration of currency matters. This will happen after the controllers are deprived of the organizations that operate their companies.

While we are celebrating the ascension they will be considering their next moves. What will they be thinking? How to take out the last remnants of their manageable cash before the banks close. We will not let them do this, and they will be in the very same condition everyone else will be—needing a community to work with to create a new human experiment. Will they be in charge? Only those who are clear enough to get a new character will be able to manage in these new communities, because the guidance of our realm is to lead, and all can follow this guidance if they choose—or not. The controllers are not used to being out of control, so groups who accept their dictatorial attitudes will not thrive. Selling out one's inner guidance to be directed by others is the second thing to go in this matrix of materialization. Show me the money will be the first.

Will there be a New Earth with no controllers? Yes, but when and how will be the next human dynamic to be generated. Freedom needs new leaders, not old game controllers. When we conceived of a mass ascension the leaders we were depending on agreed to ascend. This is good, as young new ones can emerge as they came into bodies to do. Many are very conscious and will not be ascending. We are counting on them to be the leaders of the future. Money, race, class and gender will no longer determine who will be in leadership roles. Caring will be the most important qualification. Create the New Earth with love and no differences will matter.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, September 23, 2012

All is in Perfect Order

Are you able to detach your energy from all that you consider "yours?" When you are called to ascend, will these attachments keep you in this continuum or can you deny the obstacles in the way? Are these distractions the only desires, or are there more? Only those who desire the ultimate in consciousness can ascend. When you are called to move out of the world you cannot take the world with you. Friends, family, animals, containers of items and all appearance choices must be left behind. Selling the worldly goods is one thing, many of you have already done that, but walking away without any of the heart's loved companions is another. When the body dies this is done. Can an opportunity to ascend get chosen over death as the means of dropping out of central city? Are you that enlightened?

People who are awake and detached can go to their death without any hesitation. But those still attached to mind/body answers to man's destiny cannot act on their consent alone. Mind must be in consent with the contract the soul chose and be able to detach. ***When the ascension call comes my dear ones won't be able to take anything they love with them. Answer this question now: Am I completely able to walk away? Most who are companions will want to give a managed consent with their "other" being included. What if the "other" is not able? Are you willing to let them remain? Most children will ascend with the ascending ones who are their caregivers. Those children needing a different experience for their next answer in awareness cannot ascend though, and must be given their next directions from others when you ascend. Can you go without them? It isn't going to be the next step for those who cannot demonstrate complete allegiance to their own inner knowing, especially when the mind and their love of others is not aligned. Can you do this?

My dear ones, ascension will make the choice obvious. Those attached cannot ascend. Choosing ascension and then not agreeing to leave is the candidates' option, and we want this choice to be made now. Give this question a mental test. Join the waiting list only when these questions are not in the undecided zone. Make a clear declaration of your intention. We would like a head count. Honesty will bring the awareness to all who need to know. We need you to be totally honest. Can you walk out the door to another dimension without looking back?

Fantasy about ascension has been the only avenue to date. Ascension was only the mind's imagination, as no data about the actual mechanisms of it are available. To most of you it is a "like," not an absolute goal. This is due to our not-so-easy job of calling you to consider and decide. We did not give all the details because this ascension is new to us too. Never before has a large group ascended. We have cancelled numerous calls in the conception phase due to lack of committed participants. What these trials offered was the way to conceive it, contact the ones who were open, and draw from them an understanding of their lack of conviction about the momentum we were catalysing for them. When we asked for an absolute commitment the few who agreed were not masters yet and did not have the ability to disappear during  the collective mind's one day that was open for ascension. Now we have a much bigger door of concentric days available. Now we have numerous masters asking for ascension, and we have the collective consciousness able to create a new matrix of materialization that can withstand the loss of these masters.

Celebrations are not our next step, getting the job done comes first. So again my chelas are being called to ascend, will they agree when the door opens? We want you to greet that door with delight and go through it without any hesitation.

Finally, the day has come in our realm to tell you the most climactic change to occur on your continents: it will be the collapse of the controller's dream to control all of the world. That is not going to happen. It is not their drama to lead. I Am That I Am is not going to allow it. When the mass ascension occurs, the galaxy you are in is going to move. It will enter another dimension on its own and correct most of the games the controllers have begun. Gone will be money control, diet control, organized militia control and civil wars. Gone will be hard headed men going against the mass desires of their entire nation. Gone will be dictators and greedy conquerors. Open the door to ascension and the controllers die on their way to the bank. Their act in this play is about to end. Why is ascension critical to this cosmic alteration? The divine call will deliver more grace than what has ever been available. I Am That I Am has mandated these two concurrent activities. When the ascension occurs the galaxy containing all who ascend will move into another orbit—and there will be more than one outcome from this. When this occurs we will get to observe again all of the choices we have considered and chosen not to make available. A new life is about to manifest in a different way. The continuation of humanity can be uninterrupted. New choices can be made about all those things the controllers have deemed their domain. Freedom and caring for others may actually become your game.

