Saturday, April 20, 2013

Everything is Meaningful

A catastrophe in any location comes as a message to all, not just to those in the area of the destruction. Taking notice of only those in neighborhoods near one's home is a way of negating one's caring nature. All disasters, including those that occur naturally, are answers to a lack of caring. Can you make the connection?

Care about the nature of all manifestations, not only those in your community. When many are focused on one catastrophy over all others, this does nothing to change the collective mind. Making the bombing of a marathon more concerning than the killing being done by drones in other countries is divisive thinking. None are less concerning for the collective. Clear the energy of one area with love, then clear another. This is a collective condition, and when you only pay attention to one and ignore the rest, there is a deep loss of caring. When you meditate your are in-service to all.

Every drama is a condition that needs caring. Make no distinctions, as none is more devastating than any other. Each one is like a drop in the ocean when it comes to the amount of death and destruction that is happening on Mother Earth. What concerns you does not necessarily concern another, which means there is no collective focus on any one change. An individual choice of what to love does not have the power to alleviate or cancel new dramas on the planet that are about to occur. Concentrating only on one specific disaster increases the gap between personal concern and universal concern for all.

Can you love all as one? Can you care about misery in other ways instead of selecting one drama over another? Can you care about the dance instead of the dancers?  Change comes when you open your hearts. All of you are being damaged by the collective situation, not just one act of devastation. When you care only about one incident you drain the collective of the attitude of Oneness.

Can you care about those in your neighborhood without holding a negative attitude towards those who are being destructive? Can you care about those who are being attacked in other neighborhoods? Caring for both sides of any situation, instead of damning the deliverer of destruction, is my call for today. Care, not condemn. Why do so many destructive incidents occur? To make the need for more caring in your dimension obvious.

Drugs, guns and other war tools are only the control mechanism being used to cause you to go within for answers. Go within. Get your answers in a different way, a way that can alter the minds of those who control. Beasts are many, angels are many. Allow the angel in you to overcome the beast in you. Then the collective can delete the beasts who deliver these catastrophes. Inner madness must be eliminated for local and global madness to desist. This level of caring can occur in an instant. Go within and love all that is, instead of directing more cause and effect mandates into the collective. You  can change the future, because what happens in the future is just a reflection of the drama that exists in humanity's collective consciousness.

Free yourself, free your neighbors, and free the whole of mankind.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna