Saturday, July 31, 2010

Creating Our New World

Man is the connection between the earth and my realm. Only man does the manifesting that allows the movie of life to continue. Without man, there would be no action for us to be involved with. Man creates all of the messes and their resolutions.

Making a new world can be an exciting adventure. Both of the dynamics of cause and effect continue to deliver one's manifested conditions, so being the cause of your desired conditions can create a world that contains more of what you want. Purpose and intention are the keys! Make a new world of love, and then be an example of the effect.

Man will give us all of his new dreams and we will assist to co-create them. Begin to dream now. Create the ambiance that the heart desires. Manifest this today. Begin to manifest by writing down all of the things a new world could contain. Include many creations of diversity on all the continents, and don't exclude any currently existing animals or growing elements. Forests are necessary for all inhabited areas. Plants of all varieties must be available.

Chickens and ducks and other flying birds need the contact with nature they were created for. No animal needs to be confined to a tiny coop. Predators are also essential to all of the animals that are not able to decide for themselves. Predatory animals are the example of control by coincidence, not control by design. Man does his control by design, and chooses his prey without any concern about their ability to defend themselves. Animals, on the other hand, can attack any other animal and the one being attacked can get away. Another game of life to be considered in the new world.

All methods of desired conditions must be considered in the creative process. No concept that has new beginnings can thrive unless all the details have been considered. No deaths caused by new creations will be acceptable. Moving from one dynamic to another will not be an instant change over, so being concerned about dreams in the mental continuum will block new creation. No dreams can get out of the mind that are not resolved. Acceptance that the old dream is over must get into the make-up of the new creation.

Anchors of light are the new and the old in one container. They are aware of the old, accepting that this has no place in the future, and are manifesting the new with their open and calm way of being in the world. No anchor of light is angry about man's dramas, and can create new dynamics with their accepting attitude. Portions of the human drama are angry. Others are very afraid. And more are apathetic, giving all of their life force to nothing at all. More and more of the ones who care are becoming light anchors, and all of them are making the way clear for our new world.

Change is not more of the same. Change will be new and different. Can you give more detail to this dream? Add your concept to the drawing board. Wish and decree and mandate the things you are committed to creating.

My anchoring of new awareness on man's daily activities is part of a new beginning. Use these messages to continue your good mental attitudes and new dreams of heart driven desires. Take nothing out of the current dream that you appreciate. Add what can make things better.

Ponder this: man creates his own reality with his mind. Put yours to good use.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, July 30, 2010

What Will Happen to Man in 2012?

Whatever the mind believes creates an energy of that nature to give man an example of that belief. No belief is more than an idea. Facts, that appear to be proven, are the example of this principal. No fact is more than an idea.

Man's dream is: ideas that get to the belief stage, and cause evidence that makes an idea appear as a fact. No facts are accurate, they only appear as evidence of a man's way of thinking.

An example of this is: there has been no materialization of the end of the world. Many times there have been men who believed the mass consciousness dream that the end of the world was near. Bible concept and man's concept contained many details to calculate this occurrence. Predictions by the great Masters were all the current belief of the moment. And man denied the cause and effect law that clearly describes how man creates his own drama. There was no cause creating an end of the world scenario, only an idea, and the idea brought enough conclusive evidence that mass consciousness considered the cause to be God's wrath. There was no truth to this idea at all.

Now, near another date given to man by dreamers of other civilizations, mass consciousness believes that the end of the world will be in 2012. Again, what is the cause? There is no cause, and no cause means there is no accuracy to what some channeling is giving answers about.

My dear ones, 2012 is no different from all the other dates that man accepted as the date the world would disappear. Now, there are many causes of disturbance, and many adjustments are about to occur, and many changes are going to make the world a very different place. But, the continuation of human existence, in man's most creative experience, is NOT going to be disrupted. Many, not so pleasant, things are about to occur. Many great Awakenings are about to change man's ability to gather more accurate conclusions. And, many are going to ascend, completing a cycle that they acted out over many contractions of human destiny.

Prayers about not ending the continuation of mankind's great adventure are distancing the divine creators from an idea that got caught in mass consciousness. Now, there is no cause and there will be no great disturbance that dissolves man's "growth on demand'.

Ponder this: The creators of man's goal to live in duality are going to keep their dream alive. No drama, as the Bible or Koran are predicting, is about to occur. 2012 will be a major change time, and man can decide again about his future. So be it!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anchors Of Light

Anchors of light are mostly quiet. They don't do many activities, or go to areas where many are gathered. Going places close to home are OK, but going on a major trip demands more of their attention and decreases their contribution.

Their anchoring is done in a most inconspicuous way, and nothing makes others notice them. The chief characteristic of an anchor is non-attachment to conditions of the world. Since many disturbances are going to occur, and all of these disturbances will need infusions of light, no matter what happens, anchors must remain neutral. Any change in their demeanor can cancel their ability to donate light.

Anchors of light are not calling in light to send out to others, nor do they make mental directives for its use. More light is contributed through those who are completely detached, than through those who desire a particular outcome. They also do not credit themselves with any alterations that occur after they are done with their work. Their entire mode of operation is selfless service. It is not that they do not care about the world, they do care what happens and about those it happens to, but their caring is without bias. They are not apathetic, as apathy does not generate light. Apathy and "not doing" are both very different from anchoring. Apathy denies disturbance, whereas anchors are not disturbed.

Many anchors are distributed around the planet. Unfortunately, few are in the Middle East or No. Korea, as both of these areas need more light. Colleagues of mine do a lot of activities to generate light for humans, and one man or woman, detached from all worldly concerns, can anchor more light than our realm can do in groups. Just one anchor can deny the controllers many of their planned disturbances. Planetary healing can also be a consequence of anchoring light.

All Masters are not anchors of light. Some are in a different mode of being. Answering questions about consciousness can be one Master's gift, and anchoring light is done by another. Healing creates more drama and gets more attention than an anchor of light wants to receive, so most anchors do not advertise themselves as healers.

My reason for discussing this today, is to acknowledge those who contribute so much and do not get any credit or compensation for doing so. None of my chelas who are anchors of light are named as leaders, nor can they be named by anyone who gives out awards to those who make major contributions to the world. Yet, these men and women give more to the world than any contributor who can be named. Being able to dream the dream of man's continued existence can be difficult for those who are able to manifest right now. Anchors of light manifest by their very existence. They do on earth what our realm cannot do without them.

Please give them appreciation. Not knowing their names means nothing, consider them anonymous donors, who care about the world enough to contribute their gifts without any concern for themselves. Be their helpers by adding your light to theirs. This can be done by meditating often. My gift to them comes as no other, it is an act of grace.

Many thanks, dear ones, for the gifts you give to humanity.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Affirmations, Declarations, Mandates, and Commitments

Channeling my words is not the only thing that enriches one's life. Clear channeling begins with an affirmation. Making an affirmation about being a clear channel is the most a man or woman can do to heal the past and open up to a conduit's activities that aids others.

Making a mandate to give the most love activates the flow of love. Making a commitment to be Free of mind's greed and negativity makes this occur. No man can be controlled that chooses not to be. Asking, affirming, mandating and committing to what you want does all that you need do to alter certain circumstances. Making a clear declaration of an intention demands that the next contract that gets fulfilled is the materialization of that intention.

Salvation and control are all up to you. Salvation can get the first priority if you ask, affirm or mandate this. Control can also be the consequence of an asking, affirmation or mandate, but consider a controlling demand one of destruction, not one of conscious creation.

Apes do not make affirmations and do not create anything. Man does not create unless he makes an affirmation or other mandate to do so. Prayer is not the creation generator that declaring affirmations are. Prayer does not activate man's inner cause and effect dramas. Prayer comes from mind's belief that man is a lessor being and a more powerful being can control man's dilemma. Commands that affirm, mandate or declare do the same thing that God does: Create with the power of words.

Man does not recognize his own divinity. As an aspect of the One, all man need do to be at cause, is make an affirmation, declaration or commitment to the desired creation. Wishing is not exactly asking and not exactly declaring. Wishing is an answer when God asks you what is desired. "Make A Wish Day" was in response to this asking. Collective consciousness does not grant many personal desires, as these are not about growth development for the collective.

Man does co-creating by affirming, mandating or declaring. Asking and affirming are quite different. One is non-assertive, the other is assertive. Owning your divine consciousness comes with being assertive. "Poor me" attitudes do nothing but delete your divine expression. Being conscious includes conscious creation. Answers to your dilemmas are given to the declarer of that determination. Misery does nothing to manifest. It is only denial of human commitment that drains man's ability to co-create. Take this message in as a concept you must accept without a doubt. Doubt my words and you will co-create nothing. Accept them, and you will demand a new demonstration in human consciousness.

What needs to happen for man's salvation is a commitment to nothing less than human dignity. Making a declaration of an intention is owning man's conscious creation ability. Not declaring an intention contradicts all that God created as his manifestation of "no God but me". One God means: all of creation is God. Man is made in God's image. That includes God's ability to determine new creations.

"Ask and you will receive" is declaring that what is deemed desirable will get co- creation attention.
Purification demands less control attitudes and more giving attitudes.
Manifestation is co-creating all that is now asked for.
Contracts are man's desires before coming into human body. Contracts include many human bodies to develop man's determination of what asking needs to be done.

Drowning in human creation means: not asking for what is needed. Purification of non-awareness delivers new attitudes that contribute to the deliverance of contacts, means, methods, and the materials needed for manifestation. Help is always available. Manifest the desires of your heart with affirmations, declarations, mandates and commitments. Pursue dreams to their co-creation.

Ponder this: What you want is what you have the ability to co-create!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Darkness in Politics

Channels of Ascended Masters must be able to discern energies. No Master has an energy that makes you uncomfortable. An unloving being, seeking attention, will call upon new, inexperienced channels to accept them as an authority. Many do this, telling the channel things that are about to occur to activate allegiance.

Names mean nothing when channeling is done. Always check the message, AND the energy of the conduit, AND the being calling on that conduit. An entity can appear out of no where. How can a new channel decide on its consciousness? Ask: "Are you Christ consciousness?" A "No" answer, or any answer other than "Yes" gives the message. Send away any who are not Christ consciousness. Send away all who are making up a drama to con you. True Ascended Masters do not need drama. Their energy feels comfortable and does not cause negative feelings. Always ask who an entity is. Not as a measure of their authenticity, but to get more information about them. If my name is used, be clear that only Christ consciousness is accepted. A rejected being cannot do anything but leave.

Twice I have given this instruction. Not enough questioning is being done, and I want the impostors to get caught.

Today's other message is about happiness. What happiness does is lighten up the entire universe. Happy people on the Earth cheer up those who are not getting their needs met. Save a life with your happiness. That life can be in another area, another city, another continent. Happiness alters the totality of consciousness that is the essence of all.

On the other hand, politics is the negative cause of darkness. All who choose this profession are dark. They choose to be a politician to control or to gain. Both deserve no accolades. Presidents, Monarchs, Kings and Prime Ministers are all dark. Anyone willing to degrade another to get their opinion accepted is dark. All, not just some! This game of directing appeals to those who did not get their needs met on any level. They need attention, they need agreement, they need dominance. Oh, they may say they are committed to assisting those needing aid, but do they do this? Celebrations of defeating another are a dark motivation to cheer.

Politics does nothing to assist others. An answer to aid is giving. How do politicians give? Only to get.

Change comes when men and women care enough to demand it. National elections are not an appreciation of anyone, only the defeat of one's opponent. Making a difference cannot come through politics, only a grassroots desire to move forward an objective of the heart. Take this advice from me, don't get manipulated into agreeing with a politician. Check with your own heart before delivering any criticism of others. Are they any more advanced in awareness than you are? If not, than how can you expect them to do more than you can?

Wake up people. You are the answer to all the darkness! You are the next world leaders. Not more of the same, please, give your world more conciliatory objectives. Give more heart directed goals. Act like an angel and do angelic things. Allow me this opportunity to make this clear. You must act on what you know to be true. No one who has gotten a political position can do it without your contribution. Another way of looking at your government is: "not this again"!

Are you certain that there is nothing you can do to make the world a better place? If you are, nothing will improve. Talk about what my message today delivers. Act on the drive of the heart to take you to more God conscious decisions.

Walk without my advice to the cataclysms. Follow my advice to Freedom.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Meditation and Creation

Changing the mass consciousness can be done quickly. All this takes is meditation by many people. Not only for one day, but every day. Meditation delivers calm to body, mind and soul. No other method to calm the mind can also do creative work on behalf of your mental decisions. Meditation opens the door to happiness and creativity. New thought streams will continue for many days when you begin to meditate, but once these thoughts are no longer dictating the day's management, they can be deleted as daily guidance. Guidance comes as inspiration or knowing, beyond mental attitudes. Half of the people in the United States are not ready to ascend due to their refusal to meditate. Excuses are not accepted. No matter what attracts the mind, meditation is the most important thing humans can do. Nothing is more important.

Freedom from controlling mental attitudes can only happen when meditation delivers the awareness, "I Am not these thoughts". Thoughts come and thoughts go. Nothing they are claiming is TRUTH. Comments are only opinions. Meditation gives the nature of Self the awareness of man's consciousness, and consciousness is the man's True Identity. The awareness of God never gets made clearer than it does during meditation. Meditation can be an answer to the negative attitudes of the mental body. Mind does not have the ability to provide the Truth, so it makes up stories to deliver as chapters of a memory album to cause disturbance. These are not accurate memories, only an edited, abridged version. Prayer and meditation are both good tools to draw forth the truth of a situation that details these stories more accurately. Once their is resolution of what is contained in these stories, the mind will no longer use them to create negative thoughts.

Practices of all kinds do good things for health. Mental desire and amazing grace are both answers to good health. You will get good feelings delivered as answers to your daily wishes. Wishing for man's greatness cancels negative thinking. Great men ask all the time for good things to happen. Examples of this are: Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, Mahatma Gandhi's asking for Freedom from British rule, Benjamin Franklin brought man powerful changes to the US Constitution, Thomas Edison asked to create more light, Mother Theresa called to God for love for the displaced. Ponder this: Asking for your desires does not need to be a personal request.

Ask and you will receive becomes activated during meditation. Asking does not mean an instant delivery. It causes good feelings that heal, and can advance consciousness, by delivering a desire to the one able to do something about it. Ask and you shall receive means: let the heart lead the way to the development of the future. Call for more peace, more happiness, more caring, more answers to conflicts, etc. Mass consciousness collects these requests and directs creation of those that have the most energy behind them. Put these thoughts into mass consciousness and you can make a change go into creation. Ask daily for what you want.

Material things for yourself are also acceptable wishes, Not as the creative force of group thought, but to design the kind of gifts you would appreciate. Many gifts do come as a result of these requests. God is the greatest creator. God designs all that occurs. Why would God design devastation, death and starvation? Mainly to teach that these things are dark and that the heart can create a different scenario. Both dark and light are needed for men to learn this. Creation needs motivation. The feelings behind creative thoughts are the source of their development. The negative is also driven by man's dark feelings.

Close the door to negative thinking by wishing for what the heart desires. Manifest abundance for all, peace in all hearts, or the end of despair. Call God to the rescue. Ask and give thanks for the action that is being requested. Prayer of this kind can move mountains. Change the drama of controller creation to the delivery of happiness that defeats them. Fear is the creator of darkness. Controllers get their requests filled with negative requests and man's fear. Tell God what you want, and turn the job of creating it over to "him". God is the one who creates, as "he" is asked.

Are you willing to co-create the world as a more loving place? Start telling God that this is what you want.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Channelings are Different

Chosen to be one of my conduits is a man who delivers many channelings per month. His name has been changed to keep him anonymous so he will not be attacked for what has been published. My words for his publications have been quoted differently than the meaning I intended. My mention of him now is to tell you that this is because he doesn't have Awakened awareness, and cannot fully comprehend all of the channeled information given to him. My dear ones, channeling is not a most accurate conveyance, because the means of transmission comes through a channel of man's consciousness. Man does not allow the channel to open completely. Only an Awakening does this.

Now that the man does a good amount of channeling, his needs are met with the amount of opening he has available, but his mental comprehension makes it necessary for me to carefully construct my messages to be acceptable to his level of understanding. Should he take the next step of continuous unfolding, he can continue to deliver this current level of channeling, and he can also deliver the next level.

Consciousness makes it only possible for us to deliver messages at one's current level of awareness. Being Awake opens the door for my highest teachings, because they are fully comprehended as they come through. Crossing the consciousness bridge takes more awareness of the heart/mind contract and goes to the heart for all mental conversations. Top conduits are all Awake. Those who are not Awake cannot comprehend Awakened messages.

Another confusion about channeling is due to the differences in messengers, how they are chosen on our side, and who can best deliver to them. My channel, the one who doesn't comprehend Awakened Awareness, cannot deliver messages with Awakened nuances, and delivering Awakened messages is now extremely important.

What do I mean when I say, "Awakened"? Completely empty of human mental choices. A full cup has no room for new additions to its contents. A full mind gives merely a moment of complete quiet during channeling. A completely dense mind can only comprehend equivalently dense material. Making a new concept acceptable to a full mind needs maneuvering as well as lifting the vibration of the conduit.

Channeling comes through each channel in a different manner. My male friend uses more drama in his content because his mental connection to the material is more delineated than the connection made with my Awakened channels.

Please pay attention to the message in any form, as all are my words. Some are more direct, are more content driven than others. Make no mistake, to be Awake cancels the need to channel, but it also creates a channel that can deliver more of the TRUTH continuously. Face the fact that all channels are not delivering the quality of accuracy my colleagues and I prefer, but when they are channeling, their material is accurate enough to be delivered.

The quality of a channeling can be based on this criteria:
1. Can the material stand alone without a Master's name on it?
2. Can the material deliver the most significant content?
3. Can the channel distribute the messages to my chelas?
4. There are no "conduit wars" between different channels.

Face the facts that :
1. No channel delivers the most accurately
2. No channel gives all the answers, and
3. My channels are all approved by me. Many still pretend to be me, but are not delivering my words.

Authenticating a channel must be done as an ongoing activity. Always ask about the amount of Christ consciousness available, and don't accept gifts of a metaphysical manner without them being checked out by one who has experience with the gift that was awarded.

My new availability through this channel came along just in time, before the changes are to occur.

Ponder this: Channeling has no collective consciousness itself, but it can be used to take the mind out of its mental drama long enough to deliver a message.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happiness And The Mind/Body Connection

Happiness opens the heart. Being happy accelerates the deletion of negativity from the mental body. Happiness cures illness. Happiness can turn around other people's negativity. Pure consciousness is activating the mind/body connection. Mind makes a comment to condemn another, and the body energizing that mental comment takes it in as a negative attack upon itself. All negative thinking attacks man's current existence.

The mental and physical are One. "Others" are mental projections of the One. Mental attacks on any aspect of the One are consumed by your body, just like eating poison. Can the body heal by itself? Yes, when the poison as been deleted. Putting negative thoughts out against ANYONE closes down your body's defense system. Are these thoughts dark because of negative influences? Yes, the darkness of your own negative ego.

This self destruction is more apparent to those who are not on medication, as medication creates delusions about mind/body cause and effect. Medicine not only causes drug related symptoms, it demands more doses so it can continue to delude the mind about its value. Most medicines make no difference when it comes to wellness. Only the mind needs to be cured, and the body will alter its active conditions so it can out picture the new information. If the mind keeps thinking negatively about a condition, the approach of those thoughts does more to concentrate a dis-ease than medicine does to cure it.

Pay attention to your thoughts. If mind creates dis-ease, how can one create health? Stop mentally discussing things that are disturbing. Choose to discuss more appealing topics, that include caring thoughts about anything. For example, "I love today's clouds, because they help me appreciate the days with sunshine." My advice is to always talk about a good feeling topic. Subjects discussed with this positive approach can delete a good dose of negativity's medicine.

Beams of light help to delete the misdirected intentions of the human controllers, because they deny them darkness to douse with more darkness. Happiness converts darkness into more nebulous content, which produces neutrality in its cause and effect demonstration. Policies of a dark nature may continue, and neutrality about them can counter their mandate to destroy. Hearts being open deletes more than just negative options during a crises. More caring attitudes can even counter the dramatic effects of man's control of nature.

Farmers are the most important people in your community. Pause in your day and make a wish for their prosperity. Call out for their ability to be happy, as they grow the food you put into your body. If they add a daily dose of happiness to the good they do with moisture and dryness factors, the food they grow will convey these qualities to the bodies they nurture. Post a message to them to let them know how much they are appreciated. Save them from the crowded communities where no food is grown, so they can get their work done without contamination by crazed men and women. Protect them with mental imagery as much as you can. Plant the fields with them if you have the time and physical ability. Give them help and caring.

Meditate daily for the entire planet. Men may be dodging more catastrophes than anticipated if Mr. Il does what I have predicted in other messages. None of my warnings are being heeded. Bless the men who are able to deny Mr. Il his contact with more countries than South Korea. If he attacks South Korea, he may also attack Japan. His attacks will be towards the Americans there. Pray for all who live in South Korea and Japan. Times are precarious.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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North Korea – Anchors Of Light

Friday, July 23, 2010

Three Things to Deter Controllers

Chances are, the next days will not be as dramatic as my comments have made them appear. This is because many are changing their anger into action. Meditating, clearing the mass consciousness of despair, and giving to others, has made a difference. Keep doing these three things, and you will deter the most corrupt controllers from their game.

New targets of terrorism are now going to become contracts of the men who hate Americans. Not in the USA, rather, in other countries where Americans have a strong presence. Korea will become the next cause of attack on the ground. Not many Muslims are near this area, and men who are controlling the dis-ease called terrorism are not able to go there now, but, they are getting ready to go, and will, if the US and North Korea get into discussions. Be aware that not only Arabic men and women are their choice of attackers. Many of the new recruits are not Arabic.

Can the US make North Korea behave? My assessment is NO. Can North Korea get aggressive? Absolutely. North Korea does not care about conditions in their own country. Are they going to care about others? Mr. Il is not a man to be reasoned with. My first messages about this are clear. He needs little provocation to trigger nuclear bombs. Many of his own people have been doing nothing but getting ready to attack South Korea. Also, Japan, when they join the attack of mass consciousness opinion. Healing needs to happen in this area of your world. Be careful with anything that may cause Mr. Il anger.

Peace and love are needed now for man's children. They must become confident about man's ability to survive. Many of our dear ones are so depressed they cannot dance unless it is to dark consciousness material. Words against others do damage. Can the music makers conceive of new types of music for them to listen to? Without disgust or dismay, caring, uplifting, playful music can take their consciousness up a notch. Can heart messages become energized by those claiming to be lightworkers? Change the music, and the consciousness of young people can add more to this generation of depression.

Clouds are making it difficult to convey all the necessary messages from those who care in other dimensions. Anchoring more light from our realm makes the darkness less destructive. Meditation gives us the opportunity to be able to do this. Meditate and allow the light to ground through the energy centers of your body. As you do this, more growth occurs for all. Happiness conditions are coming. Not all is dark. Many have awakened and are anchoring light in all countries.

Star children are not always aware of what they contribute. Beams of light emanate from them. Their daily lives do more for growth of others than most adults. Children are the gift to the dimensions that need more light. Give them the opportunity to brighten their family - many do this naturally, as they are able to meditate without cause. Children are my great Master assistants. Honor them as this. Allow them to bring more of their new energies to this planet. Some are the Indigo, but not all, and all can bring light by child games and child contact with their I AM Presence. Children close down due to adult influences. Please allow them to give adults their creative, fun filled consciousness.

My calling for you to act on my words is not dictating that you must. I already have said, to check in with your own heart, before acting on anything said by channeling. In this case, there is no control being exerted, only love and caring about the future of all. Tough and demanding conditions are mandating different attitudes. My desire is to make other conditions available - make them the next day's choice, not a negative doomsday made with negative attitudes.

Bless all of you who understand me and can discern the caring that motivates my attitude. Hope is not enough. Man has to take action TOWARDS creating the magic of light the entire universe desires. So be it!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meditate to Experience Divine Consciousness

Meditation is the most conscious moment of your day. Being still, not engaging with what surrounds you, and not entertaining the thoughts that mind creates, can draw out the True Nature of man. Normal, daily activities, do not do this.

Want to experience divine consciousness? Meditate. Are you willing to commit a small amount of time to meet God? It can happen once or twice a day, and not interfere with the day's activities. Only ten minutes can make a major difference. Can you give God this much of your time? Close your eyes. Meditate to disconnect from all the eyes observe. Contemplate the sound of silence. Content that appears in meditation has no meaning . There is nothing more important then just being quiet.

After many days of meditating, the message to the mind of "no interest", can decidedly delete mental activity. Nothing demands quiet like meditation. Tell the mind to be quiet, and maybe it will for one or two moments. Meditate, and calm its concerns about non-essential memories, and you will get the quiet your mind can allow. Not attaching a goal for meditation is best. Never conclude with disappointment. Get the "no thinking" idea across to the mind by making no attempt to engage with the thoughts that arise during meditation. Contact God mentally in other moments, not in meditation.

Choose a time, and make this your daily time for God. You can alter this time occasionally, but don't let one or two missed occasions deter you from meditating regularly. Pass your meditation time in silence. Meditation does not include listening to music or stories. These are to get you into the meditative condition, they are not meditation. Practice, without any chosen outcomes, can develop a more relaxed day, and give you the clarity of mind needed to move into meditation during times of stress.

Select a most inviting area to meditate in without distraction. Create an energy vortex there with regular meditation. Chanting can assist in creating this vortex. Anything that builds the vibration in this area can be used.

Calm, clear, awake, and aware, are all words that apply to meditation. Meditation does NOT include: listening, asking, praying, gathering ideas, contemplation, visualizing, conceiving, or doing of any kind. Mantras are to get you into meditation. Mudras are to invite certain energies into the meditation. Healing can be a result of long meditations, but healing is not the purpose of meditation. Meditation can give you the level of detachment necessary for channeling, but it is not the time to channel. Having NO AGENDA is important.

Choose to meditate, so you will know how the divine aspect of man's consciousness can aid in human mastery. If you don't already meditate, begin today.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Make A Decision NOW

Ponder this: contact with the teachers and guides of my 7th dimensional realm can now be completely accurate, because new contact can occur without moving through astral dimensions. Many deceivers have come as impersonators of ascended ones, and now they are being exposed. My channeling course has exposed them and their manipulative ways, so have no concern about making contact to another dimension. What we have done, is caught the most blatant in their lies, and dispersed them as a nuisance. Confident channels can delete negative deceivers quickly and without nice goodbyes.

And, more will be deceived until they also learn the material in this course. Basically, my message today is: Please take my channeling course. This course can open the door to an Awakening. Why? Because it does what no other channeling course does, it directly connects you to me.

Now, if you do not want to be connected to me, this course is not for you. I AM consciousness is always available to those not wanting my guidance. But, my energy is already coming to those drawn to reading my messages, so what is the difference? I AM consciousness is I AM consciousness, no matter what name it goes by.

False manipulators are going to discredit my words, as they do not want me to discredit them. Be certain, my conduit is a clear channel, and then decide for yourself about the message.

Twenty-million have signed up to ascend during these next months. About five million are ready. That leaves many who will not be able to complete the death and birth cycle. I have asked this conduit to do my channeling as her first calling. Not to become a drain on her, but to get my chelas to make their commitment to ascension again. Make a commitment to the God in your own heart, because this God can take you home. What is necessary now is to collect many channels who are able to communicate to the masses. As soon as the collective gets the message of ascension, those not connected can be left behind. This is not a threat. Can this warning serve as sufficient motivation for you to learn to channel?

Facing the fact that only five million out of twenty million can ascend now, my goal is to increase that to at least five million more. How can this happen? By channels delivering messages like these. Here's what it takes to channel clearly:
1. Clear whatever is not aligned to doing this
2. Meditate
3. Call in the energy
4. Challenge the comments made
5. Make them clear and available

The Course in Channeling that I co-created with Aruna does all of this concisely, delivering all the knowledge about channeling you need. The course can be downloaded NOW, but we don't know what will happen down the road. If those who don't care about channeling now don't get it, they may not get to order it when their computers are disconnected from the internet. Do you think the internet is a permanent answer to man's daily needs? No access to such a great deal of information can be allowed when the controllers are making their last stand. You must get yourself ready to be controlled if you don't learn to channel. Man and another draconian control magician are on a disconnection course of major proportion. Sci-fi and all your movies are mild in comparison. Can you get ready to deliver a major blow to this plan?

Most of you are going about your days in a dreamlike state. Oh, you are "concerned" about the needs of others, and may give money to a cause, but will you get ready for major destruction of the entire commodity system? Are you able to go to another area to live? Are you active in getting ready to care for others, if they can't care for themselves? How are you demonstrating this?

Be quiet. Talk to our own heart. Ask for guidance. Can you get an answer? Yes? Are you able to accept that it is accurate? No? Then you need the Course In Channeling.

My conduit has done all she can to contribute her vast channeling experience to this course. And I have made it interactive with my contact. This does not make it a guaranteed channeling condition, as there needs to also be the contribution of the one taking the course. All the tapes are classes - with tasks that must be completed. Getting the result depends on doing these tasks. Make no mistake, activating channeling with the highest vibration, means activating this level of vibration in yourself. It can be done. It is not mandatory for those who aren't going to ascend, but it is necessary for those who desire ascension.

If there is any way you can get the benefits of this course elsewhere, that's fine, but not many channels are as open and honest about the dangers and common errors most new channels make. Self awareness comes before clear channeling. If denial is present, becoming a clear channel can be a most major endeavor. Consciousness means Oneness, not closed, apart, or unable to give out to others. Oneness can be the goal, and channeling can be a by-product of the Course in Channeling.

My apologies. I do not want you to think I am offering you a major course in Mastery in only five sessions. It is not that. It is a channeling course only, with great awareness as a bonus.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course In Channeling can be downloaded here.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Change the Oil Situation NOW

Ponder this: change to man's world is already apparent, so why do so many continue to ignore this? My dear ones, my love of humanity reaches all, not just my chelas. My desire for all is that you are able to change, with all of the different change factors, without fear. Fear makes an energy that doubles the destructive magnitude of current circumstances. Change, in itself, can be great. No change means no growth in consciousness. Today's message may not seem new and different. Maybe you've been told this many times. Here is change that can happen as a result of growth in consciousness:

Make a list of all of man's needs, and do an assessment about the ability to meet them without automobiles, gas driven motors, or charged motors that are dependent on oil to run. Then calculate the number of days you can be without any of these things. Consider the gas needed to be delivered to gas stations to fill all the gas appliances, cars and trucks in one neighborhood to a maximum of one tank a month. Take that amount and cut it by 70%. This is what may be coming to the neighborhood that you live in. And then add another cost to the tank - quadruple it. Now, how can this change be less difficult? Manage with less now! Give up drives that are not necessary for continuing life. Go with groups whenever you can. Give rides to others when you go out. Change more than one of these things and ask neighbors to do the same. Form community groups to shop together, and get co-ops going to distribute food. Gather together local gardeners and discuss the needs of the community. Offer to assist those who can grow the food. Learn about doing with what you have.

Now, my conditions described may seem crazy, with current gas availability, not needing this kind of cutback. My dear friends. NOW is the beginning of the end of these conditions. Many are disturbed by the oil drain in the Gulf of Mexico. Now that this oil has disappeared out of the control of man, there is not much left to drill. Closing oil drilling from oceans is not difficult. Replacing their supply will be. Controlling this money management condition is a network of controllers of the highest order. None of them care about the concerns of your communities. None of them are delivering any options for continuation of human maintenance in the future. None of them do anything for man's deliverance from graft or greed. None of them are your friends! High positions in these cartels are given for obedience.

Give me your attention! Give them less business, and they will look for different answers. Make them look for new devices to harness energy. Make them draw oil to a close. Make them ask for what you want, instead of keeping oil as the most valued commodity on the planet. Madness is coming if you don't demand a different commodity to give you the energy resources you need.

Humans CAN change this! You and your community can do much for the entire world - by consuming LESS. Change can be your way, not the drain on you it is now. Be a leader of change, the way you want it to be.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, July 19, 2010

What is Ascension?

Chelas, my beloved students. My desire for all of you is that you have more comfort with my words about change and ascension. First, allow me to clarify: many changes are coming. Earth cannot accept more environmental destruction, and is not going to allow it to occur. Before more of these major changes manifest, my messages can give you details about what to anticipate and how to cope. My messages are not for those who insist on denying the information they contain about this subject. The messages themselves are not manifesting what is about to occur. They are guidance for a more conducive alignment with the earth and how man chooses to dance with it.

All who are now chelas of Ascended Masters, chose (before incarnating) to get enough awareness to ascend to seventh dimension during this lifetime. My chelas have not made this their most important decision, so I must also give them the other messages as well - getting ready for change. My preference would be to focus only on ascension. I know it now seems to be merely an entertaining thought, so my task today is to contribute more understanding.

Ascension to Fifth dimension is also called enlightenment. It means: man is no longer controlled by his active mind. Quieting mental and emotional dramas makes it possible to receive divine awareness within, instead of needing direction from others. Goals are also deleted, and there is no contraction when actions are taken by the controllers or devastation occurs. Fifth dimension ascension does not melt a body, or destroy contact between man and his mate. Clear awareness about all of life's circumstances make ascension the most conscious manner of being human.

Seventh dimension ascension does mean compete dissolution of man's human form, so there is no more material contact with others in matter. Consciousness is all that is.

Is everyone on earth going to fifth dimension? No, only those who do their clearing of limitations and Awaken. No enlightenment can occur without Awakening. Mind is asleep. Awake means "no mind". When all your mental limitations have been discarded, including your attitudes about ascension, an Awakening can happen. Give up your beliefs so you can Wake Up and ascend.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inconsistencies Expand Consciousness

Control of the gap between what now exists, and all that you would like life to be, negates your ability to expand in consciousness. If this were not the case, all countries would be the same. Most of the citizens would be grateful for the most active delights, and complain about the deficiencies. Many would look for defects that did not fit with their choices, and drag down the mass consciousness with negative thinking. Man cannot grow without inconsistencies.

What I mean by growth is: delight in all that is. Can you get delight when another doesn't do things your way? Are you grateful for more options when it comes to choosing new directions? Can you appreciate differences? Face the fact, differences are better catalysts for growth and awareness than delight or any activities that are not so driven.

Many of you have a mental attachment to not changing the characteristics of man's drama. For example: taking drugs that cause mental conditions of altered consciousness. You want to be distanced in all ways from what needs attention. Medications are not an answer to growth. They only dull your mental ability and do temporary adjustments to body misalignment. Consider them a continuation of dreaming. Nothing concrete comes out of medication. More attention is actually necessary to correct non-alignments.

Now that the medication companies have controlled your approach to health, new and different medicines can be used to destroy your mental abilities. Consider the mass consciousness drugged! Get off the medications! Take care of the body with organic or pesticide free food. Add medicine ONLY MOMENTARILY. A medicine that cannot be eliminated is not a cure! Seek advice on good diet and exercise. Daily walks can be the key to good health. Walk, ride a bike, swim. Get air and sun too, don't just do the movements.

Claim control of your own body care. Most doctors are not the ones to guide the direction of a body's health condition. Only doctors who give diet advice can add an advantage to your body's health. As the changes advance and increase, medicines will be marketed to all who ask for medical advice. Get your advice outside of traditional allopathic centers. Go to a natural doctor who understands mind-body medicine.

Cancer cannot be cured by chemotherapy. Cancer can be cured with meals that offer optimum nutrition and discussions about mind's disturbances. Cancer is a man created option. Man chose cancer as a way to die. Change the death creating thoughts, and no cancer will appear.

Pre-change conditions, where you could get major dramas to disappear, are over. Now the conditions are: observe the damage done, give any assistance you can, make a gift of money or another act of aid, and control your own cause and effect attitudes. "Cause attitudes" are mental attitudes that act to create what it is you mentally like or dislike. What you mentally attend to comes to you, one way or another. Passion about doing something can advance the creation of that desire. Passion against something delivers more of the cause and effect drama. Not thinking about a disaster works as a major contribution to containment of more disasters. Not thinking about non-aligned conditions does more for mankind than making the drama an obsessive mental delivery of negative attitudes. Most answers to dilemmas come to a quiet mind. See if you can turn your attention to the consciousness that provides answers, instead of adding any negativity to the mass consciousness.

Conditions are always able to change as the mass consciousness changes. Love the beings being given major disasters. Love those who are grieving. Love all who aid them. Love anything that comes to mind, and don't give any situation more negative thoughts. Bless the country contributing to the life and death consciousness you are able to move beyond with a spiritual Awakening.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Next Phase of Creation

My dear ones. Today may be difficult. Many of you are facing financial depression. Many will get sick. Many are not happy. My messages are not to tell you that nothing is happening, they are to guide you to a more conscious direction of thinking. Please give my words much consideration.

Channeling can be an open door for going to a new director, other than the ego. No Master will control you like ego does, but Masters do not want the door to close without your full understanding of what is being given. My teachings must be presented at multiple levels of awareness. No long time chela is going to be mad because they do not address new consciousness, because they need no conversation about this. Yesterday I gave a message for this group. Many of them were glad. Others did not understand my meaning.

To grow in consciousness, new awareness must appear. At first it can seem odd, not making any doors of awareness open. But when given numerous times, the same message makes a lot more sense. More than two conversations about a topic creates an opportunity for great depths of understanding.

Yesterday's message was not telling you to do nothing to take care of yourself and those in your community. Nor was it a cosmic guide of self-destruction. My most dramatic messages are not the ones that nudge the mental body to question, they are the ones that discuss matters that cannot be changed. Many of the disasters that are coming cannot be altered. But many can. Making more happiness can change the vibratory quotient that makes things manifest. Allow for a new possibility or you create the opposite with anointed thoughts about it.

While devastating things are coming, none of them are going to destroy the consciousness of those who are Awake. Being Awake will determine the way the next phase of creation comes forth. More and more, the thoughts that are given out do create the future.

Nothing defines you other than the thoughts that contain your signature. God's thoughts are not personal thoughts. God's thoughts are about ALL, not one aspect alone. God gives grace to all who ask. Are you making wishes? Are you telling God what you want? Give God your new goals whenever you come up with them. Make no decisions about the cost or the possibility of their creation. Give God your list of requests.

Attitude is everything. How you think creates mental constructs that manifest. Negative attitudes about how, or unconvinced thoughts about your ability to manifest, delete your requests from God's list. Ask and you will get no confirmation of your order. Give the matter to God. That puts it in the manifestation channel. Meditate daily. Give thanks for being. Nothing more is needed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, July 16, 2010

What Is The Truth?

Truth cannot be an opinion. It negates all opinions. What is Truth is nothing a mind can accept, because it is not a concept. Concepts about anything are a misunderstanding of what Truth is. Health, action, negative thinking, death, memories, attitudes, agreements, mandates and all other concerns are mind's concerns, not Truth.

Change is at hand. A lot of changes are about to occur. Big changes are not negative. How they are experienced is the important thing. Making a plan may be irrelevant, as no one can accurately predict all the details of these alterations to man's habitat. Man must do what can be done, but nothing of man's doing can deny the big changes their destruction.

Now is the time to move in consciousness, to be in these changes as a Master. Masters are not concerned by drama, they can accept all that appears, as they are aware that nothing is as it seems. My dear ones, what is not real can be destroyed. What is real cannot. What cannot be destroyed is the consciousness that is your True make-up. As the bodies it has activated come and go, it maintains its integrity as a most amazing, most heartfelt desire to ascend the denial of its own existence.

More of this awareness is needed. This news comes to minds as not a real discourse of a Master or a guide, as the ego cannot get the answers it wants. No devastation, and no death, destroys human consciousness. It is non-destructible. It needs no food, water or clothes to exist. It doesn't die. Consciousness is the True Nature of this human body. Give this consciousness a chance, and it will delete all fear, no matter what happens in the world or to one body.

My method of guiding during this most difficult change of continent movement is to get you prepared to leave the human condition with a lack of fear and a mental attitude of a new adventure. Commitment to being Awake will make this your last lifetime. Channeling your guides can help with day to day needs.

Have the messages given you the idea that no catastrophes are coming? No, I've been quite clear on this. Many are now changing the earth already, with more to come. But, my words are not to cause anger, fear or mistrust, only to lift your sights to holiness and death defying consciousness, where You will become a Truth giver instead of being a Truth seeker.

Concentrate on negative things and you will not be ready for healthy control of your destiny. Mind can only activate fear. Concentrate on delight and happiness and give more light to others who are mental.

Make another choice - don't give mind's agenda a chance to create darkness in your awareness. You are a divine, most conscious Master in a human body, not a disturbed mental case needing direction. Call on the Master that you are, and celebrate ascension to the contract of heaven you deserve.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anchoring Light and "Knowing"

Meditation can heighten the awareness of an arrogant mind. Another way to do this is anchoring light. Today my message is about anchoring light.

When the man called Yeshua ben Joseph walked the earth, he did not channel or call to God to tell him what to do. He already "knew" what God would answer. Not because of an advanced condition of his mind, not because he was more connected to God than anyone else, but because of his ability to contain God's energy as it made its way from the cosmos to the earth. His light came through the dam of his mind with no closing of the mind to impede it. His Oneness with God consciousness provided his "knowing". "Knowing" is a demonstration of Mastery. It is not psychic ability, it is much more accurate than that. When one "knows", there is no doubt about accuracy.

Anchoring light is the source of "knowing". Anchoring light is the awareness of God as it is meant to be. Can mental intelligence and "knowing" be different? Yes. Mental answers are not conclusive unless they are given to the mind from "knowing". Scientific studies only consider what is already apparent. "Knowing" does not need proving.

Anchors of light are Masters because the cosmic and the human are One. Yeshua ben Joseph was enlightened. Awakening occurred when he was traveling through areas of the world that were new to him. Masters of Awakened awareness materialized for him in man's image and anointed him with absolution of his negative mind. After his Awakening, he lived in the desert to obtain more awareness. Another Master materialized for him there. Machiventa Melchizadek, the first Master to appear on Earth, told him of his new awareness, and guided him through his demons to more depth of consciousness. He became enlightened on the cross. Why do I tell this to you today? Because YOU are the next Christ consciousness.

Never before have there been as many conditions available for a Oneness mass consciousness to emerge. Never before has Christ consciousness been embodied in groups of Masters who are able to ascend together. Never before have there been men and women needing only the news that who they are is the second coming. Now, the time to ascend is near. Purification of the dross that limits man's growth must be completed. Make this next comment your mantra: "I AM THAT I AM".

This statement can delete the dross and contractions that hold back "knowing". Practice more co-creation with meditation, calling in the light, and advancing the amount of light the body can contain. As the days go by, more and more light will integrate those areas where dross used to be. Fill the mind with more light, and delete the dross from man's consciousness to make another consciousness available - cosmic consciousness. Light anchoring needs only deletion of dross. I AM THAT I AM can do this quickly.

After the dross has cleared, "knowing" what comes next comes from the divine Source. Channeling is different. Channeling does not need the healing and deleting of mental dross that "knowing" does. Channeling, and "knowing", both require emptiness, but "knowing" needs more clearing than channeling does. "Knowing" comes when one mutates all contractions that are contained in the mind and the cells of the body. Hearing the voice of God is not the same as opening a channel of communication with me. God is also the Source of my "knowing."

Humans and animals are the same when it comes to attunement to divine awareness. natural inclination, when fully present, will be the way.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Illuminati's Chosen One

Many are now beginning to question the dramas that have been intentional acts to generate fear. These catastrophes have not been done to bring attention to those doing them - they were to give them complete control of mankind. My message today tells the truth about an event everyone must understand.

One of the most devious commanders of the continents of the Americas was Richard B Cheney. This man was the one who orchestrated the collapse of man's claim to freedom. His devious activities include the complete devastation of human rights and the Constitution of the United States. No other man or woman can claim the donation this man has made to destruction. Beginning with 9-11, to Afghanistan, the failure to capture Osama Ben Ladin, to Saddam Hussein's demise, to Halliburton's costly manipulations, to controlling George W. Bush and navigating the crossing over of his own man in Congress. What can be his motive? Access to the most elite doors opening in the community of the Illuminati. This man is the chosen one.

He did control of anger management in the country he claims to annoy him, Columbia, SA. This is the country he was asked to manage by the first George Bush. Columbia has many drug lords. As they became friends with Cheney, he counted on them to deliver to his control the funds he needed to accomplish the 9-11 contract. He did this with the agreement of George W. Bush. This was the way to get enough control to destroy the confidence Americans had in the men and women who were to give them a new destiny. That destiny is about to continue as Mr. Cheney designed it. Not as he originally orchestrated, but as the group of controllers he belongs to wants it to be.

What did I do by exposing the man that did all the groundwork for the Illuminati? I did this to lead the way to end his ability to manipulate. Change this man's confidence and delete his options. Change directions by calling him in on a criminal conspiracy charge. When another decision is made against the controllers, they may give man another chance.

Many do not know that the banks are not at all safe for depositing money. Most banks are already bankrupt. No United States bank can claim a good balance sheet. No European bank can either. No bank can give out all of its deposits. Man does not need to empty them, but to get ready in case they close. If your bank closes tomorrow, will you be able to care for the needs of the community? Make the decision to get to a more cash based condition. Cancel the debt you are contributing to the national debt. Consider the debt you have to be more than can be delivered by that bank to the consumers that depend on it. Debt cancellation makes banks healthier.

Consider this message to be one of opportunity.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Angels Are Needed Now

Ponder this: my chelas are not the only members of the Children of God who need these messages. Only a few other Masters are giving out this information. Chelas of other Masters are also needing guidance to ascend.

Help is in a number of forms. One is direct messages, another is channeling from a Master through clear channels, and also, many are guided by their own I AM awareness. All three of these methods can get the news to those who need it.

My chelas are giving me much concern. Many are not getting the message that they are not ready to ascend, that they must Awaken. Ascension is graduation. Masters graduate, not seekers. Once a seeker becomes a Master, ascension can occur. All my chelas may be aware of what Mastery is, but most of them are not Masters. Previous answers to questions about this have not given enough motivation to manage an action. Today's message is to do this.

Graduation comes when the lessons have been learned. Masters are able to give of themselves to another without hesitation. Also, they are able to accept all as they are. No opinions are negative. Open hearts accept all who disagree. Masters don't get nasty about opinions. All opinions are answered with respect. Positive attitudes are always apparent, regardless of the circumstances. Hearts are not closed to anyone. Some of those who claim to be able to ascend cannot depend on my assistance because of their arrogance.

An arrogant attitude means another major answer of man's drama must occur. Give the major drama a new attitude and consciousness can deepen. Only those who are absolutely humble are Masters. Can you convince yourself of my message now? Can the names of channels who are not humble help you act on this major correction to your thinking? Arrogance is not compatible with graduation.

My dear ones, take a look in the mirror. Who do you admire? Is it a most arrogant accomplished one, or is it a giving angel? Angels are my choice. Angels do without asking any attention for their actions. They give to anyone who can accept their giving. They are deliverers of caring. No angel mentions a "notice me" comment. No angel delivers arrogant comments like, "I Am the only one who can care for you." These comments do nothing for anyone. More specifically, they delete the confidence of the one hearing them.

All can be angels. All can care. No one needs anyone else to take care of them. Every Master knows his I AM within can decide who does my work or not. In the next months, many countries are to be given an opportunity to learn about angels. Angels are the ones who give to others. Can this be the drama that deepens your consciousness?

Every Master does what the heart guides. Most of you can do this. Most of you can deepen the consciousness of caring also. Meditation alone will not give a diploma . Giving without any concern about receiving must be demonstrated to graduate.

Ascension can be the most delightful answer to the days to come. Many can ascend. Now is the moment to make certain that arrogance is not the cause of another drama to become humble. Be humble NOW. Ascend with your other members of consciousness who are angels already. Give them the gift of ascension. Be their angel. It takes a great man or woman to be an angel.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Make Ascension a Goal

Children of God are all naturally conscious of the divine calling of their hearts. Most do not accept this calling, as mental attitudes get more attention. Facing this dilemma, we, the spirit members of this contract to ascend, are committed to getting as many entities as possible to accept the guidance of their own heart. This is not an easy change, as many do not give themselves any quiet moments that could bring them to this conclusion. Anointing them with grace can also be done, but all of the contact we make is non-tangible and cannot be scientifically substantiated. The power of the mind is great. It can make choices that defeat all of God's desires for the body, canceling an entire soul group's ability to ascend.

Suppose you were one of those who chose to ascend in this lifetime, and you were not open to the divine messages needed to complete the required level of Mastery. Would you want more contact with others who are on their way to ascension? Or, would you make the choice to engineer your personal goals by yourself and do things that are not compatible with divine contact? My point is, all those who need my guidance are not getting it. Can you assist? Can you tell them about these messages? Can you discuss the messages with them? Are you able to open someone up to their own heart on what could be the most important day of their life? Can they be in direct contact with God on a day of great danger? Can they open their door to others who are more desperate?

Maybe a person you know is one of your group soul. Face the fact that only an entire group soul can ascend.

Make a decision to help us lead many to ascension. Change the way you think of those who are "not as spiritual" as you. In conversations, are they asking anything about coming events? Are they making a difference to others? Are they giving of themselves? If none of these answers are yes, they may not get the answers from God that are needed to ascend. But if they are just not able to hear our call, they may be open to more than you are now aware.

Changing mental attitudes about anything is not easy. Resistance to most contradictions is natural. But, if the heart is not completely closed, resonance to the guidance of Angels and Masters can be felt. All that is needed may be a conversation with caring friends. Controlling them is not an option. Someone who is controlled cannot be delivered to ascension. Only the desire to be One with God can do this.

Offer the opportunity. Talk to those you dismiss as not being "spiritual". Give them a call. Ask them to get together. Talk about your divine call. Ask for their opinion. Talk to them as respected equals, not discounted outcasts. It is only their mental thought process that demands another lifetime. All will one day discover the negativity of their mind and how it deceives them. But until this is accepted, they may only need a good act of caring to give them the answers their original goal of ascension needs.

Give this to just one person, and maybe your contact with a lone member of an incomplete soul group can help move an entire group to ascension. And when this group ascends, many will be grateful to the one man or woman who made it possible.

All of you can ascend. It doesn't take a Master to tell you this, it only takes a caring guide to lead the way. We, the members of your group who are going to lead the ascension, are grateful for your assistance.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Group Souls and Ascension

Modern man has not yet experienced the new dramas of the amazing changes that are coming in the next months. As the days get nearer, my chelas are to be led by my words, on this website, or directly. Make no mistake, the changes will be dramatic. Acting out these new dramas will be more of an adventure than man has gone through before. All of the awareness that has come out of man's call for God will be needed, to get consciousness ready for the next level of ascension, before anything really big occurs.

My dear ones. Ascension, as many are aware, is not an instant answer to all your contracts. Those answers must get handled before ascension, or no ascension. Contracts are the agreements between more than one aspect of a drama that can magnify a teaching. One man needs other aspects of his contained energy to raise his consciousness. Many bodies contain one group soul. The entire group soul must become awake to ascend. Man does not ascend alone - the entire group ascends together.

Many of you are now acting as Masters. More of you will become Masters. Masters can activate a "dance of leela" that helps bring other aspects of their group soul to ascension. As more of each group answers my call, the chelas that my messages are for can ascend together. Many are ready, but not all. The many cannot ascend without those who are not yet ready.

Contact may be cut, as the internet may not get to all who are needing guidance. If this occurs, the more channels that can give information, the better. Welcome those who channel and guide them to make absolutely certain that only the highest level of consciousness, the Christ consciousness, will be leading others through them. Channeling for others is a major responsibility. Giving out a deceiver's agenda is a drain on the one doing the channeling, because their karma is affected. Many who would otherwise ascend will cancel their ascension by channeling dark angels.

Always ask this question of any channeled entity: "Are you Christ consciousness?" Only continue when a completely affirmative answer is returned.

Ponder this: Is your ascension completely assured? Are you able to channel your own I AM Presence? Are you Awake? Are you attached to material things? Are you near more than one other person to grow food with? Are you able to discern negative from positive? Are you welcoming of others who are needing aid? Can you give freely? Are you meeting a deceiver to get guidance?

Answer these questions and know the work that may still need doing. Channeling Masters and Angels is not the only thing needed. Make an assessment and begin the things that are not done yet.

After the days of darkness, the ones who ascend will not be available to channel for you. Get yourself able to contact the guides who can take you home.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course in Channeling can be purchased here.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Your Happiness Affects Your Ancestors

Happiness is the most co-creative energy. When you are happy, the fire within you can light another moment of consciousness in the hearts around you. Moments of consciousness add up to more awareness throughout man's creation. Parents who are happy light the light of happiness in their offspring. Children who are happy are a gift of light to all their ancestors.

Ancestors are given a cradle to grave mandate, by the daughters and sons of their energy line, to bring God awareness to their grandchildren. After they move on to other incarnations, they are still carrying mandates from other countries and other matters outside of their current contract. Those mandates are also conditions of energy that play upon them until cleared by offspring of their lineage. Cord cutting through one's own maternal line will do wonders for many of these connected beings.

To do cord cutting, make a mental appointment with a person you are not aligned with. Picture this person (who may be across the miles) in front of you. Then picture the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, or Angels from the Archangel level, around both of these mental images - you and the other person. Make another image of two circles, one around each of you. Then move the circles together until they touch. At that moment, make a most heartfelt command that all cords connecting the two images are cut. Picture a sword slicing the connection between the two circles. When the cord is cut, the images are free to go out of your mind. Your work is done, allowing both aspects of this contract to leave your energy field. Not all will choose to do so. When this occurs, do the imagery again, and maybe a third time, until the two of you are no longer connected.

Making certain that the energy of the other person is no longer connected to yours is most important. Then be sensitive when meeting this person in the future. If there has been no delivery of messages between the two of you before or after the cord was cut, they will not know the cause of the broken connection between you, and since all connections are felt as an active energy in one's make-up until the cord is cut, the cord cutting may appear to be a negative message to them from you. But to your ancestor, it is a blessing, because your release of negative energy in your own field deletes their mandate to be controlled by the behavior of their offspring. Your cord cutting with those you are not aligned to frees them to progress in their current development process.

Answers to more questions will come on another day. Today's message is for all who do not understand that your actions are the key to growth for more than yourself. Your ancestors are also being given clearing when one of their genetic line does clearing work. Show the world that the loving being you really are can be happy for many generations of your family.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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