But we need an ascending group to activate these actions. Are you now going to decide to renege? Or are you ready to move on and give this needed light to the others? Can you once again decide? We need to know the masters can still be counted on. We can count the choosers of ascension by the great aura they deliver to our inner contact. Yes, my dear ones, our collective is in the light of yours—we are one.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New: Contact Management in Progress

Many of you have a new body to operate. On the anniversary of the American 9/11 attacks the consciousness of I Am shifted in those who have opened their  hearts and are in contact with divine awareness. You have been newly constructed to be able to anchor more of the divine energies. In these last days our contact altered your ability to deal with negativity in a major way -  we allowed the density within you to disappear so no new contractions can disturb you. You may have noticed energy increases in different areas of the body and observed aches and other unusual symptoms as a consequence.

We did this to open up one more answer to the darkness that is materializing around your planet during nature's mandate for change. More than one frequency has been opened in your bodies, and new waves of different intensities will be moving out whatever dross has been collected. No change in your mind was attempted, as mental options are your birthright, but when the body is needing to adapt to new conditions, it may receive new energy contributions from this overseeing collective. We are not abusing anyone, only advancing the direction each has already chosen.

Now we are detecting another need: to adjust these new frequencies so they can align with our contact with less difficulty. Those who channel may not get much contact from us until this is done. My channel for these messages is not completely aligned yet so will only offer this today.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Door to Ascension

Consistent with all of my messages, are we doing what we can about man's distractions from awakening? Yes, we are. We want the mass awareness to be Oneness, without the controllers in charge. We want you to awaken from all of the drama that keeps you dense, containing dross, and not recognizing the reality. Are my words clear? Can you see the connection between conscious love being the divine light, and your mental drama being the corruption you must navigate through to realize what is real and what is not?

Are we asking you to go to another area for health or mandating it? Yes, because draught and drugs are two controller led obstacles that can dim your divine light. Are we asking you to give to the care of those not able to care for themselves? Yes. We are also asking you to find new ways to enliven your levels of caring. The masters are working to open doors for you to other dimensions, and we are calling on you to support these conditions. We are not asking you to do things that are against the controllers.

It is the caring of togetherness that can alter the mass consciousness. What does the control of the banking system mirror to you? Your money consciousness. Control of anything will deny the flow. Control of money in your own life is what is making the conditions that are being magnified in your controller drama. Making money more available with credit is not the answer. Making more debt will only delete the management of conscious use of money. Control of your own desires is more impactful than getting into more and more debt. You must accept the fact that debt is giving away your own sovereignty.  No man is the controller of his debt, only charlatans offer to do that. No man who denies his own ability to thrive is making his contribution to mankind as his contract calls for. Being driven to get is not conscious. Giving to get (even a tax deduction) is also not the loving model of giving. Giving to give is using your gifts in appreciateion of the divine attributes you already own. Making a contribution to mankind is not about giving away money. It is about sharing your divine attributes in all that you contribute.

Self-love is the way. Self-love makes the attributes you came in with more available. Self-love is not about narcissism, it is caring for a divine creation in the form you chose to operate it in. Are your divine attributes available now, in these days of crash and burn? Absolutely, and needed in every daily encounter. Are you able to love the content of the earth changes? No? Then realize that the love in you can change this content. Is this still possible? Yes, but the changes you are experiencing is a manifestation of the mass consciousness, so more caring in the mass consciousness, not just a few, is what must happen to alter that content.

Self-love is one thing that is needed. Another is acceptance of all of the changes that occur without being negative about them. Can you do this? Can you accept all as divine and not complain? When changes occur they do not come without cause. All of these downgrades to your life conditions are the consequence of the human management in your own active matrix of materialization.

When we close the door to ascension no more denial will be able to remain in your minds. Those who are capable of ascending are going to leave the material world and those left will need to depend on their own matrix of materialization to live. Will they be able to do it? Of course, as all are able to get divine assistance when needed. However, should they not ask for it, they may die without ever knowing what they are capable of. There is no magic to being able to ascend. All who decided to look for God found their way to ascension. God is inside each of you, not just a few. Finding God was your mission. Can you go to  your death without finding God and still ascend? Yes, but only when you ask for God at the moment of death and are able to accept that who you are is a divine being.

Self-love is the consequence of going within and accepting your divinity. Are you capable of doing this? Yes, but no one can expect a door to open if they don't go near a door. Open one and claim that door's entrance to the future. Only one door of the multitude of choices will take you to ascension. All the other doors are closed to this. Are you opening a door that claims your future is in the hands of others? It is not that door. Are you opening a door that claims the controllers are in charge of your money? It is not that door. Are you opening a door that gives your mind the choice of direction? It is not that one either.

The door that leads to ascension takes you to the heart of the One God that actually controls all human/divine actions: the God inside of your own heart. Now, most of you who read my words on this blog are already on the threshold of this door, and all who are not can still go looking for the door that will take them there. But will they? Are they able? Not as many as we had decreed, but enough to complete the ascension. Self-love is the key to that door. Are you on the other side of it yet? No? Then do whatever you can to look for it and cancel your negative attitudes. Blessings come in many ways, consider this message one of yours.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bring it On

Politics is now a distraction from love. Who the best candidate is will depend on your own mental attitude. Who will win has no connection to who is to be the next leader. My comments now are to tell you that there is no way that an election in the free world can be fair. Any man who is called into the arena of collective collaboration with a group of dictators goes with the awareness of his most difficult task to be done: do what they tell him. Mr. Obama was not naive, nor was Mr. McCain. Both knew full well their choices would not be their own.

Mr. Romney was not the controllers first choice, nor was his running mate, as these two don't totally understand that their next duties are to dissolve all of their own conditions to go along with the controllers. Both go along now thinking they can be less in collaboration after the election. Should they win, they can congratulate themselves on moving against the controllers agenda. But this is only one step away from what is now happening, because the controllers cannot allow them to deter the most elaborate drama to go into manifestation ever designed. They cannot get away from this design, only decide to go along because it is too materialized to be disturbed. What will become of the controllers design is only on hold in the moment—in the appearance of cooperation, but no alterations to the larger game will be made.

Debt is the one way to downsize this entire growth in consumption goal that has destroyed all countries in the leadership of the controllers. All of the European Union, Egypt and the other Middle Eastern countries, Morrocco, Algeria and Nigeria are under the controller's dominion. In America, both the US and South America are completely dominated. Cuba and all other non-controlled countries will not be considered a threat to this dominion because of their lack of dictator control in these areas—no, they can do their dance without any uncooperative leaders in opposition. Other countries that are totally controlled are in Asia and the Pacific countries near the land of North Korea and China, but neither of these two countries are in their control, they are only being used by the controllers to achieve their objectives.

Russia is on the brink of controller demise, as they have many legs deep into the world of finance. They will be completely dancing with the controllers next decision to collapse the world economy because Russia can then take down their capitalist neighbors without making a cash investment to do so. They can become the next big dictatorial society other than China, and they can take on the other countries together, without any interference. Russia will be declared a next generation government when Mr. Putin is out of the limelight. Mr. Putin is not going to decide his own fate. Who will replace him? A member of the illuminatti.

When the decree to remove the banks' manipulation of the pound, dollar and euro comes, all other economies on the dollar standard can go down. Only those with another banking option can delay their own collapse. All world economies are doomed in this drama. Will this occur? Once the drama begins to unfold it cannot be delayed. When, is the question. It can go at any time. No economy has enough resources to demand a different controller drama.

Where do the controllers get the ability to do this? They own all the dollars and the euros and the pounds. They own the banks and the money making machines. They also own the managers of these banks and control of the banks means control of the money. No banks will close. They will be waiting to deliver new currency—a one world currency to all countries. No devisiveness here, one currency that they control. Can it be used? Why not? Nothing else that could be used instead will be worth its weight in any form. All the dollars will disappear and all the currencies tied to it are about to disappear.

One currency will be created that leads the money distribution in all countries. Europe is about to be dissolved into many distinctive entities that can do nothing against the controllers. Neither can anyone else, not even the countries that will emerge as the next world leaders.

So it goes, the controllers' agenda. Are you going to get disturbed by this? Why? Nothing can be done to stop it now, so why not give up your money dreams and focus on your awareness? Acting out your anger and frustration creates density. Instead, give your love to all of this and do what loving beings do: give them the opposite of the density. Give them only gratitude for what is and happiness no matter what. Why am I asking you to do this? To defeat their goal of human incarceration for defying them.

Trials and confinement are not their goal, chaos and murder of humans to deplete the growth of managed socieities will be the delight of their machine guns. Give them no cause. Be aware and await their non-denied actions with no distress. Happy hearts can accept their entire game and give them no dissent.  Why? To ascend, as ascension, not self-destruction was your chosen destiny. If you want to be destroyed by them, go ahead, but call to I Am That I Am as they attack. You won't be granted any dispensation for the body, but ascension can be the drama they don't get to control.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

NOTE FROM ARUNA: For those asking the question, "Why is this information only being channeled by Aruna?" you can find possible answers to this in my recently published book: The Master's Messenger, Emergence of an Awakened Channel, now available on