Saturday, January 28, 2012

Meditation and Manifestation

Meditation cancels nervous concerns. In the next weeks and months many details in my Master 
Messages are about to begin. Are you afraid? Maybe not. Are you meditating? Yes? This is probably why. Most meditators do not get concerned about anything in their awareness.  It goes into their mind as only data. Mind games do not appear in their daily life due to cellular changes made in meditation. Many of my chelas are not giving themselves this gift. Maybe an Awakened one does not need to get quiet and go within, but everyone else will greatly benefit.

Many dramas can be eliminated when more are meditating daily. Their lack of mental activity gives many additions to the light in mass consciousness. Those not deepening their awareness with going into mind deletion daily are missing out on getting their non-awareness cleared. Some meditators do not get the most out of their meditations because they have a lot of chatter they are not ignoring. Only ignoring your mental concepts deletes them. Face the day after a meditation with a new attitude of caring. Opening the heart can also be assisted during your time alone without any negative thoughts bringing to you a different opportunity.

Calling on God to give you a new consciousness or a new car is  demanding something against what you already have. When asking for "more" or "different" you are giving evidence of negativity. Saying no to what shows up is very different than demanding that circumstances be changed. Accepting things as they are instantly takes you to a new answer for all of the demands you have ever made of God. Your ability to get things you would like then comes as quickly as you think of them. Only by contributing quiet and making no demands of God will you cancel those non-aligned attitudes that are now in a dormant state.

All of your unconscious mental attitudes in cellular memory are going to be activated in the next days. Give them no thought as they arise. Allow your mental desires and dreams to be eliminated as a message to God that all is good. As you do this, your demonstration of great awareness will do a lot of good for  those in your material world who give no interest to making a decision of this kind.

As you do not get things the mind doesn't create, your desires need to be led to you in a different way.  By asking you don't get them, by admiring them you can. When you appreciate something this mental attitude attracts it to you. Give away all the other manifestation concepts you have previously used because they are no longer going to bring the things you ask for. Why? To teach you that you are an actor in a drama created by you. Freedom from the asking syndrome brings new gifts you have not conceived of.

Admire, appreciate, be grateful for, and give thanks and you will attract. Not this—not that will contract. Nothing desired comes to you after Awakening unless you appreciate that it can come to you. Freedom is an ability to say "Thank you" for what is not yet in your awareness. Thank the One and only God for all of the things needed in your life. Thank them for appearing. Give more attention to giving than asking. The act of giving demonstrates abundance and is also a form of gratitude.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Identifying the Controllers' Methods

All of the predictions that have been made by the controllers are not accurate. How do you determine what is from the controllers and what comes from the divine architects of the New Earth? Start with this checklist:

1. Controllers decide what will keep darkness alive. Are you moving into communities that co-create happiness or are you waiting to be moved to another place on a master plan of collecting the most aware? Which would the controllers advise?

2. Are many going to collectively ascend because they have done their clearing or is all clearing not needed? Are the controllers advising you to demonstrate more love? Are they directing you to do clearing?

3. Are the controllers demonstrating the light in any of their messages? Are they guiding you to becoming more divisive or more caring?

4. Can you ask them questions about the darkness in anything? Are they suggesting that you live with negative attitudes towards those not as caring as you are? Condemnation is the way to be dense. Condemning anyone for anything is a dark, negative attitude.

5. Prayer is not mentioned when controllers decide on a new comment to deceive. Are you giving divine connection any consideration in the fantasy based material?

6. Place yourself at a controller's desk composing a drama that feeds the continuation of a dream. What are the guidelines?
     a. Distract from what is actually occurring.
     b. Make up a good dream that takes its place.
     c. Convey the lie that they get the dream because of their great contribution to humanity.
     d. Allay their fear so you can control them when they are afraid.
     e. Prepare them for moving toward the thing they fear the most— control of their mind.
     f. Make messages that are only what they want to be told.
     g. Answer their concerns with an active dialog about the darkness in another.
     h. Answer man's desire for more delights with the conditions you make up.
     i. Cleverness is the key—distract them  so they do not even consider most of the actual conditions about to occur. Call for the disclosure of this darkness.
     j. Never give any data that would create demand for a shift in consciousness above denial.
     k. Continue to eliminate humanity's ability to determine their own destiny by placating their concerns with wishful thinking.

What comes next is managed demonstrations of crowd control. Are they giving you guidance about their most calculated guess, their ability to control all? Are you able to call them on their deception? Can you do anything to delay them in carrying out their actual calling— making about half of the population content with anything that distracts them from whatever can be done.

Who are the controllers? Are they Masters disguising themselves as controllers? Of course not, they are controllers disguising themselves as Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation envoys and Archangels, etc. Our domain of contact has been denied, and the controllers are now leading almost all channeling that comes out of the hearts of those also in denial of accurate material.

Clearing allows you to connect with divine consciousness, instead of only accepting what you hear or read. Get your own contact with the Masters instead of depending on channeling that is made to deceive you. Are you able to see the denial going on when you accept their tone and direction for the future? This denial destroys your mission of bringing in the light.

The Counsel of the Galactic Federation contains deceivers. Some are from Orion. Others are not only dark, they are not even able to connect to you with a caring demeanor. Change is their desire—change of their own destiny. One way to take over a new territory is to deceive the ones who currently are in that territory. NESARA, and all other concepts that reward "doing nothing", and blocking all the mental light that can increase awareness is their game. Capture the light in quiet concentration on divine alignment. Breathing, not anger is the way.

Is your glow melting indifference? Are you able to diffuse negativity? Celebrate life and give when there is an opportunity. Giving is the key to a more congruent life with your own heart.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mental Caring vs. Active Caring

Many of my chelas have become less conscious because of their dire circumstances. Facing their fears is the only way to move forward. Instead of giving up, they need to keep looking for answers. Instead of making just any cause an answer to their need for money, the request for divine intervention is more  congruent with their heart's actual desire.

Ascension was a mass delivery of new consciousness to all who did what was needed to ascend. The first wave of ascension has already occurred, but the call to those not yet ascended has not been fully disseminated. Only those who are now ascended can deliver those who have not been able to clear their incorrect beliefs about themselves.

Happiness cancels dross. Happiness can delete at least half of the negativity trapped in cellular memory. Casting aside your disturbance is what activates an ongoing energy of caring that develops within the human heart. Beginning on 11-11-11 we did all we could to cause more caring on all levels of man's development. Angels are only caring. Angels do only giving, they do not consider their own career or monetary desires. We want you to be angels in human form—giving to all, not only those in obvious need. All of mankind is needing caring right now. What does caring appear as? Whatever enables another to care about themselves. It is not an act of delivering good thoughts or meditating to link up with those in need. To give an angel's way is to act on the heart's desire to give, not just make a mental delivery of light.

Peace in the consciousness of only one man can deliver more to humanity than a mental action that seeks to control another's destiny. In the direct giving method, caring is the only thought. Praise and drama about caring actions is not a reason to give, the mind doesn't need any more applause. Only complete angelic giving matters to mass consciousness.

Fancy clothes, great cars and placating children are not going to improve man's destiny. The acquisition of cars, clothes and anything other than good health are not reasons for delivering angelic caring. Only giving from the heart matters. Clothing does nothing to cleanse negative thinking. Practices that calm the mind donate more than directing caring thoughts to an area or an individual. Cancelling an area's negativity will not occur and no choices of a material nature will get delivered. Give with your own hands and act with your mind only as needed.

Choosing a method to give can be easy. Ask God to lead you to the one needing your action. Always follow your own inner guidance to make a choice. Caring comes with no attachment to outcome. Face the darkness within without telling any lies to the other dancers in the story. Fabricating any detail in what you say to another is also lying to yourself. Bring accurate messages to life. All who deceive by delivering messages that are not what they are actually thinking are draining the energy out of an opportunity to care. Fighting for attention with words is about control, not caring.  Mandates that deliver caring answers are delivered to the angels to act on. Other caring options will become available to you when unqualified caring becomes your way of being.

Clear your darkness by naming the cause and deciding that this was what was needed for your growth. Your cells will allow more detachment when fear is not in the way. Accept that those who die or leave you, or make themselves sick do so because it was their decision, and this decision has nothing to do with you. Stop discussing death as a negative occurrence. A death can bring others to more awareness about their own death and dying choices.

Clear out the dross of your mental desires and focus on the delivery of caring to others. All your dreams can answer the dream of another, as they are also you.

When freed of dross, those who have contributed to another's ability to love will be an anchor of light. It is a divine man who loves as a natural way of being. Caring comes naturally when the negative ego has been dissolved. Awaken to this in yourself by being more caring.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Decrees and Emotions

My dear ones. Whatever you are feeling, any emotion, give it the ability to be completely felt. No matter how bad this sounds, no deaths have occurred as a consequence of an overly felt emotion. Breathe into the area of the body at the core of the feeling. This will aid the movement of energy, causing that blocked energy to clear. People who die in car accidents or other accidents that throw them out of control cannot draw a breath. No car accident deaths are due to emotional distress, only an attitude that blocks the ability to feel a contraction in the gut and open it with the breath.

Now is the time to free the contracted areas that are in the body's meridian network. Breathe deeply into all negative feelings that arise and do your best to keep on deep breathing through the disbursement of the blocked energy. Gifts of healing are in each deep breath you take.

Are you mad at anything? Breathe into the body at the location of the anger. Are you mad at another human? Instead of blaming them, give them a contact they can accept—act as though the cause of the difficulty was you. All of your disturbances were caused by you. Not the you of mind and body, but the you that is at the core of everyone, the loving essence that causes all things to manifest. This you contracted for the disturbance as a way to cause more awareness. You did create the conflict, and the "other" participants came out of their comfort zone to densify your challenge. Avoid giving them your  negative attitudes by calling the light to yourself instead of directing darkness towards them. Heavy hearts are a choice. No one else decides whether or not you can add more light to your life. All you must do is give your anger away. Why keep it? None of your emotions can control you unless you let them.

A decree I can make without a thought is the one I made when accepting the position of Maha Chohan: I decree that all of God's creatures are awakened and causing more and more caring in their human experience. My decree was for all and does only good for all. Nothing of man's desire for materialization can be found. Make decrees with no outcome delineated. Call for goals of the heart. Mandate calls of caring. Give from a Master's unlimited abundance—the gift of human kindness.
I decree a most caring contact with all of my chelas. After the first decrees are done, all of this will become easier.

I have given you a lot of guidance on giving and caring. Put words to it and activate the divine decrees needed in your lives. No ability of a human kind can counter a well written decree. Invite your colleague, the Master within, to create decrees without any content other than the vast love available for you to deliver. When you are feeling lonely your full awareness cannot be available, and when you invite the divine into your heart. most of the made-up misery dissolves.

Being a divine being is now your only goal. Being the True you is the divine being in action. Can the decrees you make deliver the depth of this Truth to those who are touched by your decree. Can we celebrate aliveness? Can we free the disturbances in colleagues and old acquaintances? In this kind of change drama we can. Our consciousness becomes the tool to unlock the door of closed areas of the "other's" hearts. When we can get more of these hearts feeling open the dross will have no place to hide. Come to my dream free realm without any baggage.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happiness is Moving Ahead

Wonderful delights are now making their way into the consensus. Non-divisive conversations and anchoring of light have increased. Acts of giving and clear channeling have also increased. When we began these messages only a few were aware of them. Now they are in many mailboxes and considered a gift by many. We are now ready to amplify our contributions that make a difference.

Many of you have accepted these messages as an ongoing guide. Give up that idea. They are not going to be available when matters get difficult and the internet is no longer open to revealing the cause of the difficulties being mentioned. My comments could be censored. May we all deepen our direct contact ability. No more energy for learning from my dialogs? Then get yourself capable of direct contact with me or your own angelic guides now.

Face the controllers with open hearts that don't give rise any anger because of their attitudes. Love them, and don't act like they are the answer to your dance of Leela. They are not—YOU ARE. When you can accept that they are needed to bring more awareness to the dance, you can give up your anger and fear, and dance the current mass consciousness to the next level of awareness. Give me your controller anger because you need to negate it now. Freedom is not actually anything more than an act of declaring: I AM FREE and making this your mantra. I AM FREE of anger, desire, negativity, darkness, fear and all other "me against other" attitudes. Being FREE then becomes available. Cast them away, as none of it is worth keeping. Keep only what is love.

Practice this attitude changer when you notice you have some negative attitudes that are attacking anyone or anything: Declare I AM FREE and discard the attitude that has appeared to be discarded. Declaring I AM FREE will not eliminate your golden dreams and caring thoughts but you may still have some contractions that need calming and care. Treat them with chuckles and anecdotes. Allow them to consider themselves FREE to expand and awaken with new aliveness. Picture yourself as a living generator for caring. Give, give and give. When man gives without demanding compensation, a new consciousness becomes available. Eventually you will notice that the old control consciousness is gone.

When your control consciousness has been eliminated, the controller inner controller, your mind, can do nothing dark; it will just bring happiness to the world. Get on with your growth of awareness and consider contact with your guides as the most attractive option for guidance available right now. Frame a calling for yourself such as, "I AM a change agent." Do not make a list of all the details that this title might include, just keep giving from mastery and your non-controlling awareness. This is enough.

Ascension consciousness needs more candidates. Are you opening others up to your newly discovered awareness? Are you distributing grace wherever you go? Allow laughter and your other creative abilities to erase the darkness that remains in you and those around you. Face any disturbances with  your attention only, and discard any negative attitudes that may appear as a test of your clarity. If you appear interested in them than more of this particular lesson is needed.

Maybe total FREEDOM is closer than you think.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mastering the Use of Decrees

Today's message will begin an overview of the current conditions in all of the areas my guidance has been directing. First: the consciousness of being a Master.

On 11-11-2011 many of the ascension candidates were given the additional nudge they needed into ascension awareness. This nudge did what was necessary to make them more aware of the controlling dynamic they have been using to effect change with their mental activities. We did not actually make them more aware, just eliminated the mist they were engulfed in. They are no longer deceived by the mist, and they have acquired a new ability: the ability to decree and have that decree created. Man has always had the ability to decree, but most have done it incorrectly.

Decrees are not demands,  nor are they a natural way to manifest unless they come out of love. When they are not love content they are ignored by the angels who assist in their creation. Calling on angels to assist is not as effective as a decree because they do not come just to answer a man's desires. A decree is fulfilled when a master clearly asks for a change that benefits all, not just one individual. A clear awareness of Oneness gives a decree the opportunity to make a major alteration to the One drama that all are effected by. Asking for change in this way calls on more than one angel's causal ability, they can collectively assist in the next advancement of man's healing and consciousness goals. When this kind of decree comes we all go to work.

Nowhere is it clearly described how a man can achieve his own desires. This has caused many "authorities" to appear as gurus of an obvious outcome that all would admire. Yet none of these ways of making an advance in life conditions has any accurate details in it. Only the content of man's mental density effects his ability to create another choice in the absence of a clear intention to act on behalf of his own desire. No amount of mental activity, be it affirmations or visualizations, or thinking towards that goal can change the current details UNLESS there is no choice specified in how the outcome will be. To ask: "Please bring me this amount of money" will generate no action to assist because it comes with a very specific outcome. Had this been decreed it would have been for all who can benefit without a total amount designated. Make these distinctions please:

1. A decree comes from the One consciousness that "knows" what is needed and decrees it to be done.
2. A demand comes from man's mental capability that lacks the awareness of the total picture.
3. Manifesting a change to cause and effect is not done by demand, this approach does not cause the angels to make this their option. It occurs when no personal desire is present in the one asking that "God's will be done."
4. Choosing a direction the mind decides on will not make a dent in the way things happen. Only when the way requested is completely aligned with divine awareness does the change occur. This is  because divine awareness is the creator of all and the mind is just deciding on what it wants from it.

Now, with these distinctions available, decide how you will live in Oneness. Can you accept that #1 and #4 are the same? Both decree that the divine is the creator, not the manifester calling things into form. Emptiness makes a more causal decree than a different mode with mental desires attached. Pure love of the One needs no control.

Once decrees that come from love are declared, there is no need to decree this same thing again since the divine is the decree giver and the angels always act on divine calling. Heart and mind must be together in love for material choices to be effectively created. YOU are not the creator, God is. When a personal desire is totally aligned with a caring human who can ACT on the cause of change, the content of the mind has much more impact in the big picture.

Can you accept these concepts? Can you give decrees that can be acted on with new dedication to the One? Are you decreeing with divine consciousness? It is now in your hands. Change can come when your desires and God's desires are One.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna