My Channel is . . .

Hi. My name is Aruna, and I have been channeling Ascended Master Saint Germain since 1985. In addition to channeling and publishing his messages, I assist those who are serious about Ascension to prepare for it by channeling personal messages for them from Saint Germain, teaching them how to channel their own inner guidance, leading them to an Awakening of their True Nature, and helping them deal with their challenges in daily life during this process.

I am a trained and very experienced Life Coach,  an energy therapist,  and an Enneagram teacher, who also happens to have the insight of Awakened awareness.

I love what I do!!! Participating in the transformation of my clients is such an honor, that I am grateful for every moment I spend with them. They are all simply amazing, and even though they may not  realize this when we first meet, they are living as their joyful True Selves when our work together is complete.

For more information about me, my relationship with Saint Germain, and how the services I offer can help prepare you for Ascension, go to my Awakening Coach website,

There you can download a free e-book and read articles about channeling. You can also purchase and download three volumes of Master Messages on preparing for Ascension and Changing Times, dictated by Saint Germain and other members of the spiritual hierarchy.

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A daily healing tool with 12 Ascended Masters and Angels contributing to it is available at

All channeled messages are received by automatic writing and verified as Christ consciousness.

Saint Germain welcomes all respectful comments and encourages readers to freely share his messages with others.

Permission is granted for re-publishing messages from this blog. They can be shared in their entirety with proper credit and a link back to

“No channeled material can be guaranteed 100% accurate. My role as a channel is to be a clear conduit and deliver a message as I receive it. When the message is delivered, it then becomes the responsibility of the receiver to determine whether this message is meant to aid them in their daily life. If not, the channel asks to be held harmless and clear of all responsibility in that decision.” Aruna

(Refer to Page 67 of Saint Germain's - "A Course in Channeling") for more information click: Here