Friday, December 31, 2010

Free the Master Within

Free the Master within today! There's no need for the mass consciousness to give forth any decrees other than unconditional love. When love comes from the heart, and all can give love to those who are outside of their close associations, heaven can be created on Earth. Answers to all of today's disturbances can be found, and all of mind's fear can be eliminated. The cost of this change is nothing. The time needed for this is one minute or less. What can do it? Your conscious decision to delete all negativity from your thinking.

Once this commitment has been made, ask the consciousness of the body to give you all of it's reasons for gratitude. As an answer, the body may cry, or create movements, or deny the question. Ask again. Ask until happiness can be accepted by the mind. Happiness is a characteristic the Master within gives to a body.

Mental concepts have been the cause of lack for most of the things now disappearing. Change is now the most controller dominated area of interest, one of these controlled areas of interest being the world money supply. Could this be a concept that could be deleted? Can the heart be more creative than these men, in the countries that manage these things? Of course it can, God can do anything!

Cancel their control with heart consciousness. Give them their walking papers when they ask for more than they deserve. Be their conscience. How? By giving them heart led answers.

My call cannot be completely clarified right now, but when they are taking away more than they deserve, give it all without a negative answer, and ask God for the next step. You will be cared for. I cannot guarantee the exact details yet, but wait for the next days' events to unfold. Get ready for a dream come true!

My words today will seem a bit vague, for a reason. I want you to anticipate a great beginning of the New Year, because it will be a year of new and different, and the opportunity to Awaken and glow!

Have a great New Years Day.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clarifying the Health Condition

When health deteriorates, the mind gets curious about the cause. As an illness has more to do with the mind than the body, it is not as amenable to mental diagnosis, or natural energy medicine, because healing must go beyond the mind. When mental attitudes cause dis-ease, no mental counter development will do.

Needs of this kind (the illnesses) are appearing, to cancel the mind's damage, and doing this requires mental disengagement. Control of an illness cannot be the cure. Curing will depend on overall awareness and counter measures that delete mind's involvement.

When an illness appears, it is always a message about non-alignment. When an accident or an attack of some kind occurs, these movements are for awareness to be increased. As this method of growth in awareness comes to aid the human, diet and good care cannot be dismissed as not being relevant.

When diet has a role to play, there is some kind of message given. Like a disturbance that indicates more attention be given to a partiular additive or food quality. Paying attention does not mean letting mind find the answer. Give the mind a rest. Get the healing technique that will counter the reaction from the great diagnoser: the body.

Ask the body what needs to be used for healing. Ask about the diet making the body dis-eased. Ask for guidance. What the body answers must be the accurate answer. Mind doesn't get its answers this way very often, so when you begin asking for the body's guidance, be very attuned to the body's movements when a question has been asked. Twitches or jerks or the cause of masked answers must become obvious. Answers are always given. Paying attention will make healing easier.

Many of the healers of this generation are using body directed guidance to give better healing results than the medical establishment. When the mental diagnosis is done, another doctor must be found to do the healing of the mind. Both must be considered every time the body becomes dis-eased.

Channeling has another great benefit, it opens the body's chakras and meridians to allow more consciousness, and more causes of health, to become active. Channeling words is not all that is occurring. Conscious channeling can also be considered conscious healing. What has to be dealt with in the body gets addressed whenever the channel is opened. When channels get dis-eased, it becomes necessary to discover the cause. Channels can ask and get a reply. When another gets dis-eased, channels can find the cause.

Beliefs and control issues dominate another condition that needs to be addressed also. They contract the body. Contractions cause the channel to close. Contractions are the most obvious cause of man's continued health conditions. If they are cleared, the body can be clear of dis-ease.

Masking many of these mental dis-ease causing control issues is the attempt to heal conditions with chemical toxins. Chemicals do not heal, they destroy! No healing can happen when not listening to the body and doctoring with chemicals. Beginning the task of healing with mental diagnosis gives one chance of healing only - the chance that the body will reject the toxins and actively take over the healing process.

Clearing the body of old disease creating chemicals helps to gain a healthy body. Please consider deleting medication that does not heal by asking the body what it needs. Then give this to it. Cancer, as an example, can be completely cured without medical intervention. Clearing emotions and other mental disturbances can delete cancer completely. Children have cancer because of the lessons they chose to learn. None of the medical treatment makes a difference. Children with cancer need open conversation and loving attention as they go through their growth in awareness.

Can the doctors learn about these things? Of course they can. Will they? Only if they become more caring.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Being the Light

Potential means the opportunity to become more of your authentic nature than is now contained in your aura. When you do an act that deletes some form of negativity, love from all of the Masters and Angels comes towards you. Your feeling of fullness continues to thrive in the matrix of materialization until non-aligned energies consume the cause and effect drama again. When no negativity appears, the light continues to shine. People who are "enlightened" have no negativity diminishing their light.

Pause a moment and notice how one negative thought can alter the way you feel. Are you glad to be alive? Glad to be doing what you are doing? Happy to be who you are? All thoughts about daily life are the mental contribution to your manifestation process, not only the words that are spoken. When a thought has mean, causitive negativity, towards any one or any thing, this makes a decree for another lifetime, and another incident coming forth that provides the opportunity for making a loving gesture the next time around. Negative actions demand new co-creations to counter their "lack of caring" consciousness.

Negative actions are the cause of most life challenges. One comes to be the giver and another the receiver. Both have negative attitudes to address. Should you be the one receiving actions against you, consider this a lesson about caring. How can you be more loving towards yourself? Most of the deliverers of negative actions must find the answer to the very same question.

When we talk about giving another opportunity to demonstrate caring, we are referring to daily life opportunities. All circumstances are included. Being spiritual does not mean the amount of time you pray or love one another in public, it means the way you think of the life you live, the people in it, and most important of all, what you think about yourself. When you accept behaviors that hurt you, you give all your awareness away.

What does this say about the love of Self? It deletes all your affirmations and caring concepts. Being willing to accept being treated badly has the most destructive conciousness of all - it is gaining you no points in heaven. Negative thinking attracts dense attacks on the thinker. What has attacked you has grace attached. Acting quarrelsome has grace attached. Grounding your thinking into charades that point to the cause, is a gift of human development.

What are you thinking? Are you loving all that is? Can that include heart love towards those who have offended you? Can it include heart acceptance of those who cast stones at others? Can it include heart love for all who don't act like you want them to? If any of the characters in your life cause you to contract, there is grace in their behavior. Acting "holy" is not the way to ascension. Acting caring is. Care for the weak, the misunderstood, the misguided. Care for the destroyer and the deceiver. They know not what they do. But you do know that they have a message to give, and can bring a great loving gift to them with a kind word or deed.

Negative thinking is your non-aligned destiny card. Notice how it shows up in the feedback that comes from others. Give these thoughts ACCEPTANCE and no disturbance will result. Damning the thoughts has its consequences. Change your attitude against to an all inclusive acceptance, and love will come to the one who needs it the most - YOU!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Happiness creates the most beautiful auric field. Christmas has this glow. What does this mean to the lives of those who do not celebrate this day? A lot.

When mass consciousness has happiness as its major energy, there cannot be any murder, or fighting that comes from energetic causes. All of the human race are being influenced by mass consciousnes, so once this has a continuous anchoring of happiness, more of you will become happy.

When we talk about ascension, many of you get afraid. Nothing that happens during ascension can harm anyone, either those ascending or those who have not ascended. All who ascend can celebrate. All who do not ascend can celebrate that there's another wave coming that they can be on.

Children of God have come to believe that an answer to ascension is their mental decisions. This is not accurate. Only opened heart awareness can contribute to an ascension. Conditions for ascension are more apparent now. What I have described in my regular messages can deliver ascension to all who have opened their hearts.

News of a mass ascension can rock the world. We are still looking at this for at least 5,000,000. It would be better if all 20,000,000 could be on this wave, but 5,000,000 can make a major impression. What country is the most likely to have the biggest ascension number? None has any major lead in this regard. Candidates are in all countries.

Twenty million can still ascend, with all the grace of a Master, by doing their work. What does it take? An open heart and a channel of communication between the mind and the Master within. Not so much, considering that many lifetimes have been lived in preparation for this great happening. Are you one of those who can still make the transition? Are you able to hear the call? Are you willing to do what it takes to graduate this time around?

All of you still can. No college degree will be awarded, only the happiness that ascension will give to all is the Master's way of graduating you. Please accept.

Prepare by being quiet. Prepare by detaching and arranging for the things left behind. Prepare by contemplating happiness in all moments.

What do you want for Christmas? Why not ascension?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

How Grace Leads The Way

My dear ones. Counting down to 2012 does not deliver an accurate conclusion about continent movement. Neither the content of my messages, nor the content of any other messages, has given you dates that can be counted on. All dates are a guess. Give up predictive consciousness, and get your heart open about the present. Are you concerned about anything? Give up that concern. Are any fears able to give you the energy of non-awareness? Are the new and different remarks on this blog scary? If any of these apply, no ascension can occur.

Change must be made for ascension. An Awakening is needed. Awaken to the heart that has all of the answers the mind is looking for. When an Awakening happens, there is one less dreamer to make their concern a disturbance to the consciousness that creates the future.

Change to the continents may take many human days and months. Some are to be general and apply to all of the continents, such as money delivery, and availability of goods and gas. Others can look different, but are as much at cause of the disturbing challenges as these are. Man cannot get away from all of these changes. No area is completely immune.

What needs to happen now is the awakening of more hearts. A cause of distress to "the other side" is the mass consciousness of "I'm good and they are not". When divisive attitudes are coming forth from the minds of many, these are not answers that give ascension a chance. Welcome the thoughts, observe their existance, and confront them to learn the truth about differences. All differences belong to the mind. All mental attitudes about "others" are nonsense. No truth begins with: "My opinion is . . ." All opinions contain a mistaken concept.

Pure consciousness notices what is, and only acts as the heart directs. No disturbance can't be noticed. Grace leads the way when the heart has brought the guidance forth. Give grace your appreciation, and lead the next dance with a clear donation of grace to all concerned.

Make peace with the past. All beliefs of being controlled are about your control issues. All beliefs about "not good enough" are not accurate. All attitudes that dismiss "another's" concepts are mental as well. When there is "other", there is a concept. Mental attitudes against anything come from mind's opinions of good vs. bad. Opinions are divisions made between two parts of the same thing. Holy attitudes have no divisions, they include all as the most divine. Nothing is left out.

Concern is not belief driven, nor is it the decision making characteristic mind has  on automatic, as a momentary demonstration of choice. Concern is the lack of acceptance of "all that is". Concern depends on comparison: is this as it "should be"? When man is concerned about anything, there is an opinion about his condition in that moment. Concern decreases light. Concern makes the news more deceptive when things appear different than the mind desires. Attitudes about the news filter the facts. What is news? Merely an observer's opinion. Most news becomes different from fact the moment someone observes it. Many different versions are always available.

Consciousness does not need to determine the accuracy of anything, as all things delivered by mind are not accurate. It's all false? Yes, an observation through any filter has no validity. Change your level of awareness by simply dismissing everything your mind beieves to be factual. Only awareness of a circumstance is sufficient, without the mental conclusions your observations bring.

What does an Awakening do? It deletes false concepts about all the things your mind conceives. All perceptions are merely accepted in awareness, without  comment. No thoughts define them.

Being Awake is the "natural state" before mind enters the picture. Can you be this aware, and this detached, from your mind's observations? Can you drop the opinions without any comment? Creating a new world depends on this.

When there is no thought about the heart's call to action, man has been delivered to divine consciousness. Come along for the ride - it's heaven on Earth.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Deleting Contractions About Death

Messages about the continent shifts are accurate. Earth will move the continents to new locations, as there are many dramas now occurring in the planet's core. When this happens, many of the light bearers will accept their role as leaders.

Being in the right place, is now the movement happily being called "congregating" by those who are coming together in communities. Not being in the right place may mean missing the opportunity to deliver the healing that the body was meant to share. When the movements occur, there will be many deaths, and many will ascend during their death experiences.

When we talk about death, contractions begin, so let's talk about this now, so the body can learn to relax when this word is mentioned. Calm, clear channels of divine energy must be clear of contractions.

What does it mean to die? Only that one more great experience is over. It does not mean the demise of any of your mastery, only the non-aware, contracted, anxious manifestation of mind's creation. There is no demise of YOU!

Who you are cannot die. You are not any of the manifestations of your mind, or the contracted body. None of your mind's concepts about you are true! When a body is born, this next manifestation of a human needs a soul. It was pre-conceived by many non-incarnated souls, many lifetimes ago, to become a family and new friends again, to complete the lessons needed by all involved. No new child is alone in this drama. All have angels and other guides and assistants, on other dimensions, to lead the body to the choices necessary for consciousness expansion. Two or three guides are there at birth, and others are called on as needed. When the mental body has been contacted by an angel, the mind can choose to accept or reject the movement being called for. Once accepted, the contract, that all those involved have agreed to demonstrate their consciousness in, has been activated. Completion of all of these lessons comes when all the learners have the consciousness of love.

New lessons continue until there are no unloving attitudes active in the body. No longer are any lessons needed. Contractions are gone, and divine nature is free to be fully conscious in all moments. Peace has been achieved.

Once there are no more lessons to learn, and all contractions are gone, all of the other players are free to learn their next lessons, as their dramas are not yet over. When one of them completes, this means there is a major change happening in the mass consciousness. What has this to do with death?

Once the contractions are gone, the divine nature has been freed to be an angel in human form. When this occurs, contact with others has no "needs" involved, only giving is the case. When this game has been completed, death must occur. Why? No need to continue the game.

When the land masses are moved, the game will be over for many. They need no more challenges to learn from. They are now the change agents that lead lessons to others. More than 20 million, when the days of darkness come, will leave this drama, if they have done the learning needed to ascend. When ascension comes, they will either be called to disappear, or die in a nautral way. Neither of these ways is more divine than the other. One will call attention to the change in mass consciousness that has occurred, the other will not. All who do not ascend with the group can also ascend at death. This ascension will only make the news if an error in one's death experience needs to be known. When no error is made, like disappearing in the darkness without witnesses, one can be an example of less concern. Death has no more lessons to be learned from it when there is no fear of it. My message today is to delete any contractions you may have about death.

Talking about this subject is helpful. Are you ready to fully accept death? Can this be just another detail to be completed? Are you moved to live longer? Why? To love more? You can be an example of love to many after death also. You will only be the love consciousness without any contractions. There's no need to wear clothes for love.

More of these messages will deliver content about death, to bring the contractions you have about death to an end. Most of you have the mind's fear of death very well established in your genetic make-up. You need to release this attitude before ascension can be complete. Wake-up and know, that death does not make you concious or unconscious, it merely delivers you to the level of consciousness you already have.

Give me the commitment to delete death contractions, by taking on this new attitude: "my life on Earth has one more lesson to learn; it is the ability to move out of a body with love, as the only part of mind's dream left to dissolve".

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Be The Change

Be the change that you want to see in others. All that the mind rejects can bring the learning the mind needs. Concerns about the world, and what is going to happen in it, are not the way to an ascension. Being the light in all circumstances will make an ascension occur.

What is not light? Your concerns, your doubts, your disturbances. As they arise, bring the object of their attention into your heart, and completely embrace the disturbance with consciousness. What disturbs you can keep you from ascension.

Change attitudes about others. Give competition no attention. Are you going to be moving to another planet? Not if you ascend. Why not change your mind, eliminate your disturbances, and give ascension the biggest group possible?

My channel is too busy in Japan to keep doing this as before. My next message on this blog will be after she returns to Uruguay on Dec. 21.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

An Awakening

All of my messages are about how humans are able to alter consciousness. Another topic is about how the Awakened condition has been neglected in most channeled material. Is the content of most channelings incorrect? No, correctness is not the reason they do not include this teaching. It is because the channels are not Awakened and cannot deliver material that they cannot understand. Being Awake is the least understood concept that man can be given. Why? Mind does not grasp the "lack of mind" destiny that is the result of its own demise. Because this information does not agree with any of mind's choices to act on, it dismisses it completely.

Now we must give more attention to Awakening. When the mind can accept this destiny, there will be less dismissal and more cause for new answers to be available.

Channeling can be a door to Awakening, as it demands a quiet mind during the channeled delivery. It is not the Awakened state, just a less active mental contribution as channeling occurs. What an Awakening does for man is dismiss the mind completely.

Mind is not a conveyor of Truth. All the material delivered by mind, on any topic, has no basis in fact, only imaginary content derived from mind's opinions about events, and material determined by mind to be accurate. Non-accepted material has been discarded as lacking importance, so what mind delivers is already culled of its dismissed content. How accurate could anything be that has been clearly denied of anything that has been deleting without cause? Mental dismissal does not provide an accurate basis for any decision making challenge.

Could it be that acquired mental abilities are not Awakening aids? All are not as they seem. For example: what many have welcomed as an obvious Truth is the teachings of the Bible. Are they accurate? No, only choices made by men that include the conditioned consent of their mind. Any material that claims to be accurate has the same choice based acceptance of what is included. Books cannot deliver all the answers about Awakened awareness, even when an Awakened author conceives of their content This is because one concern may control the flavor of all the material given, and no concern that is considered by the mind to be accurate, actually is.

People are not the answer to Awakening. God is. No book can deliver it. Only being silent, and giving up all concepts about Awakening, has any actual effect on an awareness change. Awakening is an awareness change. One day all appears to be a certain way, and the next day, an Awakening can completely alter that way of assessing the same world. Cancel all concepts! Cancel all ideas about Awakening. Now is the time to Awaken, not build data to comply with, making an Awakening less possible. Helpers can give you the correct way to act, and deny the mental controller, as an Awakening requires.

Anyone can Awaken, but no one can make it occur. Only the divine determines the moment it occurs, naturally. Only an act of caring can lead you to an Awakening, caring about God is the way. Giving your divine nature an opening to leave the cocoon it has been gradually opening. Contained in that cocoon is an Angel, the divine's answer to all the world's affairs. Not one Angel vs. all other Angels, but an Angel that is anchoring the light of all angelic masters that can be named. One Angel in many disguises. One Angel as many. An angel of great divine mastery asks for this opportunity.

Are you able to Awaken this Angel in your own heart? Can you let go fo the data the mind once accepted as accurate? An absence of concepts is what allows the Angel to emerge. Will you ditch those concepts to become the Angel you were born to be? If so, an Awakening can be the next consciousness change you experience.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No message today

There will be a new message tomorrow.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Make Your Meal A Meditation

Chelas must become aware of the guidance that arises from "no thought" in their own awareness. Being quiet during daily activities is an opportunity. Change only the day's activities to include a quiet hour, and answers to all of your questions can get from the Master inside the body to the mind. Mind does not take a break from its constant chatter, unless nothing is attracting its controlling view of the day's activities. Only in moments of complete distance from this controlling mental discussion, is contact from a more aware "being" available. When no advice is asked for, more time to learn about quiet can deepen an active demonstration of consciousness.

Are my chelas giving themselves this treat daily? No, many are not. One hour a day can change your life, so you can be all you came to this planet to experience. One hour does not calm the mind forever, only during this quiet time. But, observing the truth of all conditions of life, in that hour, can open a door that has been closed on the mental plane, and give your heart the opportunity to light the fire of consciousness to love all that is.

Many chelas do good deeds, with the concept that this is enlightened consciousness. Good deeds are ego's idea of what caring can be. It is not the actuality of the enlightened condition. Good deeds are only one way of making a contribution to life, not the only one. Quiet time makes a bigger contribution to all of life with no "doing" whatsoever. Giving time to this loving consciousness can do more to alter circumstances than any mental decree or demand. Only contact with divine awareness alters mass consciousness.

Can you give an hour to love all that is? Not doing so means that the mind cannot let go of its control. Can you do this in two time commitments of 1/2 hour each? Can you do this before the changes occur? Not doing so cancels your ability to determine what is the guidance of the Master within during a crisis. Chaos can detroy all control of the mental body, and demands of ego can cause dark conditions to overwhelm the light. We will not be in contact through the internet during chaos, so you will need to get direct guidance from the Master within.

You can meditate by having less desire for outside activities. One of them can be replaced with quiet time. Full days also need this daily quiet. During lunch, be quiet without doing anything but eat, and do this without thinking about anything. Can you do this? Again, during dinner, count the number of times you chew, and allow this counting to replace thinking. Chew the food slowly, and completely, fully aware that each time you chew has a count. No need to give the counting any significance, only use this to avoid the mind's active dialog. Consider this time your quiet time - not thinking time. No need to do any other kind of meditation if you do this twice a day. You can make lunch and dinner your meditation. Sound odd? Can I ask that any concept about what meditation is be discarded?

Being awake and aware, without thinking, is meditation. Chewing, walking, or counting is mindless. Being mindless is meditation. Can you now see that no excuses about not meditating due to busyness are accepted? Can you use the time you are engaged in activities to meditate? Can you find this amount of time to commune with the creator?

Chelas, this is not an order, it is guidance that can give you a better life, and the ability to ascend. I need many of you to meditate to change the vibratory frequency of this planet. Want to ascend? Want Mother Earth to ascend? Can you contribute one hour of your day to this co-creation? One hour of the day of 24 hours can also make a great contribution to your own life. Getting detached from the mind's dialog is an opening for the Master within, so active guidance can be given to you in any moment, chaos or not. Clear the mind of its dialog and get news from other realms. Make this today's teaching about Truth.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Clearing Contractions

Panic about changes to your world can delete the consciousness needed to ascend. Panic about the ascension can also lower the light quotient that is needed for ascension activation. Candidates for ascension are not immune to these mental disturbances, unless they have fully awakened their I AM Presence. Chasing after a change in current circumstances distracts one's attention away from liberation of the heart. Here is another clearing method, as these less than conscious contractions can divide the candidates from one another when a disaster occurs.

First, quiet the body while sitting on a chair or cushion, and breathe slowly and deeply for one minute. Then change your way of breathing to a quick clearing movement using the breath like a broom. Breathe this way into your chest while focusing all of your attention on an area of the body where movement needs to happen. Do this for one minute. Repeat the process until the contraction has been released. This use of the mind, and combination of breathing methods, will clear out contractions by simply chasing them away.

Face the cause of your contraction with courage, and use this method to move the energy that has become lodged in your body, the moment you become aware that there is a contraction. Make breathing a most useful clearing tool. You can use it during any of your daily activites that allow you to be quiet and deliver a clearing method to what is draining the body's life force. Teach this to your children. Consider this to be an "in the moment" opportunity, and an answer to future emotional disturbances. Take the lead in this drama that continues to unfold, by not allowing any disturbance to get you off track. Mental disturbance can destroy all the happy, caring ways of being for those who are not Awake.

Pretty soon, the next disaster will continue the changes that are being delivered to the human condition. Use them to Awaken! What do I mean by this? All difficulties can offer this opportunity. As an extreme example, let's assume that the attack on the New York twin towers had not yet happened. All who were meant to continue their lives after this event got contracted by their common reaction to this extreme situation. No one knew how to naturally let go of these contractions as they witnessed the collapse of these buildings. They contracted as they watched, and their thoughts about what they saw continued to create more contractions. As the world watched, they all contracted, and since one of the main reasons for the 9-11 attacks was to destroy the consciousness of humans, the drama did exactly that. The contracted condition it caused claimed a huge number of ascension candidates. Out of their ascension consciousness they came, delivering fear to the world as their new, denser attitude.

Claiming back their ascension consciousness may be the only way a mass ascension can occur. This is the case for millions, so this, or another breathing exercise, needs to be done by all of them, to lead these fears out of their bodies.

No calamity needs to disturb the human consciousness, as the 9-11 attacks did. My use of this example will surprise many of the caring beings who did not realize they still have contractions from this event. Imagine how those who actually lived through this kind of thing have contracted. They were put in the center of a vortex of drama that caused them to contract. Can they get out of this condition? Yes, but only when they are aware that they are contracted and know what to do to get out of it.

All are one consciousness. Contracted, dense contributions to that consciousness effect all. To turn on the light again, more clearing must be done. Breathe! Clear your contractions by deep breathing alternating with short quick breaths. One minute for each. Continue doing this for at least 10 minutes, whenever a contracted condition comes to your awareness. Fear is the opposite of love. No loving being can be destroyed by fear if they do this technique for alleviating their contractions. Chase them away with the life force of health and happiness, your own breath.

Masters can do this in the moment. So when you observe anything disturbing, begin this use of the breath. Chase away fear, and be the Earth's conduit for divine energy while a calamity is happening. Contract no more. Add an after effect of light to those directly affected. Choose to consciously accept the cause of any contraction as divine will. Nothing happens by accident. Cancel any fear with this dross eliminating contribution to your daily life.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When All Else Fails, Keep Trying

We will need many channels to guide people locally as an answer to their basic needs. No new channels for message dissemination are needed. We have too many that contradict one another and deliver a less than accurate dictation. What has been the reason my newest gifts to mankind are so different? Because most channels have not been able to accept what now must be called to mankind's attention. Are these messages an answer to an entire era of clouded messages? No, because they cannot reach those who want love and light without Truth. Can we change the disasters? Ascend? Only if many combine their energies of love and awareness. Awareness is the missing aspect in most of the channeling that has caused this disturbance in our readers. When only one attitude can be accepted as accurate, awareness is not contained in the "acceptance of what is". Not having complete awareness culminates an interest in anything that does not agree with one's limited point of view. More awareness is in the content of these  messages, not an attitude "to manifest" one's own desires.

My call came late. I admit it would have greatly helped the current condition if Madam Blavatsky, and others, were able to give instructions about ascension. But this was not our goal at that time. We merely wanted to become known as guides. Now we look at man's delusions about all that has been delivered, and attempt to change the way we have communicated. Can it be accepted? Not many do accept. Can it be accurate? Only an accurate awareness can determine this. Most chelas do not have an awareness that can include more than one answer as being accurate, when, in fact, many can be accurate at different times.

When channeling is delivered to a clear channel, it makes comments on current, in the moment, awareness of the Master who is teaching. In this same moment, another Master can also be teaching with another way of seeing the same circumstance. Can all humans see the same object in exactly the same way? Not at all. When the Masters observe human doings, each has one observation to draw from. When changes occur in the mass consciousness, the day's content may appear to contradict the content of another day's channeling. A change in consciousness changes events.

What was predicted in 1999 can be as different as night and day from what can be concluded now, in this moment. Are these not all accurate when they were conceived?

Madam Blavatsky was not a Master in her own day. If she was, another Master of awareness would not have attempted to use her as a conduit. No channels, until very recently, could accept all of the things that are mentioned in these new messages. Can my new dictations be the content that makes a difference? None of the others have, and collectively, they have made a bigger content contribution in the call for ascension than any one collection of messages can deliver.

Can my chelas ascend? Yes, and can they do it together? Not unless they are willing to Awaken and become more aware. Channeling does not, in itself, offer Awakening. Neither does meditation by itself. No channeled teachings have awakened masses of humans, as mental attitudes have kept them in the illusory condition. Can they awaken and ascend? When they have the awareness of what contains Truth and what does not. This must be included in the content of messages meant to awaken the masses.

My channelings are attempting to do this. Are they accomplishing their goal? A few have been capable of letting go of their mental attitudes that allow them to make the needed consciousness alterations. Can many completely awaken from these messages? No one can determine the cause and effect of any one contribution. There are many contributions being delivered for awakening now. Closed minds cannot awaken. Only "no-mind" can become an awakening.

When man's mind delivers attitudes that deny the Truth, how can mere words change things? What is needed, is more delivery of a combination of things that can draw mental attitudes out of the equation.

Welcome to the conduits in my channeling course. Your contact with me during this course can provide you a combination of awareness contributions that can  assist in an awakening. Please do not allow mental attitudes about channeled material from any source discourage you from getting direct communication from me, or other guides, to assist you in the event this is needed.

Charm and grace are an attempt to act as if the content of a channeling is clear. My delivery is not full of these seductive energies for a reason. I want you to be moved by the impact of my words, not an attempt to convince you of their accuracy.

Ground report: hundreds are reading these messages regularly. What can I do to increase this? Appeal to those who can accept them to lead them to others. Can hundreds create a mass ascension? Absolutely not. Can my words make a change in mass consciousness? Maybe. I'll keep delivering them in the hope that they can. It is my best contribution to date.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Channeling The Angels And Masters

Channeling my words can be the next move for those who can accept my guidance. My discourses on this blog are being given for those who are not able to channel this information as this channel does. But, they are also being given to encourage those who contracted to ascend to learn how to do this by themselves. Can you call me in and give me the attention that is needed? Can you decide how to discern the real "me" from others? Can you meditate, as a most important answer to our ability to connect? When you can do these things for yourself, my channeling for one and all can be even more convincing to the masses. Since the door to the change you are wanting comes with more awareness in mass consciousness, the "work" to be done is to help deliver that awareness.

Can you be a conduit? Only those who are able to be an observer, instead of a controller, can do this at the highest level of clarity. Mind will demand a reason for it to accept channeling. You can give it this one: "to bring more light to all of humanity, my next choice is to deliver the cosmic consciousness that is not available in your experience". Mind does not delight in an absence of its control, but it can accept that there are things it does not have any experience of. This can give it an opportunity to learn. Mind will go along, because learning about another condition of life is in its best interest.

Why doesn't everyone channel? Because they are not able to get to the detachment that is needed to discover they are not necessarily guided by mind all of the time. Yes, most of you are too mental to detach your mental activity from the guidance of your divine True Nature. Heart led advice has the most accuracy, but getting clear about heart guidance vs. mental guidance takes more of mind's agreement than a quick guess about an option to choose. For this ability, one needs to get quiet, be aware, and clear away the dialog that your mind likes to deliver.

No channel (of an average level of clarity) can deliver the Ascended Master teachings as an automatic result of their own decision to do so. Ascended Masters choose the channel! Can anyone channel? What do they channel? Can an observer of channeling discern the clarity? Can an answer of God come to anyone who channels?

All of these questions must be correctly answered, to become a clear channel. What are the answers? You must discover them on your own. Can an observer do this? Make it your choice, and all is possible.

Masters and Angels need channels. We need conduits who can deliver clear guidance to all of humanity. Are these messages available in all countries, and in all domains in your country? Why not?

Self awareness includes the ability to get clear answers from within. I AM is within ALL! I AM can deliver clear answers. Can you be the one who can get this delivery, first to your mind, and then out to others? Are you a conduit of awareness? Are you changing the world's drama with your heart and delivery of divine wisdom? No? The choices of any man or woman that calls themselves a "lightworker" must come from I AM direction. Consider choosing to channel I AM consciousness as the next condition needed on Gaia. Are you able to accept this challenge? For thousands of your years, channeling was a most contained ability, due to the fear of demons. Conduits were driven out of their homes and burned at the stake for mastering this common human condition. Memories of their  disturbed attitude can cause fear of the ability. Can you do it anyway? Are you able to consciously choose to overcome the mind's objections because of your fear of being condemned? Are you being dominated by fear?Man will have no more major opportunities to become more aware than his mind.

No more details about the changes to come will be given here, because it is the mind that does all the asking about this. It doesn't matter which country dismantles its land mass before the others. It only matters for you to get out of  fear and into more awareness. Choosing to ask me about details of land conditions defeats my gift of awareness that can lead you to ascension. Land masses will be destroyed. Are they going to lead you to ascension? No, they will lead you to fear and fear defeats an ascension. Mind needs to be learning how to be quiet, not about future disasters. Be quiet and get the guidance I AM can give to the mind. It will better serve the human changes that are needed to ascend.

What do you need to know now?  Meditate, contact the divine source of I AM in the heart of your body. Ask for divine guidance. Contact the Angels and Masters through this portal of human contact to God. We want to help you ascend. We are waiting for you to hear us. We love all of you, more than your mind has any ability to understand. Channel our divine awareness. Be the change for all of humanity. Please get the channeling course I created, to learn the next chapter of your destiny. (click here)

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Life Is a Consciousness Game

Change is the most wonderful awareness builder. When all things remain the same, there is little to grow from. Change will knock, and a door will open for the mental director to take the lead. Nothing does more for one's life than contradicting that director's instructions. For example: Going out of one's comfort zone is a "cause and effect" opportunity, that not going out of that zone does not provide. Doing only what you have done before, draws nothing to you that will help you grow in awareness. Only things that are new and different can move a life forwards towards completion of its contract.

Whenever an act of kindness is done, consider this to be the correct choice. When no acts of kindness are done, the life is not serving its total purpose. Giving to those who are themselves giving, lights the continents that are the actors stage. Whenever a light goes on, the world gets a bit more conscious.

Controlling the impulse to give has the effect of thwarting one's life's purpose. All humans, on all continents, are being led to adopt an attitude of caring. Both sides of this coin are displayed, as a consciousness, to teach that one way feels good to all concerned, and the other does not. Making a nice gesture will not only cause those being given some good feelings, they, in turn, will touch many more, and continue the light cycle.

Parents who don't teach their children to give, begin a very different kind of cycle. Children who demand all their parents' attention, instead of being grateful for the attention they get, are not learning to climb the "right" side of the "mountain of love" that has their best interest at the top.  Life is a  consciousness game. What do I mean by this?

There are paths on both sides of the mountain that leads to God. The path on one side is climbed with an open heart, and the other side is for those climbing with a closed heart. Those with a closed heart approach the summit seeking one or more things that they anticipate finding at the top. But they will find nothing, because they planted nothing that would help move the whole of that mountain to a more caring condition.

Climbing the other side of the mountain are those who learned to give to others, so their climb has become very simple and easy. Their only goal is to love all they meet along the way, and as they reach the top of that mountain, they become  aware of those coming up the other side and want to welcome them with open arms. But the others cannot see them, they are not even in their awareness. They are all on the same mountain, but those climbing with lots of negativity cannot  greet the others with any love in their hearts, making contact impossible. Contact closes when one gives and the other only takes. Caring goes both ways in heaven.

Children who don't learn to give go to God with demands. Those who give, go to God with only gratitude in their hearts. Which are you? Are you asking for different circumstances than the ones you now have? Are you looking towards ascension as a reward for all you have given or as a demand? Ascension will only go to those that can accept all that is in God's design. There is no control involved for those who climb the mountain with meditating and giving.

Those who do not do these two things, will be disturbed by the changes that are about to occur. They will dismiss my words, as they cannot comprehend the meaning of my messages. Nor will they get to reach the top of the mountain , because the furthest they can climb is to the cliff right below the summit. Many will not even leave the base of the mountain. Mountains are symbols of consciousness. At the bottom are the masses who don't realize that they can climb to the top and receive all the lessons needed for ascension along the way.

Are you a climber? Are you a goal oriented human? There are no goals that will lead you to divine awareness. All goals are mind's contribution to human achievements, and ascension is not an achievement. It will be the disappearance of those who only give and appreciate. As they ascend the mountain, they will continue calling on all who have made ascension a goal, but who did not learn that love is the key to being on the "right" path. Those on this "left" path will get "left" behind.

Giving grace to the light makers on the "right" side of the mountain is the next game in the divine plan. Giving to them will contribute much to all. Not a day will go by where they don't appreciate that gift, and their happy hearts will take them directly to the "right" side of the mountain.

Consider my words carefully. There will be no ascension for those who cannot act as the light they espouse. They are not able to ascend, because they cannot accept God's grace, and have not given enough attention to their own awareness. There will be no doctors or healers on the mountain top. All healing must be finished before the climb is complete.

Take a moment to assess another quality of this metaphor: the mountain is the ascension. All who go up the "right" side will ascend. All who climb without divine will as their path, will not. Please choose the divine calling to ascend, and give to the light, before you get to the top of the mountain and discover that the light of God cannot be mentally demanded, or controlled by the mind.

God loves all children equally, but they must choose the light on their way to his domain.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Waking Up To Ascend

All of my messages point to one thing: ascension! My chelas do not fully accept that this is controlled by them. No diety, Master or ET can drag anyone into ascension. All the drama comes when meditators disappear at the same time. Consider the amazement this can create. Can my chelas create this for all of mankind?

Anyone who wants to ascend must be meditating NOW! Your body needs the healing and alignment that meditation brings. Channeling messages that lead you to ascension is also critical. By channeling, I mean having the ability to "hear" the voice of the I Am. Masters, Angels, and conscious beings of all kinds, will be nudging you to get the density of human dross out of the way.

When the call comes, get out of any games of chance that this ascension delivers, and get to the area where you meditate. Take the time to meditate about one hour. Can't be quiet that long? Practice!

We don't anticipate children will be able to meditate, and will deliver them, as they are, when their parents both ascend. Only one parent ascending does not guarantee the children do, unless this one parent is their only parent.

Direct contact with the Masters and Angels can contribute the most ease to the process. Giving away your things before ascension can deliver them to those needing them. Not all things need be delivered, just what you would be concerned about: the attachments, like amulets and contents of bank accounts. Make arrangements, and get the keys to bank boxes to those who can deliver them to your loved ones. No estate planning, other than this, need be done, as no death can be verified. Bank cards can continue money flow to those that have them.

Why do you need this done now. Because the moment the mind realizes you are going to actually ascend, there will be a lot of mental activity created to deter you. Mental attention to things left undone can delete an ascension. Give this the attention it needs now. Prepare instructions that can be available to those who will notice you are no longer in their midst.

Are these instructions too limited for you to get things ready? Are they too much to consider before a date has been announced? My dear ones, no date can be announced before all your arrangements are made! Make arrangements so we will know how many of you are truly going to ascend. No arrangements, no ascension. Get it?

Be the change that the planet needs. Give up the daily activities that keep you from daily meditation. Nothing does the body more good than taking time to be quiet.

My words are to be delivered by many different channels. When they are, you can be assured that they are accurate.

Choosing ascension can be a difficult choice. When the life is going well, there is no desire to leave it. When the life is not going well, the mind considers suicide to leave. Ascension cannot occur for those who are depressed, only those who are very happy, and very certain they are complete on their Earth bound existance. Getting complete means Awakening to the caring, being of light that once decided to become human to learn how to live apart from divine awareness. Now, divine awareness has become more available, and when an Awakening happens, this is the consciousness that is ready to ascend.

What are you waiting for? Are your daily lives too happy to leave? Is it too difficult to get out of the normal mesmerization? Are you caught in the dross? Are you willing to be Awake now? Then do the next activities that can clear the dross, and meditate daily.

Are these words being delivered to an ascension candidate? If yes, give me the actions needed:
1. Meditate daily about one hour.
2. Channel more than before. Cannot channel? Get the Course In Channeling I created, and become completely able to channel. (to purchase click here)
3. Give away all of your attachments.
4. Give instructions for the personal money and goods distribution.

Spend the money you've been saving. It won't be worth much later. Take the trips you always dreamed of. Do the things you always wanted to do. Fear not, ascension can be a drama on this planet, but the ones who ascend will dance and sing as one great big group. And since this dance will be without a body, you don't need to bring along any baggage.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Note: My channel will be traveling for the next three weeks. If the blogs are not posted at their regular time, check again later. They will continue, as she is available to receive and deliver them.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Meditate For Your Ascension

Meditation will give you a taste of home. Meditation can open the mind to more than what has come to the senses. Meditation gives the mind an awareness of the happiness that comes out of the heart. Meditation changes all the cells of the body to light. Changing the cells can deny the doctors their cancer treatments and their medication distribution. The cause of many changes to the grid of human materialization, meditation must not be an object of negative comments, as a non-aware comment can defeat the contribution of the meditation.

Many meditators are now active, though not enough are aware of the need to give this gift to others. Teaching others to meditate has cancelled many of the disasters that would have otherwise occurred. Gone are most of the changes originally expected. Other cataclysims can also be deferred if even more are able to be quiet. Mass consciousness needs to change to alter the consequences of current consciousness materializations. Meditation deletes much of the negative attitudes contributed to mass consciousness.

Can you give the New Earth the time to meditate? Twice a day would give the most awesome delivery of grace to all the major control choices, giving our daily materializations no direct completion. Once a day can do a lot of good also, and any candidate for ascension must do this at least one hour a day. Can anyone ascend who doesn't meditate or meditates less? Never before has anyone ascended that was not in a meditative condition. Ascension comes out of the conduit's Oneness with cosmic consciousness. A big dose of light must add to the current amount of light at the moment ascension occurs. No one who does not meditate can absorb and assimilate this new contribution. Only those who are Awake can make the great difference in consciousness change a little more compatible then the daily meditators, as there is a lessor contribution of charge needed.  Children, who are not contracted, are ascension candidates, because they can accept and assimilate the next level to be contributed.

Can you now get the drift of my words? Without meditating, the difference in contribution you can accept can determine an ascension or the death of an ascension candidate. Not being able to assimilate the new frequency cancels an ascension.

Many talk about ascending with Mother Earth. What this means is, the new contributions of light given to the Earth also come to all of mankind. Can the donation be accepted by an individual that has no awareness of New Age teachings? It depends on their awareness of God and their ability to receive the new level of change in their body. Meditation makes a change to the higher quantities of charge alright. No meditation can mean there is no ability to accept that charge.

What this message today means to you is:
1. Meditation daily can alter the next conditions that evolve from current conditions.
2. Meditators are to gain the ability to absorb a more concentrated addition of man's consciousness on a higher frequency than non-meditators.
3. Cancelling major cataclysms can be a consequence of many meditators.
4. Mass consciousness can become more saturated with active donations of light when many are meditating at the same time.
5. Humans cannot be the change of awareness for others without accepting more  Christ consciousness.
6. False concepts about ascension abound. Get the details needed as a direct result of meditating.

Are these words confusing? Are the Masters who are proclaiming a dream of New Earth consciousness without disasters, wrong? Anything can change, and being the change means contributing to it. Can a daily meditation cause ascension? Not by itself. Can it be one difference between an ascension and no ascension? Yes.

When the next contribution of consciousness changing energy is donated to the citizens of Earth, can it be absorbed and assimilated by many human bodies? Can this be the ascension we have all been giving our attention to? Can this be the next change, the most causitive drama ever to occur? It can. Are these conditions an opportunity to ascend? Yes.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

What Are You Attached To?

When my chelas are able to leave their dirth of attachments, they will be the next wave's ascension candidates. Walking away can be the most difficult part of the ascension calling. Can this be done NOW? Are you able to leave all of the doors open to the new life and give away the old? Can you completely detach from all of  life's possessions and the contents of mind about them? Can they go at any moment, as a result of a natural occurance, and this be met with the attitude, "OK, what's next"? Can they be delivered to another who needs things and this not be a tug on the heart? Choosing to ascend includes this important consciousness.

All of these details are rarely mentioned by those calling for ascension. Ascension is not taking a vacation from this unaware mass consciousness and returning to a "more of the same" condition. None of the things you leave behind will be there when the New Earth calls for its new arrivals from other dimensions.

Can this day move the heart more towards ascension and completion of the drama in third dimension? What must be done? Can anyone give away things as just another day's altruism, because it makes life good for others? Can the continuation of this life be done without acquiring more before you leave? Consider how gifts given to others can detach the heart of the ascension candidate from all things material. Choosing to ascend may look like an absolute commitment, until that moment you must leave your things and go out the door. Are you able to leave and not turn back?

Why do monks go to an unfettered condition to live? So they don't become attached to worldly things. Are things an important part of the life you now lead? Can they become less important?

Continue your life as before, without having more acquisitions as an objective. Christmas will be a good time to see how the mass consciousness controls man's material consciousness. Can this Christmas bring new dreams and new types of gifts to loved ones? How about some bodywork, or a great vegetarian cookbook, or a coat that could get lots of use before ascension. Can the big, expensive toys and games not be considered? Can the gifts of love be less dramatic and more contained? Can gifts be given to others, now that the games and toys of high cost aren't getting chosen? Pick two who are less abundant to give gifts to. Can each member of the family give away two things they value? Are they all going to be able to ascend? Can they leave their material possessions?

Now is the moment to give. Give to anyone that comes to mind. Give money or material gifts to those who have advanced your consciousness. Give to those who are treasured in your heart. Give to those that need a gift. Are the lights going on in your head about Christmas this year? When the majority are not able to go out to buy gifts, can they still get one from those who can? Not necessarily a new item, anything is new to them.

What do you acquire? Crystals, books, tools that do healing? The New consciousness does not need any of these things. Can this new consciousness already be acknowledged? Can you give these material gifts to the dreamers who still need them to get to the New Consciousness? Can the tools for healing be used and then given away? Sharing things begins a new way of being. Instead of "mine and yours", gifting to those who may also give away these gifts to others who need them, begins a love cycle that eliminates contractions. You can demonstrate the love of the New Earth NOW. Why wait?

Gifts can be anything. A piece of cake, a loaf of bread. Choose the gift with the recipient in mind. Can I give this to (....)? Would they like it? Choose the thing that the "other" would ask for if they could allow themselves to ask. Put the resistant mind aside, and give away things that are more important to the other person than for you. Wealth has no bearing on the ability to do this: consciousness does.

Can you let go of the collective attitude of "mine" and "not yours"? Can this be done by the end of this year? Give away the excess. Give away the treasured items that could hold you to this dimension. Are these attachments more important than ascension?

Free yourself of attachment. Clear out mind's desires. Own all of God's creations with a simple change of awareness. Giving to others is the light of God acting through a body. Give, give and give, allowing the heart to lead. Allow the flow to begin by giving away whatever it is that gets the most of your attention. Ascend as One with all, by being more giving!

Answer to Aox10:
No sparks of Higher Self are sprinkled around the universe. All the Universe is the Higher Self.
Higher Self has no responsibilities, it just is. Mind considers things to be responsibilities, not Higher Self.
Man creates the sequence of events, not Higher Self. Man does what is put to him from direct contact with his guides or from ego's mental dialog. Higher Self does nothing.
There is no MY Self that is separate from Higher Self or I AM, all are the same. Imaginary personal "self" has no awareness, other than those limits on I AM consciousness that have been mentally imposed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Ascension Is For Masters

When my chelas are ready for the lessons they need to delete their contractions, these lessons are made for them with the help of contacts they have made for the purpose of doing this. All has been pre-arranged by their contract, giving instructions to the contacts who are delivering these lessons. Facing fears,  traumas and betrayals, can all be attributed to this contract. All of those involved, having no idea they are delivering a pre-arranged creation, do their best to give what is needed to the "Master in training". Masters are to be made, this time around, by healing their hearts with forgiveness, and closing the door to blame and disturbance for all.

Closing doors on control issues comes next. Eliminating control from the daily drama is the most complex deletion still needed. Control of anything, that has the ability to demand that others make choices of a different nature than that of their own heart's choosing, has many implications. Keeping a child from his own decision making process can greatly effect the parent. Keeping a child out of the chosen destiny of his contract, could be a demonstration of how another lifetime has been needed for one who once made decisions that took others away from their heart's desire. Many parents decide on their children's destiny, changing the contract for that child. Children are being given no choice, but to live as the parent directs. They chose this dynamic as a goal for both parties. Children must learn to live from their own inner director, and parents must learn to allow this. Change anything about the drama, and neither get the needed learning opportunity. Change any contract, and cause yourself another lifetime, though one or two more opportunities to complete the lesson are always arranged before another lifetime is designated.

Because many of my chelas are looking at ascension in this lifetime, many opportunities have been created as completion goals to be mastered. What may appear to be a negative condition, has the ability to create an ascension. Maybe the contract calls for denying a controller the ability to dictate the day's goals. Or, a man's childhood dream was not allowed. Can he move in a new direction as an adult? Is this dream allowed to flow from this new circumstances? Will the adult follow his heart? Can the wake-up call for him be choosing to live his long lost dream? Can the healing be done with the one who initially denied him this choice? When this conclusion cancels a next lifetime contract, ascension can occur.

My reason for giving this particular example is not a call for all to start in a new direction, but only to give those who cannot accept their nudges to do this, another nudge. Parents who did this dis-service to their child must also learn to let go of control. Both sides of this situation have control deletions to accomplish as part of their contract. Neither will ascend unless they can become neutral about the circumstances and decide to follow their heart. This is why paying attention to the heart is so important.

As an adult, a new choice is always a possibility, but not necessarily living a new dream, or accomplishing a new achievement. A new attitude is always involved. Changing an opinion, or a non-aligned demand for control, can be enough. Assessing a situation as a contract choice can give more "oomph" to the ascension candidate for that next decision. When a major choice is to be made, ask the consciousness that "knows", the body's own caretaker within, what choice needs to be made to complete the contract.

Many choose the less desirable, to avoid dealing with changes the opposite choice would afford. Many do not choose at all, and allow that choice, the one they have to consciously make, to be forsaken as a result. Many need more nudges to decide to follow their heart's guidance. Following the heart must be learned before an ascension can occur.

Are these examples sufficient to light a more enticing fire in the body's active awareness. Can the mental decisions being made now, be those needed for completing your contract?

Choose and act on all of these new opportunities to demonstrate Mastery. No one can keep away these needed lessons. All must be facing their challenges now, or be left behind. Avoidance could cancel ascension for all.

Can the days of darkness lead the way to ascension? Absolutely! Can the mind give the heart the lead? Choose and grow. All that needs choice making can appear in any moment.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Co-Creating With God

Heart and mind do not have the same awareness. Mind has only the lessons learned in one lifetime of experience, and the heart can also access the light and wisdom of divine Creator. Choosing the light means choosing the heart.

Practice with this way of being begins by not following the way of the mind, because the mind, as guide and director, will dismiss your "no mind" choices. Mind considers itself dominant to the body, and will use its mental decisions to cancel out the heart's guidance. Practice with choosing the guidance of one's heart needs all of your attention. Are most of the decisions about your daily activities arranged by the mind? Are your activities a result of giving mental attention to the dross that mind has created? Concentration on mental activities defers the creativity of a potential conduit. An open heart needs an accepting conduit at least once a day. Create space in your life to awaken the heart.

Welcome the guidance that comes in unexpected moments. When it comes, act on it at once - not when the mind decides. Don't trust the mind, because anything it decides, without heart guidance, has no basis in Reality. Reality has no limits, no qualities that need decision making, "no mind". Reality is in the awareness that knows you can act without thinking. Casting out thoughts to "create your own reality" has nothing to do with Reality.

To co-create with God, you must learn to ignore the mind's guidance and get very familiar with the difference between mind's methods and "no-mind" consciousness. This is done with awareness.

The cause of disasters in the environment can be explained thusly: When a mental creation collapses, a divine opportunity exists. As all of man's creations are mostly mind generated, going out of the matrix of materialization can only occur when "no-mind" becomes available. Change in the entire human experience could occur in an instant with "no-mind" as the mass consciousness, as this would invite a divine change of direction. How can this be done? With the deletion of contractions, and making each day a "no mind" day.

Please consider this scenario: Get up, meditate, and get dressed, choosing clothes without grappling with ideas that cancel out other ideas. Go with the first choice, and make no changes. Get a bite to eat: Open the cabinet for the dishes you will need. Select the first ones you cast your eyes on. Take this to the refrigerator and reach for the first thing that draws your attention, no changes allowed. Prepare that selection and enjoy your meal. Grab an apple for the road, and leave the house.

Give the car or bike or feet the opportunity to be guided by the heart. Can you say, "go where you want"? Can your mind accept the direction of this movement? Await instructions from the heart for all your next actions. Allow the body to act on all the heart's choices. Make no attempt to figure out the heart's intention of these choices. Should the heart decide to purchase a drawing that is being sold in a shop the body passes, give the owner the money for it with no hesitation. Should the heart decide the body needs a nap during the day, make no comment about what isn't getting done. Spend what the heart decides, not the mind. Keep the awareness going about which part of the body this guidance is coming from. Accept nothing from the mind when making decisions. If there is no pausing, there will be no contradictory thinking that disturbs the co-creative flow.

After this way of living becomes conscious and decisive, "no-mind" will allow you to recognize the divine creator's ascension call. Your new lifestyle will eventually seem normal if you continue to follow the guidance of the heart.

Teaching this way of living is not easy, as the mental director can become contrary and demand attention. Give it one thing to do that does not dislodge all of your "living in the moment" driven actions, like asking for a different food item when the heart chooses one that is not as desirable. Consider this a momentary preference instead of justifying it as a diet decision.

Choosing this way of living is a major shift. Are you going to accept mind's reasons why it "should not" be done? Are you going to give it a try? Ask the heart how it wants the body to be guided. Will you accept its answer? This is choice time - do you choose mind or heart? What will people assume about your moment-to-moment, "no mind" choices? Good things, because the magic of being in the flow will become obvious. Heart led lives are the happiest lives.

Give this a day, then another, and another, allowing for mistakes. Give "no mind", to decisions that can lead back to mind's control. This choice is not between good and bad, it is between illusion and Reality. A mind led life is not living in Reality.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Conscious Death And Ascension

When my teachings are accepted, they can provide the needed conditions for ascension. Many do not understand what my guidance calls for, as this new lesson I am giving through this channel is for activating heart awareness by canceling existing mental attitudes. Preparing for ascension does not contain any "doing" that can give the body more "cause and effect" drama. It deletes the cause of all new drama.

Channels don't usually discuss this new "dance of leela" game. It now needs attention, before the second wave gate to ascension is opened. Please post my messages wherever an answer of mine fits the occasion. Changing mental attitudes is not an easy goal. Changing an attitude needs more convincing than one or two of these channeled deliveries. This is why my words move in this direction on any occasion I can create. My words do not condemn anyone - although I will continue to expose what is deceptive that has been planted in your awareness. No divine consciousness delivers deception, only man's devious mind can do this. An ET can also have a devious mind. Fierce defense of the deceivers does not do much for ascension. Contact with my words can.

Many of my chelas will be asked for more by the controllers. They will be asked to contribute their attention to those humans who will die instead of ascending. None of these chelas have been given any instructions on how to die. Control of the "dance of leela" does not control death, only life. Once an answer to leaving the body entails death, the next question to ask is,: "how can this death become an ascension"? It definitely can. Here's how:

Absolute acceptance of death, as the next contribution to awareness, can complete the cycle of dis-ease as it confronts man's greatest fear with divine consciousness. Accepting an imminent death can deliver the body to its last lifetime, by demonstrating how to die consciously.

Facing fear becomes the most delicate balance of the human condition. Avoiding all that mind fears, contracts the channels of divine light. Any contraction at the moment of death will continue the cycle of karma. Relaxing into the body, and facing what has caused the fear response, demonstrates a divine human attitude towards completion of a man's contract. Dying consciously includes no disturbance, desire or attachment. I AM Presence is the only awareness in that moment.

I AM Presence is the Awakened condition. Beaming only light as I AM THAT I AM completes an Awakening. No longer are there concerns, or the creation of new lessons, because no new lessons are needed. All lessons are to get man to Being the I Am Presence.

Pretending that the heart is open means nothing to I AM consciousness. It only notices the deception that mind has lead to the body in negative messages about health, Oneness, and co-creating with divine energies. Masters aren't concerned about any of these things. They only exist as a human expression of I AM.
None of these things matter in the big picture. All of humanity has created a big, dynamic learning experience. Why? Only to learn that this experience is NOT the Truth. Are they doing this to die, again and again? No, they are doing this to ascend. Nothing that the mind conceives has any meaning at all in I AM consciousness.

Masters, all of you are already an expression of I AM THAT I AM when you meditate. Can this condition become a constant, lasting way of Being? It can. Change only the attitude of "me" and "you" to "me" and "me". Give the "me" no tough decisions to make. Give these to God. That is all that is needed. Please learn this very simple thing: You are the one that you perceive as "other". Can you accept this Universal truth? Can the mind control of the past be over? If not, why not?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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