Thursday, May 31, 2012

Inner Awareness is the Only Way

The children of God need more awareness. Not about God's creation or about any of the things my messages address. More awareness is needed about the way they can discover the heart of their own new world. Truth must be disclosed. Nowhere in the world of channeling is the truth of man's inner sanctum being discussed. No man or living diety can describe it. Only a most ardent devotee to man's inner world has the ability to discover this non-describable truth.

The Masters of my realm are not the direct, non-verbal orientation that is needed. We only can talk of man's mental dimension, not his inner world. Many of you are unable to look towards the undescribable. When you do, you will make the leap to New Earth consciousness. When you do, we will no longer be student and teacher, as we will no longer be operating in different dimensions. Our Oneness will be clear.

As long as war continues in any way there is negative energy. In the depths of your inner monestary there needs to be only quiet and no attitudes against anything, no desires, no disturbance, and no choice; no individual concepts and no grasping for more of anything. Nothing is conceptualized in this inner world, only experienced.

Can you do this for me now? Go into mental awareness of your inner monastery. Walk through the door of conditions and directions until you find nothing of the mind's motivations to divert your attention. Be completely present with no thought. When the mental body gives way to the entry of man's higher consciousness what is the most significant thing you will discover? Oneness. Without this fact being part of your attitude, disturbances against another will always be generated. Without dismissal of negative attitudes, ascension candidates will be left behind.

Consider negativity against ANYTHING your density, whether it is against negativity in others, dramas of the controllers, what is in the air, desecration of humans in other countries, or mention of a political party. All dark attitudes do more for the future advancement of the thing you are against than anything you can actively create in an attempt to destroy it. Mandates against call to you what you want to destroy. This is always the case.

Being against man's controlled environment darkens this avenue of control. Meditating to drop most of our own negativity has the desired effect. Meditating to destroy your own control will be more powerful than attempting to control another's way of doing things. Against war? Give love to those creating war. Against negative people? Love them. Against falseness in others? Give them your love too. Be a crusader against anything and your anger causes more density than anyone's call to assist in creating their desires. Be FOR assistance, not against the cause. Awareness of what darkens and what lightens needs more discussion. Attacking what "doesn't resonate" makes your contribution to density a greater darkness than the thing you are judging.

Should conditions be difficult, the most direct way to go through them is with caring, compassion and gratitude to the one creating the difficulty. Gratitude? Yes, for giving you the opportunity to grow in acceptance of "what is" and giving instead of darkening. Walk away when you are not capable of confronting the situation with a content free mind. Give no thought to what appears. Face all with the heart first.

Attitudes about anything are your mind's attitudes, not your inner awareness. Waking up to the highest consciousness demands dismissal of those mental attitudes. First, ask yourself, "is this my Higher Self" before attacking anything. Nothing negative is your Higher Self.

When you can accept the drama in your life as nothing other than an attention getting device for developing more awareness, details can then be dramatized for more insight. Your negative attitudes are all controller attitudes, and eliminating them in yourself is the way to create a better world. Cognitive awareness is the way to have your decisions be the beginning of more expanded awareness. The time to do this is a matter of days, not years. Please give these words your attention.

Ascended Mater Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, May 25, 2012

What a Master Does

Many of you do not understand that my cause and effect teachings are not negative. It appears that way only to those who don't want to learn what actually exists in your world. A Master's consciousness has no opinion about any of these things, because Masters do not avoid anything, they only go towards whatever appears in their awareness. My messages do not alter life situations, they only inform the participants. How do you move towards things that may be difficult? With a Master's consciousness: peaceful, undisturbed and courageous.

Now, with that said, please give this your attention: Presently there is a major controller move to collapse all of the world's currencies that are connected to the US dollar. Prayer is not going to alter this. Masters do not go to the aid of any cause and effect drama, only observe and discuss the actions that can lessen the distress. I AM THAT I AM also does not go to any one's aid. All must do their best to deal with these challenges. Doing this is what develops Mastery. Ignoring a condition does not alter its appearance, only adds to the difficulty of handling your response to it.

Wealthy ones will not go without, but those with little before the collapse of dollar based currencies are going to need more than they can get with their current assets. This is why my diet change was offered. Making do with less is a major asset in times of crises, not a way of getting you to deny yourself in the present. Please consider this to your benefit. When the economy does collapse, those who do my diet can get manna when they need it. Not starting the diet now means not being able to do this when it is needed.

World dollar collapse will come with no warning. Any time is a major challenge, but getting adjusted to this idea now means there can be much less distress when it does occur. Many of you do not want to think about the cause and effect dramas about to manifest. If you would have acted on this dance of dark and light to make yourselves more at ease in the great fall of the American empire, you would have no fear about it now. Fantasising about the New Earth, without making any attempt to redirect the course of events now unfolding, is negative in a not-so-obvious way. Your mental constructs are not the most active means of adding to the light's contribution. Making a difference means taking action, not making mental demands of your guides to do it for you.

Please, get out of denial. See the world as it is and concern yourselves with giving your mind a rest so your Higher Self can act for the good of all. All you need to do is meditate, give more attention to the needs of others, and deliver your truth (by any means at all) to the correct actors in your movie so they can make a difference. Call on your messengers to give you guidance on more actions that you can take.
My ability to contact all of you is only limited by your ability to get my guidance directly. Again, I can only deliver to you what you can accept. My Channeling Course was created to help you get my direct guidance.

Next, community. My Master Messages gave many details about this needed collection of friends. Not just to give a "hello" or dispensing a gift, but to get to know and answer the question "Is this someone who I can turn to when I need assistance?" If the answer is no, get connected to others who you can. Make good friends, not only acquaintances. Find out who is a caring human and who is not. Can you have a conversation about anything important? Can they ask you more about one thing than another? Are manners more important than caring deeply? What do you actually know about the quality of human advice? Can you get inner guidance to assist others? Can they get it to assist you? What can you count on? Pontification does not create close attitudes. Asking about one's thoughts on a topic does. You can disagree with grace, not an argument.

Are you going on with your life as though nothing ever goes awry? Why not get able to deal with new challenges? I'm not delivering them, only giving you time to build your approach. The Ascended Masters will not come to your rescue. You must come to our level of Mastery. Nothing happens without a God given Mastery opportunity included. What is that opportunity in today's events? What do you consider that to be? Moving away from a condition does not make it go away—only for those who don't care about those they left behind.

We of the Great White Brotherhood want all of you, and all of your acquaintances, to ascend—not escape. Ascension will assist others to move on to their own level of development. It is not a failure for anyone. Mastery comes as a consequence of aiding others. Ascension does this. Choose to ascend. Now, more than ever, we need your commitment.

Selling off your material possessions needs no attention. Only making a difference to others does. Give away what you don't need or want. Pleasure and nice feelings are not what being a Master is about. It is the ability to have a clear mind and a non-disturbed heart in the midst of chaos. Can you claim the ability to do this? I hope so.

Make today the most caring one. Nothing done in the past matters. Seek a new opportunity to care tomorrow. Your love is what matters. Be a gift to all. Meditate, channel your own Higher Self. Love who you are. Masters do not need to affirm anything. They accept all that is as divine perfection.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, May 21, 2012

What's Next? It's a Wait and See Game

Please continue to live your lives as masters of light. We do not deny that what we may forsee in future days may not turn out to be accurate. When we comment on things, it means this will occur when all continues as it is now. Should there be a dramatic alteration to that course of development, my context will be altered at that moment. Nothing cannot be changed by divine decree. However, what I am concerned about in your realm is very different than simply altering a cause and effect drama, as it includes all of your dreams and answers for the human continuum.

We want you to continue the ongoing development of human mastery and not be caught in the destruction of the land masses you are inhabiting. Once before we had this same dance to deal with, and most of you chose to come home and miss the next drama. Mass clearing of Atlantis was done by the Galactic Federation then—it happened in a few days of human time, before the changes to the land masses damaged your psyches. We don't have the same options now, because the Atlantians were confident that they were being given another opportunity to continue their claim to mastery. Now there are more obstacles to clearing your damaged continents then there was then, the main one being  the negative attitudes that would disqualify many from moving towards the Galactic Federation mobile devices. Most would deny their friendship and many would make war against them. So we have only ascension as your answer to continuing life in another dimension. When Mother Earth is newly created, the ascended beings will lead the way to another human continuum. All who do not ascend may incarnate again in other areas of the galaxy, one at a time in their new forms, but they will not move there en-mass from earth's atmosphere.

When the collapse of your modern world comes to you via the news media it will be too late to ascend. You need to give your answer before then. We need to know who is in and who is not. Are you able to go on without others you now call family? This may be necessary.

Most of you can only conceive of the future in ways that either continue your current existence or is like the dreams you have had and made into concepts that are not accurate. When ascension occurs, none of man's dreams about moving into light bodies are exactly as this will be experienced. It will not be like the dreams of your colleagues either. It will be a complete dismantling of your dream. Can it be described here? No. You will have to have the experience.

Some of you are asking about the more noticeable topics we have been discussing. Kelp is very good to eat now because none of the commercially available kelp was harvested after the tsunami. This kelp was also harvested in areas that contains no cesium. Chinese kelp is not guaranteed free of all contaminates, but it contains no cesium. Korean and Japanese kelp are worth the price you pay for them.

Those on the Hawaiian Islands do not need to be afraid of the food grown there. Water used on the areas of food growth was not destructive or contaminated. Mist does not come into the food growing areas of Hawaii as it does in Southern CA. It is not the land that contains cesium, it is the air. Cesium dust rises in the coastal mist of the Pacific ocean in these contaminated areas and overtly makes its way towards the not so protected areas where food is grown. Pure cesium is in the air and it gets into the food that way. It was not going ashore in Hawaii in the same way, so no damage was done. Hawaiian food is ok to eat.

Fukushima will be a news item for an indefinite amount of time. Should another big earthquake or tsunami happen in its vicinity there could be complete destruction on all the continents as a consequence. Can you understand that this absolutely can happen? Can you be ready to ascend if it does? We are waiting to gather you to ascend, but we will do it as soon as it appears that Fukushima will get damaged again. Get ready NOW!

In the months to come anything can happen. Neither this dimension nor the Galactic Federation can change these conditions. We can only lead you on to ascension or another lifetime. Are you afraid? Then do what it takes to become "ascension ready." Many light workers are available to assist.

Purification of diet can help. Purification of mind is most important. But purification of fear is the answer to all of the above.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Food Issue

My message for today will answer questions. First, gardening: No garden on the west coast of the United States is completely safe from cesium. It comes in the air from the material that arises from the ocean. Concern is being downplayed due to the food industry being against public notification. Gardens without covers are all contaminated. Are you in California? Consider these options:
1. Move to another area.
2. Only eat food grown in greenhouses.
3. Eat food that was frozen before coming to your area.
4. Only consume what comes in from other areas.
5. Only eat frozen or canned fruit and vegetables.

Yes, I told you to go away from these things, however, California and Oregon and other growing areas on this coast of the US must consider cesium more caustic than canned and frozen diets. Pray over the food being eaten. Cherish it as you do what is considered sacred. Bless all who grow food in these areas, because their entire lives are about to change in more ways than one. Appropriate action is to inform the vast number of news media outlets of this dilemma, asking them to warn all who consume California produced food to stop. Are you getting the picture?

This current situation is contaminating all who grow this food and all who will consume it. It cannot be detected by the nose or other content indicators, other than cesium testing. Safety checks are needed. California growers are the greatest number being contaminated right now, but all who have gardens within a 3-mile distance from the ocean are affected. People can die from what is contained in the next growth phase of contaminated crops intended for dissemination from these areas. Are other areas affected? Only the coastal states at this time. There is no cesium in Europe right now. There was when Chernobyl contaminated all of Europe. Consumers ate it then. It caused no major death epidemics, although immune systems were severely compromised. Concentrations in California are now greater than the Chernobyl contamination because it comes in on ocean currents, not only through the air that moves without concentrating it in the jet stream. Purification of the Chernobyl disaster has not been completed, so a new round of contaminates would seriously add to this cause of cancer and other health destroying manifestations.

Now, considering all the information that I've given you regarding the fresh food diet, nothing has changed in this instruction for most of those doing this new diet. Only those things grown in California are to be avoided—wine grapes included. This year's production is not safe. Olives, dates and avocados are not considered as dangerous as other diet matter from California because those you are eating now were canned or picked before this current week of food contamination. My words are current, so don't be concerned about what was consumed last week or before. Next week could bring more contamination to the area. It comes from the ocean, and as you are aware, ocean currents can make many changes in any given day.

Fish caught in the Pacific ocean in the areas near California, Oregon, Washington and Canada are all contaminated. Avoid them for a good amount of time - one or two months at least. Then we will take another look at them before you decide how to proceed. No fish is completely free of diet disturbance content in any area other than the north and south poles. All marine life is dealing with malnutrition and drugs and oil or caustic material. Nothing is naturally abundant in health nutrients today, except a variety of naturally grown, GMO free, mature fruits and vegetables that are being grown organically.

My dear ones. Do the fresh food diet where it makes sense. Give up the concept if you are in an area where good quality food is not available. What can you choose to eat in these contaminated areas? Not fish, not fowl, not cows or other live animals. Choose what comes from other areas as much as you can. Cesium cannot be detected in what you can acquire now, but it will become a major disease creator in the months to come.

Choose Alaskan salmon, other Alaskan consumables, or Northern Canada produce. Central and South American areas like Mexico and Chili are not contaminated now, but can be when the currents draw the cesium in their direction. What to do? Get accustomed to difficult choices and cause and effect dramas. Life is not going to be the same as it used to be in any countries.

Brazil needs demands made by the international community against chopping down your air generators. Please contact all of the caring organizations and politicians in your country, and use the social networking arena to call for this plan not to occur.

I Am That I Am is the call to angels who are waiting to assist wherever they can. Call on your own inner guides to learn what you can do NOW to change the climate of apathy. Condemn those who are killing the environment. Give up your own demands for great energy usage. Teach the children to be more demanding about what can be done for their future. Join groups that are aware of the death and destruction of Mother Earth and get group actions going. Lead more awareness to the current day's mass consciousness and learn how it can be changed with even more growth in awareness. Capture the moment in dance and song. Give the control to others and die or take it back and change the direction of control to dancing and singing as One.

P.S. Regarding cording release: I have previously channeled instructions on this blog. No need to do it again. Should this be an issue for you, seek a qualified counselor who can assist.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, May 14, 2012

News You Will Not Learn from Mass Media

My dear ones. Today's message contains more news than the media can deliver. We want you to be well informed.

First, cesium is in the food being grown on the west coast of the United States. Most of the farmers are not aware of this. What is eaten in CA, Oregon and coast areas up into Canada is without question not good for health. Can you go to another area to live? If so, go. Those who cannot leave their area need constant checks for radiation. What is being eaten accumulates. Eat what comes from other areas as much as you can. Organically grown food in CA is contaminated at this moment. Can this be remedied? No, not in the near future. See what you can do to delete this answer to the controller dream and get through the next months without getting dis-eased. Keep your mind away from active concerns and do what can be done to delete affected food from your diet.

Next, Australia will not be on the map too much longer if the Australian dollar collapses. It doesn't get any press now, but Australia is in big financial trouble. News of flooding didn't make much of an impact on the news media, but it did on the money supply in the cause and effect scale. Australia has less answers to their deficit than the United States because it cannot manipulate its currency in the same way. Beware Australia, your food supply has big deficits coming.

Next we must mention Brazil. This country's government wants to delete many beautiful miles of God's agriculture and the world's oxygen generator in a matter of months. Cutting down the forest for dams to be built will delete many lives on all of man's continents. We are dismayed at this country's government that can do this. We want you to do whatever you can to demand it not be done.

Next, more answers to the dollar collapse are needed. What do you think about making a new currency? Make your opinions known now! We can do nothing to keep the dollar on the top of the entry for other currencies. It is going to collapse. Savings will not be lost, change of currency for what is now in banks will be dealt with fairly.

Prayer will not alter the acts of deception being dealt by the news media owners. They want you to feel good and not have awareness of money and food catastrophes in the making. We don't want your minds disturbed, but we do want you to be able to make conscious choices. Bring your family together and discuss these matters. Give them good dreams to continue dreaming. Give this no active angst, only decisions about what you can do to handle these facts when you can no longer deny them.

Please do not freak out about these words. Not giving you choices would be undermining your ability to take responsibility for the way you can best deal with these things.

Close your door when money madness begins. Give yourself the most demographically healthy food choices, and act on and connect with other free warriors to object to dams being a priority over humanity's ability to breathe.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, May 7, 2012

All is One—Including the Negative

Purification is the next wave's opportunity to advance their awakened condition. Most of those now aware enough for ascension are not clear of their non-aligned contractions. How can they be cleared? Give them no energy—demonstrate absolutely nothing but delight when a contracted emotion acts up. Feel what comes up so it can  be dissolved by awareness. Once the light is turned on, it will burn out the dis-ease. Give no thought to the task ahead, or to the naming or  deleting of these contractions. This is what the life of an adept is all about, no matter what answers are anchored into the mental body. No answers, no decisions, and no control will deliver an acceptance message to the anger, fear or drama generator enabling you to be finished with all of your non-aligned dramas. Then, no more anger, fear or games will be added to the energy coming from you.

What we in the other dimensions are looking at in your realm cannot be reversed as an act of divine change. What can be altered is the mass consciousness. It is for the advancement of all that make up mass consciousness that you are being given the divine call to ascend. As more of humanity becomes open to ascension by the awareness of  current conditions, many can be advanced to dimensions beyond the one that continues to be destroyed.

I am not chastising anyone for the decisions they have made. I am very delighted that many are asking for advice about ascension. In the next days we want as many as possible to gather as One to ascend darkness. Can you give this your attention? Giving attention to destruction will do nothing but add to the disturbance. This was not my intention when I made the decision to give you the facts. I want all of you to ascend. Are you able to be free of your fear? Are you able to accept the fact that your dis-ease is about to be energized again by physical disturbances?

In the next continuum many will leave their body through the death door. Death can be a great ascension. This death can be a non-death. By this I mean that the body drops while the divine guides the soul to another dimension. No death is negative, it only appears so to those attached to the belief that physical death is the death of the divine light within.

Closing one's mind to the possibility of a beautiful death does not allow the fear to dissipate when death is about to occur. I mention death as a matter-of-fact detail because many can ascend as they die. It can be their method of ascension. Not going through the death experience can be one way to ascend, but it is not the only way. All who die can ascend at the moment they leave the body—it needs an angel's assistance and an actual decision to leave the human anchors of attachment. My goal in discussing this is to add another ascension possibility to the concepts now held.

Plan B is to go through density with an open heart that is full of love in every moment, giving what you can contribute to those who are able to accept what you can give. No matter what happens, this is the only thing that matters. When the time comes to ascend, no matter how this occurs, we want you to be able to CHOOSE ascension.

In our realm there is no difference between being in a body or not. In our realm nothing that occurs is dense—all is seen as the drama each soul needs to advance in consciousness. When you view human experience as the only way to contain the divine you are mistaken. In divine awareness you do not see anything as negative because nothing is negative. In man's opinion there is good and bad, dark and light, and death and destruction are considered negative. Not so in our view, ALL is the divine in action. Negating anything is man's negative attitude, not ours. We love what is being delivered, no matter what it is, because it becomes another way to dissolve the dream that most of you declare to be the reality.

Becoming aware of what the dream contains without being dense in your attitude about this will be a great growth step for you. Blessings on the details are needed, not denials and attacking comments towards our messenger. Are you able to accept that it is the negative attitude of the one doing the  blaming that is the negativity that needs more awareness?

When you negate a channel's clarity due to the mention of details and content that the mind does not agree with, you do not gain the benefit of checking your own attitudes that are negating these messages. We are not destroying Mother Earth with our details, only delivering a clear response to the news media's deception. All of the end of days comments in these messages were clearly described long before my colleagues and I began to inform about them through this channel. The days of darkness have been denied and denied, over and over again, because most of those who channel the light of divine consciousness do not have the ability to BE the light when details they consider negative are mentioned. 

Another message today is about love. Love is the absolute acceptance of all that is. It is not the classification of what is good and what is not. We give you all and you classify it as good and bad. This is not the truth! Self love is the complete acceptance of all that is with compassion and delight—and this includes all that can occur. Face this, and nothing can dim your light.

When a channeled entity claims "one channel only is my conduit," this means that entity is NOT the consciousness of an Ascended Master. All who channel can channel any Ascended Master. No one is an exclusive channel of my energy. Many deceivers claim to be me. Become more aware of the beings you are accepting as guides, Awakened awareness knows the difference.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, May 4, 2012

Frightening? Yes. Deceptive? No.

What has been taught in these messages remains the light's answer to the deceptions leading most of mankind to a most dramatic end of their continents. Considerable care has been given to create the messages as information, rather than advice for advancing a moratorium on the energy of love that keeps the New Age movement uplifted instead of fearful. My channel has been carefully chosen. When we began to share these messages many decided they were not authentic because they did what most channeling does not: clearly declared the current conditions and how they must be countered at once. Can the Masters change the course of those life draining details which are making the land collapse into another contaminated container of death? No, we cannot, only the men, women and children who are alive today have an ability to change anything in the countries where they live. Are the Ascended Masters doing all we can? No, we can do a lot more, but only with human counterparts who can declare their desire to assist.

Noise has been made, man has been told what is needed, and no great change has occurred. Why? No details have made an impact on the dream of all who can assist. Prayers have come and determined actions have not. Man needs to comprehend an important fact: No correction to these dilemmas can appear and change the direction of the drama overnight. Time is a part of your consciousness for a reason: to allow you to get a message to become the director of the changes that are necessary.

Four of your years were needed to delete most of the damage caused by your moon missions alone. How does one moon mission compare to one entire collapse of an eco-system? How many days do you expect our decision to give advice will last if no action is taken? Are we negative? Yes, about the lack of human desire to alter things that will finalize the human condition. Can we turn things around now? No, we cannot. Can you? I doubt it.

Meditation, mental concepts and the change of direction needed can be denied and considered negative, or be considered logical and cause an active move to make things different. My chelas have been negative about what they are learning and unable to be catalysts for growth by acting like leaders. Self awareness needs more active choosers. Control of the change is now in the hands of those declaring: "close the door" to changing the energy. This is the dominant decree of their making.

False conditions on the light workers sites are the controllers in action. Be their sheep and die in their captivity. Weapons of mass destruction are not the death threat that you have named in your soul contracts as a condition of death. It is the collapse of your water and current food channels that will destroy your world. Your food supply is contaminated. What can contain man's contentment does not contain good nutrition. Man's good nature will collapse when there is no food to consume and no clean water to drink. In the next months you will see these things in the news more and more.

When the time for ascension comes many of those not prepared will wish they were. Food shortages are to close the book on Mother Earth's food chain when the diet for humans cancels the other consumable species. Are you able to consider my diet? If you can, you will be in the great minority for having a full belly.

Change of diet must happen before the complete change in the current laws about deleting organic farming are made. Are they coming? Yes. Not only in the US, but anywhere the GMOs are available. No GMOs and life on earth will continue. GMOs are a death sentence for all.

Negative? Yes, because my effort to aid in making this next cause and effect condition disappear was not able to turn things around. Are we angry about this? Anger is not in our nature—but we are quite disappointed.

Children are my biggest concern, as they are not able to grow without good nutritious food. Stunted growth will cause them great suffering. We want them all to ascend. Can they? No, only those that are able to leave their attachments. Most children do not understand, and boys and girls with no parents do not have any guidance to lead them to ascension. My feelings are dread and concern about their fate. What can we do about this? Community, join one and invite in any you can convince. Give to one another the love that all need. Give up your dramas and walk your talk. Be the love that you call for in your days of death. Give up your negative attitudes and face the things you fear, so you can overcome your fear of death. This way, when death comes you can gladly accept it.

Now, those who are on the ascension awareness track, we want you to be available when the call comes. It will come.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna