Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Attitudes and Opinions

Can my chelas be the masters of their human experience now? My dictations are more than adequate to lead the to ascension, and all my chelas can leave on the next wave if they have dropped their attitudes about desire, attachment and drama that causes mental activity. No chela of mine is incapable of ascending. Are there dramas needing a detached attitude? Are there mental dialoges still going on about anything? Are there any causes of disturbance in action? No disturbance can derail an ascension unless there is masking of honest feelings. Clear up any inner disturbances by accepting the "other's" point of view as being as valid as yours. Personal differences mean only that - a different mode of consideration.

Truth is not in any of your categories. Truth contains all attitudes and all choices. None are more conscious than others - this is only mind's determination. No decision, other than to drop the mind as your controller, matters.

Pure consciousness includes all of the things being observed, not only those you agree with. When the day comes that no opinions are given, a new consciousness is possible. No opinion is a reason to delete a relationship or go to another point of view to avoid destroying a relationship. Can this message cause the disappearance of control over one's friends who don't agree with you?

Please give this your attention. Have you disolved a relationship due to a difference of opinion? Are the relationships you have only with those who agree with you? Neither of these control attitudes are the door to ascension. Both are minor considerations, but what may be minor today can appear major tomorrow. Maybe a difference of opinion arises, like choosing political candidates who hold opposite points of view. Is this going to destroy the continuity of any of your relationships? Must we all agree? No. We must allow and accept differences if we are to give love in all circumstances.

Are you a pro-active campaigner to make a different condition for the world? Can this be done with an attitude FOR the new condition that is being sought without being AGAINST those who don't agree with the change you want made? Can closure on a matter that has been disturbing also open the way towards a generally more accepting attitude? All attitudes are ego's opinion. Nothing ego believes is more important than human connections. Change the world with this, not attitudes against others.

Prepare to ascend by giving up attitudes against anything. Find mental closure on differences of opinion. Allow all to look at their human experiences through their own filters without making them wrong for their opinion. Can this be the new direction taken towards ascension? Forgive all who got angry when you disagreed with them. Clear out all dislikes and damnation. All of my chelas are asked to delete their concerns about differences. All differences bring a big gift to your decision making ability. Give gratitude for them.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, May 30, 2011

Passion and Contentment

Passion and contentment are both major influences on mass consciousness. When a man is truly passionate about what he likes or dislikes, his message to others is a most powerful charge that moves the anointed concept towards new conditions in its development. Not being consumed in the direction of this movment is more compelling. Why? Because humans need to be couragous enough to be on the outside of this draft of energy to be capable of making a conscious choice about it. Passion consumes awareness, negates reason, and discourages free thinking.

Happiness is not the same as passion. Happiness is not a consequence of any change in the dynamics of life's conditions. Happiness is all that one needs to live a great life. Most humans are not happy. All of their attention is on what is not the way they want it to be. In this mode of being it is their negative attitudes against something that cause them to be charged in the creation of what they desire. But they are not considering how this charge dominates others.

When mothers are not happy about their child's lack of charisma, they can destroy the motivation of the child in finding their own calling. Parents who have a passion to have their children be the best at any game or ability they admire are consuming an openness that the child has for discovering his or her own interests. Can openness be considered a virtue? Most men and women do not think so, they want to know their next driving force to be the ultimate cause and meaning of their life. No one can know this until the door opens on how it will materialize. Posturing for one thing makes its opposite appear "wrong", not just  the opposite of one's opinion.

Passionate delivery of a message is to collect agreement, not offer choice. Can you deliver a passionate description of your most driven desire without being consumed by your own opinion?

My dears, my suggestion for man's change of consciousness to be materialized into form before ascension is to drop your most charged opinions and consider each day's condition a good one, instead of negatively desiring another option. Peace comes when man's desires and conditions for happiness disappear.

What if the desire you have is for World Peace? Give up your negative attitude about those who create war and you will contribute peace to the world. More peace is needed to have world peace. All attitudes "against" disturb the possibility of peace.

Acceptance is the key to contentment, and only contentment can cause the demonstrations brought on by disturbance to stop. For example, if all could accept their Mastery of density there would be no more disturbances.

Mastering density means combining dark and light into a chord above the highest octave of music on the human scale. When the transformative harmonic is activated, disharmony can no longer exist. Only hearing this chord is enough. Brand new energies can be made now as a divine concert is being delivered daily to all who can hear it. We are making the chord available to man as he awakens in the morning and moves into sleep at night. Pay attention!

Making the music is our way of assisting. Your way of accepting it begins with dropping all attitudes against an opposite of your choice. Being content takes you closer to hearing the chord.

Are you willing to give up passionate attitudes towards what may not be the best way to bring forward the energies that are needed now? Anchoring light can only be done in neutral.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are You Getting the Message?

When my messages do not fit your concepts about the items discussed, are the messages less convincing? My goal in giving you details about material world events is to guide you to ascension. Can I detail all the calamities coming in the time continuium? No, I cannot. I only get an overview before the changes occur, and my caring about the conditions that appear in that overview can cause me to  overlook the great work being done to lessen the disturbance. However, in the most recent case, my words are not incorrect. Cases of major disasters are occurring that can completely collapse the confidence that makes the US a leader of other countries.

Now my words are about things that appear materialized in my realm but have not as yet occurred in your dimension, but they are about to. No big catastrophy in the US? Wait - its coming. But my intention in telling you this is to query about your ability to deal with catastrophies, not to cause you angst.

More than 5 million people are going to be affected by my current concern, and when they are about to cross over, I want them to call to the Angels and act like they are Masters. This is how they will go to the dimension they have been preparing for this entire lifetime. More than 5 million in one country is a huge number of humans. Will they all be able to leave in a high consciousness? Can they leave in deep awareness that there is no concern big enough to demand their attention to the details? Only conscious death can get them an ascension.

I am not talking about the mass ascension also being created. No matter how many ascend during this moment, another 5 million can die during the catastrophies my dimension can actually "see" happening at this moment. Peace and love are our goals. Inner peace and love of all that is cannot go away during an exit of the physical body. All of the lives of our ascension candidates have been leading to these catastrophic details. Not to open a door to more control of the future, but rather, a door to the consciousness that allows for ascension. Keep this in your awareness as you decide whether my words are accurate or not, and know that the cause of my concern is always the highest good for all.

When Aruna is about to ascend my discourses will continue to be coming through those who are abe to clearly channel them. Are you going to be one of these channels? Making the leap from seeker to Ascended Master does not require that you deliver channeled messages, but getting guidance from I Am That I Am must be possible. Are you able to do this? No? Why not? No one is incapable of this unless they are denying their own contract to ascend.Please do what you can to draw forth this inner creativity and awareness now, before the ascension call. I don't want anyone to miss it.

Are any of you negative about ascension? If so, when the call comes it will not be heard. I'm asking this now to give you the continued choice until the actual moment.

Presence is the only thing you need to accomplish in this life. Being fully present in every moment completely deletes all of the disturbance and details of one's former activities. No conduit for light is a torch that can be seen in the higher diimensions unless he or she meditates or achieves the ability to be completely without mental concerns (an Angel's consciousness) during the day. There is also the need to be able to give, without hesitation, as well. Can these be your goals?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Light and Dark in Perspective

My dear ones. Most of my readers have realized that man is not alone on the Earth. More than Angels exist to lead the way for all who are needing assistance. What kind of assistance is available? Many different kinds. Today I will give you an overview.

Children are overseen, as they are needing an ability to adapt to homes they may not be comfortable in. Many are not of the same awareness as their chosen family and are needing to develop an ability to contact other realms to get love and courage. When this is the case, the children are more evolved than their adult teachers, causing them to distrust their most caring parents as a consequence.

Next are the disabled, and the Angels are their active divine connection, as a most disabled child needs to accept and cherish his/her motivation to choose a new physical configuration as a mandate to Mastery. Making a choice to be disabled is an exciting prospect from a soul's confidence prior to incarnating, and this can collide with reality when it manifests. Children are the most courageous among the disabled due to their ability to feel their own alignment with the Angels. As they age, their alignment becomes more conceptual and less of an active contact that they choose. All who decide to get experience in density choose a major theme for their life, and contact to their guides needs more attention when they are children. Awareness as adults beomes convoluted due to ego's control.

Many demonic entities attempt to control children who do not come in with any confidence in the humans they chose to adapt to. When this occurs, these demonic beings appear in dreams or move things around, or close the door on   communication with the Angels. Never discount the children's cries over demons in their dreams. When this contains answers to daily events, the child needs more courage, but not only daily events are the content of these dreams. Once or twice a child may encounter peculiar beings in their dreams that cause fear. When this occurs parents need to be comforting, but not dismissing of the dream as the child's imagination. Frequently, these contracted souls are around to delight in the child's crying or disturbed confidence.

Many Angelic beings are living on the Earth now. None of them are well known. Only their contacts know of their Angelic qualities. The same goes for demonic beings, only a most aware conduit of light can determine the actual contribution to what needs to be learned from them. Demons are important co-creators, and they are also divine awareness. Being afraid of them has no benefits. Contact with them can move the light into more channels than the mind can imagine. Open up to all that are deemed dark and be the light of the world.

Common misunderstandings about light and dark opposing each other are not accurate. Actually, they are working together to deliver higher awareness. Are you surprised? A dark consciousness can come and go in the human, why not in higher realms too? What you call dark is only the opposite of light, neither are One consciousness. Duality has no place in Oneness. It doesn't even exist.

Please consider the dark demons your growth assistants. They will fuel an arrogant ego and detonate a misunderstood concept that needs another close look to be cleared.

Prisons are full of dark demons. Why? To cause a more intense experience that leads to inner contact. Same goes for mental hospitals. Opening the door for more awareness is the dark's donation to Mastery.

Are these details able to be accepted? Can you give up duality attitudes? Will they add anything to the God of all that is? Continue to give the One consciousness, not more, the most attention today.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Conditions

As the major conditions of difficulty appear, many of my chelas will be included in the chaos that follows. There are no mistakes in God's co-creation. In these circumstances the need for light will be great. I AM consciousness connects the divine with the awareness of those losing their mental ability to connect themselves. In these circumstances, many of my chelas will be completing their Master's program and graduating with top honors. Not being disturbed by the chaos around them is their qualification for admission to the college of Angels and Masters for yet another degree - the Ascended Master degree. This is only a metaphor, of course, but it actually will open new doors to go through.

Pretending to be detached is never an option in chaos. A most caring "god-like" being in ordinary life can crumble when chaos arrives. Chaos is one chance to discover how a Master deals with anything that appears. A Master doesn't disintegrate when there's a challenge ahead. A Master faces all, with no concern for his own death or a desire for another outcome. He does what a Master does: responds to the care of all with no caution heeded. Arising to the occasion is his True Awareness, the Angel he is underneath his mental dream.

Another chance to deliver this awareness will appear at the moment of ascension. Can the mental objections override the loving care of the true Master in charge? Not when the Angel within has denied the dream and accepts only the actual contract made prior to incarnating. Being an Angel implies giving and loving without any conditions.

The practice of giving is a way to learn if there will be any disturbance in your  ability to be an Angel in chaotic conditions. Angels don't concern themselves with their own needs at all. Choosing an answer for the good of all comes to their awareness instead of thinking about how they will be congratulated for their heroism. Appearing unconcerned is not the same as being unconcerned.

Are these explanations an energizing dialog? Are you concerned about how you will react in a chaotic environment? There is no plan to annihilate the human population, so don't allow fear to control the way you demonstrate courage or awareness in the midst of danger. I Am That I Am says that death is not an opportunity for ego to control awareness, it reveals the actual awareness of the one moving into another consciousness where a conscious death can be attained. Declaring "I Am That I Am" attracts Angelic contact from the next dimension.

When the chaos comes, be relaxed, and accept all that is happening. If there is no denial, you will connect the dots of what has been going on for a good while to bring about these consequences. Change must come to announce the absence of consciousness. Man goes around without giving any concern to his dense actions when it comes to addressing his own home conditions. A home needs care. Growth for all the family members depends on it, and not providing that care diminishes the quality of life for each member. Not caring for Mother Earth has come to where an active change is necessary to bring about a new contract for Mother Earth's inhabitants.

Are my words giving you answers currently needed? Are they letting you in on a not too hidden denial? Good! Get your most challenging gifts of awareness now.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Anyone Can Ascend

When the mass ascension occurs my chelas will all congregate at the Masters level, not the levels below. Anyone going on to a dimension beyond 5th will come together at this time. All will meet in the non-linear moment that ascension occurs. This meeting will not need introductions or acknowledgments. No marking of recognition will enter into the collective music of the Angels' harps. No major door will open, only the answer of a divine gesture that will be leading man to light. Clear channeling will allow in the directions given by angelic beings. Seal the co-creative dance with an answer of Mastery, and disappear from the atmospheric changes of day and night into heart light that never changes. Masters will draw on their own awareness as the ascension continues. Move towards the direction of the light as it appears in your new awareness.

When this moment comes, no one of another consciousness level will be able to be consulted. Give the ascension your complete attention, allowing the moment to bring all that is needed. After the deep awareness has completed its change in your molecular compositon, few dreamers will answer the contact others attempt. Consider that contact non-essential because their choice was to not ascend now.
When the door closes on density, the new world will not be as dense as it has been for thousands of your years. Closing the door to others ascending means that those who have not ascended are needing more dreaming or more active awakening.

My dear ones. "Rapture" concepts differ on one major consideration: the "acceptance of Christ as Savior" by the one who is ascending. In ascension, Christ consciousness acts as the catalyst, not an ego's desire or belief. Choice also provides an optional contribution in ascension, as no one disappears "out of the blue." It must be decided again and again. Choosing one's direction is a more conscious approach. "Rapture" is man's fantasy, it is not ascension. Please don't confuse them. Mental interpretation of a psychic attunement to an ascension became a major concept to build on in Christian theology. Only ascension is accurate. No other disappearance is in the Master Plan.

Children will ascend as their parents do. No child will be left behind, or animals for that matter. All of the humans and animals connected by living communally can ascend together. Once the choice is made on the parents call, all will be called. Should one of the parents not be ascension qualified, the child that can go will go and any needing more conscious learning can choose to leave or not. Parents do not need to be concerned about their children's fate.

Please observe how you react to daily events. No reaction to old contraction creating events means there is readiness to ascend. Contracting again, after old contractions have been nullified, means there's more work to be done. Clearing contractions also needs new attitudes about old energy configurations. Being calm is a contribution to mankind. Calm, clear and caring is awakened consciousness. Alarm, contraction and disturbances all come from mental distrust of divine creation. Give all of the contraction attitudes away now, as they aren't allowing the light to flow through the vessel that can deliver it to others.

Break open the contracted heart once and for all. It is a creation of your mental fears, not the dream of a Master. Making this occur are difficult actions contributed by those who are assisting you by causing these mental attitudes to be revealed. Welcome these revelations, as they donate the opportunity to drop the mind's control so you can mend the energetic disturbance and accept the difficulty with love. Bringing these mental control mechanisms out of hiding must be done to get you out of their clutches. Masters do not contract!

Be alright with everything - without contracting over life's gifts of awareness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, May 20, 2011

Attitudes and Awareness

Change and chaos are already in motion. Catastrophes abound. As my message last week said, another major one is ocurring in America. Not yet apparent to those who are not aware of the total picture, the lead in to this catastrophy is already underway. Many will lose everything they believed to be theirs and many will die. As a consequence, more debt will be the only means of providing any new method of continuing life in these areas. Make no mistake, no one can defer this destruction. Moving away makes only the body defer death, and as that is not in the contract, the details that follow are not always as the heart can accept.

Pause today. Take a deep breath and make a call to the Angels to help all who can graduate to do so. Misery need not be the added condition to anyone's next co-creation.

Practice the next awareness now by not giving this any attention. What comes will be as it needs to be. All negative attitudes about this can disturb you and make more density than the circumstances alone. Making that mention of what is to occur was to see how those who are commenting could answer if the dates and times mentioned were not accurate. My ability to know how the things my awareness observes fit into another materialization is nil. My guess is all I can give, but an Angel who is closer to the 3rd dimension gives me some assistance in my guessing.

Always be aware of materializations in action as an actual date, and consider mine to be an optional date. In my context, this disaster I mentioned has already occurred, and the devastation has already been distributed, even thought it is an  active development you have not as yet felt directly.

Be aware and not afraid. My call can be innacurate in the denser, slower diimensions, but can occur at any moment. Are you able to accept these differences? It is the co-creating adaptation that is needed. Now, what can be done to move the dates out a bit in your minds? Give them a bit more of your time to complete. Proving me to be less than accurate is not an answer to those who cannot accept these dates being off, so allow them their disturbance.

Spontaneous living can make any prediction complex, as man's different mind content contributes more to any development than he can mentally conceive of. Open up to the context that any contribution made by other realms is their overview only.

When the day dawns, consider it another dream coming to the container it came out of. You attract to you all of the conditions of the day's events. Not only the condemnations made mentally, the grateful attitudes as well. Please cancel all mental attitudes about all conditions that appear in a day's experience. None of the conditions commented on are as they appear.

Positive thinking is also a mental attitude, distracting the mind away from another attitude. But it only distracts, it does not delete an underlying negative attitude. All attitudes are collectively contributing to the mass consciousness. Free thinking can disturb the most educated, as well as those not actively dreaming about their mistakes in conduct or other people's opinions of their actions. Not giving attention to these matters helps us and mass consciousness at the same moment. Attitudes of gratitude, and giving and caring that are genuine can make a day's disturbance become "no big deal."

Place these concepts in the heart and deliver more light to all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making a Meaningful Difference

Most of my messages give answers to what has become a major disaster for the majority of Earth's inhabitants. Nowhere can one answer be found about the annihilation of the human experiment. Only awareness can make a difference. Awareness comes when many conscious beings, acting from honest contributions to the collective dream, change the manifestion. Collective awareness and actions towards a different actualization can awaken others to join the change activities. Collective consciousness can do what one or two cannot. But one or two can make awareness their goal and act as change agents for new beginnings.

Corruption has been the most disturbing dilemma of modern times. Any answer to corruption will mean nothing unless corrupt minds can be anointed with grace. As an answer of this nature is bigger than anything man has been able to accomplish, more than an army of highly developed Masters are needed to deliver this amount of grace. An ascension of millions can do it. Not an ascension of the heart of humans, but a manifestation so huge that it cannot be denied.

In this existing collective consciousness there needs to be more than a dream of new conscious actions making a difference. This is why ascension as a group was conceived. Masters on all the continents have gone on after death of the body to lead more to ascension. Most of these leaders of awareness are the latest incarnation of another drama made into a most dramatic answer to corrupt conditions. It was the drama of Jeshua ben Joseph that got the attention of the masses. In another time it was the Buddha who was the catalyst for more awareness. Now it is a group of aware beings (collectively) that will make a major contribution to the healing of corruption in the most non-aware drama that has continued to emerge since Jeshua's days on Earth.

Politics and deception are not new. Both have manifested human greed as the optimum anthesis of its development. Controllers have been around since the Angels anointed the concept in the pre-dawn of human conception. Controllers are the dancers who make the need for light apparent. It is their gift to man.

Are we (Angels and Masters) an answer to duality consciousness? No, duality wil always continue to be the Earth's dream condition. Our contribution is to those who are able to transcend duality.

Having a manifestation like Earth, where souls can become aware of the mental concepts that do not grow into love, became the Masters common ground to make a new advanced civilzation from the ashes of destruction. All those who chose to assist in this conversion became an adept of the divine, to deliver their awareness to the new collective being developed. An answer to human greed is in this collective anointing all the continents with grace.

Apathy among this group, and misguided New Age contributors to the mesmerization of the minds of many, has drained the collective of many contributions to this awareness that could have made a difference. As this has not developed as originally conceived, new approaches are in process.

Are you able to be one of the agents of change needed on this rocky road to ascension? We will all benefit, as a mass ascension can make the needed difference.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mind's Wonderous Way

Consider how your mind chants gibberish into your awareness. All day it makes comments to attract the identification of awareness to what it considers accurate. And almost always, awareness remains calm, centered and not disturbed. Only once or twice a day does the mind allow awareness any opportunity to deliver  mental advice, and this advice is called "creativity". New and different answers to mind's questions can only come during these quiet moments that mind allows.

Can anything alter this dynamic? Absolutely. Mind can delegate more time to awareness. It can be a mental decision and an action created just for this awareness contribution. Those who create do this all the tiime. They make themselves quiet mentally and allow creativity to flow from the one conciousness that all share. Mind acts as a gateway for awareness to contribute ideas through. Mind then takes credit for these contributions as though they came directly from its conclusions.

No wonder man doesn't get to awakened awareness. In all the days moments only a minor gap in mind's active chatter allows an idea of great wisdom to get out. Change in this management can create a different deal between awareness and mind. It can go the other way: awareness having the majority of daily moments and mind giving an "as needed" contribution. Can an ordinary human achieve this? Most certainly! Here's one way. Pass it on to all who will agree to do it.

Make an appointment with your mind to come into direct contact with awareness daily. Once or twice a day create meditative opportunities. Be an open receiver to higher awareness as a quiet, not thinking, vessel. Mentally convey to awareness "its your turn now" and allow the mind this conveyance of control. Mind will get quiet for awhile. As mind can do this by agreement, this is the first opportunity for most of those who meditate to accept that their decision to be quiet is mind's decision and can be done only at mind's discretion. Meditation, therefore, is not awakened awareness, although it does provide an experience of what awakened awareness can be.

Not every mind honors its agreement to get quiet. Many do all they can to sabotage the deal. Since canceling mental dialog can only be done by the chatterer, allowing the chatter is more appropriate - no resistance gives the mind a more caring message than a command of "no thinking". Making time for mind to commune with awareness gives an active mind the blessing of awareness no matter how it acts during those moments.

Saving the best for last is my most delightful delivery method. Here is the last comment on this meditation message: Give the mind an opportunity to be quiet, then act like there is no chatter. There won't be any. Mind will not cancel its delivery, but no one will be giving its material any attention.

Be quiet and allow awareness to have an opportunity to deny the chatter - pay no attention and no control is possible.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Giving: What May Be Needed

My dear ones. Messages are not being deleted. Getting them dictated depends on the channel's availability. Posting them does not mean they go out to their recipients instantly. No conspiracies exist here. To see if a new post is available you can go directly to the site. Some are made available many hours before they are transmitted. This is due to site conditions.

Now, let's talk about how these next catastrophies will become a major change agent in all countries. When America does down in category in the economic grading system their currency will no longer give any security to other countries. And because they are the reserve currency, they no longer can carry any credit for other countries. When this next catastrophy occurs, chaos of a natural kind can lead to collapse of the dollar. Are the countries tied to the dollar able to maintain any value in their own currency? Control of this is up to each country.  Some can overcome, but many cannot.

Economic disasters are coming. I've been mentioning this since the first Master Messages arrived in y channel's early contacts. Beware, I said, get money out of banks, buy gold and silver. Some listened. Many could not buy these then. Now they are going up in value so fast they are out of reach of the majority. Nice if you can get some, not the condition of those who are looking at economic collapse in their country and do not have the ability to pay such high prices.

My dear ones, accessing money that has more value than any other currency has now become a non-consideration. What to do? GIVE. Yes, give to those you can assist with clothing, food, material goods of any kind. You are all needing the love of God to bring healing and assistance, and the way to deliver these is to give to one another. Giving delivers God's abundance. Hoarding lacks caring and caring is what God wants for all of his/her children. Care and co-create new opportunities for money.

Opposites attract. Can you conceive of loving someone who is not lovable? Than how can you anticipate love from others? Can you give to those who consider themselves less valuable than you? Yes, because they make you feel more valuable. Can you give to those you feel mutual conditions apply? No, because you don't see them as needing what you are giving. Once a determination is made about conditions effecting those needing assistance you are attracted to them. Once an attitude of not needing appears, they no longer attract. Can you see where I'm going? I want you to not put anyone in a more or less condition in your mind. Allow the needs of others no conversation. Give to anyone and everyone, no matter how they appear to you.

Apply this formula to your next days: My dream is to give to those who are near to me and to those who are not. Give to anyone that your awareness calls you to give to. Ge generous. Allow the recipients an opportunity to be grateful. I AM THAT I AM adores a grateful attitude.

Hope is not going to attract anything. Giving can! Give all that you can, money, goods, food, love, whatever calls on an action to move the energy towards that individual or group. Many need assistance. Give and attract more to the healing of Mother Earth.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Make No Adjustments

My clear announcement about the next catastrophy answers the question, "What's next?" And my teachings about Awakening and ascension are all an answer to "How do we deal with this?" Please make use of all of these messages. Go back to the beginning and make an outline of the content about Awakening and ascension. Allow this teaching to become more directed to the new awareness needed to deal with all matters to be attended to. Cancel all concerns about how to avoid and do what it takes to go face to face with anything that appears.

Change any attitude that is accompanied by fear. No advice can be given to allay your fears, only on how to dance with them. Putting fear to the test is the best. Make a conscious decision to face all and not allow fear to destroy the light you carry. Meditate. Accept all as it is, not condemning anyone or any group for misdeeds. Carry your head on your shoulders totally looking forward, not behind. Pace one's day to do what can be done and leave room for relaxation. No answers are awakened within you when you are in a stressed condition.

Medicine to quiet anxiety is not suggested. Make more of an effort to accept what is causing the anxiety. Give aliveness to daily conditions with no concern about future events.

Masters will be dancing among you when an active drama occurs. God is the creator of everything and also the dreamer of answers to all that is created. Bravery and courage are more desirable energies for new creations than attitudes regarding the inability to do something about the cause of the circumstance.

When the big, major collapse of an existing corner of a new dam comes, there will be a big continent move towards the Atlantic Ocean. Food growing areas will be drowned. More catastrophes will occur. Are the nuclear reactors all able to withstand an earthquake here? We will soon find out. Cancel all your ideas about control, because none is available. Purchase provisions to create a new life if there is to be one after it happens. Make this the defining opportunity for the awakening to occur. Call in the Angels and give up all control the mind chooses to attempt. Go with the law of the universe that is "move on without any desire to oppose the move." No desire means no resistance to the movement.

My dear ones. One day very soon the call to heal the world will be answered as one disaster and then another. All to come is cleansing the dross that needs to be released. Next comes healing. But your awareness can bring the healing as the disaster occurs, and change dark into light at once. Call the Angels and claim 'I AM THAT I AM" at the moment of change. Free yourself of man's desires and give no opposition to anything that occurs. Be fearless! Know that the divine nature of all is love, and that love is who you are. Love does not need any container to exist.

Apprehension abounds, as most of the animals are already experiencing the dense energies causing this catastrophy and fearing them. Nature is already allowing the dance to grow larger and more devastating. Mental designs cannot control anything now. Panic does nothing. Be brave! Allow for the cause and effect to be in the now moment as it happens. No fear is coming to this heaven unless you deliver it!

Shelters are not going to be available. No drama like those in any other country can match one's own drama. Just go with the flow and dream the next dream with an open heart.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Awaken in the Midst of Chaos

Consider today a new beginning. I am not designating a different future, only a new attitude about the future. In the next days a big catastrophe will be the next cause of human mental disturbance. A lot of balancing will be needed to lead many to the light after the occurrance. This cannot be done now because those involved don't have any awareness of their actual role in this drama. Being surprised by a catastrophe is how the conscious become more clear and the unconscious evolve - if they become clear during the experience.

Many are about to depart their bodies. Can you add light to their experience? Can you make a conscious choice to be love and nothing else? All of those in the desecrated area will have no advanced warning, so having the awareness to demonstrate their claim of being divine will be the condition they will face. My dear ones, I am referring to the next alteration to human density. Today we can ask that those who are dying have an easy transition, and control of their awareness can be the day's great addition.

My answer to the question "where" and "what" is not going to be included here, as the catastrophy is not to be avoided, only experienced by those who are called on this one. Many of these situations are coming, and these dramas are not about avoidance of death. Death is a natural detail in the next days. Ascension will advance the consciousness by convincing others about man's concepts being inaccurate. Many can ascend as a consequence of this catastrophe. Are they ready? Some are.

Practicing acceptance of all that occurs is the most accurate approach to this next drama. Give it an attitude of condemnation and darkness covers the area. Give it  acceptance and make a different choice available to all who are affected by it. Am I talking about a current ongoing drama? No, a new one - caused by the cleansing of Mother Earth in North America. It is about to act as the doorway to a new consciousness in a most unexpected area.

Make today a new attitude day. Act as a channel of light as the drama unfolds. Maybe the drama will not be today, but it will be soon after today. Clarity in the moment is needed.

Awaken to the calls of the day as they will manage one of the biggest awareness opportunities ever to occur to humanity. Be wise, be aware and be caring.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Activate More Awareness by Breathing

My dear ones. Cancel all concerns. Give the mind no food for active thinking. Rest the mental body and delight in all of the other answers to life. No discussion of any topic is more important than being aware of what gives you nurturing from God. When you can accept that the mind has been acting as a distraction from this awareness, there is more dense energy released. Give this your attention today.

Make no attempt to dream about anything. Only delight in each moment's awareness. Add to this "nowness" the breath of life. Give yourself very deep inhales, and deep means all the way through the body, not only to the lungs. Breathe in and let the body feel all of the air it consumes. Pay attention to this and don't give any attention to thoughts about how it is happening. Allow deep  breathing to be the only goal for today. I give you no challenges on how to breathe or how many breaths to observe. Just remain aware of breathing and do it consciously.

No more distractions today. My lesson must be the only thing that has your attention. Make this day a day of awareness of the divine in the body.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Real Change Agent

My comments today are about the Arctic circle. It is this area that will give, or not give, the abiity of man to live on Mother Earth. Nothing can be done to alter the change of temperature that is melting the glaciers. As they disappear, the climate changes and magnetic corrections are needed. Calculating their longevity can be done, but the impact of their disappearance has more importance than is being conveyed. The North pole cannot be an anchor for the major disasters that are coming as a consequence of the destruction of man's environment. Can all continue? In another millenium perhaps, but not now. Nowhere is it written that the earth can continue this massive drama of its own destruction. What was originally created as a land of co-creation with God is not conducive to more co-creation.

When the glaciers disappear, what will the oceans do? They will absorb the continents and all of their contents. Can this situation maintain any control of man's destiny? All the attention on current events is mass deception - away from what is really happening to the entire planet. Not that the content of the daily news is an area of non-awareness, much can be gleaned from this. But none of this compares to the most devastating condition now being managed by the Angels and their assistants - keeping the planet balanced and the world on an even keel as much as possible. How long can they do this? Anybody's guess is as good as mine. Changing the dynamics of this is only an Angelic task, man's thinking no longer has any control.

Praise for the Angels is high, and Osama Bin Laden's death means nothing by comparison. Nor does the money concerns or the movement of the continents today. As all of man's concerns are now coming to a more obvious conclusion, doesn't it appear that the controllers game would not matter? All of their manipulation for change to the dollar and the money worldwide will mean nothing before long. All of these things are now overshadowed by the continents' lack of stability and new alterations to all of them. Can humans and animals continue to make this their area to dream? Only in the short term.

Now, I cannot give dates and times, as only the continued destruction of the ice can determine these things. I can give alternatives, and continuing life through this ongoing drama means another location is needed.

How does this effect the "days of darkness"? As the "days of darkness" are a direct result of lack of sunlight, they are a most important sign of what's to come. When the oceans overlap the continents there will be many days of darkness, not only as a consequence of the disappearance of natural light, but due to cancellation of the man-made components of electricity generators. More nuclear power plants will be dstroyed by natural causes and coal, gas and oil will be less accessible. Man will need to generate his own inner heat to survive.

Why am I telling you these things? So you will not deny the call to ascension. As I tell you about these most damaging scenarios, an answer of major consequence can make them inconsequential. Open the door to the option instead of getting upset about the details of these future calamities.

Now I will mention briefly the eventual disclosure of UFO information being asked about. Yes, this is about to begin, and no additional appearances of the craft will be ignored as they have been. Only the craft that can be an example of the old concepts of UFOs will be disclosed, however, not the latest varieties they have no details of. The newest don't have any resemblance to those made before the century of 1900 ended.

As far as Bin Laden's death is concerned, only angry minds could do this to the one they named as the cause of 9-11 rather than the actual cause agents. No Al Qaeda agents destroyed those towers. It was an inside agent's design in collusion with the demanding controllers who wanted to collapse the Taliban and Saddam Hussein. Are you listening? Bin Laden was working for an angry man: the director of the operation in the US. It was this director who dreamed up the entire mess, not Bin Laden. He was not the cause!

Most of you already are aware of this and wonder why no news of the death of Bin Laden's consultant has been revealed. It will be! He will not be allowed to live either, but not due to the death of those who died on 9-11 or the death of Bin Laden. He will be destroyed by the controllers because he can now expose them. Bin Laden's death means there is no cause to answer for, and he is dispensible. A military officer is the one I am now referring to. Naming him is not in anyone's best interest.

False descriptions of these events have made many angry and no one able to let go their anger. At least this death of Bin Laden can act as a catalyst to let go of more of this anger. Please add any to this depletion that you may carry .

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Making Things More Clear

Opportunities for life to be continued indefinitely on Mother Earth do not exist. It cannot continue beyond our dateline to remove those who are not ascending in the second group. No 5th dimensional world will continue to exist on the land that is now being cleansed. Another area of your galaxy, another dense planet, is to be the continuation of what will contain the most dense of the current human population. It will provide them an arena to grow into higher awareness.

Those who ascend to 5th dimension consciousness will open another door. This door is not closed to anyone. It can be the new designation for a caring group that doesn't desire to ascend to the higher dimensions. All 5th dimension candidates are already being able to tap that love in themselves. It will guide them to another condition of existence that needs no food, housing or clothing. All will appear to be alive and well, living as they always have, on the current land they now occupy, but nothing they are dealing with will disturb them, and no content of the dream will actually occur in their consciousness. It will be an energetic ascension, not a disappearance. In this phase they will act out the entire characterization of their current personality as though all continues to be a change of dimension in human development on Mother Earth. She will continue to deteriorate, as described on many occasions, and they will continue to act out the drama in this new dimension of consciousness.

As Mother Earth continues to erupt from all the carnage of dancing on her without care, she will consume many of these bodies, but they will not be concerned. They will know they are not the bodies! No one will be taken to another planet until the very last moment. Those who go will be the ones who still need more growth in awareness.

Group two will be the test group of those who can gift the world with grace without being demanding of the land or its contents. Happiness as a community will be the lesson. All who remain after the first mass ascension are to live in this consciousness as they prepare themselves to ascend with the next group.

Nowhere is it written that Earth will continue indefinitely. All of your hopes and dreams for its healing will be fulfilled, but not right away. Those who ascend will manifest themselves again in human form after the destruction, to rebuild another playground to grave container. Earth will appear as the original "Garden of Eden". All who choose to live in this garden can do so. No matter what happens to all of the humans today, it will not make any difference to this new manifestation. None of those coming to the garden will be the same consciousness or the current human containers.

Now, you have the total picture. Are you afraid? I hope not! Are the ascension demands too much to grasp? My desire is for all of my chelas to ascend. Give it your best shot.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Addictions and the Awakened Condition

Making a difference means: not doing anything harmful. Not doing harm is the most desirable attribute of all. Acting like a "good" person is doing harm to the actor. Most "actors" do not consider their behavior acting. It is an automatic response to their controlling mental dialog. Awakening one's inner awareness deletes this control. Changing an addictive behavior always begins with more awareness.

My desire is to delete the controlling mind, allowing the divine creator within to contribute more fully to the human condition. Making this your mental goal is an important part of the awakening opportunity. Awakening is a simple change in awareness. It does nothing specific to alter behavior. But due to the lack of ego involved in daily activities, any addiction can just go away without there being any attitude against it. Changing an addiction on the decree of ego is just an option, it is not an absolute deletion. Acting like there is no addiction is quite different than having no addiction.

Making a new addiction does not delete an old one. An addiction can be adapted to another object, making it appear to be over. No goal directed towards eliminating an addiction is as effective in removing it as an awakening.

Making a difference does not require that all addictions be deleted. A lot of great acts of courage are addiction based. But the harm that occurs to the one who drives himself from an addiction is not the same life experience as being a clear, undriven human. All humans are to be considered equal, and the driven one is not. He delivers love to those around him but not to himself.

Passive people are the most harmful, as they don't act out what they feel. Hiding in non-communication carries a death wish. All driven mental attitudes, including the inability to express oneself, are self-destructive. Giving love to one's self means there are no controlling behaviors of this kind.

Awareness of the addictive behavior begins the deletion of it. Being aware of the controller is the beginning step. Mind does all of its control by deciding on the most careful way to behave. A lack of offending behavior is the mind's idea of "good" behavior. But what is "good" is a mental attitude, not a generally accepted  concept. Being "good" is based on a conclusion of what "good" is and what it is not. Parents make this contribution as a child grows into adulthood. Accepting a parent's definition of "good" and "not good" begins mind's creative endeavor. Changing this old concept only happens when nothing else can be controlled by it. Mental attitudes that no longer provide a conclusive end to active desires are questioned and often deleted. Making one "go away" is done by excluding it in a moment to moment decision.

Mastery of the human experience is not without change. Masters are aware and capable of deleting their old mental attitudes the moment one appears. An awakened consciousness doesn't need to question this on an ongoing basis, it automatically occurs as the deepening of an initial awakening proceeds.

Absolute control by the mind is harming man's condition. In his mind he is an able contributor in his role as a man, but actually, in his managed addiction state he is a robot and cannot behave as the God inside of him desires him to.

Cause and effect are always at play. Cause of an illness always goes back to an unconscious attitude. Clearing these attitudes, as the most active discovery and deleting process is called, cancels old concepts that have been effecting the body's creative abilities. Practicing ongoing clearing begins the deleting that is necessary to bring more light to your life.

Making a difference begins in the life of the one who is creating. As in all things of any importance, awareness must contain an attribute of neutral acceptance without any dark thoughts attached No name calling is needed. Attitudes against anything create. A change of attitude towards one's own condition is what begins the letting go of non-caring behavior.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna