Friday, September 19, 2014

Which Dimension will be Your Destination?

Good afternoon. I Am Saint Germain.

After my last message my answers for many became news to more than had been aware of ascension. Since my chelas have not ascended yet, most are questioning my news. My dear ones, may you make this time before ascension your opportunity for awakening.

Should an ascension open up the door to another dimension, which of you gets out of the movement to mastery and into the next dimension will be determined with awakened consciousness. Self-awareness is not awakened awareness. Self-love is also not awakened awareness.

Answering the call for ascension will only get you out of third dimension. Fourth dimension can be a difficult door to be in, as many disembodied beings are unable to free themselves from their attachments with contacts that are still in bodies and are living in limbo on this dimension.

Faith in a Master’s teachings can get you out of fourth, but awakened awareness will take you to another dimension of awareness altogether.

Most of my chelas are capable of being on the sixth dimension, an open answer to love, as they continue their non-awareness until mastery comes in as part of their new condition. When awakened in a body, no new conditions are necessary to become more aware. Already fully aware, the awakened ones are ready to be completely out of the cause and effect dynamic.

Personal self-love is not an answer to anything, and it never will be. Only Self-love that includes an open heart to all of God’s creatures is non-dimensional. Putting any condition on love contracts awareness, requiring more details to be deleted. Self-love is neither confidence nor a claim of being awake — it includes no claims at all. It is not an individual dream.

Only one dimension can be chosen when ascension occurs. Are you able to ascend to Oneness?

When a candidate dies they must choose between many callings. Making that choice after the moment of death makes it more difficult to choose beyond the 5th  dimension. When the candidate is awake or nearly awake, asking for more chances to awaken are no longer necessary. The candidate goes directly through one or more closures before determining whether to take on another role of service or  move directly into non-dual conditions where there is no individuality.

Many of you are now able to move to the 5th dimension. Few are able to complete beyond the 6th. When awakened to non-duality before death or ascension, the love of divine awareness can take you beyond the angelic realm to becoming a conscious assistant at my level of awareness. When we ascend as a group, my awareness will also advance, and there will no longer be an actor named Saint Germain engaged with the continuation of more dramas. We will advance together.

Save this message and consider what is made clear here about what will come with ascension. And remind yourself to contact the angels when the call for ascension comes. Angels are the conduits to the doors about to be opened. Follow them to the one door most go to, or come with me to the nameless, formless awareness beyond all dimensions.

I Am That I Am

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Channeled Guidance from the Ascended Masters

Via Aruna, 9-3-2014

My Dear Ones.

In the next days many changes are going to occur. Some will be even more dramatic than what has come before them. Please prepare to ascend. Are you ready?

Here is some guidance to help you:

1. Observe your mental activity.
·      Can you be fully present and aware most of the time?
·      Are you clear of unconscious negative attitudes?
·      Are you able to hear messages from within?
·      Can you ignore your mind’s concerns about daily life?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” are you willing to spend one hour each day without thinking?  Call it being quiet, or being meditative, or no thinking time. During this time be totally attentive to what is happening now.

2. Ask yourself this question: Are my concerns about daily life making it any better?
When these dramas begin you will see that what concerns you now is not going to change your future. What can change your future is to not be concerned about anything happening outside yourself, or what will happen in the future.  Instead, make your inner world a most caring, delightful, loving mode of deliverance. Direct your attention to your heart, and let worldly things be much less important. Cancel your concerns with love. Love everyone you come in contact with. Love is all you need. Nothing will defeat you when you are thinking loving, appreciative thoughts.

3. In your day-to-day experience, think about nothing but what you can do today to share your love.

Everything will work itself out. You need not complicate it with your concerns. As each challenge appears, do your best to maintain a not-concerned condition. Act spontaneously from your heart to help with what you can, but stay in your heart so you can receive inner guidance. YOU ARE BEING TAKEN CARE OF.

No disaster will close off any location from ascension. When the love in your heart overrides your mind, ascension can occur. Flee nothing. Change only those clouds that appear in your head.  Truth is only available when the clear voice of your divine source can find its way through those clouds. This voice will guide you through everything about to occur.

Prepare to ascend. 

Ascended Master Saint Germain 

Friday, March 7, 2014

March 6, Additional Comments

Good evening. I AM Saint Germain

My dear ones. Were you able to delight in the healing of mass consciousness that was done in synchronized movement through all time zones? We were causing a major deliverance of creativity and conscious choices for all to make use of. When you get the motivation to do something that answers today's massive need for altering the momentum, do it. Hear the inner call and get to work. We can only do what you are able to co-create. We cannot act alone. You are our movers and shakers. Now you are able to turn the tide. Wake up and give yourselves the leadership. The nature of your opinions of yourselves must change. You CAN do all that needs to be done. Take this day's major change into your days and weeks to come, and allow the I AM within you to lead the charge. Blessed be.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 6 message 11:22 Japan time

Good evening, I AM Saint Germain.

When this day completes the New Earth can begin No details are to be given.

Some of you are feeling the new consciousness or your bodies are coming into sync with it Others are co-creating new definitions of ascension. Ascension will come with no warning in advance. Be open and aware, but this date is not about a group ascension, though it may be ascension for some. When it is time for a group ascension to occur, my name will not be calling you.

More tomorrow.

I AM That I AM
Ascended Master Saint Germain

***Note from Aruna. This body has been full of energy today, like the vibration went up a couple of notches. Feels like I am floating and there's a strong tingling sensation from head to toe.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Good afternoon, I AM Saint Germain.

Now we are going to energize Earth with another delivery of mastery. Details are not to be given.

Thursday, March 6 we will be needing your attention. Clear your mind and pay attention. Those who can hear our call are asked to answer. No one is being told the content of our call in advance. When we call there will be no time to waste. Answer right away.

This will change your collective consciousness.

Please share.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

*** NOTE FROM ARUNA: After a very long hiatus, Saint Germain came to me today and asked for this message to be made as visible as possible. I do not know what is intended and  will also be listening on March 6 to find out.