Saturday, December 22, 2012

About Change

Now that all the misunderstandings are out of the way, my dear ones are getting the latest channeling about ascension We will call when the dross of non-aligned energies are absent. Today there was a major heart contact made with all who have been acting out the dross parts in your movie. Now we wait and see how they change, or don't. Choice will always be in the world drama, so we cannot coerce anyone to become more caring. When we are able to determine their answer to this latest contact, whether that will be ending current conditions or changing into the dynamics of new beginnings.we will decide on what to do about the next days' concerns.

As soon as the drama about the Mayan calendar clears the lands of man, a new flow of human domination must begin. Will it be ascension and days of darkness OR conscious beings caring about others? Today's efforts to complete the caring change were grand, and much opening has been done. Instead of calling now on the dear ones who are to ascend, we will await another day for more, before we give the call. When the dense ones make their decision between heart or death and destruction, we will close the door on destruction with an ascension. Not today. Keep the faith, it will come—when it will make the most impact. But not before the data has been collected about what has been done today (and the day before) towards closing the door on death and destruction. When we have that data we will again consider the next approach.

May the days of darkness not be the cause of an ascension. All can move to ascension by opening their hearts to delight as they free themselves from mind's disturbances. All humans have the ability to ascend. Now we have an opening to do it with more of you when the time actually comes. Many more  are opening their hearts and deleting mind's control. Having a world of awakened awareness is what we've always wanted on our end. With this now a greater possibility, we will ask that things continue in this direction. Face your fears and delve into the dross now, and when ascension time comes we will contact many more who were not ready yesterday. 

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Q: Was there a dimensional shift? 
A: Yes, the next attempts to control in the same ways will fail.

Q: Will the controllers become defunct:
A: No, but they can be overcome with caring decisions that come from the masses.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

When the Call Comes

Great news: the ascension will occur, as no disturbances to the conditions needed are eminent. God is co-creating the decree and the doors are already open. When the day comes, all who are on our committed list will be contacted. Your answer can determine all things from now on.

When the contact is made, the first thing you need do is agree. Next, go outside to an area nearby. Don't make an announcement, go to the light when it appears and you are able to do so. No one need disturb their day or night mode of being, as the door will be open at least 24 hours. You can complete the day, then go out of the enclosed area you are in to get on with ascension.

Which day will it be? I cannot decree this. Maybe on the winter solstice or the day or two after.

All who have decided to ascend are not able. I've given many messages about what will be an ascended master's consciousness. Only those in this consciousness will ascend.

Please do not decide what day, or the door may not be open. You must await contact. Can you get it directly? I've asked you to learn how to be aware enough to get our guidance. If you don't have this ability you will not hear the call.

White light will fill your body and no pain will be felt. Joy will be constant. Once in the dream of day and night you were tested to see if your agreement to ascend came in the dream as a natural "of course." We are now able to claim at least two million who continued onward with the test of leaving. In this test we determined our count. When our dance of converting half of the conscious ones into newly ascended masters was initiated, only a few hundred were open to it. Now we have more than two million able to ascend. Quite doable. Great. Well done. We now need only the call.

The next days need more meditation to guard against darkness interfering. Please give this your most choices.

In wellness we are One.

I Am That I Am,

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, November 23, 2012

Messages from Saint Germain and Aruna

Saint Germain: For more than one month we have been unable to use this channel to deliver messages. Channeling my energy is not the only thing this body contributes to mass consciousness, she also supports awakening and clearing of all that is around her, including many conduits of negativity near her country of residence. China, Korea and all the many Islands in-between are areas considered areas that need light, and we use her at night to generate more anointing in these areas, as well as in all of Japan. Using her body in these co-creative activities has been the cause of my decrease in messages. She is used to the work that is done during the night, but it does take a major amount of her energy to do this and her body is not able to come to terms with all that is being asked of it. Hence, a lightening of the load has now occurred to give her a chance to heal and get back her ability to channel for you.

We, the masters of the Great White Brotherhood, are grateful and also cherish the loving contact through our channels. We don't want to cause them any difficulties. No dark forces are disturbing Aruna, nor is she negating her commitment as a contact channel for me. Please give her another two weeks to complete the work we have been doing through her in an important area of the Asian continent. My words may be delivered through other channels, but there is no substitute for the use of her body in the Asian area. Many channels are now available in areas where there is darkness to deal with, but no one can do what Aruna does in the calmness of her body.

Fun and games are not a distraction from channeling. Channels need nurturing, and because Aruna is now being used a great deal, she needs more grounding, not channeling. Please give her your caring.

Saint Germain

Aruna:; Thank you to those who have been concerned about me and my ability to receive the messages. I am very busy—day and night, and do appreciate the rest that Saint Germain has provided.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Message About Channeling

My dear ones. We are not able to deliver these messages regularly now due to the controller dieties who are committed to preventing this contact. We tried numerous times this week to deliver a message through Aruna, but our attempts were blocked. When there is a delay in this way it is due to maximum chaos in the controller's dimension that we cannot penetrate. We warned of this happening in the Master Messages.

Close contact may be eliminated and this is why my channeled messages have always emphasized a need for creating your own direct channeled contact. When those who are clear are not able to give guidance it is because they are being attacked, and they can only avoid these attacks by not being open for channeling. As my dear ones are now aware, a cosmic contact needs the love matrix fully enabled. My absence for a week or more means this is not a co-creative arena I can move into. Aruna is fine and able to function very well without my contact. Blessings on those who are delivering the chaos, as we will all become more discerning as a consequence.

My message today is: don't accept any channeling that comes with predictions, none can be checked and we are not making any right now. Allow those who channel the freedom to refuse contact when what is being received doesn't appear to be accurate.  The next time I can make contact I will be more candid, but at this moment I must ask Aruna to meditate instead of channel. I'll be doing what I can to connect again. When this happens we will do our best to give you the latest news.

I Am That I Am
Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Contract Helps You Grow in Consciousness

Man is on the precipice of the next leap of world development. No man can avoid his contract, only manage the circumstances as a chela with divine consciousness, or as a negative responder.

Actions in the midst of a crisis are determined by one's ability to connect to the heart of the matter. No direct contact with near and dear ones may become a cause and effect drama, and when this happens, can you make the best of the situation, or will you become unable to function? When all is said and done, no one is totally detached from others and cannot be immune to fear or misery unless awakened and deeply aware that all are always one, no matter what occurs in the drama.

Selfish, material attitudes are the cause of misery. Things do not create eternal delight, they lose their appeal quickly and more things need to be acquired to fill man's neverending desire. Money and wealth are not the same thing. Money is for acquisition and wealth is measured by the depth of your love for God. True wealth is the acceptance of God's bounty in all circumstances. God's bounty is love—and when you are in abundance with this gift from God, nothing makes you miserable. Self love is not the same as many of you consider it. Self love is when you adore the divine aspect within yourself, it is not self indulgence. "I'm worth it" is ego's desire, not God's desire. No man is not worthy of a gift, but no man "deserves" to buy more than he can afford. Making decisions about money gives man an opportunity to make conscious choices. Choosing to become the object of debt collectors does more harm than good.

When you are tempted to be more generous than you can afford when giving to others, consider making things to give them, as the content of a handmade gift is more valuable than a purchased one, it contains the caring of the giver within the gift.

Money gives man many conditions he needs to grow with. Whether a goal of obtaining one's means of self care or making money as the only concern, both are driven by ego mind. When the man driven by need or desire goes after money, a door to a major lesson opens. Need does not create money, nor does greed. All that is needed comes to the man who is grateful to God for what he has. When you feel needy you actually are communicating to God "my chosen circumstances are unacceptable and I need more." This thought contributes density to mass consciousness. No door to learn is open. When there is no desire being communicated, one's needs are taken care of. Practice no desire and demonstrate this to yourself.  

God does not decide on your fate. You do when you are getting ready to become a human. Contracts are conceived with deep consideration. No dramas are included that are not your choice. Even dying children are in this same category—meeting the contact's details so all involved can grow in consciousness. Children who are being murdered contract for this experience to open the mass consciousness to compassion. They also grow in consciousness in the conditions of their own murder. No mother does damage to her own child without some lesson to be learned by both. No, God didn't decide that or any other growth experience—the one's involved made that choice. Not being aware of the choice means you don't get another option when it comes. You must go through the entire experience to find love in the mix of polarities it addresses. All circumstances are designed to open the mind and the heart, even dis-ease and death. Are you able to give this an "ah ha?" Many of you already have.

When we give guidance we do so with your natal chart as our guide. We want to help you complete your own contract, not protect you and divert the lessons needed to complete the destiny you designed. Good things begin to happen to those who ask for divine guidance. When we give our advice it always aids in getting on with the growth. Can we interfere? Not without God's decision, it is not our call. Serving God is our only way to do our mission. Growth in awareness is yours. We work with you to help you get that growth. None of the Masters do their own decision making. God is in all of us and we are guided by our divine mastery. Are my dear chelas able to grasp that they design their own death? Are you able to change that design? Only when you ascend.

You cannot  take your contract with you to another dimension—if not completed there is no ascension. A contract for one life does not overlap with the next contract. Each contract has opportunities to learn certain lessons and find new ways to grow in those areas you didn't complete. But an awakening drops the contract completely. No more lessons are needed. Finally, the door to heaven has opened. Be the door opener now and no more lessons are to be designed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Discernment Needed

Pretending that one is full of love is not the way to live the teachings of mastery that you receive from an Awakened one. Acting out these teachings comes from a full demonstration of love in all circumstances. Are "control and desire" the lessons the masters are delivering? Are "compare and complain" a master's way of being? Can you deny anger and be a container for divine grace? No, none of these character manifestations demonstrate any true change in an adept's mental body or release the dense qualities of an individual's emotional make-up. Changing one's name and meditating do very little to alter one's mind or caring capacity. Only a pure mind is an awakened mind.

An awakened mind and body are needed to ascend. Clear out the density and walk into the next dimension in the body. Clear out your opinions about density and claim the complete delivery to One consciousness. Fake it and you will completely miss the opportunity that this lifetime can deliver. We, on the other side of the veil, are calling on those who are truly awake to be the light that changes all the others who are still in the dark about these things. Control of one's thoughts has no bearing on ascension. Claiming to be an answer of light with a message of condemnation casts a dark contrast to a message that comes through an open heart.

When my channels do not communicate with one another they lose the ability to be objective. Once my name comes into one's messages the light can be distorted, and this may not be caught by the channel for many chapters into the drama. Many channels deliver distorted messages in my name. I Am That I Am considers these deceivers opportunists that need to be discerned, giving the channels a chance to learn about deceptive channeling. My opinion is that all who channel owe it to themselves to get a clear connection with the most conscious being that their vibratory frequency can accept. Unless they learn discernment they cannot qualify as a clear channel, because they will be attracting all of the deceptive beings to them.

What is more deceptive, the channel who doesn't discern, or the one who comes to call on a channel that is not capable of discernment? One channel amidst a million deceivers can always decode the managed dialog and the negative component being channeled. Why? Because a channel delivers the message to an audience and is completely accountable to that audience. Facing the fact that all channeling is a gift from outside of the mesmerization, the cast of characters must become the drama's mentors in all cases. All involved carry equal karma. Channel a deceiver without demanding their credentials (as they can be checked), or make a deal to deliver content without a method to check that content for credibility, and you will get one or two more life contracts to learn these lessons.

Humans are not dumb. They can ask for candid comments and be accountable  for containing those who are not delivering as they have asked. Never does a deceiver deny coercion. Coercion may be attempted, but demanding it be deleted is an act of caring, and that act dramatically improves the quality of a channeling immediately. Pause and ask for only Christ consciousness before any channeling is accepted. You won't be fooled ever again if you do.

Being peaceful and loving does not include negative dialog against someone who channels, but does include the identification of a dense channel's colleagues who are using him or her to get attention. Some of those have already been identified by me. Use your own ability to discern others as a way to increase your own awareness. Please do this because the time to be able to discern is NOW. Challengers to the mass ascension are many, and they intend to bring the darkness of their non-aligned attitudes to those who may not be able to tell that they are being deceived. Always ask for an immediate answer of "yes" to the question "are you Christ consciousness?" Any different or qualified answer comes from a deceiver. Challenge all who channel with this question. Be very vigilant about this. Don't give them a chance to defend their answer. When you allow anything other than "yes" they've got an answer from you that you can be fooled. Give them no leeway. Demand an unqualified "yes" or deny them access. Be on guard whenever you are open to their influence; include this question when you ask about your daily activities. Always qualify your inner messages to be certain they come from the consciousness of pure love.

Fact check. Are you being guided to mastery? If you are only being told to give away your mastery, then don't accept that message (i.e. telling you to live in hope about what "may" happen in the future instead of dealing with your fears and making the best of the present moment.) A master makes choices in the moment, and cares about content and all who will be affected by that content. A master also takes full responsibility for what is delivered in his/her name.

Many of you are being deceived. Why not ask the qualifying question about all channeled messages? Are you able to accept an answer only when it fits with your mind's opinion? Your mind doesn't have the ability to determine the validity of a channeling. Only your inner director, the heart of wisdom contained within you, does. Use the method mentioned here and become aware of all deceptions being delivered through undiscerning minds. Be the light for others, tell them how they too can be more discerning.

AND, love the deceivers as teachers that bring you the ability to be free of them. They are not the enemy, only the cast of characters needed in the movie you decided to create. If you learn how to expose them, they have done the job you asked them to do. Free yourself, and them, from their attempts to deceive you. What has been growing in this exchange is more awareness in the mass consciousness. Please appreciate them for their contribution.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Look at the Controllers

Can you continue to allow the light to flow into the human density matrix with a learning attitude? All of us will be observing the changes that take place in the ongoing drama, as none of us have gone through anything like this before. When the money collapse occurs we will be waiting for those who are ascending to come out of their homes to contribute their vast mantle of grace to the masses. Some who do this will be those who are not quite able to let go of their loved ones, as they will be drawn out of their confined spaces to watch the glow.

 Some who are ready to ascend may say no at the moment of ascension. They can do this. If they make this choice it is because they do not understand how much their ascension can aid those who will be needing assistance during the transition into what the ascension will create. We need more to ascend than we are now assured to give the material world a concrete demonstration that cannot be ignored, but we can act like we are all ascending and maybe more will leave their entertainment in form for a new kind of entertainment when the moment comes. All are welcome. Are you going to join?

Can you give up your mental concern about those needing another lesson? They will continue to receive the acts of grace that you are presuming the ascended ones will be taking with them. Many who are nearly ready for ascension will take the place of the newly ascended ones. This will not necessarily happen in your own home, but in the consciousness matrix that determines how things will go. But first there needs to be closure on what has demanded such a major change in the world's make-up.

The consequences of the ascension are to be great, and those who will attain the awareness that this was done to create will lead the way to a mass conversion of ney-sayers and negative thinkers. Some who discount our messages will look upon them in an entirely different way. "Praise the lord" will become a clear mantra among many who are now unaware. The change that is coming could only occur in this way because the darkness was so dominating it was impossible to eliminate greed and do-nothing attitudes when others were hurting. In this clear demonstration of God's love (ascension) we can once again create more appreciation for what God created and how this creation must be developed in the name of God—not with a claim by someone in charge, but by the love of all that God delivers to cause new attitudes.

Peace and caring are new to many in your realm. We want this for all men, women, children, animals and the entire natural world—all need more attention. Can we count on this happening? When the ascension occurs this will be the next mode of human consciousness.

Seldom do I mention the cause of this ascension being the change that is needed in the matrix of materialization. This is because we didn't think we could manage a full blown alteration of the controllers attitudes without one. We need these attitudes altered if we are to make a world that is more loving. When the ascension occurs we anticipate that this alteration will be possible because we will be delivering a very different cause for the controllers to be in charge of: with a totally different congregation to manage, one world government won't be anything like what they have designed. It won't even be conceivable because their banks won't open and no money will be changing hands. What can they control with? Nothing but their feet, hands and collective conclusions. Will their families be better off than other families? Only in the short term. Can they damage anything major? Yes, but why? When they realize they cannot have control over what God wants they will have to accept their chosen destiny: collapse of their dream.

What is next for them? They will be the ones needing to meet the demands of their creditors—not the credit masters they once were. Karma is their administrator of debt and conciliation. When the currency collapse occurs their banks and debt collection organizations will also collapse. No debts will be collected. Continue your debt payments until this occurs, but know that all will be changed in the next configuration of currency matters. This will happen after the controllers are deprived of the organizations that operate their companies.

While we are celebrating the ascension they will be considering their next moves. What will they be thinking? How to take out the last remnants of their manageable cash before the banks close. We will not let them do this, and they will be in the very same condition everyone else will be—needing a community to work with to create a new human experiment. Will they be in charge? Only those who are clear enough to get a new character will be able to manage in these new communities, because the guidance of our realm is to lead, and all can follow this guidance if they choose—or not. The controllers are not used to being out of control, so groups who accept their dictatorial attitudes will not thrive. Selling out one's inner guidance to be directed by others is the second thing to go in this matrix of materialization. Show me the money will be the first.

Will there be a New Earth with no controllers? Yes, but when and how will be the next human dynamic to be generated. Freedom needs new leaders, not old game controllers. When we conceived of a mass ascension the leaders we were depending on agreed to ascend. This is good, as young new ones can emerge as they came into bodies to do. Many are very conscious and will not be ascending. We are counting on them to be the leaders of the future. Money, race, class and gender will no longer determine who will be in leadership roles. Caring will be the most important qualification. Create the New Earth with love and no differences will matter.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, September 23, 2012

All is in Perfect Order

Are you able to detach your energy from all that you consider "yours?" When you are called to ascend, will these attachments keep you in this continuum or can you deny the obstacles in the way? Are these distractions the only desires, or are there more? Only those who desire the ultimate in consciousness can ascend. When you are called to move out of the world you cannot take the world with you. Friends, family, animals, containers of items and all appearance choices must be left behind. Selling the worldly goods is one thing, many of you have already done that, but walking away without any of the heart's loved companions is another. When the body dies this is done. Can an opportunity to ascend get chosen over death as the means of dropping out of central city? Are you that enlightened?

People who are awake and detached can go to their death without any hesitation. But those still attached to mind/body answers to man's destiny cannot act on their consent alone. Mind must be in consent with the contract the soul chose and be able to detach. ***When the ascension call comes my dear ones won't be able to take anything they love with them. Answer this question now: Am I completely able to walk away? Most who are companions will want to give a managed consent with their "other" being included. What if the "other" is not able? Are you willing to let them remain? Most children will ascend with the ascending ones who are their caregivers. Those children needing a different experience for their next answer in awareness cannot ascend though, and must be given their next directions from others when you ascend. Can you go without them? It isn't going to be the next step for those who cannot demonstrate complete allegiance to their own inner knowing, especially when the mind and their love of others is not aligned. Can you do this?

My dear ones, ascension will make the choice obvious. Those attached cannot ascend. Choosing ascension and then not agreeing to leave is the candidates' option, and we want this choice to be made now. Give this question a mental test. Join the waiting list only when these questions are not in the undecided zone. Make a clear declaration of your intention. We would like a head count. Honesty will bring the awareness to all who need to know. We need you to be totally honest. Can you walk out the door to another dimension without looking back?

Fantasy about ascension has been the only avenue to date. Ascension was only the mind's imagination, as no data about the actual mechanisms of it are available. To most of you it is a "like," not an absolute goal. This is due to our not-so-easy job of calling you to consider and decide. We did not give all the details because this ascension is new to us too. Never before has a large group ascended. We have cancelled numerous calls in the conception phase due to lack of committed participants. What these trials offered was the way to conceive it, contact the ones who were open, and draw from them an understanding of their lack of conviction about the momentum we were catalysing for them. When we asked for an absolute commitment the few who agreed were not masters yet and did not have the ability to disappear during  the collective mind's one day that was open for ascension. Now we have a much bigger door of concentric days available. Now we have numerous masters asking for ascension, and we have the collective consciousness able to create a new matrix of materialization that can withstand the loss of these masters.

Celebrations are not our next step, getting the job done comes first. So again my chelas are being called to ascend, will they agree when the door opens? We want you to greet that door with delight and go through it without any hesitation.

Finally, the day has come in our realm to tell you the most climactic change to occur on your continents: it will be the collapse of the controller's dream to control all of the world. That is not going to happen. It is not their drama to lead. I Am That I Am is not going to allow it. When the mass ascension occurs, the galaxy you are in is going to move. It will enter another dimension on its own and correct most of the games the controllers have begun. Gone will be money control, diet control, organized militia control and civil wars. Gone will be hard headed men going against the mass desires of their entire nation. Gone will be dictators and greedy conquerors. Open the door to ascension and the controllers die on their way to the bank. Their act in this play is about to end. Why is ascension critical to this cosmic alteration? The divine call will deliver more grace than what has ever been available. I Am That I Am has mandated these two concurrent activities. When the ascension occurs the galaxy containing all who ascend will move into another orbit—and there will be more than one outcome from this. When this occurs we will get to observe again all of the choices we have considered and chosen not to make available. A new life is about to manifest in a different way. The continuation of humanity can be uninterrupted. New choices can be made about all those things the controllers have deemed their domain. Freedom and caring for others may actually become your game.

But we need an ascending group to activate these actions. Are you now going to decide to renege? Or are you ready to move on and give this needed light to the others? Can you once again decide? We need to know the masters can still be counted on. We can count the choosers of ascension by the great aura they deliver to our inner contact. Yes, my dear ones, our collective is in the light of yours—we are one.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New: Contact Management in Progress

Many of you have a new body to operate. On the anniversary of the American 9/11 attacks the consciousness of I Am shifted in those who have opened their  hearts and are in contact with divine awareness. You have been newly constructed to be able to anchor more of the divine energies. In these last days our contact altered your ability to deal with negativity in a major way -  we allowed the density within you to disappear so no new contractions can disturb you. You may have noticed energy increases in different areas of the body and observed aches and other unusual symptoms as a consequence.

We did this to open up one more answer to the darkness that is materializing around your planet during nature's mandate for change. More than one frequency has been opened in your bodies, and new waves of different intensities will be moving out whatever dross has been collected. No change in your mind was attempted, as mental options are your birthright, but when the body is needing to adapt to new conditions, it may receive new energy contributions from this overseeing collective. We are not abusing anyone, only advancing the direction each has already chosen.

Now we are detecting another need: to adjust these new frequencies so they can align with our contact with less difficulty. Those who channel may not get much contact from us until this is done. My channel for these messages is not completely aligned yet so will only offer this today.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Door to Ascension

Consistent with all of my messages, are we doing what we can about man's distractions from awakening? Yes, we are. We want the mass awareness to be Oneness, without the controllers in charge. We want you to awaken from all of the drama that keeps you dense, containing dross, and not recognizing the reality. Are my words clear? Can you see the connection between conscious love being the divine light, and your mental drama being the corruption you must navigate through to realize what is real and what is not?

Are we asking you to go to another area for health or mandating it? Yes, because draught and drugs are two controller led obstacles that can dim your divine light. Are we asking you to give to the care of those not able to care for themselves? Yes. We are also asking you to find new ways to enliven your levels of caring. The masters are working to open doors for you to other dimensions, and we are calling on you to support these conditions. We are not asking you to do things that are against the controllers.

It is the caring of togetherness that can alter the mass consciousness. What does the control of the banking system mirror to you? Your money consciousness. Control of anything will deny the flow. Control of money in your own life is what is making the conditions that are being magnified in your controller drama. Making money more available with credit is not the answer. Making more debt will only delete the management of conscious use of money. Control of your own desires is more impactful than getting into more and more debt. You must accept the fact that debt is giving away your own sovereignty.  No man is the controller of his debt, only charlatans offer to do that. No man who denies his own ability to thrive is making his contribution to mankind as his contract calls for. Being driven to get is not conscious. Giving to get (even a tax deduction) is also not the loving model of giving. Giving to give is using your gifts in appreciateion of the divine attributes you already own. Making a contribution to mankind is not about giving away money. It is about sharing your divine attributes in all that you contribute.

Self-love is the way. Self-love makes the attributes you came in with more available. Self-love is not about narcissism, it is caring for a divine creation in the form you chose to operate it in. Are your divine attributes available now, in these days of crash and burn? Absolutely, and needed in every daily encounter. Are you able to love the content of the earth changes? No? Then realize that the love in you can change this content. Is this still possible? Yes, but the changes you are experiencing is a manifestation of the mass consciousness, so more caring in the mass consciousness, not just a few, is what must happen to alter that content.

Self-love is one thing that is needed. Another is acceptance of all of the changes that occur without being negative about them. Can you do this? Can you accept all as divine and not complain? When changes occur they do not come without cause. All of these downgrades to your life conditions are the consequence of the human management in your own active matrix of materialization.

When we close the door to ascension no more denial will be able to remain in your minds. Those who are capable of ascending are going to leave the material world and those left will need to depend on their own matrix of materialization to live. Will they be able to do it? Of course, as all are able to get divine assistance when needed. However, should they not ask for it, they may die without ever knowing what they are capable of. There is no magic to being able to ascend. All who decided to look for God found their way to ascension. God is inside each of you, not just a few. Finding God was your mission. Can you go to  your death without finding God and still ascend? Yes, but only when you ask for God at the moment of death and are able to accept that who you are is a divine being.

Self-love is the consequence of going within and accepting your divinity. Are you capable of doing this? Yes, but no one can expect a door to open if they don't go near a door. Open one and claim that door's entrance to the future. Only one door of the multitude of choices will take you to ascension. All the other doors are closed to this. Are you opening a door that claims your future is in the hands of others? It is not that door. Are you opening a door that claims the controllers are in charge of your money? It is not that door. Are you opening a door that gives your mind the choice of direction? It is not that one either.

The door that leads to ascension takes you to the heart of the One God that actually controls all human/divine actions: the God inside of your own heart. Now, most of you who read my words on this blog are already on the threshold of this door, and all who are not can still go looking for the door that will take them there. But will they? Are they able? Not as many as we had decreed, but enough to complete the ascension. Self-love is the key to that door. Are you on the other side of it yet? No? Then do whatever you can to look for it and cancel your negative attitudes. Blessings come in many ways, consider this message one of yours.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bring it On

Politics is now a distraction from love. Who the best candidate is will depend on your own mental attitude. Who will win has no connection to who is to be the next leader. My comments now are to tell you that there is no way that an election in the free world can be fair. Any man who is called into the arena of collective collaboration with a group of dictators goes with the awareness of his most difficult task to be done: do what they tell him. Mr. Obama was not naive, nor was Mr. McCain. Both knew full well their choices would not be their own.

Mr. Romney was not the controllers first choice, nor was his running mate, as these two don't totally understand that their next duties are to dissolve all of their own conditions to go along with the controllers. Both go along now thinking they can be less in collaboration after the election. Should they win, they can congratulate themselves on moving against the controllers agenda. But this is only one step away from what is now happening, because the controllers cannot allow them to deter the most elaborate drama to go into manifestation ever designed. They cannot get away from this design, only decide to go along because it is too materialized to be disturbed. What will become of the controllers design is only on hold in the moment—in the appearance of cooperation, but no alterations to the larger game will be made.

Debt is the one way to downsize this entire growth in consumption goal that has destroyed all countries in the leadership of the controllers. All of the European Union, Egypt and the other Middle Eastern countries, Morrocco, Algeria and Nigeria are under the controller's dominion. In America, both the US and South America are completely dominated. Cuba and all other non-controlled countries will not be considered a threat to this dominion because of their lack of dictator control in these areas—no, they can do their dance without any uncooperative leaders in opposition. Other countries that are totally controlled are in Asia and the Pacific countries near the land of North Korea and China, but neither of these two countries are in their control, they are only being used by the controllers to achieve their objectives.

Russia is on the brink of controller demise, as they have many legs deep into the world of finance. They will be completely dancing with the controllers next decision to collapse the world economy because Russia can then take down their capitalist neighbors without making a cash investment to do so. They can become the next big dictatorial society other than China, and they can take on the other countries together, without any interference. Russia will be declared a next generation government when Mr. Putin is out of the limelight. Mr. Putin is not going to decide his own fate. Who will replace him? A member of the illuminatti.

When the decree to remove the banks' manipulation of the pound, dollar and euro comes, all other economies on the dollar standard can go down. Only those with another banking option can delay their own collapse. All world economies are doomed in this drama. Will this occur? Once the drama begins to unfold it cannot be delayed. When, is the question. It can go at any time. No economy has enough resources to demand a different controller drama.

Where do the controllers get the ability to do this? They own all the dollars and the euros and the pounds. They own the banks and the money making machines. They also own the managers of these banks and control of the banks means control of the money. No banks will close. They will be waiting to deliver new currency—a one world currency to all countries. No devisiveness here, one currency that they control. Can it be used? Why not? Nothing else that could be used instead will be worth its weight in any form. All the dollars will disappear and all the currencies tied to it are about to disappear.

One currency will be created that leads the money distribution in all countries. Europe is about to be dissolved into many distinctive entities that can do nothing against the controllers. Neither can anyone else, not even the countries that will emerge as the next world leaders.

So it goes, the controllers' agenda. Are you going to get disturbed by this? Why? Nothing can be done to stop it now, so why not give up your money dreams and focus on your awareness? Acting out your anger and frustration creates density. Instead, give your love to all of this and do what loving beings do: give them the opposite of the density. Give them only gratitude for what is and happiness no matter what. Why am I asking you to do this? To defeat their goal of human incarceration for defying them.

Trials and confinement are not their goal, chaos and murder of humans to deplete the growth of managed socieities will be the delight of their machine guns. Give them no cause. Be aware and await their non-denied actions with no distress. Happy hearts can accept their entire game and give them no dissent.  Why? To ascend, as ascension, not self-destruction was your chosen destiny. If you want to be destroyed by them, go ahead, but call to I Am That I Am as they attack. You won't be granted any dispensation for the body, but ascension can be the drama they don't get to control.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

NOTE FROM ARUNA: For those asking the question, "Why is this information only being channeled by Aruna?" you can find possible answers to this in my recently published book: The Master's Messenger, Emergence of an Awakened Channel, now available on

Thursday, August 30, 2012

No guns? Not a Good Idea.

Many of you are questioning my comments about having guns. What is the cause of this change in my consciousness? Am I negative? No, neither negative nor cancelling out my desire to have more caring in my chelas. I am only being clear about what may begin to occur in your communities.

Are you fully able to accept whatever comes to you without any concern? Good, you are able to ascend. Those who cannot ascend, or completely accept whatever occurs without any negative attitudes against a perpetrator, can do what is needed to defend their community. No one is asking you to deliver darkness to anyone in your circle. Guns are not dark, only your negative thinking about them is dark. All things are neutral—man gives them dark or light designations. Choose the attitude you wish to carry and the gun will not be used against anyone. However, it could make an intruder leave, and in this drama you could consider it worth having.

Are you afraid of a gun? Are you afraid of the desire of your ego to act against another if one appeared in your abode? In all circumstances the ego is the actor against another, guns are only tools. You can deliver deadly attacks without a gun. Another weapon of choice could do damage as deadly as any metallic object you can design. Cars kill, are you afraid of getting one? Mother nature is not all loving either, she also kills, as an act of destruction carries many lessons about caring and compassion.

Care about the friends and family in your community and get the things you may need to deliver them to a condition that answers their needs, whatever that may appear to be. Choose the caring over the label you cast on what that caring needs to include. Seldom does caring include a delivery of death, but it can at an appropriate moment. Can you get what this means? Not having the ability to deliver death will not make you a hero when your loved ones are being attacked. Cancel these delusions. Having a metal object that can thwart an attacker can make you a hero instead of a victim.

Now, when you get upset about an idea, go inside and ask yourself: what is my disturbance about? Conditions may not get to the level I'm describing, but if they do, what is causing you to have negative thoughts about how to defend yourself? Only a question, but an important one to answer before you depend on divine assistance that does not appear. Cast your negative attitudes into the well of love and come out of your own fears. Then you can defend your dear ones with whatever they need defending assistance from. Cause and effect includes: delivery of an act of courage when needed, not defending with merely a desire that another come to deliver it for you. We cannot be there to do it for you, we can only provide you with a call to arms.

Are you unable to consider the dense conditions my words detail? Are you not aware that debt is more overwhelming than cash in all countries? Are you not aware that debt cannot be sustained indefinitely? Only a non-aware individual cannot see how deeply in debt the US is. Can it maintain this forever? No, and when it collapses there will be chaos. Be more aware and more able to care for your non-aware loved ones by getting things to defend yourselves with. Pity after the fact does nothing. Seldom does man regret owning things that attract an attacker to him, such as a new car, quality machinery or expensive accessories, but these are things that can draw an attacker into your area. A car is not an instant attraction now, but when no gas is available to buy it could be. A deterrent to being attacked because you possess these desirable things could be a gun.

I Am That I Am is not able to keep you from attracting attackers, only you can avoid doing that. Only you can avoid using a gun when it is not needed. Only you can decide to deliver a gun's charge against another. But when the "other" determines that mean deeds are to be done, when the attacker denies your dear ones the right to life, can you accept this with any other tactic? Give the attacker his due—an appropriate response to his motive. I Am That I Am has this in the caring category. I Am That I Am wants you to defend to the death your family that comes together to live. I Am That I Am wants the love of those beings to give you courage.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Friday, August 24, 2012

Confidence is The Way

The manifestation of caring for all of God's creations is the answer to all of life's difficulties, so why can't man include this into his mental decisions? Nothing matters more than this.

Once greed is annihilated there will only be caring left, so man has arranged to collapse the entire corporate dynasty that demands all and gives nothing away unless there is a tax deduction. Eliminate greed now, you will be able to live without these corporate dictators. Meditate to lighten the matrix of materialization, because this will deliver the alternatives.

No man can manage disharmony by himself. Coming together is not only a wise  choice, it will be absolutely essential to get through hard times. Fighting will continue for many, but those who do care about man's world will do loving things without getting out guns and destroying themselves or those around them. However, guns do deter and having them may keep others away who don't care about your desire to live in a caring way. They can drain you of all that you need to live.

Passivity will not keep them from attacking, but a most challenging demeanor can. Walk and talk with confidence without being cocky. Interest in you as a target will be less. Solve your own confidence issues now. You will need charm as well as grace to deliver the message "don't mess with me."

Courage and confidence are not the same. Courage means there is a deep rooted fear inside that cannot be overcome without taking a step towards what is feared. Confidence is greater than courage because no fear exists to be overcome. Those who are afraid must add courage to their capabilities. Becoming courageous is the first step to confidence.

Contemplate this: when the days of darkness begin, those who have confidence can get out of their living dilemmas because new conditions will become available to them. Only confidence will call these to them. Clearing the way to confidence will advance those who do. Others will crumble and need assistance. The confident ones can assist.

Settling into an acceptance mode is necessary. Stillness inside is the most causative method of garnering confidence. Sorting out the leaders will be action based. Can you act when afraid? Are you afraid of failing? If so, does it keep you from acting? What are you afraid of? Your own abilities? Abilities are discovered when you make an attempt, without an attempt they dissolve. Claim your abilities with an active decision made in the moment. Rise to the occasion. It will deliver you more than you can imagine.

Be more than one who calls to others for aid. Get into action, for the love of God is not always meek and mild. Get your dense bodies lighter so you can love with conviction and draw forth that love from inside of yourself. Give an active dramatization of love by choosing direct action instead of closing down. What does a hero do? Be a hero when the need arises.

Suffering is only in your mind. You can be a giver of love in any condition. Align with God's design and cancel all of your disturbing thoughts against what God has administered. You are the divine cause of these active dreams, so be the loving dancers in the dream, not like caged animals when dilemmas arise. Solve the dramas in your life NOW. Settle your cause oriented disturbances. Solve your non-aligned contradictions. Get out of man's consciousness and into divine consciousness. Be who you actually are, and face life with confidence in yourself and the divine light that dwells inside of you.

Practice dancing as a light dances. Continue dancing when the darkness appears. When this happens, light up the planet with your love. You can be the calm in all non-aligned activities; stay dense and you cannot be. In the days coming we will be looking to you as an anchor of light. Can you do this? We are counting on you. Peace and love are your very nature, claim them and do nothing less than act on that love.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fasten Your Seat Belts

Now that I have given you the most critical details of the days after the ascension, my colleagues and I want to describe what can occur once the beacons of light that ascend are no longer available to anchor that light on your planet. Instead, those not ascending must awaken in consciousness quickly or chaos will follow. Awakening contributes to balancing that crazy kind of negativity that often appears when no clear answers are available. Suddenly, many anchors of light will no longer give them any direct awareness or new cautions to live by. Only an aware being can stay content in the midst of chaos, and they aid the others.

So when many of today's anchors are no longer around, men and women will act differently than when they were able to make their way to the light in the aura of others. Many got close to ready for ascension and then the control mentality gave them a distraction. Self-awareness was not yet complete, and desire for material world objects distracted them. Want to ascend? Give up all desire for worldly niceties. Instead, look inside yourself for gratification. Can you work and do things that are normally done? Of course, just don't make goals that you can't live without. Instead, go for your dreams without caring whether you complete them or not.

Self love and desire are opposite concepts. Love of oneself means caring and giving all that one needs for happiness. Desire means your happiness depends on acquiring, not on being. One's physical needs are few: food, water and shelter. Making yourself agreeable to local conditions is the difference between a need and a want. You can want more and get it by being open, without caring whether you get it or not. Not needing it makes you grateful for what comes, and you do not become disturbed when what you would like to have does not appear.

When disasters hit most of your material things can disappear. To be attached to them more than the fact that you were not harmed cancels your ability to thrive again. Get out of desire and change the "needy" quality of your attitude, then grace will take care of those things you truly need.

Portals are about to open and I don't want your goals or your current life attachments to keep you from walking through them. First and foremost, give yourself permission to leave. Ample time has passed to help you get complete with your life.

Many of my chelas will not ascend. They have not been able to accept the concept or my direct contact to inspire them. Self control is not their best quality, so they do not meditate. In this condition ascension will not occur for them. So what my messages contain about the future is for these chelas. Can they do enough now to still ascend with this next wave? No, they don't have time, so making the next ascension wave is not possible. Instead, my hope for them is that they awaken as a result of their awareness of ascension and they are able to get on with their lives in a more awake condition. Their next ascension gateway will be the moment of death.

Pure awareness is needed. Pure clarity that their inner voice can provide. We are only able to communicate to clear channels. Are you one of them? If not, you can still become one. Practice this daily to prepare yourself to live without my contact through others.

Fasten your seat belts, because things are going to get crazy very quickly. The "next days" are not far away. Instead of asking me about them, ask yourself, can I be ready for chaos? Only when you are centered and clear inside. Otherwise you are going to be at affect of what is about to occur. Center yourself daily with meditation. Conscious breathing will center you momentarily if you put your attention on the air going in and out of the body. Ceremonial breathing is not what I'm talking about. You can count the breaths, just don't try to control them.

When you are getting near the ascension call you will be tired and not able to sleep. It means you are consciously in more than one dimension. Are you having this experience? If so, ascension is near.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Community Consciousness

Practice in community development can be gratifying, and develop more inner awareness in you as the mechanics are being considered. For example, can you be part of a group that divides everything? Can you divide all of what you bring without contracting? Are you able to accept queries about your decisions? Can you be gentle with others who have differing opinions? Can you generously give to those not agreeing with you?

What are your negative attitudes that defeat your mastery? Could they be discussed by the group without you getting disturbed? Gentle, caring attitudes during the first days may bring much gratification to all, but it is disharmony that will introduce more God awareness into the community. Giving up your own point of view with divine assistance will lead to more than a discussion, it will give you divine consciousness.

When I asked you to get together to create communities this was my concern: you would build great diads and triads in the beginning, and newcomers would consider themselves unable to contribute their advice as equal decision making partners. All who are not ascending need to be the insiders and the outsiders so you can let go of these divisive behaviors. All of you make a team, not just those who came into the community at the beginning. When communities are new, the quality of decision making tends to be more developed, as no differences have yet to appear that negate anyone's mental attitudes. But as togetherness begins to include daily arguments and negative thinking arises, more and more communities divide their members into those in the circle and those outside of it. My content today is meant to give you more guidance about  control vs. allowing of differences in working communities.

But before doing this, I want to mention one more thing aout defense vs. attack when it comes to getting ready for the days to come. I am concerned about those who are being deluded into thinking they will be delivered to another galaxy and have made no other options available. When man's control of what he considers to be his own area of concern collapses, he may become a lot less able to provide for his own maintenance. When this becomes a great concern, he could do things never considered before, like attacking others to get what he needs to live. If this happens, what could you do? Are you able to demand your ownership over his need? Are you going to invite him into your matrix to care for his needs? Can you accept and care for him with his mental attitude? Are his family able to come along too? Will you give him what you have because he demands it? Can you not give it to him? What is his clout to demand? Are you going to demand his death over yours?

What I am asking you to consider can become a daily dilemma for many of you, particularly those in an area where there is more control and not giving freely is the norm. Chasing him away is one choice, another is including him in your growing community, another is to die instead. Clearing the density in his mind will not be an option. Finding an answer to these questions is your mastery lesson.

Now, back to community co-creation. Begin with conversations, and decide what the collective consciousness needs to come to love over dis-ease in all contexts. Are you able to give up an attitude of being right when your position is not the same as the other members? When this occurs, how will the group make decisions? Who leads is critical, as control and leadership are quite different. Self-caring and caring for all is the goal when decisions are made in groups, and good leaders will make that ongoing commitment.

Giving an oportunity to those who are not assertive must also come to fruition. Are you this kind of a leader? Are you able to lead at all? When the difficult days arrive, can you give your opinion without concern about what the others will think? Should this not be the case, work on it now. Contributing your voice to the group is important for balance in the game of dancing with the divine. Selling out your own contribution makes it more difficult for you to enjoy life and makes life less abundant for others. Find a way to let go of your fear and concerns about what you have to share, and grow into being the light of love.

Friends who come together in community generally are aware of how the others are receiving them. When others join, this opens up new growth opportunities. Stay in your heart and allow your Higher Self to lead. It will, and getting a decision made can be less difficult when all involved ask for the advice of their Higher Self, as your questions will be answered from the same source.

Poise and charm are generally the qualities that invite the most confidence in one's leadership ability. Are you comfortable as the person you are? No? Then this is your most important task.

Control of anger is easy when you accept that God is designing all and God is not going to deny anyone their due alottment of grace. Give God the opportunity to make it available in your world by meditating on any conflict that arises, and deliver God's decision when it appears. Choices are only between ego's opinions and God's design—choose with your mind and ego dominates. Choose with your collective awareness and this allows God to direct. Begin to accept God's will now to waste no time in learning the difference between mind's way and God's way.

Forgive all who angered you in the past. When anger is inside of you others can activate it with very innocent contributions to your awareness. Contributions of this kind are life giving opportunities. Gratitude is the most appropriate answer when this triggering occurs. Those who deny this message of conscious awareness can be fooled by the mind into believing they know what God wants instead of asking within for guidance. Please allow them their opinion, but not control over your inner or outer activities. Always ask for inner guidance, no matter what others do or ask of you.

Preachers are not the best guides for your conscious awareness because they ask God for you. You need to learn to go direct. No intermediaries are needed.

After collapse of the dollar more oneness opportunities will be given than most of you have ever had. Give what you can and only what comes to you as inspiration to do. Give to yourself too.

Cinders are what will make the next cause and effect scenario call you into community. When they appear, go direct to your most trusted friends and ask them to live with you. With them you can bring more continuity to your lives instead of giving them up to live with others you have no track record with. Only do this when good friends are not available.

Praise for those who are already in communities, for this will be critical in the days to come.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Make Yourself Clear and Capable

Meditation will assist ascension. The density of conditions around you can be deleted by your contribution. Serapis Bey has been working to clear the dross  being created by the negative messages media is conveying. What you are mesmerized by in the news media's material is not like a movie that can be forgotten. Mind games are being played to make you more accepting of new laws that can deplete all of your natural choices. No guns is an example. When the controllers can demand all guns be given to them, there will be no way to defend yourself from their control. You need more than mental awareness to be able to defy their non-respectful challenges to freedom. No guns? No choice.

I'm not a gun advocate, but defense is now an important concept to entertain. Choosing ascension is the better choice, but those who don't ascend will need an ongoing defense system to be able to give the controllers any resistance. Are you willing to defy them? Are you willing to go to a camp on the accusation of being a terrorist? No? Then maybe you can accept their continuous destruction of the character of man's habitat. But those not willing to accept these things may need to defend their lives with more than one more action than death by drugs or death by a machine created just for this. Why do I mention this? To find out if you are frightened of this concept or able to face this possibility fearlessly. Those who are fearless are able to ascend. Not facing this with courage means more work is needed in your case.

Am I advocating guns? Yes, for those not choosing to ascend. Not assalt weapons, but small defense guns with more than one round of ammunition. Not to go out with, but to defend your family if needed. Guns are not my choice of defense, but against another gun they work the most effectively. Shooting ranges are good dross release operations. Can you give one a try? Learn to defend yourself as an advanced gun user, not a novice. Practice is necessary.

Putting out this message is not what my colleagues and I would prefer to do since we are Masters of energy medicine, but no longer can you count on mental creating or non-violent abilities to create a safe haven for yourself and your family. Since these cause and effect mandates cannot be defense resources in chaotic times, you will need an alternative. The need for self defense will enter your lives before long; you will need to be able to defend yourselves.

Martial law is not yet in full force, but it will be. Let go of your dreams of more money and love without any effort, and make a clear assessment of the call for arms now being made since one incident was created to deny guns to you. More details are available in the news about the movie theater incident than are actually the case. None of these things were done by the one accused. Never before had this person been doing any calculated harm to others. Why him? His complete sense of being controlled by drugs given him as a calculated method to destroy his father.

My dear ones, your guns are your only defense when you are attacked with guns. Give yourself the ability to buy and learn to use one. I'm not decreeing you do this, I prefer to ask you to ascend. But one or more ascension in millions means a lot of you will need an ability to defend yourselves against invaders of your homes and dictatorial marshalls who decide to engage you in drama. Self love is your main defense, not going down in a drama of the new corruption games.

Some will think I'm a fake dark lord giving this info, but I AM THAT I AM, loving you with my advice for crazy times. Consider these words and decide what you must do next. Beloved ones, you are the one who knows your own destiny in the dense drama to come, what will you do?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, July 30, 2012

Until Ascension

Continue to live as though all of my messages have no accuracy, but consider what they contain and do what you can to ascend. There is no control over my contradictions, but my accuracy is going to be denied as long as these details do not occur. The amount of time this will take is not my call, and when they do happen, not one of those listening and getting ready will be around to call attention to these messages providing advance notice. Cheerful adepts will be Ascended Masters, with no dramas or conditions to be concerned about.

Many of you will come to our dimension and dramas on Earth will call your attention. You can act as leaders to those still in the process of awakening who can ascend when they die. Saving those who have not prepared is not your responsibility. You are not their caretaker, God is. Make your own decisions and allow them theirs. Face the fact that many are not able to accept that they are divine.

Walking, talking robots do more for life than a lot of humans do. More consciousness in the human has not been proven yet—only those who are able to meditate and discover their divine aspect can live the life of an aware human. Those who consider their computer or TV more attention worthy than their own inner awareness are not actually living—they are observing. Check in to observe what your inner content contains. Are you denying your caring, aware master within? Are you alive in demonstrating mastery or only looking at the monitor and conning yourself into believing you are doing so? No master lives at a monitor all day.

Go out to meet your mirrors. Go out to be yourself. Give the "others" the opportunity to love the being they meet who they can relate to as a human, but is actually a deliverer of more awareness. Be the first to ask about them and their news, without telling them anything about yours. You can give without any acknowledgement needed. Listening is a way of giving. Ask for nothing and give whatever you can: a happy face, a chuckle, a caring way of being, a shared moment, a little drop of divine wisdom, whenever an opportunity arises. Pass on the happiness inside yourself. Practice "good deeds" without being noticed.

Presence is enough. Give that to the area where you go to work, shop, and get your entertainment. After dinner, take a walk; give the area you are in a dose of light. Bring your heart forth to free as many as possible who can be opened to their own awareness. Allow your body to be an open vessel for divine contributions, not mind contributions. Wake up the world by doing nothing by your own decision; get divine guidance all the time.

Allow one day a week for meeting new people. Go to a location or meeting area where this can occur. Self awareness as a being of light gives without any doing involved. Caring about others is generating a more than open door to them—it also brings love into their auric field. Anytime you are open and available the body is giving out light on an ongoing basis. Sharing yourself with others in this way wakes up those who want love and don't get it because of their own mental attitudes. Solving their dilemma isn't our goal, but we encourage you to give  them caring empathy that can open up their mind to what can change.

Self love is what makes life great so share it with "others" so they can find it in themselves. Peace begins in ME—that means YOU and ME, because I AM in YOU, not only in your aura. I AM the TRUE SELF in your inner world.

Today's message is the answer to "what's next?" I want you all to LIVE AS A MASTER NOW! Be your authentic Self in any and all circumstances. Freedom is in your mind's attitudes, not your social conditions. Self love will lead to ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Ascension Comments

When you are fully prepared for ascension the kind of love that changes the world radiates from the body. There is no mental creation needed, as whatever  shows up is considered perfect. Clear, mental contentment is the only mandate  happening. When this beautiful way of life is constant, the number of days left in a life no longer matter. Ascension happens naturally to those living like this.

Others need more clarity about the way they will be called. It will be an inner and outer call, one you cannot ignore, whether you are asleep or awake. It will tell you to go outside so you are out of the house containing your old life. New conditions are about to begin.

No closure with loved ones will be needed. Eternal oneness means there is no distance in your connection with the angels and there will likewise be no distance in these connections, only a mental image that disappears in their mind's view.

There will be a moment of facing God and agreeing to go forward. No two ascensions will be exactly the same. Some of you will go missing before others notice. Some will disappear while their family is in the next room, and others will ascend in an area miles away from close family members. Those who have said yes to this opportunity will be called as Masters who are able to leave this world without any attachments.

Are you able to leave without any goodbyes? If not, get them out of the way.
Please do any and all of the closure actions that can become an attachment that holds you back. Children can ascend only when the parent that they have the most contact with is ascending. In cases of men leaving their families to ascend, they will be considered the parent of most contact when most of their child's needs are being met by them.

Pets that are able can also ascend. Pets will be considered like children, ascending with the caregiver that does the most to lead the animal and who is most always with it.

Kind and gentle beasts will also ascend, like whales, dolphins, horses, dogs, cats and even mice and gerbils. All who are able will accompany their ascending  caregivers. Will whales go with humans? No, as with dolphins, they will go with their mates and offspring. No dolphins will be on the planet after this ascension. Many have already ascended. In the news you have seen groups of bodies washing up on to the beach. These are what has remained to tell the tale. Most whales are also ascending. Not all varieties, but most. Killer whales are not ascending due to their ability to cause awakenings in ordinary daily circumstances. Humans who go into their auras can get charged with chi to help them with awakening. Campaigns to free the whales have been the cause of their awakening ability. Those who could identify with the loss of marine life being important were all included in a delivery of more alignment to their   auras and consciousness.

Altering the human level of mastery has been done with numerous animals, including dogs and cats who appeared to be aware when they were cared for by aware owners. Conscious animals are many—all able to ascend. Are you as free as they are?

When we call you, nothing need be done to gather the children or pets to you. They are to be helped by their own guides. Making the leap to another level of consciousness will be the easiest thing you have ever done, and you will be showering the entire planet with a good dose of enlightenment for all who are not ascending.

Fasting will not be needed. Neither will the diet I gave you, as the lesson was to be able to adapt to any circumstance, and dieting to act as one with divine energy was good for all who decided to do it.

Making wills will be useless due to the lack of a dead body in most cases. Instead, add a list of requests in letters to those who are definitely not ascension candidates. Heal their hearts with some acknowledgement of what happened to you. Place yourself in God's hands and have no regrets. In the big picture, nothing could have been done more accurately.

Bring the light into your heart by having no dross in your mind. Get out of your head and into your heart as much as you can. Slow down your activities when you can and only do things that can be enjoyed. Give away things you no longer want and give love in abundance. Ascension comes when it comes, but being able to go at any moment can give you the happiness no man has unless he is Awake.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Saturday, July 21, 2012

What to do About Contractions

Can you make yourself ready to ascend? Yes, and it doesn't need to take another lifetime. All it requires is the decision that nothing you have lived through is negative. It may appear negative, and made you decide against another drama like it, but what was experienced gave you an opportunity to become more aware and more compassionate. All experiences do this, not by the experience alone, but as a method of causing you to go within to discover who you really are.

Are you the drama's cause or at its effect? Owning both makes your negativity disappear. You agreed to all of those negative details to grow by. Instead of draining the light of your most cherished memories, you can make those memories a current source of more light. Instead of reminiscing with negative, anxiety filled thoughts, instead, meditate and care about those needing your caring. Instead of collecting collaborative data against most of the lesson givers in your life, you can decide to free them from your negative cording and give them no more attention. Can you do this? This will clear contractions. Resolving all draining anger and creating new attitudes about conditions that are no longer on the current day's event schedule can and will make you more conscious and more desirable to be around. Can you ascend? Not quite.

When you have changed your negativity into not caring about the "others" who clouded your heart and mind, the next step is to delete those clouds also. Negativity against anything or anyone contains clouds that dim your light. Solve this and ascension can gain another member. Make this your active desire, not getting even or destroying the life of the one you cannot forgive.

Forgiveness assumes there is a creator of the circumstances that arranged the details to give you a most important growth opportunity. Can you accept this as more important than what was done to you? I'm including all those unloving acts of destruction that caused mental and physical trauma. What appears negative here caused the victim to create an attitude and anger to be transcended for a level of growth that would not otherwise be possible. Forgiveness and contractions are not mutually exclusive—you need both to get to an open heart. When you contract your heart closes and none of your dreams are about caring—only destruction. When you forgive, the heart opens and the most beautiful growth occurs.

What is your most heartbreaking memory? This is where you are most contracted and it contains many of the details being brought up again and again by your mind. Give away the charge of that memory and give away the contraction. Neutralize all the reactivity in your mind's dialog mechanism and become free of loneliness, distrust and derogatory mind choices. No more destructive attitudes and you cancel all causes that negate ascension. When you assume these will automatically disappear, this is not a correct assumption. These attitudes will continue to drain your light and keep you from ascending, unless you shift your point of view.

Being a good, caring person is not enough. You will remain in a contracted condition if you are negative about anyone who could assist but doesn't, or anyone that acts differently than you want them to, or anyone who comes by occasionally but does nothing to contribute. All of these negative thoughts cause you to contract. Put aside your contractions with caring about what has contributed to your awareness. All who did major cancellations to your light were loving beings fulfilling the life design you agreed to. They are not as they appeared in your drama. They are your next doorway to awakened awareness—when you can give forth love to them. Be the gift to them that they were to you when they delivered their tough love.

When you can delete your "against thoughts," ascension is no big deal. It is the natural next step; be truly alive in this life, then ascend. It is your chosen destiny.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, July 15, 2012

All Who Can Ascend Must be Able

When we give you our messages, they convey all that is presently needed. Asking for additional information is your mind's way of negating our content as being "not good enough." In my latest message I was answering a question about what is happening regarding ascension. This question needed to be answered, because mental desire for new and different conditions is what controls the mass consciousness now. We will provide comments about what is being co-created that is new and different as soon as we are able to determine this.

When will ascension occur? There were already two waves which made many of the candidates Ascended Masters. The next wave will complete the ascensions of all qualified candidates who can conceptually shift into other dimensions, and  divine decree will then make the more advanced material decisions regarding the conscious deletion of matter. Can we give a more detailed call? Not yet. In the next days we can and will.

Please observe the content that your mind dishes out in response to my messages. Is it clear? Not really. Awakened? No. It is only your mind's ideas about what the message actually means. My meaning in the last one was not an advisory about the elimination of ascension candidates. Instead, it was telling you that the door will close for all who do not do their preparation before the next wave commences. This is not divisive, as anyone completing their personal drama can ascend. It is only those who are unable to conceive of ascension or cannot decide now that they want to awaken and ascend who will be left behind. The lack of that decision being made will mean that no angel will come to assist.

Dense bodies need to complete the dissoluton of their negative concepts in time to go through the ascension door. If you are dreaming of ascending and not clearing contractions, you will not be able to manage the energies that are coming to make the ascension occur. Not dreaming of ascension yet? No clearing? Then you will not be able to ascend.

Are we disappointed? No, only acting to accelerate those ready to ascend. It is our opening of the door that makes it occur, and we can only do that when the mass consciousness deletes active control of cause and effect. No dream cancels opportunities for the dreamer. In this case the dreamers are still getting ready.

Prayers will not create an ascension. No amount of mental choosing or calling in the Masters for assistance can do it either. Giving up control of any kind is the only mandate needed. Going into the mode of not caring is more causative than deciding and actively mismanaging your means of aligning with the divine light that comes to call you away from your dream.

Celebrate with us the new face of man's world, as it nears completion of the old answers to control and conquer games. Many of the controllers are on the way out of any new or ongoing dramas. New Masters can now advance other options. Are you one with some new creative Oneness ideas? The next days will find acceptance of these developments so you can change the dream with them.

Many of you can ascend, but not all will. So what is next for those not ascending? Opportunities to keep contracting or deleting contractions, giving unconditionally or not caring, making a difference or denying your greatness. All who learn to love and give in all circumstances can ascend at the moment of death.

When this generation of qualified ascension candidates are completely done with continuing their "me vs. others" lifetimes, no more ascensions will occur to give the one dream of many a final dissolution. Other dreamers will come and go until the next dominion of God is ready to complete their continuation cycle—in another 2000 years of your time. Peace may come as a result of these ascensions and give more of God's gifts to all who can make their lives on this continuous cycle worthwhile. For those ascending, there will be a time of rest, awaiting the changes of the land to complete, and then creating the New Earth as a divine collective consciousness.

Masters can create as they choose, and all they care to choose is something new and different from the current dynamics.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Get Ready to Ascend

Many of my chelas are able to ascend. Can they do so now? Yes. No more waiting for millions of others to accompany them. We may not get the media to notice what is about to occur, but there is no need to now. We of the Great White Brotherhood no longer care if those not ascending are activated because we did all that we could to draw them in. No more calls for ascension are coming. No more energy will be expended to awaken those who cannot make this their defining lifetime. Cause and effect now override any of our urgings. Only those committed to ascend can answer the call.

When it comes, we anticipate that there will be several ways to answer our call. Most will go outside immediately to be drawn into the new energies around them. Others will go out as they complete tasks they are doing. And some will doubt and begin asking questions about ascension because they aren't awake yet and still need more clarity. Opening to these new energies requires complete denial of non-aligned attitudes. Collective minds cannot do this, only free ones. So if you are not able to act on your own inner call, you may be left behind.

A Master chooses to follow his/her own inner call. Inner stillness is important to being a good listener. Meditation calms the nervous system and allows the call to be clear enough to be obvious. Being in contact with the Ascended Masters and Angels is another way to hear the call.

No call will come to those unable to act on it. A change of attitude can determine whether a call is made or not. Those who are able to accept the call  will act as though an angel came to their door and invited them to activate their ascension mode. Once this is done they will disappear—not to the more aware, but to those who are not capable of accepting man's immortality. In a matter of moments no clue about their ascension will be noticed by an active observer.

Pretending our message is not heard will only contain the disappearance momentarily, as it cannot be denied. Making a different choice about ascension would collapse awakened awareness instantly.

Be wise. Be masterful. Be an ascended one.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Monday, July 2, 2012

A New Twist

Conditions are good in all countries for changing the direction of negative attitudes into more caring, delight and awareness. Why? An astrological configuration is going to assist. When an impending drama is about to occur, no man has the ability to change this by mind's design. But with what is now the new ascension commitment, the next dense cosmic node is about to dismantle its negative mode of influence and do what all negative materializations are about to do: detonate at the branch of creation coming directly from divine conception. Core level density management is about to occur. Are you going to be free of disasters in the world? No, but freedom is not about being in a particular physical condition, its more about your mental attitude.

Are you able to deny the gross desecration man has made to his habitat? No, well God doesn't deny that this has occurred either, but will care for all, no matter how they need to be cared for. When negative attitudes about anything are desroying God's creation, the way to deliver love is to name the darkness as a gift that helps you become more aware of your own dark thoughts. Safe and active consideration towards any dark thoughts will nullify them.

Can you do this in all situations? Yes. Ask for a new awareness about the dark object of your attention. Is it a dark drama in your own area of existance or in a different area? It may not be a drama now, but will be in the days to come. Can you recognize the fear in your negative attitudes? Are the most negative people  afraid of what they mandate against? Yes, in almost every case. Against war? Afraid of it. Against control? Afraid of it. Being against anything means being afraid it will damage one's current level of comfort.

What do you care about in life? Will it be affected? If not, do you give forth any negative attitudes? No, only against conditions confronting your fears. Against child abuse? Against drugs? Against malnutrition in other people's lives? Are you negative about these things? Consider all your causes of negativity to be a fear based distrust of what can occur in your world of influence. Cherish these confronting appearances, because they deliver another detail in the nature of man's mental delusion to your awareness. These discoveries become your gifts from divine light as an opening to another level of consciousness.

Preparing for ascension includes this new detail. When we describe conditions of darkness it is always to deliver more awareness to how your mind reacts to an obtuse comment or direct declaration of one thing or another. Are you afraid of what the controllers are doing? Then you are adding dense energy to their claim on your life. Can you change them or their actions? Not directly, but by not assigning negative thoughts to their actions, you lead more caring energy to others than those thoughts would bring. After an event that appears destructive, give only love, not blame. When missing pieces of the deception emerge, allow divine grace to flow through you. Bless your adversaries, for they bring you a gift of great magnitude.

Positive thinking is not the same in character or active manifestation. Positive cause and effect depends on how heartfelt the thoughts are. Saying affirmations as a repetitious game to change creation does nothing. Adding an active dream with a vision does nothing either, unless desire for the thing envisioned comes along with the mental construct. Being caring about what is affirmed or visioned brings it one step closer to being an active creation. BUT, caring without a creative thought is the most active energy that you can bring towards giving more light to the current consciousness. Asking only for what is in the highest good of all delivers God's will, and this makes a better contribution than anything your mind can conceive of.

Beliefs about creating your own reality are really about creating an illusionary concept that actually appears as your dream. Giving up your dream is what ascension is about. Can you give away all that mind delivers to be an Ascended Master? Beliefs are not active in our realm, only an assessment of what comes to this realm as your dreams. Bring us no dreams and we can assess things quite differently. Bless the world, its differences and its dramas, with love. This is what will get you out of the negative dream that causes money and countries to disappear. Believe nothing about danger or control in life and no danger or control can exist. Let go of your fear—it doen't make things better. Give more gratitude and celebrate new breakthroughs in truth and consciousness—in yours and also in others.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna    

Monday, June 25, 2012

Your Aid Comes with an Awakening

As my colleague Archangel Michael has said, and more and more of you are now aware, what goes on in the human drama has no major mandate for correction by any of our administrative operations.  None, including the Galactic agencies, will deliver much other than love and advice. Now that this has been clearly declared, what is next?

First, you must conduct yourself as an awareness beyond an unconscious entity demanding aid. Aid comes from an activation from within yourself! The negative collective consciousness needs your aid. Give and commit to a mass consciousness where no one is abused, neglected or murdered, and every choice is met with acceptance. Only then can man decree new and different and get what comes with a great deal of choice at the initiation. Asking is not the same as a decree. A decree will generate more cause because there is no doubt included. Asking is no more than hope or desire. It appears  non-committal in a bigger analogy.

However, before decreeing more cause and effect conditions, please focus your attention on not having anything negative in your consciousness, because this, by itself, will make a much larger impact in the mass consciousness than any decree aimed at altering the drama in your mind's concept of reality.

When fully awakened, no concepts exist. All is recognized as being complete as it is, and that man conceives his own dramas to learn that he is dreaming the concepts and doesn't need to control them with his mind. When this actualizes, the dream is over.

Are you able to give up the dream? If so, then none of my dream category content will be of interest to you any longer. Waking up from the dream will negate all of the most difficult cause and effect dramas in your mind, and answer your questions about the meaning of life. Making this leap in consciousness is the cause of ascension, not your desire to ascend. Choosing ascension begins an opening in consciousness for an awakening. The purpose of the dreaming is to cause an awakening, so once awakened, there is no longer a need to continue a dream existence.

Suffering disappears with awakening, including reactivity to control, death, or anything that man's current condition delivers. All of these things make no difference to awakened awareness. Peace and contentment are constant.

Face the collective consciousness without an agenda and you will get out of any control drama by yourself. This is what we can aid you in, not dropping in on you in a craft that creates yet another drama.

Free yourself and this will increase the light in mass consciousness to give others the opportunity to be sufficiently inspired to do the same.

Are these words clear? When they are, you can conclude that the lesson has been learned.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clearing the Way for Animal Survival

Once we are able to love without distinctions we do one or two things: consider nothing more important than anything else, and /or give up negativity forever. Negativity does not come out of nowhere, most of your negative attitudes came from a lack of love in one life or another. Carrying unloving attitudes into a new birth means this must get attention.

Ascension is the one lifetime that you cannot consider one's death the next generation's rebirth. All of your deleted negativity comes to bear on ascension readiness. When all negative attitudes are deleted, freedom comes as ascension. Saving all these unfinished deletions until the moment of ascension will mean that not enough commitment has been given to awakening the divine heart, so death of this body will be as always, a non-ascended death. Unless negative attitudes disappear, ascension cannot occur.

Please do not see this as a make-believe answer to candidates who are now conscious that they are candidates. When an anchor of light (with no negativity) is ready to ascend, there is a glow about their body. Not necessarily a glow that can be seen with human eyes, but one that can be in a room lighting up the auras in that room enough to move everyone along in consciousness. Are you giving this level of light to auras in an area that needs it? Good, we are aware of how difficult this actually is for you to do, and gratefully applaud your ability to love whatever needs more caring. Making a difference means more when it is done without concern about one's own difficulties in doing so.

Forests need more attention. When no growth is continued, death to many animals decreases the culture of man's divine aliveness. When there are no living animals in one growth area children in other areas are deprived of God's full dream to play in. All of God's creations are very important to all the others, and none are considered disposable. When you do more for these animal's habitat they are links to other means of love in humanity's collective consciousness. Animals don't die and come back as animals necessarily, many attain a more complex life condition the next time around. As they continue to evolve they add many more contributions to human changes also. Not only do they activate love in one's own mind, they demonstrate life without negativity.

No animal desires death or despair in another. When they fulfill their role in the food chain they don't destroy that species' mark on the divine imprint. Choice to devour the less able includes a most clear contact with that one before attacking it. Consider devouring one's meal a necessity, not a negative attitude.

Animals teach you many things. Give them your awareness, not just a lack of negative thoughts. Open hearts act as though all living beings, no matter what form they are in, are divine. Animals are not to be considered lower forms, only different forms. Can we deliver more to the oceans and forest and dance in the dream of their happiness now? No, all are endangered. All are giving up. Not caring about them has brought their mass consciousness to despair. Could man decide to alter this? Yes, but because they are destroyed for cash, no demand has been considered obvious negativity and is allowed to continue. When you observe actions of negativity do you do anything like help the dense consciousness that does the destruction? Help is not given by degrading the offender, it is by giving more caring to the animals.

Changes in animal habitats are occurring too fast for them to demonstrate their beautiful gifts to future children. Many species will disappear in this lifetime, never to be seen again. Save them this death of their kind by giving them your love in any way you can. Amp up your attention to their plight. Observe how many die in destroyed forests. Observe how toxic debris destroys their only way to live. Birds fall in groups, dolphins and whales die in mass, and drama after drama demonstrates how difficult it is for them. If compassion and caring comes into their mass consciousness, more may opt to live. See what you can contribute to their dance of life please.

Self love includes all of God's creations, not only one body.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Awakened Awareness 101

Man is challenged the most by his concept of the dark. Nowhere is it accurately clarified. I will now, and in the next days, give you more dream dissolving material about darkness. No one will believe any dross making news once they clearly get to the next level opening of the matrix, but until this gateway appears, we must continue to lead you away from anger and mandate the light.

Consider your own consciousness to be the complete answer to whatever makes you negative in life. Not just one body is the dark master that movies make mention of, or the dark manager of the devil's abode, or the dark angel called Lucifer. Every body draws from this cache of memories in dreams and unaware moments, because these qualities come to your awareness to be observed so you can choose otherwise. Unless there is dark to observe, no lessons can be delivered on the lessor of two evils or choice making between dark and light. You must have both energies to grab for when  decision making is done. If there were no dark there would be no choices to learn with.

Seldom do you make this analysis when making choices. You only decide against the one that is not adding the most delight to your needs and wants. As you pick and choose against, one over the other, you name one dark and one light. But neither comes from another awareness outside of your own. Both come from within. When you turn within to learn the truth of your own nature you discover that all comes, not from  dual parts if one collective consciousness, rather, one divides the light and dark once it appears in mind's eye, not before. Mind then decides what label to give to any condition and it is solely mind's determination. Labeling something to be negative is mind's choice always. Your mind is your creator of darkness, not your nemesis, but your controller and your author of misconceptions. Once you learn what the mind does with all that it accesses from awareness, names like dark and light can disappear.

Man's answers to his life can all be grateful. Why name others dark and consider them less desirable when they bring you the ability ascend? Without choosing to be neutral about light and dark no ascension can occur. Who is light only? No one. All contain all dimensions of consciousness. All are the One divine creator's collective consciousness. No one is above the collective; all are contained in it. Who you are is ALL of the dream's components, not only one container of it.

Pure love consciousness is one aspect. Not one day goes by when that aspect does not show up in all human appearances. And no day goes by that does not generate any negative attitudes against one thing or another. This collective condition is in every man, woman and child. Consider the Awakened condition more aware of this, not above it. Pure consciousness means not choosing dark or light. It means being neutral about all thoughts. Negative and any other thoughts are not answers to the question "Who Am I?" No answer is correct. Only no answer is the most aware one. I AM THAT I AM is also the most aware.

Can you get the meaning of my words? Yes? Then no darkness can draw you to its nature again. Choosing to be neutral concerning duality is what allows you to live like an angel. Beliefs about dark and light are what control mind's decision making. Give up these dark and light differences and act as the divine created you to be. Then one day negative attitudes will no longer arise in your inner reality. When this occurs you have become enlightened.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna