Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are We Withholding?

What I must tell you today is that no channeling can give all the details. Why? Because we don't have them. God gives them to us when they are to be activated. First awareness, then clarity. Making you aware is our most obvious action.

As the comet comes closer to Earth many effects will be delivered, but we won't know what they are or what remedies are needed until the conditions are known. Many options exist. Can we choose now? No, we act on what appears, not on what we assume will appear. We have an overview, but as I have already explained, many of the things we can conclude from these apparitions of density can be altered in the choices made in mass consciousness. For example: when clearing the land for meat began, we saw complete destruction of the entire continent of South America. The Andes Mountains were disappearing due to lack of growth in the Amazon. More devastation than could be conceived by the meat grazers. The awareness of this possibility has caused a slowdown in meat grazing and not as great a consequence is manifesting. As awareness alters, consequences can be contained. This is why we say what may occur, to get more awareness to those who can deliver higher consciousness to the masses.

Please do not give up what you love or leave your work, or count on anything channeled. Most channeling is not accurate, and the deceivers are not going to let go of their mode of announcing things that they use to distract you from doing your spiritual work. As ascension candidates, the ascension path means divesting yourself of unaware modes of development. This includes the danger of accepting fantasy forecasts as your full time attitude. Fantasy is to inspire, not divert you from becoming more conscious. This has been the condition the deceivers have managed to create. Believing in the full deliverance of humans to other galaxies to save them has kept many from their development for ascension. Being rescued is not a very conscious approach to ascension.

Completing your goal of ascension requires inner work to give up attributes of ego that have been keeping the body dense. Fully accepting a concept about what may occur distracts the mind. Then it doesn't allow in new information because it takes on a controlling attitude about what differs from the deceptive material. We were well aware of this momentum, which is the reason we delivered the Master Messages. Nowhere else will you find the details contained in these three-volumes that lead humanity to the higher consciousness they asked to be guided to for this last chance to ascend.

My dear ones, don't give up. You can do all that is needed now. Give up your attitudes, all of them. Knowing nothing is a lot more conscious than any belief you are holding on to. Being OK about not knowing is one of the lessons you need for awakening. Completing your ascension is the ONLY goal you can aspire to that won't be a non-aligned one. Waiting makes you able to give up your mind's hopes and dreams and clears the disinformation out of your expectations. Giving away all of your non-aligned desires is most important, as the focus of your mind does make a difference.

Closing down all the deceivers is not possible, so we are telling you not to accept anything that does not come to you with the message "I AM Christ Consciousness, I AM THAT I AM." Names of the Masters are used to entice you to the deceiver's messages. Always demand the Christ Consciousness – ONLY. Are all the famous channels delivering Christ Consciousness? No, only a few. You must ask your own Higher Self whether a channeling is from the highest level of consciousness.

Many will be disappointed by the actual level of contact they now have. This is because they didn't open up their contractions and detach from their mental disturbances. Only you can do this - we can only tell you what is needed.

Are you able to ascend? Are you calm or upset? Are you detached or grasping for mental clarity? Are you making the best of what you have or distressed about what you don't have? When these questions are answered honestly, you can not only determine if you are able to ascend now, but can clearly see the things needed to be done to be on the next wave.

We are the leaders of the Great White Brotherhood. We are not the Galactic Federation or the made up names of the deceivers. We are Christ Consciousness. All of the Ascended Masters can clearly give you this degree of awareness. Will it provide all of your desired details? No, but it can guide you to the deep awareness inside yourself that can fill them in. Welcome what you are given, and delve into the awareness within your own heart for more.

Will you hear the call? You won't be able to miss it. Trust that! No matter where you are, or what you are doing, you will hear it. Go to an outside area and claim your ascension. Driving a car? Go to an area you can leave it. On an airplane? Wait until you land. At work? Go to the nearest exit. Asleep? Wake up and go outside.

All will not disappear at the same exact moment. As you can see, no man can disappear without actively making some effort to totally commit. When this answer to the call comes, the ascension will occur. Are we allowing days? No. In each case, do it quickly – as quick as possible.

Now, are there going to be assistants from other galaxies? Only energetically. Many assistants will be giving you the ascension call and aid in the ascension process. Will all of you be ascending? We certainly hope so. Belief in ascension is not needed. Believe nothing, and go to ascension when called.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, August 29, 2011

Waiting is Almost Over

Maha Chohan Saint Germain will give his message after this one. I AM Archangel Raphael.

When the mass consciousness of an area comes together, there are differing opinions on every topic, but there is also more communication to bring an understanding of these differences. Changing material world goals to another consciousness will not be quick or completely changed, as only an active controller can do this. No drastic measures are being taken to control anything.

Forces beyond our control are in motion. They look about as dangerous as a man draws in his cartoons: where man destroys all on the way to his goal. But the changes being created now are not man made: they are an answer to what all who are human are now awaiting – complete mastery of the human experience.

Altering this complex, natural condition will comply with divine will only. No other changes are to be dramatized during the break down of human affairs. All of man's expectations about control in cooperation with aliens are to be denied. All of God's expectations are in place.

No more waiting will occur. We do not want this next answer to the world's chance of healing to be delayed. Are you able to make the move to higher dimensions? Are you detached and able to agree to leave?

We of the angelic realm are now awaiting the go ahead to lead you out of 3rd dimension. As soon as God decides it is the best moment, the call will come. Can you accept my message as valid? I am the angel who will convey the call.

Love is all there is,
Archangel Raphael

Dear Ones, I AM Saint Germain.

When today's message is on the internet the next action needed is to tell all who are ascension candidates to be ready to move into "can do" mode. Be able to leave this dimension with an open mind and no distress. A feeling of happiness is the key to another calling: the awareness to be an angel for all who are not ascending.

You are not going anywhere. You will be able to give assistance to those you care about, but they won't be able to depend on that, because you will not be visible to them. Once they accept that you are gone they will get the answers they need about what has occurred.

China will not become the country it could be because those who are its biggest decision makers will be going out of the Chinese area. As they accept that ascension was a choice made by man, they will also discover that human control is now over. All the controlling dictators will be left on the continents they control by those unable to defend themselves from harm with guns (these, who deliver love in every situation, will be ascending). Instead, these dictators will be left with those who will convert their dictatorships into chaos.

My dear ones, anyone who gets the call can ascend. Agree, and then go to an open area. Maybe those who have not yet agreed will go with you. All you must do to go is claim your true identity with a call to the angels of "I AM THAT I AM." An instant change in you is possible. Intention is all that matters.

Please allow yourself the happiness of this grand occasion. Align with the light in your heart and co-create the next dimensional creation.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Questions are Not Answered Because . . .

Are these questions about ascension an expression of your mind's fear? Yes, they are. No awakened master asks for details of a pending event because no answers can be given.

At the moment of ascension, all who are not ascending are to be left by those who are. It is their karma to be left. All who do not ascend are able to be on the next wave if they get ready. When the first wave leaves, those remaining can no longer claim they have no knowledge of an ability to ascend, and they may decide to go for this themselves. We are hoping this will happen. All who do get the call are able to cancel their choice to leave at any moment. No force is going to make an unwilling man ascend.

Canceling may mean that another chance exists, but it may not. All depends on the other conditions that are going to occur during the following year. We are not going to present to you again all of the opportunities that are pending, as we don't have details about any that have not yet happened in your dimension. Your choices can alter anything that we assume. How you choose becomes the foundation of what comes next. Patience and allowing each learning (as it appears) must be chosen now.

Why despair during the next months when you can be delivering more love on the way to ascension. This will provide others the opportunity to give their ascension more consideration. Closing the door on one ascension does not mean there will automatically be another. The future is not yet "here." Give your attention to NOW. Give as much as you can. Play when you can. Help others with no demands made on them.

Change to the continents are to continue. My Master Messages give many details about what can occur. "When" is still not possible to disclose. Those meant to go through these changes need only one bit of advice: Act like an angel and give an angel's help when you can. Angels decree their divine consciousness. When needing assistance, they make this statement: I AM THAT I AM.

Should an angel come to meet you, tell it: I AM THAT I AM. This makes the angel aware that you are able to ascend at the moment of death. Be calm during any catastrophe and aid others in getting calm. Breathe deep when caught in fear. Change no material conditions now, only bring love to where you are.

Practices you can do to get prepared for what's next:
1. Meditation
2. Act as though your heart is your only advisor
3. Creative thinking coming through the heart to the mind means "DO IT!"
4. Cheer on those who don't agree with your opinions. Accept them as they are.
5. Answer all attacks with only caring about the entire group involved, including the attacker.
6. Welcome whatever happens as God's divine will.
7. Ask again when you don't get an answer that makes sense.
8. Practice humming, chanting or singing OM as a mantra.
9. Be courageous.
10. Accept whatever comes as the next awareness opportunity.

Facts about ascension are not available. We are all guessing about how and when. No matter how or when, come when called. Give up your doubts and your concerns.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Your Contracts are for Advancing Your Consciousness

Are you wondering about the content of your contract? All is easily available. Call an astrologer to get a printout of the chart for the date, time and location of your body's birth. Amazingly accurate, all the learning opportunities are there. Making a conscious, detailed plan and then matching it with all the alignments the planets make during an entire lifetime! Can you conceive of this having been done in such detail?

Cancellation? Only death or enlightenment. All the constellations are constantly moving during man's incarnation and this cannot be altered. Your active dream will be created along with this movement. Is your life effected by this? Absolutely, and unless you are contributing only grace to the manifestation, the dramas that unfold will include all the karma clearing possibilities that you designed. Only what is in the contract will become manifest in your dream. Your free will cannot override this. Free will is what determines your response to what unfolds. If you don't get the lesson the first time around it will appear again in another form. And when you do get it you will be tested.

Graduation from the life contract is not about completing all the dramas that were included in the original design. It is about changing your relationship to them. When you made up that contract you gave yourself many opportunities to learn to love. Once you are an angel in human form you will see that unloving circumstances can still move a body into cause and effect dialog. In the moment, it may appear a disturbance, but this disruption is only to notify others there is an attitude they are generating that is still needing their attention. In actuality, the angel is not disturbed by anything, God has mirrored an appearance of disturbance for the one needing that lesson. The delivery of certain appearances that are needed is love being brought to "others." The angel is just the deliverer, not the cause of any new karma  for any one concerned.

I am discussing this because this is the opportunity most who awaken continue to be, as others need this mirror to add the lesson to their experience. Once awake, a body can be this angelic delivery container because it is no longer acting out any personal feelings. Patterns of behavior that lead to cause and effect manifestations disappear once the light of an awakening floods in.

As for the ascension. I have made many attempts to describe what can appear in the day or night as a call to ascend. When it comes the body's light quotient will be increased and others will not be able to continue to dialog with that container. However, only the container will move out of sight; awareness will remain until it is no longer identified as a person of this, or another dimension.

After the first ascension drama those not on this wave have one more chance. In about one year's time another call will come, and those able to hear it and accept can ascend. No other ascensions will come as a demonstration of mastery in this dimension. One wave has already ascended in consciousness, but these bodies have not yet disappeared as they were needed for assisting those continuing toward this next wave. No more will their bodies be depended upon to deliver messages, or be heard from in 3rd dimension, once the next wave occurs.

Are you able to get your guidance direct from the heart? Are you able to deliver caring in every circumstance? Are you attached to anyone that will not be ascending (many children will be ascending with their parents). Only the adult children (13 and older) can choose for themselves.

Will Starseeds accept the ascension call? Absolutely, they are not here to get any more lessons themselves, only to anchor the awareness of love. When the next ascension occurs those not ascending will not get called  Wake up NOW! Answer the call when it comes with "I AM THAT I AM." Clear the mind and delight in the anointing of ascension. Never before has this occurred as a group call. We are very close to this anointment. Get over your dismay at human dis-ease and ascend. Ample opportunity for delivery of assistance to those remaining after ascension will exist. Bring your love of life to another level.

Regarding the comet Elenin. The changes it makes to the atmosphere are enough to cause damage to the continents. No direct contact will occur. Niburu is not the astroid mentioned in my other message. An astroid will appear when Elenin is closer.

Blessings to all,

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Blessings to all.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Changes and What Will Not Change

For one year now my messages have given you an accurate teaching about man's ability to change, and an ascension contract that most of you adopted before coming into a body. What needs to be clarified now is not the things that your mind wants to know, but rather how the life contract composition fits in the big picture.  Comets and their effects are not important enough to be the news from our realm, only waylaying their destruction is. My dear ones, telling you that the destiny of man will be completely altered by this comet is not the news I bring. It will disturb. It will necessitate more darkness as the sun will disappear and come back again. But no dramatic scenario will be actualized by our desire to alter things.

Ascension is on track. It is coming soon. As I said before, no dates or times will be announced. My words about the second wave are still accurate. No cancellation of either ascension plan is considered an option. Those who are able to ascend will do so by magnifying their light on the call of Angels.

There is an astroid behind Elenin that may also come close to Earth. If so, this could cancel our prediction for a second wave. As we now see this astroid's potential impact, it will not actually collide with the continents, but the energy it brings could destroy a lot of today's creations in a second. If this happens, no one will care because of the nuclear crisis this would create.

Ascension is still scheduled for "the next months." The comet's energy will not alter this. After ascension an astroid will be the next destructive manifestation in the cosmos. What I have continually said is: choose to ascend now before things on Earth get much worse. An astroid can destroy everything. It doesn't appear to be moving at a calculated degree of contact to the land, but that can change. One thing at a time: awakening and ascension are not connected to the movements of either of these material objects.

Is NASA accurate about Elenin? As accurate as can be managed to know now. Elenin will not come much closer to Earth than NASA predicts, but its trace of contact is enough to be very destructive to the Earth. This is why I asked for more assistance to lead it away. No, it will not be between the Earth and the moon and yes, it will be brightest during the week of mid-October.

Will we cancel anything because of Elenin? No, no change from our end. Are the ascension calls coming before the closest contact with the comet? Maybe, maybe not - this is God's decision and no one knows. We will all be guided at the moment God decides.

Facts cannot be given because the actual data can still be altered. I am not concerned about Elenin. I want many to ascend and our "take" on this is that no damage that is caused by Elenin will have any effect on ascension. The ascension will be a moment that has more impact on consciousness than either the comet or the astroid.

As we observe the comet and the astroid we allow them to lead to a certain degree of contact before we attempt to change their course. We do anticipate using the light of our chelas to help us do this when the time comes. Whether they have ascended or not doesn't matter. Not having a dense body will not change the amount of light available from your heart.

All is as it needs to be. Free yourself from mental concerns about future events. None of this matters to the dance of ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moving On With Love

Cheers to those who have delivered my last message to more who can assist. Can we alter  God's design? No, only the degree of the comet's movement. We are not telling God to make any alterations to the big picture – only adding the light God wants us to contribute. Can man determine any of God's creations? Yes, by giving God the needed additions from man that were designed to be part of the mix.

Our aid in this creation is to assist God in an amplified way – because man does not yet have the ability to give forth from his own awareness without a call from the Masters and Angels. In the days to come our messages will not be needed, as all will hear God's call directly.

The message the comet brings is that man needs to accelerate the light as his contribution to human evolution. Comets are not transformers because of their ability to make alterations. Human transformation comes with the actions and thoughts man delivers as a consequence of the comet's contribution. This call is to amplify the light so we can collectively redirect the course of movement for Elenin. What will be will be, but more light also increases the possibility of awakening and deliverance for more chelas, those not committed to ascend at this moment. Fear not, we are not commandeering a coup against the divine plan.

Asteroids and comets come with many destructive possibilities. Navigating them to another direction is what we are being asked by God to do. Are we going to make them disappear? No, nor are we going to deliver an uneventful turnabout. Once we brighten your awareness, you will help to make what happens in all the galaxies much less disastrous. Peace begins in YOU!

Achieving a particular goal is not our way. Acting to create God's will is. Are you willing to help us do that? Chelas, my love for all that is demands that my words give you everything they can to advance the will of God; also the call of your own God Self. Make this your highest priority. Open up your heart and you will hear the very same direction for your attention.

What about the astral? Those stuck in the astral realm continue their journey in this consciousness until they are able to move on to another dimension. Not all is negative in the Astral realm. The astral contains many of your ancestors, those who are still not able to accept their current condition of existence and they remain mentally identified with their previous incarnation. Are they destructive? No. Can they haunt houses? Yes. My comments about the ending of negative inner dialog is referring to those beings assigned by your contract to teach you how to let go of whatever can cause you to have a negative attitude. Can you act as though they are your friends, not enemies? They were mentors who came to help you with the lessons you chose to have. Families do this for one another. Your soul family includes the beings who have been giving you these lessons.

God has ended this form of lesson giving. What needs your attention now is love. Love all as they are. Love all that has been, and love all that will be – no exceptions. False prophets have disseminated many myths about these times. Accept all as nonsense. Accept none as accurate. Allow your own awareness in each moment to keep you in the flow.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Your Help is Requested

Co-creating in the next days needs active love energy that you produce. All of you, not just a few, can make the light very bright now. God has deleted the dark, negative influences that he/she created to deliver unsuspected teachings about negative influences. What this means, is the end of managed influences in your energy field. Can they all be gone? Yes, God can do anything.

Many collective energies have been disbursed, so heart light can only be deleted by those living human lives. No more negative dictations to the mental body are coming to any of you. No more negative attitudes are being energized in your aura. No more answers that confuse are being delivered. You are now completely able to live the life you choose to live. Not that any circumstances will automatically alter themselves - altered circumstances will only occur when consciousness demands them to. Will the  ability to change all circumstances be equal? No, some circumstances will require many of like mind and less will be needed for others.

Your minds are being asked to contribute intention. Your bodies are needed to anchor light. Your hearts can light up entire areas by only giving an ok to our realm to bring in the energy. Are you able to give us this go ahead? Are you able to let go of the fear you have about this non-invasive co-creation? No one will be "overshadowed" by an Angel or Ascended Master – only divine light will come into the crown chakra to be grounded in the body's cells. Radiating this light depends on how clear one is in the absence of external influences. Can you completely empty the mental and emotional bodies as a test of this magnitude takes place? Can we do this together?

No dates or times will be given. Consider this an ongoing call. Identify the mental body's concerns and ask God to answer them. Are holding on to these concerns worth giving up an opportunity to Awaken? My comments about giving up your concerns can delete them in the answer God gives.

Your mental intention is most important. Focus on the light to be delivered to the entire galaxy through this little experiment. Purify your non-aligned thinking with Oms or another mantra that clears the mind. You can also hum a melody that has caring tones. As this melody enters the current mass consciousness, be aware of the atmosphere in the next days – as light from all over the galaxy will come to a mass of humans in gravity in a way that has never completely been accomplished before.

We are attempting to do this to avoid the effects of the comet detonation that could destroy human beings on the continents where they live. We are asking you to help us divert the fragments that could elevate a crises of comet destruction that comes next. Please do not go into fear. Nothing can destroy your domain unless you cannot become a beacon of light as I have just asked.

Clear the mind of all your comet concerns. Allow the body a good dose of accelerated transformation in the light of God's creative answer to your human intention. Be a warrior and tell God you want to be an anchor for divine love NOW!

Meditate whenever you can. Not to draw the light but rather, to be a clear vessel when it comes. No experience is needed for this work – only delivery of an agreement to be the light of your own divine nature.

An apparition may appear during this experiment. Consider it another message from God.

Chelas, can we count on you? Can this request be disseminated to as many light workers as can be contacted? We must act at once. In the density you are now in, a comet can deliver a major calamity. In a higher vibration it can be less destructive. Please turn on your light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Opposite Opinions

When my messages are given, my words are to empower and awaken None of these messages are to cause negative thoughts towards anyone or any circumstance. None of my comments are angry or advising anger against those who do things they believe to be "right." I've been trying to teach the fallicy of divisive attitudes.

"Right" and "wrong" cause of much of the disharmony in today's world. Good and bad, right and wrong and light and dark are all mental attitudes, and the determination of which one best applies depends on one's thoughts about a particular circumstance – opinions can go either way. "Good" would qualify the way that individual thinks, and "bad" would be the label placed on an opposite opinion. Right and wrong is the same, and so is light and dark. We talk about being light and bringing light, but those living in darkness will see light as the opposite of their way of thinking and call it dark. And so it is!

Cancel your divisive thinking and accept that all points of view are correct to the one doing the evaluating. Complimentary attitudes can do more for increasing awareness than total agreement or those that are in direct opposition. In the big picture, opposing attitudes offer the opportunity to defend yours or let go of a righteous attitude that creates division. Just dropping the attitude towards the opposite concept is enough to make a big leap in the cause and effect factor in human growth. Being opposed to another's opinion is ok, as long as there is an opening for conversation and compromise. Pushing your opinion on those not agreeing is what creates dross (negative energy) in a community.

Put this message into your "most important" file about developing a more conscious world. Being able to co-exist with diversity is one of the most important learnings any soul can develop. Accepting differences is where this lesson begins, but the next level is to be able to move love into that difference - making the difference a catalyst for becoming more loving.

In the human condition it is not common to be an appreciator of differences. In fact, differences have historically been a major cause of negativity and divisiveness. Blaming the "less able", as an excuse to be considered "better" than them, has been a natural instinct in all cultures. Blame the half-castes, blame those with the darkest appearance, blame the other religion, blame the ones who came after you - man is always finding an object to defeat with his derogatory, negative thinking. The boss degrades lower management, lower management degrades those with lower pay, and they degrade their competition for the job – on and on it goes. Beware! None of these attitude demonstrations are in anyone's best interest, as cause and effect is at play in every case. Dark and light do not apply to these comments - only ignorance. Being discerning is not about determining whether someone agrees with your belief or not, it is about assessing whether something comes from Christ Consciousness or not. Anything that does not come from Christ Consciousness is just another ego's opinion.

Now let's take this into the arena of condemning an opponent in a political race. Condemning the opposition candidate draws dark, negative conditions to all - not just the one on the receiving end - or only the one delivering the content. All who agree and all who disagree are also drawn into divisiveness. How can you campaign without delivering anti-"other" messages? Act like an angel and allow others to like what they are experiencing.

When the US Congress makes the world gasp at their divisiveness, the world needs to see how this condition mirrors their own way of being. Is there any country that is not divided in this way? Not really. Can this be changed? Yes, with more consciousness in those delivering the energy to the discussion.

At this point, I want you to let go of all attitudes about being right or wrong, good or bad, and dark or light. Allow your own breath to take you to the core of your being where God consciousness is found, and ask: Can you show me how I can help make a better world? Then do whatever is given as an answer to that question.

Allow others to do what they do. Accept the division that currently exists, as it is. But do whatever your heart tells you to do regarding your own choices. And don't condemn another, or an act of God, for anything that happens to appear in your awareness. Become and angel and give only love as a response.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Why Predictions Don't Occur

Before I make any more comments about geological alterations, I want to clear out any negative feelings you are holding about those that turned out to be less destructive than predicted. In the big picture all possibilities exist. Announcing an act of nature's direction has been one way we have been able to dissipate the cause of many deaths and move that cause out of existence. Announcing a major calamity draws attention to that area, and caring and compassion are aroused. Many of our lightworkers then act to dissipate the cause by directing light to the area. Many disasters have been diverted by this strategy, You may call the announcement a trick or an inaccurate call, but it was neither. At the moment it was announced, it was absolutely eminent. Many anticipated disasters have been diverted this way or became less catastrophic as a consequence. I'm very aware of the conditions effecting all of the continents. Even outside the ring of fire, many big disasters are still a constant threat to human and animal life.

We are asking that more inner light become available to diminish their activation. Those who are not afraid (when we name the degrading momentum in nature's cause and effect activity), can act to divert this momentum. Will many be diverted? Maybe, depending on how much cooperation we get to help.

My last announcement about a major catastrophe in the area of the Mississippi River was absolutely correct in that moment. When cosmic attention turned towards that area an amazing change took place. I was actually very surprised. How the change occurred was not due to my announcement. Actually, news of the flooding possibility in New Orleans aroused the caring of many who prayed and gave their attention to diverting a major collapse of the entire area near the Mississippi River. Instead, the Missouri River became active and caused much less damage than was anticipated in the Mississippi areas. Maybe this was meant to occur this way; God sometimes does things in a most unexpected way.

No matter what we predict, another option is available. Our calls on the matter can be accurate, but not always. This is due to the ability of God to mandate a different configuration of matter at a moment's notice. When we don't seem to get a call like this one correct it appears that our message was just plain wrong. But at the moment this message came to you, I accurately reported the condition I observed: this was to be the next major earth change.

We do not make things up to frighten you. We want to lead you to happiness, so you can bring that happiness to whatever happens in the world. How can you be happy in the midst of a catastrophe? The happiness I speak of is your inner light that cares what happens, but is not at affect of any pending or existing physical condition. I AM consciousness is: happiness, contentment, and complete acceptance of all that is. Mistaking this for being insensitive is a misunderstanding about light and dark. Being drawn into dispair because of external circumstances is not the way of the light.

Changes are gong to continue to occur in the human arena. Changes alter your life and provide learning opportunities about the nature of love. Give thanks for them, because they help you discover the distinction between love and every other attitude.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Money and the New World

Changes to the planet's money arrangement must come before the lack of money does. Your economies are all connected now, and one of the ways to lead the light is to be more conscious in the way you move money around. All of the major economies are debt driven. China is the most wealthy, but too dependent on other economies to maintain that condition.

Futurists are all commenting on the cash to debt ratio, but I'm more concerned about how the debt got to this point. In one way, negative deficits are the same as negative dialog or negative attitudes. Just the mention of them is enough to draw dark memories to one's mind. In this case, the dark side has more than the other. Not having enough when it comes to one's ability to live, means that all who are on the other end of this imbalance are the ones who need to adjust things. When a "me first" attitude dominates the mass consciousness, only negativity is in abundance. This not only decreases what can be created, it also decreases the amount of light available for the management that is needed. We now have the most arrogant deception of all: blaming those in need for the conditions they are experiencing.

When this arrogance is the mass consciousness of a group, there will be no change of direction. Americans in the US Congress are not examples of lack. How do they deserve the authority to determine how to lead your country? How can they determine the most caring options available? Are any of them losing their income? I hope so – as soon as you are able to delete them from these positions. Arguing for the least number of constituents, over the needs of the most, cancels their right to call themselves "representatives." They only represent their own interests.

We need more caring in the leaders of a debt ridden economy. Why? To come up with remedies that can aid those who need their caring. Money invested in giving people aid so they can come out of debt will bolster the light  – not giving away their debt, but giving them a chance to recover from it. All who are now dependent on others for all of their needs don't want to remain in this condition. They want to access whatever methods they can use to move into a new career, or a situation that gives them money PLUS self esteem. This is not just about money. Losing a job, or a home, or a credit rating has many feeling like a failure, with no confidence in their ability to live a "normal" life once again. Depressed and dejected, they fear the future. Heavy, dark clouds of negativity encase them and their entire area with heavy dross. Turning this around also depends on those who have the ability to contribute to the collective mind so more light and laughter can delete the dross.

Practice in not crumbling from what life brings is the beginning of a full recovery. Making arrangements with others to collectively counter these circumstances comes next. Attracting attention to these ideas is a most important follow-up. Use your social networking systems for an action based challenge to those who want to be the next leaders.

When the less able are also the least active, nothing changes. When the less able are the most active, mountains can be moved. Creativity in money matters is in the hearts of those needing the solution, not in the minds of those creating the problem. Get active in any way you can to overturn the arrogant lobbyists in their own methods of demanding that their cause be more important than yours. Overturn Monsanto and the other chemical companies that dilute the nutrition in your food supply. Get out of the control of the FDA and NOW organizations that are approving the injections that can delete your ability to defend yourselves.

In Europe, cease the chaos and gather in conscious, collective groups of problem solvers. Give the riots a new attitude - one that cancels them, in favor of helping solve the situation, not add to it. Demand that debtor countries ask to be guided by the collective consciousness of creative Europeans, not only a few government officials. Israel, stop grieving and come together to liberate yourselves from unjust practices. Don't just complain, offer good advice to be considered.

People, all of this complaining does nothing but add to the negative energy that is clouding all of your continents. Only group energy, creative and caring about the less able, can alter this current dilemma. Debt is not only in the "first" or "third" worlds, it is in the mental attitudes of all who complain. You owe yourselves the means of a new world, where those in need get the care of those who have the ability to assist. You may not have money in the bank, but you have creative ideas and the ability to act towards their adoption. Giving up is not an option.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Your Contract Contains your Heart's Goals

Make today the best day for human consciousness: make peace with all of your mental disturbances. You can do this by diverting your attention when the mind delivers details of these disturbances.
1. Give these details zero attention.
2. Act like these thoughts have no relevance to anyone you are acquainted with.
3. Choose to look in another direction.
4. Practice observing your life without any commentary.

Are changes being made to those thoughts you have ignored, causing you to give the new thoughts more attention than the original ones? Are you able to keep your attention in the moment where nothing can disturb you unless you allow it? Make today a "non-disturbance" day. Allow nothing on your disturbance list to be considered worthy of your attention. Your mind is not able to alter anything, it just generates more thoughts than anyone needs.

All of your thoughts frame the picture that was conceived with an attitude. Your attitude about a memory contains more density than just the awareness of that memory. What is observed only has a charge if there's an attitude that delivers it. All negative thoughts that are accepted, dim your light. Are you able to generate enough happy thoughts to cancel out the dense ones? Only noticing the dense ones is enough to cancel their impact. Just pay more attention to your heart guidance and there will be no disturbance that can dampen your moments. Offer less dross to humanity by releasing your negative concepts before any of them are absorbed into the mass consciousness. Allow more heart energy (that brings love to all that is) to be consumed by the mass consciousness. Flinch no more when darkness comes to call. Bring heart energy to all circumstances.

No flight from one's current circumstances can alter the human drama that comes with your contract. Consider the fact that the contract is the cause of what manifests in your life, not the desires your mind brings forth. Changing mind's attitudes is what  negates the need to make more of the same old choices -  new choices become available. All of your lessons are in the contract, and one must be completed before the next one is given.

As your lessons are being delivered, how you handle each new opportunity creates your next reality. No demands made by ego are the cause of your new experiences. Ego may actually desire your next experience, because what is contained in your contract is available to the mind, via the heart. The mind creates attitudes about the circumstances through which the lessons are delivered, and new circumstances are generated based on how the mind chooses to act during each lesson.

Once a lesson has been delivered by the light beings that oversee that lesson, new answers are also being led to the mind from the heart. Being able to follow the heart's guidance is what completes a lesson and creates the space for the next one to be delivered.

All teachings about using the mind to manifest are not accurate. Ask to be given the needed lesson, and then answer it with a correct answer (from the heart) in order to graduate. You will always have the correct answer available, because it comes with the asking. If you respond with the mind's answer, that lesson comes again.

Channeling does not provide all of your needed answers, no matter how clear a channel you are. Channeling was never meant to override man's divine awareness – it may appear to, but giving it this ability means you are ignoring your own God consciousness, and this needs to be cherished if you are going to graduate. Channeling is not a substitute for the divine awareness of the channel. It is for the mind. All who don't check inside themselves to confirm the accuracy of a message, can deceive themselves into believing an arrogant deceiver.

Absolute clarity about the accuracy of heart delivered awareness comes when you make a point of always asking for it, and then check out the answers by going along with them. Masters always live from the heart. Channeling does not replace your own knowing. Are you able to live like a Master?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cording: A Key to Energetic Freedom

Congratulations to all who are able to leave their lives with happiness; not because leaving is an escape,  a method to enter a different dimension, or a condition to be entertained by. Having the ability to leave third dimension with complete disengagement from cording, and mental concepts about the future, are goals of an ascension candidate.

Preparing to ascend includes energetically releasing all attachments the mind has created with objects of its attention. Cording is a condition that keeps attachment alive. Not thinking about the object becomes  impossible in a corded condition. Both subject and object are able to control the other, as they have become One energy field. Both are dis-eased with need and desire, which makes them unable to detach themselves from their "object" as a matter of choice. Can this be good for either? No, of course not. Pretending not to care does nothing, as the cords are energetically linking the emotional bodies. Help is needed, because neither is able to fully accept their divinity. A corded couple is an ego arranged dynamic, not an expression of divine consciousness.

Please disengage cords with any of your attachments. Here's how: Picture in your mind all those you feel connected to. Ask to be shown any cords that are bonding you together. Notice the number, thickness and connection points of any energy cords that you find. Small thin ones are much easier to disengage – just mentally detach your end of the cord by pulling it out of your body image with a tug. Big thick ones  need more attention. They are too close to the other's heart to be messed with without the other being deeply affected. My directions for this condition are: mentally detach one or two little strands at a time. A massive cord is made up of an unimaginable number of small ones, so today, only disengage ten. Another day do another ten. As the great big one decreases in size, your ability to disengage the remaining mass will become easier.

As these little cords are being pulled out of your aura, don't give the "other" any attention or concern. Cords are created by these two modes of living. Caring for one's family and friends can become cording when one becomes obsessive over one particular object of their attention. Cording cancels true caring, because it takes energy away from the one being corded.

Stalkers cord their objects. No longer is the other free to make their own choices without the energetic interference of their obsessive admirer. No magic is being used, only obsessively directed attention that affects the one on the receiving end. They may become afraid, or experience a loss of energy, or end up on a downward spiral as their admirer (or attacker) feeds off of them. No longer do they have all of their own power. Mistaking this for an emotional condition in themselves, many are destroyed energetically. Pills are introduced, alcohol may be over used, and drugs are frequently an over compensation for the control involved in their dis-ease. Clearing cords must be done for these beings to regain their inner balance.

People who desire others, whether they are calling it love, anger or madness, are decreasing the autonomy of the one they obsess over. Partners in human cording are often husband and wife, parent and child, master and slave, or children and their nemesis.

Can cording occur in close, caring attachments? Yes, most definitely. Freedom means one's own ability to choose without any influences from anyone other than God. Giving love is not cording. Possessive attention cords, love empowers the other to be Free to choose their own direction.

Choice is one's divine birthright. No one, no matter how well intentioned, is meant to be a controller of another's choices. It is a law of the universe that all are given free will. Anyone overriding another's free will has a karmic lesson to learn, and it will be a big drama when it appears. Masters do not accept cording. They deflect affection and devotion back to those delivering it.

Distance does not govern the ability to cord. Cording is done in the mind only, and it effects the object, no matter where their body is located. Death does not erase cords. Answers to questions about deceased members of one's family will be given another day. Meanwhile, detach cords to anyone the mind can agree is a corded object of yours. Open up this option for your loved ones and for those you are disturbed by. Both can be a controller of your auric energy. Please give them their cords back and take yours from them.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dealing with Corruption, Greed, etc.

Channeling these teachings is a most enjoyable activity. Most channels are not capable of comprehending these accurate concepts, so they cannot be the ones to deliver them. Having an awakened channel able to accept these teachings makes this activity possible. Please consider these words, because they can assist in your awakening.

My goal today is to continue to explain the way things are. I've chosen to make this my most significant challenge - awakening the chelas with my communication through an awakened channel. Nothing about awakening has been included in my activity before this, only declaring that the most important thing to do for ascension is awaken. Now, my deep caring has opened this dialog to the challenge of being direct about the way the cosmos can deceive the mind of man and delay an awakening. Now, when the need to complete the ascension is becoming an urgent drama, I cannot ignore the call. Please accept these teachings as an open, curious student.

Corruption, deception, false content being delivered as news, and other dark appearing content that becomes agreed to by the masses is not God's doing. God does not desire any of these mentally driven goals. Only love comes as God's contribution to man's activities. Man, in his disregard for God's love, chooses another way of thinking. Not choosing love is what creates duality. Choosing God's way, the way of the heart, has always been available, and man can choose this at any moment. Most do not, allowing their mind's attitudes to lead.

Attitudes against the highest good are all developed as children in reaction to their life experiences. Once contained in the mental body, these attitudes become creators of unloving actions. Greed, corruption, antagonism, destruction and arrogance become the man's choice. Observing these in others can cause an attitude against these caustic creating thoughts, or make a man choose God's way for himself instead.

Prayer does not negate negative actions. Catholics, who go to confession to dissolve their acts of arrogance, do the same act on another day. Muslims have an active attitude against those who are not of their belief, and Jews consider themselves the victims of many diasporas and are negative against the injustices they have been subjected to. All these negative attitudes are not the love that God desires his children to give one another. An act of abusiveness, no matter what the excuse for it is, comes out of man's decision to be negative. All other God energized beliefs carry many of the same qualities as these three; not mentioning each by name does not make them more conscious than these.

One's consciousness is determined by an inner directed life or an ego directed one. Those leading an inner directed life do not choose an attitude against others, no matter how they act or appear. They are doing heart directed actions to make the lives of others better. No act of disrespect towards them will serve to cause them to attack the one being disrespectful. They will accept, as Jesus did during his crucifixion, that "they know not what they do." Men who initiate an attack are being driven by their ego.

Ego decides the man's attitude and actions, unless the heart has overridden this mental divider. Ego loves attention, and decides to be the aggressor or the victim as a choice. Considering oneself a victim is not only being against the one acting divisive, it doesn't account for the lessons being delivered as a cause and effect dynamic. All of these divisive acts are man's creation, not God's choice, but they do demonstrate a lack of consciousness in the division that is created, and can give an unaware man an opportunity to make awakening his goal of a lifetime. Awakening dissolves anger and all the other emotions of disturbance that an arrogant ego maintains. Heart choices never drive a man to give another a disrespectful attitude.

Crime is the act of an angry ego. Attack against anyone or anything, for control or revenge, is coming from the lowest level of awareness. Making an action against another may be a karmic condition, but it also is the ego's choice to do this in the present life, and this opportunity also allows for another choice to be made.

Allowing attacks on oneself or others is not the way of the heart either. Attacks can be defended. Arrogance can be ignored. Answering the cause can be courageous. Are the ones attacked always helpless? No. Attacks against one's self or one's brother may be the cause of an overt defense. No disrespect is being delivered in this circumstance. Does this mean that it is ok to attack a country when one group in that country attacks you? I'm not saying that. Not all attacks are to be avenged – only those that are delivered directly and in the moment the act is conveyed. Pure consciousness does not hold onto anger to get revenge.

Can man develop more conscious ways to deal with attacks on their soil or on their beliefs? Yes, more group communication and more awareness in mass consciousness can contribute towards this end. Are we (the spiritual hierarchy) able to alter the level of consciousness of man's ego? We do our best, but this is always the choice of man and we can only attempt to deliver higher consciousness, not force it on anyone. Can we alter this human condition? No, but humans can.

More than one open heart in an area creates an opportunity to demonstrate the value of having an open heart. Being heart directed can make a difference. When will this change occur? When you can do your part. Please choose the heart in all of your decisions.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Choice or Fate?

The last message has evoked some excellent questions. My desire is to clarify this topic and gather all who are able to delete their desires, attachments and negative attitudes before the ascension call. This is not as difficult as it may seem. A mature soul can admit their inability to disengage from all they experience as a human, and once this has been acknowledged, their next step is to observe the body's attitudes and behaviors as an outside observer would; clearing them as they arise by simply discrediting all that is not aligned with Mastery!

Masters are not content with less than heart consciousness coming through in their communication. All they want to give the world is love, and anything that is not loving is assessed, and then discarded as such; your own awareness is more effective for doing this than any teachings or alternative healing methods. Only awareness is the answer to having more aliveness and contentment in life. Acting like an all-knowing adept cancels awareness – Masters are humble, open and caring, and recognize that there is always something else to be learned.

All you need do to drop your unloving attitudes is to notice them as they appear, and instantly discard them. Appropriate action is not the same as aware action. Only ego determines the appropriateness of an action. Aware action comes into being when unaware attitudes are observed and deleted. Aware action becomes possible in that moment. Aware action is outside of ego's control – it arises spontaneously as ego's way of doing things is exposed and negated. Positive attitudes naturally move into that vacated space and begin creating new and different experiences.

Choice has always been available. Choosing ego's desire over God's will was the most significant decent in consciousness man has ever made. The apple drama in the Garden of Eden is your reminder of this. As each man discovers the damage his own choice (of ego over God's will) has made, he can make a different choice. One by one, as he recognizes each of these decisions, such as: "It must be MY way" or "I'm more intelligent than God", he has an opportunity to delete a distortion to the divine qualities of his natural condition.

Generally speaking, man's idea of free will contains a major misunderstanding about the meaning of this concept. He can choose what he wants, but choosing God's way is always the highest and best choice he can make. This choice will come from humility and reverence for his future creation. Making a different choice could be going against the best result, because the ego/mind has no idea how a choice will impact the collective consciousness, or others in a soul group. A learning that still needs to occur for the majority of humans is: how to be more aware of the bigger picture.

All man needs to do to stop making unaware choices is to give his ego another day of rest, allowing God to guide him in the choices he makes. God is in his heart, so the choice is really between his own heart and his head. When the heart choice is followed again and again, the mind becomes less involved in the act of choosing. Acceptance of God's way (as the most conscious way) becomes the only choice, and this shift turns an ordinary man into a Master.

How can an ego mind plan the future? It can't because it can only guess at the results from the choices its desires make at any given moment. No man is in control of his destiny. Only an ego would think this was possible. Only the heart knows what is in the soul contract, so getting in touch with the heart, and choosing the way of the heart, will lead man towards the perfect outcome, even if the mind doesn't know what that outcome is going to be.

You (the incarnated soul) are in a body to learn to choose the way of the heart. In doing so you are moving into conscious alignment with your contract. You are the one that ego doesn't want to let go of. All ego's choices, concepts, attitudes, etc. do not have to be YOUR choices. A false persona, that claims to be you, is choosing for you; is controlling you. This detour  occurred when you chose to let ego take control of your life. You can choose again! Your destiny depends on it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna