Monday, June 25, 2012

Your Aid Comes with an Awakening

As my colleague Archangel Michael has said, and more and more of you are now aware, what goes on in the human drama has no major mandate for correction by any of our administrative operations.  None, including the Galactic agencies, will deliver much other than love and advice. Now that this has been clearly declared, what is next?

First, you must conduct yourself as an awareness beyond an unconscious entity demanding aid. Aid comes from an activation from within yourself! The negative collective consciousness needs your aid. Give and commit to a mass consciousness where no one is abused, neglected or murdered, and every choice is met with acceptance. Only then can man decree new and different and get what comes with a great deal of choice at the initiation. Asking is not the same as a decree. A decree will generate more cause because there is no doubt included. Asking is no more than hope or desire. It appears  non-committal in a bigger analogy.

However, before decreeing more cause and effect conditions, please focus your attention on not having anything negative in your consciousness, because this, by itself, will make a much larger impact in the mass consciousness than any decree aimed at altering the drama in your mind's concept of reality.

When fully awakened, no concepts exist. All is recognized as being complete as it is, and that man conceives his own dramas to learn that he is dreaming the concepts and doesn't need to control them with his mind. When this actualizes, the dream is over.

Are you able to give up the dream? If so, then none of my dream category content will be of interest to you any longer. Waking up from the dream will negate all of the most difficult cause and effect dramas in your mind, and answer your questions about the meaning of life. Making this leap in consciousness is the cause of ascension, not your desire to ascend. Choosing ascension begins an opening in consciousness for an awakening. The purpose of the dreaming is to cause an awakening, so once awakened, there is no longer a need to continue a dream existence.

Suffering disappears with awakening, including reactivity to control, death, or anything that man's current condition delivers. All of these things make no difference to awakened awareness. Peace and contentment are constant.

Face the collective consciousness without an agenda and you will get out of any control drama by yourself. This is what we can aid you in, not dropping in on you in a craft that creates yet another drama.

Free yourself and this will increase the light in mass consciousness to give others the opportunity to be sufficiently inspired to do the same.

Are these words clear? When they are, you can conclude that the lesson has been learned.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clearing the Way for Animal Survival

Once we are able to love without distinctions we do one or two things: consider nothing more important than anything else, and /or give up negativity forever. Negativity does not come out of nowhere, most of your negative attitudes came from a lack of love in one life or another. Carrying unloving attitudes into a new birth means this must get attention.

Ascension is the one lifetime that you cannot consider one's death the next generation's rebirth. All of your deleted negativity comes to bear on ascension readiness. When all negative attitudes are deleted, freedom comes as ascension. Saving all these unfinished deletions until the moment of ascension will mean that not enough commitment has been given to awakening the divine heart, so death of this body will be as always, a non-ascended death. Unless negative attitudes disappear, ascension cannot occur.

Please do not see this as a make-believe answer to candidates who are now conscious that they are candidates. When an anchor of light (with no negativity) is ready to ascend, there is a glow about their body. Not necessarily a glow that can be seen with human eyes, but one that can be in a room lighting up the auras in that room enough to move everyone along in consciousness. Are you giving this level of light to auras in an area that needs it? Good, we are aware of how difficult this actually is for you to do, and gratefully applaud your ability to love whatever needs more caring. Making a difference means more when it is done without concern about one's own difficulties in doing so.

Forests need more attention. When no growth is continued, death to many animals decreases the culture of man's divine aliveness. When there are no living animals in one growth area children in other areas are deprived of God's full dream to play in. All of God's creations are very important to all the others, and none are considered disposable. When you do more for these animal's habitat they are links to other means of love in humanity's collective consciousness. Animals don't die and come back as animals necessarily, many attain a more complex life condition the next time around. As they continue to evolve they add many more contributions to human changes also. Not only do they activate love in one's own mind, they demonstrate life without negativity.

No animal desires death or despair in another. When they fulfill their role in the food chain they don't destroy that species' mark on the divine imprint. Choice to devour the less able includes a most clear contact with that one before attacking it. Consider devouring one's meal a necessity, not a negative attitude.

Animals teach you many things. Give them your awareness, not just a lack of negative thoughts. Open hearts act as though all living beings, no matter what form they are in, are divine. Animals are not to be considered lower forms, only different forms. Can we deliver more to the oceans and forest and dance in the dream of their happiness now? No, all are endangered. All are giving up. Not caring about them has brought their mass consciousness to despair. Could man decide to alter this? Yes, but because they are destroyed for cash, no demand has been considered obvious negativity and is allowed to continue. When you observe actions of negativity do you do anything like help the dense consciousness that does the destruction? Help is not given by degrading the offender, it is by giving more caring to the animals.

Changes in animal habitats are occurring too fast for them to demonstrate their beautiful gifts to future children. Many species will disappear in this lifetime, never to be seen again. Save them this death of their kind by giving them your love in any way you can. Amp up your attention to their plight. Observe how many die in destroyed forests. Observe how toxic debris destroys their only way to live. Birds fall in groups, dolphins and whales die in mass, and drama after drama demonstrates how difficult it is for them. If compassion and caring comes into their mass consciousness, more may opt to live. See what you can contribute to their dance of life please.

Self love includes all of God's creations, not only one body.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Awakened Awareness 101

Man is challenged the most by his concept of the dark. Nowhere is it accurately clarified. I will now, and in the next days, give you more dream dissolving material about darkness. No one will believe any dross making news once they clearly get to the next level opening of the matrix, but until this gateway appears, we must continue to lead you away from anger and mandate the light.

Consider your own consciousness to be the complete answer to whatever makes you negative in life. Not just one body is the dark master that movies make mention of, or the dark manager of the devil's abode, or the dark angel called Lucifer. Every body draws from this cache of memories in dreams and unaware moments, because these qualities come to your awareness to be observed so you can choose otherwise. Unless there is dark to observe, no lessons can be delivered on the lessor of two evils or choice making between dark and light. You must have both energies to grab for when  decision making is done. If there were no dark there would be no choices to learn with.

Seldom do you make this analysis when making choices. You only decide against the one that is not adding the most delight to your needs and wants. As you pick and choose against, one over the other, you name one dark and one light. But neither comes from another awareness outside of your own. Both come from within. When you turn within to learn the truth of your own nature you discover that all comes, not from  dual parts if one collective consciousness, rather, one divides the light and dark once it appears in mind's eye, not before. Mind then decides what label to give to any condition and it is solely mind's determination. Labeling something to be negative is mind's choice always. Your mind is your creator of darkness, not your nemesis, but your controller and your author of misconceptions. Once you learn what the mind does with all that it accesses from awareness, names like dark and light can disappear.

Man's answers to his life can all be grateful. Why name others dark and consider them less desirable when they bring you the ability ascend? Without choosing to be neutral about light and dark no ascension can occur. Who is light only? No one. All contain all dimensions of consciousness. All are the One divine creator's collective consciousness. No one is above the collective; all are contained in it. Who you are is ALL of the dream's components, not only one container of it.

Pure love consciousness is one aspect. Not one day goes by when that aspect does not show up in all human appearances. And no day goes by that does not generate any negative attitudes against one thing or another. This collective condition is in every man, woman and child. Consider the Awakened condition more aware of this, not above it. Pure consciousness means not choosing dark or light. It means being neutral about all thoughts. Negative and any other thoughts are not answers to the question "Who Am I?" No answer is correct. Only no answer is the most aware one. I AM THAT I AM is also the most aware.

Can you get the meaning of my words? Yes? Then no darkness can draw you to its nature again. Choosing to be neutral concerning duality is what allows you to live like an angel. Beliefs about dark and light are what control mind's decision making. Give up these dark and light differences and act as the divine created you to be. Then one day negative attitudes will no longer arise in your inner reality. When this occurs you have become enlightened.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Masters are Always Caring

Many dear ones are deluded about the qualifications for ascension. None of the mental activities being done are going to achieve anything more than disappointment, because mental activities are not the way of completing your cause and effect dynamics. The only thing that will activate ascension is to stop dreaming. Awaken and the dream about going on to other dimensions will also dissolve. Awakened awareness dissolves the complete dream, not only one part of it. In awakened awareness the entire negative/positive polarity disappears. Consider awakened awareness the light, and the mind a dreamer of what you call third dimension. It is your dream that is avoiding ascension, not us or our conduct.

When you want another way to live it is only you who can create that. Yes, you have assistance in doing so, but you must begin within your own consciousness. When your mind decides it is in charge, most of you accept what it decides. Can you tell that this mind talk is not the voice of the master within? When you can, and decide to observe that chatter while looking inside to make your choices, you can get out of the karmic loop. Canceling mind's control will free the light within you to always be aware and available. Cancel the mind as your negative delusion, and control by any realm is not a concern. Your inner master welcomes all human drama as an opportunity to be free in all circumstances.

No matter how you try, your mind cannot decide to ascend and gain answers on how to do this by mental "doing." Meditation, being quiet, contentment with "what is," and choosing love in all circumstances is what awakens the master within so ascension becomes the next step.

Don't believe that you will automatically ascend. It won't happen. Should you not be completely ready to detach from your personal life, you will not ascend. Calling on Angels instead of your contacts in co-creation drama, is what cancels attachment and attains love in an instant—love of the total blessing that has always captured your attention before the choice to ascend was made. Now that this choice has been made, you only need to cancel your beliefs about being a defined, separate consciousness. It is not who you truly are. You are a multi-dimensional consciousness that is not limited to one dimension. You are a higher awareness already, and only your mind keeps you dreaming about this 3D collective.

Archangel Michael was asked by me to address my readers. It was not his answer to you that has gotten many of you in fear, it was your own delusion about what is going on and not what is actually going on. We of the Great White Brotherhood only want you to understand that what the Ascended Masters want is your full conscious awareness in all circumstances, especially when you are being called towards non-awareness.

When you want the Truth you must discern it within yourself—not go along with what another tells you, no matter what name accompanies that message. No one is in charge of this universe. Only those who are completely empty of individual attitudes are light beams. Anyone thinking awareness is from one channel or one drama only is mistaken. Personal dramas of any kind are illusion only.

Afraid to trust yourself? Then no ascension is possible. No one can take another move towards the light in fear or anger. Making a clear observation about a situation is not negative or judgmental. It is only an observation. When Archangel Michael called the US president a coward, it meant he lacked the courage to go against the controllers. Only that. Call it what you will, but it is an accurate description and not a condemnation of his character. Name calling is not the case here—only clarification of the obvious in our view.

When you can see that all come together to ascend and all contribute their own details to forward that opportunity, you will condemn no one, only declare the details as they happen. One of you asked to learn details, and when delivered, others don't want to accept what they are. So be it!

Calling me or Archangel Michael or my dear channel names is not very caring or loving. (I have requested that the energy of these comments not be added to my blog.) What is that about? We are your own caring consciousness and want you to learn the difference between Truth and illusion. Nothing we say about 3D is reality—only the current drama your own Higher Self chose to be involved in at this moment. No time like the present to love the loving beings who are only here to give you an opportunity to deliver your True Self's divine choices only. For my own defense, no channel anywhere is as clear as this one because of her awakened condition. Channels with clarity are very unusual. Not to condemn others, they serve their audience well, but they are not totally clear unless awakened awareness over mind has been achieved. "No mind" is what makes clear channeling. When a channel cares about what is being channeled, their content cannot be completely free of their own answer to the topic. Being mindless means complete non-interest in what comes through. A clear channel makes a body available, does not do anything to mess with the message, and could stop the channeling only when a mind is involved. No mind = clear channeling. Today's message was created without any mental engagement by this channel.

Dear ones, why must you call this channel's messages out of touch when they are actually my words? Who am I? I AM the Ascended Master that is doing the calling of Maha Chohan, Saint Germain of the Mountain Retreat in Mount Shasta. Beloved ones . . . I AM THAT I AM.

Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Message from Archangel Michael

My name is Archangel Michael. Saint Germain has asked me to comment on his blog regarding news of the not so delightful kind. My comments are for all to consider, not for discussion.

Past days are now over. Once they have been completed they have no answers for the future. Some of you have been thinking of Saint Germain as he was in another century, or as an archetype of an Ascended Master for his dialog now. Neither the Comte, nor the dictations given to Mr. Ballard or  more recent channels, can be considered for the data needed now. We of the Great White Brotherhood are counting the days until the end of an ascension cycle. Master Saint Germain was assigned by the Creator to aid in contacting ascension candidates, gathering them together in groups, and asking them to choose one of three ascension waves to disappear on.

Neither of the first two waves have disappeared, due to an insufficient number being willing to do what was necessary to join. So now there is just one more opportunity. Are we going to deliver a mass  ascension? Only if additional candidates are able to get on with their collective destiny choice. What do they need to do? Become fully Awakened! Considering oneself awake is not adequate. You must act awake in every day of life. Are you awake? Let's see. Here are some signs of being awake:

1. Giving no concern to material acquisitions.
2. Choosing love in every circumstance.
3. Non-attachment to all things.
4. An ability to lead with the heart.
5. More concern about all who are alive, not just a few.
6. Change in conditions are quickly adapted to.
7. Answers to world problems are not a concern.
8. Choosing the answers of others over your own choice has no interest.
9. Control over anyone is not done.
10. Smiling is normal.
11. Giving is always done freely.
12. Presenting truth is common.
13. No hiding of any details.
14. Service is number one in your daily actions.
15. Negativity does not exist.
16. Practices for aliveness and devotion to God are natural and done often.
17. Prayer is always gratitude.
18. Another day comes as a delight.
19. Money is not more important than consciousness.
20. Alive and well means another day to celebrate life.

Maybe this list is not what you are complete with. Those who are can comment on this post. Those who are not can decide to get complete.

What needs to occur is more vessels of light beaming that light to the cosmos. When we see many of these lights we will activate ascension. Not able to complete this list quickly? No ascension. Are you ready to ascend? I want you to be. Saint Germain mandates this for you, and all the Angels are cheering for an ascension. You are (collectively) close, but not there yet.

Another cause of my channeling today is to bring more awareness to the challenge you are receiving now to outmaneuver your attitudes about the cabal and Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama was elected to lead in another direction. He has not done so due to another director's call on all of his actions. It has been difficult for him to say no because of his desire to protect his family from harm. So we are now faced with a coward, as far as we are concerned. So where does this leave the destiny card? In the cabal's hands. Choose to go along with their agenda or ascend. Are you going to give them the opportunity to cull this living collective so they can control less challenging dreamers? Can you do anything to create a different cause and effect scenario? Yes, you can align with my 20 mentioned qualities and ascend. We can assist you when you get stuck. Ask for help and trust it will be there.

Archangel Michael
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I AM Saint Germain

My dear ones. Today's message will address the deceptive collection of drama creators who are not light. My name will be frequently used to discredit my accurate channel. When my name is used by the deceivers, they use it as a statement of their own making.

My name has never been anything other than Comte de Saint Germain. No other name comes with my energy. Violino was not my name in any country or category of heart energy in any dimension. This deceiver is making another claim to have my chelas' attention, but not a very clever one. Send him packing.

Those who claim my name often have controller agendas, causing doubt about my authentic advice. Always ask "Is this Christ consciousness?" and get a clear "Yes." When the dark tries to disguise an answer, anything besides the word "Yes" is devious. Check with your own Higher Self before continuing to read messages. Only delaying an instant to do this can avoid mental confusion. Many deceivers are doing the little game of using my name to assure you of untruthful comments. No clones are on this terra to replace the cabal, no landings have occurred, and no government officials are in communication with me.

Can you accept that what comes without any option for anything you can do to improve or change the consciousness of readers is from the controllers? Please observe this difference in the channelings you are delivered. Wanting others to fix things is not an Ascension candidate's consciousness. Ownership of your own divinity is what must alleviate these current dynamics.

When we of the Great White Brotherhood ask for your assistance it is due to the fact that choice is on your side of the veil and we must always respect that. Politics does not control anything but the cabal's ability to choose in your stead. No direct contact with any government is now in an active mode—only you can do this. You are divine creators. Up the light quotient and create more de-light in your lives. Ascend the dark and light dynamics.

When we communicate disasters coming we want you to delete them with your love. Giving, caring, meditating, choosing nothing that is out of harmony with nature, etc. can actively alter many of these. When we call on you to act like a Master we want you to manifest with your decrees. As a Master, call on the God within you to lead the way—always. No Master expects "others" to be their savior. Choose Mastery over fear and hope.

Now, another important topic to learn from me is about Ascension. It is my current conduit's assignment to deliver messages in this category. I have given you the Master Messages and this ongoing direction towards this goal. My dear ones, what I am about to tell you must be accepted or you cannot ascend.

No details about ascension that claim mental changes or a new configuration of the human body come from me. We do not tamper with minds or bodies. We inject our call to human minds in the collective mind to lead all to ascension, but never do we do anything to alter man's creation for any reason. You do not need a body to ascend. Now is the time to develop the ability to absorb more light for ascension, there is nothing going on that is more esoteric than that.

As your consciousness rises there are changes that do occur in the mind and body as you release contractions in the chakras. Spiritual practices and sudden shifts in consciousness may also activate the prana that has been dormant in the base chakra, and this can cause many mental and physical discomforts not recognized by the medical community.

We want you to have an absolutely clean ascension by making an obvious leap in consciousness, not continuing the current body in another dimension. No bodies are needed and no changes will occur in yours unless you need more ability to receive the light. No ascension alterations are coming from us. Be aware of cabal calls to keep you negative against us and the dramas being created that support  your complete ascension.

Aches and pains are not ascension symptoms. They come on as a message to your mind about unconscious mental division that needs deleting, or many disturbances in the chakras that can be deleted to allow in more light. No ascension candidates are free and clear of their human genetic codes and can get dis-ease when they are not clearing contractions in the energy centers. If you have dis-ease, go to a naturopath or natural healer.

Can you see how the concept of "ascension symptoms" can make you negligent about getting help for mind/body disturbances? This is a cabal concept. Get rid of this one too. Take care of your mind and body to ascend by deleting all misaligned nuances.

Practices can aid in the ascension destination. Meditate, chant, channel, and draw or journal when your feelings need to be expressed. Be obvious in your diet choices and give up all things controlling you— like caffeine, maltodextrin ingredients, dieting compounds and all chemicals that do not give more life force to the body.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna