Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making the Collective

When days are energetically calm, a new manner of inter-dimensional contact can be made. Today is one of those days. From our perspective, a mask has been covering the entire 3rd dimension, making it appear to be something very different than what is the reality. No longer is this true. Closing the gap between false concept and the highest awareness has begun. This closure has made the heart-mind connection more available, where channeling the light comes through the heart and no mental content makes a dent in the heart's ability to deliver.

All of the open hearted are going to begin to have more and more contact with others like themselves. They will no longer be alone. Connecting as a group, with  other aspects of the One that chose to come into bodies at the same time, will develop now. Instead of getting considered "odd", they will seem quite normal. Collectively there will be a new generation of Ascended Masters as friends. Ascended Masters? Yes, many of you have already ascended from dense consciousnes to divine consciousness. Now the light you anchor is about to collect in new ways.

Being together will make you more potent in delivering your messages and  heart's light. Instead of being on your own, you will be continuing your work with more delight as a collective. Where is your group? No group is currently gathered. You will be attracted to the light in those who are the Ascended Ones. Give them the attention they are divinely giving to you. Pay attention! Go up to them and communicate. Get their contact info. Begin discussions. Gather together with any who are toning at the same musical note you are.

Your tone is part of the musical chord of the universe. It will draw you to your  tone among the other notes. Many of our dear brothers and sisters have been going alone towards their destiny, without any colleagues in form. Now they can meet their colleagues. Not to "do" anything, only to be an example of Oneness. Collective consciousness does more than one or two with a common intention can do. Manifesting a group dharma will happen without you "doing" anything.

False dreams about future events may disappear once the hearts of more than one Master can get together. False dogma has to be deleted, and when this is discussed by many Masters, they can negate the lies being given to non-aware, deceived minds. Once the group communicates with each other about these things they can delete them from their discussions.

Pursuing a group cannot be done. Should the mind begin to think, "Nobody who lives near me qualifies", give up that thought. You will be surprised! Allow yourself to follow the call to gather. Follow the impulse to get together with someone who draws your attention. Give yourself opportunities to find these open hearted beings who will appear in your awareness. Note that some of them may be those you have previously given no attention to. Notice who lights up a room.

Channeling has the ability to lead you to this group. If these words don't encourage you to do it, no loss of yet another opportunity to get on with ascension is going to matter. Bring the light through you, as you are going to be delivered to the light eventually. Welcome it now. Can this be the new beginning you've been waiting for? Yes.

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Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, February 25, 2011

Awakening the Masters

My dear ones. You are my chelas, the ones I am to bring to ascension. I am an Ascended Master and you are an un-Ascended Master. Why the difference? Because you are not completely aware of who you actually are. Most of you are mentally assuming things that you have accepted to be accurate, but have not had an experience of this assumption to corroberate it. When you do, it will be the Awakening that we have been discussing. Who awakens? No one!

An Awakening does not mean an individual wakes up. It means the concept of being an individual disappears; all mental attitudes about individuality go away. They dissolve because they are not the Truth. It may appear to gazing eyes that an individual is being seen, and something is happening in that moment, but what is being observed is not the whole picture. Truth cannot be made known through the five senses. Only a complete, dream dissolving experience of this most critical concept awakens.

When I mention an Awakened one, I convey a concept about an individual, not a description of that individual. An Awakened one has no appropriate description - no labels apply.

Forests are not trees and trees are not forests. Awakenings make trees realize they have always been neither a tree or a forest. Making an assumption that the true identity of a person is the body or the man's personal history is the same kind of mis-identification. No tree is only the character it currently manifests, and no human is only the manifestation that it appears to be. All trees and all humans are much more than this detail of appearance.

Man has no concept that can accurately describe him. All of his concepts become labels. An Awakening changes a man's way of conceptualizing himself. It deletes all of these concepts.

Practices that are able to take these concepts away are few. Making up a different concept does nothing. When the dismantling of an ego occurs, this is the ultimate freedom.

Most of you do not define Awakening as I have described it here. In the growth and development arena it has a different meaning. Nothing that applies to growth and development is an actual death of concepts. When this is accepted, the ability to actually awaken has become available. Why do my chelas need to awaken as I am describing? To ascend to the final co-creative dimension of man's change in awareness.

Ascension is not a make-believe game where we no longer do anything against another. This idea comes from a dark deceiver who chooses to keep you caught in delusion. Ascension is the opt-in opportunity for all who ascend to leave human incarnations for good, as there is nothing more to do that needs a body. Instead, Masters with auras of only light will walk on the density of Mother Earth to create a new Earth. In their light bodies they will give birth to new creations, as they are now the light they once desired to be. It will be their destiny to deliver the new. In these next days, they will begin to delete more of their negative contributions to collective consciousness and become the Awakened answer to Mother Earth. When this occurs they will no longer consider themselves more aware, more knowledgable, more advanced, and more able. None of those who have these attitudes are as aware as they act and convey in their mental deliveries.

No drugs provide an Awakening, only a momentary glimpse of what must be embraced as the drug effect disappears. No "near death experience" completely awakens. Again, there needs to be more deepening to integrate the new awareness. And any awakening that happens with a major drama also must be integrated. Can these temporary insights become an awakening? Yes, but only when the dropping of mind continues.

Have the dramas in the world distracted you from your goal? Are the dismantling governments teaching you about the mass consciousness? Are hearts opening to those who are dying from man's dominance creed? Create the next days as an answer to this. Be well aware of the strife, and, at the same time, quiet your mind by creating more distance from the negativity of these things. Give more attention to the delight that freedom creates. Give this to yourself!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Additional Assistance from Other Universes

Change in the world means that the change in your consciousness has made an impact. Conditions have always reflected consciousness. Answer these questions:
1. Are there changes occurring in your life?
2. Can you consider them related to the change in mass consciousness?
3. Can you consider them related to a change in the consciousness of the area where you live?
4. Can you consider them related to the thoughts in your own mind?

Please ask yourself, and don't "do" anything to alter the conditions being reflected. Can you comprehend how the doors to higher consciousness have opened where you are, and in all areas of human design? Mental conditions are disengaging man's control of human activities. Mental attitudes about control and being controlled are changing. Clouds of darkness are gathering light to disburse them.

Its no wonder that lack concepts have controlled the economics of man's world. But the dramas about negative and positive are now going away. Dark, negative energies are being deleted. Mainly because of your change in consciousness.  And more of these signs are to appear as more changes are still needed.

The controllers are dark. On the continents they have dominated, disrespect for others and non-caring ways have thrived. Now, their ability to continue must cease. Non-aware beings, making disrespectful moves to destroy the great divine creation's money concepts give no consideration to death and destruction in the world. Only greed matters to them. Wealth can be a great thing when used to assist those without it, but wealth with death and destruction components is dirty money. Nowhere was this concept in the Master Plan. Now, the directors of the cabal that designed these manipulations must be deleted. No more games will be tolerated.

New energy is being directed towards man for his ability to disengage from this controlled condition. Masters of many galaxies are now focusing their attention on the corrupt doings in the newest one. Can they help? Yes. Not by giving the cabal any direction, but only by giving more courage to those now being controlled.

Answers to the questions you are now forming will come next:
1. More chaos will ensue in the next months.
2. Another dictator will fall.
3. More activity will begin in the economic area. New dollar-yen differences will cause alarm.
4. Changes to the Chinese continent will emerge.
5. Catastrophies will continue to occur. The Ring of Fire will become more active.
6. Hundreds of thousands will be needing assistance for food.
7. New beginnings for millions will be necessary. Can we get them to choose ascension?

My dear ones. This may appear to be a cause and effect condition, based on old developments being balanced, but it is a completely new development that is being created by the distant cousins of this galaxy. They want to force the controllers out of their dominance. New clarity about the situation has called on their decision to act. No direct contact will occur, but deep in the hearts of all humans a new light has been turned on. Notice the impulse in you to delete control in your own life. Give this urge the answer that will free yourself from all dominance. Take on the creators of control. Take the next step towards aliveness - give them a clear "NO".

Are you able to overcome your inner voice that doesn't want to do anything about the urge? Give me your agreement that you will begin to make a difference in your own life.

Are you able to agree? "No" is not the truth. Having the courage to change is your most important challenge right now. Be aware, that we of the spiritual heirarchy are always with you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Concepts about Change

Chelas have no concept of what has been going on in the countries making their leaders leave. All the news media can observe and disseminate is about the local dismay at their leader's dominance, not the death and corruption of these regimes. Giving rise to the overthrow of these dictators was a monumental energy against them that came out of a mass consciousness of discontent. Ownership of this discontent can do a lot more than create new governments - it can move mountains.

Change of all content that is less than desired must be done, and that includes the content of non-aligned disturbances in the heart of the body of each chela. Allow this discontent to be made alive and active. Act like this discontent has more clout than the dictator in your own mental body. Change the dynamic in the construct of the day's momentum. Passive agreement by doing nothing keeps disturbance alive. Control of man's choices has to be deposed. Call for the removal of the dictator. Who is the dictator? Your mind.

Hearts are coming out of hiding. Change the content of the day's management. Fire the manager. Give the heart a chance to become the life co-creator, co-creating with all of the One with its own conscious mantra: I AM THAT I AM.

Choices can be determined by this denied Master when the dominating controller has gone to another mode of daily activities. Concern, management, contraction  and dominance are not needed. Only assistance to ground and grow the Master within's guidance and delivery of mass conscousness news. Chelas, unite the world by acting on heart decisions. No man has the ability to overthrow a government leader alone. Mass consciousness can. Mass consciousness has now become stronger than the controllers. Now there can be the overthrow of man's own controller.

Bands of contact that come out of the aura of those who can delete their own dictator are making waves of leaders to arise when they never considered themselves leaders before. After the control of a country has dismantled its government, the new leaders need to accept leadership. Grand change to be sure. But those who are able to get leadership from their own consciousness can do it!

The next days will see more countries take to the streets. Africa has many dictators to remove. And all who are observing this great change need to realize this was a demonstration of how God works.

Mass change can only occur when man's inner call overrides his fear based mind. Closed minds cannot be led by this divine awareness. Open minds are able to act on their intuition to find their way to take action. Gathering in groups is the most effective way to overrule the controllers. Giving them no demands individually makes no martyrs. Acting in concert makes the leaders more discreet and less likely to be removed from the action. Change has begun. It will not end in the next days unless enough of you can give your heart's attitude to the group energy to deliver new answers.

As fear is overtaken by dreams of the next days content, many more governments will topple. Can we say the same of man's mental directors?

Welcome to the change that you've been waiting for. Mass consciousness has been given a touch of God's magic. As we have mentioned before, God can create magic. Are my words making you look at the God of man's dreams as a controller? None of these magical doings are a drain on the choice making capability each man has. Choice is now more available. Man can always choose his own way. Are the dramas giving you the awareness needed to overthrow your mental dictator?

Pre-ascension changes are great opportunitites to deliver the new awareness needed to ascend. Turbulant times are to create many of this kind of opportunity. Can we get more to fulfill their ascension contracts? Maybe. My desire is still 20,000,000.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Memories that are not Useful

Continuing where I left off, my message today is again for those who want to ascend. Patience is the way. Give up your concerns, give up your mental conversations, give up your negative thoughts about all the disturbances happening in divine creation. None of these things contain any details you need to focus on right now. One of them actually counters your ability to ascend.

When a negative attitude outweighs a more caring one, man gives this negativity to the mass consciousness. No dream of ascension can include dense attitudes. Gratitude is the answer to changing this, although gratitude is not the goal, deletion of the negativity is. Deletion is a result of that level of consciousness  development that recognizes everything is exactly as it needs to be - when the mind gets over its decision that good is better than bad.

Adults carry memories of dislikes that formed in childhood. Nothing they are disliking has an energy now, except the current one given to the memory. Cause and effect have no dance going, only the mind is at play. Forgive what happened in childhood and allow that negativity to disappear. No thought can change those circumstances, no thought can deliver a different outcome. No thought can clear these feelings. Only contact with the divine heart can delete memories in a complete way.

Acceptance is not the same as deletion. Claiming acceptance means a charge still exists. Contained in that charge is a negative attitude. When there's no charge there's no negative attitude. Notice the disturbance that arises when these old attitudes appear. No charge means that density has been deleted, and no density means ascension can occur.

My concern is that dense attitudes are making a bigger impact than most of my chelas are aware. I am not referring to the anger of the change agents protesting in the streets. I mean the drama that still exists in my chelas' memories. False communications have convinced them all is done when it is not. Chelas are not all at the "light and love" activation level they need to ascend. Memories that contain a charge must be deleted. Now, not on the day the call for ascension comes.

Please delete all the dislikes contained in your childhood memories. Yes, all of these conditions were included in the contract you designed. All of these dramas were your creation, and are not any different from the movies being brought to the mind's attention during a news broadcast. When drama on the screen causes a negative thought to arise, give no attention to that thought. Instead, give thanks for that drama, because it led the way to this ascension opportunity.

All negative dramas come into being to complete the karmic dance. Congratulations for actively dreaming them again, and contracting for them to get deleted. Practices of the mind, like negating the memory, or dropping it into the body's immune system, or converting it into good deeds, are not the same as deleting the cause of the negativity completely. Passive aggressive behavior is leading the dance now, and no one but the dancer can dance it out of existance.

Those who are not completely free of this charge against someone, or the memory of an incident, cannot ascend. Can you understand my concern? Get out of mental delusion about ascension. Being giggly and making light contributions is not a total demonstration of the ascension condition. Just dreaming about conditions of beauty will not delete the anger that is contained in an old memory.

Are these memories being triggered by events in the public news? Can they be considered gifts that can lead to deleting them? Can they be considered the answer to dismantling ego's dream so you can be led to ascension?

Forces created by the controllers mental concepts are going to create new memories that will also need deleting. Consider them all dangerous. Consider them a test of consciousness that needs to be answered with an attitude of detached observation, rather than reactivation of an old, contained attitude. Patience with yourself is a must. These attitudes accumulated over a long "dance of leela" through many lifetimes. Now we need to delete them, and they are coming into your awareness for this exact purpose. Thank all the contributors to these memories and say goodby to their caustic contributions in those memories they are now appearing in. Change always begins in this area of the dream. Collect the dust of these memories in a box, tie it with loving ribbons, and then  let it go. Welcome any tools that can assist you in doing this.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Positive and Negative

This message is for all who are going to get ready for acension. Most of my messages are talking to everyone, and not neglecting those who do not choose to ascend. My advance notice of global conditions has been for these readers. But today, only those who have committed to ascension are being addressed.

To be able to ascend, a different approach to life must be developed. Now, the appearance of chaos and catastrophies leaves the impression that: 1. man cannot be a negative influence, or 2. he will die of natural causes because of his good deeds. Neither of these beliefs are accurate.

The first means that what is considered negative cannot get that man to heaven. This concept is not true. Many of you do things that might be considered negative as you demand more awareness from others. Are these things bringing more negativity than good? No, the awareness changes they cause are much more impactful on others than the actions being delivered that some consider negative. No one knows the contribution they are making. Appearances are not showing you the big picture. Consider the drama now occurring in the Middle East. Good, caring men and women are not accepting repression. Are their behaviors to delete it negative? Not to those who are going to get the benefit of them. Can their oppressors claim their innocence of war crimes? Of course they can. Are they criminals? Of course they are.

All conditions of the human experience are able to be considered this way - when the other side of duality is revealed, one of them appears good and the other not so good. Can you accept that both are delivering good? That both are leading the way to more awareness and divine love? Can you act as though the one you don't agree with has made a good contribution to your awareness? Are they considered an enemy? Can you turn that around and give thanks for their contribution? Change in this way of dreaming constitutes an awakened one. An awakening delivers clarity about the opposites of an issue. No duality thinker can ascend! No controller can ascend. No cheater, defamer or attacker can ascend.

Another change that is needed is in the dream of human desires. No call for a grand material object, human or otherwise, will deliver you to ascension. All desires must be turned over to God's desire.

Can you decide that God's will is your will? Can any of God's choices be negative? God desires nothing that does harm to any part of creation, but no transformation of "what is" can occur, without the new dismantling the old. Frame the disasters as negative, and they will not be accurately perceived. Frame them as a different approach to human continuation and they will be getting a more accurate consideration. Frame them as "for the best of all concerned", because this is what they are.

Manifesting man's material desires with the mind at cause is not in the best interests of all. It is the opposite of what needs to occur to have the best for all. Are these words not delivering the truth? Consider this: all of your mental creations against the changes will make the changes more difficult for those who are at effect of them. Cancel these mental desires, and allow God to give you what is needed, and a way to be of help during difficult times.

Changes are coming. BIG changes. Can you accept that they are ALL good? Are they the way the mind desires? Not consciously, but the Master within all humans already knows of their eventuality and accepts them, because the bigger picture needs what is about to occur.

Cancel your desire to alter God's divine design. Meditate, act on the heart's guidance, and do nice things for yourself and others. Be happy, no matter what! Change only the way you think!

Now, to get ready to ascend, contact with Angels and Ascended Masters, or the Higher Awareness within yourself is a must. I cannot emphasize this adequately.

Pushing others towards these messages does nothing if they are not able to accept them. Giving help when help is not wanted makes the effort less than worthwhile. Fighting for control of anything is still a fight. Pretend you are the manager of the entire planet. What would you do to move this drama out of destruction? My desire is God's choice, and my acceptance of God's choice is complete. Are you going to aid the contributors of negativity or the light? How will you know the difference? Can you give equal caring to both of these opposite opinions? When the answer is "yes", ascension can begin.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Answers to Questions about Last Message

My dear ones. My last message brought many questions I would like to address. Most of my chelas already know my direct manner of leading energy to a topic and then clarifying it. I will talk now about the ascension and how it will act as a "dream breaker" for all who are unable to accept the things my messages address.

Many of the New Age dreamers believe the lies being told them about how the ETs are going to deliver all the beautiful desires man asks for. In the New Age materials that attract the most attention, money creation is the main concern, like in The Secret, and other abundance advice. Not bad advice once the current conditions in your world are dismantled and conscious thought can determine your future. But now, conscious thought cannot draw to you the desires of your mind. Why? Because the death of the controllers' game has to come first.

No banks are going to deliver huge amounts of money out of their managed accounts due to the fact that the money they have is not on their books as a complete asset. Current methods of accounting allow banks to claim assets that are worthless, and no more calibrating is done to determine if the government insurance can deliver on these assets.

Many banks are deficit funded. More are going out of business. A few may manage their funds accurately, but their guidance about money has no basis in grounded actuality. Given that the asset value of most banks being greatly over calculated, if these funds were asked for, they would be unable to deliver. So, sending money to those who dream of getting NESARA cannot possibly occur. Other gifting programs are going to be sucessful, and many of you can get their gifts before the collapse of the current economic dance, but what can you do to avoid losing it to devaluation? Not much.

Some areas of investment are now options like gold and other metals, but they can only go so high, and then their abiity to be collateral cannot be worth anything because nobody will be able to buy them.

Ascension will demonstrate to all that another answer to life's challenges can occur. Not an answer that money brings, an answer that love brings. As love comes to the life of any of these observers, they too can ascend. Are there going to be assistants to guide them? Of course.

When we get this ascension off the ground, another wave can get organized. But, during the days in between, many will get the message to be vaccinated for an incurable disease. No vaccinated being will get the dis-ease that they are trying to avoid, but they will contribute their bodies to becoming an agent for a much more deadly disease that cannot be cured. My advice is to not take ANY kind of shot for any cause. Protect the children who they will demand to get this at school. Can you control this disease? Only with good and clean choices for diet NOW. What can counter it is a very good immune system. Are you taking any drugs now? Only drugs that are absolutely necessary are to be considered acceptable. Any that can destroy the immune system can defeat your ability to outlast this man made disease. Call it the flu shot if you want, we call it the death and destruction cause.

No more God aware beings can give theselves an excuse to not ascend. Why not? Can't the divine care about the next generation of adepts? Can't God deliver a new way to be on the continents? Can't God cause a disaster to bring new awareness? God can do anything!

Can you accept God's desire to get you to ascend? Can you deny the great Masters who are telling you to get to the graduation gate to move forward in your own Mastery? Are they being controlled by the controllers? No. When the heart knows the truth, the mind cannot be the one who decides what can and cannot happen. Now, minds are in the lead. Minds control most New Age seekers who accept nonsense instead of what their own inner guidance will tell them. Resonance with one's "feel good" desires is not alignment with divine awareness. Condoning the "feel good" messages and "distaining" the factual ones deceives one's own clarity of awareness.

Priests and Rabbis and missionaries do not have the awareness that a clear channel has. Why give them the complete acceptance when others can guide you to an even greater spiritual destination?  Give them a great "thank you" and then go directly to God with your own channeling ability. Get direct guidance! Not book guidance! Peace and love are only the beginning of what the ascension is about. When the days of darkness are able to cause the dreamers fear, wouldn't it be better to be able to channel guidance from your own divine director?

Close the door to my messages if you want, that won't make the changes convert to delightful anomalies, or answer your dreams of going away on a Galactic Federation craft.

Parents: give your children the encouragement to tell you what they are getting from their inner guidance. Many of them can tell you the same things my messages do. We are One consciousness, and my voice is also the voice of your own advisor within. Practice meditation and ask about channeling training should that guidance not be available.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Man's Choices in the Next Days

Pre-awakening has more of life's challenges to address than man can imagine. This is because deep memories that have determined the mind's choices need to be demonstrated to be cleared. For life to bring an end of deception, the deception itself needs to be revealed. Have you noticed the things you have avoided are now  appearing to be dealt with? Are your conscious thoughts telling you to keep avoiding them? Yes, that's the ego that desires things to maintain the status quo.

Facts that are now no longer disputable, like corporate control of all the chemicals used in medicine and crop dusting, are not being given much credence in government, as it is the one leveraging that control. Men and women who are attemptimg to live healthy, toxin free lives cannot. No one can depend on any government oversight of any sector of the economy, the agriculture arena, the pharmaceutical companies or the mass collection of mainstream advertisers who control these agencies. Give the free world choice and greed becomes dominant.

After the demise of the dollar as the world's reserve currency, the next currency to go is the euro. Nobody can deny the losses this currency has had to endure. Faith cannot make life easy during these alterations to the total economic arena. Cancel the dreams of money appearing from members of the Galactic Federation. No currency can donate an unlimited amount of their debt financed activities for making the world better. No country has the funds to do it. How can it be done? Ascension.

Less money will be needed when many ascend. Less debt needs to be created for ascension than any other form of change. Only meditation needs to be learned and chelas who are not yet meditating make their goal of ascension impossible to achieve.

Acting as an awake and aware container of divine grace is not the same as being one. When the mind lets go, the breathing creature that has the life to live has more caring, compassion, wisdom and grace to contribute to others. When the heart opens, the love of all can be felt by anyone sensitive to movement of energy.

Chelas who do not choose to ascend can die before the next opportunity to ascend comes. A medicine of grand change will be demanded to be taken by the governments of most countries. A disease of great magnitude will come out of this medicine, so dismal that death will be the desire. No antidote will be available. Are you going to choose ascension? Would you prefer to ascend during this death change? Both can be an option. Once this disease deletes more than 2/3 of the entire population, another ascension opportunity will open.

Because men and women who can ascend are now being guided to prepare to leave, their Mastery will not be as concentrated in any one area. Ascending on the third wave will be to convert all who remain true to their True Self and their chosen destiny - and deliver health to those Masters who have lived through this catastrophe and have not been destroyed by it.

Face the fact that death can come, and get happy with the current moment. Positive attitudes are not to be dissolved, as ascension will be glorious. And what comes after ascension will also be glorious. Wealth in many ways will be found to be available. Good health will give no challenge to governments with this new mindset, and those who depend on drugs for conditions that are not health defeating can depend on nature instead. These medicines are not like the government messages to your cells that make you dependent on their ingredients.

Make the date to ascend the next condition you deal with. It will not get announced by any media agency, only the voice in your God connected diaphragm.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, February 11, 2011

Reframing Negative Concepts

When Masters make their monumental contribution to humanity as anchors of light, the heart of all can open. Positive attitudes are not adequate. Denied negativity must be deleted. When affirmations deny negative thinking, no change occurs to one's matrix of materialization. Any call for change needs to be contraction free news to the Universe. As contractions appear in awareness, they can be cancelled in a natural way by simply rejecting their original concept. For example, if a contraction was caused by a negative message delivered during a disturbance with a caregiver, reopening this memory with this new opinion about that distrubance will dissolve the contraction: "I asked to have this experience".

Asking an aware being to dissolve a contraction will take you to the exact same conclusion. In your contract to become a Master, you included every condition that has materialized in your life. Knowing this, and accepting the truth of it, can complete your contract.

Positive attitudes are not the death of negative ones. No negative mental attitudes disappear until a compete change in the concept about that dense conclusion is made. Another example: the thought "No one likes me" can be changed to "I don't like myself, and this is being reflected back to me so I can realize that this concept is alive in my unconscious". All negative concepts are creative in this way. They do more damage to human creativity than the dross dumped on man by corporate deceivers. No deception can cause as much damage as the mind of the one who dismisses himself as a creative contributor to all of us.

When a man is designed as a man, all of his attributes are considered holy. Nothing about him is an accident. Every contract includes the man's physical and mental characteristics, not only the conditions that body will be involved in. A child that has a disease contracted for it. An adult who commits a criminal act that creates a negative drama contracted with the other parties involved to do this. It appears to be an accident that these things happen, but no, it was all in the contract. Can this information give you the ability to convince your mental director to drop its negative attitudes? Many of you can do this.

One more thing needs to be added. When humans die, they do not disappear. They get an opportunity to observe their family and friends for awhile before leaving for other dimensions and other incarnations. When they observe, they can get a clearer understanding of the contribution they made to the others. Not to gain a good or bad attitude about the others, only to gain awareness about themselves. Why? To gather data about the contribution they have made to others. This is the only thing they need to learn. Was I loving? Was I caring? How did I make a contribution ? When this data is collected, they take this information to their mentors who aid them in continuing their move to higher consciousness. When no caring about themselves or others is apparent, they set up another life to be a more conscious carer so they can learn this way of being. If they were very caring they may not need another life. Caring about others is the criteria used to determine the next step in the constant movement towards ascension.

When a lifetiime of great caring allows the death and birth cycle to complete, news of this comes to the candidate to let them know ascension is possible. We have given this information to all who are able to ascend. Now, the option exists for completing daily challenges to ascend or deny and delete the opportunity.

Some will complete, and they will contribute great gifts to all of the Universes. Those who do not ascend will get another opportunity to do so. Whether or not it is in this lifetime is up to them.

Never before have so many been able to ascend. When we created the contracts everyone was so excited we actually believed they all would complete. But we didn't ask them to choose before they died a natural death in their prior life, and they don't consciously recall how they died then. This could be keeping them from ascending. A difficult death memory can cause a fear of death that ascension cannot override. We will soon learn about that.

Face the fear. Face death like it can happen daily. Act like life is temporary. Can you get how this could not only change your death memories but also improve your life?

Are you able to ascend? Are you waiting to be carried off on a spacecraft? What's the difference? Only a mental concept about a condition you have yet to have any awareness of. Nothing changes in this dimension. Both cause you to disappear. Why do you fear one and not the other? Wake-up and get the reality of this creation of your mind. Wake-up and get out of fear. Wake-up and contract no more.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Anchors of Light

Meditation can open an adept and make a chela Awaken. There is nothing to do for this to occur, other than quiet down and give no thoughts to the world. Meditation does not need to be a mode of concentration or a controlled descent into another dimension. It is only about quieting an active mind.

Freeing the Master within cannot be controlled, and only an opposite approach can accomplish this. Pause all activities, and all mental drama, and be still. You only need ten minutes to begin with. What can be done in ten minutes? You can get a taste of meditation so you will allow more time for another attempt. Only ten minutes cannot loosen the controls of the mind, only attract it to the opportunity for a more in-depth experience.

Practices are not the answer to Awakening, but they can deliver an accurate dream of what Awakening actually is. Awakening will be a most different mode of awareness about everything. It is not a mental alteration of anything, instead, an accurate comprehension of what is being observed.

Tough days and nights can demand an avenue of detachment. Use the ability to meditate for that quality of detachment. Man's call to God demands the opportunity for God's love to be received. When there is no quiet, no communion with God can occur.

Being an "anchor of light" demands more meditation. Once an open vessel is designated as an anchor, the daily meditation to anchor light on a planetary level needs to be done for at least one hour. One of the ways to know if you are an anchor is to observe the call to meditate. Anchors are not chosen, they are delivering their own daily meditation moments to awareness of God, allowing this light to be grounded in abundance. Waking-up to the actual reality makes this more available, as no daily meditation can do as much for anchoring light as an Awakening can.

Awakening deletes the mind's control and can delete an active mind completely. "No-mind" allows the body to anchor light on a continuous basis and no matter where that body is, there is more of God's answer to density. All of those who are Awake are anchors of light, creating energy vortexes at ground level as they move to an area that needs this. Are they "doing" anything to bring light to the planet? Not in a physical way.

Clearing emotional contractions makes the anchoring available. Opening the heart is also an anchoring qualification. One of these alone is not enough. Awakening has these qualities plus complete detachment from human affairs as a dominant attribute - nothing mental claims their attention as an "influence" on their abiity to be an anchor.

The deceivers contained in the dream are not able to convince an Awakened one to do anything that has not been determined by the God of divinity that has been Awakened within them as their life Master. No deceptions, no tricks and no conclusions can contain their light. Neither the death of their ego nor the death of their body can make them flinch. Once awake they are anointed all the days they live, no matter what their active life appears to be.

When an Awakening occurs there is no quantity of matter than can demand an anchor's actual change into dross. Once Awake, only death can make an anchor appear as an adept. Once Awake, an adept has chela designation and is no longer an adept. Personalities do not Awaken. If you think that the concept of the man or woman observed by any onlooker is an Awakened being, this is a mental conclusion. In no instance can a mind determine the Awakened condition of itself. No mind Awakens. Only awareness that can be defined as God awareness Awakens. Mind has been the constant deceiver and must dissolve into a more co-creative mode to be of any use at all.

Truth quotes about the Awakened condition are not understood by the mind. Only an Awakened awareness can grasp the meaning of these statments. If not Awake, these comments will seem "crazy" or "odd". If Awake, they will only get an "of course" response.

Children are not Awake. Only their higher awareness is available until an Awakening experience occurs. Consider them more open than most adults, but don't consider them examples of Awakened awareness. The children who are more aware are the gifted ones who are closer to Awakening than others.

Pass this on to deliver more awareness to communities that are not gathered around an Awakened one.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, February 7, 2011

What Chelas are Experiencing

My dear ones. Are coincidences becoming more obvious? Can the goals of the day be easily achieved? Are the most challenging games of life getting easier to play? Most of these qualities of life are now becoming the common experience of many of my chelas. Why? Because their work has been done.

When no more karma is left to demand attention, and no more deep anger is left to clear, man can gift others with his Presence and have a life experience without contractions. Change to his nature cannot come to a man (or woman) as an energetic lifting of negativity. It comes only to those willing to accept the call of their own heart and not look at others as the cause of their dramas. In one moment, a change in perspective can completely alter a man's daily life. Nothing else can change your awareness. Only confronting your negative emotions can.

Nothing has been done to you that the contract does not contain. All your friends came in as angels to let you know you are cared about. All the difficult lesson givers were also contracted, to deliver to you what was needed to complete your contract. Not one accident occurred. Following the dark was agreed. Allowing in the light was also agreed. Every condition of your entire existence was pre-planned, and the one who planned it was you!

Freedom comes with the willingness to accept that this is how things are. Not accepting this, denying any responsibility for all the negativity that occurs, will keep you dense. Awakening to the Truth means to wake-up to the consciousness of Oneness as the bottom line.

Positive thinking does not erase contractions. Affirmations are no match for, or a controller of, contractions. All contractions are demands of the mind to gain insight into the details of an event. An event that was the cause of a contraction can be viewed differently, and another attitude towards it can delete that contraction. For example: a child who was contracted as a result of one of its parents demanding a certain, (not accepted at the time) change to his behavior. If this change turned out to have helped him have more caring contact with others than that deleted behavior would have allowed, this could now be seen as a gift, instead of a draining detail.

Many contractions are cellular in nature, coming from the negative emotions of ancestors. Negative behaviors can cause contractions in those who do not know that they can accept others as they are without taking on their concepts or their non-aligned characteristics by mistake. Are they mistakes? Never. They are conditions created for learning about duality, and the difference between love and density. Whenever a dark cloud appears, there's a lesson on the other side of it.

Chelas are students and all "others" are their teachers. All humans are not chelas, only those who are at the awareness level of choosing a life of consciousness development. Not all are able to understand such things. Your parents may not be chelas. Your consciousness has nothing to do with the people you chose to gift you with their teachings. Your growth in awareness came from other arenas, like the current one. Not necessarily other lives. Many chelas are now incarnated for the very first time. What determines consciousness and the development of it is whether new awareness can be gained from a human contract.

No disrespect is due to those who are not chelas. Eliminating their drama would erase the consciousness expanding opportunities that chelas grow from. What is different is the reason they are incarnated. It is not growth in consciousness, but their karmic learning, and all of their karma has much to teach chelas about duality. When an adept goes to Earth class, it is to learn from direct experience what the karmic dramas are all about, not to get caught in them.

Prayer is one way of deleting a drama from an adept's mature nature. Asking God to purify the mind is the beginning of completing a karmic dance. Another way of doing this is with yoga, all the variations of it. Another is love - adding love to the aura makes an adept a chela. Graduation can occur only when awareness and love are combined.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, February 5, 2011

God's Creation or Yours?

Children of God are the light of the entire galaxy. They come into bodies to glow with their beauty, but not all can allow their radiance out. At this time in the evolving conditions of human nature, there are more than one million who are truly glowing. It is amazing that this many are able to ascend. And this number doesn't contain the other nineteen million who can also get to this awakened condition if they commit to being able to affirmatively answer the following questions with an absolutely objective opinion:
1. Are the doors of your heart wide open?
2. Are your days of non-attachment to anything already apparent?
3. Can you accept that all obstacles and gifts of delight are from the same source?
4. Are you ready to move on to another condition of existance?
5. Have "negative" attitudes toward what you observe in the demonstrations of others been removed?
6. Can you give caring to the dramas of the world without any mental or emotional upset?
7. Are you moving as the inner Master directs?
8. Can you give away things you love?
9. Are any contractions from mental disturbances in your aura?
10. Are you able to change your mind at a moment's notice?
11. Can you act as though an angel is doing the body's movement, not the mental controller, ego?
12. Have the dramas you have repeatedly created ended so you no longer contribute disturbance to others?

These qualities must be obvious to qualify for ascension. None of the material that mind consumes is needed. None of the attitudes the ego dictates apply. None of the changes to the Earth cancel these attitudes. Once they are clear, the contribution they provide is much greater than any dismantling of a government, or a monetary condition, or a material demonstration that collapses. All is well in that body, and it can be a light beam for others to look for in the days of darkness.

Claim this in the body that is now being cleansed of its arrogance and ignorance. The "dance of leela" is the divine arrangement that was created by each of you, to open up to an aware consciousness through a mentality of negative responses to what occurs in your life. It is the contract you design for each class you come into body to attend. It contains the ingredients needed to deliver the highest consciousness as answers to the conditions it delivers; answers that are coming from divine consciousness, not mind's opinions. Change these niave opinions to mastery and you are "consciousness itself" as an incarnated energy, not demanding to be observed nor acknowledged; only delivering grace in every moment.

Ascension candidates have this way of being, shining light all over the planet. When they leave, the days of darkness will offer the next phase of development. Can more lights become available? In the next ascension wave these new lights are to become the angels of light that move others onward to yet another opportunity to become their angelic selves. Ones and twos can ascend by themselves as they are ready, but the third wave will be the very last chance to do so as a group for the greatest impact on others.

Why discuss this now? Because what is occurring in the Middle East provides an example of the ascension candidates ability to love without opinion. Are these dramas there for you to discuss as though the answers are in your domain? No. They create opportunities for great discussions about how the human condition has come to this dichotomy, and what can be done to love the dictator as he is and the drama as it is, because all are a reflection of the consciousness contained in the mass consciousness. The many demonstrators represent the many facets of ego in each man or woman's opinionated point of view. The dictator who won't leave is like the director of your facets of ego. If the director can be ousted without attack or negative dialog, he can continue to live an agreeable life. Can this demonstration open the door to what can be done inside your own psyche?

Claim your mastery by all as it is, without any negative dialog about what has occurred or is occurring. Give caring and compassion to those who provide their observers an opportunity to accept their own negativity as the cause. Give away that negativity and ascend.

Change is now abundant, and deception can no longer determine the lives of the masses. Give this a most agreeable welcome.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egypt and the Next Days

My messages will not give intricate details of the ascension. It is neither desirable nor necessary advice, which is what this blog was created for. What needs to be known is already in the Master Messages and my more current messages. Clear the mind of curiosity. Get comfortable with what has already been given. Make arrangements to leave. This is all you need to add to your knowledge base.

All of those who are now reading these blogs will be kept updated on what the next "need to know" information is. Close the door to another mass of data regarding ascension, as one of the controllers methods of confusing you is to conceive of a "more desirable" alternative and contribute more controversy to the mass consciousness. We, the members of the Great White Brotherhood, are not going to allow this again. What needs to be known will be communicated, please have the patience and control your curious mind. Let whatever comes be okay. Now, we must talk about another most important matter.

France, Germany and the UK are becoming disturbed by the lack of mastery the U.S. claims in dealings with Arabic nations. They are calling for the departure of the Egyptian dictator immediately, not continuing his control any longer. His departure opens the door for a lot of drama, as those in various political factions decide about their own grab for power. When these conflicting ideologies become control oriented, great clashes are to occur. Being outside looking in is very different from what being inside the dialog is like. What these three European powers don't accept, is that the terrorist population is still alive and well in any nation that has Mohammad's call to "kill the infidels" as its major ideology. Some of these believers can easily go to Egypt should violence among the current residents become overt. When the U.S. says, "have a clear, easy transition, beginning now", they are trying to avoid the kind of conflicts that could open up this country to Al Qaeda. When other allies go direct to a nation to ask the dictator to leave, the U.S. has no choice but to defy them, and this looks bad for the U.S. position. My concern is this: Making the dictator leave has more consequences that must be considered than just dealing with current opposition groups. This country has a major role to play in other country's decisions, and giving this dictator a "move out ultimatum" can create chaos in many countries, not only his own.

Change must come to all of these countries, but which of the dreamers will land their dream as a government? Politics aside, competent leaders are not going to appear out of the debris left in the center of Cairo. Nor are they coming from the countries most able candidates who don't care to be in that position. What will emerge is three men who have their own dictator desires. Now, which one will lead? That is up to the electorate, and only time can determine this. But the agenda of all of them will be against the U.S. agenda and reflect the Arabic nations desire for a change in the way the U.S. and Israel are co-joined.

More details of this continuing anger controlled drama will cause the U.S. and the Arabic nations to look back at all previous U.S. engagement with Arabic nations and determine how the "new and different" cry can make this area a disaster zone. When the door opens a Master can lead with grace, but no Masters are in the Egyptian area now, and there must be more dialog with Mubarak before declaring him an outcast.

More light is needed in this area. Any of you who feel so called, please go there. Not to engage in current events, go to an area that is not volatile and do a lot of meditation.

Half of the world is not letting go of their control attitudes to accept the light. The other half needs to make its light much brighter. Facing the most difficult tasks you've ever agreed to tackle, with a caring and giving attitude, has that effect.

Past and future are both acting out in the NOW. Making a new and different future must include healing the past. Are these words making the impact they need? Get on with the things that inner wisdom is calling you to do in the "healing the past" department. Any charge that remains about a past occurrence needs to be released. There are no answers on the horizon, they are all within open hearts, from the Masters who dwell within you. Give this message great attention. A lot of inner guidance about letting go of the past has not yet been dealt with.

My dear ones, we love you as you are. We want you to open up to receive the love that you are deserving. Make that possible by releasing any remaining contractions.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moving for Ascension

Masters of the Great White Brotherhood are now telling their chelas to get themselves prepared for major change. My messages are not so different from  authentic channelings of the other Ascended Masters. What makes these "new and different" is the lack of control an active mind gives to them, because this channel does not have an active mind. Many comments have been made about my choice of channel, due to this channel's lack of fame before my asking her to deliver this content. Many others claim these messages are her mind's creation. Anyone who talks to her can discern the difference between me and the woman I channel through. We are not alike at all.

Channeling is an art. One who does it well does not get any distortions coming out of their mental capacities. If controllers don't want their contribution, they just concentrate distance challenges to the man or woman's contact area. This is why we chose to move Aruna to Uruguay - to allow us to have the clearest channeling possible. Now that we are almost finished with a major project, we can move her to another area. Why am I telling you this? So you understand that a clear vessel goes where they are moved, not where they may desire to be.

We are asking many of you to move now, but not to avoid changes to the world's condition. One of the reasons is for you to have the ability to adapt before the changes are very major in scope. When there is more karma to clear, moving to the area where this can be most easily cleared can make a major difference in the healing of old difficulties.

Then there is the most common reason: making a difference with your mastery and caring presence. When men and women are almost able to ascend, there is a most beautiful energy around them. Contributing that energy to another area will make this area more open to these higher frequencies. Once opened, we can make a bigger contribution.

Masters need not do anything to contribute light. Presence is all that is needed. Caring, open hearts deliver waves of confidence to those who are not happy. Most of my chelas have already been doing this where they are now. Some are not needed in their current location, so we want their contribution in another area.

When inner guidance calls, it means it is time to leave one area to go to another. Calls are going out now. Can you do this with happy and confident attitudes? Can you accept that all is perfect?

Pretending to be grateful and being grateful are very different. Being grateful has more charge to the heart directing that message. Are you truly grateful and glad to get the call? Are we making you do anything you don't want to do? Never. Your own guidance calls you, not any other guide or teacher. Breaking away from the co-creating methods being taught as a New Age attraction game, this call of inner awareness must not be ignored. No attraction dynamic calls you with the momentum that your own Higher Self does. When the Higher Self calls, do not answer, "I'm attracting this to me". No, you must act as though an angel has appeared and called you for the next delivery on the contract agreement you made for ascension.

My dear ones. When you are able to listen and act, you are ready to ascend. Not until then. Some of you have not achieved the ability to get this inner guidance. This is what I have been asking, over and over again. Can my channel act on her inner guidance? Obviously, we are happy to say "yes", but her move to Uruguay was not only for channeling clarity, it has been to anchor light in an area that needs it.

Prophesy is not the purpose of these messages. Preparing you for ascension is. Why would anyone give many hours of their day to tell you to get ready to ascend? No classroom study can help you do this. Only you can make it happen. My messages have been telling you how. Are you going to accept my messages to be authentic and do what they ask? Or are you curious but not moved. Maybe your mind has you convinced that the ETs are going to do all that needs to be done. All who have accepted this dogma are in for a big disappointment. The dark ETs who have been leading this charge have succeded in manipulating the minds of ascension candidates, and they are now destroying the opportunity to make good on their own contracts. Sad but true! Play all you want with ETs, but take no trace of their lies to heart. Only the divine nature within you can create your ascension. No ETs can.

All of my chelas who are not being called to move need not be concerned about moving. Only those needing this change are getting guided to it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna