Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can The Planet Be Saved?

Healing the planet cannot be done. The destruction has been so devastating, that healing anything means exiting the area for hundreds of your years. Apathy about "hands of light" in the consciousness of man has negated the regeneration that man could have done with his own delivery of energy. Now, the deficiency in the health of man, and the land we call Gaia, is at such a drain level, it is no longer conducive to alterations by infusions of energy and mental imagery. What this means, is that man can either make do with what he has created, or continue to destroy the land until he can no longer inhabit it. Positive answers to the only conscious choice are abundant, and they may change things, but only when they are accepted by the men and women who make decisions about environmental issues.

A case in point is a marketing decision that was made, to delete the confidence of man about his responsibility to the planetary home he lives in. Man has always desired ownership. Why does this desire, to control, condemn the land he doesn't own? Is this non-contained land any less valuable? Why is the main address of man's desire only his own little piece of mankind's collective ownership? Is this all he can care about? As man has cared only about one small area, the land he doesn't care about has been destroyed.

Saving the forests, and the animals they make a cover for, are not his concern. Animals are the energy of another continuity contract with different "hands of light" beings, and their disappearance drains our ability to aid man. We ask the question, "Why doesn't man actively care about the land that is not attached to his control?" Maybe he can only care about the things he owns. Is that reason to kill off animals he doesn't own? And do these animals get any credit for their contribution to mankind? No, they are not considered as valuable to man as his automobile, or his clothes, or his activities that come with a price. Man has drained his home of the future by this ownership attitude. Changing his mind now is the only way to alter the decomposition of the continents and the water he needs to live. Polluting the Earth and the oceans cannot continue.

Polluting man's body must also end. Pills and chemicals are negative drains on the human energy field. Both do great damage to humans, generation to generation, distorting genetics that man needs to procreate. Closing this deficiency must be a major commitment for any company making a conscious attempt to deliver a different condition to the one now controlled by men who leave no demographic untouched by their desire to control.

Face the fact that the Earth must get man's care. No man can do this alone. The collective consciousness must get the message about actively doing things differently. Love has not been given to the land that is outside of the house man owns. Must he lose his house to accept his competency in a non-ownership position? Has he lost his desire to have a mansion in God's kingdom? This will only come to be when he admits his neglect of God's kingdom and does more to care for it.

May peace prevail on the drama of healing, now. Co-creation needs man's healing motivation, not his misery and distrust of his co-creating ability. Climbing mountains has always been a love of the dreamers of the Angelic kingdom. Mountains are to be climbed. Now the mountain of health of humanity is right in front of you. Assume that it is up to you to grasp the next summit before the others. How fast will you climb? How much energy will you contribute? Will you be a great hero or an apathetic observer.

Give this message deep consideration. Act on the call of the heart. Can the planet be saved? Are you willing to do your part?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Absolute Necessity of Inner Guidance

Carry out the clear messages that come from within. If these messages are not taken seriously, the Masters and Angels are not going to be able to deliver your presents. Being able to listen to inner messages is the most important condition to access, then, acting on that information comes a close second. Chelas who are not able to get messages from their own inner awareness must depend on others for information. Now is the time to learn how to get the information directly.

If you are not able to purchase A Course In Channeling now, collect money from others and buy it as a group project. Make a group that does the course together. One or two in this group can offer more towards the cost than the others, if necessary. Many can learn together. Only one course can teach a lot of my chelas. Please activate this channeling ability for your own good. My desire is to channel to all who can master the art that has been very clearly taught in the above mentioned course. My continued advice cannot depend on the internet.

All of my chelas need to open their hearts and quiet their minds to be less controlled by those who desire their activities to end. Your greatest danger is not being able to hear inner guidance from the Master within. This alone can deny you the most beautiful future. No matter where you are, form a group and ask for our assistance. All who are disconnected from others may disappear when the drama of gathering the dissenters begins.

Make the ability to channel a most important priority. Pick a day to gather and invite anyone open to learning this method of advancing their awareness. Channeling is not outside the ability of anyone who is open to hearing the voice of their own heart. Call it God's words. Call it divine inspiration, call it grace. No matter what you call it, give this matter your immediate attention. No matter how many classes you take, or books you read, nothing will give you the guidance needed to avoid a disaster. Only the inner voice can guide you to another area in time to be out of the way.

Names of Masters or other entities are not important. Christ consciousness is the only criteria to be considered. Names like mine are frequently used to mislead those who are not able to discern a Master's consciousness from a controller's consciousness. Fierce competition drives those who channel to accept non-aligned messages as Truth, and the controllers use this competitive attitude to their advantage. When they decide to close down the most direct manner of communicating on the planet, your own inner wisdom, they do this by disguising their devious messages to appear as my voice or the voice of my colleagues.

None of the controllers can delete the Master within your heart if you are more aware than those of their dimension (astral). Some of them are now being revered as contacts for the highest answers of consciousness. No entity of light plays the control game.

My dear ones, channeling must be a most important goal to attain NOW! All Masters are adepts of higher awareness. No Master can do miracles alone. All miracles are co-created with Masters of the seventh dimension. Clear channeling of the seventh dimension is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It is now or never, because getting your channel clear takes time. It requires the right attitude, the more advanced level of awareness, the open heart and the quiet mind of a good adept.

Ponder this: My conduit has a most clear channel because of her awakened awareness. Not every channel has the clarity that comes as a direct result of an Awakening. Give yourself the ability to channel. The awareness of the non-aligned controllers is not as masked as it was in the past. It is not going to disappear, it is getting more active. You need to activate your direct connection to divine gifts. Please give this matter your most important attention.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course In Channeling can be downloaded here.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Zero Point Consciousness a Must

Anchoring light around the globe must come out of the mastery of humans. It doesn't begin in other realms. Other changes do begin in higher dimensions, but light activation comes from the inner light calling for more outer light. Gifts of the kind our Angels desire to give to mankind are the most major answer to man's health and continuation of his species. Once the technology is given, it will need man's agreement to be manufactured. Most of its components are already available, but not the heart of its mechanism, the conduit of zero-point mass consciousness. This is the only consciousness that can allow this great adventure.

My dear ones, this is the consciousness needed for Ascension. Only this consciousness can manifest the delight we desire. When the Masters are given a most definite go-ahead to activate more chelas to their next awareness, a new definition of Mastery can be given. This definition cannot be understood yet.

Practices to ascend have been good as a generator of Merkaba consciousness. All who do this are moving light in to man's domain. As this light becomes more and more activated, more than one can ascend and the massive changes that are coming can go on to their materialized level. Happiness can cause more dreams to come out of hearts for manifestation. Passive contentment can also create magic, if attitudes, clear of negativity, are attracting hands of light to assist.

Face the controllers with mass consciousness at zero-point and nothing they desire can be achieved. Mankind can create the destiny that God promised at the mountain of Ararat in the desert of the mid-East. Climb this mountain as Noah did, or get the message before the boat is needed.

Chelas of mine are opening the door of Ascension consciousness. More work must be done. Anchoring more light means being happy, giving from the heart, acting like the world will be created as the heart desires. Freedom is consciousness. Pure consciousness is the most awareness possible while humans are under the influence of mental control. No doing comes next, when the only one doing anything is God. God brings an answer to every concern. Give up your mental dramas, and give your heart and mind a chance to merge. This is the consciousness of your own divine nature.

All the apostles of the one called Jeshua ben Joseph are now incarnated. Their role in this drama is to lead the heart opening. All their lives have been about opening their own hearts. Mary is also incarnate, as is her child, the one called "Magdalene's gift to Jesus". This child is to be heard before ascension. Many do not believe in this contract I am speaking of, but for those who do, my mention of this may advance more happiness. Happiness is the way to ascension.

Give this message your greatest consideration.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Can Be Learned From The World Cup Games

My dear friends. My message for you today is about confrontation. Masters confront the drama of their mind whenever it appears in manifestation. They do this to communicate to those who act out their mind's conscious and unconscious attitudes. When an activity like soccer comes to the world's attention, humanity has an opportunity to observe games that call forth their mental attitudes. Are your attitudes about the actors in these games angry? Sad? Cheering the winner and degrading the one's who are not winning? Are you grateful to those who give you entertainment? Are you negating this giving by making derogatory comments about them? Pure consciousness is not about loving the most aggressive, it's about loving all who give their energy to the game.

Now is a good time to ask yourself, "did I get upset at my preference to win when they made a mistake?" "Can I accept that this mistake was not done with the intention of the other team scoring a goal?" "Can I give gratitude from my heart to the whole team anyway?" Or, "am I angry about this mistake, mad at the one who made it, and negative about the game?" Please ask yourself about this, because the way you react to a game reveals important messages to your awareness.

Pride is another message to observe. "Do you claim there is more charm, control of life, or there are more advanced beings on the team of your choice?" "Do you associate their acts of bravery or goal scoring with yourself?" Observe how the mental control of the whole team adds to the deep healing the whole team needs when a game is lost. Can the man in charge get out of his negative feelings and have appreciative contact with his team? Or, does he manage them with anger?

Both teams are aspects of the One. Both goal keepers are One. When you consider a kick of one team an indication that one team is more capable than the other, your mental attitude is destructive. First and foremost, all humans must accept that games are miniature demonstrations of human clarity when it comes to decision making. And when a game is won, it doesn't need to make an individual or a team condescending as a consequence. Both teams are YOURS, not just one of them. When you get angry at one team or one player, that anger is being directed at YOU, the One. What good does it do to get angry at the mental attitude of your own psyche? None at all!

Forget who does what in a game. Be glad you got to attend. Give all the players your appreciation. Fill the players with good attitudes about themselves with your gratitude. Thank both teams for a good contest. Praise them and give them a mental attitude of the heart, not the contrasting attitude of the mind that believes defeat matters. It doesn't, in any of your worldly dramas.

This is only one example. Apply this message to all your confrontations.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Could You Be Channeling Controllers?

Announcing "a conduits confirmation of channeling". All who are already channeling, and are open to the guidance of my colleagues of the hierarchy of Masters and Angels, are invited to contact my channel to learn a basic message that all conduits need to know. Many sources of messages, using the names of the Masters and Angels, are now acting as though they will deliver more answers than others can. And their answers are not accurate, because their intention is to discredit my actual communications with their details.

Channeling can do more than give mental data. It can make alterations to the energy of the conduit. It can delete non-aligned mental activity, and call in many changes that alter DNA. Making a new DNA can completely change attitudes of negativity that come out of DNA charting.

Collecting money can cause many conduits to overlook non-alignment in their messages. My channel has been contributing her channeling ability to this blog for no compensation. She has done this at my suggestion. None of those who receive these messages are being asked for anything. My only request is that you share the messages with others. My news is accurate. No disguised controllers are making my words controlling. My channel is no longer in an area where she can be deceived by American CIA telepaths. Many channels in the USA are not getting messages from my realm at all, they only think they are, because messages are being beamed to them telepathically.

Are you moving to another area of the world to be a clear channel? Many may need to do this. Those targeted are making their messages very public. Anyone doing this must make sure their heart and mind are One. To get clear channeling, mind must be completely free of negativity.

Heart and mind, means that the mind of the heart is most active. Taking mental concerns out of mass consciousness must be done as a concrete way to alter conditions on the matrix of materialization. None of the dramas that have occurred, like the oil gushing, earthquake devastation, and areas destroyed by other earth changes are meaningful, unless compassion and caring are moving minds into hearts.

Ask my channel to examine the messages you are getting. Ask her to give you a message from me, on a one-on-one basis, to determine whether the messages you are getting are clear. She is not doing anything to compete with any other channel, and this request from me comes as a complete surprise to her. Please make a donation to her for this service.

Many channels are not clear. Her channeling can assist with this. I will be the one to give back the answers through her. Give me this ability, and then the channels I need can get clear messages out to others.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Conduits Needed Now

Presents are on the way. Packages of happiness are to be delivered, as care packages from the Angelic kingdom, to answer man's deep condition of darkness. My friends of the Angelic kingdom are materializing gifts like money, gold, healing, consciousness, answers to disasters, climate engineering that clears the air of carbon dioxide, and little drops of condensed danger instead of major cataclysms. Contact with them is now energized by their closeness to humans for materialization activation. By calling for the things you need and desire, they come into your energy vibration.

Those that can communicate with them are to get guidance for their next tasks, and how to maintain their light during the needed changes that will occur. Please take the Course in Channeling that my channel gave for this most critical moment. Both the Masters and Angels are to give messages, and the number of conduits that are needed are not available. Now is the time to co-create the New Earth. Now we need our co-creators. When the Course in Channeling was created, these most important conditions for learning were included:
1. My channel's non-attached consciousness allows me to have my energy available to all who take this course.
2. My advice and my leadership will be given directly to all who have taken this course.
3. My connection to them is made during the course.

My direct contact can keep those more doubting members of the community informed about the Masters' plans for moving them away from danger. When the dangers are coming to their area, a message will be sent via the most clear channels. Many who think they are clear are not. My channeling course includes guidance on how to determine the level of clarity of any communication from entities being channeled.

Ponder this: Are the days to come going to give the New Earth the love needed and the living conditions desired? Or will these conditions not appear because the contact that is needed is not available?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
A Course In Channeling can be ordered here.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Manifesting Your Needs

Going to the market in the next months may be a very different experience. None of the energy factors now being managed in these markets will continue to be charged in an ongoing manner. My message today is not for those who can already manifest with charisma and delight, but for anyone who has not mastered their manifesting ability. These chelas are my target audience for today's message.

Manifestation can be done. A new activation in the conscious mind can be turned on. But the conscious mind cannot create a mandate when there is disturbance in the unconscious mind. Positive mental attitudes control the manifestation process, and unconscious negative attitudes get in the way. My guidance today is an absolute call for my chelas' attention to their ability to manifest. Food may be at high risk before long. Not having enough food can create negative attitudes, and this makes manifesting impossible.

Take this day to do an attitude assessment. Can you give up your negative attitudes? Be completely honest. What do you dislike? What makes you angry? Are controlling thoughts outweighing happy thoughts? Are the thoughts about anything in your awareness dismantling your ability to create? Have more "good" things been happening in your life in the last few days? Are you being grateful for all things as they are?

Manifesting needs "good" energy to move density out of the most common areas in your dimension. One of those areas is the mind. Negative thoughts are to be completely ignored. The next area is the more complex drama of the unconscious. This drama can be observed by going to the mirror and asking, "What is it that my life is telling me?" If your goals are not being met, what is the cause? Most of you are being attacked by your own unconscious. When your mental dynamic can be changed, your ability to manifest can be created.

Please do the following:
1. Take time to communicate the drama related to your negativity to me. Write me a letter about the negative answers that you see in the mirror. Send this letter to me with clear mental thoughts, asking me to disburse all the negativity in your heart and mind. Next, close your mind to all these negative thoughts. I am giving them my attention.
2. Confront all incomplete dynamics that bring concern to the mind. Take a moment to give me the details. Ask me to help deal with these concerns. I will do this.
3. Face the fact that change takes time. None of these things can be altered the moment they are noticed. Patience is the next most important consideration. Make the determination that my ability to delete all this negativity needs more time than just one day. Relax, stop draining your own dance of life, and give up your attempts to control things.

Send me your mental letters now. My answers will come as I negate the hostile negativity being delivered out of mass consciousness. I need your absolute deletion of negativity to be able to help you manifest all the things that will be needed during the movement about to occur in your galaxy. Time is not available to negotiate. My call to this message group is to delete negativity NOW. Put yourself in my hands and give thanks for your own growing love vibration that can create anything.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Creation and the Mass Consciousness

My dear ones. Consider the mass consciousness a most pliable medium of creation. Many contradictions abound in its composition, all canceling out others of the opposite view. Neither position is allowing for adjustments from the other. One cancels the other any time negative and positive come together. Making alterations in mass consciousness requires a lot more of one answer than the other.

Mass consciousness is now actualized in all daily occurrences, and in the changes being made on man's behalf. All of this is a great demonstration of manifestation. Mental activity, both conscious and unconscious, delivers manifesting attitudes to the creator, and mass consciousness delivers mandates to the co-creators of our realm to deliver what makes its way to fruition. Change is easy to make - change the mental attitudes given to the creator.

Now, at the moment these words are being written, new dynamics are creating different conditions to come into action. Hearts have opened, and more caring and active contact with divine consciousness is in the mass consciousness. Another dimension of the changes that have begun is the cosmic alignment of the energetic triangle in astronomy. Contact between man and man's divine counterparts has been accelerated, to make the change of conditions on earth easy, instead of a more major drama.

Cast aside old ways of thinking. Ponder this: Changing the way the world completes its next steps depends on the attitudes YOU deliver to mass consciousness!

One day of happiness cannot do anything more than turn around negativity. More days of giving and celebrating can delete many deliveries of mental disappointments, as homey, cozy, caring and compassionate feelings of a much more connected group of conscious creators are magnetized. Patience can delete anxiousness. The possibility of moving into a nuclear mode of attack can be deterred when many of you are demonstrating patience.

Claiming your mastery means contributing many happy thoughts to cancel all those negative thoughts being delivered by "not very content" men and women who dim the light of change with their negativity. Are you giving happy thoughts to the creator? Are the attitudes delivered to mass consciousness by your mind alive with joy? Are the mental conditions (desires) being conveyed to the co-creators being heard?

Prayer, aliveness, gifting, singing, dancing, making an artistic drawing, or making a content filled manifestation board for the wall, can all divert disasters. Amicable attitudes towards one another go a very long way to heal all that did not get love on the day they called out for love.

I don't want any of you afraid to dream. Pontification doesn't do anything of value. Dreaming does. Dream of the life you want to manifest. Close the door to doubts! Give this message to those who can contribute their heart directed creativity to the dance of creating, manifesting and delivering light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Manifesting Celebrations Work!

Many things have moved towards manifestation, thanks to the aid of our chelas on "Make A Wish Day". Ponder this: "Make A Wish Day" can be every day.

Pick one day a week, and celebrate all the happiness that daily life can bring. Energize the manifestation of the New Earth with ongoing happiness celebrations. Pick a day, and make it a mandate for yourself, that on this day you will cancel all concerns, and dance, and sing, and clap your hands, and call in all the things your heart desires. Fill all the goals on your list, and don't give any doubts to the matrix of materialization about any of these things coming to you. Celebrate their appearance.

Clear out all money concerns. Act as though the money you desire is on its way. Welcome all that arrives in the next days, as this will manifest more. Manifest mentally and cheer the game of manifesting as you would cheer for a major game of any kind. Go into the game with the intention of making more goals than any team has ever made before. Make the team of your choice the greatest in the game of manifestation. Make this team a major winner! God wants many winners. None of these games are to be lost by any of the teams. Your team can be the winner with no other team being defeated. Positive games like this do good for all those who play.

Pick a day. Say, Saturday or Sunday, when many of you can dance and sing together. Gather together to celebrate these manifesting moments. Have a manifestion party. Be merry!

After this day ends, begin making a list of all the goals to be cheered on the next manifestation day. Practice doing this list making daily. Meditate, then ask your heart: "What do I manifest today?" Write it down. Close out all negative thoughts that may arise. Ignore them. Having fun is the way to clear doubts. Major concerns are also to be given to God to take care of. You do the very best you can, and in addition to this, ask God to open a door that can move this concern out of your mind's attention.

Children also need to be given the opportunity to advance their development in manifestation. Ask them to communicate their desires to God on a daily basis. Have them make a list. Have them make a drawing if they enjoy doing this. Hang their drawing up so they can look at it. Have them claim all their desires on manifestation day. Give them this method of drawing to them what their hearts desire.

My dear ones. These days of celebration are the change that we have been talking about for many lifetimes. Changing negativity into the next energy of creation is the New Earth way. Happiness is an important component of creating form. Goals must be made. The closing of negative energy must be done. God wants this heart led dancing to continue.

Please bring this message to the whole world. Clear the negativity on the Gulf with this ongoing goal and celebration continuum. Change the way you get things in life - get your desires met by celebrating their existence. Please share this message with others, because we are all on the same team.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day of Happiness

Make this day the most conscious day of this lifetime. Meditate, then use your mind to check in with your heart to learn what it longs for. Write the words you get in reply on paper. Make the dancing happen!

Ponder this: Today is the beginning of a totally new consciousness in human development. Making a difference always means doing something different. Today, do more than contain the love of the heart in the body. Take the day to move it into the world. Play, take a much needed class in "having no concerns". Make happiness your first agenda. Tell all your friends to have a good time today also.

Positive attitudes on this day will amplify the light coming onto the earth from other dimensions. False gods are now being challenged to get out of man's auras so clear awareness can come into man's chakras without negative control altering its magnitude. Hearts can open now. Minds can accept man's divine nature and more awareness can create more heart.

Money and giving are the next new direction of change. Happiness attracts money. Heart and mind no longer are to be concerned about money. Giving allows money to come to you. Allow the money that comes to you to give a message to others that they too are cared for. Attract money today with giving from the heart.

Police are being trained to mandate a very different condition. Give them the day off, and do not cause any claims from them against this happiness. Police are the ones who need their agendas altered. No one denies their attributes related to control, this desire can only bring them and others great distress. Help them give up their attitude that causes distress. Police need more love in their lives. Can you give them some loving thoughts today? Hearts can be opened when a loving thought is directed towards an individual or a group.

Face the day with an open heart and total acceptance of this message.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Make A Wish Day

Channels of all the Ascended Masters and Angels are giving one message today: Tomorrow will be a day to bring forth your heart's desires for co-creative manifesting. The men and women who make this a day to celebrate their happiness will activate a new condition on the entire earth. Close the door to all of your fear, all unhappiness, all draining emotions and dance. And while you are dancing, consciously make a wish. These wish messages are to be answered moment-to-moment, in a continuous flow, as more wishes are made.

Manifest all the dreams of the heart and then give the world another gift for the day after. Call in the money that we have all been awaiting. Call in control of your own destiny. Call in happiness and mastery. Give me the direction that your heart desires. My co-creative abilities will be active. My answers to your calls will be quick. My co-creative ability is greater now than it has ever been.

Now the dreams of my chelas can get done. Now the hearts of man can awaken. Now those countries that have been controlled by magic will be doing magic in reverse. Many countries will begin to heal, and their new dreams can give them different destinies. New attitudes will affect all who are controlling them, and different conditions will move out the old way of doing things.

Happiness and mastery are the new way of being. Centuries of difficult governments are about to disappear. New daily managers will be moved into office. They are the ones who are my dreamers, the ones who cannot only dream, they can give their dreams clarity, confidence and continuity. We will be making dreams manifest and co-creating a different moment with changes in man's awareness. The moment of delivery of all the most desired manifestations has arrived, and this will have none of the controllers dancing. They will control the men and women on the New Earth no more.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Africa and the Earth Changes

Countries on the continent of Africa will not get as many of the changes that other areas will get due to the lack of destruction they are creating. Pollution exists in the overcrowded cities, but other destructive management details that make earth changes do not occur in Africa now. I'm not addressing their gathering of money resources that opens holes in the earth's crust to dig out gems. I'm addressing their non-aggressive use of earth's materials to feed man's addiction to money creation.

Africa does not destroy anything intentionally. Man does not add toxic materials to African meals, or make deserts out of treed areas because of mass production of beef, or take the community of an area en mass to cancer because of chemical distributions on their planting that is not conducive to good health, or give control of their diet to companies offering chemicals as the main ingredients, or release contagious diseases that come out of laboratories, or, one of the nastiest control mechanisms of all: annihilate their consciousness with answers from "the controllers".

Men and women in African countries are caring and able to give to others out of anything they are able to get. None of the dog-eat-dog tactics about "mine over yours" exist outside of the government. African governments are not led by normal Africans. Most of them are derailed by man's greatest manipulator, the news media, showing Africans how to take and how to make themselves wealthy. No African man was taught this when he was a child.

Politics has been the downfall of the heart in Africa. Men who did their jobs to overturn a nasty, greedy leader become as corrupted as their predecessor. Why? God's ministers went to Africa to change the ancestors of man's greatest leaders and teach them Christian ways. Unfortunately, these Christians also taught them disturbing things they did not need to learn.

African men and women are closest to their families, then their colleagues in their area, then the ministers of their churches, then their government. Most other countries are the opposite in their allegiance. "My country" must not be the highest allegience. It can divide and destroy a loving couple, a loving mother and child, and a loving community. "My country" means nothing when it comes to love. Love is more important than any dogma, any control manager, or any distant answer to man's enjoyment of today.

Ponder this: Only love can give money to the people. God wants money to be connected to love.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Bring On The Light

Ponder this: More catastrophes will occur. Are you meditating? Are you capable of adapting to the next condition of human development the controllers have designed? Are you able to go with the flow? Now is the time to gather together to learn how to create the kind of development that heart consciousness can manifest. Now is the time to give the darkness all the light you can illuminate. Now is the moment to cast YOUR agenda into the mass consciousness. Your vibration matters!

Call off the doves that do nothing but talk. Act now to take back your world that has been bled to death by android clones that manipulate your mind to gain attention. Mastery must now begin!

Call it anything you want, but get yourself to the highest vibration. Meditate. Choose to get guidance from Angels instead of entities that generate mass destruction of the collective consciousness as a most overt call for death. These most active destroyers are the ones who guide you to divide, who gain man's allegiance with mandates that generate fear or actions based on greed instead of caring.

Most of you have been anticipating these times with more denial than dread, and now they are here. Dread must be deleted for the gas of the volcanoes to move away from man's continents and the oil from the Gulf to move out of gushing mode so it can be contained. Fear of death is now active, and will not be deleted by man's present conversations.

Nothing will give a more positive answer to all of these changes than light - light that connects, and cannot be shaken by a controller's advice. Light is generated by acting on what is being called for by your own heart, and by releasing whatever fear is held in the body.

What you can do NOW is Awaken! Awakening will allow the detached attitude that is needed to be clear and competent during a catastrophic event. Awakening can release the fear of death, and eliminate the conversations that draw out the darkest nature of man.

The controllers are not going to tell you of their actual devious manipulations. You will need to identify them by their advice. Here are some clues to guide you:
1. Are they nice to you and not nice to others?
2. Can you give them your open and caring, complete acceptance?
3. Do they eliminate your fears with heartfelt advice?
4. Are they calling for giving?
5. Can you get close to them or are they holding themselves as too special for that?
6. Are they giving guidance that leads you to your own inner Truth?
7. Are they making money for their negative advice? Advice that leads to God is not negative, nor is it expensive. It is man's greatest gift to mankind.

Who are the clones of the Orion controllers? They are manifestations of darkness that call themselves the light. They can act and appear as men, but they are merely androids that came onto Gaia to demand their own agenda. Caring about them cancels their ability to deny their darkness. Caring about them activates their controlling maneuvers. Controllers may appear as man or control a body as a channeled deity. Neither has the consciousness of a divine contact.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

North Korea is the Most Unpredictable

All the men and women of the Asian area are now being considered disposable. None of the change agents of those countries with the most weapons are giving them the news. Most of these countries are more focused on Iran because of the money available from this country's easily managed oil control.

Iran will not contact anybody before controlling the area of the Middle East with nuclear weapons. If they get them, they will attack Israel as quickly as they can. And this will destroy the American opportunity to defend any country that needs assistance. North Korea may talk before striking.

Making a deal with North Korea buys more time to deal with Iran. No way of managing this country's main controller can give the needed control to another country. Il must be contained with money and deeds of conciliation. Il will not do anything before making this demand.

Iran, on the other hand, must do its deed without any conversations. It will give no warning. Iran may strike at any moment. Consider this the most dangerous country. Now, most of the men in Iran do not want this to occur. Only the man at the head of the management of this country - Ahmadinejad. He's the most content man on the continent of this country because the other leaders are all calling for another way to deter Israel's aggression against the Arabs in Gaza. Politics in the Middle East can be argumentative, but all the leaders do want Israel destroyed. Ahmadinejad needs no change agents in America to agree to his master plan. It is his most demanding answer to the laughing of the Americans at his nuclear dreams. It will also be his downfall, as the Israelis are not going to wait for his military might to destroy them. They are also making a master plan. Theirs is not nuclear. Theirs can detonate Armedinejad's nuclear capabilities before he can attack anyone. His threat is very real, but not as dangerous as the one in North Korea. Policies against Iran must continue. Policies against North Korea must not.

Be the answer to this no-win situation and close the door on nuclear attacks. Solve this dilemma with negotiation and calm acceptance of Il's demands. Buy time in the negotiation contact and demand assurances of no nuclear attack before giving any conciliatory documents. Ambiguity must not get an enactment of this man's devious mind.

My dear ones, over the next months there is great containment needed. Most of you who are my chelas know this. Any who are not aware of my concern about man's military capabilities are not introduced to them. Man must become more caring. Man needs answers to these non-caring attack options. Begin with delivering more caring to one another. Care for others that are needing more care. Care for homeless and disabled children of God as you want to be cared for by others. Be a demonstration of God's divine love. Give the mind no attention. Give the heart the mastery it can deliver. Give me your attention daily to be one of the answers to this call for assistance during these days of darkness.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

North Korea Must Not Be Attacked

Military forces are being readied to move against North Korea. If war begins, these combatants are to get more than they are being prepared for. North Korea has many nuclear weapons to use. If they are not contained quickly, they will use them in South Korea.

This military approach must NOT occur. All of creation can be eradicated with just one of these nuclear weapons, not only those areas in close metric distance. Politics must deter this obvious mistake. Man does not have the ability to meet North Korea with might. Even dogma can be met with casualties of an overwhelming nature.

Mr. Kim Jong Il is the only one in charge of making this choice, and his mental nodes do not function normally. He cannot be deterred from making a foolish mistake. Close the door to devastation of his making by giving him another out. An advancement of military troops would be his "coupe de grace", as well as an act of coercion on his part. Taking his mental condition into consideration, continuing any conversation with him will give more time to his decision making process. Call the Congress, write the President, notify the military leaders of the world to leave the area of Mr. Il's domain without an attack.

Consider this a most astute choice, not a condition of weakness. Meditate daily and ask to manifest more love in the leader of North Korea. Any move that appears to be an attack on his country may destroy all of his mental capabilities, and not detonating a bomb will be his most dire consequence on a list of more common demands he asks to be met. Allow him no options of delivering this threat. No option means: giving him no opposition. Be willing to do that!

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Channeling the Highest Consciousness

The answers to today's changes already exist. Many new devices for moving away from fossil fuels have been made, only to be removed from man's grasp by oil and gas proponents. Clouds of smoke and many mirrors are about to be disbursed. What may be the greatest act of courage man has ever witnessed will soon come to the conscious awareness of all. Most of the controllers are to be mentioned in a book about heresy and the human agenda. Travesty may occur to the author. But no matter what happens in this regard, man will be shown the actual dynamic of how corruption and greed have destroyed man's connection to angels and companions in other dimensions. This agenda has been implemented to manipulate minds and cast doubt on higher consciousness modalities. No other cause of man's distress about control of his environment is as engineered as this one.

Clear channeling is the only method to get accurate information from other dimensions. Any other types of communication can be influenced by controllers. Ordinary channeling may also be interfered with, and all material about man's "great new world" is suspect and needs to be challenged. The controllers idea of a New World is one that "rises from the ashes" of the present one. Please know, this present world does not need to be destroyed. There is much that can be done to rejuvenate it.

However, when man denies that an obvious conspiracy is about to destroy his ability to control his own destiny, no visualization can overcome the destructive controllers' agenda. What will it take to manifest a better way? More acceptance of the way things are, and working to get a different eventual outcomes. Working may not be physical - it can be vibrational, but work is needed if good can come out of the destruction that has already been chosen by the deceivers and the controllers they manage.

There are many dimensions of consciousness. The most dense is man's current acceptance of his man-made conspiracy. The next dimension (4th) is the one where good cancels all negative manifestations. Moving into this dimension cannot occur if man continues to deny the changes taking place to his current (3D) manifestation. Acceptance and
major cause and effect actions can alter this controlled condition. Denial cannot do this.

Police are being trained to move against those who are going to give any clearing of the agenda being energized now. Making a difference at this moment begins with becoming aware, without reacting negatively to that awareness. Then, the next condition of man's angelic connection can begin.

It takes clear channeled guidance to detect the controllers advice from the guidance of angels. No channeling that is done by a novice can be trusted. No channeling done without clearing oneself of negative attitudes can be clear. No channeling that does not communicate in a way that man can understand it is clear. No channeling
full of "love and light" can be considered accurate if it does not include details of the next cause and effect scenario. No channeling that delivers the message "All is done, the light has won" is accurate. Ascended Masters do not deliver these kind of messages.

Prove a channeling is clear before you accept what it says. Ask the channel who delivers the message, "Is this message from the Christ consciousness?" Be sure the answer is a firm and quick "Yes", every other kind of answer is a "No". Any chela who accepts channeling must always challenge the deliverer of that channeling.

Meditate to actualize more angelic answers, awaken to your own channeled Christ consciousness. I AM THAT I AM consciousness has the most accurate answers you can get.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Monday, June 14, 2010

When Money Disappears

Change is accelerating. None of the money being produced on man's behalf can be sustained. The Gulf oil condition cannot distract man's attention away on a matter of energy depletion. Money will not be able to create more energy directions if the money being managed now drops in acceptance. Money will gradually collapse, one or two countries at a time.

What can be done?
1. Address the situation NOW, before it occurs.
2. Activate a monetary caution.
3. Clear out all major domains of gold and other metals and give them to the people who are able to donate them to charities. Many charities are to need aid assistance, as many people are to need charity.
4. Begin to give out healing energy to man's consciousness.
5. Allow man to demand more aid from his government.
6. Give aid to all who are dying and not healthy before others. Then ask them to aid others with their mental thoughts.

Aid must become the highest priority. Money will collapse. Gold will not buy groceries. Take a new approach to dreaming. Don't dream for yourself alone. Dream for all of humanity. Bring to humanity heart and soul awareness. Give heart messages to one and all.

Ponder this: Man's drama is now in motion. Giving is the only answer to healing the circumstances needed to deal with this.

Prepare to make the new world with goods and services that can aid each other. Pay with goods and services. Make many aware of what they can do to contribute. Mastery can do anything! Master your own fears. Positive thinking can act as a Mastery "cause and effect" tool. Give away positive attitudes. Give away caring. Help many to deliver gratitude to mass consciousness, instead of anger and fear.

My words are not to contain "love and light" without addressing the facts. Facts must be delivered. More details are to be given. Check daily for my guidance on how to be content with the day's news. Being content must be the daily affirmation. Apathy must cease. Choose to give out gratitude and not fear. Ask for guidance from my channel if you are disturbed.

No deaths are negative. Death can be delightful when the tests have been passed. This disaster can be the last test. Ascension can be the end of the controller's game. Ascension may look like death. None of the controllers can ascend.

Man's lack of continuity on money matters has been in the works for a very long time. Not it has come to the days of darkness. Control of money will be done when there is none to control. Peace must be the goal now. Peace must be within the heart. Peace begins with YOU!

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Time For An Oil Change

Ponder this: Cause and effect are making an impact on the cash flow of man's energy companies. All of the companies who have been driving prices up have had no cause to drop those prices, and now they are getting less money out of their gas and oil distribution. No gas costs anything near the charges demanded. No oil is going to cost that amount unless man's drive for money makes it not affordable. New customers are not appearing, and old customers buy only what they must. Gas and oil companies need more cash, so they drain the consumer for all they can get.

Oil will disappear in the next 10 years. Gas and oil companies must make an energy change now! Change the direction of consumer gauging, change the drive to dig in the oceans, change the non-oil generated marketing to top priority. Delivering new materials as a replacement needs to be done now!

Policies that give more to the consumer can alter the drain these companies are now causing. The source of drain gets drained. The source of giving gets more coming to it. All companies that deliver new energy sources will get cash and gratitude from those who can apply them to their needs.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Light Up Your Heart

Harmony within man's consciousness is the way to make a more harmonious world. Taking this theme to heart can also make man's daily life more delightful.

Peace on man's continents begins with awareness of what is not peaceful within himself. Taking a moment for meditation can contain more magic than any medicine can do to heal ailments. It can also delete mind's control of mental answers to daily choices, and allow the divine True Nature contained in the heart to lead.

Ponder this: Hearts are the light of the matrix of materialization. One heart opens and another light has been turned on. Materializing a more harmonious consciousness in man's domain begins with more light coming to the matrix of materialization from the heart of man.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Value of Giving to Others

Happiness causes more good than control. Making another happy acts to deliver a higher consciousness to all of humanity. Making another happy is an important co-creation tool. When one gives to another, many are blessed. It's a chain reaction that never ends. Caring about others is the most positive contribution you can make to humanity's current mass consciousness.

Too many deaths are caused by one man craving what another man has. Police are not the answer to this. You are! By giving to others you can delete anger, greed and negative thinking in many. How do you do this? By taking cues from your media and delivering aid to where it is most needed. Money is not the only aid you can give. Hearts need comfort, minds need conversations, and bodies need nurturing.

A positive note can help a grief stricken mother accept her loss and awaken all of her gifts. You can send a card of gratitude to an injured soldier, or a card of cheer to an invalid. Making a difference can be any form of bringing an answer to another's distress.

Ponder this: What you have to give is adequate to turn another's grief into joy. And that growth in the consciousness of One can multiply to make a change in the entire universe.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Purpose of These Messages

Channeling my messages does mankind a great service. Mankind needs more awareness to negate the negative messages being delivered as news. Man has no way of discerning truth from the calculated manipulation that comes from giant corporations who aspire to actively acquire man's agreement to changes that serve their interests.

Mankind needs other guidance. My guidance may not give all the answers desired, but there is no covert agenda attached to it. My only desire aligns with the desire of man's consciousness that exists when mental concepts don't disturb. What I can do is give another message to man that does not come from anyone's greed. Forthcoming messages will give an accurate explanation of those changes that have been man made.

Many of the changes controlling man's destiny are around diet and man's ability to think clearly. Poisons ingested, inhaled and delivered as medicine are making man's mind doubtful of health possibilities. Grain is all tainted. Meat grown for food is all made to be coronary destroyers, unless grazed and fed naturally. Processed foods are all contaminated. GMO foods are altering the genes in your body. Nothing is clean except what you grow for yourselves without chemicals.

Do yourselves a great service. Don't make a meal with chemically treated meat or GMO ingredients. Quit drinking diet drinks and adding aspartame to your other drinks. Make the choice of natural over chemical in all circumstances.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dealing With Anger

Change comes to make you move anger out of the mass consciousness. Anger dilutes all co-creative energies and destroys creativity. It also causes death: death of man's heartbeat and death of man's mind.

Anger does not kill directly - it diminishes man's motivation to give forth love, and without giving love, one does not get love. Anger needs to be neutralized as it arises, and utilized as an effective gift to communication vs. a negative energy that destroys. Consciously managing anger does more for your co-creative abilities than anything else.

Anger is not "bad"; managing it is a demonstration of awareness. Clearing anger out of man's drama is not easy, as each man is calling forth the lessons needed to move into higher consciousness. Anger must be recognized as a manipulative desire, masked as more awareness than that of another.

Man can generate more heart health by letting anger dissolve the moment it arises. It is not an answer to anything meaningful.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stop the Money Controllers NOW

Contemplate the manner in which you give energy with your thoughts. Every thought you think manifests the "matrix of materialization". As you think an affirmation, another manifestation is created.

Banks are making affirmations. Their new measures are manifesting a different mandate for money. This new mandate decrees that a man who doesn't meet his collection date cannot make any new charges. Collecting comes first. Man's inability to get his needs met affords him no future.

This negative message creates a mode of conditions that delete man's ability to accept these new doctrines and man is demanding a new way to bank. He doesn't want any new conditions around the answers to his needs. Nor does he want any man (particularly, someone who is not in need) to delete any of what he considers "his money." To cancel any of these new conditions, he must give away what he considers to be owned by him.

Bank closings are already taking place. Many more will close. Next comes the drama of cash merging into one currency - one currency all over the world. A new gold backed currency could make a more amicable move for the common good, but all the money controllers cannot agree to this move, so no backing of the new currency will occur. Counseling these controllers will not change their moves. No asking for guidance is occurring. My ability to counsel any of them is nil.

Today's answer to these men comes only from those who are able to alter the mass consciousness. Making a difference now must be a common goal. Enough of our conduits are delivering this message, more need to get the message and take action on it.

Saying, "I AM THAT I AM" many times a day cannot alter mass consciousness. Acting as "I AM" can. To act as "I AM" means giving, it means deleting negative consciousness in all major areas. Making a daily decree of "Today I AM" demands a degree of "I AM consciousness.

Playing this game now, to improve man's destiny, can delete all of the negative contributions to the mass consciousness. It can make a difference in the level of caring about a man's ability to care for himself vs. man's demise. Man's demise does not need to occur.

Banks desire nothing more than making money at any cost. Making death can be the cost. Controllers care only about their own antics, not about others. STOP THEM!

You, collectively, can alter their course of dis-ease and death. Care enough to make your own contribution to "I AM" consciousness. Make no mistake: no deaths need to occur. No collapse of money needs to occur. No dreams need to be deleted. Making a difference can still be a natural consequence of "Being." Choose to Be the "I AM". Choose daily. Act accordingly. Your new destiny depends on this.

I Am Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Future of Money

Saving for the future now cannot guarantee any money availability next month or next year. Most, if not all, money control has collapsed. Every country can give an accounting of their debt, and all can declare bankruptcy. No country is able to count on any other country to cancel that debt.

Masters of the money game are giving advice to invest in gold and other cash currencies, but none of these metals are going to be cash negotiation assets once the other cash is devalued. Once this occurs, money will not contain any amazing qualities that can get desired goods or any other commodity. A means of exchange must be set up that gives man some control in getting his needs met.

Man must get more candid about money in an open worldwide forum. Not Wall Street, not commercial collectors, more man-to-man, human-to-human dealings must take center stage.

Money will not be man's control mechanism much longer. Once this mechanism collapses, the opportunity for man's greatest change can manifest. More about this tomorrow.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Co-Creating With Nature

Most humans consider nature's answer to man's destruction a travesty. Yet, man did not consider nature important, causing so many disturbances, that there is no way to control the consequences of all that has gone awry. Now, man can only make adjustments to adapt to a different model of co-creating with nature.

My daily messages are a reminder of what needs to change, and a guide to how those changes can be accomplished. Let's start with the oil spill. Make this an example of man's adapted co-creation.

Give the most caring thoughts to all concerned. Make no negative comments. If you stop putting negative thoughts into mass consciousness, another energy can advance the materialization of a new chapter in modern day co-creation. Then nature can contribute once again to new growth in human advancement.
I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Changing Money Consciousness

Continuing to do things the way the money domain directs can cause money to disappear. Credit cards must not carry the debt of man's cash deficit. Cash must become the only means of negotiating for goods and services, otherwise man's close relationship to dear ones will be dis-eased, as one by one they cannot cover their daily care needs. The money distributors don't want money to be available to anyone who cannot do the actions they mask as credit worthy.

Spending money only on what must be acquired, and giving money to others who cannot get along on what they have, will change the money distribution system. Care of others will help create a more conscious money distribution system. Help is coming.
I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Changing Times

"All the children of our manifestation on Earth must now become aware of their changing environment. Those who are in a consciousness that does not include the ability to channel are not getting messages they must have. No man, woman or child will be detached from the next monetary condition. All will be affected. Humans who are not open to hearing the call, to make a direct channel to their own inner guidance, need an ally who is an open and clear channel. My channel, Aruna, will be available as a guide during the next cycle of man's destiny. Her news can come at any time, so check this message board regularly. What my "Changing Times" messages will tell you can help you through all of the planetary changes that will continue to unfold."
Saint Germain

"Today's message: Make a commitment to doing whatever you can to get assistance, as needed, on a daily basis. Walk among trees, pay attention to the sounds of birds, ask an animal for awareness. All of nature wants to assist. Open your mind to whatever can be learned and delivered from nature."

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