Thursday, March 31, 2011

Amplifying the Light

When my colleagues call on me to consult we gather together to get more collective. When we gather, the light of the group becomes the light we convey. One at a time is not the same as gathering together and glowing as one group consciousness. When our chelas gather on the Earth, they are also amplifying their light.

Many chelas are alone, without others who act from their divine awareness. Can this be remedied? Of course. New methods of gathering together have created virtual communities. Use these tools to contact others who can deliver the light also. Gather to meditate and discuss. Gather to hear and be heard. Bring more light to yourelf and to the entire planet at these gatherings. Coming together on the internet is almost the same as meeting in the flesh. Our meetings are like meditating together to get God's input. No differences are cause for disharmony. Only awareness of divine calling is needed.

Practices to be quiet are like our meetings. Opting to attend begins with a quiet mind. Changing your meditation time alters the continuity needed to awaken the light as Masters do. The same time every day is an answer to collective light. It matters not the location of a man or woman, only the time consistency. Not capable of the control this demands? Challenge yourself to do it.

Presence is healing when a meditator consistently does this practice. Controlling the mind's desire to leave meditation alone, or another control mechanism cancelling it, means there is no consistency and there will be no communion with others during this gathering.

Meetings in meditation are confidence activators. Asking for help during this time is the best way to draw help to you. Messages are not the most important thing meditation can deliver. Pure quiet delivers much more than one glimpse into the abyss of One consciousness.

Facing the darkness in meditation makes the dark move out of your mind. Controlling is not nearly as possible when meditating is done more than once daily. More meditation makes more confidence to negate control.

Chelas, when the light is adequate to gather the less aware to it, the darkness can no longer demonstrate control over those who meditate daily. Moving away from conscious awareness becomes common when meditation is not done often. Unless Awakened, absolutely empty of content moving through the mind, consider that meditation daily is more important than any common daily activity. Making a group gathering to light the way for others has many contributions attached.

Change only this, and make a big difference to the entire consciousness of mankind. Face the music of your own mind by diluting its control. No death needed for dancing in the light.

My content today is the last message of this month. The next message will appear in one weeks time. My channel will not be available until then.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mass Ascension for a More Conscious Planet

Consider this: When my channeling began through this channel many God aware beings began to say that my words were those of another. This is because my teachings are different here than other channels distribute. Can my teachings be any more clear? Are they guiding light to the human consciousness? Can this dream of ascension be deceiving those who desire it? Ascension will occur. Mass ascension will occur. Numbers can increase as the disasters continue. Not that disasters create ascension, no, disasters do more to open hearts than any other cause.

First, allow me to deliver an explanation of ascension, as new readers may not clearly get the full meaning of this word. To ascend is to graduate from human destiny - no other incarnations needed. There are no more things to learn about the duality in creation vs. non-duality beyond. At the moment the ascension occurs, the one ascending has mentally and physically become solely a contributor of light to mass consciousness, and is no longer a controller or consumer of it.

Contributing caring and delight to mass consciousness does not need a body. Many of the Ascended Masters had male or female bodies before ascending. Our contribution continues as Ascended ones because our dream of a human death had no basis in actual consequence. No death actually occurs. The dream of death is that a body collapses from the disappearance of life force. But the life force continues to exist. How? As a beam of light, no matter how conscious the human was in the body. Once out of the body, the conscious being goes to another circumstance, to continue living in the next country or life experience.

No one "dies" and completely dissolves into the divine Oneness, unless they can awaken to Oneness before that body goes out of service. Once this occurs they are no longer at the Master level, they have dissolved on that level too. They are now a light beam for the answer of love to finally be capable of overcoming the dark that has been causing difficulties since the original creation was conceived.

In another couple of years there will be no controllers. How can this be? More light will become available to those who are now controlling, activating the higher awareness in those who are now the complete opposite of love and caring. New attitudes will take the place of current ones. Change to their thinking will be chosen by them, not imposed on them. All of their old controlling actions will be cancelled. One way to understand how this can happen is to feel how the body feels when embraced by a lover. Imagine this embrace coming to all of the controllers at the very same moment. Ecstacy will dissolve their controlling desires. Complete allowing of all that is can commence at that moment.

No, this is not the ascension, but it can be the consequence of a mass ascension. All the newly ascended ones will contribute their awareness to the consciousness that loves these beings who are now getting an opposite response to their choices. Fields of love are to replace condemnation. Glow and grace will deplete their darkness. Then the children of God will be the divine healing creatures who love one another as they realize the "other" is also them.

An ascension adds more light to the cause of this mass transformation. No cause means no change. More change agents are needed. Can they do this as men? No. Complete ascension contributes more light to the divine consciousness than any man can contain. An expansion of light donates this level of love to all who currently deliver dark attitudes to the mass consciousness.

Are they to also ascend? No, not before they deliver their complete awakened condition to this end. An awakened being has dissolved more than negative attitudes. An awakening dissolves all non-aware consciousness. Fast and complete, this change to the controllers will have them gasping for clarity, and their next step is to find that clarity.

My dear ones. Can you now understand my desire to activate the most huge ascension possible? We need all who can ascend to do so. Otherwise we must continue trying to gather them until they can detach and move on to their chosen destiny.

Close the book on controllers, including the ones you call great or good. Control is not the way of light. No control must be the answer. Controllers are not light, no matter how much they act as though they are. No delivery of light attempts to control anything that God creates.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Cannot Avoid the Contract

Consider this: one of my dear ones cannot let go of her choice to leave her country to get away from one of the next disasters. On the way to the airport she walks in front of a car. Was this an accident? No. She had chosen to die during that disaster and cancelled that contract with her goal to go away. As a consequence, another condition arose to complete her most important contract. I am describing this scenario because those of you who are going to other areas to avoid a crises are not avoiding the contract, only the general cause of a death that was already determined.

Are all deaths already determined? Yes. Can anyone alter their contract? Yes, but not the content, only the lessor details. Could another death scenario, much later, be controlled by the one being on the brink of death? No, only the means of death could change. What this means is: In a life contract, all of the choices are made before incarnating, including an approximate time of death. No absoute death method can be guaranteed, but numerous possibilities are available. One of them will be the cause.

Now, what this means to you is, no one can avoid their time to leave an incarnation. Running to another area is not going to command a different destiny. Go to give another dynamic to aliveness, not to avoid death.

No one can avoid their death contract. But they can grow to the awareness that they never die. As this awareness becomes their "truth", they choose to ascend instead.

Clandestine operations are not today's message. Acceptance of the inevitable is. Can you be glad to be alive and not concerned about choosing the best way to avoid death? Close the mind about having to avoid death and have more aliveness in this moment. Face the ascension vs. death choice by choosing to ascend or dying as an ordinary death contract calls for. Bring all your disturbance to life and be less afraid, because there is no avoidance of what is contained in your contract.

Be a container of light for others by ascending. No other way to get out of a body can do as much for others. Close the fantasy about avoiding death - it cannot be avoided if the contract is delivering an end that is contained in it.

Are these messages clear? No death has cancellation as an option. Near death means another contract was offered than what was contained in the original contract. Change nothing about a life because of a concern about death. Choose a new area because your heart calls you there to deliver a different condition to live!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, March 25, 2011

Clearing Up Some Details

Your questions about the days of darkness are very good. My desire to answer them exists, but the Masters all agree they are not to be answered, because of the awakening in consciousness possibilities that "not knowing in advance" will provide. When an answer about a prediction gives you concepts about the future, this creates an energy towards that creation. We don't give a lot of details, and create no concrete expectations, because we must allow for changes of energy to mandate the actual creation. What now appears to be a forgone conclusion may not occur, and the new energy can create an opposite manifestation.

Now that this has been explained, that my content may act like a creation generator, my next step is to give you details that cannot be changed by advance notice. No concepts about how the changes to the Earth's crust are to be created will be contained here:
1. When the days of darkness begin, they will come without any advanced warning. No big drama will deliver this condition.
2. Complete darkness of all the land comes with one cause: no direct conduction of heat molecules from the sun. It is the sun that will be leaving the continents, not the opposite scenario.

No warning is possible due to the gasses that will be demarking whether contact with the sun will be made or not made will come out of the sun in one moment, almost like the flares now actively being driven out of the sun. More gasses than the flares give off will escape from the solar container now called "the sun". This sun will be greatly altered to make a more convexed diagram in the atmosphere.

Tectonic plates under the ground are now being affected by the catastrophic decomposition of this temperature component. Cold days will begin during the days of darkness because decreased light and heat will now be the norm. Sunshine as you now know it will decompose during the day, until none is available. Now, as this occurs, another creation that will give off gaseous glow will come to the fore and disseminate heat and light. Between these two major occurrences is no conveyance of heat or light. How long? Maybe three days, no more than one month.

Prepare. Can you go out and do everything as usual? No. Can the electric lights be on? Yes. Can generators keep man's companies going? Yes. Can we bring more lights to the houses in other ways? Yes. You won't be in complete darkness in your homes or offices, only the days will give you no heat or light.

Positive attitudes will be needed. Chelas who are aware can guide their neighbors to be calm and give no concern to this natural condition. False "controller delivered" explanations may give different reasons. When they don't understand change, there are many attempts to "make up" a cause. Confidence in the process will be what allows life to continue, as new challenges appear as "death's door". None of them need be, as the collective dramas about Armageddon are not to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Open hearts and a mind concentrating on the new days to come can deepen awareness.

After the days of darkness there will be a very different contact ability with our realm. Many of you will need to hear our lead moment to moment. No days of darkness concepts can be given here, other than what I've just written. When flames come out of the container, consider the changes to the most important conveyor of light to have begun its new construction on your domain. No light is only the beginning.

News of all the deaths that are occurring are going to increase. Many of the changes will destroy man's country of residence. Many countries cannot deliver any safety controls and deaths are eminent. But lets consider the fact that all of these humans are giving their deaths to these most challenging dramas as a completion by their own choice! No one dies by accident! It only appears that way!

There will be many deaths. And many delights are coming also. Clear the mind of concepts and gather together to be a community of light. When there are new choices to be made, listen very carefully to the inner voice and don't allow anyone to change your contract to be a divine, aware contributor to the entire dimensional alteration.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Being a Light in the Dark

When my words come to an attitude of mind, my ability to convey truth has been diminished. Only an open mind can accept what might differ from other beliefs. When my messages come to a channel, they come without their choice of what my message will be. Concepts about how channeling is controlled by a channel are not accurate. In cases where mind is not out of the way, there can be donations of an attitude from the channel's mind, but that only occurs when a channel does not have accuracy in moving out of the dynamic. Once this is learned, no more interference can occur. Most channels do not ask, "Is this message of Christ consciousness?" No advanced consciousness can deceive when this is asked.

When the days of darkness come, all who have direct communication with Christ consciousness will be more comfortable than those who don't. It is for this reason my channeling course was created. I am not advertising anything, only claiming the existence of my creation. Call this "not the words of an Ascended Master", but this made-up concept about what Ascended Masters are about has no direct relationship to any of us and how we are communicating to our channels. When an Ascended Master delivers content to a chela (in any way) they are asking for confident decisions to be made by the one getting the message. Today's message is: Don't accept the mind's idea about guidance coming from other realms. Mind conceives without any basis in actual fact.

Please don't attack anyone. To do this is a direct attack on yourself.

Now, my friends, I'd like to discuss your questions about the days of darkness. Post American economic collapse there will be many difficult days to deal with. Anticipate the lack of money to buy anything at all. Any currency other than the dollar will also be affected, as all are linked together. Currencies not tied to the US dollar will also collapse. One world currency is the goal of those controlling this collapse. No money means there will be nothing to use to acquire basic needs. Are you able to accept another way to live? Are you able to claim sovereignty? Most of you cannot. I want you to be ready for these days. Get the things needed before this occurs. Buy what you can. Come together with others and decide what each will provide the group. Giving to each other will assist the demonstration of Oneness. Bring to the group the things you have to offer. Are there items you can trade? Can the Masters give some advice?

Give away your things of great value and live at peace with less. Why? What you now value cannot feed you when money does not exist. Cancel any concern of being robbed by having nothing to be stolen. When life is very detached from material acquisitions there is more flexibility to deal with new developments.

Change in all things is a jolt to the mind's concepts. My direct communication about these matters may disturb, but when this occurs without warning, more disturbance will grow when there are no preparations made now. When the dollar collapses the money markets will collapse. Remember the Great Depression? When they found out about this it was too late to prepare. Can you conceive of this happening now? No? Conceive and get ready! People will be crazy. Money won't buy food. Are you able to live without money? Can you be free of fear? My words are not to frighten, rather, to give you an alternative to fear.

When the consciousness of the entire world is afraid, how can you deliver an alternative? By being committed to being a vehicle for light. Miracles can happen through beings of light. Remember how Jeshua ben Joseph delivered food? Some of you will also do this. Cancel your fears and get ready to live as Jeshua did. Walk your talk. Give without choosing with your mind. Open the door to that divine love within your own heart to bring the light into darkness.

False concepts abound about future events. No truth comes from the many controller guided dictations prevelant today. My words are Christ consciousness. You are the only deliverer of your own fate!

Now, the days of darkness will come after the dollar crashes. While determining how to live without all the things money now buys, you will be doused with darkness. No way to detail all the ramifications of this now, as the concepts we might convey may create distress in the mind when none need be conjured up now. When the days of darkness begin, a community group will be the best way to live. Gather together in one area. Five or six can be a commuunity. Give the group all your things and all your attention. When one needs aid, all be there for that one. Face the fact that candles and flashlights with extra batteries are to be needed. Oil lamps are great also. When darkness arrives, be quiet. Get comfortable being by yourself in silence. Give me the decision to be calm, and be open about the healing you need to be calm. Ask me to assist and my cohorts on this side of the veil will do what we can. I'm not able to manifest drinks and food, but we can tell you how to do it!

Positive attitudes are necessary. All who call themselves "Lightworkers" are to give their light to this condition. When the darkness comes, will you be grounded, capable and confident or will you be afraid? What is your commitment to light?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, March 21, 2011

Comments on the Comments

My dear ones. As I've given the message many times, channeling can happen to anyone. It is not necessary to condone my channel about her call to love or my asking that a growth course be taken. My words are not her words. My call for the course has the intention to give an extremely clear message to all who do not channel and deliver an option to do so. It is not a demand.

Channeling can be attained by numerous alternative means. Purchasing the course I am connected to is not the point here, it is being committed to learning the art of channeling. Can you learn on your own? Yes, my channel had no course.

An attitude about anothers method of creating money cancels your ability to attract it. An attitude against anything attracts that thing to you. My dear ones, anything that comes to you is a gift, not a right. When the gift comes without a price tag, can you be grateful? When it comes with a price tag, can you be grateful?

Channeling gives the message to all that another realm can assist them. Nothing contracted anywhere claims that all channeled material must be without cost. Many channels ask a lot of money for their channeling. Condemning this has more to do with the one casting stones than the channel.

Casting stones against anything casts one against yourself. Be clear, my channel gives tirelessly to this blog without any compensation at all demanded of those who are benefiting from it. No donations have been received from most of those accepting these gifts. No charge is a choice, not a requirement. My decision to ask a charge on her material is also for the clear advancement of her destiny, which is to be in service. Make no mistake, the call to love is the content of this guide, not an attitude of control. Anyone who wants the channeling course can collect money and create a group to learn together. No price can contain them. Buying courses and doing therapies that heal and advance consciousness has always been the way. Channeling is no different.

Now, let me answer questions about the nuclear condition in Japan. May the good consciousness of the heart of humanity come forth to light the way out of fear. No more nuclear disasters are going to add to this crisis. Calm has been containing the disaster. Calm continues to assist as man attempts to overcome chaos. Choose the light of caring, not fear!

Many more catastrophes will come to humanity now because of the land being moved on a grid that has to make its way naturally. When the days of darkness occur, this will be due to a collapse of the matrix of materialization. It means that closing the door on the current lifestyle will occur. The days of darkness are a doorway to light. Oneness will be the way. But getting to Oneness will be through difficult circumstances. Collective changes will be occurring during the next months, acting to gather those who love and those who fear. Collecting these two groups will mean they divide themselves to the light and dark. When this occurs, the dark will cease to determine the way of the light. A complex diagram is needed to clarify this most significant change, but this is not available to a written format. By collecting the dense and the light together there will be two realms on this planet: one that carries the 3rd dimensional consciousness and one that carries the 5th dimension consciousness. Will they co-exist? No.

When this occurs, the 5th dimension will disappear to those in 3rd dimension. Continuing their lives on another dimension will not be another galaxy or another continent. When this occurs the 3rd dimension will be moved to another planet to continue their lessons. A New Earth on Gaia will be created by a consciousness that has the light this planet needs.

No more nuclear containment will be done on Gaia then. Only life sustaining technologies will be used. Good food and water will be developed naturally. All health conditions created by the controller's mechanisms will be deleted. Clear mental ability will return. Dousing the human race with chemtrails has damaged the mental container of all who are near them.

Peace will reign forever in this dimension and it will be the land of demonstration for other galaxies to be taught from. The Galactic Federation can be a contact point to teach of this contract that brought home all of those who chose this gift. Ascension to 5th dimension will occur. Are you going to be one who does the things necessary to come along? Are these things difficult? No, they are the most loving things that are the deciding factors. How loving are you? Caring, giving, allowing, helping, de-coding the mental attitudes of density in your mind, and giving up attitudes about what you and others "should" and "should not" do. Free yourself from dense attitudes.

Now my dears, the darkness will only be the doorway. Getting to the other side of the door will require courage and love.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Days of Darkness Part II

When the days of darkness begin there will be no light from the sun. Nor will there be any days and nights to live through, only nights. Being able to light candles or have lamps that need no electric power can aid this condition. Without any candles there will be no light unless electricity is available. In many areas this will continue to act as artificial light. In other areas there will be only night. I'm not asking that these days be given any other attention than gathering light sources.

Clear the mind of disasters. No disasters are being predicted with this call to get yourself some answers for these days. No oil lamps around? Get other things that can be used if no electricity is working. If you have solar electric there will be no option but to have a back up solution. Many days without sun means the darkness can cause depression and anger. Instead, get calm and act like another day of darkness is no big deal. Wealth will be of no benefit, only acts of courage will matter. About one month of this will come to all of the continents. Can this be a time for deep inner attention?

Chaos may add an act of need for many. Are you able to remain calm? No additional call for this time beside getting lights in the homes and businesses that will need them. Grocery stores need light. Most have back-up generators. Are they the only businesses that do? If so, more need to get them. When will this occur? In one year and a bit more, not next week. But you can begin getting yourself ready to deal with the details.

When the contact of the news media is disrupted, or the Internet is not available, can you be courageous and decisive from your inner guidance? Are you able to determine your own decisions by the director inside? Calm will be the key to this ability. Panic will delete it.

A change of lifestyle for this time can also assist. Can you remain in your home or do you need outside activities to be happy? Not used to being at home? Get your home to be a place to love. And get all of your dreams about being completely taken care of out of your mind. No Galactic Federation craft will come to "do it for you". Self-contained attitudes are an asset for a challenging condition.

Conduits of all the Ascended Masters are delivering an answer to an audience that can accept that they exist. No one will come to be on the ground that you can  look at. Only those who can activate their own light and pass it to another can assist. Meditation can lead you to the answers needed during these nights of darkness that are coming. Only an open heart can deliver courage during the collapse of your daily life. Are these things causing you fear? Good, get the answers that can help you release it. During difficult times you need to be aware and courageous.

I AM THAT I AM is always available to move the more aware of this group of humans. What do we have to do to be more available to you during these dark days? Can we be available to all of you? Of course we can. Are all of you able to communicate with this realm? No. Can this dictation give you adequate cause to open up this more than necessary ability? No one should be without the Channeling Course I created. It is necessary to have the information it contains, as being an open channel to the Master inside yourself is all the contact that will be continued, and it will only come direct to those who can hear it.

Channeling is not a guessing game about your dreams or intuitive contact or audio telepathy. It is a most controlled dictation that offers direction and comments that can deliver grace and clarity. Are these dramas on the continents convincing you of the need to learn about channeling? Our course is priced for less than it is worth. Consider this a gift from the Great White Brotherhood, as our channel only charges what we ask her to. Pay for this alone or with a group, but get it to open and clear out the dross that keeps you from divine direction.
Champion others to do the same.

Many of you are dreamers that have been disturbed and are grief stricken because there is nuclear activity in Japan. Believe me, this is not dangerous to most of the globe and it won't be. But it will destroy the land and the atmosphere as a consequence of being delivered by man to those he cares nothing about. No more nukes needs to be the next campaign promise of anyone seeking public office.

Crash the time barrier with channeling!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
Saint Germain's Course In Channeling can be purchased here.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fukushima, Chem Trails and the Days of Darkness

My dear ones. Fukushima will not destroy the atmosphere as many are claiming. There is minor leakage being disbursed and workers will contain the damage to the immediate area. No common disease will be attached to these contaminated, disturbed containers. When the days of darkness descend on the entire planet, no nuclear conditions will be enjoyed, as complete darkness on all continents will delete their ability to contribute their cancer causing energy to anyone. No drama will ensue, as these reactors are not going to contribute toward the controllers game.

Make this descent into complete darkness an adventure. Keep candles and oil lamps available. Create dark moment activities (other than watching TV or playing computer games). Spend your daytime hours doing things to make the night a convenient time to rest.

Am I giving this information now because this can occur at any time? Yes, we want this message about getting prepared to be a call to all who will listen. Buy candles, dried and canned edibles, and flashlights for the next change. Dense attitudes do nothing to alter circumstances and can make life very miserable. Why not be ready to have a nice time instead? Can candles be made a household commodity? Can children have their own flashlights? Not much to ask for a major challenge. Keep extra batteries for the flashlights, as most stores will be out of stock. Get a good can opener and food that can be opened and consumed without cooking. "Take-away" will not be available and your microwaves will not be working.

What will cause this dark moment in human creation? Most of you are already aware of the most active alterations being made to the atmosphere by contaminated droppings of chem trails. These, and the materials they mix with, can destroy all of man's answers to good diet and clean drinking water. Acting to destroy many on the continents by what appears to be natural causes, these droppings are causing hazardous waste and destroying the land beyond our ability to protect it. Nature has complained, and not only been ignored, but the compounded droppings have increased. Glaciers melting have everything to do with man made control of global warming.

Passing by the cars contribution, and all of the direct dumping of carbon dioxide into the drama, these droppings of gasses are deleting the human ability to contain them. Bowel dysfunction is one common derivative, and obesity is another. Chem trails deny the atmosphere of quality oxygen to breathe, collapsing man's creation in the wake of these natural calamities. My dear ones, get ready to take charge of this! Demand the details about chem trails. Act against them! Get out of apathy! Your world cannot sustain itself with no oxygen!

Contact with the helpers that manufacture these chemical dispersants need to be made. Closing these controller's companies must be done. On company that must go is Monsanto. Another is General Electric. Another is Pfizer. And the cause of the chem trail distribution comes from the CIA. CIA organized and controls the operation. It was begun before the Clinton administration and has continued by agreement of all administrations. The creators claim it is for advancing health, and decision makers are not told of the actual contents being dropped. Methane is in these droppings. Now who could deny the destructive contents that come to all to consume? Can the air be a threat with nuclear additions? You bet it can. Not the level of air contamination that Fukushima is delivering, but when other nuclear containers are destroyed in the near future, this can add adequate toxicity to the air that is now being chem trailed to devastate entire areas just like a napalm bomb, making clean up far more costly than any tsunami.

Chapter II of this dialog will give more details about how the governments of the US and Europe have been denied access to what is actually going on. My dream is for this to not continue. Believe me, no Ascended Master can divert what man does to himself.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awaken From the Dream

Chelas of the Great White Brotherhood, we are going to tell you the next answer to your contamination concerns: When the movement of awareness occurs in an Awakening, a body gains in health. No more will the loss of defense attributes  occur, as there will be no dependence on the world for inner strength. Self-care is about becoming detached.

Awareness can operate without negative emotions effecting a human body. As more days are spend in complete calm, the light that has been activated will eliminate density by clearing the meridians of dross. Twenty days of calm can completely re-energize a body. Are you willing to focus on being detached and calm? Are these required? Only if the body's condition needs aid.

My answer to health is calm. My answer to strengthening your inner defense system is calm. My answer to being helpful to others is, be calm. All these answers are the same, as this is the truth for each question.

Mandates for change come from an unhappy condition. If all was great, why alter anything? Calls for money are always coming to us by needy chelas. Are they creating money as they ask? Absolutely not. Can they create money? Yes, with happy thoughts, courageous decisions, and giving out thoughts of abundance instead of "not enough". My dream is that all can accept what comes as adequate, and be grateful it is in their lives. Most things are already a given, to be lived by those who contracted that life condition. Acceptance of the dance made in the contract is your life's goal.

Practices are to get the mind to be less demanding. Most of you are living with a manager and commentator that operates non-stop during your days. Is this freedom? No. It is being dominated by the false, negative dreamer that was developed by your active imagination. And, that dreamer can be Awakened!

Wake-up to the answer that has always been around. Never asleep, the Master of conscious awareness lies just inside the door we are asking you to open - the door that contains your heart led destiny. It is where you always neglect to look, and its as close as your own choice making. Your decision creator, and giver of miracles, resides in the heart of the body of God - the God of your own awareness. Confidence in this non-demanding, needing to be asked consultant needs growth. Acting on its guidance can grow its demonstration of accuracy.

Pacing this growth is the mental dominator. Closing this dominance is not one of the things most humans ever attempt, only those who came to be the container of light they decided on before conception. Confidence in the demonstrations of your heart led decisions will eliminate the mental deceiver in a non-demanding way. Your own consciousness is the aliveness and the choice maker, and the controller does not actually exist. Your controller is only energy that was derived from your own denied attitudes.

Practices like meditation that calm down mental chatter do more for human growth than all mental gathering of data combined. No data can answer all the questions of a day's needs. All these questions are also mental content. No mental content fuels a growth in consciousness.

Make a decision to never get upset, and allow the day's events to be observed by the mind, experienced as a deliverer of God's love to whatever is being observed. No decision about the event is needed. Give it no data and no opinion. Give it only attention. Channeling is like this way of being. All the data comes through a a detached observer. Being detached does not eliminate feelings. They will remain abundant until they too are considered an expression of the dreamer and observed with no concern at all.

When mind determines a cause and a more desirable effect, this decision covers up an open, aware being of light that can create more than your dense attitudes. Truth and eternal awareness do not need any cause. And, they are not the effect of any choice the mind makes. All the dreamer needs to do is Awaken to the consciousness of "no concern", and delight in home and country can both occur, no matter what circumstances they deliver.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nuclear Reactors Must Go

Many lessons about human decision making are about to be learned. When the decision was made to generate nuclear devices for electricity, many assumptions were made, and decisions to build many devices throughout humanity's living areas were made without discussing these decisions with the more aware consciousness within man's heart. Now, many changes like the recent earthquake in Japan are to let the men who made these decisions know how wrong they were to conclude nothing could destroy these magnificent collectors and their housing. No war or change by man's hand can destroy these war proof tactical machines, but man neglected to check on nature's continued evolution to get more accurate information.

Two nuclear reactors are now about to close at nature's hand. How to close them completely will need to be decided next. Are the countries that have them aware that all of them need to close? Can they deduce from this current climate of fear what can occur once more changes are demanded of man by nature?

After this calamity, the good news will be less radiation contamination than either Chernobyl or Three Mile Island. Can this be a message to look at other possible nuclear attempts to lead man to death's door? Many contacts about this subject were made when cancellation of these structures could have occurred. Now, closing them all down will be demanded by one or more of the more conscious countries, and this will be considered completely unacceptable by those that just created theirs. China cannot detonate a bomb in the ordinary way, but this country can now conclude  that there is more than one way to make a bomb. Close them down dear ones, or all of you will be nuked with man's own creations. Man created weapons of mass destruction as nuclear reactors. Masking them as energy devices has been a common agreement. No dream of destruction can be as gruesome as the dream of contact with the contents of these nuclear answers to genocide.

More details about the earthquake delivered cooling device failure can convince other countries of all the details needing attention. Our choice would be complete demolition of all these cancer causing amplifiers of contamination to humans, animals, etc.

Change comes when Mother nature decides, not man. Nothing you can do to effect these alterations to the Earth's surface can do anything worth mentioning. Are you willing to change your future by getting less energy than currently being activated? Are you willing to go back to less dangerous devices to generate man's actual needs? Make this a goal and go to the politicians with good alternatives. Give them change ideas that deliver human goals of health and happiness over generating goals that need nuclear devices. Man cannot have all the electricity he wants and maintain good dis-ease free bodies.

No major disaster in the current day can do the damage I am describing, but new disasters can be much more destructive. Containing them is not going to happen. When will the major controllers give up their dream to completely eliminate money? Never. When will man's mind give up its driven attitude for getting more and more devices? Are the lights going on? Can you help?

My dear ones. We are about to go into a more difficult time than most of you can imagine. Are you ready? Are you able to let go of the mind's deduction approach to life and go into the most delightful high man cannot even describe? Ascension cancels many of the changes that can occur. Not because of these beings leaving, but due to the degree of light they can contribute from this dimension to third dimension. Full spectrum lighting can be available to those left to attack these dilemmas with courage.

After the carnage has been cleared in this newest disaster, consider an appeal to those who can make a difference to destroy all nuclear devices. Nuclear energy cannot be contained and needs to be diffused, as more disasters can do mass dimming of the human light in a very short amount of your time.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, March 11, 2011

Open the Mind

Personalities are all developed as human beings grow. All of the ego's qualities are adopted by the healthy divine being that has to advance to ascension. When an attitude has been accepted as the truth, human characteristics are determined. From mother's womb these attitudes take on a mental design that finds its answers to all things in mental appearances. Posturing on an attitude does the rest. Humans become what they dislike. All of their negative thoughts  develop into "against attitudes", contracting that matter into a challenge they must face to grow.

Pass judgment on darkness and darkness appears in your life. Advocate against topics like maternity of the unwed or gay rights, and guess what will appear in your experience? Claim to be a nice person and dictate your mind's attitudes to others, only brings dictators in daily life for you to be grateful to.

Making daily consciousness adjustments is now common. More and more of you are getting the realization that your mind creates the conditions you are contained in, and mind must concede all of its disturbed attitudes for new conditions to appear.

Being ok with "all that is apparent" makes this development fast and easy. Mind dislikes what it doesn't understand, yet only confused minds are open enough to disburse the attitudes that are causing suffering. Being unsure about things is easier to communicate to than maintaining an absolute attitude about what is believed.

Are the new contents of the mind more accurate than the old? No. Nothing the mind believes can be completely accurate. All content a mind depends on to base its decisions upon comes out of inaccurate calculations based on the amount of information currently available. Inaccurate, because change is constant, and one change makes an energy shift that causes everything to change.

At the moment one new "ah-ha" appears, another will appear in a different area, and this idea will continue to get attention throughout antiquity unless there is an inquiry made about the actual content of the "ah-ha". Man's tendency is to believe this kind of new information. It becomes his golden rule. No more does he remain open to the next "ah ha" to be even more accurate. No, this is not accepted. All the "discernment" about messages is not giving new material any consideration. Many details from our open channels are new, as alterations have been made since those channelings that were done in former activations of "home companion" channeling. This attempt to communicate is not uncommon now, and can be led to more dear ones than we could have contacted during the early days of Seth, Madam Blavatsky, Annie Besant and Guy Ballard. Great delight came when Mark Prophet disbursed our decrees when we needed that energy on the planet. Now we are not as formal or as controlling to the large number of chelas we attract. This is because we are not as controlled by THEIR attitudes. Now we can be completely open and answer their questions as equals. We are all equal, but our ability to be accepted as non-commanding can be a new development for anyone assuming that no change to our ability to communicate has occurred.

Home companion channeling has been over valued. Now we must do the most important work of all - close the gap between mind and heart. Chelas, my domain is to call you home, not to dictate decrees for you to call on me. You have advanced in awareness and are no longer acting as needy children. Now we can meet more equally and you can deliver your mastery too.

Polite acceptance of new things works more for good news than bad. When we give you news you delight in hearing, you agree with this. When we deliver news of future disasters the mind calls for new material. Why? Because the mind does not want to accept that its days of being in control are numbered.

False dictations are being given in my name. Why are they accepted? Because they deceive by design. They give a little good news and make a not so accurate claim. Are you being taken in by these claims? You are not able to "discern" what channeling is mine by your comparing the different dictations. Only an ability to ask, "Are these from Christ consciousness?" and get a clear answer, can give you the most decisive conclusion. My days of coaxing you to accept my words are over. Give me your attention if you want to ascend. Otherwise, make more mental materializations that cannot be delivered to this goal.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Gift of Presence

Chelas are being asked to deliver their delight for living to humanity. Are you able to do this? Acting like you are a gift to all is the life you are meant to live. Can this be the detail no one bothered to tell you? Are you giving a gift with your presence?

Today's message is for those who are mentally thinking one negative thought after another and pretending they are happy - big smiles, cheerful demeanor, and all outward depictions of happiness. But deep down, this covers up a great deception. It is not deceiving the mass consciousness, only those who are not adequately able to know the difference between a dense negative charge and a bright positive charge. Negative thinking carries a dark charge. You can talk about light and give positive mental attention to others, but negative attitudes are dense, and they carry more weight in mass consciousness than a non-aware choice does.

Carrying on a contrast between dark negative attitudes and a caring presentation doesn't get anyone out of darkness. I am telling you now that a false conveyance of personal development does nothing for your choice to ascend. The light is not there.

Please notice one thing: are you really happy? Are you the happiness the heart craves? Are the thoughts you think completely aligned with the things you do and say? While making a difference to others, can you completely deliver all your light to them? All of the chelas who chose to ascend need to get their mental attitude in complete alignment with this choice. Being happy is your natural condition. Being natural will get you to the condition of light that is necessary for ascension.

When the "days of darkness" become the condition you are dealing with, will you carry on as a beam of light? Are you doing all that you can to become grounded in the light of your heart?

No wonder the dream has lasted so long. Teachings about how to be a beam of light have not been delivered to those who are negative. If this message was delivered to a child, instead of guilt and the concept of original sin, gifts of light could be abundant. Only dense attitudes are negating the light now. Can they be altered?

Positive attitudes about the future are not adequate for creating a great future. Attitudes are important, but it is the daily attitude about one's life that needs attention. Being content demonstrates a different vibratory frequency than mentally denying your less conscious thoughts. Giving, and not being happy about the gift, is not the same as giving delight to the one on the receiving end. Best effort is not good enough. Dense attitudes towards ANYTHING make the one thinking about these attitudes dense. Clear up this thinking, and light is what will remain as a gift to the entire human race.

Can dense thinking be deleted? Absolutely! Can dense attitudes become  contractions that are caught in the body? Yes. Are all of them needing to be dissolved? Yes, as a prerequisite to ascension. How do you dissolve them? With love. Give love to the negative thoughts. Give love to the negative attitudes. Masked density is always dense, can you get rid of the mask? Are you able to admit, out loud, that a charge against another object of your attention adds nothing to your condition of deliverance to God?

Are you able to light up a room? Can the light you deliver be gratefully acknowledged? Or, are your dense attitudes making that light dim? Posturing yourself as  "lightworker" is misleading when dense attitudes remain in your auric field.

Together we can make a huge difference in mass consciousness, but only when you are able to get out the dross. Chelas are not Ascended Masters until there is no negative energy coming from their thinking to dim their light. Fear is the #1 density factor. The next is greed. And no matter how many "love and light" messages you deliver, control over anything contracts others and anger adds to their contraction. Are you delivering the cause of contraction in others? If so,  attitudes from outside your own nature's awareness are at play. Become aware of all the reactions to your contributions, in every situation. Are the observers open and delighted with what you have offered them? Are they glad you are there?

In the next days we will need all the good attitudes you can muster. Clear out dense attitudes. Bring integrity to your appearance. Be the light you actually are in the absence of dense attitudes. Be as light as you can be.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, March 7, 2011

Courageous Communication

Channeling these messages is leading healing to many. Brave souls will do things that are not approved by the general consensus, and these messages do create concern. Making a difference is the most important consideration for a channel. Are messages that tell you nothing doing this?

Courage must grow to become one who dissents. Not to dissent, when mental differences can do damage to a relationship, is actually being negative towards the one lacking courage. Negative thoughts arise to defend the lack of courage, and nothing gets done that can turn things around. All that is needed to save the relationship is to change the communication so that it does not offend. Pointing to differences does not attack anyone. Giving an example of how a disturbance was created (and how it is maintained) calls attention to what needs to be attended to. All differences do not disturb. When a disturbance has been noticed, it can be nicely dealt with, as long as no negative energy accompany's that communcation.

Please notice the energy in your communication. No message needs to offend. Disagreeing with an article or an attitude can be done without negative energy. Acting as though an opinion is a fact is what makes people take offense. Can the difference be talked about as merely an opinion? When this preceeds the delivery of a message, there is no cause for negativity to be returned as a reaction.

Blatent generalizations that are made as the only correct "take" on a communicated topic make others uncomfortable. Instead, make a mental comment before offering an opinion like, "My opinion is different . . .". Children need to learn this about their communication. As it is now, they begin to dominate or disappear during conversations as early as one year of age. Contact with other children does not necessarily teach them adequate communication skills. Parents can give them an example of the most effective way to interact, as a most potent moment for a child can make a big memory. Are you aware of how your method of communication is teaching your children?

Are you giving clear, direct messages? Are you contradicting them when you feel  their beliefs are not accurate? Can more attention be given to differentiate  between a conduct matter and an opinion? Conduct needs guidance. Opinions are not anything to direct, only to qualify as an opinion. Making this minor alteration to conversations can completely avoid direct conflict. Negative opinions can be delivered as opinions without being attacking energetically. Can the delivery be an expression of love no matter what the content is? Absolutely!

Can you tell another things they do not want to know? Are you courageous enough to do this? Are the words you choose coming from the heart? No method of communication can dispell grief about news of disaster, but the ability to deliver opinions without a dominant attitude needs to be advanced.

Pretend that a message told to you gave you a quite useful, "need to know" clue to improving your life. If it is delivered in a way that causes you to distain the deliverer, no matter how helpful the words are, you won't accept them. Can an energy of appreciation be delivered back? Of course not. But when the message brings a loving energy along with the challenge, it can be acted on and benefit all concerned.

Make today one of more awareness about communicating difficult messages.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Channeling the Awareness You Want

Channeling comes to those who are more open to the call than others. This does not mean they are more divine, more dedicated, or more clear. This only means they can accept what comes to them from other dimensions. When a new channel gets a direct contact, they can demand a degree of management on a number of things:
1. Are the messages of God's light or not.
2. Can the teacher go to another channel also, or will this be an exclusive arrangement.
3. How many days can go by between messages?
4. Are the messages non-concerning to the channel, or does the channel have to give an explanation.
These minor details need to be agreed upon the moment the welcome is given.

New channels are coming out now, and they are not all at the clearest degree of competence. My dear ones, channeling has become a game to those who desire to continue contact with humans after their death. Be aware: by coming to a new deliverer of their choice, they can drive the bargain they want without the channel doing anything but going along with their agenda. It would not be the deal the channel would make if they were more informed at that moment.

Can the arrangement be changed? Not unless they agree to alter it. For example, if the channel agrees to channel daily and doesn't, the more conscious entity will wait without a desire for anything different. An unconscious being can become demanding or mess with the channel's life so they can be in charge. New channels who accept these lower dimension advisors are now subject to their whims.

No dimension below the fifth (heart of God) can anchor God's light. Only a being of 5th dimension or higher will be calming and delightful in the new channel's awareness. Only Christ consciousness (seventh dimension) has totally unconditional acceptance.

Positive thinking chelas who are not clear of their emotional disturbances can attract lower dimensional delegates of the dark. Call them any name, but always check out their messages for dream content, as they deliver messages from a less aware density. Beautiful, flowery language is a clue. Content that has no definite benefit to those receiving it comes from controller level dieties. Beware!

Pauses between contacts are not desired by astral and fourth dimension beings  because these entities feed off of the channel's life force. No Ascended Master demands any kind of schedule. Delivering "positive" messages does not mean the content has any value. Closing the door to what your mind does not want to accept makes you unavailable for delivering content you cannot agree with. All channeling has one purpose only: to contact those who cannot directly access their own direct link to the highest consciousness. Nothing that comes from the 7th dimension is dark. It may not feel good to the one being asked to deliver the content to others, but truth does not always feel good.

When the channel of a dense entity realizes this is not a bearer of God's messages, they can continue to be used or change the agreement. Sending away a diety who has been conning the channel can be difficult. I am telling you how to do it in case they don't go at the moment you request it. The diety may decide to link itself to your denied emotions, and this means they can draw on these emotions to their advantage. Clearing your emotional body will release them to their own devices and distance them from you. This is the ONLY way to free yourself from their grip.

But, dear ones, doing this clearing is part of God's divine dance. These dieties came to you to let you know the time has come for you to increase your awareness and raise your consciousness. Having them in your life may appear to be a negative situation, but it is not. All gifts of true value give a benefit, and the decision to clear your denied emotions has a huge value!

Be aware of the disturbances in your body in any situation. It is these contractions that attract dense entities. It is your next detail to deal with. Clearing denied emotions can be done in many different ways. I am not going to choose one over another. Find the one that works best for you.

Note: I was asked about numbers appearing in awareness. Multiples of the number 11 is about mastery. Details about this needs more of an explanation than I can dictate for a general audience. Ask for these details in a different context.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, March 3, 2011

In the Name of Friendship

Friendship is the most important of all your life experience. Making friends leads to good health and happiness. Friends are those that you can count on. Once a good friend gives their word, no other development dissolves their decision. Providing this kind of dedicated love is the most important thing you can do. It gives you more confidence in your own consistency and caring ability. Consistency as a friend is not defined in any dictionary, so I will define it now: It is the continuous display of love.

Nothing makes a bigger contribution to another's delight than consistency in a relationship that is heart driven. It is the answer to every change that can deliver disturbance. Knowing there is someone who always cares will support you in choosing to continue on. When death approaches, this kind of relationship also does a lot for the death experience. Having caring dear ones to thank for their love provides the dying with an ability to give love at the moment of death, instead of dying in fear.

When a good days work is done, is there a most caring friend to let you know you did a good job? Are you able to deliver this kind of caring to others? Are you a good friend?

Many of you are giving love to groups, to those who are in need, to the healing of  hearts all over the planet, but are you doing this at home? Peace and awareness are gifts you can share, as they are always welcome. When good deeds are done, many of you get positive feedback about that action, or a comment that was meaningful. Imagine giving yourself many opportunities to receive this daily. Can you deliver more good deeds to those close to home? No money or physical gift is as valuable as giving of love in a demonstration of caring.

Pushing someone to do what you think is good for them is not giving the kind of caring I am discussing. Acts of giving do not cause the recipient any discomfort. In this kind of giving there is also a demand.

All a human needs is to know they are valued. This is the crux of friendship. When you give advice about the change you want delivered, a different attitude has gone to the one being advised than the love that they desire from you. Negative attitudes about an action or an interest of theirs deflates them, negating their desire  to be in your company. Nothing that deflates is love.

In the next days, giving freely to others may be necessary. Can you do this? Can you give them your attention as a good listener? Are you able to be more than a friendly face? Are you meaning all that you deliver in the name of love? No? In the next days there will be a need to be giving to others as a necessity. Can you do it without any hesitation? Make this a goal today. Give your attention, on any matter, to those who need this. Give the caring you would like to get in a different circumstance. Practice being a good friend.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Making a Difference in the Human Drama

My dear ones. We are One. There is no difference between us except for mental concepts. My essence is love, and so is yours. This love is expressed as my messages and my desire to lead you to the highest light that a human can be - an ascended master.

For many decades I have given messages. My name is well documented from content given by me through channeled discourses. We will not contradict any of these. But my name has been taken by deceivers having no love to offer, and their delivery of non-aware messages has damaged my credibility here. Considerable time has been given to these messages. Why? Not because the channel is completely duped to accept them. When I chose her to do them she had not been channeling for more than ten years. Why begin again? Care and devotion to the One. We are all able to give way to greed, but her motive was free of this. No compensation has ever been discussed by her. I, on the other hand, asked her to create my materials into teaching content to get cash for her needs. It was not her idea. Care and distress over money causes the giving to be affected by duress. My dear ones, channels cannot deny their needs, and they are not able to magically maintain a home, or transport, or meals without income. Why am I mentioning this again? Because my desire is to have her collaboration with me clearly accepted. I'm not asking for anything but appreciation.

Too many dreamers are being deluded. We do these messages to open the light to more and more who are able to demand the facts instead of more fiction. No fiction is contained in these messages. Call them contributions to choice. Choose the dance you are drawn to, but don't condemn the dancers who are doing another style. When I AM THAT I AM creates a teaching about anything there are always choices to be made. No choice is manipulation. Choice is not about right or wrong, good or bad, or light and dark. Choice is the way to develop more awareness.

Fiction is for dreamers who want to deny the other choice. Fine, let them. We make a contribution for those who are not interested in accepting lies. When all is denied, not even the most clearly obvious concepts are convincing. My messages are clearly obvious to those who can deduce, from many areas of input, the details we discuss.

Positive energy is not generated from denying concepts that are valid. This is dense energy making an appearance as light. Being clear of denial works quite differently. Acting one way when denying another creates stress in the body. This controls the natural flow of energy and dis-ease can develop. Putting on a happy face while managing negative denials breeds dis-ease.

I want my messages read by millions. Now their content is known by far less. Please give them more distribution. Making a difference to others may not be a just a mouse click or a call to a friend. It may include conversations about the content. Teachers are not the only ones who can deliver messages. Be a courier of grace to awaken all who are asleep.

Now my chelas are asking for the length of time they need to collect food for. My guess is a few months. Not a much greater time, as there will be dramatic changes occurring during those months. We cannot accurately predict what will take place because man makes those choices, not us.

When the days of darkness arrive, having food will be most appreciated. Shelter will also be needed, as many will have lost theirs. Can you imagine having a community in the one that remains? No? Look at this concept: When there is a great need, many will have to gather together for the good of all. I've been giving the advice to learn about community living for a long time. Please do this now.

When there is One divine consciousness to consider, oneness means mutual caring. "Me" and "mine" are not the demonstration of Oneness. Can you give the needs of others the priority over what you now consider your material desires? Choices are always there to be made. What choice will you make when many need your aid?

Not all will be delivering room and board. Others will be creating gardens and factories to deliver food and goods, as though life was beginning anew. When this occurs, can you be a warrior who does whatever comes to you to do? Will your heart be open? Will your mind be able to make the caring choice?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna